Boys IV

Boys IV: Fell on Black Days
(sequel to Boys I: Black Hole Sun, Boys II: Hands All Over and Boys III:Slaves & Bulldozers) By Nicole S.

M/K and tons of it!
Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language and m/m sexual situations Spoilers:Set after the movie. Slight Anasazi spoiler. Disclaimer: Mulder, Krycek,Scully and whoever else is mentioned in here do not belong to me they belongto Chris Carter and 1013 productions - if I owned them I would be rich -and would have much more fun with them. No harm is intended to anyone elsementioned in this story. Suing me would be useless, my personal net worthis about 5 bucks Canadian.

Summary: Poor Krycek isn't feeling well and it's up to Mulder to make himall better.

In my universe Krycek has BOTH arms and if you can't deal with that thentoo bad.

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Thanks again to Aries (torture queen extraordinare) for inspiration andbeta. All other mistakes are my own.


2:17 a.m. Thursday

It took Alex Krycek at least three seconds longer than usual to break intoFox Mulder's apartment today. The familiar sound of the lock popping wasmusic to his ears. Gun drawn, as always, he entered the apartment and silentlyclosed the door. Better to be safe than sorry. He stood there, motionless,letting his eyes adjust to the darkness. Concentrating on listening formovement within the apartment, his breathing slowed. Nothing. Checking therooms in the apartment he silently wished Fox was there, waiting for him.Still nothing. He took off his knapsack and stuffed the gun in the backof his jeans.


The sneeze took him by surprise.

*Shit. Must be dusty in here.*

He got out his *bug sweeper* and started running it over the walls and anywhereelse one may be hiding. An hour later and many sneezes nothing was found.If there was a bug in here, whoever was listening would think Sneezy fromthe Seven Dwarfs was ransacking the place.

*God, what the hell? Am I catching a cold?* His eyes now felt watery andraw.

He went over to the fish tank.

"Hi guys", dropping a pinch of food on the surface of the water.

Another sneeze took him by surprise causing him to shake the tank, sendingthe little fish scurrying under the rocks and plants inside.

"Shit!" he sniffed into his sleeve. "Sorry about that guys."

He reached up and massaged his neck. His throat was now starting to getsore. "Dammit." His knapsack didn't hold anything soothing todrink, just his ever present bottle of vodka. He went to Mulder's fridgeand opened it. Absolutely nothing, no water, no juice, no liquid of anyform unless you count the brine the sole jar of olives was in. The eggswere still there that he had bought awhile ago. He wasn't going to drinkout of the tap. Not after what they did to Mulder's water supply that onetime.

*I came here to sleep. I'll be fine. I just need some sleep.*

He flopped in the chair in the corner and tried to get comfortable. Sittingstraight up. Curled in a ball. Legs over the arm. No good. Usually he justflipped his legs over the arm of the chair and rested his head against theback. Not going to happen. His back hurt. His joints ached. His nose startedto run.

Moving to the floor, using his knapsack and leather jacket as a pillow helay down. This was worse. Was the floor this hard two weeks ago when heand Mulder went at it on this very spot? He groaned into the musky leatherbeneath his face.

*What about the bed? No. Mulder wouldn't be home for two days. No. A nicesoft, warm bed. It's too risky.*

Damn, he ached all over and was getting worse every minute that passed.He needed to do something. He couldn't go home. Didn't want to go home.Home. A depressing one room with crack whores outside his window and junkiessleeping in the stairwell.

He sat up. Drugstore. There was that 24 hour drugstore about 4 blocks awaywhere he stopped three weeks ago.

He got to his feet and looked at his watch. 3:36 a.m. No one would see himgo out and come in again. *I think everyone in this building has stoppedpaying attention to the goings on in Mulder's apartment long ago* he laughedto himself. He could still laugh, that was a good sign.

Pulling on his leather jacket was a feat, back aching, arms trembling. Lookingout the peephole before he opened the door revealed an empty hallway. Leavingsilently, he pulled the door behind him, the tiny sound of the latch catching.Quickly he exited down the stairs and out the door. Despite the warm summernight, he wrapped his arms around himself and shivered.

