X-Files M/K
Title: 110 CGU
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: None whatsoever.
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Summary: Hot in the city tonight! Silly, silly sex and schmoop.

Note: This is for Aries and Orithain who dragged this thought out of my brain last week. Thanks ever so much to the lovely Amy B. who did a fine job of beta on this puppy. Additional beta by Orithain and her comma.

110 CGU by Nicole S.

It was hot in the car. Not warm. Not cozy. But the humid, steamy kind of hot where, no matter how much you sweat, you don't cool down. The kind of heat that the guy on the radio tells you to stay inside or you'll die.

The air was heavy, not only with humidity, but from the heavy breathing and sweat of the two men who, for hours, had been writing naked up against each other. They were now still, lying on top of each other, spent from another session. The radio was playing softly in the background, unnoticed and unheard by the two men. A moan was released, then the sound of flesh being ripped from hot leather was heard.

"Holy shit!"

"You okay, babe?"

"I think I just ripped off my thigh."

Alex sighed, "My ass is getting sunburned, but I'm afraid to move. I may leave something attached to the seat."

Mulder looked up at the blue sky. A plane passed in the distance. "I don't think we should have opened the sunroof."

"Mulder, I couldn't breathe. It was stifling in here."

"Yeah but now..." Mulder waited until a jet passed over the car, throwing its shadow across the two men for a brief moment. "Now the pilots can see us."

"No, they can't."

"Yes, they can!"

"They're too busy flying their planes. They don't have time to notice..." Alex's voice drifted off as he looked up through the sunroof.

Mulder continued for him, "...to notice two men fucking in a Lincoln Towncar at the end of their runway?"

"Exactly. Besides, the windows are tinted."

"Alex, honey. We rolled them down."

"Oh, yeah."

"Trust me, Alex, we're giving the passengers on every flight out of here today a free show. I'd be surprised if we weren't arrested in ten minutes."

"We've been here for hours. If they haven't come by now, they're not coming."

"But we did, didn't we, Skippy?"

"Hmmmm....I love it when you're subtle."

Alex sat up, his skin making a ripping sound as it stuck to the leather. He let out a gasp, checked that his left side was still there, then looked down at
his come and sweat covered body. "We should really clean up."

"I like it when you're dirty." Mulder brought Alex's mouth to meet his own, tongue probing the moist interior.

Alex leaned over and pressed himself to Mulder, the come squelching between them. Mulder shifted, making a loud rubbing/farting noise as his ass moved along the hot leather. Alex released his mouth and laughed. Mulder looked embarrassed for about half a second but then started laughing along with him.

"Shut up," Mulder said and punched the former agent in the arm.

Alex kissed Mulder again, leaning them both back on the hot leather. He yelped as it burned his sensitive skin.

"Serves you right," Mulder said as he stroked Alex's thigh with his fingers.

"We should really try and be careful. I have to give this car back tomorrow."

"Where did you get it, anyway? Somehow you don't look like the Lincoln type."

"A *very* nice girl lent it to me."



"Uh-huh. Who is this woman?"

"She's an old friend. Like I said, she's very nice." Alex leaned his head down and licked some of the come off of Mulder's left nipple.

"Don't try to distract me. Who is she? Is there something I should know?"

"Would I ever try to distract you?" Alex flicked his tongue over the nipple rapidly. "She's just a friend. What's to know? I borrowed her car, no big deal." Alex ran his tongue up Mulder's neck and nibbled on his earlobe.

"Yeah, but why did you borrow her car?"

Alex now ran his tongue down Mulder's sticky torso. "I borrowed this car so I could fuck you in it."

Mulder sucked in his breath as Alex's tongue made a wet trail down to his groin. He was still sensitive from their last session, and his cock started leaking immediately. "I don't....ummmm...I don't believe....believe you...".

He arched his back as Alex nibbled along the delicate head of his cock.

"I'm just going to have to do a better job of convincing you, then," Alex said
just before his mouth descended on Mulder's cock, swallowing him to the base. He sucked up and down, his hand around the bottom. He then pulled up and paid attention to the head again, running the back of his tongue over the smooth skin and waited until Mulder began making small whimpering noises before he pulled off of him.

"Do you believe me now?"

