X-Files M/K
Title: Boys X: Home
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

Archive to Allslash, Archive X, TER/MA, All Things Rat. Series/Sequel: Incrediblythis is #10 in the Boys Series.

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Summary: We asked Amy B. for a challenge. She said she wanted one of theBoys to get a tattoo. Well, here you go!

Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being beta goddesses. This is MY universe(and what a wonderful one it is), in it Krycek has BOTH arms. If you can'tdeal with that then TOO BAD. For those of you allergic to schmoop, takea pill before you read on.


The buzz of the tattoo gun filled the air as the needle came down to theflesh. Not a whimper or flinch as it was dragged across the skin, leavingits mark. The vibrations could be felt down to the bone. Goosebumps formedon the skin as it was sprayed with antiseptic and wiped down before theneedle started its fiery trail again, pushing the ink into the flesh.

Alex looked down at the man who was wielding the implement of pain. Theartist was a young man of about 27. His arms had some tattoos on them. Fromwhat Alex could see under his collar as he bent over, honing his craft,his entire back was covered. The young man also had his tongue pierced andhis chin pierced. He wore small wooden disks in his ears along the linesof African tribespeople.

Alex was surprised, he didn't bleed that much. He thought it would hurtmore too. They were almost finished. Four hours of relentless torture toget the design done to cover his scar from Tunguska. He had been planningthis for a couple of weeks, not only to cover the scars, but to make a declaration.He just hoped Mulder liked it.

Alex had been contemplating his situation while sitting here for the pastwhile. Right now that smoking bastard had other things on his mind and hadnot called him in awhile. This gave him time to spend with Mulder. He hadactually been living with him for a few weeks. It was strange, waking upnext to him every day, seeing him when he came home from work. It was strangein a good way, though. It felt so right.

"All done." The young man smiled as he looked at his finishedwork, wiping the remnants of the excess ink away. He let Alex take a lookat it before bandaging it up.

"Looks great."

"This has to be one of the more unique designs I've done. Come backwhen it's healed, and we'll get a picture of it for my wall." The artiststarted putting the bandages over the inflamed skin, sealing it well withsurgical tape.

"Sure." Alex smirked to himself. //There's no way in hell anyone'sgoing to know about this except you, me and Mulder.//


The deadbolt slid back, and the lock in the door popped before Mulder steppedthrough into the apartment. "Alex?" he yelled. Silence. //Mustbe out.// He put his briefcase on the floor, threw his keys on the diningroom table, then went to the bedroom to change.

When he got to the bedroom, he quickly peeked inside the closet and Alex'sdresser. //Everything's still here, good.// Mulder checked every time Alexwasn't here when he got home from work to see if he was gone for good.

Alex had essentially moved in with him for three weeks now. Mulder smiledto himself as he saw the bed made, pillows fluffed, everything in order.Who knew Alex would be so picky on the domestic front? Cleaning, dusting.Mulder never dusted. Never understood the point. Alex had made this placesparkle, which was no small feat. He could cook too. That was a bonus.

He took off his pants and hung them up before pulling on his sweats. Thepast three weeks had been wonderful. Just him and Alex, talking, laughing,watching television, making love. He enjoyed his company, enjoyed beingwith him.

He heard the key in the door and went out to greet his lover.

"Hey," Alex said as he closed the door behind him and took offhis shoes. He put his hand around the back of Mulder's head and broughthim in for a kiss. "How was your day?"

"Boring. Paperwork. Expense statements."

"Gee, sounds fun. I wonder why I left sometimes." Alex snortedas he pulled off his jacket and hung it over the back of a dining room chair.The bandage could be seen peeking out from under the sleeve of his t-shirt.

Mulder's eyes grew wide, and his mouth opened. "What the hell happenedto you?" A million things ran through his mind. //He's been shot, he'sbeen maimed, someone tried to cut off his arm again. They're after him,after us.// He looked in Alex's eyes which showed no concern whatsoever.

"I got a tattoo."

"You what?"

"I got a tattoo this afternoon."

"Are you nuts?"

"No. I've always wanted one, I just never got around to it."

"So, you just woke up and said *today, I'm going to get a tattoo*?"

"Actually, no, you do have to make an appointment you know," Hesmirked. "I designed it myself. I did that when you were in Baltimorefor those two days last week."

"Can I see it?"

"In a minute. Mulder, sit down. There's a story behind it that I wantto share with you."

