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Summary: The boys go camping.

Classification: S, A

This is sort of an alternate reality X Files story, and contains no real
spoilers. This story picks up directly where Promises Kept and Promises,
Promises: Promises Kept Part 2 left off, and although it's not necessaryto
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Dedicated to CCB, many thanks for giving me the idea of where the boys
should go next. How are things out on that balcony?

Promises Kept Part 3 by Nicole B. (NC - 17)

Alex sensed Mulder stand, and then felt him move forward to put his arms
around Alex and draw him close. Alex let his head fall forward onto
Mulder's shoulder and they stood like that for a moment, until Mulder said,
"I think we better get out, Alex. Looks like that hot water tank is
finally empty."

Alex laughed. "Where's that lunch you promised me, Mulder? I'm still

Mulder released Alex and leaned past him to switch off the water. "It
should be just about ready. I got it from a mail order company that sells
prepared gourmet Italian food. It's the best lasagna you've ever tasted,
I promise."

Alex laughed again. "Jeeze, that's all I get from you, Mulder, promises,

"And I told you Alex, I always keep my promises."
While Mulder made a salad, Alex performed the only chore he was any
good at in the kitchen and set the table. While they ate, they discussed
what to do with the rest of the beautiful fall weekend.

Mulder suggested a movie again, but Alex was feeling antsy, wanting to get

"How about camping?" he suggested.

"Camping?" Mulder said doubtfully. "I dunno Alex, I'm notmuch for
roughing it, you know, at least not if I've got another choice."

"It'll be great, Mulder. Open air, sunshine, exercise....Come on, man.
I have to get out. I get cabin fever if I stay inside too long."

"Okay, Alex, if that's what you want. But I'm warning you, next weekend,
it's my choice of what to do."

"What would you rather be doing?"

"Well, there is this small town I've heard of that has been havinga series
of strange deaths, maybe we could...."

"Forget it, Mulder. No more weird murders in strange small towns! Been
there, done that....several times. Aren't you tired of them yet?"

After lunch, they cleaned up the kitchen and prepared to leave. Mulder
packed some things and changed into jeans, boots and a flannel shirt.
Alex put his rumpled suit pants and shirt back on, and Mulder drove him
home to pack.

Alex lived in a tiny ground floor apartment in McLean Virginia. Mulder had
been there a couple of times, and he was always impressed with the neatness
of the place, so different from his own. While Alex changed and packed his
things in the bedroom, Mulder wandered around the small living room,
touching the leaf of a healthy looking ivy plant, stroking the glossy top
of a polished maple end table, sniffing a candle placed on the mantle,
savoring the presence of Alex that Mulder could sense in each stick of
furniture and small knick knack and was now able to openly touch and
appreciate. His hand went to a small framed photograph on the mantle, and
stayed. He picked up the picture and took a closer look.

The picture was probably taken in the late 1960's, judging by the clothing
worn by the people in it. A very grim looking man, tall and solidly built,
glared at the camera. Next to him stood a cowed looking woman, and in
front of them both, a small, thin, miserable looking child. A little boy,
about six years old, with dark hair falling over his forehead and the
huge, timid eyes of a woodland creature.

'Alex' Mulder thought, and his eyes went back to the brutal looking manin
the picture. He recalled what Alex had told him about his childhood that
morning in the shower, and unconsciously he clinched his free hand intoa

Mulder heard Alex coming from the bedroom, and quickly replaced the
picture. Alex came into the room dressed similarly to Mulder, in jeans and
boots and a long sleeved shirt. He carried a large canvas duffel bag slung
over one shoulder, and Mulder could see tent poles protruding from the top.
A knapsack was slung over the other shoulder. Alex handed the duffel to
Mulder and went over to a small closet, reaching inside to pull out a
medium sized cardboard box. He rummaged through it for a moment, then
hefted it under one arm. "Ready?"

"Sure...what's in the box?"

"Odds and ends. Some dishes and a coffee pot, some canned goods, just
stuff we'll need for an overnighter."

"Oh, I see....provisions. I guess it's a good thing I packed my little
provisions pouch, I bet you didn't think of that, did you?"

