Promises to a Friend: Promises Kept part 4 by NicoleB. (NC - 17) (1/1)

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Summary: Mulder and Krycek encounter a complication in their already
very complicated relationship.

Classification: S

This is sort of an alternate reality X Files story, and contains no real
spoilers. This story is a direct sequel to `Promises Kept', `Promises,
Promises: Promises Kept Part 2' and `Promises Made: Promises Kept Part
3', and although it's not necessary to have read them, it might be
helpful. If you want copies, email me, and I'll be happy to send it them
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Promises to a Friend: Promises Kept Part 4 by Nicole B. (NC 17)

Alex shook his head. "You're a sick bastard, Mulder." He pulledthe
blanket out from under Mulder's hips and spread it out, throwing it over
them. He put his arm around Mulder and pulled him close. Mulder settled
his head on Alex's shoulder and reached over to take Alex's hand and twine
their fingers together. He was struck by a sudden thought.

"Is this a popular campsite, Alex?" He raised his head in alarm."You
screamed pretty loudly...what if there is someone else out there?"

"Don't freak out, Mulder. There is no one here but us, I promise."

Mulder settled down, putting his head back on Alex's chest. He was
beginning to feel sleepy.

"Well, okay, Alex, as long as you promise....."

The rest of the weekend passed quickly for them. Mulder had always
thought; Hell, he *knew*, he was in great shape, but after hiking up the
same steep mountain trail, lagging behind as Alex scrambled ahead, as agile
as a gazelle, for the third time in one day, Mulder realized he was
beginning to hate the damn mountains.

After their return to the city, they parted ways, each to return to hisown
apartment. Alex begged the need to catch up on chores, but Mulder sensed
in him somethingmore, a need for space to think perhaps. Mulder was more
than willing and happy to give him the time he needed.

Monday morning, Alex walked into the basement office he shared with Mulder
carrying butterflies in his stomach the size of pterodactyls. He felt
oddly paranoid, a feeling he was not familiar with. He usually left the
neurotic feelings to his partner. Somehow though, he felt as if everyone
would be able to look at him and see that there was something different
about him, as if Mulder truly had marked him as his property, and soon
everyone would know it.

As the day wore on, however, he began to relax. No one looked at him any
differently than usual, and Mulder treated him exactly as he always did,
with wry humor tempered by cool detachment. By midmorning Alex was
absorbed in the files concerning their latest case, his fears forgotten.

Shortly before 11 am, Mulder's desk phone rang. Pushing his reading
glasses to the top of his head, he picked up the receiver, feeling a bit
annoyed at the interruption.


"Hi, Mulder, it's me. What's up?"

"Scully," he said, pleased. "How was your weekend?'

"Fine, thanks. How was yours? Exciting as usual?"

Mulder grinned broadly. "Not quite the usual, but exciting. To whatdo I
owe the pleasure?"

"Well, if you aren't too busy, I'd like to take you out to lunch today.
And Alex too, if he's there. I have some news I'd like to share."

"You're pregnant?"

"Very funny, Mulder. Not likely. You have to have sex with someoneto get
pregnant, and that hasn't been on my agenda much lately."

"Try to get a life, Scully. It's worth the effort, I promise."

"Fuck you, Mulder. Do you want to go to lunch with me or not?"

"Sure, hang on." Mulder covered the receiver with the palm ofis hand and
called across the room. "Hey, Alex, want to go to lunch with Scullyand me

Alex looked up. "Sure, I guess, if you don't think I'd be a third wheel."

"He'd love to, Scully. I'll tolerate your presence, I guess. Shallwe
meet you somewhere?"

"How about if I pick you up? Say, in an hour?"

Mulder glanced at his watch. "See you downstairs then."

After he hung up, Alex asked, "What's up, Mulder?"

"She has good news she wants to share."

Alex's eyebrows shot up. "She really is pregnant??"

Mulder laughed. "Um, I don't think so. I guess we'll just have to wait
until she tells us."

Scully picked them up promptly at noon. Over a bottle of white wine at
Ryan's, a bottle Scully insisted they have, she told them her news. "One
of the senior pathologists is leaving to get married. His fiancee is a
lawyer in Seattle, and he's moving there to be with her, so guess who is
getting a bump up the ladder?"

"Scully, that's great! Congratulations! Alex, isn't that terrific?"

"It sure is. Congrats, Dana."

Scully took her gaze off Mulder long enough to look at Alex to thank him
for his good wishes, but her words died on her lips when she met his eyes.
It suddenly struck her as strange that she had never noticed before quite
how attractive he was.