They both sat on the couch.

"When I was a little boy, about five, my Mom took me to see my Babain the Ukraine. She lived on the outskirts of a little village called Chernihiv,not far from Kiev. It was late fall, the leaves had just fallen from thetrees. The sky was a deep, deep blue. I remember taking the train throughthe countryside, my Mom nervous and fiddling with our passports and papers.I was excited. I would always hear about her growing up in the Ukraine andthe stories of her getting up early in the morning to milk the cows, collectthe eggs for breakfast."

"Anyway, we got there to this little house with a chicken coop in theback, a pump for the water, wood stove, the whole bit. This huge woman cameout the door, looking exactly like you'd picture. Scarf on her head, colorfulshawl around her shoulders, dress of black. She hugged my Mom for a longtime before turning to me and said, *Look at little Aleksei. He looks justlike his grandfather.* Then she actually pinched my cheeks."

Alex laughed and looked at Mulder who was listening intently.

"This was my Baba, my grandmother. Her house was small but immaculate.Everything gleamed. I spent my days with her and my Mom, baking, cooking,cleaning, forever cleaning. We would go into town once a day to read thenewspaper posted in the square. My Baba was so proud of my Mom and I. Shewould introduce us to everyone we would come in contact with. I swear bythe end of those two weeks I knew every old lady for miles."

Alex smiled then continued.

"About this time of year, they started decorating the eggs for Christmas.In Orthodox Christianity, Christmas falls in the middle of January, noton December 25th. This meant they could start preparations later in theyear. They also made the eggs for Easter which was, to them, the holiestof days. I remember sitting there, on a chilly October afternoon watchingmy Baba and her friends paint eggs. That morning, she had taken me out toher chicken coop in the back. She showed me how to look for large, smootheggs, leaving the bumpy ones for eating. Traditional eggs are not blown;the yolk and white slowly disintegrate over time, leaving just the shell."

"I sat there, in a chair at the table, looking at the jars of dyes,the candles. The Kitska used to draw the intricate designs of wax on theeggs before they were put in the dye. They never used a pattern, just afew notes and scribbles jotted down on a piece of paper. They had been doingit so long that they just drew these amazingly straight lines freehand.They did them quickly too. I was amazed at the dexterity of their hands,these women looked so old to me. Their faces showed the ravages of hardwork and cold weather. The wrinkles were almost caverns in their foreheadsand cheeks. Once in awhile, one would get up and bring me some more Chaiand plates of Vatrushky and Cherry Varenyk. They would pat me on the headand remark how I was such a good boy, so quiet."

Alex smirked. "When they were done an egg, and all the wax had beenmelted off, the eggs were varnished, then put on a rack to dry. I wouldstare at these beautiful creations, cherishing that I was allowed to bea part of it. These ladies would gossip about the goings on in the neighborhoodand produce these amazing works of art. You can buy them here in shops forhundreds of dollars. They never made a cent. They did it out of love oftheir god and their church."

"My Mom, she was proud of being Ukrainian. She took me there so I wouldknow about my heritage, her side of the family. From then on, whenever Isaw the eggs at Christmas, or Easter I would think of those ladies aroundthat table, creating these masterpieces... Every time I smell beeswax, Ithink of the eggs..." Alex drifted off and a grin spread across hisface. This was a good memory.

Mulder sat there, looking at his lover as his face changed from one of joyto one of sorrow.

Alex shrugged then breathed in sharply. "But that's all in the past,right? Now they don't know I'm alive, and this is the only thing I couldthink of to keep the memory with me." He sniffed and looked up at Mulder.

Mulder reached over and took Alex's hand in his and kissed it. He didn'tknow what to say.

Alex pulled his hand away and started unwinding the bandages. "Thisisn't supposed to come off for another 12 hours so we'll just take a peek,then close it up again, okay?" Alex sniffed again and undid the surgicaltape holding the bandage in place wrapped around his arm.

Mulder stared at the beautiful creation that encircled Alex's arm. The colorswere so vibrant, the pattern so intricate, full of little designs withinthe designs. It looked, remarkably, like a Ukrainian Easter Egg. "Wow,it looks great! Does it hurt?"

"It feels like a sunburn...now. When he was doing the underside ofmy arm, it hurt like a sonofabitch." Alex smirked. "The colorwon't be quite as intense after it scabs for a week or two. I have to makesure I keep it clean and moisturize it daily."

