Boys II

Boys II: Hands All Over
(sequel to Boys I: Black Hole Sun)
By Nicole S.

Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Set after the movie.
Disclaimer: Mulder, Krycek, Scully and whoever else is mentioned in heredo not belong to me they belong to Chris Carter and 1013 productions - ifI owned them I would be rich - and would have much more fun with them. Noharm is intended to anyone else mentioned in this story. Suing me wouldbe useless, my personal net worth is about 5 bucks Canadian.

Summary: Set one week after Black Hole Sun. Krycek goes to Mulder's placeto invite him out for an evening of beer & rock 'n' roll. Boys willbe boys and get into a little hijinks along the way.

In my universe Krycek has BOTH arms and if you can't deal with that thentoo bad.

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July 31, 1998
8:32 p.m.

Fox Mulder was bored. He was sitting on his couch, hunched over, his elbowsresting on his knees. A pile of empty sunflower seed shells was on the coffeetable before him. He had flipped by every channel about 100 times tonight.Teenage high school comedy, investing your money, comics, animals eatingeach other, some god awful nighttime drama, vampires, country music, baseball,racing, cops beating someone up. He sighed. Nothing was on. His video collectionheld no interest for him either.

What he really wanted was for Alex Krycek to come over. All week he hadbeen e-mailing Krycek the same question over and over *where are you?* Hecould never get a straight answer out of him. Instead he received an endlessstream of cryptic messages about seashells, sunsets and sand crabs. Thisfrustrated him beyond belief. Finally Mulder got fed up yesterday and wrote*Where the fuck are you? Come over NOW*. He just wrote back *LOL*. Muldergot so pissed off he almost threw his computer out the window. Who the helldid he think he was? He hated this, *he* wanted to be the one in control.He sighed again. How the hell do you control Alex Krycek?

Since Krycek came over last Friday, Mulder had been thinking of nothingelse. Again and again he replayed last Friday in his mind until all he couldsee was a blur. This was turning into an addiction. He *needed* Alex Krycek.He couldn't get off anymore watching the women on his videotapes. He hadto think of Alex. He was obsessed. Mulder closed his eyes, leaned back andundid the button on his jeans. Sliding the zipper down, fantasizing aboutKrycek pulling them down around his knees and wrapping that hot little moutharound his cock. His hand went into the opening of his jeans. God what hewouldn't do to have him here right now, feeling his hands on his body, hislips on his, his tongue...

There was a knock on the door.

Mulder jumped.

"Just a minute."

He stood, frantically pulling up his jeans, making sure they were zippedand buttoned. He went over to the door and looked through the peephole,standing back for a second before opening it.

There before him was Alex Krycek dressed in a tight white t-shirt, a pairof army shorts and black Doc Martin Jump Boots. His ratty old knapsack wasslung over one shoulder. He also had a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Krycek smirked.

Mulder frowned. "Get in here."

Mulder grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in the door, slamming himagainst the wall. The door was kicked shut as Krycek threw his knapsackon the floor. Mulder pressed him roughly against the wall, holding him atarms length. He gave Krycek the once-over. He was tanned and looked terrific.The bruise was gone from his cheek. Those sexy deep eyes were bright andclear. That tight, white t-shirt revealing those muscular arms and chestdid things to him that no other could. Mulder swallowed.

"I thought we were going to be nice to each other?"

"You did exactly what I told you not to."

"Yeah, what was that Fox?"

Mulder hesitated for a second, hearing his first name a slight shock.

"You left me with a raging hard-on."

"Poor baby."

Mulder reached down and squeezed Krycek's erection through his shorts. Hesighed.

"You remember what happened last time you left me with a raging hard-on,don't you Alex?"

Mulder squeezed him harder.

"That's why I did it again."

"Shut up." He pulled Krycek towards him, shoving his tongue downhis throat, kissing him violently. Hands flew over each other's bodies,grabbing, grasping at each other.

Krycek unbuttoned Mulder's jeans, feeling his hardness through the denim.Raging hard-on indeed! Hopefully it would be buried inside himself prettysoon. He moved down Mulder's body pushing the jeans as he went. Mulder'shot erection popped out of the jeans.

"No underwear?"

"I'm taking your advice and trying not to constrict myself."

Krycek held Mulder's balls, running his thumb over the fragile skin. Mulderlet out a deep moan.

"I'm feeling some tightness here." Krycek breathed. "Let'ssee if I can't do something about that." He took the entire lengthdown his throat in one swallow.

"Oh God" gasped Mulder. He had been longing for this all week.His hand went out to brace himself against the wall, table, anything. Everythingwas just out of hands reach. He started to sway.

"Alex, I....oh that feels so good...Alex, I need to grab...ooh fuckthat feels good...I'm gonna fall over if you...mmmmmm."

Krycek released Mulder's cock from his mouth with a resounding *pop*. Hestood up.

Their eyes met.

"You've still got that fucking grin on your face."

"I can't help it Fox." He reached out and grabbed Mulder's shirt,pulling it over his head.

"What's with the *Fox*?" Mulder pulled Krycek's shirt off thenreached down to work on his shorts.

"That's your name isn't it?"