Alex looked up quickly to meet Mulder's steady gaze, and the promise in
those piercing hazel eyes and the implication of his words made Alex's
heart start to pound with anticipation that had nothing to do with the
thought of getting away from the city for the weekend.

They decided to take Alex's Ford Explorer to Sugarloaf Mountain, West
Virginia, where Alex had been camping before. Mulder wanted to drive, so
Alex gave him the keys and got into the passenger side.

"How far is this place?"

"About 45 minutes. It's beautiful there this time of year, the leavesare
all red and gold, and at sunset, when the light starts to die, the sky
lights up with all these colors, and it just takes your breath away."He
glanced at his watch. "We may have just enough time to make it thereto
see it this evening."

Mulder looked at him. "That was very poetic, Alex. It sounds like you've
given it a lot of thought. Have you spent much time up there?"

"Some. I go up there a lot of weekends, to get away and be alone, justto

"Strange that you never mentioned this place to me before. I'm surprised
you had time to come up here so often by yourself, considering all the time
you spent romancing all those pretty young things you were always telling
me about," Mulder joked.

Alex didn't answer. He clinched his jaw and began looking out the window.

Mulder glanced over at him, puzzled by his reaction. 'Does he think I'm
jealous?' he wondered. Then another thought occurred to him. 'Maybe he is
wishing he was with one of them now.'

"Alex , what's wrong?"

Alex shook his head, and sighed. "I come up here almost every weekend,
Mulder. I spend almost all my off duty time alone, unless I'm running with
you, or playing golf with my friend Mitch. There are no pretty young
things, for the most part. I made up about 90% of it. I do date
occasionally, I'm not saying I'm a monk or anything, but there haven't been
as many women as you probably think."

Mulder was quiet, absorbing this. "Why would you lie about it to me,Alex?"

"I don't know exactly. I guess I just, I felt so.....sometimes, whenI was
around you, Mulder, I would just start feeling so out of control. Whenever
I started thinking about you, I'd get all shaken up, so I would pretendto
be some kind of stud with women." He sounded disgusted with himself.

Mulder shook his head. "No more games, Alex. You don't have to lieto me
anymore. I can't believe we spent the last two much time
wasted that we could have been together."

"Well, no more wasted time, now, Mulder. You'll probably get sick ofme
hanging around you all the time. I think you may have created a monster."

Mulder laughed. "Well, Frank, I think it would take an awful lot of
togetherness for me to get sick of you."

"Well, we work together, and now we are......." Alex's voice trailedoff.

"Sleeping together? You can say it, Alex."

"Sleeping together, and that *is* a lot of togetherness."

"You aren't actually worried about it are you, Alex? We won't get ineach
other's hair. We each have our own apartments, so it's not like we'll
always be on top of each to speak."

Alex looked at him and grinned. "Very funny."

Mulder glanced away from the road to look at Alex, and as Alex turned his
head to look out the window, a flash of light caught Mulder's eye. There
was something shining, something at Alex's ear.....Mulder squinted, and
for the first time, he noticed that in Alex's left earlobe was a tiny gold
hoop earring.

"Alex, you're wearing an earring."

Alex looked away from the scenery rushing past his window, and his hand
went unbidden to his earlobe. Mulder watched as he flushed crimson, the
color spreading up his neck to mottle his face with red and white blotches.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you. I like it. I like it a lot. How long
have you had it?"

"I got it done a few years back. I still don't know why, really, itwas
just a whim. I don't wear an earring very often."

"Yeah, I think I would have noticed. It looks good on you."

Alex smiled and fingered the small ornament for a moment, then dropped his
hand back to rest on his knee. Mulder returned his attention to the road.
"Wow, " he thought. 'That's pretty hot....."

They reached Alex's regular campsite at 4:45. Mulder wanted to set up the
tent, but Alex urged him into leaving the supplies at the campsite and
hiking up to the place he told Mulder about, where they could watch the
sunset. It was pretty rugged, and just when Mulder was beginning to think
that the only reason Alex would be taking him so deeply into the woods
would be to kill him and dispose of his body where it would never be
found, Alex stopped and said, "Okay, Mulder, here we are." Mulderwas
grateful for the opportunity to sit down on the ledge that Alex indicated
and rest for a while.