"It's very good, lots of detail. What are all these little symbols?"Mulder wanted to touch it but held back.

"The meandering ribbons and belts on the top and bottom border meaneternity. They are black, symbolizing remembrance. So I can always remembermy heritage and my family. There is a cross around the back." Alexlifted his arm to show Mulder. "To represent faith. Not faith in godbut faith in myself. After all I've been through, I must have faith in something,right?" Alex laughed then put his arm down again. "The sun onthe front and the stars that surround it represent life, growth and goodfortune. The pattern that's inside is violet to represent power. The starsare blue for health. See the small horses and deer symbols that run alongthe bottom border? They represent wealth and prosperity. That bottom bandjust above the border is brown for happiness."

Mulder pointed to the Cyrillic writing under the sun design. "What'sthis say?"

Alex licked his lips and looked at Mulder. "That's the only Russianpart of the tattoo. I wanted to put the two parts of my family together.My mom's Ukrainian side, my Dad's Russian side. The first word says Aleksei,the other says Lisitsa. They are done in red to represent love."

Mulder raised his eyebrows. "Lisa? Who's Lisa?"

Alex took a deep breath. " Lisitsa means Fox in Russian. Basicallythis says I'll love you forever, but if you piss me off, I'll come afteryou." Alex gave a little laugh.

A shock ran through Mulder's body; he looked at Alex, eyes growing wide."You tattooed my name on your arm?"

Alex started wrapping the bandage around his arm again. He fastened it allalong with the extra surgical tape the tattoo artist had given him. He lookedat Mulder. "Yeah, I tattooed your name on my arm."

"You didn't have to scar yourself for me, Alex," he said uneasily.

"It's covering the scars. I don't want to be reminded of the betrayaland agony I put you through. I love you." Alex leaned over and kissedMulder before whispering, "Lisitsa, moi lyubov."

"I love you too, Alex. I just can't get over that you put my name onyour body."

"Why not?"

"Because it's permanent, for life."

"I know."

Mulder stood up and paced for a second. "This is serious shit, yourealize. This isn't like a...a ring or something that can be taken off.This is permanently etched into your arm."

"Fox, I know what getting a tattoo means. It's forever, for life, likeyou said. What's the matter? You don't like it?"

"I like it, it's beautiful, it's just a little much."

"A little much? Much what?"

"It's a little...much."

"Too much of what? A commitment?" He couldn't believe this.

"Yes...no...shit." Mulder sat down on the couch again beside Alex.He ran his hands through his hair and looked into his lover's eyes. "Thisis a big step."

"No shit! What's the problem?"

"We never discussed this. Going this far. I thought we were going totake things slow."

"I thought we *were*."

"Not when you go out and permanently etch my name in your arm, it'sa very heavy thing."

"You know, *you're* the one who asked me to move in with you a monthago. I wouldn't have done this if I didn't mean it." He pointed tohis arm. "I thought we were meant for each other."

Mulder looked in Alex's eyes. "We *are* meant for each other. It's...it'sjust...devoting your whole life to one person. We've only really known eachother a few months."

"What are you saying?"

"What if you find someone else, what if...if it doesn't work out?"

"I'm willing to take that chance."

"I'm not sure that I am."

Alex gave him a glare before standing up and striding to the door. He quicklyput on his shoes and grabbed his jacket off of the chair. "If you didn'twant me to live with you and be with you, why the hell did you lead me onthis long? You just wanted to fuck me? Is that it? Your own personal littlefuck toy? Well fuck you!"

Mulder stood up and followed him to the door "Alex, wait, that's notwhat I meant." His pleas fell on deaf ears, Alex was already throughthe door. The door slammed. Mulder pounded his fist on the now closed door."That's not what I meant! Fuck!"

Mulder slumped to the floor and put his head in his hands. He pulled hisknees up to his chest and sat there cursing silently. He sat there for afew minutes before standing and making his way to the bedroom. Who knewhow long Alex would be gone? He got into his jogging gear, hoping to runaway the tension and give him time to think about things. He stretched andput on his walkman before leaving the apartment.


Alex lit a cigarette as soon as he got to the sidewalk. He then got in hiscar and started driving down street, not caring where he went. An hour laterhe found himself emptying three clips into an old mattress at the abandonedschool. Somehow, this always made him feel better. When the urge to shootsomeone, anyone was strong, he settled for the mattress instead.