"Everyone but my Mom calls me Mulder." He said, succeeding inundoing the shorts.

"Enough talking."

Krycek covered Mulder's mouth with his own, their tongues exploring eachother's mouths. Crushing themselves together, their erections pressed togetherin the middle. Krycek bent his knees, bringing Mulder down to the floorwith him. Both men lay side by side for a minute, caressing and kissingeach other.

Krycek moved his head down to Mulder's cock, bringing his own in line withMulder's face. The wetness coming out of the hole in the top of that beautifulcock was like manna from heaven. He licked the fluid sampling the wild tasteof Mulder he had craved all week. He took the length in his mouth again,savoring the flavor and feel of him.

Mulder grabbed hold of Krycek's cock, stroking it with the tips of his fingers.A sigh escaped from the mouth working on his own hardness. He teased thehead, licking and sucking only the tip. A growl was heard as he nipped atthe tender skin along the shaft to the base. Licking back up to the head,taking almost the entire length in his mouth. He was moving slow, inchingthat large, swollen, stiff cock in and out of his mouth, using his tongueto guide the way.

Krycek was grunting now, trying to keep the slow pace Mulder had set byusing long, agonizing strokes. This was driving him absolutely insane andfought the urge to buck his hips and fuck that wonderful mouth. He didn'twant him to panic and stop what he was doing. He instead quickened the rhythmof his own mouth, sucking as hard as he could.

Mulder noticed Krycek moving faster. He sped up as well, caressing the ballsin his hand with the tips of his fingers.

Krycek felt Mulder's fingers barely touching his balls. He knew he wouldn'tlast. Within a minute his hips thrust forward and he emptied himself intoMulder's mouth. With a stifled moan Mulder swallowed Krycek's cum, relishingthe creamy texture and taste. He made sure to milk every last drop.

Krycek sped up his pace on the cock in his mouth, swirling his tongue aroundthe head. Seconds later, bliss as Mulder came, his body shaking and quiveringall over.

"Oh Alex, yes, that's it, yes."

Krycek licked Mulder clean.

They rolled over on their backs feeling the cool hardwood floor under theirhot bodies. Breathing heavily, Mulder wiped the sweat from his brow withhis t-shirt that was laying on the floor next to his head. He noticed Krycekstill wore his boots.

Krycek moved over to face Mulder. He kissed him, gently this time.

"I didn't think you'd swallow the first time." He whispered ashe nuzzled Mulder's shoulder.

"Why not, you swallow mine."

Krycek grinned and kissed him again.

Mulder sat up.

"You know, this isn't the most comfortable place in my apartment. Ido have a bed remember."

He reached out and stroked the hair on the chest beside him.

"Haven't you ever wanted to fuck someone on this wonderful hardwoodfloor?"

Mulder laughed. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Plus, if you took me to your bed, I'd have to stay there and suckyou off all night. We would miss the show."

"What show?" He looked at Krycek who had that look on his faceagain.

"We are going out my friend. To a club. To see a band."

"What kind of band?" Mulder wasn't liking the sound of this.

"A rock & roll band. It'll be a blast, we'll get drunk and starta brawl or something."

"Sure, just what I need is to get arrested with you in a seedy bar."

"No sense of adventure. I even brought you clothes."

"What's the matter with the clothes I was wearing?"

"Nothing..." he let his voice deliberately trail off.

"Are you calling me a geek?"

Krycek went over to his knapsack and pulled out a pair of shorts, t-shirtand sneakers.

"Put them on, you'll look cool."

"Shoes too?"

"Just so you'll fit in."

"You're calling me a geek again."

He stood up and looked at the things Krycek handed him.

Krycek put his arm around Mulder's waist and brought him in for a deep kiss.

"Mmmmmm, we could just stay in Alex."

"That is very tempting but I really want to see this band."

"Do I have a choice?"

"No, I'm afraid you don't. Get dressed, we have to be there by 10."

Mulder went into his bedroom to change. What the hell was going on here?He didn't take orders from fucking Krycek! He was helpless under this man'spower. He put on the shorts, the t-shirt and the sneakers then looked athimself in the mirror. Well it could be worse, he could want to go ballroomdancing. Smirking to himself, he tucked his gun in the waistband of theshorts.

Krycek came in, now dressed, and leaned against the door frame, his armsfolded against his chest.

"No guns."

"What do you mean no guns?"

"They frisk you at the door you know."


"So I don't want any hassles. Leave the G-Man act at home tonight andpretend you're someone else."

Mulder put his gun in his bedside table drawer.

"Fine no gun. If we're in trouble later I'm using you as a human shield."

"There's not going to be any trouble."

"Can I at least take my cell phone?"

"Yes, you can take your precious toy." He rolled his eyes.

Mulder looked hurt by that remark.

"I always take my *precious toy*. I just want to bring my phone."He looked up at the other man through his eyelashes.

Krycek opened his mouth to speak but then stopped, realizing what he justsaid. He pursed his lips together and grinned. "Yes, take the phone.Guns aren't a good idea at this place. I don't want any hassle."

"All right, let's go."

"Come on beautiful, let's get a cab"


9:46 p.m.

