X-Files M/K
Title: Boys XI: Aisle 5
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language, m/m sex and s&m.

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Warning: This has safe, sane and consensual BDSM and sex between two men.

Spoilers: All Krycek episodes. Set in the beginnings of Season Six but before SR819.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm broke.

Summary: Alex has been a bad little boy and needs to be punished.

Note: This is the Boys universe and in it Krycek has BOTH arms - if you can't deal with that then too bad.

This story is for Orithain - Happy Birthday!!!!! She thought that brat!Alex was intriguing, so I paired him with dominant!Mulder - just for fun. Thank you to Aries, Sue & Orithain for supreme beta.

Boys XI: Aisle 5 - by Nicole S.

Alex was watching Jeopardy when Mulder came home, shouting out the answers in the form of a question. He barely acknowledged his greeting and kiss before going into the bedroom to change.

"Sicily! What is Sicily! Rome? You outta your fucking mind? How the hell did you ever get on this show? Rome?"

Mulder came back into the living room, turned off the television and sat on the coffee table, facing Alex.

"You're making me miss Double Jeopardy, you know?"

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the picture you e-mailed me at work today." Mulder smiled at him.

"You liked that huh? I told you that digital camera was a good idea." Alex reached over and stroked Mulder's thigh.

"I liked it very much, but so did Scully and Barnes and Pearson."

"What do you mean?"

"Alex," Mulder stood and raked his fingers through his hair. "Alex, you can't send pictures of your dick to me at work. I don't have my own office anymore; I share an office with nine other people!"

"I was just trying to cheer you up."

"It's...you can't do things like that, Alex! I'm in enough shit as it is with the Bureau. Thank god that Kersh wasn't around, or I'd be on the street begging for pennies."

"Fox, you know I have enough money for the both of us..."

"That's not the point! You can't send me naked pictures of you, at work!"

"My face wasn't showing..."

Mulder let out a cry of frustration and started pacing back and forth in front of Alex. Somehow, he was going to have to pound into his skull that he had to think before he acted. Too many times, they had been out in public and Alex had practically mauled him in front of a crowd. He had tackled him while jogging one day, dragged him into the bushes and sucked his cock until he begged for mercy. //Well *that* was fun, but that doesn't matter; it was wrong. For a guy who is very careful and thoughtful in his work, he's a basket case when it comes to his personal life; he turns into an eight year old.// Mulder turned to look at Alex; that shit eating grin was on his face again.

"This isn't just about the picture you sent me today; it's about the Gap, buying the bed, that gas station in Bucksnort wherever it was. Alex, I cannot go into that Starbucks on the corner anymore; you and I just aren't welcome! I have to go three miles out of my way to get coffee now!"

Alex laughed, "They shouldn't have put so much whipped cream on that Mocha; I needed to put it somewhere to save for later."

"Alex, you wiped it on my chest and licked it off."

"And? I seem to recall that you enjoyed yourself."

"It...that's beside the point, it was a public place! Don't you care?"

"I thought we were beyond what people thought of us? You said yourself that when they find out at the Bureau, then they find out."

Mulder laughed in frustration, "I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about normal people, going about their day. Those people in the next booth at Pizza Hut who wondered why I was moaning."

"Well, if they don't like a blow job with their pizza, then they're missing out."

Mulder threw his hands up in the air, exasperated. "This is just what I'm talking about! Alex, you're a brat!"

"A brat?"

"Yes, a brat."

"Like Dennis the Menace?"

"Very much so."

Alex snorted, "What do you want me to do? I happen to like having fun."

Mulder rolled his eyes, "I like having fun too, just...tone it down in public, okay?"

"Fine! Whatever! You're taking this way too seriously."

Mulder sat down beside him on the couch, "In the meantime, I'm going to punish you."

"Punish me?" Alex snorted again before a gleam started in his eyes. "How are you going to punish me?"

Mulder grabbed Alex's hand and dragged him to the bedroom. He ripped off Alex's t-shirt, "You know exactly how brats need to be punished, Alex. They need a good, solid spanking."

Alex couldn't contain his smile as Mulder bound his hands in the wristcuffs that were now permanently attached to the crossbar at the top of the large, wrought-iron bed. His cock started to harden as Mulder undid his jeans and pulled them down around his ankles. Mulder ran his hands up Alex's body, over his shoulders and back down towards his front. He pinched Alex's nipples, making them into hard buds before moving down to stroke his cock for a minute.