He pulled the trigger a few more times, getting the clicks of the emptygun. "Aw shit, now I'm out of ammo. I just bought ammo." He sighedand sat down on the lone chair in the gym.

What the hell was wrong with Mulder? He asks him to move in with him, begshim even, now he doesn't want a relationship? He rubbed the bandages coveringhis arm, the tattoo was starting to scab and itch. What did Mulder want,then? Why was he so freaked out by this?

"I guess there's only one way to find out," he said as he stoodup and lit another cigarette before making his way home.


Mulder entered the apartment, not expecting Alex to be there. An unopenedbag of Chinese food was on the dining room table. He walked into the livingroom where he found Alex sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, watchingtelevision.


Silence from Alex.

Mulder took a breath. "Look, Alex," he started before runninghis hand through his hair. "I'm an idiot. I'm stupid."

Alex turned off the television and looked up at Mulder. His green eyes werecold and full of hurt. "Continue."

Mulder knelt before his lover. "I'm scared, Alex. The last time I madea commitment, it turned out bad. We couldn't stand each other after thefirst few years." He sighed. "I thought a lot about what we saidto each other, and you're right. *I'm* the one who asked you to move in.*I'm* the one who gave you the key. *I'm* the one who made you buy the bed.I'm so fucking stupid." He chewed the inside of his lip. "I havethis wonderful person who wants to love me, and I should just shut my mouthand let him."

"Yes, you should." He touched Mulder's shoulder. "Why areyou so scared?"

"I don't know. We haven't been together that long, you just moved inthree weeks ago. I...do we really even know each other?"

"Jesus Christ, Mulder. I'm not asking you to marry me or anything.All I did was get a tattoo." Alex looked at him for a minute. "Doyou really think we don't know each other that well?"

"What do you think?"

"I think we know each other better than we know ourselves. Don't thinkI don't know that you kept tabs on me and found out all my little dirtysecrets, Mulder. As I did with you."

"You kept tabs on me? Imagine that." Mulder took Alex's hand inhis.

Alex grinned.

"I...Like I said, I'm scared. Everyone I love eventually gets tiredof me and leaves." His eyes looked down at the couch. "Or abducted,or killed, or almost gets their arm amputated by a bunch of crazy Russianswho fear smallpox inoculations."

Alex smiled, recognizing the humor as an attempt to cover not only an awkwardsituation, but an apology as well. "I'm not going to leave you. I'mnot going to get tired of you either."

Mulder looked up at him through his lashes and bit his lower lip. "Promise?"

Oh god, he was doing that on purpose. That look shot right down to his cock."I promise." Alex leaned in and kissed his lover. "I havea short fuse, sometimes I overreact to things."

"Doesn't matter." Mulder caressed Alex's thighs. "As longas you don't shoot me, I'm happy."

Alex kissed Mulder again. //He didn't say anything about not shooting otherpeople.//

Mulder stood up and stretched. "I'm taking a shower, want to join me?"

Alex stood to face his lover and pointed to his arm. "I can't get thisthing wet until tomorrow."

"Oh, I forgot about that." Mulder started to pout.

"Don't give me that little pouty face. When you come out of the shower,we'll eat, okay?" He gave Mulder a kiss.

"Okay." He turned and went into the bathroom.

Alex walked over to the dining room table and started digging the cartonsof Chinese food out of the bag.


Mulder came out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist. He paddeddown to the bedroom and nearly passed out when he saw what was before him.First of all, every candle they had was lit and scattered around the bedroom.Second of all, Alex was lying naked on the bed. Well, he was almost naked,save for the strategically placed Chinese food.

"My, my, my," Mulder whispered.

"I told you we would eat after you got out of the shower."

Mulder stripped off his towel and knelt on the bed beside Alex, not knowingwhere to start. He could not believe he did this.



"Can you do me a favor? Can you please eat the Cashew chicken withcurry first?"


"The curry is burning my chest."

Mulder laughed as he brought his tongue down to the small mound of foodin the middle of Alex's chest. He ate the chicken and cashews, lapping upall the curry sauce.

Alex sighed at the feel of his lover's tongue on his chest.

"Mmmm, you're right. It is spicy." He moved up to share the tastewith his lover, his tongue probing inside the other man's mouth. Alex moanedencouragement.

The tender slivers of BBQ pork were next, Mulder paying special attentionto the nipples underneath, licking and nipping at them, teasing them toimpossibly hard nubs.