"I think I need some more convincing."

Alex placed a kiss on the top of his lover's cock before he moved up to his chest again. The seats were getting slippery from the come and sweat that had dripped onto them. Alex winced as he moved upward; something was not right. "Shit, my ass really is burning."

Mulder reached down and felt it. "It's pretty hot."

"I know I've got a hot ass, but it's getting sunburned." Alex grinned at him before taking his right nipple in his mouth.

Mulder smacked Alex on his reddening ass cheeks, making him yell in mock pain. "If it is burnt, I've got just the cure for that."

"Yeah?" Alex lifted his head and looked up at his lover.

"Yeah, but it's at home."

Alex rolled his eyes and went back to teasing Mulder's nipple with his tongue.

"For now, I think a good fucking will make you feel better." Mulder dragged Alex across his lap. He then reached for the lube that was stuck in the door handle and squirted a large amount on one of Alex's pink cheeks. His now slick fingers probed Alex's ass, opening him wider, spreading the slick around the smooth walls.

Alex moaned but was unheard until the sound from another passing jet dissipated. He wiggled his ass and arched his back, wanting the fingers deeper inside. His cock pressed into the smooth leather, and he hoped that it didn't stick when he had to get up.

Soon, Mulder thought he was ready and pulled Alex up so he was on all fours. He maneuvered him around so he was draped over the seats. He then sat back and thought for a minute. Another plane went screaming overhead.

"C'mon, fuck me, baby. I'm ready."

"This isn't going to work."

"Yes it will. It worked when I was 15; it'll work now. C'mon, we've done this before."

"Stand up."


"Stand up with your head and chest out of the sunroof. That's the only way."

Alex stood and braced himself against the seat as Mulder came up behind him. There was just enough room for the two of them to squeeze through the rectangle cut into the top of the car.

The air was no cooler out here. The sun beat down on them as Mulder kissed Alex's neck. He positioned himself and started pushing into Alex's ass, nibbling on his earlobe. Stroking Alex's cock gently, Mulder began to move in and out of Alex. His hand wandered down to his balls, tugging on them slightly, squeezing them until Alex moaned.

"Harder, baby."

"You want it harder?"

"I like it hard; you know I like it hard. I want it rough."

"Are you sure? I don't think you want it," Mulder teased.

"Give it to me. Fuck me hard, dammit!" Alex snarled.

Mulder stopped moving into Alex and repositioned himself to get better footing. He squeezed Alex's cock, his finger flicking over the slit in the top.
Moving his hips again, he started to thrust in and out of Alex's ass, his fingers pinching and squeezing Alex's cock.

"Yeah, that's it, baby, fuck me," Alex moaned. Rivulets of sweat ran down his entire body, he could feel Mulder's sweat drop onto his back as well. The car was rocking back and forth, making a squeaking sound. His fingers dug into the leather back of the seat, bracing him for every thrust that jolted
his spine.

Mulder sped up his pace, digging as deep as he could into Alex's ass. He was breathing heavily and felt like he was going to pass out, but he wasn't sure if that was from heat stroke, sun stroke or the fact that he was going to
come for the fifth time in two hours. He leaned forward and bit Alex's shoulder, sucking on it, as his hips moved faster and faster.

Alex was babbling incoherently, pleasure coursing through his body in waves. The fingers encircling his cock were flicking over his slit again, making the pre-come flow and Mulder's hand slick. His breaths started to come in gasps. He wasn't far off; it wasn't going to take much more from those fingers and that cock to bring him to the brink.

Holding Alex's cock in his hand, Mulder pinched the skin on the underside of the head, bringing a yelp from his lover. He continued to bite into his shoulder, feeling his balls tighten, knowing his orgasm was close.

The pleasure and pain of Mulder pinching his cock and biting his shoulder sent Alex flying over the edge. Closing his eyes, he arched his back as far as he could in the tight space and let out a scream. No one heard him as a plane drowned out the noise. Mulder still bit into his shoulder as he shot long streams of come onto the leather seats. He felt Mulder shudder and the mouth released his shoulder.

Alex's head was spinning from the orgasm and the heat. Another plane passed overhead as Mulder pulled out of him and turned them around to face each other. They kissed, tongues dueling for dominance in each other's mouth. Finally they pulled away and looked at each other again.

