X-Files M/K

Title: Bliss

Author: Nicole S.

Rating: NC-17 for pretty boys doing natural things.


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Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being there. Inspired by Jigsaw Puzzlesand Magnets.




He was sleeping when I came in. I knew he would be, being so late. Thelight streaming in from the street showed his long form under the sheetsand comforter. He was on his side, his left leg draped over the right, hugginga pillow. His mouth twisted into a pout, lower lip almost quivering, openslightly letting out his sweet breath. Heavy lids hid the hazel pools, longlashes swept across his cheeks.


I got undressed and slid into bed beside him, snuggling up to his back.I was hard instantly. He sighed and snuggled back to me to acknowledge mypresence, but didn't completely wake. I nuzzled the back of his neck beforepeppering his shoulder with kisses. I knew it was late and he had to worktomorrow, but I did not care. I wanted him. I needed him. I had to havehim.


My hand ran down his shoulder to his thigh, where it caressed the smoothskin. He sighed again and stirred, whimpering a little at the thought ofwaking. He soon relented to my touch. My hand caressed his hip and thigh,then finally back up to his shoulder again. The pillow he was holding fellto the floor. I reached around to caress his chest while continuing to kisshis temple, his cheek. My hand moved lower down his body, across his chest,his abdomen, then finally to the hardness that was forming at the tawnycurls. I caressed him gently, the velvety touch of his skin making me harder.I kissed his shoulder as I brought him to perfection.


Reaching over, I took the tube of lubricant out of the drawer and appliedsome to my fingers. He moaned as they entered him, bringing him to a higherstate of arousal, ready for me. My cock was practically aching for him.I slicked it up and began to enter the tight opening. His back arched, hishead came back to mine, giving me opportunity to kiss those sleepy lips.He kissed me back as inch after inch entered him until we were joined together.


I released his mouth and began moving back and forth inside of him. Hesighed again as I reached over and applied the same steady strokes to hisown cock. We made love sweetly, kissing what parts we could reach, sighingeach other's name. He came with a moan, muscles contracting, sweat pricklingon his body. This started my own bliss, emptying myself into the only loverI ever loved. I held him in my arms until I fell out of him, still pressedup against his back, kissing the dark hair one more time before fallingasleep.