Promises Kept
Nicole B,

Promises Kept (NC - 17) by Nicole B. (1/1)

Do we really have to? They belong to Chris, FOX, 1013, not me. I
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WARNING! This story is rated NC - 17 for scenes of a graphic sexual
nature between members of the same sex. If you are under 17 DON'T
READ THIS! If this sort of thing offends your sensibilities, use your
God given gift of free will and DON'T READ THIS! You have been
warned, so please don't flame me for the content.

Summary: Mulder explores some extreme possibilities with his partner.

Classification: S

This is sort of an alternate reality X Files story, and contains no
real spoilers.

Promises Kept by Nicole B. (NC - 17)

Fox Mulder sipped cold coffee from a Styrofoam cup and gazed up at
the blank front of the apartment building he and his partner had been
assigned to watch. At 4:30 am, nothing was moving in the dark
building, including the suspected arsonist they were keeping tabs on.
Mulder sighed and crumpled the cup in his hand. He looked to his
right at his partner, asleep in the passenger seat, chin cradled in a
cupped palm, mouth slightly open. Mulder smiled as the familiar
tender feelings flooded him. He didn't know how much longer he would
be able to keep his emotions secret. He had lived with them for so
long, keeping them all inside, living day after day with feelings of
longing and love he was not permitted to express. His cell phone rang
suddenly, and he answered it quickly, trying to keep the sudden noise
from wakening his partner.
"Mulder, it's me. Did I wake you?"
"No, I'm on a stakeout. Where are you?"
"At the morgue. I just finished an autopsy, and now I'm heading
home. Just thought I'd check in."
"Something strange about the autopsy?" Mulder couldn't quite keep
the eagerness out of his voice.
"No, just your run of the mill drug related shooting. Nothing...
spooky." Mulder smiled. "Miss the old days as much as I do?"
"I doubt that. I'll call you tomorrow. Good night, Scully."
Mulder cut the connection and turned to see that the brief
conversation had woken his partner despite his best efforts to stay
"Who was on the phone?" Alex Krycek asked.