A sneeze caught him off guard again. Fuck! He searched all his pockets forkleenex. Nothing. Shit! He wiped his nose on his sleeve as he continuedhis labored walking down the street.

Four blocks later he found the drugstore. Grabbing a basket by the doorhe began loading it with kleenex, orange juice, water, and lozenges. Hegot to the cold remedy section and grabbed a bottle of NyQuil as well asan extra-strength nighttime antihistamine. Nearly dragging the basket upto the cash, he grabbed a box of chewy granola bars on the way. He surveyedthe magazines while he waited for the person in front of him buying condomsand cigarettes.

"I see Double Agent Monthly isn't out yet." He mumbled to himself.

He paid for his purchases in cash then started lugging the two bags backto Mulder's place. By the time he walked the few blocks his arms and backfelt like he had been dragging cinder blocks for miles.

Trying to be quiet until he got into Mulder's apartment proved to be unsuccessful.A large sneeze right outside Mulder's door was loud enough to wake the dead.Fuck! He picked the lock furiously and slammed the door behind him. Notgiving a shit who heard him anymore.

Sitting down beside the bags on the floor with his flashlight he rummagedthrough them until he found a carton of orange juice. It stung his throatas he chugged half of it. Finding the antihistamines he checked out thedirections. Take one every twelve hours. He popped two and washed it downwith a large swig of the NyQuil.

*Yuck, that was god-awful!*

He ate a granola bar just to get the taste out of his mouth, taking amplesips of water to help. Another sneeze nearly gave him whiplash. Breakingopen the box of Kleenex he wiped his nose properly. He snorted.

*I feel like a total bag of shit.*

He made his little pillow with his knapsack, his leather jacket draped overhim. Tucking his gun under his makeshift pillow, he lay his head down. Thehardness of the floor seemed to run through his body. Curling up with hisknees at his chest, he moaned to himself, wanting to either fall asleepor die.

*What about the couch? No. It's right over there. No. I can't. He'll know.*

He sighed and wrapped his arms around his knees tighter, squeezing himselfinto a ball on the floor. After a few minutes of his head swimming fromthe cold medication, he fell asleep.


2:15 p.m. Thursday

Mulder was tired. For two days he and Scully tromped across Indiana, onlyto find out this X-File was nothing more than a hoax. The early morningflight and two hour stop-over didn't help his fatigue either. Scully agreedwith him to write the preliminary report at home today and meet tomorrowmorning. Neither of them wanted to go to the office and face Skinner today.He yawned as he got his keys out of his pocket.

Opening the door he saw a body on the floor. *Oh shit, not again!* He droppedhis bags in the hallway and jerked back, pulling his SIG Sauer out of theholster. Peeking around the corner, he kept his gun ready to face the personthere. Wait, he knew that jacket and the body underneath. It was Alex. Heholstered his gun, grabbed his bags and went inside.

He went over to Alex. *God, was he dead? He was sure pale. No, he's stillbreathing. What the hell is he doing on my floor?*.

A wave of concern washed over his face as he bent down beside him. Alexwas sweating and wheezing and clammy to the touch. He rubbed his shouldergently.




A slit of green showed under one lid. It felt as if someone had put sandin his eyes.

*Oh shit. Home early. So tired.*

His tongue felt as if someone had carpeted it.

"Hey." He managed to croak weakly.

Mulder sat down beside him, running his hand up and down the leather coveringhis back.

"What are you doing on the floor?"

"Early", he mumbled.

"Are you okay?"


"You're sick?"

"Hmmmm. Busted."

"Let's get you into bed." Mulder tried to lift the dead weightoff the floor. "God you're heavy. Help me out here Alex." Alexmanaged to find his feet and stood up.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"


*He must be really out of it.*

He helped Alex to the bed and lay him on his back. Gently he took off hisboots, socks, shirt, then the jeans. A wave of passion filled Mulder ashe regarded the naked body on the bed. He was so beautiful. He pulled thecovers up under Alex's chin and left him there to sleep.

