Boys V

Boys V: Burden In My Hand

By Nicole S.

Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language and glorious amounts of m/m sex Spoilers:Not really. Set after the movie. Disclaimer: Mulder, Krycek, Scully andwhoever else is mentioned in here do not belong to me they belong to ChrisCarter and 1013 productions - if I owned them I would be rich - and wouldhave much more fun with them. No harm is intended to anyone else mentionedin this story. Suing me would be useless, my personal net worth is about5 bucks Canadian. Archive: Yes, as long as my name is attached to it.

Summary: A boring case, a murder, loneliness, a stolen car - you do themath.

Seeing as though I've never been to D.C. I have no idea if Mulder needsto take a highway to work or not so I'm using my artistic license here.All I needed to learn about guns & ammo I learned from Michael Slade.In my universe Krycek has BOTH arms and if you can't deal with that thentoo bad.

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Thanks again to Aries (torture queen extraordinare) for inspiration andbeta. She is responsible for the cupcakes and all circumstances surroundingthem. Thanks again for lending me the car. All other mistakes remain myown. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

7:31 a.m.

Fox Mulder was stuck in traffic. Again. An accident involving a load ofdrywall sliding off the back of a semi blocked the path of cars on the highwayand no one was going anywhere. He picked up his cell phone and dialed hisoffice. It rang twice.


"Guess where I am?"

"Stuck in your car on the highway."

"First prize. How did you know that?"

"Mulder, you only call in this early when you're stuck in traffic."

"I'm not that predictable am I?"

"I'm afraid you are."


"Mulder, I'm glad you called. I tried to reach you at home just nowbut you had left already. I just met with Skinner. We're going to Allentown,Pennsylvania. I'm just leaving now to go home and pack."

"Allentown? What's going on?"

"Something about a haunted construction site."

"You're kidding?"

She sighed. "I wish I was."

"Who the hell do they think we are? Ghostbusters?"

"Well, Skinner says we have to go."

"Shit. Fine, the next turn-off I find I'll go back home. I'll callyou when I'm ready."

"Why don't I just meet you at your place. You can drive."

"Oh, can I? Gee thank you Scully."

"Would you rather me drive? I know how you like to exert your manlinesswith this sort of thing."

"Wow Scully, you're feisty early this morning."

"I would be lying if I said I was jumping for joy at this assignment.Are you going to drive or what?"

"Yeah, I'll drive."

"Good. Listen, I have to go. I'll see you at your place."

"Okay. Bye."


He wasn't going anywhere for awhile if this traffic didn't start moving.He turned on the radio.

He started out in a good mood this morning considering he woke up alone.He had seen Alex off yesterday to go...somewhere. He finally asked him whathe did. He wasn't pleased with Alex's answers but at least they talked aboutit. He replayed the conversation in his mind from Saturday. Lying naked,in bed.

"I have something to ask you."


"What do you do when you're not with me?"

"This and that."

Mulder leaned over and looked him in the eye.

"Really. I want to know."

"I can't tell you that."

"Why not?"

"You don't tell me the intimate details of your cases do you?"

"No, that would be breach of confidentiality."


Mulder pursed his lips together. This was not what he wanted to hear.

"How do I know that you're not killing people or blowing up buildings."

"I promise, I don't kill innocent people."

"But you do kill people."

"I only happen to kill people if they are trying to kill me. Just likeyou do."

He looked away from Mulder.

"I'm an FBI agent. You're not. There's a difference."

"No there's not. Fight or Flight are the two basic instincts ingrainedin us from the caveman. As you, I choose to fight."

"Have you killed anyone lately?"

Silence from Alex. He cupped Alex's chin in his hand and forced him to lookin his eyes. "Have you?"

"No. Not lately. I wanted to though."

Mulder looked at him. He wasn't lying. He lay down again, caressing Alex'sthigh. They lay there in silence for a minute, listening to each other breathe.Mulder knew he was pressing his luck but continued.

"What else do you do?"

"Are you going to keep asking me the same question over and over untilI give you the answer you want?"


"If I told you it would put your life in danger, I don't want that."

"You're not going to tell me?"


"What *can* you tell me?"

Krycek sighed. "Mulder, I can tell you that I drive people around andthat's about it."

"You're a chauffeur?"

"Among other things."

