Boys III

Boys III: Slaves & Bulldozers
(sequel to Boys I: Black Hole Sun and Boys II: Hands All Over) By NicoleS.

Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language and m/m sexual situations Spoilers:Set after the movie.
Disclaimer: Mulder, Krycek, Scully and whoever else is mentioned in heredo not belong to me they belong to Chris Carter and 1013 productions - ifI owned them I would be rich - and would have much more fun with them. Noharm is intended to anyone else mentioned in this story. Suing me wouldbe useless, my personal net worth is about 5 bucks Canadian.

Summary: A little ditty about Mulder who is brooding because he and Krycekcannot get together this weekend.

In my universe Krycek has BOTH arms and if you can't deal with that thentoo bad.

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Thanks again to Aries (torture queen extraordinare) for inspiration andbeta. All other mistakes are my own. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

August 6, 1998
7:37 p.m. EDT
Flight 332 from Washington DC to Minneapolis MN

Mulder adjusted the light above him and looked at the file again, tryingto concentrate. Twin sisters, age 20. Both students at University of Minnesota.Both majoring in English. One wants to go to Teacher's College, the otherLibrary Studies after next year. Live together in the same room in a dormon campus.

Two weeks ago they were found writhing on their dorm room floor, screaming.The police and ambulance were called but nothing physically wrong couldbe found. Only after talking to a counselor the next day was it revealedthat they had some sort of *out of body* experience simultaneously. Oneunderwent the sensation that she was looking through the eyes of a murderer,the other the victim. They both experienced the same crime but could notmake out details. The few things they remembered were that the attackerhad been a man and a woman the victim. The woman had blonde hair, the manhad a beard. They were near water. Three days later the body of a youngwoman with blonde hair is found floating in Pig's Eye Lake.

Mulder chewed on his pen then picked up his yellow legal pad.

He wrote: Is this the first time this has happened? If not, does this happenonly when they are together or has it occurred when they are apart? Is italways the same attacker? Is there a family history of this kind of thing?Are they related to fortune tellers, psychics or witches? Is there a historyin their dorm room of paranormal activity? Has anyone had a seance lately?

He chewed on his pen again.

*Alex Krycek sucking on his nipples while straddling him on his couch. Whydid he have to be going to fucking Minneapolis on a weekend?*

His mind was wandering again.

He sighed and put the file down yet again. He was never going to be readyfor this case. He wasn't going to be able to think straight unless he gotwhat he wanted from Alex. Fuck! He chewed the inside of his lip.

"Mulder, are you okay?" Scully looked at him with genuine concernin her eyes.

"I'm fine." He replied curtly.

"I know this sudden trip screwed up your plans this weekend but unfortunatelyit comes with the job."

He was suddenly embarrassed by the childish way he had been acting. Whenhe learned that he and Scully had to fly out and stay in Minnesota untilTuesday he threw a fit. He stomped around the office, kicked his garbagecan and flopped down in his chair. Repeatedly. Scully had just sat there,arms crossed, with that blank look on her face. Not caring that he wouldn'tget laid this weekend. If she only knew the real reason he was so pissedoff.

"I know. Look, I'm sorry about this afternoon, I was..."


"Yeah, frustrated. I finally get a life and my workload stays the same."

"You're talking about your friend?"

"Yeah, my friend. We had plans tomorrow."

"Mulder, does this guy have a name?"

Sweat sprouted all over Mulder's body. Shit, what the hell was he goingto tell her?

"His name is Al." He looked at her and smiled, unconvincingly.

"Al?" Scully raised her eyebrow.


"Short for Albert?"

"Something like that."

"And you've known him for awhile?"

"Yeah, about 5 years. Why all the questions, Scully?"

"I'm just curious. It's not often that you get to reacquaint yourselfwith someone from your past. I haven't seen a lot of the people I went toMedical School with since graduation. To tell you the truth, Mulder, I'ma little jealous of you having an outside friend."

"Jealous? Of Al?" Mulder laughed nervously. "Scully, youdon't have to be jealous of him, we're buds, we hang out together, play...sportstogether."

"That's what I'm talking about Mulder. You get to go out with yourfriends whether it be Al or the Lone Gunmen and do *guy* things. I usuallydo things with my Mom. I don't have any girlfriends to hang out with."

"Do you want to have a slumber party? I can make Ovaltine."

Scully looked at him blankly. "I'm just saying that it is very nicethat you have a friend, but with this job we all have to make sacrifices."

Mulder rubbed her shoulder. "I know."

They sat in silence for a few minutes. "Tell you what Scully, you cangive me a facial tonight."

