Boys I

Boys I: Black Hole Sun
By Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language and m/m sexual situations Spoilers:The whole shootin-match including the movie Archive: Yes, as long as myname is attached to it. Disclaimer: Mulder, Krycek, and whoever else ismentioned in here do not belong to me they belong to Chris Carter and 1013productions - if I owned them I would be rich - and would have much morefun with them. No copyright infringement intended for the Soundgarden song,it belongs to you make me sick I make music (ascap). Summary: Krycek goesto Mulder's apartment to talk to him and while he is waiting thinks overhis life and what he has done. The fun begins later when Mulder shows up.In my universe Krycek has BOTH arms and if you can't deal with that thentoo bad.

Dedicated to Aries.


"Stuttering, cold and damp
steal the warm wind tired friend
times are gone for honest men
and sometimes far too long for snakes
in my shoes a walking sleep
and my youth I pray to keep
heaven send hell away
no one sings like you anymore
hang my head, drown my fear
till you all just disappear
black hole sun, won't you come
and wash away the rain
black hole sun, won't you come, won't you come" - Black Hole Sun bySoundgarden

3:30 a.m. July 24, 1998

A faint click was all that was heard as Alex Krycek broke into Fox Mulder'sapartment. Krycek, gun drawn, entered the apartment, his ears attuned tocatch any sound he may hear...nothing. He shut the door silently behindhim. He knew Mulder was not home and was not expected back until tomorrow,but he couldn't take the chance that he might return early. Krycek surveyedthe dining room, living room, kitchen and bathroom - still nothing. Carefullyhe entered the bedroom. Mulder usually slept on the couch but sometimesused the bed, especially after a long trip. Bed made, looks like no onehas slept in it since Krycek *visited* Mulder's apartment 2 weeks ago. Krycekrelaxed, holstered his gun and went back to the living room. "He cleanedup" Krycek mused as he took off his backpack.

Alex Krycek had been breaking into Fox Mulder's apartment for about a yearnow. It started when Krycek needed a place to hide for a few hours and heknew Mulder was out of town. Krycek broke in and sat on the floor in thedark until the coast was clear. He started doing it more and more, one timesleeping on Mulder's hardwood floor for 2 days while a gunshot wound healed.The bullet just grazed his calf but it was painful and he had to make sureit did not get infected. Before he left, Krycek painstakingly ensured everysingle object, every speck of dust was in the same place Mulder had leftit so as not to arouse suspicion. Well except the fish. The poor littleguys would have been dead had it not been for him.

Krycek removed a small electronic device from his backpack. He turned iton and lights began to blink on and off as he swept it over the walls, phone,computer, television, videotape collection. It took him about 45 minutesto do the entire apartment. "Bug free" he said aloud. If Mulderhad only known he had saved him from surveillance three times in the pastyear. He didn't only provide this service for Mulder's sake, if anyone foundout what Krycek had been doing he was a dead man for sure. Krycek heardabout the video camera in the apartment above Mulder's apartment and thedeath of the man who was up there - that was before his little *visits*started. He was glad Mulder killed that guy - he was an asshole anyway.Krycek learned later that he used to bring tapes of Mulder jerking off tothose bastards and show them off. *Those Bastards* - Krycek's pet name forthose men who ruined his life. If Mulder hadn't shot that man with the videocamera, Krycek would have surely snapped his neck if he would have foundhim first. There was something to be said about killing someone with yourbare hands, it was faintly erotic.

Krycek flopped down in a chair and made himself comfortable. He was notin the mood to sleep and did not dare turn on the television. The flickeringlight could be seen from the outside. Mulder had to invest in some new blinds.He shouldn't have come so early.

Mulder was out of town until tomorrow ...but he needed to talk to him. Healso needed the time to think of what he was going to say and how he wasgoing to say it. Now that the well manicured man was dead, Krycek was surelyone of the next on the list. Hell when *wasn't* he next on the list? Thatfucking smoking bastard, he will probably want me to kiss *his* ass now.Fuck that smoking bastard, at least with the other man all he had to dowas drive him around and look dangerous to people. Now with him dead, Mulder'sfaith restored in search for aliens and the X-Files re-opened that cigarettesmoking shit was on the rampage. He asked for Krycek to come by and *talk*but Krycek was making himself unavailable. He had that little Spender boyto do his dirty work now. That shit Spender, see if *he* can snap someone'sfemur with one kick, see if *he* could survive a gulag, see if *he* couldprocure enough armaments in a 2 hour period to wipe out a small town. Littlefuck, he won't last more than a month.

Krycek thought of Mulder and how mad he would be if he knew he used hisapartment as a safe house. It wasn't really that safe but it was the lastplace people would be looking for him. He sighed. If Mulder only knew hewanted to protect him, not hurt him. He was told to kill Mulder a long timeago but never went through with it. The well manicured man, he knew whyKrycek did not want to kill Mulder. At least the well manicured man likedKrycek and helped him. He would always persuade the smoking man not to pullthe trigger and end Mulder's life.

>From that first day at Quantico seeing Mulder's graduate picture, Krycekached for him. He already had an interest in the unexplained and knew Mulder'swork well. He studied his cases, idolized him, wanted to *be* him. Someof the other trainees thought Krycek had a *thing for Spooky*. He did, hehad a hot crush on Mulder. He would fantasize about them together, at night,in his bed. He would think of how his voice would sound, how he would smell.To see those hazel eyes in person gazing into his own. That's what kepthim going sometimes on that obstacle course. When he thought he wouldn'tmake it he pushed himself harder because he knew that he would be in thesame league as Mulder if he could only finish.

Krycek's heart gave a little flutter as he thought of the first day he sawMulder live and in the flesh. It was a bright, sunny March day in DC. Krycekwas waiting outside the J. Edgar Hoover building, his fresh picture on hisshiny new pass dangling from his lapel. He was there for one day for a seminarwith his class and wanted more than anything to meet Mulder. His stomachwas in knots waiting for him to appear. 45 agonizing minutes later, andnearly his whole lunch break, there he was in all his glory strutting outthe front doors. Krycek watched him walk across the front courtyard, thenturn the corner and disappear. Krycek was bolted to the spot. He couldn'tmove. He couldn't breathe. This magnificent creature had paralyzed him.He stood there another full five minutes before going back inside the buildingto the conference room. Krycek remembered every detail like it was yesterday,not years ago. How Mulder squinted in the spring sunlight, how his overcoatflapped behind him, those strong strides. He pictured muscular, well definedlegs under those wool pants. His tie - that tie! Palm trees! Krycek chuckledto himself at the thought. Mulder had sure come along way in neckwear.

Krycek was starting to get teased more and more about his fixation with*Spooky Mulder*. *Hey, Krycek, gotta date with Spooky tonight?*, *Hey Krycek,gonna dream about Mulder tonight?* To think they were supposed to be professionalsand give *their* lives for *their* country and protect people. The onlything Krycek could do was make sure he dated a few of the female traineesand fuck them. The sex wasn't that great. They would go out for dinner,maybe a movie. Then they would head to this out of the way motel and havesex. These women weren't the best in bed, they would just lie there andnot make a sound the whole time. The only way he could get through it wasto think of Mulder beneath him. At least it got the guys of his back.

Then came his first assignment as an agent in New York in *Research* asthey called it - help catalogue International Monetary Fund payments goingto drug lords that were being filtered through the various governments thegrants were going to. This amounted to him and two other young, *green*agents looking at page after page of numbers a day, photocopying, makingdeliveries and running errands. The days were long and tiring but Krycekknew this was just to break them in. He knew how to play the *hurry up andwait* game. He didn't mind the research so much, he was always good withnumbers. That's where he met Marita Covarrubias. Marita was working herway up on the fast-track at the UN as one of the overseers and monitoringagents of the IMF. He had to make a delivery of IMF contribution statisticsfrom Rwanda to her office at the UN and that day changed his life forever.The blonde with the piercing ice blue eyes that locked on his as soon ashe entered the room took his breath away. Never before, well before Mulder,had he seen a living being more beautiful. His hand actually shook whenhe handed her the envelope.

"Mr. Krycek I assume?" she breathed in her husky voice. "Iam Marita Covarrubias, nice to finally meet you." She stuck out herhand.