When the cab pulled up to the club Mulder thought maybe they had made awrong turn. He really hoped they made a wrong turn. Dammit! Why did he listento Krycek when he told him to leave his gun at home? About 50 people weremilling around the outside of the club, if you could call it that. Therewas no indication of what was through the sole door on the facade. It lookedtough. A row of Harley's were parked outside with two bikers planted aswatch. There were people dressed, well dressed just like him but the similarityended there. Lots of mohawks and body piercing and tattoos. They paid thecabbie and got out. Krycek immediately went through the door and starteddown a flight of stairs. Mulder followed. The smell is what hit him first,a combination of mildew and beer with the stench of many cigarettes. Thecarpet on the stairs leading down had been plush and maybe beige at onepoint but was now a brown color, threadbare in places, and stained withgod knows what. There were lights in the ceiling leading down but half ofthem were broken or painted over. The walls were covered in graffiti consistingmostly of anarchy symbols which were spray-painted onto the stucco. Loud,fast music was echoing up the stairwell from whatever loomed below.

"Have you been here before Krycek?"

"I come here all the time".

Krycek stopped on the stairs and looked back at Mulder.

"Trust me, you'll like this place."

They reached the bottom of the stairs and were stopped the largest Skinheadhe had ever seen. Before them was a club that resembled the stairwell indecor. Threadbare carpet, graffiti everywhere. To his right was a room fullof pool tables which was bustling with bikers. To his left was a black andgold flecked formica art-deco bar with stools around it. Straight aheadwas a stainless steel dance floor in front of a one foot high stage. Noone was dancing. Beyond that were tables and chairs he assumed. Save forthe pool tables, the place was almost in pitch blackness.

"3 bucks" the guy at the door barked at Mulder. He reached intohis pocket and gave it to the man with the bolt between his eyes and multipletattoos.

"Arms up" Mulder complied while the gentleman frisked him. Hefelt the phone in the back pocket of Mulder's shorts.

"What's this?"

"Cell phone"

"Can you take it out for me please"

Mulder took out his cell phone and showed it to the man.

"Cool, this is a new one right? Nice toy."

He returned the phone to Mulder who put it back in his pocket.

The guy stamped Mulder's hand.

"Enjoy the show."

"Yeah, thanks."

He joined Krycek at the bar.

"Want a drink?"

"Sure, whatever you're having." Mulder thought quickly. "Unlessit's that moonshine you were drinking last week."

"Corona more your taste?"

"That's fine."

They took their beers and made their way over to the tables and chairs bythe dance floor. They found one close to the stage and sat down. The musicwas quite loud and Mulder regretted not bringing ear plugs. He had to leanin close and raise his voice to talk to Krycek.

"So Alex, tell me, how often do you come here?"

"Whenever a good band is playing."

"How did you find out about this place?"

"Mostly posters on the street. You know, the ones stapled to telephonepoles."

"I always wondered about those."

They sipped their beers in silence for a minute. Mulder looked over to thepeople milling about and coming in the door.

"It must be hard for these people to travel."

"What do you mean?"

"All the metal, the piercings, must be hard to go through a metal detector."

Krycek chuckled. "There's this guy, Tony. He's got piercings everywhere,eyebrows, tongue, lips, nipples. He's even got two in his dick."

Mulder recoiled at the thought.

"Tony's old lady wins this trip to Barbados and when they're goingthrough Security he kept beeping and beeping. Finally the Security peoplegot so fed up they had to do a strip search to find it all." Kryceklaughed and took a long draw on his beer.

"That's really weird."

"It may be weird to you but it's normal to these people."

Krycek looked at his watch.

"The band is going to start soon, I'm going to get some more beer allright?"

"I'm not done this one." Mulder said, but Krycek was already struttingacross that stainless steel dance floor towards the bar.

He liked this Krycek, confident, cocky, just like him. He looked aroundto see more people had come in. Most of the tables were full and peoplebegan standing around. His eyes, now adjusted to the darkness, revealedthat it was not Graffiti on the walls but one continuous mural that stretchedfrom the entrance, through the pool room and around to the bar. He lookedaround some more. No one was paying him the slightest bit of attention,no one cared who he was. He took a sip of his beer tasting the lime thatwas stuffed in there by the bartender. He could get used to this - hangingout with Krycek on Friday nights.

Krycek came back carrying a small tray.

"Three for you, Three for me." He put down the tray before themand started unloading the drinks. Two beer and 4 shots of Vodka.

"What the hell is all of this? Did you meet some girls or something?"

"This is for us, it's a special occasion. Hang on I'll be right back."

He returned the tray to the bar. Mulder stared at the amount of alcoholbefore him. The last time he got drunk was just before that whole mess inTexas. He didn't have time for a hangover the next day but he did feel likeshit. So much for getting an early start tomorrow.

Krycek returned to the table.

"What do you mean special occasion?" Mulder yelled.

Krycek leaned in. "This is. We are. I mean, you here with me as a friend,and us not beating the shit out of each other."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Krycek raised a shot of Vodka "Na Zdorovia"

"What does that mean?"



They clinked their glasses together and downed the shot.

"Now that's vodka." Mulder smacked his lips together.

