Promises, Promises: Promises Kept 2 by Nicole B. (NC- 17) (1/1)

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Summary: Mulder explores more extreme possibilities with his partner.

Classification: S, A

This is sort of an alternate reality X Files story, and contains no real
spoilers. This story picks up directly where Promises Kept left off, so
although it's not necessary to have read it, it might be helpful. If you
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Promises, Promises: Promises Kept 2 by Nicole B. (NC - 17)

After a while Mulder returned with a basin in each hand. He had cleaned
himself up in the bathroom, and now he wet a soft cloth in the warm soapy
water in one of the pans and began to wash Alex. He cleaned away all the
semen and lubricant with the soapy cloth, then wiped the residue away with
another cloth dipped in the clear water in the other basin.

Alex watched Mulder conduct his ministrations with a feeling of unreality.
He gazed at the top of Mulder's glossy dark head and before he even knewhe
was going to do it, reached out and stroked his soft hair.

Mulder looked up at him and smiled. "Feel better?"

"Like a new man."

Mulder put the basins aside and motioned for Alex to move over. Alex
made room, and Mulder climbed into the bed to lie next to him.

"I'm serious, Alex. How do you feel about this?"

"I'm fine with it, Mulder. Don't worry, okay? I'm not gonna freak out
on you or anything."

Mulder smiled and put his arm around Alex. Alex rolled toward
him and lay his head on Mulder's shoulder. He ran his fingers lightly
through the soft downy hair covering Mulder's collarbones. Mulder
buried his nose in Alex's hair, inhaling the unique scent of his lover.

Alex's fingers tracing lazily through the hair on his chest was making
Mulder sleepy. He closed his eyes, grateful that it was Saturday and he
didn't have to go to work. He was exhausted. He sighed deeply, pulled
Alex closer, and allowed his thoughts to drift.
Mulder had never really believed that Alex would actually go for a sexual
relationship with him. He had always seemed like a completely
heterosexual man to Mulder, commenting on the attributes of practically
every woman he met, telling Mulder hilariously filthy post-modern takes
on creaky old traveling salesman jokes, regaling him with the details of
each new conquest. For such a seemingly macho guy, he certainly had
come around to the alternate lifestyle quickly, Mulder thought. Mulder
wondered if all Alex's bravado hadn't just been an act, what he thought
Mulder and the other agents expected to hear from a handsome young FBI

At times Mulder had thought he could see another face beneath the devil
may care womanizing rascal Alex endeavored to present. Sometimes, when
he made unexpected eye contact with Alex in the office, Mulder thought he
saw a certain expression on Alex's face when he looked at Mulder, one
almost of longing. On those occasions, Alex always quickly looked away.
Mulder always thought that he was imagining it, that he wanted Alex so
badly he was projecting his own emotions onto the object of his desires.
He was beginning to suspect that he had been very wrong in not trusting
his instincts. Alex had told Mulder that he had never been with a man, and
Mulder believed him, but he thought perhaps the man lying beside him had
long been a veritable well of untapped sexual potential.

Mulder realized that Alex had stopped playing with his chest hair and his
hand was now resting lightly on Mulder's chest. He opened his eyes and
saw that Alex had fallen asleep. His mouth was open, and he was snoring
softly. Mulder smiled, filled with tenderness at the realization that Alex
was already so comfortable with their new relationship that he could fall
asleep within minutes of their very first encounter. Or maybe he was just
exhausted, too. Mulder closed his eyes again and was asleep himself in
Alex came awake slowly, and even before his conscious mind could register
much beyond the ache of his full bladder, he heard Mulder's voice near his

"Sleep well, lover?"

Alex's eyes flew open and he looked over at Mulder, lying beside him,
looking at him and smiling.


"For a change, yeah. I did."

"What time is it?"

"Would you believe 2 PM?"

"Yowssssaaa, Mulder. Jeeze, no wonder I'm starving."

"Well, roll your butt out of the sack and we'll see about taking careof
that problem."

Alex was grateful when Mulder got up and left the room. He walked
casually to the bathroom, unembarrassed by his nudity. Alex on the other
hand felt suddenly a bit shy about Mulder seeing him. His full bladder was
presenting him with a pressing problem, and in the full light of day, he
felt a certain modesty that hadn't seemed a problem in the still early
morning hours.

Alex sat up, but stayed under the covers until Mulder came out of the
bathroom, wearing a pair of sweats.