Alex arched into Mulder's touch. His cock was throbbing. He knew Mulderwould probably leave his cock until last, just to torture him. He gaspedas Mulder bit and tugged one of his nipples.

Mulder pulled away and stared down at Alex's body, deciding next to feaston the snowpeas leading a trail down to his navel.

Alex moaned as Mulder's tongue, still warm from the spicy curry, snakeda trail down his chest and abdomen. He sighed. "This was such a goodidea."

Mulder did not reply as he was now sampling the fried rice in Alex's bellybutton.He traced lazy circles with his tongue around and around, getting everylast grain of rice. Once he was done, he moved down to the beef with broccolicovering Alex's thighs. The sauce was particularly thick and savory, a lotof licking and sucking was required.

Alex whimpered as Mulder lingered on the crease where leg met body, so closeto touching his throbbing cock, yet so far. He bit his lip and twisted thesheets in his hands as every lap of Mulder's tongue drove him closer toinsanity.

Mulder licked every morsel, every little bit of food from Alex's body, ignoringhis cock, knowing he was driving the younger man insane. Now was time tofinish his meal. Snaking a trail up Alex's thighs, he came upon the lastpart of the Chinese food. Alex's large erection was wrapped in thick, lusciousLo Mein noodles.

"Oh Alex, how did you know?"

Alex smiled, then gasped as Mulder descended upon him.

Mulder took the tip of one of the noodles in his mouth and sucked it up,watching it unwind from Alex's cock.

"Mmmmmm, Alex, these are so good. Mmmmmm."

Alex's cock twitched, the sound of Mulder's voice enjoying himself was enoughto make him shiver. He whimpered as Mulder unwound another noodle from hiscock.

Mulder sucked every noodle up, one by one until all they were gone, leavingAlex's cock glistening with sauce and a few bits of Cilantro. Mulder greedilylicked the gleaming skin, bringing shudders to the man below him. He engulfedAlex's cock with his mouth, taking him deep into his throat, sucking andlicking all the sauce.

Alex's eyes rolled back into his head. Oh yeah, this was an awesome idea,he should have done this long ago. He was close, another couple of flicksacross the slit in the tip from Mulder's tongue was going to send him overthe edge.

"Mulder, I'm gonna..."

Mulder took his head off of Alex's cock. "We can't have that, can we?"Mulder prowled up to lay beside his lover and took him in his arms. Hisown cock aching. He kissed Alex, running his tongue over his lips and insidethe hot interior of his mouth. After a few minutes, he stopped and lookedinto Alex's eyes.

"That, Skippy, deserves something extra special. Stand."

Alex wasn't sure that he could with the hard-on he had. Somehow, he managedand was now facing Mulder, who moved him around to the end of the heavywrought-iron, four-poster bed.

Mulder kissed Alex passionately on the mouth. "Stay." He wentover to the night table drawer and got out the velvet-lined wrist cuffsand tube of lubricant, which he put on the dresser behind them. "It'sbeen awhile, Skippy, I know how much you like these things."

"Oh baby, you know it."

Mulder gently turned Alex around, then raised his arms, cuffing his wriststo the cross-bar at the top of the bed. He lay a towel along the bottomof the mattress before spreading Alex's legs wide, caressing his ass cheekswith his hand.

"You know, Alex, I was hurt by that *fucktoy* remark you made earlier.While I enjoy fucking you, I also enjoy being with you."

"I'm sorry."

"I don't think you are. I think you should be punished." Withthat statement, Mulder lifted up his hand and smacked it hard on Alex'sright ass cheek.

Alex moaned. "I'm sorry, Fox, really, I am."

"Are you? Say my name in Russian again. Tell me I'm yours. Tell meit's forever."

"You're mine, Lisitsa, moi lyubov. You are mine. I am yours."

Mulder lifted his hand again and again, alternating ass cheeks until theywere bright pink. Alex moaned with each strike, his cock growing harderand harder.

"Forever, Alex?"

"Forever, Lisitsa."

"That's what I wanted to hear," Mulder said as he let one lastslap land on Alex's ass. Lubing up two of his fingers, he entered them intoAlex, gaining a sigh from his lover. Mulder teased the hot channel, strokingthe prostate, watching sweat form a fine sheen all over his lover's body.

Alex started bucking against the fingers in his ass. "Fox, please,please," he begged.