The band took to the stage and started playing their very loud, very fastpunk music. Not Mulder's cup of tea but a few more shots of that Vodka andhe wouldn't be caring so much. He looked over at Krycek who was mouthingthe words to the song. If you had told him 2 months ago that he would bein some seedy DC punk bar with Alex Krycek drinking vodka just one hourafter he sucked his dick and swallowed, he would have shot you in cold blood.

Mulder felt his phone vibrate. He took it out. Krycek looked over at himand rolled his eyes.


He couldn't hear a damn thing with that music playing but he knew who itwas.

"Hello, Scully? Call back in 30 seconds." He pressed end on hisphone.

He leaned over to Krycek. "I have to take a call, I'll be back in aminute."

"Workaholic." Krycek smirked.

Mulder went to the door, phone still in hand.

"Can I get back in? I have to take an important phone call."

"That's what the hand-stamp is for, no problem."

"Thanks." Mulder started up the stairs.

Just as he got outside his phone rang again.


"Mulder, where are you? What was all that noise?"

"I'm out."

"What do you mean out?"

"You know, you and your friends you go out."

Silence for a moment on Scully's end.

"Are you on a date?"

"No, not a date, out with a friend."

"Who, Langly? He likes that kind of music doesn't he?"

"No, not Langly. Someone else. We've known each other for a long timebut lost touch over the years. We recently got reacquainted."

Silence again for a moment. Mulder looked over to the bikers who were sharinga bottle of something.

"I see. Is her name Diana?" Scully finally said, there was icein her voice.

Mulder closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "No, Scully,it's a man, I'm out for a few drinks with one of my friends."

Silence again.

"Scully, are you still there?"

"Do you mean, you're *out with the boys*?"

"Something like that."

"Hmmm. Well I called you, Mulder, because I have some more data onthose bodies we found in Florida. I've run DNA comparisons on them and Ihave found some pretty interesting similarities. But I don't think you wantthem right now."

"Can you e-mail them to me?"

"Yes, I suppose I can."

He rubbed the bridge of his nose again. "Ah shit", he thought.

"Instead of e-mailing them to me, why don't you come over on Sunday?I'll burn you something for lunch."

"Are you sure you won't be too busy?"

"No. I'll make my famous Chili."

"You can make famous Chili?"

"Secret recipe."

"Okay. I might have some more information by then anyway."

"Be at my place about noon."

"I'll see you then." A click was heard as Scully hung up.

He pressed End on his phone and stared at it for a minute.. He wasn't surehow to read that conversation. Did she sound happy that he wasn't out witha woman, or was she upset that he was out period? He chewed on the insideof his lip.

"Chicks 'eh?" A voice said behind him.

Mulder turned around to find a young man about 20 standing with his backagainst the wall smoking a cigarette.

"Yeah, chicks," he mumbled.

He put his phone in his pocket and turned to go back into the club. Themusic seemed to grow louder since he left. It was packed now and he hadto push his way through the crowd to the table he shared with Krycek. Henoticed another shot of Vodka had joined the one he left there 10 minutesago.

Krycek leaned over "What was that about?"


"Does she know who you're out with?"

"I told her I was out with a friend."

"Are you going to tell her who you're out with?"

"I don't know. It's complicated. Up to a week ago I would have shotyou on sight. Now how am I supposed to tell my partner and best friend I'msleeping with the man she thinks killed her sister and my father and..."

He ran his fingers through his hair.

"Can we talk about something else."

"What do you think of the band?"

"It's very loud."

Krycek grinned. "You're showing your age when you say that you know.Come on, another shot, I'm one ahead of you already."

Mulder took the two shots on the table and downed them one after the other.

Krycek thumped him on his back "That's my man, Mulder!"

Mulder took a long drink of his beer and let out a belch. Might as wellhave some fun while it lasts.


12:34 a.m.

They left the club, ears ringing from the loud music and swaying from theshots of Vodka and countless beer. Mulder hadn't felt this good in ages.He was drunk, he was horny and he knew he was going to get laid. What couldbe better?

"This way." Krycek had his arm around Mulder's shoulders and steeredhim down a dark side street.

"Where are we going?" Mulder stopped and gazed drunkenly at Krycek."Let's go back to my place." He lurched forward and planted apeck on his cheek.

Krycek took Mulder's face in his hands "Oh Mulder, Mulder, Mulder,we're going to play, my little Malchick!" He brought his face in fora deep kiss. He could taste the beer and vodka on his breath.

Mulder laughed. "Whaddya mean *play*? Basketball? You're not goingto make me play hockey, are you?" He stumbled but was caught by Krycek.

They resumed their slow weave down the dark street.

"It's a surprise."

"Whaddya mean a surprise? Come on, tell me!"


"I am perfectly relaxed!"

"Are you drunk?"

"Fuck yeah, aren't you?"

"I'm buzzing. You, you Mulder are shitfaced!"

"Yeah well we all have our crosses to bear. Where are we going?"

"We're almost there. Have some patience will 'ya?"

Krycek rolled his eyes. Mulder was a surly drunk. He drank way more thanMulder did. Mulder stumbled into him again. He guessed his time in Russiadrinking Vodka on a daily basis boosted his tolerance.