They sat hip by hip in silence for a long time, watching the sun drop
lower in the western sky and fingers of color; red, gold, violet and pink
stretch across the horizon. As it grew darker, they heard the sounds of
the nocturnal creatures of the woods beginning to stir, as crickets chirped
and chirruped and frogs croaked and splashed.

Mulder felt himself moved in a way that was unfamiliar and completely
unexpected. The natural beauty of the setting made him feel euphoric and
melancholy, both at the same time. He sensed more than heard Alex
stirring, then felt Alex's hand slipping into his.

"I told you it was beautiful," Alex whispered. He leaned overand put his
lips right next to Mulder's ear. Mulder could feel his hot breath in his
ear as he spoke, and it sent a thrill through his body. "I know another
place, near our campsite.....let's go."

He stood, pulling Mulder up by the hand he still held. Alex started down
the overgrown trail off to their left, finding his footing unerringly in
the dark, as nimble as a mountain goat. Mulder was less sure, but with
Alex holding his hand, he managed to find his footing well enough.

Mulder thought once again that he needed to get out into the country a
little more, it was so easy living in the city to forget that night is so
dark. Fortunately, the moon above had risen, and was full, and that gave
them just enough light to maneuver the trail without falling.

They made the trek back to the campsite, and took some time to pitch the
tent and unpack the provisions. Alex picked up two blankets and tucked
them under his arm. "C'mon." Alex led Mulder through the treesand into
a small clearing. He extended his arm towards a stream running rapidly
past them, over a small outcropping of rock to form a rather large natural
pool. Mulder looked at the water doubtfully. "It's lovely. Can we go
back to camp and get something to eat now?"

"Don't whine, Mulder, it doesn't become you." Alex spread oneof the
blankets on the ground and tossed the other atop it. He began gathering
kindling, and as Mulder watched, grudgingly impressed, he quickly and
skillfully built a roaring campfire close to the blanket.

"I didn't know you were such a Boy Scout, Alex," he said.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, Mulder....yet." Alex satdown on a
rock and started taking his boots off.

"What are you doing?" Mulder demanded.

Alex looked up at him. "I'm taking my clothes off. I'm going for aswim."
Alex finished taking his boots and socks off, and stood to begin removing
his shirt.

Mulder stared at him in disbelief. "You're crazy, Krycek. That watermust
be freezing."

"It's not that cold." Alex tossed his shirt on the ground andstarted
unbuckling his belt. He paused and looked at Mulder again. "Don't bea
pussy, Mulder. Take off your clothes and come skinny dipping with me.
When's the last time you did something like that?" His voice droppedand
in a tone even lower than his usual throaty growl said, "C'mon Mulder.
Come in with me. I'll keep you warm."

This invitation was more than Mulder could resist and he sat down to remove
his boots. By the time he was naked, Alex was already in the water. He
floated lazily on his back, his arms spread out to his sides in an almost
Christlike pose. Mulder cautiously poked one toe into the water. It was
cold, but he had motivation on his side. He drew in a deep breath and
waded in.

Once he got over the immediate shock, he realized that the water really
wasn't as cold as he first thought. He swam to where Alex lay in the
water, and playfully ducked his head under. He came up sputtering, and
gave Mulder an evil look.

"Oh, you're gonna pay for that, man." Alex filled his lungs withair, then
as Mulder tried to swim away, threw both arms around him and dove, taking
them both below the surface. Alex held him tightly, swimming towards the
bottom of the pool with Mulder kicking and squirming in his arms. When he
reached the bottom of the pool, he let Mulder go and watched him shoot to
the surface.

Looking up into the moonlit night sky from his perspective at the bottomof
the pool, Alex could see the ripples on the surface of the water made by
their furious motions of a moment ago. Alex held onto a submerged tree
root to hold himself down, and listened as Mulder called for him,
questioningly at first, then with increasing alarm.

Finally he let go and propelled himself to the surface, emerging from the
water right next to Mulder.

"Goddammit, Alex! You scared the hell out of me! Are you crazy?"

Alex grinned widely, treading water. "Were you worried about me?"
He lowered his chin, looking up at Mulder slightly. "Did I get yourblood
pumping, Mulder?"

Mulder glared at him, then his expression softened. "I guess I askedfor
it, huh?"