"Okay Skippy, I'm all yours." He removed his fingers and replacedthem with the head of his slicked up cock. Slowly, he entered Alex, oneagonizing inch at a time until he was fully buried inside. He leaned forwardand rested his head on Alex's shoulder. "Just give me a 'sec,"he breathed.

Finally, an eternity later, he began to move in and out of Alex. He wrappedone arm around Alex's chest and put a hand on his hip. Mulder began movingthe younger man's hips back to meet his thrusts.


"You want harder, Aleksei?"

"Oh yeah, baby, harder. Fuck me hard!"

Mulder slammed into Alex, his hips bouncing off of that wonderful ass. Theyweren't going to last long at this pace. Mulder reached around and grabbedAlex's cock with his still-slick hand. He pumped Alex in time with his movements,whispering his name into his ear.

"Oh Alex, I love you, I love your ass, come for me baby, come for me."

On that command, Alex cried out as he exploded onto the towel on the bed.He grabbed the chains holding the wrist-cuffs to keep himself from collapsing.

Mulder was right behind him, moaning incoherently as he came. A shudderran through his body, he thought his head was going to explode. Breathingheavily, he dropped his head to rest on Alex's shoulder again. Joined forminutes, they stood there, Mulder's strong arms wrapped around the pantingman before him.

"Oh Skippy, you are so much fun." He kissed the back of Alex'sneck. Finally, he removed himself from Alex's ass and cleaned them up.

They flopped into bed, arms around each other. Suddenly, Alex's stomachgrumbled. Both men laughed. "Come on, Conundrum, let's get you somedinner."


Dim light crept around the blinds and filtered into the bedroom. Two men,limbs entwined, slowly woke. Hazel eyes blinked open to see the small, roundhead lying on his chest. A hand reached up to stroke the hair, lips movedforward to kiss it.

Green eyes opened then fluttered shut for a moment as a yawn overtook Alex.He squeezed the warm body underneath him. The dull thud of a heartbeat filledhis ear. He moved his head slightly and kissed the chest beneath him, thehairs tickling his nose. He shifted, moving up to meet Mulder's lusciouslips.

They kissed tenderly, eyes closed. Lips pressed together, hardly moving,their hands explored each other slowly. Fingertips caressed skin, handsran along limbs, feeling every bump, every dip.

Alex rolled over on top of Mulder, pressing his weight down on him. He letout a sigh as their erections rubbed together. He kissed Mulder again, thistime letting his tongue move past his lips. Pulling away, he reached overto the night stand and brought over the tube of lubricant.

Mulder held out his hand as Alex spread three fingers liberally with thecool slickness. His mouth searched for his lover's again as he preparedhim. Minutes later, Alex was moving against the fingers, whimpering to besatisfied.

Alex sat up for a second to slick Mulder's cock, then gently slide himselfonto it. When his lover was fully embedded, he leaned forward again, totaste his sweet lips.

Slowly they made love, barely moving, just joined. Lips met lips, tonguesdanced with one another, sighs shared.

Alex then sat up. Entwining Mulder's fingers with his own, he rocked backand forth, then set a fast pace up and down on Mulder's cock. He threw hishead back as his prostate was teased over and over again.

Mulder looked up into Alex's eyes, they blazed an emerald glass green. Hewas so beautiful. He untangled one hand and began stroking Alex's cock.He ran his hand up and over the smooth skin, his thumb spreading the pre-cum around. Alex then closed his eyes, his thick ridge of lashes sweepingacross his cheek. Sweat glistened on his brow and his upper lip, sweat Mulderwanted to lick.

Alex moved up and down for a few more thrusts until he sent him and hislover over the edge to bliss. Alex remained upright as his hot fluid shotonto his own chest and Mulder's abdomen.

Mulder cried out Alex's name as he bucked his hips up and emptied himselfinside his lover. Bright lights went off behind his eyelids for a second,then they were gone.

Smiling, Alex looked down at the sated face of his lover. His face was flushed,eyes glassy. He bent down and licked a spot of cum off of Mulder's chinbefore kissing him, sharing the essence.

Mulder moaned into Alex's mouth. He could tell this was just the beginningof another marathon session. He pulled away and let Alex clean him up. Hewas hungry, it was time for breakfast. Grinning to himself, he ponderedif he could talk Alex into slathering himself in scrambled eggs and bacon.


Remember how I said Part 9 was the end? I lied. I just can't keep away frommy Boys.