X-Files M/K
Title: 5,000 Pieces
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: Demons.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: This "Quartet Infernale" challenge has the boys playing a childhood game. This is all Aries' fault!

Comments: This is set in the Boys universe and in it, Alex has two arms. Thanks to Sue, Aries and Orithain for awesome beta, being there and support. Thank you to Garry, who doesn't know it, but inspires me daily. It started out with a plot, really it did! Now it's just basically sex.

5,000 Pieces - by Nicole S.

"That doesn't go there."

"It's the exact shade of blue as these other pieces; it goes there."

"No it doesn't; you see that little hooked part? It doesn't fit in that space."

"Well, where does it go then?"

"I don't know, but I know it doesn't go there."

Mulder raked his hands through his hair in frustration. Why had he agreed to this? He had come home from his run and found Alex engrossed in this puzzle, the pieces covering the dining room table. Alex asked him to help, and now it was two hours later and he was frustrated beyond belief.

"Alex, tell me again why you bought this?"

"Because the box said *Five Thousand Pieces, Hardest Puzzle Ever*. I wanted to prove it wrong. I used to do them when I was a kid; I thought it would be fun."

"Trust you to get into an ego fight with a game."

"It's not a game, Mulder, it's a test."

"A test?"

"Yes, a test to see if you're smart enough to put the pieces in the right order to make the picture."

"I'm well aware of the concept of puzzles, Alex. To me, they're a game, and I'm sick of playing right now." Mulder got up went to the fridge and brought out two beers, giving one to Alex.

"You're quitting?"

"My neck is sore from being hunched over." He went over and flopped on the couch, rubbing his neck.

Alex looked down at the puzzle; they weren't even a quarter of the way done. They had all the outside pieces together, but the inside was still blank. He sighed and went over to the couch to join Mulder. He replaced Mulder's hands with his own, and massaged the stiffness in his lover's neck away.

"Hmmm, that's nice."

Alex rubbed Mulder's neck harder; he could feel the knots of muscle underneath the skin. Mulder was always so tense; he needed this at least twice a week.

"What did you play when you were a kid, Fox?"

"Risk, Life, Monopoly," Mulder started laughing.

"What?" Alex finished rubbing Mulder's neck and started drinking his beer.

Mulder shook his head, "Samantha and I used to get into these big fights over the Monopoly all the time. She would try to outwit me, and me being her big brother, I couldn't let her do that. I loved beating her at that game. She loved to sabotage it though. She would re-colour all the squares, hide the hotels, stash hundreds in her socks. By the end, half of the money and pieces were missing." Mulder laughed again quietly before a melancholy mood took over. He took a sip of his beer but put it down quickly.

Alex saw the look on Mulder's face; he knew he shouldn't have mentioned when they were kids; it just made Mulder sad. He kissed him, running the back of his hand down his cheek, feeling the stubble rough underneath. "I'm sorry."

Mulder shook his head, "No, it's not your fault, I have to deal with it." He brought Alex's hand up to his lips and kissed it before letting them both drop to his lap, fingers still entwined. They sat in silence for awhile before Mulder spoke again, "What did you play when you were a kid?"

"Me? Well, my brother and I used to blow things up in the woods by our house with cherry bombs. We would catch grasshoppers and interrogate them as war criminals then torture them and ultimately blow them up."

Mulder started laughing, "Jesus Christ, Alex, foreshadowing or what?"

Alex smirked, "Yeah, I guess so. We liked to play cops & robbers a lot. We also played Starsky and Hutch. I was Hutch."

"Who played Huggy Bear?"

"The dog."

Mulder laughed again.

"I would sit in my Mom's car and pretend it was the striped tomato. I wanted to drive down the street and hear *Come in zebra three* then stick my cherry light on the roof of my car and go fight the bad guys."

"How old were you?"


"I see." Mulder shook his head and took a sip of his beer.

Alex started giggling, then laughing so hard that he put his head on Mulder's shoulder to keep himself from falling over, tears rolling down his face.

"What, Alex?" Mulder was starting to smile himself; Alex's laugh was infectious.

It took a good five minutes before Alex could calm down. "Oh shit. I wanted to have that glowing red light on the roof of my car so bad. I...I took a small red plastic pail and put it on the roof of the car, but the wind kept blowing it off. So I took a roll of masking tape and taped the pail to the roof so it wouldn't fall off. My Mom, she was a nurse who worked the night- shift. It was dark when she left for work and came home. She drove the car to work like that for a week without noticing. My Dad noticed though, and I got in trouble."

"You did?"

"Yeah. I thought it was real cool you know. I just wanted a cop car of my own." Alex wiped a tear from his eye, still laughing.

"What did your Dad do?" Mulder laughed.

"He forbade us from playing in the car."

"That must have hurt."

"It did for awhile, then we just went back to blowing up insects in our back yard."

"Do you still have the desire to blow things up? I know you like to shoot people."

"My job is shooting people. I have the desire to blow one thing these days."

"Yeah, what do you want to blow up?"

"I didn't say blow *up*, Fox."

Mulder rolled his eyes, "Is everything about sex with you?"