She had always considered Alex rather ordinary looking, even a bit geeky
perhaps, but there was something different about him today. His color was
high, and his eyes sparkled with life. His eyes.....funny how she had
never noticed them before today, how oddly but attractively large and
slanted and incredibly long lashed they were, eyes that when combined with
his high cheekbones made him look catlike, beautiful and exotic.

Alex's smiled dimmed a bit, and his forehead creased. Scully realized with
a start that she had been staring, and looked away guiltily. She tried
again to thank him, but her tongue was glued to the roof of her mouth. She
looked at the wine bottle sitting in the middle of the table and decided
she'd had enough for one day.

Alex looked at his watch, and said, "I gotta go make a call, guys.Be
right back."

Helplessly Scully watched as he stood and tossed his napkin onto the table.
She thought as she watched him that he did not so much stand up as he
uncoiled, slowly rising to his full height from the low club chair. Her
eyes never left him as he walked slowly towards the back of the restaurant,
effortlessly gliding around groups of people knotted together at the bar,
and she was struck once again by the cat metaphor. Alex Krycek was
six feet of feline grace.

Scully unconsciously pressed her knees together underneath the table, and
realized that she was having feelings that were actually making her
uncomfortable to be so close to Mulder. He had always been able to read
her like a book, and she had an uncomfortable feeling that he could tell
exactly what she was thinking. She looked at him and started to say
something, anything, to get her mind off the thoughts whirling through her
brain, and once again words died on her lips.

Mulder was also watching Alex, she saw. What she saw in his expression
made her lips purse in confusion. Scully was perceptive, she knew that,
to a degree perhaps even beyond those limits considered normal. Her mother
and Melissa were always encouraging her to develop her extra sensory
perception, but she had resisted and denied for so long. However, she
could no longer deny the very strong feelings she was receiving from her
ex-partner and still one of her best friends. To anyone else, she thought
that the look on Mulder's face probably would have appeared innocent. To
her, it spoke volumes. He was looking at Alex much the same way she herself
had just been. It amazed her, and she wondered what on earth could be
going on. She finally decided that she was projecting her sudden feelings
for Alex onto Mulder, and blamed the alcohol.

"No more wine at lunch!" she told herself firmly.
After lunch she dropped them both off at the J. Edgar Hoover building and
made the drive back to Quantico with her mind in turmoil. Alex suddenly
was consuming all her thoughts. She felt like a teenager. She had known
this man for two years, and never before had she looked at him with
anything other than a sort of sisterly affection, if that. She had never
managed to warm to Alex to the same degree that she had Mulder, at least,
not until today.

Somehow she managed to finish out the rest of her work day without making
any major catastrophic mistakes, and shortly after 6pm, she finally was
able to leave for home. As she climbed into her car and placed her
briefcase on the passenger seat, something caught her eye. She reached
over and picked up Mulder's cell phone off theseat. He had sat up front
with her on the ride back to the city, and she guessed it must have fallen
out of his coat pocket. She slipped it into her purse and used her own
phone to try him at the office, but got only his voice mail. She tried him
at home, and got his answering machine. With a sigh, she started the car
and turned the wheel to head north, towards Mulder's apartment.

Mulder had given her a key to his apartment long ago, and after knocking
and getting no answer, as expected, she used it to let herself in.

The lights in the living room were all off, and the only illumination came
from the streetlights outside the window. She walked quietly across the
floor to lay the phone on the end table next to the couch. She looked
around the messy room for a slip of paper, while searching her pockets for
a pen to leave Mulder a note. Suddenly, she heard a soft sound.

She froze, listening. Her heart rate began to accelerate rapidly. She had
been so sure that there was no one home....she cocked her head, listening.
There! There it was again. This time she was able to identify the sound
as a soft moan, and for just a split second her heart leaped in concern.
Mulder was home, and he was hurt! Then another thought seized her. This
moan had not sounded like one of pain, it was more a sound of passion.

So Mulder was home after all, and watching one of his videos, by the sound
of it. Now that she had determined the source and nature of the sounds,it
all made sense. Her mind returned to the thoughts she had been having all
day, and against her will, she found herself drawn to the partly open door
to his bedroom.

Scully stood frozen in the doorway, looking into the room at the figureson
the bed, and somewhere, dimly in the recesses of her screaming, protesting
mind, she began to accept that the images presenting themselves to her were
indeed real. She felt her lips grow numb, and realized that she was going
into something of a state of shock.