"No, but you could. Ask for it, I mean."

They treaded water, facing each other, eyes locked, until Alex made the
first move, pulling Mulder close to him and putting his arms around his
neck. Slowly, he started kicking his feet and turning his body at the same
time, sending the two of them spinning in a slow lazy circle. He leaned
into Mulder, fixing his lips on Mulder's neck, kissing and nibbling hisway
up to suck on Mulder's earlobe. Mulder pulled away, shuddering, and
grabbed Alex by the head, holding him tightly and staring into his eyes.

Mulder marveled again at the beauty of the body he held close, Alex's
naked form was stronger and much more fit than it appeared clothed, and
Mulder relished the idea that he alone knew the beauty that existed beneath
the admittedly inept sartorial image Alex presented to the world.

Mulder leaned forward to kiss Alex deeply, running his tongue greedily over
his lips and teeth, sucking his tongue hungrily. His hands roamed over
Alex's body while he kissed him, rubbing his shoulders, running his hands
over Alex's chest to tweak his nipples, savoring the feel of strong muscles
beneath the silken skin. Mulder pulled him close, molding their bodies
together, feeling the heat of Alex's erection pressing against his belly,
so hot even in the cool water.

"Let's get out of the water, Mulder." Alex panted. "Comeon." They swam
to the shore and struggled out of the water to fall onto the blanket.
Mulder lay next to Alex and propped himself onto one elbow to look down
onto his lover. He began stroking Alex's face with one finger, running it
over each closed eyelid, down his nose, and across his lips.

The cool night air dried the water from their bodies, chilling them, and
they drew together in a search for warmth. Mulder leaned over to kiss
Alex, beginning at his mouth, sucking each delicately shaped lip into his
mouth, licking each one, tracing its outline with the tip of his tongue.
He ran his tongue slowly down Alex's chin to his neck, and sucked gentlyat
the sensitive spot just to the side of his Adam's apple. Slowly, he ran
his tongue down Alex's neck to his chest, and traced slowly around Alex's
nipple, teasing it with delicate feathery licks with the very tip of his
tongue before fastening his hot mouth on it and sucking firmly. Alex
groaned and arched his back. Mulder let his eyes travel down Alex's body,
seeing his cock was rock hard and leaking drops of precum onto his belly.

Mulder let go of the nipple and let his tongue trail down his chest to his
belly, stopping to lick away the spilled drops. Alex lifted his hips
questingly, but Mulder pulled back to sit on his haunches. Alex raised his
head and looked at Mulder rather crossly. "What?" he panted. "Whatis it,

"I want you to experience something, Alex," Mulder said softly."Something
we talked about this morning...My God, was it just this morning? I want
you to experience what it is to be a top, Alex. I want you to make love
to me."

Mulder watched as the pupils of Alex's incredible green eyes, already
dilated in the semi-darkness, expand to take over his irises as the import
of what Mulder was saying sank in.

"Mulder, my God....Are you sure? I mean...we don't, you don't haveto...."

"I *want* to, Alex. That is, unless you would rather not."

Alex barked a short sharp laugh, tinged with breathlessness caused by his
intense excitement. He was so hard he felt as though he might strain
something if he took too deep a breath. "Are you kidding? Of course,I
want to. I'm just,'ll have to lead me here, Mulder. I don't know
what to do."

"We'll figure it out together, Alex. Just go slowly. It'll be fine."

Alex reached over into the folds of the blanket lying next to them and
pulled out Mulder's little nylon pouch. "I stuck it in there when Igot
the blankets together," he said sheepishly.

"Great. Now we don't have to leave the fire." Mulder rolled ontohis
stomach. "Will you rub my neck, Alex? It feels sort of.....stiff."

Alex laughed. "That was your neck you wanted me to rub, right?"

Alex recalled what Mulder had done that morning with him and straddled
Mulder's body, settling his weight partly upon Mulder's buttocks and
partly on his own knees. He squirted a puddle of oil into his hand and
began to rub Mulder's shoulders. He used the same firm but gentle strokes
on Mulder that Mulder had used on him. Alex looked down at Mulder,
admiring the long toned muscles of his swimmer's back, recalling with
fondness the time right after he and Mulder began working together, when
he had gone to the gym to get Mulder, and had found him there swimming
laps in a skimpy red Speedo swimsuit. The memory of that sight made him
begin to unconsciously rub his erect cock against the warm silky flesh of
Mulder's butt, and he suddenly realized that getting inside that body was
what he wanted more than anything in the world.