Alex was silent for a millisecond before he realized his mouth was open,he shook her hand. "Yes, nice to meet you, it's Alex actually"

"Well Alex, this could be your lucky day. You see, I need these statisticsanalyzed and broken down by category and I hear you are a whiz with numbers."Marita was looking him over, scanning his body in his new suit and crispcollar. She licked her lips.

"I do all right" Alex's cock stirred from the look she gave him.

She picked up the phone and dialed, not taking her eyes away from Alex."Louis, it's Marita Covarrubias...yes...fine thank you...well I'm actuallycalling about your young Mr. Krycek, I'd like to borrow him for awhile tohelp me get these Rwanda numbers straight...Yes Louis, I promise I willreturn him in one piece". She hung up the phone. "Done. Reporthere, to me tomorrow, 8:00 sharp."

For the first week it was nothing but work - statistics, numbers, formulascomplicated enough to make his head spin. Then Friday it happened - theyworked until 8:00 p.m. - Marita suggested a drink after work - what he didn'tknow was that she meant at her place. They had one drink then they wentat each other like dogs in heat. They fucked all weekend, that's what itwas, not making love but fucking like two animals going at it for the sheerpleasure of going at it. That continued every night for a week then Alexwent back to the FBI office. There was no breakup, no strings, just twopeople using each other for the pleasure of mind-blowing sex. Three weekslater Marita invited him out for dinner and introduced him to that cigarettesmoking bastard and his whole life fell apart.

Krycek sighed and shifted in the chair. He reached over to his backpackand grabbed a flask of vodka. H e took a large drink then put his feet onthe coffee table.

Yeah, he was young and stupid and believed everything that asshole toldhim. He smoked cigarette after cigarette promising him the moon. You'llmove up quickly, you'll gain respect, your career will take off, you'llrule the world! Krycek fell right into their hands. Krycek asked about theFBI and was told he would still be working for the FBI but would be answeringdirectly to them and no one else. He accepted their deal like a fool andthat led him on a roller-coaster ride of near death experiences and thingshe would rather forget. He remembered the *training* they sent him on whichwas more of a terrorist school. Palestine followed by Turkey and Afghanistanthen a stint with the IRA. By the time he got back to the United Stateshe was a trained mercenary, a killer, a cold-hearted bastard, a man agedbeyond his years. Gone was the young, happy, energetic man full of lifewith the laughing green eyes. His first *mission* for those bastards hadbeen a simple one - kill a man. Alex did it without thinking and ensuredto take his wallet and his watch to make it look like a robbery. One quickshot to the head and that was that. Just another senseless New York muggingthat ended badly.

Krycek did what he was told to do, was a good little bad boy and was rewardedfor his efforts. When he was told he was going to be moving back to DC andworking with Fox Mulder he could barely contain himself. He took his ordersand left the building on East 46th Street in New York. He was supposed toget a cab right to the airport but he was on too much of a high and walked20 blocks. Finally something to make him smile, to make him happy again.On the plane back to DC he flirted with the stewardess, chatted with people,he felt like his old-self again. He didn't sleep the night before he wasdue to start. Besides checking the consortium-rented apartment for surveillancedevices, he tried on at least a dozen suit combinations. The sound of Krycek'sheart filled his ears and he thought his chest would explode when he stuckhis hand out to Mulder. When Mulder wouldn't shake his hand his heart sank.Here was his idol, his mentor, his secret crush and he was treating Alexlike shit. Mulder ditched him, disrespected him, probably even hated him.The one person he wanted to get close to in the world thought he was a nuisanceand a pain in the ass. Same thing with Scully, no wonder why they calledher the *Ice-Queen*, what a bitch. She could have at least attempted tobe civil to him instead of whispering everything to Mulder, trying to blockhim out. Krycek knew from the moment he saw them together that there wassomething there, some chemistry between them. He knew that breaking themup would be a hard thing to do for those bastards. There was an underlyinglove and respect that he craved.

Krycek took another gulp from the flask.

Yeah, it was a sorry-ass-heart-broken Alex that killed that tram operatorand Duane Barry. He also knew exactly what was going to happen to Scullybut he didn't care. When Mulder asked him for the keys to his car he almostran for it. He knew those cigarette butts were in there, those fucking butts!He threw him the keys knowing that the jig was up and he had better high-tailit out of there and back to New York. He was crushed, Mulder would hatehis fucking guts now and would probably never speak to him again. Mulderwould hate him even more when he thought Krycek killed his father, whichhe didn't - his dickhead of a partner did. His partner ALSO killed Melissa.Mulder and Scully don't believe him though, they never will. Any kind ofhappiness Krycek had drummed up during that week, any facade of normalcythat he projected was gone. Back was the mean motherfucker doing the dirtywork of those bastards. Beating people, stealing, killing for them, digginghimself deeper in a hole he could not get out of. Then he got a hold ofthat DAT and knew this was his trump card - too bad it backfired on him.He made it look like he found out too much trying to *help* them but theydidn't fall for it. He knew those fuckers would try to kill him but he didn'tfigure they would try to blow him up in broad daylight. That cigarette-smokingfuck, he should have splattered his brains on the wall instead of callingin idle threats.

Krycek got up out of the chair and moved silently in the dark to the bathroom.He pulled out his small MAG light and shone it in the toilet - he didn'twant to miss. He flushed the toilet - he used to piss in a bottle and takeit with him to dispose of later but one night he didn't bring his bottleand had to use the toilet. No one ever noticed. He went back into Mulder'sbedroom and opened the closet door. His flashlight shone upon the row ofsuits and shirts. He turned off his flashlight and leaned in close takingin Mulder's smell. He hoped to taste that wonderful muskiness on his tonguevery soon. He closed his eyes and stood there for a few moments, breathingit in before closing the closet door and going back to the chair in theliving room. If Mulder only knew how many things had in common, insomniabeing one of them. How many nights had Krycek, unable to sleep, come overto *check* on Mulder finding him on the couch at 3 in the morning watchingTV. He wished he could tap on his door and Mulder would let him in and theywould share a pizza and a beer and maybe even a bit more. Wishful thinking.

When Krycek saw Mulder in Hong Kong he couldn't believe his eyes, therehe was in all his stubbled glory. That little *jostle* by the phones senthis heart racing and his cock growling. Any body contact with Mulder wasgood. How he wanted to take him right then and there in the airport. Withan obvious erection, Krycek went into the bathroom but that's all he remembersuntil waking up in that fucking missile silo with a goddamn UFO! Not untilthose revolutionary nuts came bursting through that door 2 days later didhe realize how close to death he had come.

Mulder wasn't really thrilled with going to Kazakstan with Krycek for obviousreasons. The whole way there Mulder snarled at him. Thank god he wasn'tthe one who had to deal with Marita, if Mulder knew their history, he mightnot have been so keen to go there. The only time he ever felt close to Mulderthat whole trip was when they were in the same cell. It was cold and dampand no matter how much you hate someone, when you're freezing to death youhold on to them. Who would figure Fox Mulder would be holding onto AlexKrycek for dear life in a cell in Tunguska. Krycek didn't try anything therebecause he knew they were being watched but he wanted to very much. He wantedto kiss him and make love to him on that cold concrete floor. Unfortunatelyhe had to settle for holding him in his arms until Mulder fell into a fitfulsleep. He felt bad that Mulder had to go through the black oil experimentbut what was he to do? They would have surely killed both of them if Krycekhadn't played the heavy. Thank god he escaped those stupid hillbillies justin time before they chopped his arm completely off. They did cut throughquite deep and it healed kind of funny but he still had both arms. Thatyear took a decade off his life. Living like animals, stealing food, weapons,whatever they could. Finally Krycek had had enough, he just needed an excuseto get out. Stealing from the army was like stealing from homeless people.Those guys had it rough - the Russian Army was now broke and run by themob. A few soldiers left to join them at Tunguska as life was better there- they didn't resort to eating dog food with *stew* labels on the tins.That whole time in Russia was crazy, it was like the wild west over there.