When the second team of agents arrived to relieve them, Mulder
decided the time had come to make his move. Instead of driving Alex
back to his car, Mulder suggested they go for an early breakfast, and
Alex agreed.
Seated in a corner booth at the Denny's a few blocks from his
apartment, Mulder watched serriptiously over the top of his menu as
Alex studied the selections. Alex's brow furrowed and Mulder watched
as the tip of a pink tongue appeared and ran along the sensuous lower
lip. Mulder couldn't keep himself from imagining that tongue and
those lips on him, taking his cock into the hot wet recesses of that
ripe mouth, sucking at him and licking him like a lollipop, driving
him wild with lust.....
"You boys made up your minds yet?"
Mulder had been so intent on his fantasy that he had neither seen
nor heard the approaching waitress, and her sudden presence startled
him badly. He dropped his menu and it knocked over his water glass.
Before any of them could stop it, water poured across the table and
right into the lap of the man sitting across from him. Mulder saw
Alex's eyes widen as the icy water hit him. Alex leaped to his feet
and stared down in dismay at the large wet stain on the crotch of his
Mulder buried his face in his hands. "Lord, what a schmuck," he
thought sadly. "How could I be so clumsy?"
He looked up to see the amused middle-aged waitress trying to help
Alex dry himself. She reached out with her dishcloth to dab at the
stain, then reconsidered and handed Alex the towel. He blotted
helplessly at the stain, then looked up at Mulder and glared.
Suddenly the hostile expression turned to one of amusement, and he
burst out laughing.
"Did you think I needed cooling off, Mulder?" he asked.
"God, Alex, I'm sorry. I can't believe....Let's go, okay?"
Mulder tossed a few bills on the table and they got out of there as
quickly as possible. In the car, Mulder couldn't keep his mind from
exploring the events of the last two years, since the powers that be
closed down the X Files, reassigned Scully and made Alex his new
partner. He had been devastated at first, but after discovering that
he could continue his search for the truth about his sister
unofficially with the help of Alex, Scully, Senator Matheson and
others sympathetic to his cause, he decided to play at being the
dutiful son and carry out the shit work assignments the agency gave
him without complaint.
He wasn't sure exactly when his feelings for Alex had changed from
friendship and respect for a trusted partner to something more. It
had been very soon after their first meeting, of that he had no doubt.
Mulder accepted his own bisexuality, it caused him no grief or
sleepless nights, but he had always been careful to keep his private
life private, and whether his current lover happened to be male or
female, he never got involved with other agents. Aside from being
forbidden, it just made things much too complicated.
Mulder pulled the car into his parking space in front of his
apartment building, and Alex looked over at him in surprise. "I
thought you were going to take me back to my car?"
"We were so much closer to my apartment, I thought we would come
here first. I can loan you some clothes so you don't have to ride all
the way home in those wet pants."
"Okay, that makes sense. Thanks, Mulder."
"Hey, it's the least I can do for you, right?"
'It's certainly the least thing I *want* to do for you', he
Once inside, Mulder went into his bedroom and returned with dry
clothes which he gave to Alex. Alex thanked him and took them to the
bathroom to change. While he was gone, Mulder quickly shed his suit
jacket, tie and shoes, and rolled up his shirt sleeves to the elbow.
He fixed two drinks, and set them on the table. He had just taken a
seat on the couch when Alex came out of the bathroom.
Mulder had chosen the clothes he gave to Alex very carefully. The
sweatpants were a bit too small for Mulder, so he had known they would
fit the heavier Alex very snugly, and they did, hugging Alex's
muscular thighs and molding to the impressive bulge in the front,
unencumbered now by underwear. The shirt was one Mulder used to run
in, it was an old LSU tee-shirt with the sleeves cut out and the hem
sliced away, leaving a gap of just a couple of inches between the
bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants. Mulder could see pale
skin and Alex's bellybutton in the gap. He swallowed, and looked up
from his vantage point on the couch.
"Thanks Mulder, this feels a lot better than those clammy wet
things. Are you ready to go?"
"Actually unless you are in a particular hurry to get home, I have
something I'd like to talk to you about.....I made you a drink."
Mulder gestured to the glass.
"Well, okay. Sure." Alex sat down in the chair opposite Mulder
and lifted the glass. Mulder watched him drink, trying to decide how
to begin.
"Alex, I have something I have to tell you."
Alex looked at Mulder over the top of his glass. "That sounds
sort of ominous, Mulder. Have I done something to upset you?"
Mulder almost laughed. "No, of course not. It's just that this
is pretty serious, and I've given a lot of thought about whether I
even should tell you or not."
Alex set the glass down and looked at Mulder seriously. "Whatever
it is, Mulder, just come out with it. You know that you can tell me
Mulder did laugh this time. "I hope you mean that. Okay, here
goes, straight out...I'm bisexual, Alex."
Alex stared at him. For a long moment he said nothing. "Really?"
he said at last. "I didn't....., I never would have....., I mean, it
doesn't matter to me, Mulder. I'd never judge you, about that or
anything else. It doesn't change the way I feel towards you."
Mulder drew a deep breath. "I'm sorry to hear that. I had kind
of hoped that it would."
For a moment Alex looked puzzled, then when realization dawned,
his eyes got wider and wider until Mulder thought they might pop right
out of his head. He stared at Mulder for a long moment and then said,
"Mulder, maybe I'm dense, but what are you trying to say to me?"
"I'm attracted to you, Alex. Very strongly attracted. I have
been almost from the beginning. I thought I could handle my feelings,
not let them get in the way of our working relationship, but I don't
think that is going to be possible any more. I think maybe the best
thing would be for you to put in a request for another partner."
"But I don't want another partner." Alex burst out. "We work
perfectly together, Mulder. You are the best partner I've ever had.
Besides, I'm just as devoted to finding the truth as you are. I don't
want to give that up, or give up our partnership."
"I want you to understand exactly what I'm saying to you, Alex. I