Mulder wasn't watching a video, he was going down on Alex Krycek. And from
the look of things, the level of their comfort and intimacy with each
other, it wasn't the first time something like this had happened. She
leaned against the doorjamb, knowing that she was committing a major breach
of conduct, a gross violation of privacy, but she couldn't help herself.
She wanted to be disgusted, or angry, but she wasn't. She was only
shocked, and increasingly excited.

Alex was sitting on the edge of the bed, his fingers wound in Mulder's
hair, as Mulder knelt on the floor in front of him, between his spread
knees, his hands on Alex's hips, performing oral sex with an enthusiasm
that left Dana breathless. She watched and listened as Alex's moaning
increased, completely unaware of the hand that crept down to press itself
against her mons, and began to rub her clit through her clothing.

Alex's head went back, and she saw his mouth open in a silent scream ashe
came. She could almost imagine that it was herself kneeling there in front
of him, doing what Mulder had just so very expertly done, and in spite of
herself, she groaned loudly.

Alex's head snapped forward, and for just a moment, they made eye contact.
She saw his eyes grow huge with what must have been a level of shock
approaching her own, and then he shoved Mulder away from him and stood up.
Mulder fell backwards, landing unceremoniously on his butt. "What thehell
is your problem, Alex?" he demanded. Alex didn't, perhaps couldn't
answer. He merely pointed. Mulder turned and saw Scully standing in the
doorway, and in just that split second, she saw many unnameable emotions
cross his face. For a moment all three of them remained in place, frozen
with shock. When Mulder started to rise from his position on the floor,
the spell was broken, and Scully turned on her heel and ran for the front

"Scully, wait! Scully.....damn it, Dana, WAIT!!"

Dana reached the door and fumbled for the knob, sobbing with embarrassment
and something that almost felt like fear. Before she could open it,
however, Mulder caught up with her and pulled her away from the door,
turning her toward him. She continued to sob, refusing to meet his eyes.

"Dana....God, Dana, why are you here?"

"You left your cell phone in my car. I tried to call you, but you didn't
answer. I thought you were out. I just came to drop off the phone. I let
myself in, and I heard......I'm so sorry, Mulder. I don't know what I was
thinking. I never should have.....I'm so sorry. Please, let me go. I
want to go home now."

Over the sound of her quiet sobs, she heard him sigh deeply. Instead of
letting her go, he pulled her close to him and put his arms tightly around
her and held her.

"Shhhh, Dana, it's okay, it's gonna be okay, we are all adults here,okay,
so let's just all take a minute to calm down and talk about this
rationally, okay?"

With her face buried in Mulder's bare chest, the downy hair there tickling
her nose, Dana wondered idly how many times it was possible to use the word
okay in one sentence, and realized how stressed Mulder must be to fall back
on such trite language. Dimly she realized that he was naked, and even
through her clothes she could feel the warmth of his body, and his still
partly erect cock pushing against her belly. Unconsciously she pressed
herself into it.

She looked around him to see Alex standing in the doorway of the bedroom,
also still naked but apparently oblivious to it, looking almost as
frightened as she felt. Suddenly she felt silly, and deeply horny. With
an effort, she drew a deep breath and pulled back out of Mulder's arms.

"Mulder, I'm okay. Really. I'm acting ridiculous. I was just shocked.
I owe you and Alex an apology. I don't belong here. I didn't mean to
intrude. I'm so sorry. I......." she trailed off, unsure what to say
next. "I'm going to leave now."

Mulder turned a bit and looked at Alex. Alex was more relaxed now that
Dana had regained some control over herself. He met Mulder's gaze, and
inclined his head a bit. Mulder turned back around and took hold of Dana's
shoulders again, gripping them lightly before running his hands down her
arms to take hold of both her hands in his.

"Please, don't leave yet, Dana. We can't just walk away from this and
pretend it didn't happen. I'd like to talk to you about it, and I think
that Alex might feel the same." They both looked at him, and he nodded.

"Let's go back into the bedroom...." Dana wondered why he didn't
suggest that he and Alex get dressed and they talk in the kitchen instead.
A little voice inside her head spoke up so loudly and suddenly that she
actually flinched a bit. `Don't be a baby, Dana! You know exactly why he
is taking you back into the bedroom, don't you?'