Then those people were burned and he knew the war had begun. He couldn'tbelieve his eyes when he saw the charred bodies lying there - he knew rightaway what had happened and the boy Dmitri just confirmed his suspicions.He was scared shitless - the DAT was right! He knew he had to act fast toget the vaccine out there or there would be hell to pay. Then he saw *her*across the field, her blonde hair glowing like a halo in the sunlight. Hecould have taken her right then and there in that field with those deadbodies. They played it cool though, not letting on that they knew each other.He meant it when he said they could kiss his ass - he now had the bargainingtool he was looking for. All he had to do was contain the black oil in someoneuntil they got to New York where he could prove the vaccine worked. Therewas the added bonus of knowing who was responsible for the fires and thebodies. He knew Marita would play up the boy and he didn't care - as longas they gave him what he wanted - his life. He stole the boy and the vaccineand tried to save his skin. Then that fucking Marita double crossed him.Krycek smirked - god she was as good as ever, even in his small bunk onthe ship. He was celibate for a long time and she just made him miss sexmore. Then that other man showed up and demanded the vaccine, handcuffedKrycek, his dick still wet from Marita. He only gave it to him because heknew that Marita would come down with the black oil sooner or later. Krycekdid have some morals. He bargained the vaccine for his life and that's whatKrycek got. He was allowed to live as long as he would provide some *services*for the other man from time to time. Such as driving his fucking car aroundhells half acre, bringing that smoking bastard back from Quebec. He reallywanted to blow his fucking head off in the snow that day. He had his chancebut owed that other man, and as much as it pained him to do so he followedhis orders.

Krycek went to Mulder's apartment that night in March thinking that if hewarned Mulder, let him know what was going down he would see that Krycekwanted to help him. Mulder just laughed at him. That hurt alot. That *beatingoff* remark hurt too. Krycek knew Mulder would never listen to his taleof love from afar that night and resolved to leave it for another time.At the last minute he decided what the hell and kissed him, on the cheekmind you, but it was a kiss. Krycek's cock jumped at the memory. The onlything Krycek was shy and awkward about was revealing his true feelings forMulder. Tonight, however was the night, no more bullshit, no more waiting,tonight Mulder would know just how Krycek felt about him whether he likedit or not.

end of part I


Black Hole Sun
Part II
Disclaimer, yada yada yada in part I

10:07 a.m.
July 24, 1998
Flight 322 from Tampa FL to Washington DC

"Scully, I think I had these exact same eggs on the *way* to Florida."

"Mulder, they're perfectly fine." Scully said as she put a forkfulin her mouth. "What's the matter are you not hungry? Are you sick?"

Mulder put his fork down and looked at her. "Well, Scully, I kind ofhad breakfast already."

"What do you mean?" Scully's eyes narrowed.

Mulder looked away "I don't know if I should tell you Scully. You'realways giving me grief about my diet."

"You went to McDonald's didn't you?"

Mulder looked up at her "Yes, Scully, I had 2 sausage McMuffins, alarge coffee and 4 hashbrowns, and you know what - I enjoyed every minuteof it." Mulder grinned at her.

"And you think *this* food is of poor quality? Ugh! Honestly Mulder,you'll eat anything greasy and bad for you."

"Scully, you have to live a little once in a while. Besides, I'll workit off in the pool when we get back"

"It's not the calories I'm worried about. Do you know how much saturatedfat and cholesterol is in fast food?"

He gave her one of her dead-pan looks, regretting he said anything to her."Yes mom, I promise I will try to eat better in the future"

Scully gave him a dead-pan look back, "I'm only telling you this becauseI care...son." They both looked at each other for a moment and laughed.

Mulder pulled out his walkman and motioned to her "Do you mind? I'dlike to tune out for awhile."

"Go ahead."

A few seconds later she tapped him on the shoulder. "Mulder, can Ihave your biscuits?"

"Sure, have whatever you want, I'm not eating it."

He put on his headphones, leaned back and looked out the window. He wasglad they were laughing at things now. Two months ago they wouldn't havebeen laughing at anything. The tension was so thick for weeks after thatlittle boy was kidnapped. Nevermind that whole *Diana* incident and themoodiness that plagued Scully. He was scared they would never be friendsagain.

He stole a look at Scully. Her face was clear now. After they got home fromthat horrendous experience in Antarctica, Skinner made them both take aweek off. Only after the Office of Professional Review had interrogatedthem for a few days mind you. Almost 3 weeks it took for the cuprous thatdeveloped from the frostbite she suffered to disappear. She still had atiny bit of scarring up by her ear but that was it. Scully was lucky, theymight have had to cut off an appendage or two. She couldn't keep anythingdown and lost her appetite as well. Scully attributed the loss of appetiteto the virus still being in her system. God, look at her now, she was ravenous.In fact, she had devoured both of their breakfasts already. Mulder shiveredThey almost didn't make it. They almost really died this time. Thank godfor those nosy scientists and their sensitive seismic equipment jumpingoff the scale. Had they not detected the *earthquake* made by the ship leavingthey would be penguin popsicles by now. THAT SHIP! That had to be one ofthe most beautiful sights he ever witnessed. Mulder smiled to himself.

The past 9 months had been a roller coaster of emotions, one of the hardestin his life. All his beliefs, all his convictions shattered by a few wellplaced lies. He was not sure what to think about anything during that time.He was not his usual self either. Snippy, moody, brooding, well broodingmore than usual. Most of all he was depressed. How could everything he believedbe a lie? Now he realized that they fed him a lie to make him believe inthe lie. Sometimes his life was way too complicated. He should have neverlistened to any of those people and stuck to his beliefs all along. He hatedhimself for acting the way he did. He was a total sarcastic asshole. Laughingat people, tormenting people like Spender, Krycek.

Spender! Now he had yet another person he has to watch out for. So muchfor making friends and influencing people.

Krycek! Now that is someone that he had been thinking about a lot lately.Holy shit, Ratboy was telling the truth, imagine that! The whole thing aboutthe alien war, the tip about Wiekamp Air Force Base, everything. He damnwell knew what he saw in that truck confirmed everything Krycek said. Mulderdid not want to convince himself it was real after not believing for solong. It took him a good two months to realize Krycek told him the truth.Mulder thought he was a dead man for sure in his apartment that March night.He was not expecting Krycek to attack him. Spender maybe, but not Krycek.Mulder was waiting for Krycek to pull the trigger, or at least rough himup a bit. He got the surprise of his life when Krycek kissed him! Mulderclosed his eyes and relived that moment, Krycek's lips pressed against hischeek leaving a trail of electric fire as he pulled away, then he was gone.Mulder sat on the floor of his apartment for awhile after that totally blownaway, not just at the kiss, but at the way his body reacted to it. Mulderhad a hard-on that wouldn't go down until he satisfied himself. Thank godit didn't take long as Scully came through his door a few minutes later.How the hell did that happen? He wasn't gay, he liked women - didn't he?He masturbated to them all the time. Most of the time. Of course he likedwomen. He was married once for Christ sakes! There was something about thatKrycek that was appealing to him subconsciously and it was driving him crazy.A normal, heterosexual man couldn't go around fantasizing about Krycek'smouth on his cock. It wasn't *normal*, but god damn it sure got him off."I have to stop thinking about him!" Mulder said to himself, "...but...Ican't." Mulder let out a loud sigh.

"You ok Mulder?"

"Yeah, just a little stiff from that damn motel."

"Are you sure? You look like there's something on your mind."

"No, no more than usual, conspiracy plots, alien abductions, assassinations,normal things."

Scully rolled her eyes "Yes, Mulder, very *normal*."

End of Part II


Black Hole Sun
Part III
Disclaimer, yada yada yada in part I

7:22 p.m.
Washington DC

Alex Krycek had been sitting next to Mulder's door waiting for him to comehome for over three hours now. He was good at waiting, but was growing impatient.His thoughts about Mulder ran over and over a million times since last night.He was also agonizing about how to greet Mulder when he did finally walkthrough that door. He could attack him, get Mulder's weapons. That wouldreduce his chances of getting shot - maybe. He could sit in the chair andsay "Hi Mulder, miss me?" and hope that Mulder wouldn't shoothim. He could leave and come back and hope Mulder wouldn't shoot him whenhe knocked on his door. Any way you looked at it the *getting shot* factorwas up there. He opted for *attack mode*. It was better to be on the offensethan the defense. He put a pencil on the floor where Mulder would bend downand pick it up, then whammo, he'd have him. Krycek would make sure he didn'thurt him though. He would *try* not to hurt him. He heard heavy footstepsin the hall and pressed closer to the wall. A key went into the lock andthe door swung open. There was Mulder 2 feet away from him. Krycek's heartwas pounding. Mulder kicked the door shut with his foot, dropped his briefcaseon the floor and flung his coat on the chair. He noticed the pencil. Mulderbent down to pick it up. Now was the time for Krycek to make his move. Krycekhad him pinned and on the floor in seconds. He found his SIG in his holsterand his backup on his ankle.