"Spread your legs, and no talking, Alex."

Mulder stood back and looked at his lover, bound to the bed. He liked him like this, he was quiet and under his control. It was funny how Alex relented and even liked being dominated in the bedroom, when clearly he could not be tamed in the outside world. He turned towards the bureau behind him and opened the top drawer. A paddle, a leather flogger and a strap were inside. There were also various toys, but he wasn't in the mood to play.

"What shall it be, Alex? The paddle? We haven't used that in a while, have we?"

Alex's cock twitched and grew harder at Mulder's words. He loved the paddle, the feel of the smooth wood, the sound of the slap as it hit his ass. He closed his eyes and swallowed; just thinking about it made the pre-cum start to flow.

Mulder adjusted Alex's stance slightly, making sure that his balls would not get damaged in any way. When he was satisfied, he stood back and admired the view again. He knew Alex was very hard; this was now standard in their sexual practice. He also knew that Alex was expecting to come sooner rather than later.

"Do NOT come, Alex."

Alex nodded his head.

"Excuse me, I didn't hear you."


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir."

"I mean it, Alex, you come and you won't be coming for a week."

"Yes, sir."

Alex quivered with anticipation. He had been a real good boy and tried very hard not to jerk off all week. He had faltered only once in the shower, after watching some videotape he had forgotten about. For someone who was used to relieving himself once a day, he thought he was doing pretty good.

Mulder stroked Alex's ass with the paddle, hearing his lover gasp when the smooth wood caressed his ass cheeks. He too was hard; he hadn't fucked Alex in a few days, and he wanted him bad. He patted Alex lightly twice, indicating he was about to start doling out his discipline.

Alex was sweating and breathing heavily; this was the best part, knowing you were going to be punished, waiting for the blows. He bent his knees slightly and thrust his ass out to meet the paddle. Pre- cum dripped from his cock as he anticipated the first swat.

Mulder brought his hand back and was just about to swing forward when he stopped himself. He stepped to the side and shook his head, grinning.


Alex's face fell. All he could feel was the throbbing in his cock and the fact that his ass wasn't tingling. He opened his mouth, then shut it again; he wasn't supposed to talk, but this was serious.

"Wait a minute, what do you mean, no?"

"I'm not going to paddle you."

"You're not going to paddle me? But...but I've been bad, I need to be punished," Alex whimpered.

Mulder came around so he could see Alex's face which was contorted in an example of frustration. He smirked, "No, Alex. I think I'm going to punish you in a different way."


"Hush," Mulder commanded.

Alex looked as if he was going to say something but thought better of it. The corners of his mouth turned down in a pout; he wasn't liking this at all.

Mulder went back to the bureau and put the paddle away. He brought out a long, leather thong and brought it over to where Alex was bound.

"I've been thinking, Alex. You need to be taught a lesson on how to act in public. I am going to take you out tonight, and you'd better behave." He wrapped the thong around Alex's cock and balls a few times, making a knot tight enough to cause discomfort, yet not so tight as to lose circulation. He pulled Alex's jeans up and refastened them over the bulge, leaving the remainder of the thong to dangle over the waistband.

He stood back and looked at his handiwork. He had certainly made Alex look miserable. He patted the bulge in the front of Alex's jeans before reaching up to uncuff him from the bed. "We're going grocery shopping, Skippy. If you're a good boy, I'll let you suck me off later. If you're a very good boy, I may even let you come as well. Now put your shirt back on, and get ready to go."

Alex turned to retrieve his t-shirt from the bed where Mulder had put it earlier. He had never played this kind of game before, and he didn't like it. There was a certain way they did things - Alex would get his ass paddled, then Mulder would fuck him and take care of him. This certainly was *not* the way it was supposed to be. He got a sweater out of the closet. //God, my balls feel like they're going to burst with this thing around them. It feels...it feels kind of good.// He smiled to himself as he put the black sweater on; maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Mulder greeted him at the door and waited until he had his leather jacket on before he cuffed his hands behind his back. Alex looked at him as if he had gone insane.

"Skippy, seeing as though you just cannot behave, I can't take any chances, can I? You have to be restrained for my, and your own, safety." He tugged on the leather thong dangling out of Alex's jeans, "Come on, Skippy, let's go shopping."