She grinned at him. "Only if I can paint your toenails."

"I'm not going that far."


9:30 p.m. CDT

They finally checked into their hotel after an hour and a half in traffic.Damn construction, pops up all over the damn place at the stroke of Juneand stays until the snow flies.

Mulder put his bags down and collapsed on the bed. He was tired. After daysof building himself up for what could have very well been another mind-blowingromantic encounter was dashed with one phone call from Skinner this afternoon.

He had ripped his tie off soon after they got in their rental car. Crawlingalong at 20 MPH was more than he could stand. As soon as the first fast-foodjoint was near enough, he pulled over. Junk food fix in hand they returnedto the highway to resume their slow crawl up the middle of the city.

He stood up long enough to strip down to his boxers and flop back into bed,falling asleep immediately.


4:53 a.m. CDT

Mulder was waking from an incredible dream.

He was in his bedroom. Kneeling on his bed. Sunlight was coming throughthe window. He looked down to find this extraordinary back beneath him.It was Alex's back. Looking down a little further he saw that his cock wasburied in Alex's most spectacular ass. It was so real. He could see thesweat, glistening among the fine golden-brown hairs at the base of Alex'sspine. The sunlight was warm on his skin. He could actually feel himselfinside this man, the heat surrounding his cock. Alex's smell came to hisnose, that musky smell that was his own. He bent down and licked the back,tasting the salt of the sweat there. Putting his hand around the torso ofthe man in front of him, he gripped that wonderful, large cock. The wetpre-cum felt slick in his hand. That ass was matching his hips with everystroke, every push. Alex was moaning his name as he stroked him. Fasterand faster he thrusted, sweat dropping onto the back below him. Again, pushinghis cock into that ass, that tight, hot ass, until he came with a moan ofhis own.

Then he was awake.

Mulder rolled over to look at his watch and felt the stickiness that surroundedhis groin. He practically leaped out of bed.

What the hell? He looked down at himself in the darkness and reached downto feel the front of his boxers.

"Oh my god." He groaned out loud. Now Alex was giving him wetdreams.

He stripped off the soiled shorts and made his way to the bathroom turningon the light. Nearly blinded, he squinted and felt his way to the toilet.His eyes finally adjusted to the light as he flushed. Looking in the mirrorhe shook his head and said to himself, "Oh Alex, you do it to me, evenwhen you're not here."

Naked, he went to the window and peeked through the curtains. The streetwas quiet. He was awake, might as well go for a run. He dressed quicklythen stretched for a good 15 minutes before stepping outside his motel room.

This was a nice neighborhood by the University. Lots of old houses. He ranalong the tree-lined streets, noticing the Fraternity and Sorority Residences.No Animal Houses here, lots of nicely, well-manicured lawns and well-keptproperties. The early August morning was warm as he ran almost silentlyalong the sidewalk. His footfalls making a soft thud with every landing.A faint blue tinge was to the sky in the east warning of the approachingdawn.

His thoughts drifted to Alex and how his body now reacted unconsciouslyto him. Just the mere thought of him and his whole body was ready. How didhe get like this? How did he lose control? Alex was surely the one in control,pulling the strings of this whole...whatever the hell it was. Yeah, there'sa string leading from Fox Mulder's cock to Alex Krycek and he pulled itat will.

Mulder was running faster, a little pissed off.

"What the hell was that whole *I love you* bullshit 2 weeks ago? Didhe just say that to get in his pants? He hasn't said it since. He got himdrunk and fucked him handcuffed to monkey bars for Christ sakes! He justwanted to fuck him, there's no love here. What the hell was that on Saturdaymorning? *I can bump my schedule up an hour or two*. He stayed 20 minutesat the most. The cum was still wet on my sheets when he left."

Mulder was running faster now, breathing heavily.

"Why couldn't I just fucking call him? He never left a number or anything,just that stupid e-mail address. I don't know where he lives, I don't knowif he's out killing people or blowing things up. They were supposed to belovers and have a mutual need for each other. Well I have a need right hereand now and there is no one around to fulfill it! Why did he want to seehim only on Friday's? What happened to the other six days of the week? Can'tI get laid on a Tuesday or Thursday as well?"

He was running full out now, feet pounding, knees aching, breaths comingin large gasps.

"Is he out fucking other guys? Women? I'm so fucking frustrated. Ijerk off even more now than I did when I wasn't having sex at all! I mightas well sell my video collection to Frohicke. Even my beautiful frolickingredheads don't do it for me anymore. It has to be Alex and only Alex. Whatthe fuck am I supposed to do?"

Mulder stopped running. His lungs were burning, gasping for breath. He pushedhimself too hard. Leaning over he put his hands on his knees and spat. "Fuck!"