"What the fuck? Krycek?! Get the fuck off me!"

"Hang on Mulder, I just..."

"I don't care what the fuck *you just*! I'm going to kill you! Whatthe fuck are you doing in my apartment?"

"Mulder, I..."

He didn't have time to finish the sentence as Mulder used all his strengthto roll him and Krycek over. Mulder used too much force and rolled overtoo far. A loud crunch was heard as Mulder's face went into the leg of thecoffee table.

"Awww shit, shit, shit!"

"Mulder are you ok?"

"I think I broke my nose."

"Let me look at it."

Krycek helped Mulder sit up, but made sure to hold the gun on him. He shonehis MAG light in Mulder's face.

"Well it doesn't look broken but it's bleeding, do you have some ice?"

"Yes I have some fucking ice, in the fucking freezer where it usuallyfucking is, Krycek!"

"Mulder, I want you to calm down and then I'll get you some ice anda towel for your nose."

"I AM calm for someone who has just been attacked in his own apartment."

Krycek sighed, "Look Mulder, I just came here to talk to you but Ihad to disarm you or you would've shot me."

"Is that your excuse these days? You're just visiting?"

"Come on, just....just stay here and I'll get something for your faceok."

Mulder grumbled something as Krycek stood up and went into the kitchen.He dampened a tea-towel and put some ice in a plastic bag. When he got backto the living room he was surprised to find Mulder was still sitting therewaiting for him. Krycek sat on the floor next to him.

"Here, let's wipe that blood off you" as he reached out to Mulderto wipe his face.

Mulder grabbed the towel from him. "I can do that myself." Krycekhanded Mulder the bag of ice.

"I think it's mostly my cheek, not my nose. It's going to bruise -a lot like yours."


Mulder cracked his fist up against Krycek's jaw. Krycek saw stars and fellback, hitting his head on the hardwood floor. He wasn't knocked out butthat was a powerful blow. He had to lay there for a minute until the roomstopped spinning.

"Now we're even" said Mulder as he threw him the bag of ice. "Here,you'll need this more than I will."

Krycek sat up. "Fine." The two men regarded each other, sittingon the floor in the faint light from the street. Bruises starting to formon their faces.

"Now Krycek, will you please tell me why you are here in my apartmenton a Friday evening?"

"I told you, I wanted to talk to you." Speaking was becoming painfulfor Krycek. He held the bag of ice to his face again.

"You know, normal people, they pick up the phone, they write a letter,they e-mail. You, you just break into my apartment and attack me and expectme to listen to you."

"Mulder, I'm not normal" Mulder laughed at him. "No, I don'tmean it like that." Krycek continued, "my life, it's not normal.Do you really think you would read an e-mail message from me?"

"You're right." Mulder chuckled then began roaring out loud athow totally ridiculous the idea was. It took Mulder a few minutes to regainhis composure. By that time Krycek was laughing as well but it hurt so muchhe was trying not to.

"Ok, what's this all about. You're obviously not here to kill me orI would be dead already."

"I told you, I just want to talk to you."

"You keep saying that. Fine, I'm here, talk."

"Well, first things first." Krycek gave him his guns back. "Ipromise not to kill you if you promise not to kill me."

"If you think you are going to pull one fucking stunt you're a deadman Krycek"

"I promise, I keep telling you I'm not going to hurt you..." Mulderlooked up at him "...anymore."

Mulder reached up and turned on his lamp, which made a small pool of lighton the floor. He saw Krycek's face and could see the outline of his knucklesalong his cheek. He looked down at his stained white shirt then he lookedback at Krycek who put the ice back to his face. He noticed how his piercingeyes had gained the slightest hint of a wrinkle. His hair was cropped shortbut fashionable. Mulder's eyes traveled up Krycek' body from his black bootsto his worn black jeans to that tight black T-shirt. He also noticed anerection in those worn Levi's. Mulder closed his eyes and leaned back sohis head was resting against the desk chair. He could feel his body stirringto the sight of Krycek and tried to will it away.

"Krycek, please say what you have to say and go."

"First of all, could you call me Alex?" Mulder opened his eyesand looked into those deep, green pools.

"ok, *Alex*, say what you have to say and go."

"Mulder, we've known each other for years now. Our relationship, ifyou may call it that, has been one of violence." Alex took a deep breath,"Personally, I want it to stop. I know I came here tonight and attackedyou but I don't want to do that anymore. I want you to know how I feel aboutyou, how you are on my mind all the time."

Mulder raised his eyebrows but kept his expression calm.

"Mulder, I want you to know three things. One, I didn't kill your father,my partner did, he is also the same man who killed Scully's sister Melissa."Mulder's face was turning red and Alex knew he didn't have much time beforeMulder's temper went over the edge.

"I also want you to know that from the second I knew about you I respectedyou and wanted to work with you. I've always wanted to get close to you.Lately, I've just plain loved you."


"Mulder, I...from the day I met you the only thing I've ever wantedfrom you is to be your friend. Unfortunately deals were made and thingswere done that have given you reason to hate me..."

"You're fucking right on that point!"

"Hear me out Mulder. I was trying to protect you, not kill you whenthey sent me to be your partner. They wanted you dead and the only reasonyou lived was because I wouldn't let it happen. How could I kill the manI loved?"

"Krycek...Alex...let's review for a second and tell me who the fuckkilled my father if it wasn't you?"

"It was my partner, Lois. We were going to warn your father not totell you anything or he would be killed. That idiot pulled the trigger anyway.Same thing with Melissa - he was all trigger happy and could not controlhimself. We weren't supposed to kill anyone."

Mulder put his fists up to his eyes and rubbed them.

"So what you're telling me is that you weren't going to kill them then,just later?"

"That's what they *wanted* us to do but I was not going to let thathappen. Don't you see Mulder, I was trying *not* to kill you or anyone elsearound you. I would have deliberately botched things up if it had come downto that, let them get away."

"Well, if this Lois guy *did* kill my father and Melissa then whathappened to him?" Mulder said sarcastically.

"I killed him" Alex looked Mulder straight in the eyes. "Iput five bullets through his skull."

Mulder blinked. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Of course I'm fucking serious! I've never been more serious in mylife!" Alex moved closer to Mulder. "Can't you see that I wantedyou to live? Can't you see that I care about you? That's why I came to warnyou that night about the war that was starting between the Aliens. I wastrying to make you see what was really happening and you laughed at me!I was trying to help you be a solution to a problem and you fucking laughedat me!" Tears sprang to Krycek's eyes. "Well fuck you Fox Mulder!You now know what the hell I was trying to do all these years. I come hereto confide in you and you punch me out. Then I tell you I love you and youignore me! Why the hell do I put up with all of this shit?"

"Hey, Alex, what was I supposed to think? The minute I start to likeyou I find out you were a spy for that cigarette smoking man. I was *told*you killed my father and Melissa. Then I see you in Hong Kong and when Itry to arrest you, you get all freaky on me. You leave me in Russia whereI get my ass kicked. Then you come in here with this doomsday speech andfucking kiss me! What the hell am I supposed to think? And, let me remindyou, *you* attacked *me* tonight Alex. You deserved that punch."

Krycek was shouting now, the pain in his jaw ignored. "I was lockedin a missile silo for 3 days and when I wake up I find myself covered inoily shit next to a fucking UFO! You left me handcuffed to a balcony overnightin winter! You and Skinner beat the crap out of me! I almost got my fuckingarm cut off in Russia, thank you very much! I *was* trying to create a diversionso you could get your ass out of there! I nearly lost my life trying tobring peace to this world! AND you still ignored me when I said I lovedyou!"