Mulder led Alex down to the car by the leather thong. //God, if this doesn't say something, I don't know what does,// Alex thought to himself. He was finding it hard to keep quiet, a dozen wisecracks on the tip of his tongue. He clenched his teeth together and bit his cheeks to keep from uttering a word.

Mulder opened the passenger side door and told Alex to get in. Memories of the last time Mulder had him cuffed in a car ran through his mind. That hadn't turned out well at all; they had ended up in Russia, and then... Alex closed his eyes and willed the images away; that was a different time, and they were different people. Mulder wouldn't do that to him again...would he?

He watched as Mulder got in the driver's side and leaned over towards him, "Let me uncuff you." Relief ran through Alex's mind for a second before Mulder cuffed him to the door handle.

"So far, Skippy, you're behaving remarkably well." Mulder leaned over again and kissed him, his tongue entering the moist interior, stroking the smooth insides and dancing with Alex's tongue. He pulled away and gave the leather thong a solid tug. He watched Alex's eyes widen and a gasp come out of his mouth. He could see he wanted to say something, but he also knew Alex's pride would keep his mouth shut. Smirking to himself, he started the car and pulled away.

//Holy fuck, did that hurt!// Alex let his breath out slowly as the tingling in his balls decreased. //Well, it hurt in a good way.// Whatever stiffness his cock had lost at the thought of not being paddled was now back from that little tug. He now understood Mulder's torture and punishment that he was going to inflict on him. Whenever he was going to get soft or get distracted, Mulder was just going to pull on that little string and send his cock and balls into a frenzy again. He almost whimpered but caught himself in time. He wanted to be able to come at some point in the evening.

Mulder turned the radio on and drove down the street before getting on the freeway. "You know, Skippy, I'm thinking if we need groceries, we should go to that really big store in the suburbs. You know, the one with all the college kids and middle class housewives? I think they'd like to see what a double agent/assassin does on his down time, whatcha think?"

Alex just stared straight ahead.

"Good, I knew you'd see it my way."

They drove in silence, save for the radio. Mulder's right hand was across the seat in Alex's lap, playing with the knot at the end of the leather thong. Every once in awhile, he would pull on it, eliciting a sigh from his lover. Suddenly, Mulder veered off the expressway and onto an off-ramp. Mulder drove them to the back of a parking lot at a strip-mall. There were no lights here, and there was hardly anyone around. Mulder turned to Alex.

"Skippy, you know when you're so horny that you just have to get off, no matter what? Well, I'm feeling like that right now, so I think you should suck my dick."

Alex wet his lower lip with his tongue as Mulder undid his pants and slid them down to reveal his dripping erection. He tugged at the cuffs, indicating to Mulder that he wanted to be free.

"No, I don't think so. You can work with them on."

Alex moved over, his arm outstretched, still attached to the door as he leaned to Mulder's lap. It was hard to balance himself, but he managed to lean on an elbow, giving himself the ability to position his head over Mulder's cock. Mulder was as hard as a rock, making it easier for Alex to take him into his mouth.

Mulder sighed and leaned his head back against the headrest. He really needed this right now.

"That's it, Alex, suck on it. Do a good job and you'll be rewarded later."

Alex slurped up and down Mulder's shaft, using his tongue to trail up the vein at the back. His own balls were throbbing again, begging release; hearing his lover moaning wasn't doing him any good. He began to shift his hips a bit, creating the barest friction between the bulge in his pants and the seat. He was happily sucking on Mulder and digging his crotch into the seat when he felt a sharp pain in his balls. He cried out.

"No, Alex, " Mulder panted. "You can't come until I tell you to. Now finish sucking my cock."

Alex returned to his duty, swirling his tongue over the head, teasing and sucking at the slit at the top. He then began to move his mouth up and down over the hardness, sucking hard, moving faster with each stroke. Mulder came with a moan, bucking his hips, thrusting his cock deeper down Alex's throat. Alex swallowed as fast as he could, yet some of the semen seeped out the sides of his mouth and dribbled down to Mulder's lap. After he licked Mulder's cock clean, he lapped up the bits of cum that had landed on Mulder's belly, then sat up.

"Oh, that was great." Mulder moved in to kiss Alex, tasting himself on his lover's tongue, licking the spot of cum at the corner of his mouth. His hand went down to caress the bulge in Alex's jeans, deepening his kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into his mouth. When Alex began to pant, Mulder pulled away and did up his pants.