They came to the end of the dark street. This was an industrial area thathad been residential at one time. They crossed to an abandoned school andaround back to the yard. It was dark here, a single streetlight threw adim twilight from the far corner. The school yard was bordered by a chain-linkfence which separated the grass from the freeway, a 12 foot high steel fenceon one side and a cement wall of a factory on the other. Old metal monkeybars sat rusting in the middle of a concrete pad close to the school. Theschool had been unoccupied for a long time, save for Krycek when he broughtpeople here to beat something out of them.

"What the hell is this?" Mulder slurred.

"It's a playground, wanna play?"

Mulder stopped walking and looked at Krycek. He couldn't make out the featuresof his face due to the darkness but knew he still had that fucking grinon his face. He was really horny now and couldn't remember when he was hornier.Maybe in College...

"I told you last week, I'm game."

He led Mulder to the monkey bars and leaned him against the metal framefor support. Kissing Mulder, feeling down his body, those muscles underthat tight t-shirt. He knew even before he got to his groin he would havean erection.

"Mmmm, Alex, yeah, let's get it on."

Krycek stifled a laugh. "Let's get it on? Very blunt. But that's whatI like about you."

Krycek shifted Mulder along so his back was no longer against the metal.He undid Mulder's shorts and they fell, pooling around his ankles. He beganstroking him with one hand while the other went to one of the side pocketson his army shorts.

Mulder instinctively reached up and grabbed the bar just above his headto keep himself from falling over.

Krycek brought his hands up Mulder's body, up his arms. He pressed intohim, kissing him deeply and with two clicks he cuffed him to the monkeybars.

For a second Mulder panicked and pulled away from Krycek, yanking on thehandcuffs.

"What...what the hell is going on?" He tried in vain to see theexpression on Krycek's face but it was too dark to make anything out.

"Ssshhhh, relax, I'm not going to hurt you, it's just a little fun."

"Don't leave me here like this," whimpered Mulder

"I'm not going to leave you, believe me."

He reached down to stroke him with his left hand.

"Relax, it's going to feel really good, I promise." He whispered.

With his right hand he undid his own shorts and let them fall to the ground.He also had a throbbing erection that was aching for Mulder. He gatheredthe pre-cum from both of the penises to coat two fingers.

"Spread your legs Lover."

Mulder did as he was told.

He reached around with his right hand and teased Mulder's opening. SurprisinglyMulder relented easily to one finger. He slid in the second, massaging thetight opening, forcing it wider. He was astonished to find Mulder's hipsbucking against his fingers.

Mulder moaned into the shoulder in front of him then whispered "Alex,I want you Alex."

"A few more minutes."

His left hand was still working on Mulder, stroking harder now. It didn'ttake long until he came into Krycek's hand with a quiet grunt.

"That's it Mulder." He kissed him one more time before movingaround to his back. He used the cum to lubricate his cock and the openingto Mulder's ass.

How he was going to enjoy this - Fox Mulder handcuffed and willing! Lifeis funny sometimes.

"Bend your knees and lean forward."

He did as his lover commanded, holding onto the bar above his head.

Krycek started to slowly enter Mulder.

"Ohhh Mulder, you're so tight. So fucking tight."

"Oh my god!" Mulder yelped, suddenly sober.

"You all right?"

"Oh fuck that feels good, don't stop, don't stop, please don't stop!"

"I'll take that as a yes."

Krycek pushed a little harder, able to get the head of his cock past thetight ring of muscle. Inch by agonizing inch, he entered himself into thatwonderful ass. With a final shove he was buried to the hilt. Both men weresweating and breathing heavily now. It felt remarkable. Krycek licked theback of Mulder's neck tasting the saltiness there.

"You ready, lover?" He purred.

"Oh yeah."

Krycek forward just a bit more to get better leverage and started movinghis hips back and forth. Mulder's ass was so tight that it was slow goingfor a few strokes.

Mulder had felt nothing like this before. This feels so good, fuck doesthis feel good.

Krycek started to move faster, in and out, one hand on Mulder's hip, anarm around his chest. He was licking the back of Mulder's neck and suckingon his earlobes. His hips thrust into Mulder's buttocks, eyes closed andmoaning now.

Mulder was on the edge of pleasure and pain. Harsh breath escaped him withevery stroke of Krycek's cock. He let out a groan as Krycek put his handson his hips and increased his pace.

Krycek was ready to come, god was he ready. He pulled Mulder's hips backas he thrust forward, once, twice, three times then he was done. With anunintelligible cry he came in Mulder's ass. His body jerking with orgasmicpleasure, his skin tingling in the summer night air. He laid his head onMulder's sweaty t-shirt covered back and kissed the back of his neck.

"Mulder, your ass is exquisite."


"Are you okay?"


Krycek pulled out of Mulder who let out a stifled cry. He brought his forearmup to wipe the sweat from his brow then went over to his shorts where heretrieved the handcuff key and small flashlight. He shone the light in Mulder'sface. His hazel eyes with the flecks of gold showing signs of satisfaction.

"That was very intense."

Krycek reached up and un-cuffed Mulder.

Mulder rubbed his wrists.

"I told you you'd have fun."

His flashlight shone down Mulder's body to his dripping cock. There wasa small puddle of cum on the cement.