`Yes, I do...' she thought. `I do, and I can't wait.....'
Dana allowed Mulder to lead her back to his bedroom. Alex walked ahead of
them and took seat on the bed, pulling an afghan onto his lap in a nod to
modesty. Mulder pushed Dana down gently beside him, and got into the bed
himself. The three of them sat there that way for a moment, Dana sitting
fully dressed on the bed, between her naked best friend and his equally
naked partner. The weirdness of the situation hit her with the force ofa
blow, and astonishingly, amusement broke through her shock, and she burst
out laughing.

The identical look of surprise at this unexpected development which
appeared on the faces of both men made her laugh even harder.

"Want to share the joke?" Mulder asked, a faint smile playingaround his

Dana cut off the laughter with an effort. "I'm sorry. It's nerves,I

"Dana, listen. I've wanted to tell you something for a long time. Icould
just never find the nerve somehow. I'm bisexual. I never wanted you to
find out like this, needless to say. I should have told you long ago."

"You don't owe me anything, Mulder. Explanations or anything else.I
intruded on your privacy, and I'm sorry." She paused, wanting to askthe
obvious question so badly, but not wanting to intrude further. But he had
said they should talk about it, so.... "How long have you and Alex

The two men locked eyes over her head. "Actually, about two and a half
days." Mulder said.

She looked at him in disbelief. "You're kidding."

"Nope. You have impeccable timing, Scully."

She turned to look at Alex. He smiled, and looked away shyly, dropping his
eyes to his lap. Nervously he began plucking at the loose threads on the
afghan. Scully gave in to a sudden impulse and reached over to stroke his
bare arm. "Alex,...." she began, and then stopped, unsure whatit was she
had been about to say.

He looked up at her, and the fire she saw glowing in those deep green eyes
left her breathless. Mulder sensed the change in the atmosphere of the
room, and he reached over to begin gently pulling at Scully's coat sleeve.
She looked at him sharply, and he met her gaze without flinching.

Scully made her decision in a heartbeat, and silently she allowed him to
remove the coat. She sat unprotesting as together they undressed her,
working together as well as they always did, Mulder unbuttoning her jacket
and blouse and pulling them off, Alex slipping her shoes off her feet and
unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. Soon she sat before them clad in only
her underwear, and realized that this was the moment of truth. Both men
paused and looked at her, allowing her a moment to think and be sure.

When no protest was forthcoming, her undergarments joined the rest of her
clothing on the floor. She trembled a bit, more from nerves than cold.
She thought for a moment and realized that it had been a little over a year
since the last time she'd had sex. A year with no sex, and now two men at
one time.....the realization of what she was doing crashed in on her
suddenly, but far from causing her panic or fear, she suddenly found
breathing difficult due to intense excitement.

Mulder pushed her gently backward, and she gave ground, sliding down the
bed to lie flat. "Dana, you are so beautiful...." dimly she heardthe words
echoing in her head, unsure which man said them. She closed her eyes, and
felt two pairs of hands begin to simultaneously touch and stroke her hyper
sensitive skin.

She felt Alex, who she knew was to her right, lean over and take her breast
into his mouth. She moaned as he suckled gently at the nipple, making it
harden instantly into a tight knot of nerve endings. The fingers of his
right hand crept across her body to lightly stroke and tease the other
nipple, rolling it gently between his fingertips, and the intense feelings
of pleasure made her arch her back and moan loudly.

She felt Mulder, who she knew was to her left, begin sliding down the bed.
He moved between her legs and gently spread her thighs apart. She felt his
warm, slightly callused hands begin to stoke her thighs gently, and then
she felt his breath stir her pubic hair. She arched her back again,
pushing herself forward, silently urging him to give her what she wanted.
She felt the tip of his tongue touch the tiny hard button that was the
center of her pleasure, such a light touch that it maddened rather than
satisfied. She moaned in frustration, and heard him chuckle softly.

She felt his tongue part her moist lips, sliding between them and lapping
at her juices delicately. Slowly he drew it up to flick it over her clit,
making her gasp and surge forward to push herself against his mouth. He
latched onto her clit with his lips, folding them over his teeth, and
rolling it between them. She groaned and her arms came up from her sides,
intending to take his head in her hands and push her fingers through that
thick silky hair, forgetting for a moment that Alex effectively had her
right arm held down. The arm bumped his chest, and he released her nipple
and moved up the bed to begin kissing her.