"YOU bring peace to this world?" Mulder laughed. "Who thehell do you think you are, Santa Claus?"

"Where do you think you got the vaccine against the black oil for Scully?The same vaccine that made those Aliens high tail their ass to whereverthey came from."

Mulder's face lost all it's color.

"Who do you think developed that vaccine Mulder? The Russians did inTunguska. I took it because I knew it would be wasted there. I knew thatthe war had begun and I had to stop it. Then those bastards stole it fromme. Thank god you unwittingly used it to fuck up their plans with the aliencolonization."

Mulder closed his eyes "How do you know about Antarctica?"

"What do you mean how do I know?" Mulder looked at him. "They*did* record your meeting with the Office of Professional Review. I justmade sure I eavesdropped a little."

Mulder ran his hands through his hair. "What do you mean you love me?"

Krycek was taken aback, convinced Mulder would just keep ignoring that remark.He sighed and looked in Mulder's eyes. "I love you Mulder, I have alwaysloved you, from the first time I set eyes on you." He moved his handand put it on Mulder's ankle. "I know you feel for me too, I can tell."His eyes shifted from Mulder's face to his crotch where his cock was strainingagainst the material of his pants.

"I'm not sure what I feel right now Alex."

Krycek looked into Mulder's hazel eyes.. He moved his hand higher up hisleg from his ankle to his calf.

The touch of Krycek's hand sent shivers up Mulder's spine. He closed hiseyes and let out a moan as Krycek ran his hand up to his thigh and grippedthe hard muscle there.

"Don't fight it Mulder, just let it happen." Krycek moved in andbarely brushed his lips with his own.

"I....I'm not gay." Mulder breathed back.

"You don't have to be Mulder, you just have to enjoy yourself."Krycek licked Mulder's lips.

"I don't know."

"Mulder, let it go, just be with me."

Krycek kissed Mulder, softly at first, testing the waters. Mulder kissedback. Krycek slipped his tongue into Mulder's mouth and felt no resistance.Mulder put his hands on Krycek's arms, bringing him closer until he wasleaning against Mulder's chest.

Krycek kissed him harder now, his breath growing ragged, his cock achingin his jeans. He moved down to Mulder's throat feeling his stubble grateagainst his own. Krycek finally tasted that sweet muskiness of Mulder hecraved so much for so long. Krycek pushed the pain in his face to the backof his mind. Nothing was going to prevent him from making love to Fox Mulder.

Krycek reached up and undid Mulder's tie, pulling it free from his neck.He then undid the buttons on Mulder's shirt, moving his mouth down as hedid so.

Mulder leaned his head back and licked his lips. Mulder's body was on fire,never before had he wanted something so badly as he wanted Alex Krycek rightnow. He drew in his breath as Krycek sucked and nibbled on one of his nipples.Krycek slowly moved his mouth up to Mulder's neck again while his handsexplored Mulder's muscular torso.

"See Mulder, you just have to enjoy yourself." Alex exhaled ashe sucked on an earlobe.

Mulder suddenly pushed him back and stood up. He grabbed Krycek's hand andled him into the bedroom.

"If we're going to do this Krycek, I want to do it right."

"Nice and slow, hey Mulder?"

"Nice and slow Alex."

Mulder thrust his tongue down Krycek's throat, wanting to devour him. Hishands moved up Krycek's back and down to caress his ass. Mulder pressedagainst Krycek, feeling their erections rub against each other through thelayers of fabric. He grabbed the hem of Krycek's t-shirt and brought itup over his head, running his hands over his chest, feeling the sparse hairthere. He tweaked a nipple between his thumb and his index finger feelingKrycek react with delight. He pulled away and bent his head to suck on thatnipple. He traced a path to the other one with his tongue, nipping at hisskin with his teeth as he went. Krycek moaned.

Krycek slid Mulder's shirt off his broad shoulders and ran his hands overthat muscular body one more time, not believing his wish had come true.He unbuttoned, then unzipped Mulder's pants leaving them to fall to thefloor around his ankles. Mulder's cock was pushing at the boxer shorts underneath.Krycek bent down and removed Mulder's pants and socks. Then came the parthe knew he would like the best - the boxers. Krycek slowly pulled them downMulder's legs, flinging them aside. Mulder's hot member bobbed in the air.Krycek had never been so hard and his jeans were making it uncomfortable.There was no way he was taking them off - that was Mulder's job.

"Mulder, you're one fabulous specimen." Krycek's tongue circledthe head and ran along the top, teasing the opening.

"Ohhhhhh God", whimpered Mulder.

He licked the moisture that had formed on the tip, savoring the taste ofMulder again that drove him crazy. He took Mulder half way into his mouth,swirling his tongue over and around, teasing the tender spots. He lappedthe underside of the head following along the curves of Mulder's cock.

"Yesssss, Alex, oh yessssss."

Krycek relaxed his throat and took the entire length of Mulder into hismouth.

Mulder grabbed Krycek's hair with one hand and the dresser with the other,lest he fall over from ecstasy. This was the finest blow-job he had everreceived in his life and it just started. Krycek pulled back letting almostthe whole length fall out of his mouth before sucking him back again.

Mulder could only moan, language forgotten for a moment.

Krycek quickened his pace, reaching around to grab that ass. "Oh thatass, how long have I wanted to squeeze that ass" Krycek thought tohimself. Mulder was moving against him now, thrusting deeper into Krycek'smouth. Krycek teased the opening to Mulder's ass with a finger. He foundit very tight and only managed to get up to the second knuckle inside.

Mulder groaned again and looked down at what Krycek was doing to him. Itwas almost too much to bear. The feeling of Krycek's mouth on his cock,the feeling of his finger in his ass. Krycek brought one hand around tocaress Mulder's balls. It was sensory overload, he could not hold on muchlonger.

Mulder let out a cry and his fingernails gripped into the wood of the dresseras he went over the edge. His balls tightened in Krycek's hand and he spilledhimself into Krycek's mouth. Krycek swallowed every drop.

Krycek licked his way up Mulder's body and kissed him on the mouth. Mulder'shead was spinning, the taste of his own cum in Krycek's mouth made him wantso much more.

"I think you have mastered the art of *letting go*." Krycek kissedMulder again.

"Thank you, that was wonderful."

"You're welcome." Krycek peppered Mulder's face with kisses.

"I do, however, think you are overdressed Alex." His hands moveddown to the jeans, unbuttoning the buttons on the fly one by one. Krycek'slarge member springing forth.

"No underwear Alex? Didn't your mom ever tell you to always have aclean pair of underwear on in case you get abducted by the FBI and takento Russia?"

"I don't own any underwear so how could I?"

Mulder looked up at Krycek "everyone has underwear, don't they?"

"Not me."

Mulder pulled off Krycek's boots, jeans and socks. He stood up and kissedKrycek probing his tongue with his mouth.

"Come here." Mulder said as he pulled Krycek to the bed. Theylay down, caressing each other, exploring the newness of each other's bodies.Mulder's hand moved down and gripped Krycek's large erection. He was surprisedby the size of it. He stroked it gently. Feeling another man, this man,for the first time felt so right.

Krycek's chest was heaving up and down in tune with his sharp breaths, hecould barely whisper "Mulder".

Mulder rolled over onto Krycek, delighting in the hardness of the body beneathhim. This was so different from a woman. Women were soft and round. Krycekwas soft, yet hard at the same time. He moved down to Krycek's chest, usinghis tongue to trace a pattern down to his navel. He stopped. He wasn't surewhat to do next.

"Are you ok ?"

"Alex, I've never done this before."

"Nice and slow Mulder. Nice and slow."

"I just want to make sure I do it right."

"Mulder, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

"I want to do this Alex."

Mulder hovered over Krycek's erection for a second then licked the head.Krycek let out a growl. Mulder licked the head again, tasting the pre-cumthat had gathered at the tip. The taste of Krycek drove him wild. He lickedalong the underside of the head, flicking his tongue along the back. Heput the head in his mouth swirling his tongue around like what had beendone to him so many times before. He could not get more than the head anda bit in his mouth. He used his hand to grip the rest of Krycek's throbbing,hard penis.