"You came again? Lucky boy."

"Alex, you're the only person who can do that to me." He reachedover and kissed him. He wanted to kiss him all day, all night, forever.

"Let's go back to my place."


1:52 a.m.

Mulder's head was starting to pound as he opened the door to his apartment.He was going to be a cranky pile of shit tomorrow. Flinging his keys andhis phone on the dining room table. He went immediately into the kitchenwhere he downed a few aspirin.

"What's the matter?"

"I've got a headache thanks to your punk rock."

"I think you're just sobering up. If you keep drinking it won't beso bad." Krycek held up a bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka.

"Where the hell did you get that?"

"It was in my bag."

Mulder furrowed his brow and looked seriously at Krycek. "Alex, areyou an alcoholic?"

He laughed. "No. In Russia I got used to drinking all the time. That'swhat people do over there. When you go get your car fixed, or do a businessdeal it's always sealed with a round of drinking."

"They probably die of cirrhosis of the liver at a young age too."

"One drink."

Mulder stretched and looked over at Krycek. He had that look in his eyeagain. He brought his arms down and shook a finger at him.

"One drink, then bed."

Mulder grabbed two glasses and shooed Krycek into the living room. He turnedon the light. They both sat down on the sofa.

Krycek poured two drinks and held up his glass.

"Na Zdorovia."

"Na Zdorovia."

"You learned that fast."

They settled back on the couch.

"Are you going to tell me where you've been for the past week?"

"I've been at the beach. The Carolinas."

"Why couldn't you have just said - I'm at the beach? Why all that seashellcrap?"

"I can't just tell you where I am all the time. I am still a wantedman."

"Wanted by whom?"

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. All I know is that I could getkilled at any minute by any number of people."

"How can you live like that?"

Krycek downed his vodka in one gulp.

"I just do."

Mulder put his head down and rubbed his forehead.

"You still have that headache?"


Krycek stood up. "Let's get you to bed. I'll give you a massage, thatwill make you feel better."

He looked up at the man standing before him. "Only if you stay. Don'ttake off tomorrow before I get up."

"I thought we said no strings."

"That's not a string, it's courtesy. It's bad etiquette to leave someonein the middle of the night after screwing their brains out. I'll even makeyou breakfast."

Those hazel eyes burned a hole in his skull. How could he say no? "Tellyou what, I'll stay but only if *I* can make *you* breakfast."

"Twist my arm. I need to get to bed or my head is going to explode."

He stood and stretched, letting out a yawn.

Krycek turned and walked to the bedroom. Mulder followed after turning offthe light.

He peeled off the shorts and the t-shirt and got into bed.

Krycek got in beside him.

"Roll over onto your stomach."

Mulder rolled over, careful to place himself so his budding erection wascomfortable.

Krycek straddled Mulder.

He could feel Krycek's erect cock against his back. This just made him wanthim more and more. What this man did to him. He put his face in his pillowand groaned.

Krycek started to knead into Mulder's shoulders.

"When's the last time you've had a massage? I've got grapefruits inmy fridge smaller than these knots."

"You have a fridge?"

He ignored that remark and started to dig into Mulder's back with his knuckles.

"Ow, that fucking hurts!"

"Relax, this isn't helping."

"I am relaxed."

"No you're not, you're never relaxed, come on, work with me here."

Krycek worked for half an hour despite protests and a threat of violence.Finally he stopped pounding on Mulder's back and went with smooth, longstrokes, caressing the worn muscles. He heard snoring within minutes. Hegot off of Mulder and lay beside him. He looked angelic he was when sleeping.That mouth twisted into a pout, that brow relaxed, unfurrowed. Krycek leanedover and kissed Mulder on the forehead, turned off the bedside light andsettled down to sleep.


10:27 a.m.

Fox Mulder awoke to his door slamming. "Fuck, he left. He promisednot to," he thought. He tried to get up but his head felt like a 90pound weight and he flopped back onto the pillow.

"Alex, don't go, you said you'd stay," he whimpered into his pillow.

He groaned and rolled over onto his back. Sunlight was streaming in thewindow, almost blinding him. "If this keeps up I'm going to have tobuy some blinds." He said out loud.

"My thoughts exactly, I was up at the crack of dawn."

Mulder turned his head and squinted at Krycek who was leaning in the doorway.

"I thought you'd left."

Krycek sat down on the bed beside him. "I just got back."

"From where?"

"The store. Eggs *do* expire after awhile?"

"So sue me, I don't eat eggs that often." He groaned again andclosed his eyes, even talking was a chore.

Krycek put his hand on Mulder's sheet clad thigh and rubbed his thumb alongthe fabric. "How do you feel?"

"Like I'm dead. Will you get me some aspirin and a glass of water please."

"Aspirin? How's about 2 extra strength Tylenol?"

"Whatever, as long as it works."

Krycek left the bedroom and came back a minute later with the Tylenol andthe water.

"Come on, sit up." Krycek put his hand behind his back.

Mulder's eyes opened to mere slits rimmed with red. "I'm not an invalidyou know."

"Ooh, a cranky hangover, just the type to be cured by my scrambledeggs. Take a shower and breakfast will be ready when you come out."

