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Subject: Saturday Morning Comin' Down by Nicole B. (1/1) NC - 17

Saturday Morning Comin' Down (1/1)
by Nicole B.

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Okay, folks THIS IS SLASH. If you don't know what that
means, slash is a story featuring sex/romance between members of
the same sex. No minors please, and if this sort of thing offends your
sensibilites, please look elsewhere for reading material....

This takes place in an alternate reality, somewhere where none of the
events after 'Sleepless' happened, especially 'Terma'. A fantasy, a
PWP, not meant to be taken seriously, just meant to be enjoyed....


Summary: Alex Krycek is awakened on a sleepy Saturday morning,
in a very special way.

Comments always welcome, flames always ignored.....

Saturday Morning Comin' Down
by Nicole B.

A Krycek/Mulder slash story

Alex was dreaming. He was back in college, wrapped in the arms of his
first love. They'd met months before at a friend's birthday party and
clicked right away, but when she began talking about marriage, he
realized that no matter how much he loved her, (and he thought that
he probably loved her as much as he ever could love any woman,) he
knew that he could never marry her.

Alex stirred, and sighed. The dream shifted, rippled and melted into
another. He could feel an arm lying heavy across his middle. The hand
attached to it, the hand gently but insistently stroking his belly,
was large and warm and......masculine.

Alex opened his eyes. This new dream was no dream. He was back to
reality, lying in his own bed in his tiny, tidy apartment in McLean,
Virginia. A slow, sweet smile spread across his features. He knew
where he was now, and he knew who was stroking him. He started to turn
over to face his lover, but at the last instant, he stopped. An idea
formed, and Alex smiled impishly. Maybe he'd just pretend to be
asleep, and see what happened. Maybe he'd just see how far Mulder
would be willing to go, how much liberty he would take with Alex's
`sleeping', unprotesting, but oh so responsive body......

The hand on his stomach meandered its way up, warm fingers walking
their way up his sternum to slide across a nipple, with a feather
light stroke that was almost too slight to register. Almost.

An electric shock of arousal coursed through Alex. He clenched his
teeth and concentrated on not giving himself away, worked on
regulating his breathing and his responses. This might turn out to be
tougher than he thought.

The insistent fingers at his nipple as gentle as a whisper against the
sensitive skin, plucking softly and bringing up the flat male nipple
into a hard little peak before slowly making their way over to the
other and doing the same. Alex felt his breath quicken, and his cock
began to stir. He pursed his lips and endured. The payoffs for
patience would be worth the wait.

The hand was on the move again. It crept spiderlike down his belly,
lingering at his navel. One fingertip traced lightly around the rim
of that sweet dimpled depression, tickling the fine hairs that grew
around it. The finger moved down, tracing the narrow line of feathery
dark hair that merged into the crisp curls of his pubic area. The
fingers ran into the hairs, ruffling them playfully, brushing ever so
delicately against his now throbbing cock.

Alex squirmed in spite of himself, then froze. The hand in his hair
froze as well, waiting. Alex smiled. It appeared that both players
were well aware of the rules of the game. His lover didn't want him
to wake, he could see that. <You never cease to surprise me, Mulder,>
Alex thought. <Gotta wonder about a guy like you, molesting people in
their sleep...>

For a moment neither of them moved. Then slowly, oh so gently, the
warm fingers took hold of the shaft of Alex's cock, not moving, not
stroking, just holding....

Alex held his breath. Hot blood rushed in his head, and every nerve
ending in his body tingled. He thought dizzily that it was going be
impossible for him to continue to keep up this charade. He could no
longer even remember why it had seemed important for him to do so.
Then the hand holding him began to move, stroking him firmly but
gently, moving its way up the shaft and squeezing. Alex felt a bead
of moisture form at the tip of his cock, and he could not stop himself
from pushing eagerly against Mulder's warm palm. Mulder moved even
closer, molding his body to Alex's back.

Alex's chest heaved. Mulder's body was radiating heat. The rampant
hard-on now pressed against the cleft of Alex's ass was so hot it was
fairly scorching, and Alex couldn't resist the impulse to push back
against it. He felt hot breath at his ear, and then soft lips began
showering his shoulders and neck with light kisses while the hand on
his cock continued to stroke him with that same maddeningly slow pace.
Still neither of them spoke, unwilling to shatter the illusion.