The feelings flooding her, feelings both of intensive physical pleasureand
emotional turmoil, left her gasping, and she strained against Alex's mouth,
greedily kissing him back as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She
latched onto his tongue and sucked it, reaching up to put her arms around
him, running her fingers up his neck, through the thick hair at the backof
his head. His arms went around her body to stroke her back firmly, and she
turned towards him, twisting her upper body into Alex, while Mulder held
her hips and continued to mercilessly suck at her sensitive little button
and probe her inner being with his tongue.

Dana moved her lips from Alex's lips to his neck, sucking at the skin of
his throat. She felt the tension building deep inside her, boiling up,
taking hold of her, possessing her.....She climaxed then, pushing herself
hard against Mulder's face, clutching Alex's hair in both hands, moaning
and screaming in the back of her throat even as she sank her teeth into
Alex's shoulder.

Dana fell back against the pillows, gasping. She sensed Mulder moving away
from her, but Alex remained close. He slid down to lie next to her, and
she turned into him. They lay on their sides, facing each other. His arms
went round her, and he kissed her deeply, stroking her hair and face and
body with his soft yet firm hands. She could feel his erection pressing
into her belly, and she slid her hand between their bodies to take holdof
it and squeeze it gently. He moaned against her mouth, and she urged him
forward, her excitement and desire for him undiminished by her orgasm.

She felt another body press itself against her back, and realized that
Mulder had rejoined them. She heard a soft crackling sound, and realized
that it was the sound of plastic. She felt Alex draw away from her, and
his cock slipped from her grasp. He continued to move away, rolling onto
his back, and she opened her eyes to see Mulder leaning forward across her
body, rolling a condom onto Alex's cock. She gasped, thinking that this
might be the most erotic thing she had ever seen.

Alex reached for her, and pulled her on top of him. He held his cock in
his hand and rubbed the tip of it against her swollen, sensitive clit.
She gasped sharply and moved to take him inside, both of them moaning and
panting at the sensation as he slowly sank into her.

She lay flat atop him, her insignificant weight balanced on his chest. She
pushed herself up on her hands and gazed into his eyes. He looked back at
her, and she wondered how she had gone so long denying her feelings. In
such a short time, it seemed that she and Alex had come so far. She now
couldn't remember a time when she hadn't loved him.

He grasped her hips and began thrusting upward into her, and she met him
stroke for stroke, tremendously excited by the unusual position. Lost in
her own passion, she still heard a soft sound and looked to her right.

Mulder lay in bed next to them, one hand wrapped around his cock, furiously
fucking his own fist, while the other hand roamed his chest, stroking his
nipples. She watched in fascination as the swollen purple tip of his penis
thrust out of his hand again and again, leaking seminal fluid copiously.
She could hear Alex's gasps and knew he was close. Mulder's hand left his
chest and reached for his underwear, intending to use them to catch his
emission. Dana reached over and stayed his hand, and he opened his eyesto
look at her. "No, please...," she whispered, "I want to see....."At this
statement, he groaned harshly and threw his head back. She watched,
incredibly aroused, as he climaxed, filaments of fluid erupting from himto
spatter against his own stomach and chest, and cover his fingers. She felt
Alex swelling within her, and his breath was coming in harsh sobs. Witha
loud cry, he spent himself in her, and then pulled her down to clasp her
tightly to his chest.

She rubbed her cheek against his, feeling the rasp of his beard againsther
soft skin. She felt a hand stroke her back, and wasn't sure who it
belonged to. She rolled to her right and was immediately sandwiched
between two warm, hard, strong male bodies. She curled herself against
Alex, and felt Mulder roll against her back. No one spoke, but there was
no shame or guilt in the silence, only satisfaction and a pleasant
weariness. Mulder reached down and drew the bedcovers over their bodies,
and they fell asleep like that.
Somewhere in the early morning hours, Dana awoke. She opened her eyes in
the darkness and felt the momentary confusion that comes with waking upin
a strange bed. After a moment her memory returned, and she realized why
she was so warm. She was clasped tightly between two other bodies.

She had rolled in her sleep, and now her back was to Alex's chest. Mulder
had rolled onto his back, and she watched him sleep. His eyes rolled
behind his closed lids, and as she listened, he sighed and murmured a bit.
He pulled his hand up from his side and fisted it lightly, tucking it under
his chin.

She smiled, touched by the childlike gesture. She wasn't at all sure what
feelings she should be experiencing, but she felt none of the negative ones
that she might have been expected to feel. She felt only satisfied, and
happy, and fulfilled in every way. Alex stirred behind her, and his arms
tightened around her. She smiled again. A promotion at work was nice, but
it surely couldn't beat finally finding the right relationship.

The End

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