"I'm having deja vu for some reason."

Krycek gave Mulder a kiss on the forehead. "Come on, no rest for thewicked."

"*That's* why you were up so early."

Mulder stood up and slowly got his robe on. Then he slowly made his wayto the bathroom and slowly got in the shower. Every motion he made camewith a groan. He let the water run over him until it began to turn coldthen washed quickly and got out. The smell of bacon and coffee suddenlymaking him very hungry. The Tylenol must be working, he felt better thanhe did 20 minutes ago. He went back to his bedroom and got dressed thenwent out to the kitchen.

"It's about time you got out, I was going to go in there after you."Krycek motioned for Mulder to sit at the dining room table which was setfor two.

A large glass of orange juice was waiting for him. Mulder drank the wholething in one gulp.

A plate of eggs, bacon, homefries and texas toast was soon set before him.



Krycek poured Mulder a mug of coffee, then sat down himself beside Mulderwith his own plate. They dug into their breakfasts.



"Are there any other domestic skills I should know about? Dusting,cleaning, ironing?"

"Nope, this is it."

"Too bad."

"Don't get any ideas Mulder, this is the only thing I know how to make."

"It's very good."


They finished their breakfasts. Krycek stood up and began clearing the table.

"I'll help you clean up." Mulder said.

"I left quite a mess in there. Why don't you listen to your phone messages,the light was blinking when I came back from the store."

"Thank you. Breakfast was great." He stood up and reached outto Krycek's face. He ran his thumb along the line of his chin, feeling thestubble that had grown a little longer since yesterday.

"You're welcome." Krycek reached out to Mulder and kissed himon the cheek.

Mulder took his coffee and went out to the living room to check his messages.One was from Scully and one was from Frohicke.

He picked up the phone and dialed Scully's number.


"It's me."

"I called about 45 minutes ago but there was no answer."

"I was still sleeping."

"You were still sleeping?"

"Yeah, I had a late night last night."

Scully laughed. "Mulder, are you hung over?"

"Maybe a little, why?"

"Your voice is two octaves lower than it should be and it sounds likeyou've been chewing gravel. What did you and your *friend* get into lastnight?"

"We went for a few drinks. Then a few more drinks. It's mostly a blur."

"How is your friend?"

"He's good, he's going to be in town for awhile I think."

"That's nice." Silence for a moment. "Are you two going tobe doing this a lot?"

"Drinking? I hope not, my liver can't take this kind of punishment."

Scully laughed hesitantly. "You should be happy you have a friend topal around with."

"Yeah." Mulder's thoughts drifted off. She's happy he has a pal.That was a good sign. How the hell was he going to tell her just who this*pal* was. Wait, was she jealous? What was that *thing* in her voice?

"Do you need anything for tomorrow?"

"What? Tomorrow?"

"Lunch, remember? Famous Chili? The Florida DNA comparison? Or wereyou drunk when you asked me?"

"No, no, I was thinking about something else for a minute. I don'tneed anything."

"Okay. Listen, I have to go, I'm meeting my Mother to pick up someantiques in Baltimore, I'll see you tomorrow at noon."

"See you tomorrow."

Mulder hung up and dialed the Lone Gunmen.

Frohicke answered "Hi Mulder"


"What are you doing today?"

"I'm a little busy, why?"

"We have obtained a copy of the original tape Linda Tripp gave to KennethStar. By isolating the background noise and the conversation that was originallyon that tape we have extrapolated a very interesting discussion with Ms.Tripp and an unknown young male intern. And let's just say it's mostly monosyllabicwords. Plus, it's Saturday. Cheese Steaks."

"Tell you what, I'll call you later. I have a few things I have todo this afternoon."

"Don't leave it too late, we're going to a movie. Do you want to come?"

"What movie?"

Frohicke took the phone away from his mouth and yelled to Langly and Beyers."Mulder wants to know what movie we're going to see...We've seen that...We'veseen that too...Langly, if you drag me to see that movie one more time...Imean it, I'm not going to see that again..."

"We're not sure yet."

"I'll call you."

"Later, Mulder."


Mulder hung up. He started thinking. How the hell was he going to do this?How was he going to maintain a relationship with Krycek and everyone elseat the same time? He wanted this. Not just for the sex but for the friendship.He really liked this guy. It would be hard to keep this a secret. He puthis head in his hands and ran his fingers through his still damp hair.


Krycek sat down beside Mulder.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing," he sighed.

Krycek brought a hand up and rubbed Mulder's back.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not particularly."

"Maybe this will make you feel better." He took Mulder's chinin his hand and kissed him feeling his stubble tickle his lips.

Mulder looked him in the eye.

"Are you going to finish what you started last night?"

"I tried but you fell asleep on me."

"I'm awake now." Mulder stood up.

"Don't you want to do it on your fabulous floor again?"

"The dust bunnies get jealous."

Mulder reached out his hand. "A soft, warm bed on a Saturday afternoon...."

Krycek grabbed the hand and stood up, they were now facing each other.

"I have to go soon."

"No you don't." He ran his hand up and down Krycek's arm.

"I have to go eventually."

"You can stay a little while longer."

Krycek hesitated for a mere second.

"I can bump up my schedule an hour or two."