Mulder moaned and pushed back against Alex, and his cock slipped between
Mulder's oiled buttocks. Alex felt the intense heat emanating from
Mulder's body, and he felt more excited than he had ever been in his life.He
leaned forward to lick Mulder's ear, and exhaled his hot breath into it,making
Mulder shudder uncontrollably. "Does it feel good, Mulder?" hewhispered.
"Do you like what I'm doing? Do you want me to stop?'

"Don't stop..." Mulder replied shakily.

Alex reached into the pouch with trembling hands and pulled out the
lubricant and a condom. Trying to hurry and yet be gentle, he applied the
lube to Mulder's asshole and used his fingers to gently stretch the other
man in preparation. He slipped first one finger, then two, into Mulder
and began moving them in and out and spreading them out, remembering how
Mulder had prepared him that morning. Without even knowing he was doing
it, he ran one finger over Mulder's prostate and recoiled with alarm at
Mulder's violent reaction.

"Shit, man, did I hurt you?"

"No, no," Mulder replied through gritted teeth. "Feels good....."Mulder
raised his head up a bit. "Give it to me. Please, Alex. Do it."

Alex fumbled with the condom, cursing his shaking hands. He finally got
the package open and rolled the condom over his erection, then paused,
unsure of what exactly to do. Mulder reached over and pulled the folded
blanket closer, and shoved it underneath his own hips, raising them. Alex
moved to kneel between Mulder's spread thighs, and after a moment's
hesitation, put the head of his cock against his opening and pushed.
Mulder leant back against him and moaned when Alex's cock began slipping

Alex paused, remembering how Mulder had given him time to adjust to the
feeling of being penetrated before continuing. After a moment Mulder
pushed backwards and Alex took this silent action as permission to
continue, and slowly he pushed until he was buried to the hilt in his

Alex paused, relishing the feelings, so hot, so was the most
incredible thing he had ever experienced. He leaned forward, supporting
his weight on his arms, to whisper in Mulder's ear.

"You are mine, now, Mulder. You belong to me, don't you?"


Alex was carried away by emotion, feelings of love and lust all mixed up
inside him, making him want to hear assurances, as well as feel the sweet
acquiescence of the man now so lovingly submissive beneath him.

"What do you want now, Mulder? Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes....fuck me, Alex. Please....."

Alex began thrusting, slowly at first, then picking up tempo as Mulder
became more open and he felt he could move as hard as he wanted without
hurting his lover. The sensations running through him were more than his
excited body could stand, and he felt himself coming closer...closer.....
Suddenly, he felt the muscles of Mulder's ass began to grip and squeeze
him rhythmically, and it was more than he could take. Throwing his head
back, he screamed as he came, again and again, looking up into the night
sky, up at the full fat moon shining benevolently down at them.

Alex flopped across Mulder's back, breathing erratically, stunned by what
he had just experienced.

"My God, that was incredible," he gasped.

He heard Mulder's deep chuckle beneath him, and slowly he withdrew and
rolled off his lover to lie beside him. Mulder rolled to face him and
grinned at him widely. "Sorry, Alex, I guess I forgot to warn you....."

"Yeah, sure, okay, whatever."

Mulder laughed loudly. "An orgasm causes the sphincter muscles to contract.
I thought you needed a new experience, so I just gave myself a little helping

Alex shook his head. "You're a sick bastard, Mulder." He pulledthe
blanket out from under Mulder's hips and spread it out, throwing it over
them. He put his arm around Mulder and pulled him close. Mulder settled
his head on Alex's shoulder and reached over to take Alex's hand and twine
their fingers together. He was struck by a sudden thought.

"Is this a popular campsite, Alex?" He raised his head in alarm."You
screamed pretty loudly...what if there is someone else out there?"

"Don't freak out, Mulder. There is no one here but us, I promise."

Mulder settled down, putting his head back on Alex's chest. He was
beginning to feel sleepy.

"Well, okay, Alex, as long as you promise....."

The End

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