"We should really get those groceries." He started the car and began driving again.

Alex was a wreck. His pupils were dilated with arousal so that a bare rim of green showed around them. His cock was beyond throbbing; it was like a fucking jackhammer in his pants, aching, and his balls felt huge. He sat back against the seat, feeling the sweat roll down to pool in the hairs at the small of his back. He closed his eyes and thought of something to calm him down, but all he could think of was what he had just done. He bit his lip and let out a very tiny whimper before looking out the window to distract himself.

Finally, they came to the grocery store. Alex knew they were in trouble right away. The store they usually went to was a small independent in their neighbourhood, and the customers there were used to Alex skulking around, buying a few things at a time. The lighting was dim, the baked goods fresh, just what Alex liked. This place was bright and glaring with wide aisles of not only food, but clothing, furniture, a pharmacy and a coffeehouse.

Mulder made sure to park the car a good distance away before leaning over and uncuffing Alex. He nearly laughed at the look on his face. Alex was pleading with him to let this pass, his green eyes drooping like a puppy-dog's. He got out of the car and went around to open Alex's door. He then uncuffed him from the door and cuffed his hands together.

Alex looked at the cuffs then back up at Mulder's face, which just showed signs of amusement. //He can't be fucking serious!//

"I know what you're thinking, and yes, I am serious. You are going to behave while we are in here. You are not going to touch anything or talk to anyone unless I give you permission. You are going to restrain yourself from muttering under your breath, or complaining. I know how much you like to mutter. This is going to be a challenge. Is that clear?"

//Fuck.// "Yes, sir."

"Good, now let's go."

They walked into the store, Alex already starting to sweat as he saw the "greeter" at the front door.

"Good evening, gentlemen, how are you this evening?"

"We are just fine, right Skippy?"

//Aw, Mulder, don't make me talk to people.// He took a deep breath before answering, "Yes."

Mulder turned them away from the greeter and tugged on the leather thong. "When I tell you to speak, you speak, don't hesitate, you got that?"

"Yes, sir," Alex whimpered.

Mulder looked around for a minute, seeing the coffeehouse in the corner. He knew how much Alex liked coffee, maybe he could have some fun with him in there. He turned to Alex, "How would you like a coffee, Alex?"

Relief broke out across Alex's face; maybe with a caffeine fix in his body, he could handle this horrible place. "I would love one, sir."

Mulder led them to one of the small tables inside the small store, where he immediately cuffed Alex's hands behind his back to the chair. Alex tried to appear nonchalant, but a table of teenagers nearby started giggling and pointing at him. //Great, I can't reach my gun, and I just *know* I want to kill all these people.// He looked around at the decor and read the menu on the wall a dozen times before Mulder came back.

"It's busy in here, lots of kids." Mulder put a clear plastic cup on the table which contained some sort of iced drink.

Alex looked at Mulder's other hand and saw it was empty. Disappointment ran through him; he could smell the coffee in the air; he could practically taste it on his tongue. Since he quit smoking, coffee was the only thing that kept him sane. He saw Mulder pick up the drink and take a sip, then he offered it to Alex.

"Have some, it's good."

Alex took the straw in his mouth and sucked on it. Whatever was in this cup wasn't too bad; it tasted vaguely like coffee, but it was cold. //Coffee should be hot, dammit.// He released the straw from his lips and swallowed then grimaced.

"It's iced cappuccino, decaf."

Alex looked at him in horror; Mulder knew Alex's stand on decaf. He glared at the table of teenagers that had just broken out into an uproar of laughter about something. This was not a good time.

"Have some more, Alex." Mulder put the straw up to his lips again. Alex was going to refuse, but he had a better idea. He took the straw in his mouth and sucked on it, caressing the plastic tube with his tongue. He moved his mouth down then up over the straw, showing Mulder his pink tongue as he pulled up. He did this a couple of times before sucking up a healthy amount of the drink and swallowing. He looked up, and an amused hazel gaze met his own.

Mulder licked his lower lip; his cock was starting to harden; he just knew that Alex would try to turn him on. "Very clever, Skippy, I might even let that one pass. But if you do it again, the groceries are riding up front with me, and you're going in the trunk." He finished the drink then uncuffed Alex and led him to the grocery part of the complex.