He led him to the bedroom.

They stood there for a minute, facing each other again. Krycek brought hishand up, brushing his thumb against Mulder's lips.

Mulder reached up and took Krycek's hand in his, kissing the palm. Caressinghis arms then running his hands down his back, he kissed him on gently onthe mouth. Making his way down his neck, sucking and kissing, stubble gratingagainst stubble. Licking the divot at the base of Krycek's throat.

A small sigh was all that could be heard from Krycek. He moved his handsup and down Mulder's back, reaching down to cup his ass.

Mulder moved his mouth up to meet Krycek's again. His tongue entering, pressingagainst the tongue that was there. He reached down to Krycek's shorts andundid the button. He let his fingers linger there for awhile, caressingthe soft skin and hair of his belly.

Krycek pulled off the charcoal-gray t-shirt Mulder wore. His hands grazedover that fabulous muscular chest before his mouth descended on those erectpink nipples.

Mulder moaned and crushed Krycek's head against his chest. He sucked inhis breath as tongue, teeth and fingers teased the hard nubs.

Mulder reached down to Krycek's shorts again, unzipping them. With a littlehelp they fell to the floor and were kicked away.

Krycek was licking up that fabulous body, slowly making his way back tothat luscious mouth.

Mulder pulled off the blue button-up shirt Krycek was wearing loosely overthe white t-shirt, then the t-shirt itself. Now it was his turn to devournipples with a ready mouth.

Krycek hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Mulder's sweats and broughtthem down below his ass. They slid off his body.

In a slow dance of passion, they made their way to the bed.

Mulder leaned back entwining Krycek's fingers in his own, falling on tothe bed. Their bodies pressed against each other, warm in the sunlight comingthrough the window.

Krycek unhooked his fingers and shifted so they were laying lengthwise onthe bed.

"I'm going to make love to you Fox Mulder." Krycek purred intohis ear.


He reached for the bedside table and got the lube out of the small drawer.Coating the two necessary fingers, he started preparing his lover.

Mulder writhed under those fingers, wanting this so much. After what seemedlike an eternity, Krycek rolled a condom over the head and down his largepenis, covering it adequately with lube.

Krycek lifted Mulder's legs and slowly inserted himself into that warm tightness.

Mulder threw his head back into his pillow and moaned.

Krycek stopped for a minute. This felt so good, he wanted be part of Mulderforever.

Mulder licked his lips. "Come on, Alex." He breathed heavily.

Krycek pressed down on Mulder's cock with his torso while his hips movedback and forth. In and out he pressed, silently, looking into his eyes.Only the faintest outline of green-brown at the edge of the pupil couldbe seen. Tiny beads of sweat had formed above Mulder's upper lip. Kryceklicked it off. He was breathing in time with his thrusts, giving a littlemoan as he pushed in.

Mulder was matching him breath for breath. Inhaling and exhaling as one.It was coming close and he started thrusting his own hips in time with thetempo.

Mulder closed his eyes. Oh god, he wanted this to last, he wanted this togo on and on. He came with a cry.

"Nnnnnuh. Oooh!" He saw stars before his eyes. Only Alex couldmake him see stars.

Alex was on the edge but was not giving in easily. He used all of his willpowerto try and hold on another stroke, he wanted to plunge into Mulder infinitely.When he couldn't hold on any longer he exploded, letting out a shout ofhis own.

"Oh Fox, Fox!"

He collapsed on top of Mulder.

Mulder reached up and put his arms around Krycek, nuzzling his head. Kissingthat dark brown hair, smelling the clean aroma of shampoo.

Krycek left it as long as he could, finally pulling out, breathing in sharplyat the sensation. He grabbed the box of kleenex beside the table and cleanedboth of them up then lay down with his arm around Mulder. They lay therein the warmth, naked bodies seeming to glow in the sunlight.

Mulder finally broke the ice and said what they were both thinking.

"Will I see you again next week?"

Krycek rolled onto his stomach, propping his elbows on the bed and restinghis chin on his hands.

"Do you want to?"

Mulder looked away and back in mock agony. "Yes I want to! I want youevery night."

Krycek smiled. "I want you every night too."

"Well then, consider it an open invitation. Just tell me where youare once in awhile."

"I'll try. I can always find *you* Mulder, the FBI aren't *that* good."

Now it was Mulder's turn to smile. "You find me then."

Krycek leaned over and embraced Mulder in a passionate kiss.

"I have to go."


"I should." Krycek stood up and started to get dressed.

Mulder sat up and watched him in silence as he put on the clothes that hehad taken off of him just minutes before.

Krycek sat on the bed beside Mulder. He reached out and cupped his facein his hand. He gave Mulder one final kiss before standing up.

"I'll stay close." He turned and walked out the door.

"Call me." Mulder yelled after him as Krycek shut the door tothe apartment.

Mulder sat there for a minute, thinking. Why the hell did I say that? Isound like some desperate teenager! He pulled his pillow up to his faceand screamed into it.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

He got out of bed, put his clothes back on and went out into the livingroom. Picking up the phone, he dialed the Lone Gunmen's number.

"Hey Frohicke, you guys decide on what movie you're going to see?"

It was going to be a long week.