In the living room, he looked at the mess on the floor before him. A pileof kleenex was beside some granola bar wrappers along with an empty cartonof orange juice, a bottle of water and half a bottle of NyQuil. He bentdown to gather up the garbage in one of the plastic bags from the drugstore.Finding the antihistamine package with four pills gone he pursed his lipstogether.

*No wonder why he's so fucked up.*

He hung up the leather jacket then came back to move the knapsack besidethe chair. The gun was still under it. Mulder picked it up.

"9mm Smith & Wesson 5946 Series. Nice." Mulder held it upand looked down the barrel. "Not as nice as my Sig," he said smugly.He patted his holster as if to comfort it. Ensuring the safety was on heput it in Krycek's knapsack.

"He wasn't going to use that on me, was he? ......Nahhhh........"

After cleaning up he went about his business, unpacking and changing intohis sweats. Nothing was going to wake Alex for a few hours after that dosage.

He turned on his computer and got down to writing his report.


9:21 p.m.

*Soft. Warm. So nice. Don't want to leave this place.*

Alex's eyes fluttered open. They still felt gritty but at least both ofthem worked. He could feel an arm around him and someone pressed up againsthis back.

"Fox." He sighed.

"You awake?"


He pulled closer to Alex, nuzzling the back of his head.

"I was worried about you."


They lay there in silence for a few minutes. Mulder caressing him throughthe sheets.



"Why were you lying on my floor?"

Alex didn't say anything.

"Why were you on the floor? Did you come here because you're sick?"

He nodded his head. He was lying through his teeth but he couldn't tellhim the truth just yet.

"Poor baby." He nuzzled the back of his head again and kissedhis hair.

Alex used all his strength to roll over to face Mulder who was wearing hissweats and a heather-grey t-shirt.

Mulder reached over and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled. Pulled himclose he wrapped his arms around the other man in his bed. Resting Alex'shead on his chest he stroked the soft dark brown hair.

"You shouldn't over medicate yourself, it's dangerous."

"Yes, Doctor."

"I'm serious. Try to be more careful."


They lay there again. Each man content in their position. Holding on toeach other.



"How come I'm naked and you're not?"

He laughed. "I thought you looked uncomfortable. I know how you don'tlike to be *constricted* so I helped you out."

"Can I take your clothes off? That would make us even."

"Alex, are you always horny?"


He snuggled closer to Mulder breathing in his scent. He wanted to be heldin his arms forever.

The phone rang. Mulder moved to get up.

"Don't answer that."

"I have to. It's Scully."

He let go of Alex and got out of bed.

Alex rolled over and occupied the space Mulder just left, feeling the warmthstill there. Suddenly he had to pee. He got up and grabbed Mulder's robefrom the hook on the back of the door and put it on. He brought the collarup to his face, closed his eyes and breathed in. Even through his cold,Mulder's intoxicating smell was surrounding him. As he made his way to thebathroom he could hear Mulder's low voice rumble into the phone. He shutthe door behind him.

Relieving himself he caught his reflection in the mirror. He looked awful!His hair was matted on one side of his head, eyes ringed with red, his facewas smushed where he slept on it. He ran the water in the sink and washedhis face then wet his short hair, using Mulder's comb to make it look presentable.He then filled the sink with hot water. Taking a washcloth he soaked itin the water, wringing it out before putting it to his face. The heat feltgood. He did this a few more times, letting the steam from the water soothehim. Suddenly there was a hand with a towel in it beside him. He took thetowel.

He dried his face and looked up at Mulder who picked up the washcloth andrinsed it in the hot water.

"I'm a little more presentable now."

"I think you missed a spot."

Mulder took the washcloth and rang it out in the sink. Moving over to Alexhe ran the washcloth down Alex's neck and down the opening of the robe tohis chest.

Alex breathed in. Mulder's touch was electric, sending a shockwave downhis body.