He walked, letting his heart rate and temper come down.

"What the hell was going on here? Why was I suddenly caring what thehell Alex Krycek did? I'm losing perspective and acting like a lovesickteenager again. This addiction with Alex drives me crazy. I want him. Ineed him. I can't seem to live without him."

He stopped and leaned back, stretching.

"Shit. What did I expect? My lover is a double agent and spy for godknows who. I am FBI agent. It couldn't get more complicated. Not to mentionthat if anyone ever found out about them it was bye bye career and I mightas well work for that smoking bastard myself."

Mulder started jogging again, this time slowly.

"I *am* going to ask him what he does when I'm not around however.And he's going to answer me. Even if I have to beat it out of him."

A vision of Alex tied naked, face down to his bed while he whipped his assmade him smile.

He rounded the corner to where his motel was and stopped. Using a tree forsupport, he stretched his aching hamstrings.

If Alex did *love* him, he did love him back in a weird sort of way.

The smell of baking bread filled the air. He looked over to the bagel shopthat was just opening. He walked across the street and into the store. Theclock said 6:30. Scully would be awake by now. After purchasing 6 bagels,a small container of cream cheese and two large coffees he went back tothe motel. Sunlight was peeking through the trees and birds were singing.It was going to be a nice day.

He knocked on Scully's door.


Scully opened the door, dressed, hair still wet.

"Out for a run I see." She stepped back to let him in.

"Fresh, just baked bagels, and coffee."

"You read my mind."

Scully opened the drapes.

Mulder put the items on the small table and flopped in one of the chairs.He grabbed a bagel and sank his teeth into the best thing he had tastedin a long time. Chewy crust, nice and soft inside and still warm.

Scully dug into the bag.

"These are still warm!"

"I know, they're great."

Using the plastic knife provided, she hacked one in half and spread it withcream cheese.

"Mmmmm. These are wonderful. I'm glad you were up so early."

"Time difference I think." He said as he took another bite. "Ifell asleep right away."

"Me too, must have been that agonizing trip from the airport."

She took another bite of her bagel.

"Mulder, I've taken the liberty of making an appointment tomorrow morningwith the head of Psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester at 10. It takesabout an hour, an hour and a half to drive there."

She looked up at Mulder.

"Depending on the traffic."

He smirked into his coffee.

"The sisters were taken there at age six for evaluation. Their motherwas a little concerned regarding their behavior. When she would take themto the playground, or shopping, they would tell everyone they saw the exactmoment they would die and how. Especially the elderly."

"Must have gone over well at Grandma's house."

"This had their mother a little..."

"Freaked out."

Scully put cream cheese on the other half of her bagel then took a sip ofher coffee.

"Freaked out, if you may, and decided to take some action They wereloners but very intelligent. They wouldn't play with other children. Anyonewho tried to get close to them would be ultimately pushed away. Their mothereven didn't want to be around them. She said she felt as if they were *readingher mind*. About the age of twelve when puberty hit, it stopped. They becamesocial and interacted with kids their own age. When they came here to College,they did fine until this month. They were here taking extra courses duringthe summer and spent a lot of time practically alone in the dorm. I'm wonderingif they didn't help each other in manifesting their stories"

Scully looked at her watch.

"Do you really think they're making this up? You've seen examples ofTelekinetic powers Scully, you know it's not all crystal balls and tarotcards. There are people out there who have this sixth sense. Sometimes,unfortunately, it doesn't work the way they want it to."

"Whatever it is, I'm sure we'll find more out when we look at theirPsychological profiles tomorrow. Meanwhile, we have an appointment withthe Dean at 8 and I still want to go over everything again."

"Plus", she reached up to her head, "if I don't dry my hairproperly, it will stay like this."

Mulder popped the last of his bagel in his mouth and stood up.

"I can take a hint. I'll go have a shower, shave and get dressed, seeyou back here in 20 minutes."

Scully watched as he shut the door.

"20 minutes." She said under her breath. "It takes me 20minutes to do my hair."


7:45 p.m. CDT

What a day from hell. The Dean kept them waiting two hours. When they finallymet with him he was unclear of what exactly happened. He dismissed it *femalehysteria*. He kept going on and on about how women need to be *locked up*for a week a month. Mulder sat there, looking at this asshole wondering- what made you hate women so much? He looked over at Scully. The only indicationshe was seething were the two red marks that formed high on her cheeks.He was waiting for her to reach across that desk and throttle the man behindit. She restrained herself until they got outside where she let a streamof expletives, he had rarely hear her utter, flow from her mouth for a goodfive minutes.