Mulder got a shopping cart out of the holding area and promptly cuffed Alex to it. They started to walk through the produce department, Mulder putting various fruits and vegetables in the cart. The store was mostly empty, save for a few students and people on their way home from a late night at the office.

Alex stood there, his one hand cuffed to the shopping cart, the other one inside the pocket of his leather jacket. His cock was starting to deflate, and he was starting to feel grumpy. While what they were doing was fun in the car, that whole coffee episode had put him in a bad mood.

Mulder came back from getting some celery and saw the scowl on Alex's face. He casually reached down and tugged on the thong, making Alex gasp again. "No use getting surly, you're going to be here until I tell you we can leave."

He then wheeled the cart to the end of the produce section, where a woman had a display table set up.

"Would you gentlemen like to try some pineapple?"

"Well now, I'm partial to pineapple." Mulder turned to Alex, "Do you like pineapple?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then yes, we'll try some pineapple." Mulder grabbed the toothpick that held the piece of fruit and put it in his mouth. "Mmmmm, very sweet." Mulder plucked another piece of pineapple off the tray and removed the toothpick from it. He held the morsel up to Alex's lips, which parted, letting the piece of yellow flesh between them.

Alex closed his eyes and ran his tongue along Mulder's fingers, licking up the drops of juice that clung to them before sucking on them gently. He released them quickly and swallowed, then opened his eyes. He looked up at Mulder, who was not amused. The eyes of the lady offering the samples were wide, and her mouth was open. Mulder turned to the woman and said thank you before wheeling the cart away and down an aisle.

"You think that's funny, Skippy?" Mulder leaned closer to Alex, his hands creeping over to caress one of Alex's thighs for a moment before finding the length of leather poking out the waistband of his jeans. He gave it a violent yank, sending Alex reeling, a small yelp leaving his mouth. "Now, that's funny!"

Mulder sat back and watched Alex try to come down from the painful reminder of who was boss tonight. Alex was gasping for air and pressing his legs together. "Oh, it's not that bad," Mulder chided. Finally, he continued his journey, practically dragging Alex along with him. //He has to learn his lesson, somehow.//

Alex had to come. There was no question about it. His balls felt like they were ten feet wide; his cock was very hard; just walking sent him into a frenzy. He knew it was going to be awhile before they left here. He should have just behaved himself, and Mulder would have gotten bored and left early. Aisle after aisle of food items came before him, turning into a blur; he didn't care if he ever ate again. Alex looked up at the clock on the wall; they had been here an hour, and they were only half way through. He stifled a yawn which immediately came with a yank on the thong.

"You didn't think I would forget about that, did you?" Mulder steered the cart around a corner to an aisle completely devoid of people. Mulder stopped and pressed himself up against Alex, kissing him, digging his crotch into Alex's. He pulled on the leather thong again, feeling his lover wince. Then he broke free, both men panting.

Alex found it hard to walk for a few steps due to the throbbing in his crotch. Thank god his leather jacket covered that area of his body, or people would really be staring at him. They were looking at him as it was, being handcuffed to the cart. Mulder greeted everyone they saw, causing them to look at Mulder, then Alex and the handcuffs, finally back at Mulder and either shake their heads or give an amused smile.

Towards the back of the store, there was hardly anyone around, and Mulder was tugging on the leather thong more and more now. Finally, he just pulled him along with it, stopping every once in awhile to put a few things in the cart. They got to the bakery section where there were samples of chocolate chip cookies available.

Mulder went up to the sample stand, Alex and the cart in tow. There were two kids there, fighting over who got the bigger piece of cookie. Mulder could see their mother over at the counter picking up what looked like a birthday cake. He was about to push the cart by them when one of the kids piped up, "Look at that man, he's got handcuffs on. Why does he have handcuffs on?"

Mulder stopped and smiled at the kid, "Skippy's been a very bad boy, haven't you, Skippy?"

Alex nearly rolled his eyes but stopped himself. "Yes, sir, I've been bad."

The kids looked at Alex and Mulder in horror then ran to their mother, looking back and pointing. Their mother quickly ushered them out of the bakery section and down to the check-out.

Mulder turned to Alex, noticing his face flushed. "See how embarrassing that is? Do you understand why I'm punishing you like this?"

Alex nodded his head, //Might as well admit defeat so we can get the hell out of here.// "Yes, sir."