don't think things can continue as they have. I just can't go on
seeing you every day, and not being able to act on my feelings. But I
understand if you don't feel that you can take our relationship any
further. You've never indicated to me that you share my feelings, for
one thing. And after all, the FBI is the all time old boys club. If
the powers that be ever found out about a homosexual relationship
between two of its agents, it would be the end of both our careers.
You know, you could make a lot of trouble for me over this, Alex.
What I've said to you could be construed as sexual harassment.
Harassing you is not my intention, however. There won't be any
negative repercussions if you don't feel you can go further with
"Nothing except I lose the best partner I ever had!" Alex gotup
from the chair and stalked over to the window and looked out at the
early morning sky.
'Well, that's that.' Mulder thought dully. 'He's going to report
me. My career is over. Hell, my *life* is over.'
"It's all right, Alex," Mulder said. "I'll take you backto your
car now. I'm sorry about all this. I never wanted to make you
unhappy, believe me. Whatever you want to do, that's fine. If you
want me to resign from the bureau, I will."
Alex whirled around to face him. "Are you crazy, Mulder? That's
not what I want. I want us to remain partners, I don't want you to
resign, for God's sake."
"I told you, Alex, things just can't go on like they have. I
don't have it in me to pretend anymore."
Alex crossed the floor but this time instead of taking a seat in
the chair, he sat down in front of Mulder on the coffee table. To
Mulder's astonishment, he reached out and took his hand.
"Maybe things don't have to be exactly like they were before,
Mulder stared at him. "What are you saying, Alex? I don't want
you to feel that you are being forced into something that you don't
want....." Mulder trailed off as Alex reached over and silenced him
with a finger against his lips.
"Shhh, Mulder, don't talk. No one has ever forced me to do
anything I didn't want to do. Whatever happens, you can feel sure
that I want it to happen. I just never...., I mean....., oh, God, I
do have feelings for you, Mulder, but all my experiences have been
with women."
Mulder brought Alex's fingers back to his mouth and kissed the tip
of each one. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. It was
the answer to all his fondest dreams. "Don't worry, Alex, we'll take
it slow. I promise you, I'll never hurt you, and I always keep my
promises. We'll only go as far as you feel comfortable going."
Alex nodded, and Mulder moved his lips from the tip of Alex's
pinkie to kiss the palm of his hand. He raised his eyes to Alex's
face and saw that the situation was beginning to sink in. He had a
rather stunned look on his face, and his breathing was becoming rapid.
Mulder stood up, pulling Alex up with him as he did. "Let's go into
the other room, okay?"
He led Alex into his bedroom and motioned for him to sit on the
bed, which Alex did. He still wore an expression that was part
anticipation, part apprehension, and part stark fear. Mulder left him
sitting there and went into the bathroom, returning a moment later
with a small nylon pouch. He set the pouch down on the bedside table
and climbed into the bed. Alex still sat rigidly on the very edge of
the mattress, and Mulder reached up to pull him down beside him.
"Relax, Alex. Remember, nothing will happen that you don't want."
He began to stroke Alex's hair, then let his fingers trail down the
sides of his neck to massage his shoulders. Slowly he worked his
fingers into the tight muscles until gradually he began to feel Alex
relax. "Sit up for a minute," Mulder whispered.
With his eyes still closed, Alex sat up and allowed Mulder to
remove his shirt. Mulder pushed him gently back down onto the bed and
began to ease off the sweatpants. "Raise your hips, Alex," he
whispered and Alex silently did it. Mulder decided that Alex had
discovered the best way to deal with what was happening was to keep
his eyes closed and remain silent, and Mulder would allow him to
continue doing it, for now.
When the sweatpants were off, Mulder tossed them on the floor and
took a moment to just gaze at the lovely body stretched out on the bed
beside him. Alex lay stiffly, arms tightly by his sides, hands
fisted. His eyes darted back and forth behind his closed lids. He
really has a beautiful body, Mulder thought. He had seen parts of it
before, when they had gone running together or changed clothes in the
bureau's locker room before going off duty, but this was the first
time that Mulder had gotten such a close and thorough look.
Alex was not very hairy, Mulder noticed for the first time.
However his smooth chest and stomach were very well muscled. His
chest rose and fell rapidly with his breathing, and his nipples were
tight. Mulder noticed, *not* for the first time, how beautifully
Alex's dark hair stood out in relief against his pale skin. His penis
lay quiescent in the dark curls between his legs, and Mulder had to
resist the temptation to lean over and take it into his mouth. He
didn't want to frighten Alex by going too fast, though, and so he
restrained himself. Instead, he bent to kiss the pulse beating
rapidly at the side of Alex's throat.
Alex gasped, but made no other sound or movement. "Roll over,
Alex," Mulder whispered. Alex's eyes flew open and he looked at
Mulder with an expression approaching panic.
"Take it easy, big guy. I just want to give you a massage, okay?"
Alex nodded and rolled over onto his stomach. Mulder quickly divested
himself of his remaining clothing and reached into the pouch on the
table beside him, pulling out a small bottle of unscented massage
oil. He straddled Alex's body, his knees on either side of Alex's
hips. His balls brushed against the skin of Alex's bottom, and Mulder
heard him moan into the pillow he had buried his face in.
Mulder poured the oil into the palm of one hand, and rubbed his
hands together to warm it before beginning to stroke Alex's back,
starting at the small of his back, working his way up to the base of
his neck, using long, firm strokes. After just a few moments of this
he felt the tension begin to leave Alex's body, and he thought he
heard the man beneath him sigh with contentment. "If you think this
feels good, Alex...." he thought, and grinned to himself.
Mulder changed positions and began to massage Alex's legs with the
same strokes he'd used on his back. When he thought that Alex was
probably about as relaxed as he was going to get, he replenished the
supply of oil in his hand and moved back up Alex's body. Holding the
oil cupped in one hand, he used the other to gently begin to push