"Yes." Alex was already tugging at the sweats Mulder wore, bringing them down around his thighs. The early start of an erection was visible as Alex slid to the floor to kneel in front of Mulder. He reached up and caressed Mulder's cock, watching it thicken with every light stroke of his fingers.

Mulder leaned back into the couch, closed his eyes, and sighed happily; he loved this so much. He felt Alex stroke him to hardness, one hand on his cock, the other fondling his balls. Then the warm wetness of Alex's mouth surrounded his hardness, and he opened his eyes. He looked down at his lover, his head bobbing above his crotch. Green eyes looked up and met his hazel gaze, turning him on more and more. He leaned back again, relishing the wet heat of Alex's mouth and the talents of his tongue probing the slit in the top of his dick. He let out a moan.

"Oh, yes, Alex. Yes, I love that."

Alex was getting turned on himself, not just by his actions, but by Mulder's taste. If he could bottle Mulder's smell and taste, he would be in heaven. He reached down and adjusted himself in his jeans, giving himself a squeeze before moving his hand up to caress Mulder's balls again. He felt sweat rise on Mulder's body and could hear his breathing get shallow and hard. Suddenly, there was a hand on his head, lifting him up off the hardness in his mouth.

"Alex, " Mulder panted. "Alex, I want to fuck you."

Alex stood and pulled Mulder to his feet. They both removed the remainder of their clothing and held each other, needing to feel their naked bodies against each other. They danced together in their passionate embrace, their tongues and cocks slipping against each other. Mulder was backing them up towards the dining room table.

When they finally reached their destination, Mulder spun Alex around to sprawl the upper half of his body over the smooth wooden surface. He wet two fingers with his saliva and started to prepare Alex. One finger entered Alex's ass, probing and pushing against the tight ring of muscle. Mulder was taking it deliberately slow; he had almost come not more than two minutes ago, and needed time to calm down so he could fuck Alex nice and slow.

He leaned over and nuzzled the back of Alex's neck, kissing and licking down to his shoulder blades. He dug his finger deeper into Alex's smooth hole, his other hand moving around to play with Alex's balls. After a minute or two, another finger joined the first in Alex's ass, stretching him wider.

Alex had had enough of this; he was ready, so ready that he was going to come in about three seconds if Mulder kept stroking his sac like that.

"Are you going to fuck me or play with me all night?"

"A little anxious, Alex?"

Alex bucked back against Mulder's fingers and began gyrating his hips, "Come on, dammit!"

"Calm down, Alex." Mulder pulled the fingers out of Alex and spit on his hands, lubing up his cock the best he could with his saliva and their pre-cum. Although they had many tubes of lube strategically placed around the apartment, they had neglected to put one in the dining room, and he wasn't about to go looking for one right now.

"Fox, please, please, please," Alex whimpered.

"Here I come, Skippy."

Mulder held onto his cock with one hand and placed another one on Alex's hip. He pushed in slowly, letting the heat of Alex's body envelop his cock, making his whole body sweat.

Alex bit his lower lip and tried to buck back, but Mulder held him down. Finally Mulder was inside him and leaned over his back, his hands stroking up his sides and down his arms to merge their fingers together again. He felt his earlobe being nibbled on and his neck kissed and licked. Mulder was making the barest movements with his hips, back and forth, side to side; the feeling was exquisite agony. Mulder's weight kept Alex from moving his own hips, trapping him in this slow pace.

"Fox, please."

"God, you feel good. I could stay like this all day."

Alex whimpered.

Mulder slowly untangled his fingers from Alex's and moved his hands up over his back again, his strokes getting quicker.

"You like that Alex; or do you want it harder?"

"Harder, Fox, you know I like it hard."

Mulder braced himself, one hand on each side of Alex, and started to move in and out of him at a fast pace.

"How's that, Alex?"

"Harder, Fox, fuck me, Fox."

Mulder slammed into Alex as hard as he could, his balls bouncing off of Alex's firm ass cheeks. The smell of their lust and musk mixed together and wafted up to Mulder's nostrils, making him drive harder into his lover.

"Oh yeah, Fox, that's great." Alex clawed at the pieces of puzzle at the table, trying to get a good grip to thrust back. Soon they established a rhythm that left both men moaning and panting.

Mulder leaned over Alex and wrapped a hand around his cock, pumping madly, whispering in his ear, "Come for me, baby, show me how much you like it."

Alex whimpered and groaned then cried out as he came, long spurts of semen flowing out of him and underneath the dining room table.

When Mulder was sure his lover was spent, he came, releasing his cum deep into Alex. He thrust a few more times before collapsing on Alex's back, gasping for breath. It took a few minutes for Mulder to calm down before he disengaged himself from Alex and left to find a warm cloth. He came back and cleaned them up, bringing Alex up off the dining room table. He turned him around and kissed him for a long time before he broke away.

"Hmmm, Alex, I have some bad news."


"When you came, you came all over the pieces of the puzzle that were in the open box under the table."

Alex looked under the table then laughed, "Now it really is the hardest puzzle ever."

Mulder groaned, "That was awful."

"I know, I just had to say it."

Alex kissed Mulder again before going over to put his clothes on. "C'mon, Fox, we'll play some more later. You can even be Hutch."