"Mulder, that feels so good." Krycek gripped the sheets, twistingthem in his hands.

Mulder went down another inch and stopped, bringing his lips tightly aroundKrycek while sucking in. He then relaxed and was able to get another twoinches. That was as far as he could go. With his fist around the base ofKrycek's cock he drew his mouth up and down, slowly. He wanted to make thisnew experience last. Mulder was hard again and the more he sucked on Krycekthe harder he became.

Krycek, was in heaven. How he fantasized about this moment over and overin his dreams. He did, however, have one more thing that he wanted to experiencewith Fox Mulder.

"Mulder, do you want to fuck me?" Krycek gasped.

Mulder brought his mouth off of Krycek.

"I would like that very much Alex," swirling his tongue acrossthe head one more time. Krycek gave a little jump.

"Come here, lover." Krycek brought Mulder up to him and gave hima deep kiss. "You stay here, I'll be right back." Krycek ran tohis knapsack and got the condoms and the tube of astroglide he made surewere easy to find.

"Aren't you the little Boy Scout." Mulder teased.

Krycek put the condoms on the bedside table. "Give me your hand."Krycek took three of Mulder's fingers in his mouth. Mulder gasped. Kryceksucked on them, looking straight into Mulder's eyes. Mulder bit his lowerlip in anticipation. Krycek released the fingers one by one. He took Mulder'shand in his and then covered the three moist fingers with the lube.

"Here you go, lover." Krycek rolled onto his stomach and spreadhis legs.

Mulder parted Krycek's ass cheeks and entered one finger, teasing the tightmuscle at the opening. The heat and tightness of Krycek's ass was tantalizing.He entered another finger and felt Krycek jump. He moved his fingers inand out feeling Krycek loosen under his teasing. How Mulder wanted to bein there, his cock was aching for it.

"Oh yeah, baby, one more, one more."

Mulder spread some more lube on his fingers and entered the third finger.He was amazed at how Krycek's ass relented to this. God he wanted to beinside there. Mulder grabbed a condom off the table and quickly put it on.He covered his penis with a generous amount of lube and started to enterKrycek.

Krycek brought his hips up to Mulder who was kneeling behind him. "Goslow, yes, that's it."

Mulder could not believe how tight and hot Krycek's ass was. Slowly he entered,the pressure on his cock was amazing. Finally he was all the way in. Thefeeling of being inside this man was driving him wild. Mulder began rockinghis hips, barely pulling out. Sweat trickled down Mulder's brow and on toKrycek's back. He should go slow, make this last.

"Fuck me Mulder, god, fuck me." Krycek growled.

Mulder started to thrust into Krycek harder with each stroke. Mulder leanedover that muscular back before him and grabbed Krycek's stiff cock. Muldermatched every thrust of his hips to the motion of his hand. Krycek was sotight, the feeling was extraordinary, he never wanted to leave.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah, oooh Mulder, yeah." Krycek was enjoying this.His fantasy came true and it was all he could do to hang on and not comejust yet.

Both men were moaning, resembling dogs growling at each other.

It didn't take Krycek long to start bucking under Mulder. He came into Mulder'shand with a great force.

"Mulder!" Krycek shouted.

When Krycek was stripped of every last drop Mulder kneeled upright and increasedhis pace. Using his hands to grip Krycek's hips, he thrust back and forth,meeting him with every stroke, bringing himself to the edge. Mulder sawstars when he came, letting out a loud cry. He collapsed on top of Krycek.

They lay there for awhile until Mulder finally pulled out. He discardedthe condom and lay next to Krycek. Krycek wrapped his arms around Mulder,kissing him gently. Holding onto each other's sweat covered bodies the twomen dozed off

End of part III


Black Hole Sun
Part IV
Disclaimer, yada yada yada in part I

10:32 p.m.

Alex Krycek awoke to a throbbing pain in his face and a dull ache in hisass. It was dark now. Light from the street streamed in the window throwinga broken pattern across the bed. He tried to smile as he remembered whathappened just hours ago. The pain in his cheek where Mulder punched himwas unbearable. He rolled over to see the other side of the bed empty. Hesat up with a start, wondering where Mulder was until he noticed the showerrunning. Krycek lay down again and put his head on Mulder's pillow whichheld his scent. Krycek pressed his face to the pillow and breathed it in.How he loved the smell of Mulder. He wished he could bottle it. He heardthe shower stop and Mulder came in a few minutes later wearing a bathrobe.Mulder turned on the bedside lamp and sat beside Krycek. Droplets of wateron Mulder's exposed chest glittered in the light.

"You're awake." Mulder reached out and put his hand on Krycek'sthigh.

"I woke up 10 minutes ago." Krycek winced at the motion of hismouth moving.

Mulder's eyes grew wide. "Alex, your face!" He ran the backs ofhis fingers gently across the bruise. "Oh my god, look what I did toyou." Mulder kissed the bruise softly. "I'm very sorry I hurtyou."

Krycek sat up. "That's ok Mulder, I've been worse. Besides, your noselooks a little larger than it did a few hours ago."

"Yeah, it's a little puffy" Mulder smirked.

Krycek put his hand to Mulder's face, bringing him in for a kiss. Mulderbroke free.

"Alex, I think we should talk."

"That's a switch, you asking me to talk."

"I think we should let each other know where we stand."

"Sure." Krycek said hesitantly.

"Look, I'm starving. I'm going to order in something for us and thenwe can talk okay?" He looked into Krycek's eyes. "Don't worry,I'm not going to hit you again. Tell you what. Take a shower and when youcome out the food will be here."


Krycek padded naked to the bathroom and took his shower. When he got backto the bedroom he found shorts and a t-shirt laid out for him. He got dressedthen went out to the living room where Mulder was watching TV.

"Chinese will be here in a minute. I got you a cold one out of thefridge" Mulder said not taking his eyes off of the TV but motioningto the beer spilling condensation on the table.


Krycek sat down beside Mulder who was flipping around the channels. He finallythrew the remote down on the coffee table after settling on Headline News.

"Alex, I..."

There was a knock on the door. Mulder looked at Krycek and pursed his lipstogether. He then got up and went to the door. He paid the man and broughteverything over to the coffee table.

"I hope you like lo-mein, I thought it would be nice and soft for youto chew."

"Good idea." Krycek smirked. His face hurt like hell. He was goingto have to get some pain killers soon if it didn't subside.

Krycek picked up the chopsticks that came with the meal and dug into oneof the cartons. The left side of his face had stiffened while he slept andhad to chew on the right side. They ate in silence and watched the newsfor 10 agonizing minutes

"Is it ok?" Mulder asked breaking the silence.

"It's great, I never usually stray from meat and potatoes."

"My Dad was like that, he had to have a big slab of meat every night."Mulder winced as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

"Yeah, mine too."

They fell into silence again.

"I'll get us a few more beer." Mulder stood up and went to thekitchen.

Krycek put his now empty carton on the table. He put his head in his handsthen ran them through his still damp hair. This is really starting to sourbad. He didn't want a commitment. He just wanted to leave.

"Alex, do you ever see your family?" Said Mulder with two freshbeer in his hand. He gave one to Krycek who took a sip.

"They think I'm dead."

"What?" Mulder's face showed concern.

"They think I was killed in the line of duty."

"Oh my god."

"About 4 years ago after all the shit with the smoking man and me havingto suddenly *leave* the country. They told my family I was killed protectingsomething *very important* and they should be proud. It was a beautifulceremony, full honors. I should be lucky enough to have a service like thatwhen I really die"

"How can you be so nonchalant about all this?"

"I've developed a thick skin. Look at all the crap I've been throughin the past 6 years. Nothing fazes me anymore." Krycek took anothersip of his beer.

"You've had a hard life, haven't you Alex?"

"I had a pretty normal childhood . I was like anyone else. I went toschool, played hockey with my brother, blew stuff up with M-80's and cherrybombs in my backyard." Krycek looked through Mulder as if he wasn'tthere. "I go sometimes to see them, in my hometown. My mom is a grandmothernow. My brother has married and they have 3 kids. They don't know I'm watchingthem and I see the birthday parties and all the stuff I'm missing. Theyeven named their oldest boy *Alex*".