"I'll go start some lunch. Anything in particular?"

"Whatever you have is fine." Alex held up his hands in front ofhim in
a warding off gesture. "Just hold the ice water, okay?"

Mulder laughed and left the room, shaking his head. Alex got out of bed
and went gratefully to the bathroom. After using the facilities, he
decided to take a shower.

Standing under the spray of hot water, Alex let his mind wander as he tried
to figure out just what had led him to this point in his life. Althoughhe
had tried so hard to ignore the feelings and urges that had tormented him
for so long, he realized at this moment that what had happened between
Mulder and himself just hours ago was something that was destined to be.
Alex had known for years that he had homosexual desires, but a fragile ego,
battered into submission early in life by an abusive father, would never
let him face them, much less act upon them. It took Mulder's gentleness,
assurance and sensitivity to enable him to act upon longings that had been
a part of him for many years.

Alex squeezed his eyes closed, trying unsuccessfully to shut out the
memories flooding him. He could see himself as a child, holding up his
small hands defensively as his father towered over him, drunk and swaying.
"You are a worthless little shit, Alexander!" He could hear thathated
voice roaring in his ears like the revving engine of an out of control
machine, cracking with the strain of the hatred behind the words. "Youare
nothing, you will always be nothing! You are no son of mine, you puny
little shit. My son would be strong, not a mewling little cocksucker like
you, Alexander!" Then the voice switched to the harsh tones of theRussian
Alex grew up with and spoke fluently, but hated. His father had never had
the same command of English as he did of Russian, and he saved his native
tongue to spew his most vile epithets upon his son.

Alex sighed and lifted his face to the steady stream of water, letting it
wash over him and soothe away some of his tension. He heard a soft sound
and opened his eyes to see Mulder standing outside the tub, holding the
shower curtain back and watching Alex with a measured expression.

"Everything okay?" Mulder asked.

"Sure, why?"

"You just look upset."

"Is lunch ready?" Alex asked, anxious to change the subject.

"In the oven....vegetarian lasagna okay?"

"Sure....." Alex's voice trailed off as he wondered what to saynext.

"Alex...mind if I join you?"

Alex hesitated for just a moment. It seemed a little silly to play hardto
get now, so instead of answering, he just inclined his head a bit.

Mulder shucked the sweats and climbed into the shower to stand in frontof
Alex. He put his hands on Alex's shoulders and looked into his eyes.
"Tell me, Alex. I can tell something is on your mind, and it isn'tlunch.
Are you having second thoughts?"

Alex hesitated, wondering whether to share his recollections with his
new lover. He had never told anyone about his abusive childhood, and the
thought of doing so now frightened him more than he had been even this
morning when Mulder first began making love to him, and he had known
there would be no going back.

"Mulder. Really, what I was thinking really has nothingto do
with us, not really."

Mulder kept his eyes steadily locked onto Alex's. "Then tell me whatit
really was to do with."

Alex made up his mind and drew a deep breath. "I guess, I was just
thinking about my father. He used to.....abuse me."

Mulder's eyes widened. Oh shit, he thought. What have I done? Somehow
he found his voice. "You mean...?"

Alex looked at him, then realized what Mulder was trying to ask. "Oh,no!
God, no, nothing like that. Some physical, but mostly it was mental, I
guess, or emotional."

"Emotional abuse can be extremely destructive, Alex. What did he sayto

To his horror, Alex felt his eyes fill with tears. "He used to tellme I
was a worthless little shit. He used to tell me I was nothing but a puny
little fag, that I'd grow up to be a weasly cocksucker. I guess he
was right."

Mulder felt himself flush with anger. In spite of his extensive training
as a psychologist, he never quite managed to achieve the professional
detachment that was expected of him when he heard of a case of child abuse.
It didn't matter if the victim was a child now, or an adult victim of past
abuse, he always felt nothing but compassion for the damaged human being
who experienced it. He sighed deeply.

"Alex, listen. Your father was a jerk, and he was wrong. You are not
worthless, nor a shit, certainly not puny, and as for the last.....whatwe
had this morning, Alex, I think I'm getting the indication from you that
although this may have been the first time you physically did this sortof
thing, it wasn't the first time you'd thought about it."

Alex looked up sharply, wondering at Mulder's almost spooky perception.He
listened as Mulder continued.