Mulder wheeled them over to the checkouts, stopping along the way to throw a bag of bagels in their cart, "I think we're done. Now let's go home, where I can really punish you." He tugged on the thong again, a small whimper leaving Alex's lips.

They loaded the groceries in the trunk and got in the car. Mulder stroked the bulge in Alex's pants and pulled on the thong all the way home, leaving him hard and panting. When they got back home, Mulder made Alex carry all the bags upstairs. He then told him to strip down and lie on the bed while he put the groceries away.

"Don't touch yourself, Alex."

Alex did as he was told, putting his clothes away. He looked at himself in the mirror in the corner before lying down; his balls were considerably larger than they were when they left this evening. He heard Mulder putting the groceries away. How long was he going to make him lie like this? He put his hands behind his head and tried not to think of what awaited him. It was no use; he needed release. His hands dug into the pillow under his head; he had to stop thinking about it, or he was going to come. Suddenly, pain ran through his groin again as Mulder yanked on the leather thong.

Mulder looked down at his lover, the expression on his face one of pain that had just replaced the one of passion. He wasn't done with Alex Krycek, not by a long shot.

"Stay like that, with your hands behind your head, and spread your legs."

Alex complied; he was getting anxious. He saw Mulder take off his clothes, fold them and place them neatly on the chair. Alex licked his lips; he wanted to suck on that hardening cock again.

"You may get to do that later, Alex," Mulder said, reading his mind. He stepped over to Alex, the flogger in his hand. He lightly caressed Alex's front with it, tracing the strips of soft leather along his skin. "I'm going to punish your front, then your back, Alex."

"Yes, sir."

"Do you want to be punished, Alex?"

"Yes, sir," he whispered.

"Good. Now relax."

Alex was breathing heavily from anticipation, his chest heaving. Finally, Mulder struck, across his thighs, the slap of the leather echoing throughout the room. He jumped slightly at the first blow, surprised more than hurt. He felt Mulder caress him again with the flogger before striking him again, this time over his nipples. Alex nearly moaned when Mulder began to caress him again with the leather strips. Hitting then caressing, hitting then caressing, each blow, each swipe of the leather driving him into an even more frenzied passion. He could feel each individual lash of the flogger hit his skin; he relished the pain that it brought; he wanted more and more every time they hit his skin.

Mulder continued his onslaught on Alex's front, careful to make sure a few blows landed on his balls. He saw Alex's skin turning pink, and there were a few raised welts where he had hit him a little harder than the other blows. Finally, he decided he was done with the flogger.

"Okay, Alex, stand up."

He pulled Alex up to stand before him, then he moved his mouth down to kiss the welts that were on his torso, sucking in one of his nipples and biting on it. He pulled and tugged on it, watching it getting longer and redder. He continued to do so while he pulled and pinched the other one with his fingers, digging the nail in, hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to draw blood. When he was satisfied he had done enough, he stood up and kissed Alex.

Alex was sweating; tit play always left him so fucking hard. He was having a hard time keeping from coming, thinking about all sorts of morbid things to keep him from doing so. He even went back in his mind to that horrible missile silo for a second to keep himself from shooting his load.

"Did you like that, Alex?"

"Yes, sir."

"Hmmmm, good. You're such a good boy right now, Alex, I think you deserve the paddle."

"Thank you, sir."

Mulder led Alex over to the bottom of the bed where he cuffed him again. He then got out the paddle he had had in his hand earlier and started their routine. Mulder caressed Alex's ass with the paddle for awhile, tapping him twice on the ass to show he was ready. Alex thrust his ass out to meet the first blow which landed with a loud slap. Mulder aimed the wooden object at Alex's firm, round ass cheeks, making sure not to go any higher or any lower. With smooth, fluid strokes of his arm, he smacked Alex's ass with the wooden paddle, the sound of flesh and wood connecting making him hard.

Soon, Alex's ass was quite pink; his hands were gripping the chains that bound him to the bed. He was biting his lower lip and making a tiny whimpering sound with each blow. Then Mulder stopped. Alex's ass was tingling and burning from the blows; he knew it was over. He felt as Mulder brought his arms around him to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Skippy."

"Thank you, sir."