Mulder pulled the tie on the robe with one hand while the other still caressedAlex's chest, dripping water from the cloth. He kissed him, sweet and gentleon the lips. His tongue pushed against Alex's lips, meeting the tip of his.

"You're going to get my cold."

"I don't care."

Opening the robe he moved the washcloth down to his abdomen, swirling iton his skin. He pushed the robe off of Alex's shoulders and it landed onthe floor. He regarded the half erection Alex had. His own was making alarge bulge in his sweats. He licked the side of Alex's neck from collarboneto ear. Peppering his stubble with kisses, his hand moved lower.

Alex sighed and grabbed Mulder's shoulders with his hands.

He circled the washcloth around his groin, pausing to tease his erection.Slowly, he made his way around his balls, ensuring to wash them carefully.

Alex moaned and dug his fingers into Mulder's shoulders.

He brought the washcloth up and rinsed it out again. Now it was making atrail down Alex's back going down along his spine to his buttocks. Mulderstayed there for awhile, caressing that spot where his back joined his hips.The washcloth made a circular motion on both ass cheeks.

"I want you. I want you so bad." He kissed and nipped at Mulder'sshoulder and neck.

The washcloth dropped to the floor as Mulder gripped Alex's budding erection.

Alex breathed in as deep as he could with the cold still raging in his body.

Mulder looked at him now. "Come." He said, commanding him.

He took Alex's hand and led him to the bedroom. He lay him down on the bedbefore quickly undressing himself and laying beside him. Mulder ran hishands over Alex's body feeling the dampness of the water still in his chesthair.

Straddling him, Mulder ran his tongue from Alex's Adams Apple to his leftnipple. He teased it with his tongue, bringing it to hardness. Nibblingat one, his hand went to the other to pinch and tease the nub.

"Hmmmmm" Alex moaned.

Satisfied with sucking on the left nipple he moved to the right. His handswent to massage Alex's shoulders and chest. His tongue grazed and his lipssucked at the nipple until Alex started moving his hips against him.

His mouth moved lower, stopping at his navel to trace lazy circles withhis tongue.

"Fox, please." Alex whimpered

"Shhhhh" Said Mulder as he ran his tongue down to the hardnessbelow.

Alex was as hard as a rock, the head was glistening with pre-cum and red.Taking his tongue he lapped up the pre-cum on the tip.

"Ohhhhhh." Alex sighed.

He licked up the back of Alex's hard member. Pausing at the head, he suckledfor awhile, teasing the rest with his fingers. Finally after what seemedto be an eternity to Alex, he took the whole thing in his mouth.

Alex moaned again.

Fox delighted in making Alex happy. Up and down went his head, taking Alexdeeper inside his mouth. Running his tongue along the sensitive undersideof the glans.

*Oh this feels so good. So good. So good. Oh shit.* Alex felt a sneeze comingon. Reaching frantically he found some Kleenex on the table.

"Mulder..." too late, he sneezed and came at the same time. Thatwas the most extraordinary sneeze he had ever had. A warm feeling washedover him as he pumped his seed into Mulder's mouth.

Mulder licked him clean then moved up beside his lover. He was laughing.

"Well. That was different."

He rested his head in his hand and propped his elbow up. He took his fingerand drew circles around Krycek's nipples. Alex let him do this for a fewminutes. His touch was like melted wax, hot and fluid at the same time.

"I'm sorry." He sniffed.

"For what? Coming? You were going to come anyway" He kissed histemple.

"I'll make it up to you." He spread his legs.

"Are you sure you feel up to it?"

"I always feel *up* to it."

"I forgot, you're insatiable."

He took Alex's face in his hands and kissed him. Alex could taste the sweetand sour of his come on Mulder's lips.

Mulder took the lube and a condom out of the drawer and proceeded to getAlex ready. He lifted Alex's legs up on his shoulders then looked at hisface. Those eyes smoldered so much they could start forest fires. That littlegrin played on his mouth, that sexy mouth. *I can't believe this is allmine* thought Mulder.