Alex's legs apart. Immediately Alex went rigid, and Mulder began to
coo to him soothingly, "It's okay, Alex, take it easy...I'll be
gentle, I promised you, I'll never do anything to hurt you.....Just
tell me if it hurts, and I'll stop....."
After a moment Alex nodded, and relaxed enough to allow Mulder to
push his legs apart, although Mulder could still feel the muscles in
his thighs trembling. With his left hand he spread Alex's cheeks
apart a bit, and carefully poured the oil in his other hand into the
cleft between them. He rubbed the oil into the area, slicking it.
With elaborate gentleness, he placed the tip of his index finger
against the small ring of muscle and began to push it inside. Alex
groaned and clutched at the pillow underneath his head.
"Does it hurt, Alex?" Mulder whispered.
"No," Alex whispered back. "No, it doesn't hurt..."
Mulder nodded and pushed his finger all the way into Alex, moving
it around lazily before scraping it across Alex's prostate. Alex
gasped loudly at the unfamiliar sensation, and pushed back against
Mulder's finger. Mulder smiled and pulled the finger out. He crossed
his first and second fingers and pushed them into Alex. When they
were inside, he separated them and began to gently stretch Alex, using
exquisite care and tenderness. After a moment he removed the fingers
and saw to his satisfaction that that Alex's hole now was slightly
open. Mulder wiped his hand on a small cloth he pulled from the nylon
bag, and cupped Alex's bottom in both hands, gently squeezing it.
"Roll over, Alex," he said, and Alex did, looking at him in
"What are you....," Alex began to say, then his voice trailedoff
when he saw Mulder's large erection thrusting forward proudly. "Oh,
my Lord....."
"It's okay, big guy, I'll be very gentle. You've never felt
anything like this can be, Alex. You'll love it, I promise."
"Have you ever...? I mean, are you always the one who.....? God,
help me out here, Mulder."
Mulder laughed. "I've been topped and been the top, Alex. Both
are pretty good experiences."
Alex closed his eyes, and Mulder was afraid he was going to zone
out again, so he nudged his cheek gently. Alex opened his eyes, and
Mulder handed him the condom he'd taken from the bag. "Give me some
help with this, okay?" Alex's eyes went from the foil wrapped square
in Mulder's hand up to his face. He swallowed, and took the package
from Mulder. Mulder admired how Alex met his eyes before looking down
to tear open the package. He removed the condom and with a certain
amount of finesse, rolled it over Mulder's erection.
"That wasn't so tough," he said. "That I've done before.I mean,
to myself, I mean."
Mulder laughed. "I know what you meant." His face grew serious
and he looked deep into Alex's eyes. "Now's the time, Alex. It's do
or die, so if you want to back out, say something now."
Alex drew a deep breath, and Mulder was afraid for a moment that
he would back out. He knew if that happened that there would never be
any possibility for any sort of relationship between them. Too much
had happened for them to return to the way things had been. "I don't
want to back out, Mulder. Do it to me."
Mulder nodded and pushed Alex gently onto his back. Alex looked
puzzled again, then when Mulder lifted his knees and pushed them to
his shoulders, he caught on and wrapped his own hands around his
knees, holding them in place. Mulder lubed the condom with a large
dollop of Astroglide from a tube taken from the pouch, and applied
another large dollop to Alex's opening. He placed the head of his
cock against the tight little hole and began pushing.
Alex squeezed his eyes shut, and Mulder saw his knuckles turn
white. He made no sound though, until the head of Mulder's cock
slipped into him, and he whimpered. Mulder paused, panting. He had
an almost overwhelming urge to thrust himself deep inside the
welcoming warmth of the human body beneath him, but he never would
have done that to this man he cared so deeply for.
"It's okay, Alex. I know it burns a bit at first, but that will
pass. Just give it time...."
After a moment Alex nodded. "It's okay now. Do it, Mulder."
Mulder began pushing again, rocking gently back and forth,
slipping just a bit deeper inside with each gentle forward thrust.
Alex quickly caught on and began to meet Mulder's thrusts, rocking
against him. Soon Mulder was buried inside Alex to the hilt, and he
closed his eyes, enjoying the heat and the tightness gripping him. He
opened his eyes and was surprised to see that Alex's eyes were open as
well, and he was watching him calmly. For a moment they locked gazes,
two pairs of brilliant green eyes looking deep into each other.
Mulder gripped Alex's thighs and began moving within him again,
this time building gradually in speed and intensity until he was
pounding mercilessly into the man beneath him. He looked down to see
Alex's cock, now rigid and purple, slick with precum. Alex was
gripping the headboard behind him, and meeting Mulder thrust for
thrust. Mulder felt his orgasm coming quickly, and he let go of
Alex's thigh to grasp his cock and began to stroke it furiously, in
rhythm with his thrusts. Mulder stroked him once, twice, three times,
until with a strangled scream he came copiously, shooting ropy streams
of semen that splattered against Mulder's chest and stomach. The
internal contractions resulting from his orgasm had the desired effect
on Mulder, gripping and squeezing his cock and pushing him over the
edge. Alex lay back against the pillows, dazed from the aftermath of
what he believed to be absolutely the most intense orgasm of his life,
and the unfamiliar feeling of another man twitching and spasming
inside him. Mulder held himself against Alex for a moment without
moving, then slowly withdrew from Alex's body. "I'll be right back,"
Mulder said, and went into the bathroom, leaving Alex alone to think
about what had just happened.
`One thing's for certain,' Alex mused. `I'll never be able to look
at the other guys in the locker room the same way again.'
After a while Mulder returned with a basin in each hand. He had
cleaned himself up in the bathroom, and now he wet a soft cloth in the
warm soapy water in one of the pans and began to wash Alex. He
cleaned away all the semen and lubricant with the soapy cloth, then
wiped the residue away with another cloth dipped in the clear water in
the other basin.
Alex watched Mulder conduct his ministrations with a feeling of
unreality. He gazed at the top of Mulder's glossy dark head and
before he even knew he was going to do it, reached out and stroked his
soft hair.
Mulder looked up at him and smiled. "Feel better?"
"Like a new man."
The End