"Alex, I want you to promise me that you won't kill anyone or hurtanyone anymore."

He looked at Mulder. Those deep hazel pools making his insides turn to jelly.

"You know I can't do that. I can promise I won't hurt *you* and that'sas far as I'm going to go. We shouldn't even be *having* this conversation."

"We need to have this conversation. I need to know."

Alex sighed again. "I need more time, then I can make a clean break."

"You mean quit?"

"I can't just quit. It's not like a job at McDonald's. I need to exchangemy freedom for something they want."

"Which is...?"

"I don't know yet. I had it once but then it got taken away from me."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Look, I am trying to make a go of this living a normal life thingbut it's going to take some time."

"How much time?"

He rolled his eyes. "Can we please drop this. Tell you what, you'llbe the first to know when my life is my own."

Then Krycek moved down to Mulder's groin and started licking his balls.He knew it was to make him forget the conversation but he didn't mind. Can'tpush him too far all at once.


8:37 p.m.

Haunted construction site. Scully was right. Who calls in these cases anyway?What a stupid, stupid case. They're meeting an exorcist tomorrow. That shouldbe fun. Mulder groaned out loud as he read his notes again. Couldn't theyget cases like the haunted strip club? The case of the possessed, nakedblonde frolicking bimbos that needed constant attention? He sighed again.

"Fuck this."

He threw down his pen, stood up and went to the window.

*Some fine accommodations here. The U.S. government just broke the bankwith this place.*

The motel was situated at an off-ramp of I 78. A rather large truck stopwas across the service road. All day, and probably all night, the soundof rigs coming and going. Sounded like he was at the end of a runway.

Suddenly Scully's face appeared in his window. He jumped.

She laughed.

He opened the door.

"Sorry, Mulder. Didn't mean to scare you."

"I couldn't hear you coming on account of the rigs over there."

"Yeah, this place is quite noisy. Going to be hard to fall asleep later.Listen, I'm going to get some ice. Do you want anything from the vendingmachine?" She held up the ice bucket.

Mulder looked around his room.

"I could use a cold drink. I'll come with you."

He grabbed his room key and wallet then started walking towards the vendingmachine room.

"Scully. Does this case totally suck?"

She looked up at him. "Yes, it does."

"I keep hoping the Mystery Machine will show up and those meddlingkids will solve this crime for us."

Scully laughed. "You know what they say about Scooby and Shaggy don'tyou?"

They reached the vending machine area.

"That they smoked dope all the time?"

"Yeah, that's why they always wanted Scooby Snacks."

"The real hero of Scooby Doo was Velma. She was the one left to solvemost of the cases while Shaggy and Scooby were off getting high and Fredand Daphne were in the back of the Mystery Machine doing the horizontalmambo. She should have gotten all the credit. She wasn't selfish though,she shared it with the others. She genuinely thought they were out therehelping her solve those crimes of ghost ships and voodoo dancers. Meanwhilethey were all slacking off. Velma was the one who did it all."

Scully looked at him. "You watch *way* too much television."

Mulder put his quarters in and pressed the button. He held his breath asthe machine hesitated for a second before giving him his selection. He lookedaround the back to ensure the machine was indeed plugged in.

Scully watched him with a concerned look on her face.

He looked at her. "Can never be too careful Scully."


1:32 p.m.

There was a pile of used kleenex in the basket next to Alex's bed. Heavybreathing was heard and a moan as he came again. Hot, creamy fluid coatedhis abdomen.

*Three times today and I wasn't even trying.*

Sweat trickled down his temple into his hair. It was hot. He was hot. Heneeded Fox. Needed a life.

He reached over and grabbed a handful of paper towels, the kleenex runningout last time. He wiped himself off then threw them in the basket.

*I need a better hobby.*

He looked down at his naked body glistening with sweat. This couldn't goon. He was trapped in this fucking room during the day. Only at night didhe go out. He didn't want them to find him again. Didn't want them followinghim to Mulder's place in the daylight. Nighttime was better, he could hideand cover his tracks. He bided his time here in this room, reading, watchingtv, listening to music, to the junkies puking in the room next door.