One finger, then two slid into the exquisite ass of Alex. He teased theopening a little, making it wider. Suddenly Alex jumped and sucked in hisbreath. Mulder stroked that sacred spot again watching his lover writhe.

Alex could feel himself start to harden again. "You are bad."

"No I'm not, I'm very very good." He nipped at the knee that wasbeside his face bringing a squeal from Alex.

He rolled the condom on his own hardness. Covering it generously with lube,he began to enter into Alex. He pushed past that tight ring of muscle slowly.When the head of his now throbbing erection made it past that point he pushedthe rest of himself in easily. He closed his eyes.

"Oh god, Alex. You feel so good."

Alex sneezed again bringing Mulder almost to orgasm as his muscles clenchedaround Mulder's cock.

He opened his eyes.

"Do that again." He smirked.

Alex shook his head. He was hard again. The sneeze had almost put him overthe edge as well. When his muscles constricted, Mulder's penis dragged againsthis prostate.

Grabbing on to Alex's hips he started easing his way in and out.

Alex reached down to his own erection, stroking it gently. Mulder slappedhis hand away.

"My job."

He leaned forward on his knees just a bit more and replaced Alex's handwith his own. Stroking in hard, precise strokes he matched the thrust ofhis hips. His cock felt like a hard piece of granite inside Alex. He wantedhim so much, had been thinking about him since they last met on Sunday.He closed his eyes again. So good. So perfect. Oh god, he was going to come.

He thrust his hips a final time and came with a cry inside Alex.

He remained buried inside Alex while his hand made short work of his cock.Faster, he stroked, the pre-cum dribbling down the side lubricating hishand.

"Nuuuuh, Fox." Alex came, the cum spurting up onto Mulder's chest.

When he came his muscles clenched around Mulder's sensitive cock, sendinga wave of intense feeling over his body.

They looked at one other. Both giving each other a grin, satisfied. Mulderpulled out of Alex and cleaned themselves off before slipping beside himand pulling up the sheet. He kissed him deeply. They settled down in whatwas their familiar pattern. Alex's head on Mulder's chest, Mulder's strongarms around him.

"Mmmmm. I love you Fox."

Mulder smiled. "Do you now?"

"Yes, I do. I told you that weeks ago. I love you."

"Well I love you too." He kissed the ear beside him.

"Do you really?"

"Yeah. Yeah I guess I do. I like having you around. You haven't triedto kill me in a long time. You know how to make breakfast. The phone sexis phenomenal."

Alex propped himself up on his elbows to face Mulder.

"I'm glad." He kissed those beautiful lips which were red andswollen with passion before putting his head down on Mulder's chest.

"So you'll stay then?"



"I thought you work tomorrow?"

"I do. Stay anyway. It's Friday, we have the whole weekend together."

"Hmmmmm. Okay." Alex's eyes were heavy and was drifting off.

Mulder stroked that dark brown hair for a few minutes before closing hiseyes himself.


Two bodies. Limbs entwined. Sleeping. Breathing the same air. One waking.Green eyes opening.

Alex looked over at the clock. 3:37 a.m. He felt Mulder's arms around hisbody, legs between his own. He also felt that ever present erection pressedup against his ass. Slowly, Alex rolled over, taking Mulder with him, restinghim on his back. He lay there, propping his head up on his hand. There wasa faint light coming in through the slats of the newly installed blinds.He stared at that beautiful face beside him. Those eyelashes, that lowerlip. Enough to send him over the edge just by looking at him.

He got up and walked to the kitchen naked. He opened the fridge and foundhis other carton of orange juice and bottle of water in there. He grabbedone of the bagels from the groceries that materialized by magic since yesterday.He drank the rest of the orange juice and ate the bagel standing in thekitchen. Staring at the living room he was actually allowed to be in lookeddifferent. It felt like he actually belonged somewhere. Here. With Fox.

After his nocturnal snack, he went back to bed and curled up against Mulder.

"You think my phone sex is good, wait until we get in a chat room"he mumbled to Mulder before closing his eyes one more time and falling asleep.