Alex licked his lips and spread his legs wide. He bent his knees a bit and waited for Mulder to prepare him. He felt fingers pull apart his ass cheeks as a cool digit entered him. He let out his breath slowly, the tiny bit of cool gel heaven on his hot ass. That finger was soon joined by another, then Mulder's cock started to enter him, slow at first, but then to the hilt with one shove.

Mulder rested for a minute. It was a good thing that he had made Alex suck him off earlier, or he would have been way too sensitive right now. He reached forward and grabbed onto the leather thong Alex was still wearing, pulling on it, hearing Alex whimper. He started to thrust into Alex, pulling on the thong.

"Yeah, Alex, your ass is so sweet. Do you want to come, Alex?"

"Yes, sir," he groaned.

Mulder quickened his pace, driving his cock into Alex, his hands on both hips, pulling on the thong with his thrusts.

"Come for me, baby, come for me."

Alex closed his eyes and clenched his hands around the chains that held him. He let out a loud cry, then came like he hadn't come in a long time; every nerve ending tingled; every part of his body felt like it was on fire. He felt Mulder stiffen behind him, then lean his forehead to rest against his shoulder as he had his own orgasm.

Both men were sweating and breathing heavily. Mulder kissed the back of Alex's neck, licking the salt of the sweat from the skin. He reached around and undid the thong from Alex's cock and balls, then reached up and uncuffed Alex from the bed.

"That's it, Alex."

Alex collapsed on the bed, too sore in all areas to do anything. He felt Mulder kneel on the bed beside him.

"Let me take care of you, Alex, front first."

Alex nodded and flipped over, his eyes still closed. He felt the cool aloe vera gel soothe his welts, Mulder's strong hands massaging him, making him feel loved all over. He rolled over and let Mulder deal with his ass, the long fingers and the gel soothing the pain away.

Mulder looked down at his lover, asleep after all that. He smirked to himself, and crawled in beside him, pulling the blanket up over them. He kissed Alex on his forehead before snuggling up with his arm around him and falling asleep.


The next morning, Alex left Mulder sleeping while he went to the washroom. He checked himself out in the mirror. His nipples were still sore, and he had large welts on his front. They only hurt if he touched them. His ass wasn't pink anymore, but it still tingled just the same. He padded back to bed and crawled in beside his lover, putting his arms around him and kissing his hairline. He watched Mulder wake up slowly, blinking the sleep out of his eyes.

"Good morning, lover." Alex kissed him on the mouth, lingering for a moment before pulling away.

"Hmmmmm, good morning. How's your ass?"

"I'll live."

Mulder grinned, "Did you at least enjoy yourself?"

"Immensely." Alex kissed Mulder again; this time he pushed his tongue between his lips, probing the moist interior of Mulder's mouth. He wrapped his arms around Mulder tighter, pressing the lengths of their bodies together. He felt Mulder press back and start to grind their crotches together.

"Alex, please fuck me."

"Fuck you? Right now?"

"Yes, right now, please, Alex, please."

Alex smiled as he reached over to the nightstand for the lube. He liked it when Mulder begged. He slicked up two fingers and quickly prepared Mulder, his fingers coating the smooth channel with the cool gel. He soon replaced the fingers with his cock, pushing in slowly past the tight ring of muscle.

"Yes, Alex. Fuck me Alex, I need it."

Mulder had his ankles over Alex's shoulders, his knees up to his chest as Alex started to pump into him. Alex was kissing him, fucking his mouth with his tongue as his cock fucked his ass. He needed more, wanted more, wanted to feel him in every cell of his body. He began to move his hips, helping Alex thrust deeper and deeper inside of him.

Alex reached down and grabbed Mulder's cock, pumping as erratically as his hips were moving. He had lost all control. He closed his eyes and let out a cry as he came deep into his lover. He felt Mulder come on his hand, the sticky, warm fluid dripping down to his wrist, before collapsing on top of him.

They lay there, kissing and caressing each other, Alex wincing once in awhile as Mulder moved his hands over the welts.

"I hope you learned your lesson last night, Skippy."

Alex smirked, "I learned not to send you for coffee."

Mulder tweaked one of Alex's still sore nipples, eliciting a small yelp, "Smartass."

"Yes, I learned my lesson. I'll be a good boy from now on."

"Thank you, Alex."

They lay there for a few minutes more before Alex spoke, "Just...don't open that courier package that will be on your desk Monday morning if you're not alone. Unless you want to ask Scully to help you put on the top harness I sent you."