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Scully's Mission

Mulder, Scully, CSM etc. are not mine but Chris Carter's, 1013's and
Fox Television's creations. Absolutely no copyright infringement
intended. This story is rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

Scully's Mission

Scully stood in the empty parking lot. She had been waiting here
for a long time, until she finally saw a long plume of smoke rise up
from the dark alley.
"Agent Scully." The hoarse voice said. "Thank you for coming."
"You!" She fumed. She reached for her gun.
"There is no need for violence. I come here to discuss...a trade."
"A *trade*?"
"I have something you want, Agent Scully. And you can do me a
great favor."
"You have nothing that I want."
"Maybe not." A glowing cigarette butt fell on the floor. "But
there are people out there that you love..."
"What are you implying?!"
"You mother is in danger, Agent Scully."
"I did not want this to come to threats, but I am afraid your
assistance is needed."
"My assistance?"
"Your partner is becoming a threat to...to the stability of
things. I want him out of the way."
"You don't think...?"
"Oh no, Agent Scully. I could do THAT myself. But that would raise
too many questions."
"We want you for a far more difficult task."
"What would that be?"
The man stepped momentarily out of the shadows and handed her a
piece of paper. Scully read it.
"Oh god..."
"Remember, the safety of you mother is at stake. Farewell, Agent Scully."

*2 hours later, Mulder's Apartment*

Scully knocked sharply on the door.
"Mulder, open up."
He opened the door, looking guiltily at Scully. The tv was on, a
blue screen replacing the movie he had been watching.
"Hi Scully."
Scully threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. He drew back in
"What the he..."
She threw the door shut, and kissed him again, determinedly, as if
on a mission. He gave in to her. She peeled off his shirt, and then
his boxer shorts. He gasped, reaching for her like an unleashed
animal. She slipped nubilely out of her loose dress, revealing she
was naked underneath. He pushed his body against hers, entering her.
They rode each other like crazed, howling monsters. Then they
collapsed on the couch.
Scully whispered, "I love you."

*7 months later, St.Catherine Wedding Chapel*

"And now I pronouce you man and wife! You may kiss the bride."
Mulder did, tenderly.
Then he and Scully walked to the tent, where the party had already
"Whoever thought it would end up like this, Dana."
"Nobody." she said.
They partied all night long, and when Mulder was finally asleep
she pondered how exactly she had ended up here. True, she *did* love
Mulder, but this would never had happened were it not for a threat,
and a dark mission. She sighed, and fell asleep.

The smoking man looked contentedly onto the sleeping couple. Two
birds with one stone, he thought. He had stopped Mulder from
unraveling the truth, and made him, the only man he ever respected,
happy. He retreated back into the shadows.

*50 years later, Dana and Fox's house, Oregon*

The elderly Scully lay dying on her bed. Mulder, who she now
called Fox, was holding her hand.
"Fox, I have something to tell you..." she said.


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