They checked the University Police records and the Student Counselor's officebut could find no recurring items to report. Mulder made a note to visitthe Minneapolis/St. Paul PD later that afternoon.

Then they finally get to meet the sisters who were back at the hospital.They sat there on the edge of their beds and stared at each other, not noticing*anything* going on around them. Catatonic. They were talkative after their*experience* until yesterday when this *glaze fell into their eyes* accordingto the Dorm Warden. They didn't come down for supper and when she was checkingon everyone in the evening she found them, still in their pajamas from yesterday,staring at each other. The nurses were uncooperative, the Doctor who examinedthem was on holidays for three weeks and no one else knew what the hellwas going on. Something was not right with this picture. Scully reviewedtheir charts and took some blood to send to Quantico. She had a suspicionthey had been drugged to keep them quiet. After they get back from MayoClinic tomorrow he was going to have to call someone he knew who dealt inpossession and channeling of spirits. These girls were acting way too strangeto be having a mind meld with the casual murderer/passer by. There was somethingelse going on here. He knew the school was hiding something.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul PD turned up nothing on either of the sisters orsimilar incidents at the University. Most University complaints were kidsgetting out of control at Golden Gopher games.

He threw his keys on the table, pulled off his already loose tie and unbuttonedhis shirt. By the time they had got out of there they were drained. Theyjust wanted to eat something and get back to their motel. He and Scullyfound this little Italian place close to campus and had Spaghetti with meatball.He thought it was a typo on the menu but no, there was one big, giganticmeatball in the middle of a plate of Spaghetti.

He flopped down on the bed and picked up the phone. He was doing prettygood, hadn't thought of Alex all day. He dialed his home and punched inhis code to read his messages when he heard his own voice. One message fromFrohicke.

"Mulder, you'll never believe who that male intern was! It wasn't anintern at all. You'll really like this. Call me."

He hung up. No message from Alex. While his laptop fired up, he hung uphis suit and pulled his sweats on. Then he made the necessary connectionsand checked his e-mail. Nothing. Shit. Just the three he got from him thisweek that he saved *In town* *I'm around* *C U Friday*.

"I don't think so," Mulder said out loud.

He replied back to the last one *Out of town 'till Tuesday - see me then*.He pressed Send then logged off.

Might as well get some work done. It was going to be a long, torturous process.


10:15 p.m.

The screen was starting to blur and Mulder's head started nodding. He tookoff his glasses and rubbed his eyes then looked at his watch.

"Damn, I'm never this tired this early", he thought.

He got up and stretched. That's it. He saved his work, turned off his laptop,then flopped on the bed. Grabbing the remote he flipped around until thenews came on at 10:30.

There was a knock on the door. He went over and opened it.

"Mulder, I've typed the preliminary version of my perspective of whatI think may be going on. I have to tell you I am stretching this as faras I can content wise. I'm hoping we can do better tomorrow. Right now I'mgoing to bed."

"Me too, I'm tired. Must be this clean mid-western air."

"Yeah. Goodnight Mulder." She turned and went back to her room.

"Goodnight Scully."

Mulder bolted the door and turned off the light. He yawned as he strippeddown to his boxers and got in bed. He tried in vain to concentrate on thenews but his eyes felt heavy and began to close.

The phone rang. Startled, he reached over and picked it up.

"I thought you were going to sleep."



"Hey lover."

Mulder's eyes snapped open. He was now wide awake.


"I told you I would find you."

Every hair on his body stood on end and his cock jumped at that sexy voice.Mulder reached down and re-adjusted himself.

"So Sherlock, how did you deduce where I was?

"That would be giving away my secret."


"Mulder, what are you wearing?"

Mulder laughed. "Now you're stealing my material."

"Tell me," Alex breathed into the phone.

Oh god that voice made him melt.

"My underwear and a hard-on."

"Hmmmm. Would you like to add a satisfied smile to your wardrobe?"

"Are you going to somehow beam up to Minnesota?"

"No. Take your shorts off."

Mulder turned off the television with the remote and took off his boxers.

"God I wish you were here."

"I wish I was there too. We'll just have to make do."


"Shhhh. Now lie back and close your eyes. Make yourself comfortable.I want you to think of me there, lying beside you, naked."

Mulder didn't need any help there. He closed his eyes and envisioned him.Slight hint of stubble on that chin. Eyes penetrating his. That amazingass. That large, hard cock."

"I want you to take your hands and move them over your chest. Thoseare my hands. I'm caressing every inch of your body. Over your chest, yourstomach, your shoulders. I have a firm touch, making sure you feel me."