"That was so intense, Skippy."

"Lover, that was incredible."

They kissed again and Alex could taste a tang of blood in Mulder's mouth and wondered just how deep the bite mark was in his shoulder. He didn't care, scars from Mulder were an honour; they complemented the tattoo he got a few months earlier.

They kissed for what seemed like a long time, still standing, heads and shoulders poking out of the sunroof. Suddenly, Alex heard sirens. He opened his eyes and looked down the access road. There were police cars coming their way.

"Uh-oh, busted."

"Holy shit! Alex, get us out of here!"

With a move that would rival Bo and Luke Duke, Alex hopped into the driver's seat of the car, pausing to scream as his tender ass hit the hot leather. He started the car and sped away, leaving Mulder to roll around in the back seat. Dust flew behind the car as they tore down the gravel road to a gate in the fence. Alex burst through the chain link, breaking the lock and
squealing down the street. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the cops were still chasing them. He drove through the warehouses that usually surrounded airports, running across parking lots and small patches of grass. He squealed around a corner and headed for a dark brown warehouse at the end of the street. Pulling out a small remote control, he punched in a series of numbers and a door opened. He sped inside, squealing to a stop and hit the button to close the door behind them. He sat there, breathing heavily as the sirens wailed past the warehouse and down the street.

Alex got out of the car, oblivious to his nakedness and surveyed the front of the car. He would have to get this fixed by tomorrow; he couldn't give it back in this condition. Better yet, he knew someone who could get him a new Towncar in 24 hours, and he'd make sure this one had air conditioning.

He leaned against the door and smiled, he hadn't been involved in a car chase in a long time. It felt good. He was nearly hard from the adrenaline rush. A moan was heard from the back seat and he remembered Mulder. Opening the door, he revealed the agent sprawled on his back. Alex quickly raked his eyes over his lover and felt his arousal return with full force. He
reached inside and gave Mulder his hand to help him up.

"Jesus Christ, Alex. What the hell are you trying to do to me? I'm too old for car chases."

"You're never too old for car chases." Alex pushed the lock of hair that had fallen down off of Mulder's forehead and kissed him.

"I'm afraid you've ruined your friend's car."

"I'll buy her a new one." Alex's tongue traced the outline of Mulder's lips, pausing to suck on the luscious lower one. As he was doing this, he dug his erection into Mulder's thigh.

"Whatcha got there, Skippy?" Mulder asked as his hands went around to cup and squeeze Alex's sunburned ass.

"Present for you." Alex spun Mulder around to brace his hands on the frame of the car. He pushed his erection between Mulder's ass cheeks, his hole already slick and loose from their previous escapades. He slid in easily, making Mulder moan and press back for more.

"We're going for a new record today," Mulder gasped as Alex started thrusting hard right away.

Their sacs bumped together, sending jolts of pleasure through both men. Mulder gripped the frame of the car, his nails trying to dig in. He bent over
slightly, giving Alex's cock a chance to rub against his prostate with every thrust.

Alex grabbed Mulder's cock and pulled on it with fast, precise strokes, bringing them both off quickly, a moan leaving his lips as he emptied himself into his lover. He leaned his head on Mulder's back as a few more strokes sent him over the edge. Both men stood there, still joined, breathing
hard in the stale, dusty, yet cool air of the warehouse.

"Okay, I'm fucking exhausted now," Mulder groaned as he rested his head on top of the car.

"I'm pretty tired too." Alex pulled out of Mulder and finally reached into the back of the car for the neglected container of wet naps that he had placed there earlier. He wiped Mulder off, then himself, kissing his lover again. Yawning, he pulled their now wrinkled clothes out of the car and handed Mulder his bits and pieces. Slowly they dressed, both of them silently wishing they were at home in bed right now.

With a final yawn, Mulder opened the driver's side door, "Let's go home and take a shower. I'll drive." Mulder got in and started the car. "And I'll
ask you about this place later."

Alex smirked as he got in the passenger side. He made a mental note to make sure the articles he had stored in the warehouse were moved to a different location. Moving over, he nuzzled Mulder's chin and planted a final kiss on his lips as the door to the warehouse opened and they started home.

The End