Mulder was speechless.

"So I sit there, in my car, or in the woods and point a high-powercamera at the house with a microphone and watch and listen for hours. Itreally sucks not being able to let them know I'm still alive." Kryceksuddenly realized he was telling Mulder more than he wanted him to knowright now. "It's for the best though."

"How can it be for the best Alex? You have a family, they should knowyou are still on this earth."

"Why, so those bastards can come and do something to them? No way!I'd rather die then have them do to my family what they did to yours."Krycek regretted those words as soon as they came out of his mouth but itwas too late. He expected fury from Mulder who remained surprisingly calm,sipping his beer.

"Yeah, well it comes with the territory. If my old man hadn't beenwho he was then things would have been different." He turned and lookedat Krycek. "I'm going to get those fuckers one day Alex, I promise."

"You just name the day and the place and I'll be there."

Mulder smiled. He poked at his noodles which had since gone cold.

"Mulder, why don't you tell me what's really on your mind." Kryceksaid, anxious to change the subject.

"I.." He looked at Krycek. "I'm just going to say it. Alex,I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm not good at relationships. I suckat relationships. The only person who tolerates me is Scully and that'sonly because she gets paid to do it."

Krycek started giggling.

"What? What the hell is so damn funny?"

Krycek was laughing now, putting his hand to his face, the pain was unbearable.

"What? Dammit Krycek, tell me what the fuck you're laughing at!"

"You, Mulder. You looked so serious, I thought you were going to proposeor something."

"Sure, turn it into a joke, I was trying not to hurt your feelings."

"Believe me, you can't hurt me anymore than you have already."Tears were streaming out of Krycek's eyes now.

Mulder sat back and waited for Krycek to get himself together. He startedgiggling too. He had never heard Krycek laugh before and it was contagious.It was nice to see this side of him. He had such a nice smile, his wholeface lit up. Those sexy eyes had sparks in them. God he wanted him. Muldertook a deep breath and shifted position to make himself more comfortablein his shorts.

"Mulder, I didn't come here looking for a relationship either. I reallydo have feelings for you. Feelings that have been pent up for so long thatI just had to tell you. I didn't say I loved you to make you feel obligatedto love me back."

"So what is it then, a one night stand? A conquest?"


"What then?"



"No strings attached."

"Just sex?"

"Not just sex, we can enjoy each other's company but no baggage."

"So essentially friends?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right, friends."

"Is that something you're game for?"

Mulder downed the last of his beer. "I'm game."

"I'm glad, really I am." Krycek leaned over and kissed Mulderon the lips tasting the beer.

"Aren't you supposed to give me a pin or something?"

"Ha ha." Krycek mocked. "It does mean that you have to cometo a Capitals game with me this season."

"Hockey?" Mulder leaned back.

"What's wrong with hockey?"

"Well nothing if you like hockey."

"Hockey is a man's game Mulder. Bodychecking, cross-checking, hitting,blood. Tie Domi and Stu Grimson duking it out, gloves flying. Jersey's pulledover the head, punches in the breadbasket. How can you not like hockey?"

"What about the grace of basketball? Patrick Ewing flying through theair, slam-dunking the ball with 2 seconds left on the clock. It's awesome,the adrenaline rush is unreal."

"Basketball? Mulder, half of the Secret Service have season tickets."

"So, they're nice guys. They have a hard job, protecting all thosecongressmen and VIP's."

"Yeah and we're going to show up together and watch a Wizards..."


"...Knicks game courtside."

"Well what do you suggest we do?"

"Drive to Philly and see a Flyers game."

"I ain't setting foot in 76ers territory."

"Mulder, why are you such a hardass?"

"Because I can be." He leaned over and kissed Krycek's bruiseagain.

Mulder stood up, went to the kitchen and got 2 more beer out of the fridge.He was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, a sluggish, happy feeling.He got back to the living room and found Krycek taking a sip from a flask.

"What's that?"


"That's fitting," Mulder smirked as he handed him the beer. "Youplanning on getting drunk tonight?"

"No, just a shot. A chaser. You want some?"

"Sure, I'll take a little snort."

Mulder put the flask to his lips and took a healthy sip. The liquid immediatelystarted burning his mouth, his throat, all the way down to his stomach.Mulder gasped and handed the flask back to Krycek.

"What the fuck is that shit?"

"It's only about 95 proof." Krycek grinned. "Oh it's notthat bad." He looked over at Mulder who was gasping for breath. Hetook another sip and put the flask away.

"I got a taste for it in Russia."

"That's not Vodka Alex, it's fucking moonshine."

"It's a local delicacy." Krycek was still grinning.

"I'm going to feel that all night?"

They sat there for a minute while Mulder tried to wash the burning awaywith his beer.

"So tell me - why don't you own any underwear?"

"It's uncomfortable. It makes my balls feel funny."

"It makes your balls feel funny?"

"Yeah, I like them to move around."

"I see" said Mulder trying to restrain himself from attackingKrycek and fucking his brains out.

Krycek moved over, his thigh pressing against Mulder's.

"Don't you hate it when your balls..." Krycek placed his handon Mulder's crotch. "...are confined..." Krycek gave Mulder'sballs a gentle squeeze. He could feel Mulder harden beneath his grip. "...andcan't move?" He squeezed Mulder harder.

Mulder whimpered.

He leaned in and whispered "I just hate that feeling of constriction."

Mulder leaned his head back, closed his eyes and moaned. Krycek tightenedhis grip and ran his thumb along Mulder's throbbing cock.

"That's why I don't wear underwear." Krycek licked the side ofMulder's face then leaned back over to his side of the couch and pickedup his beer again.

Mulder sat there for a second waiting for Krycek to do more. When nothinghappened his eyes snapped open and he turned to face Krycek. "Wipethat shit-eating grin off of your face and finish the job!"

"Do you really want it Mulder?"

"You can't leave me like this Alex!" Mulder's eyes were now poolsof black, his head swimming.

"Do you really want to fuck me again?"

Mulder attacked Krycek, knocking the now empty beer bottle out of his hand.He kissed him fiercely and pulled back.

"Yes I want to fuck you, right here and now."

Mulder ripped the t-shirt off of Krycek's body, devouring his nipples withhis tongue.

"Mulder, wait, wait, hang on a 'sec." Krycek got up and disappearedfor a minute. He came back with the condoms and the lube.

"Don't you ever do that to me again. Don't you ever leave me here witha raging hard-on."

He grabbed Krycek who was still standing and pulled his shorts down revealinghis hardness. Mulder ran his tongue down the hard shaft pausing to teasethe sensitive place under the head. Krycek moaned.

"Mmmmmmm, Mulder."

Mulder nipped along the tender skin with his teeth bringing a squeal fromKrycek.

"Hey, watch it!"


"Promise what?"

Mulder nipped at the skin again watching Krycek's cock jump.

"God Mulder."

"Promise me you'll never leave me with a raging hard-on again."He took a tiny piece of Krycek's scrotum between his teeth and gently bitdown.

"Oh fuck. Yes, I promise not to leave" Mulder resumedhis torture on Krycek's balls, licking and nipping at them.

"With a raging hard-on again."

"With...a...raging...ohmygod...hard-on again." Mulder took Krycek'sballs in his mouth, using his tongue to caress underneath.

Krycek's breathing had become erratic, sweat beaded on his brow.

Mulder slowly stood up, kissing Krycek's body as he went. He consumed Krycek'smouth with his own, forcing his tongue down his throat. Krycek pulled offMulder's shorts and t-shirt.

Krycek moaned into Mulder's mouth. He was almost ready to come and the sensationof their hot erections rubbing against each other was almost than he couldbear. His balls were till tingling from the onslaught of Mulder's teeth.

Mulder gathered the pre-cum from both of them, coating two of his fingers.Mulder's hand went down to Krycek's ass. He now knew what he had to do toget his lover ready for him. He found the opening and teased it until itrelented for one finger.

"Oh Mulder, yeah" groaned Krycek. His own hand gently strokingfrom Mulder's ready cock to his own.

Mulder inserted another finger, moving them in, deeper and deeper untilthey seemed like they were part of him. Suddenly Krycek's whole body shudderedand he let out a cry.