Mulder sighed.

"I run my hands over your abdomen and feel the muscles there. The hairon your chest and belly feels like silk and the skin is smooth. My handscaress your shoulders and down your arms. Mulder you feel so good to me,so perfect, so right. I bring my hands up to feel your face, running mythumb along the stubble that has grown since this morning."

Mulder moaned into the phone.

"Using my fingertips I caress your nipples, bringing them to hardnesson your chest. I bring two fingers to your mouth and tease your lips withthem. You take them in your mouth and suck on them gently."

"Mmmmmm." Mulder moaned through the fingers in his mouth.

"My fingers are wet. I take them from your mouth and slowly run themaround one nipple then the other. I do this until they dry. Then I returnmy fingers to your mouth. Sucking like a new-born calf you take them in,running your tongue over them. I take my newly wet fingers and slide themover your nipples again. Slowly I trace a pattern around them and acrossyour chest."

"Ohhhh Alex."

"I pinch one of your nipples between my two fingers, gently at firstbut then harder, pulling a little. My mouth is on your other nipple, teethnipping at the skin and fine hairs there. My tongue is flicking along thatnipple. I can feel your body reacting to my touch. Mmmmmmm"

"Ohhhhh god."

"My hands, they start to move down your body. Over that incrediblechest and the silken hair that covers it. Past those muscular abs I touchedbefore. Down they go to your hard, throbbing, cock."

Alex was breathing heavily along with Mulder now. His words coming out almostbreathless.

"My fingers dance along your hardness, caressing every inch. Your cockdelights to my touch. Your cock is fully erect, it's head is red and throbbing.There is a large spot of pre-cum on the tip. Ohhhh it's beautiful Mulder.I want to take it in my mouth and run my tongue up and down the hard shaftall day."

Mulder breathed in sharply.

"Mmmmm. I take my thumb and spread the pre-cum around, over the headand down. Oh yeah, that's it. I wrap my hand around that wonderful lubricatedcock and start moving it up and down.

Mulder's hand did what Alex's could not.

"Now I'm gripping you harder. I increase my pace just slightly. I reachdown between your legs. You spread them for me and I cup the soft skin ofyour scrotum. Ever so lightly I caress your balls, using only my fingertips."

Mulder let out another moan. Oh god, this felt so good, it was like he washere.

"I'm pumping faster now Fox. I'm moving my hand up and down and usingmy thumb to caress that beautiful swollen head. My other hand comes up toyour nipple again. I pinch it between my thumb and my forefinger. Mmmmm,yeah. I'm stroking your hard, wonderful cock with one hand while the otheris teasing that nipple. Ohhhhhh."

Krycek breathed in sharply, his words coming in jagged breaths.

"Faster I stroke you...and I pinch that nipple harder... Oh Fox...I'mgoing to...uuhhhh."

Mulder felt his balls tighten and felt his hot cum spray on his own chest.


Only heavy breathing could be heard on the phone for a few minutes.

"Alex, you are amazing."

"You're not so bad yourself."

"I'm taking the 1-900 numbers out of my speed dial."

Alex laughed.

Silence for a second.

"Do you think we could get together to do this in person anytime soon?"

"I thought you said you'd be back in town on Tuesday?"

"I hope so."

"I'll see you Tuesday."

"You can call me again you know."

"I just might."

"Thank you Alex."

"You're welcome. You should get some sleep."

"Yeah. I know. Have I told you you're amazing?"

"Just one of my many hidden talents."

"Phone sex and breakfast, what more could I want?"

Alex almost said *what more Do you want Mulder?* but bit his tongue.

"Get some sleep."

Mulder yawned. "I know, I know. Goodnight Alex."

"Goodnight Fox"

Mulder hung up the phone and went to the bathroom to clean up. He lookedat himself in the mirror, face flushed and hair askew. "I hope he callsagain tomorrow."


Alex Krycek hung up the phone and lay his head on the floor of Mulder'sapartment. His naked body was practically steaming he was so hot. He laythere for awhile wanting to be able to reach across and touch Mulder, holdhim in his arms. "I miss you" he said out loud to no one in particular.

He sat up and wiped himself off with a kleenex.

He lay down again for a few minutes, letting his body relax before pullingon his jeans and his black cotton ribbed t-shirt. He then moved to the chairthat he usually sat in when he was here. Reaching over, he grabbed the flaskof vodka out of his bag. He took a healthy sip then returned it to the bag.

He made himself comfortable, his eyes feeling heavy. Smiling to himself,he thought of Mulder, miles away, probably snoring. "I really do missyou," he whispered before his green eyes closed and he drifted offto sleep.