"A person's sexuality is determined before birth, Alex, in my opinionand
in the opinions of most experts on the matter. We are what we are. Your
father calling you a cocksucker didn't make you grow up to be attractedto
men, it was genetically determined. It was an unfortunate accident that
you were born to someone who would abuse you, and who would happen to use
the very ammunition that would have to come back to haunt you later, when
you started to develop sexually." Mulder's voice was filled with sympathy.
"You've battled your feelings your whole life, haven't you?"

Alex shrugged, then nodded. "I never wanted to admit it, Mulder. Ithink
you knew me better than I knew myself. How *did* you know?"

Mulder smiled. "I didn't, Alex. I just hoped." He put his armsaround
Alex and hugged him tightly. "Now turn around, and I'll wash your back."

Alex turned and felt Mulder begin to wash his back, moving the soap around
in wide, lazy circles, working up a rich lather. He put the soap down and
began to massage Alex's back, working the tension from his shoulders. He
groaned, and dropped his head forward and closed his eyes. Mulder worked
his thumbs into the tight muscles in Alex's neck, and soon he was relaxed
and swaying a bit on his feet.

"Alex, we don't have to do anything else right now," Mulder whisperedin
his ear. "We can just take it slow for the rest of the weekend, maybejust
spend some time together, go to a movie, maybe....."

Alex turned to face him. "It's okay, Mulder. I told you this morning,I'm
okay with it. I've got some demons, but who doesn't? Maybe, with some
help from a compassionate therapist and an understanding lover, I can
overcome them."

Mulder stared at him, and nodded. He put his hands on Alex's shoulders and
gently turned him back around. He picked the soap up and ran it down his
back and slid the bar between Alex's cheeks, rubbing it against his hole.
Alex sensed Mulder coming closer, and closed his eyes as he felt Mulder
slide his arms around his waist. He leaned back, pressing their bodies
together. Mulder started soaping Alex's stomach and chest, and Alex felt
his hot breath in his ear. Mulder licked his ear, and began to suck gently
on the lobe, nipping and nibbling, making goosebumps break out all over
Alex's body, hardening his nipples. Mulder let his hands move down Alex's
body to run the bar of soap between his legs, working up copious lather.
Mulder put the soap down and concentrated on using just his hands on Alex's
nether areas.

Mulder cupped Alex's heavy balls in one hand, rolling them gently inside
their thin sac. With his other hand he began to stroke Alex's cock, using
the slippery lather as a lubricant, quickly bringing Alex to full erection.
Alex let his head fall back to rest on Mulder's shoulder. He could feel
Mulder's cock pressed against the cleft of his ass, and unconsciously he
pushed back against it. Mulder maneuvered Alex under the shower spray and
rinsed the soap off his body.

"Turn around, Alex," Mulder whispered, and slowly Alex turnedaround to
face his lover. He looked deep into Mulder's eyes, and Mulder returned his
gaze steadily. His eyes never leaving Alex's, slowly he leaned forward and
kissed him, gently at first, until Alex moaned softly and opened his mouth.
Mulder thrust his tongue into Alex's mouth, letting it roam over his teeth.
He drew Alex's tongue into his mouth and sucked it gently in imitation of
a more intimate act.

Alex put his arms around Mulder's neck and kissed him back deeply, running
the fingers of both hands through Mulder's silky hair. Their tongues
dueled with each other frantically, then Mulder broke the kiss and ran his
tongue down Alex's neck, to the curve where neck met shoulder. Mulder
fastened his mouth onto the tender flesh, sucking and nipping at the skin,
making Alex gasp and squirm. He drew back and looked into Alex's eyes.
"Now," he said, his familiar low sexy voice even huskier withdesire.
"Everyone will know you are mine, you wear my mark." Alex knewit wasn't
true, but his acceptance of the idea that Mulder could mark him for the
world to see made him truly and completely cognizant of his willingnessto
be totally submissive to the will of the man standing before him.

He leaned forward eagerly and claimed Mulder's mouth again, sucking
greedily at that lush lower lip. Now it was Alex's turn to press his body
against Mulder's, rubbing his erection against Mulder's stomach, feeling
Mulder's erect cock pressed against his own belly. Alex broke their kiss,
gasping. He felt almost nauseated with desire.

Slowly, his eyes never leaving Alex's face, Mulder lowered himself to the
bottom of the tub, sliding his hands down Alex's sides, until he was
kneeling in front of him. Alex knew what was coming, and he thought he
might have been waiting all his life for it.

"Alex, can I ask you something?"