The hand around Alex's cock gave it one last, almost regretful
squeeze, then departed. Alex almost whimpered, until he felt the hand
move around behind him. It took hold of the cock pressed against his
buttocks and slowly moved it between them, rubbing it against Alex's
tight opening, smearing it with precum.

Alex drew a shuddering breath and pushed eagerly backwards against the
welcome invasion. Mulder teasingly drew back, depriving Alex of the
touch he craved. Alex whimpered in frustration. The game had gone on
long enough. He opened his mouth to protest, then flinched slightly
in surprise when he felt Mulder's cock, now slick and cool with
lubricant, slip between his cheeks with ease. Slowly Mulder began to
push his way inside his lover's welcoming body. Alex abandoned all
pretense of slumber and reached down for his cock, aching for release.
Mulder caught the hand before it could complete the journey and forced
it back, bending Alex's arm at the elbow, pinning the errant limb
between their bodies and holding it there by the wrist.

Alex was torn between pleasure and pain. Any attempt at movement of
his pinned arm brought swift sharp pain to his shoulder while the
insistent pressure of the invading cock left him panting with
eagerness. Slowly, with maddening care, Mulder sank into him until he
was buried in Alex's body to the hilt. He paused there, unmoving.
Alex waited, then pressed back, impatient for more. Mulder responded
by inching the wrist up, just a bit. Alex squeaked with surprise at
the sudden sweet pain, but he got the message. He lay still and
forced himself to be patient.

Slowly, Mulder began to move, thrusting into the soft heat of Alex's
body, setting an agonizingly slow pace that threatened to drive Alex
mad. Alex squeezed his eyes closed. He could feel precum dripping
from his cock, smearing his thigh with the sticky fluid. He yearned
to touch himself, but did not dare to even try. He decided that
Mulder must be trying to kill him by torturously teasingly fucking him
to death.

Then to his great relief, the tempo of Mulder's thrusts increased, and
Alex heard Mulder's deep satisfied grunts each time he drove himself
deep inside Alex's body. Alex closed his eyes and submitted
gratefully, eagerly giving himself up to sensuality. Suddenly the
pressure on his arm increased, and his eyes flew open. Mulder was
pushing him, rolling him onto his stomach and then rolling atop him,
somehow, by strength of will perhaps, keeping their bodies connected
and never losing his grip on Alex's wrist.

Lying on his stomach, his face shoved into the pillow, his arm
wrenched behind his back and his lover pounding into him, Alex thought
he'd possibly died and gone, if not to heaven, then surely to some
place right next door.

Alex heard Mulder's ragged breathing change to short gasps signaling
impending orgasm, and before he could do much more than process that
information, he heard Mulder's low growl, the inarticulate sound he
made every time he came, the erotic sound that always worked to bring
Alex even closer to his own release. Then he felt Mulder's cock spasm
inside him, felt his seed shooting into the depths of his body, and
groaned with pleasure and frustration. He thought that he might soon
go insane if he weren't allowed the same release.

Mulder let go of Alex's wrist, and fell forward, catching himself on
hands placed on either side of Alex's shoulders. He paused there,
still inside Alex's body, breathing hard. He did not attempt to
withdraw, and Alex eagerly reached beneath his own body to finish this
interlude. One, two, three hard strokes and he was coming into the
sweaty sheets tangled beneath his body, screaming into the pillow,
feeling his muscles clinching around Mulder's still hard cock, hearing
the other man groan at the sensation. When his spasms finally
subsided, he lay still, exhausted. Eight in the morning, he hadn't
even risen to take his morning piss, and he was already exhausted.
But then maybe having the orgasm of a lifetime should be expected to
have that sort of affect on a guy. His shoulder ached, his wrist felt
bruised, and his ass throbbed. He was content.

Alex felt Mulder settle down comfortably atop him. Mulder rested his
chin on Alex's shoulder and licked his earlobe playfully before
turning his head to the side and lying full length atop him, still
nestled tightly inside Alex's warmth.

Apparently Mulder had decided to return to sleep, using Alex as a
mattress. Alex couldn't complain. His bladder bleated at him
insistently, but he ignored it. He was willing to suffer any amount
of discomfort or pain for his partner. The last thing that crossed
his mind before he drifted back to sleep was to wonder if he'd be
lucky enough to be the first one to wake up tomorrow morning.

The end