"Oh fuck, Mulder, touch....touch that spot again."

Mulder did as asked. Krycek's head went back and his eyes rolled back inhis head. He swallowed, licked his lips and brought his head down to lookat Mulder

"I'm ready lover, let's go."

Mulder sat on the couch and ripped the condom package open with his teeth.He carefully placed it on his head of his penis. Krycek pushed Mulder'shands out of the way and rolled the condom down with his mouth. He broughthis mouth up slowly, dragging his tongue along the vein of Mulder's cock.Mulder let out a sigh as Krycek took his mouth away from him. Krycek lookedup with a grin and liberally lubed the throbbing member before him. Krycekthen kneeled on the couch, facing Mulder, and slowly brought himself down.As soon as Mulder's cock felt the heat of Krycek he broke out in a sweat.

"Ohhhhh, Alex, you feel so tight, so hot." Inch by inch Kryceklowered himself onto Mulder, burying him deeper inside. Finally Mulder wasfully inside Krycek.

Krycek leaned forward and pressed his hardness into Mulder's abdomen.

"Mulder, you feel so good. Alex kissed Mulder, his lips swollen andfull of lust. Finally after what seemed an eternity he began rocking backand forth.

Mulder grabbed Krycek's cock and started moving his hand up and down. Hediscovered the wetness at the tip and gathered it on his finger. He broughtit to his mouth and sucked all the wetness down. Krycek leaned in and hungrilykissed Mulder, tasting himself on his tongue.

The rocking was getting faster, Mulder keeping tempo on Krycek's cock withhis hand. They were looking into each other's eyes, turning each other oneven more with their gaze.

Krycek used his hands to feel every part of Mulder he could get ahold of.He needed to feel every inch of Mulder's body, be part of Mulder.

"Mulder, you turn me on so much."

"I want to come Alex. Faster, faster."

"You want to come, I'll make you come."

Krycek started moving his hips up and down, pounding on Mulder's thighs.Mulder gripped Krycek's large shaft with both hands and started moving upand down at a rapid pace. The sound of skin slapping against skin and themoaning of the two men was all that could be heard. Bodies drenched in sweatmoved together as one, mouths embraced each other, tongues licked the sweatoff of skin, teeth grazed at skin.

Krycek thought his head was going to explode, he could not hold on, He criedout "Mulder" His hot come shot up to coat each of the men's chestwith it's sticky fluid

Mulder licked some of the creamy fluid that had hit Krycek's chin, lappingit up. His head then went back as he was overcome by his own orgasm. "Nuuuh,Alex". Mulder's hips bucked and his whole body shook. He was gaspingfor air and squeezing Krycek so tight to his chest he thought he would breakthe man.

Krycek put his head on Mulder's shoulder. They stayed like that for awhilecaressing each other. Finally Krycek lifted himself up off of Mulder, thekeen feeling of Mulder's now flaccid cock coming out of him made him suckin his breath.

Mulder gave a whimper.

"God, that was great." Krycek took a look at Mulder who was sittingthere with his eyes closed. "Mulder, you ok?"

"Um, yeah, I....fuck that was awesome." Mulder opened his eyesand looked at Krycek, he gave a chuckle.


Krycek's hair was askew, he had cum and sweat all over him, his face wasa mass of bruise on one side and flushed on the other. He also had a bitemark on one shoulder that Mulder didn't remember giving him.

"You look like you've been through the wringer Alex."

"You should see yourself."

Mulder looked down at his own body that was also covered in sweat and cum.He swallowed.

"We're pretty messed up, hey?"

Krycek sat down beside Mulder. He bent his head over and licked a spot ofcum off his nipple.

"Let's take a shower Alex."

"Another shower?" Krycek groaned "What's the matter, can'tI lick you clean?"

"Jesus Christ, how many rounds can you go?"

"As many as you like."

"Well, it's late and you didn't have to work today." Mulder stoodup and reached for Krycek's hand. "Come on, let's go get cleaned upand go to sleep."

"You want me to stay the night?"

"I'm not going to turn you out at 1:00 in the morning."

"You want me to sleep out here?"

"No, I want you next to me, in my bed."

Krycek grabbed Mulder's hand and stood up. They made their way to the bathroomwhere Mulder turned on the shower. They both got in.

"Too hot? Too cold?"

"Just right."

They let the water all over their bodies for a minute, rinsing the sweatand cum away.

Krycek grabbed the soap out of the holder. "Arms up."

Mulder groaned "I can do this myself you know."

"Like hell you will. Now put up those arms or do I have to get my gun?"

Mulder put his arms up for Krycek who soaped him liberally. He ran the soapup Mulder's torso pausing to circle around his nipples. He then moved incloser and embraced Mulder kissing him gently. He ran the soap down hisback and his ass. Krycek moved in front and delicately washed Mulder's cockand his balls. He could feel a faded stirring down there but knew it wasnot going to go far. Krycek broke away and bent down to run the soap downMulder's legs. He stood up again and looked at Mulder. His eyes looked tiredand his face showed signs of fatigue.

"My turn. Unless you're too tired. I'll...."

"No, I'd be happy too." Mulder grabbed the soap from Krycek. Hefollowed the contours of Krycek's body from his neck to his feet. He noticedKrycek's half erection and placed a kiss on the tip as he went by. Mulderstood back up and rinsed Krycek under the spray of the water. He leanedin and kissed Krycek. These kisses were gentle kisses, his tongue runningalong Krycek's lips. His hand moved down to Krycek's now full erection.

"You don't quit do you?"

"I'm insatiable."

"Yes, yes, you are." Mulder stroked Krycek harder. He moved into kiss him again.

Krycek wrapped his arms around Mulder, bringing him close. He could notget enough of this man. His cock jumped in Mulder's hand. The touch of Mulder'slips on his own almost enough to bring him to orgasm.

It did not take long for Krycek to start moaning into Mulder's mouth. Mulderincreased his pace, stroking harder and harder until Krycek came into Mulder'shand.

Krycek's orgasm was not as intense as the other ones he had that night butthat didn't make it any less of an event.

"I made you dirty again."

"Come on stud, clean up." Mulder grabbed the soap and washed Krycekdown again. When they were rinsed clean he turned off the tap.

Mulder got out first and handed Krycek a towel. He let out a yawn that almostcracked his head open.

"You look tired."

Alex started to dry himself off.

"I am tired. Except for that little nap I've only had about 3 hourssleep in the past 2 days."

"Come on then, let's get you to bed."

Mulder wrapped his towel around his waist. "Yeah, let's get some sleep."

They walked down to the bedroom, Mulder shutting off the lights and makingsure the door was locked along the way.

"What side do you sleep on?"

"Same as before, I get the right side."

Krycek flopped down on the left. Mulder got in and pulled up the blankets.

"Do you know that I've never had a lover in this bed."



"That's pretty sad Mulder."

"Yeah well I hope that will change."

Mulder moved on his side and cuddled up to Krycek's back. He put his armsaround him and kissed the back of his neck. Mulder then fell asleep.

8:32 a.m.

Mulder awoke to the sound of his front door closing. He sat up. Krycek wasgone. He jumped out of bed and put on his sweats that were on the floor.He grabbed his keys and ran out of the apartment, down the stairs and outto the front door. Frantically he looked up and down the street. Krycekwas nowhere to be seen.

"Shit!" Mulder turned and went back inside. How could he justleave? He hardly got to know him. He was going to attempt to make pancakesfor the first time in his life this morning. Ah, shit. Mulder knew Krycekwouldn't stay around forever.

4:50 p.m.

Mulder was finishing up the last of his report on the Florida case. He rubbedthe bridge of his nose. It had taken him twice as long as usual to typethis damn report. He kept thinking of last night and reliving the momentswith Krycek. He had to take a break and *relieve* himself about 2:00. Hesaved his work and went into his ISP. 3 new messages. One from Scully. Onefrom a place that sold movies. One from AX2890. Mulder smirked as he readthe message.

Had to go. See you courtside. :)

He replied: Call me.

Mulder got up from his computer and went over to the couch. He flopped downand turned on the TV. "I hope Alex comes back soon." He reachedinto the waistband of his shorts he was wearing and started stroking himself."I hope he comes back real soon" he whispered.