'Now,' Alex thought dazedly. 'He wants to ask me something NOW?'

"Sure, Mulder, what?"

"Why aren't you circumcised?"

"My parents were cold war ÇmigrÇs from Russia. I guesseven after they got
to this country, they kept some of the old world customs....does it bother

"No, of course not. I guess maybe this means *you* are something ofa
first for *me*."

Mulder took hold of Alex's cock gently and began to stroke it, running his
fingers firmly up the shaft, fascinated by the unfamiliar sight of the
foreskin which rolled forward to almost cover the head of Alex's cock; then
pulling back on the bit of extra skin, making the swollen purple head of
his cock pop out at him. A single salty drop of precum appeared at the
slit at the end, and Mulder bent to lick it away. He rolled his tongue
around the now utterly exposed head before drawing it into his mouth to
suck at it firmly, concentrating on just the tip. Alex gasped and drew
back, then surged forward, succeeding in pushing himself deep inside
Mulder's mouth, feeling the scrape of teeth along the length of him,
feeling the blunt tip of his penis hit the back of Mulder's throat, making
him gag.

"God, sorry, Mulder. I'm just so......"

Mulder let Alex slide from between his lips. "Big?"

Alex laughed shakily. "Excited."

"It's okay, big guy. We've got all the time in the world....or at least
the capacity of this hot water tank."

Mulder drew Alex back into his mouth, and this time Alex was careful notto
get too forceful. He closed his eyes and wound his long elegant fingersin
Mulder's silky dark hair. He concentrated on the sensations running
through him, and his world narrowed to the tight, hot recesses of the mouth
around him.

Mulder was quite an expert, Alex knew that for certain. He'd had women
give him head before, and not one of them came close to being as good atit
as the man now kneeling in front of him. Mulder dug his fingers into the
hard muscles of Alex's ass, and pulled Alex against him, allowing him togo
deeply into Mulder's now wide open throat. Alex couldn't believe the
sensations that were shooting through him like electricity. The feelingof
the soft skin of Mulder's throat was exciting enough, but the unaccustomed
feeling of the muscles of that passage squeezing the head of his cock as
Mulder swallowed again and again, was like nothing he had ever experienced.
He hadn't known such a thing was possible.

Alex grasped Mulder's head and bucked into him helplessly. Mulder
accommodated him perfectly, running his tongue along the underside of
Alex's cock as he thrust into and out of his hot mouth. Mulder felt the
muscles in Alex's legs begin to tremble violently, and he reached between
Alex's thighs to slip one long slender finger into his soap slicked

He could hear Alex moaning and whimpering, and the fingers still wound in
his hair were beginning to pull, which combined with the force of the cock
thrusting down his throat brought tears to his eyes. Mulder slipped
another finger into Alex, and heard him gasp loudly, "Oh, God, Oh,God...."

Mulder clamped his lips tightly around Alex and began to work at finishing
him off, gulping furiously, raking his teeth lightly against his length,as
Alex lost himself in sensation, the hot mouth taking him in as he thrust
forward, the pressure of the fingers probing his ass as he pushed back.

He felt an unstoppable tension building, and tried, with incoherent grunts
and moans which made a poor substitute for words, that he was about to come
and Mulder better pull away, but Mulder only looked up at him and continued
applying the mind bending stimulation that was pushing Alex over the edge.
His orgasm hit suddenly, and he growled inarticulately, thrusting into
Mulder's mouth. Mulder continued gulping, sucking hard, swallowing Alex's
hot cum as it exploded out of him and into his throat.

He continued to milk Alex until the strong spasms faded away to nothing.
Alex collapsed backward against the cool tiles, his cock slipping from
Mulder's mouth. He leaned against the wall, eyes closed, breathing hard.

He sensed Mulder stand, and then felt him move forward to put his arms
around Alex and draw him close. Alex let his head fall forward onto
Mulder's shoulder and they stood like that for a moment, until Mulder said,
"I think we better get out, Alex. Looks like that hot water tank is
finally empty."

Alex laughed. "Where's that lunch you promised me, Mulder? I'm still

Mulder released Alex and leaned past him to switch off the water. "It
should be just about ready. I got it from a mail order company that sells
prepared gourmet Italian food. It's the best lasagna you've ever tasted,
I promise."

Alex laughed again. "Jeeze, that's all I get from you, Mulder, promises,

"And I told you Alex, I always keep my promises."

The End

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