He got up and stretched before putting on a pair of shorts and a white tanktop. Getting dressed is half the battle. Going to the small window, he pulledback the thin curtain to look outside. That black BMW was out there again.Motor running, boom boom of the bass permeating the alleyway. The exhaustwas coming right in Alex's window. Every day this asshole was out there,polluting the air with his dumb music and car exhaust.

*Fucker. Didn't he know about emission laws? He should give that piece ofshit a tune-up.*

The car pulled away and backed down the alley.

"Fucking dealers." He mumbled to himself.


11:37 p.m.

The boom boom of the bass entered his room again, drowning out the beginningto David Letterman's monologue. Alex got up and looked out the window. Thatfucking BMW again. The smell of exhaust began to immediately assault hisnostrils.

"That's it!" He yelled out loud.

Adrenaline started to flow as Alex grabbed his 9mm, screwed on the silencerthen racked one in the chamber.

"Fucker," he mumbled.

*I'll just put a little scare into him.*

He tucked his gun in the waistband of his shorts. It was awkward with thesilencer attached but he wouldn't be concealing his weapon for long.

Alex went outside and up to the car. He tapped on the darkly tinted window.The man inside rolled it down. He was a skinny white guy with stringy blondehair and bad teeth. The expensive Tommy Hillfiger track suit he wore didnothing to add to his appearance. Cool air hit Alex's face along with theblast of rap music from inside the car.

"What the fuck do you want? Ya gotta go to 3B"

"This your car?"

"What's it to you asshole?"

"It's belching fucking exhaust into my room."

"Well too fucking bad." He turned away and started to roll upthe window again.

"Hey!" Alex leaned on the window to impede it's ascent. "I'masking you nicely. Turn the car off."

"Fuck you! Get you're grimy ass hands off my fucking car." Theman opened the door and got out. He stood up to Alex's shoulders.

*He's got a lot of balls for a scrawny little shit.*

Krycek looked down at the man. "Look. Why don't you move to a differentlocation. Let someone else breathe in your smog for awhile."

"This neighborhood is MINE. Got it? I own this fucking street. If youdon't like it YOU can move asshole." He pushed Alex barely moving him.

*He wants to fuck with me? I've been wanting someone to fuck with me fora long time.*

"I know what you do and you don't scare me buddy. Now, turn off yourfucking car or move it somewhere else."

The man swung at Alex who caught his punch in mid-air. Alex had had enough.He pulled his gun and pointed it at the man's chest.

"Turn the fucking car off. NOW!"

"You pull a gun on me asshole? Who the fuck do you think you are?"The man reached inside his red, white and blue track jacket.

Alex pulled the trigger. *Oh that felt good.*

A small sigh of the gun firing was heard only to Alex as the man's bodyjerked back and blood spattered over the car. Then the popping of the man'skneecaps breaking on the pavement as he fell forward. The loud music coveredthe sound to anyone else. He got him square in the chest. Right in the heart.Alex never missed.

He leaned over and looked at the man on the ground dying. His eyes weregoing glassy, his breathing stopped. With a final sigh the body was limpand Alex knew he was dead.

He removed the keys from the ignition before going back to the body. Hetook the Glock from the man's holster and tucked it in his waistband. Healso took the wallet of the dead man and put it in his pocket before draggingthe body over to the dumpster. The man only weighed about 130. Alex heftedthe body inside with ease, ensuring to cover it with garbage. The stenchmade him gag. No truck had been here for weeks to empty the dumpster andmaggots crawled everywhere. Who knew if they would ever come back.

The spot of blood and trail on the ground was minimal as he had moved thebody right away. He would come back later and clean it up along with thecar. No one would notice anyway back here.

He went back inside his room and stripped off his clothes, putting the soiledgarments in a garbage bag.

He got in the shower and scrubbed away any traces on his skin. When he wasdone he grabbed a bottle of bleach and poured it in the tub and down thedrain. He filled up the empty bleach bottle with water and set it asidealong with the roll of paper towels.

He dressed in clean clothes then gathered up all of his belongings in hisknapsack and a duffel bag. There wasn't much and took about a minute topack. He stripped the sheets and put them in another garbage bag.

*What about the mattress? No. By the time they find the body someone elsewill have stained it worse than I have.*

He looked around - garbage. He put that in yet another bag.

*I should really torch this place but that would only bring the cops.*

Taking everything and shoving his gun down the back of his shorts he turnedoff the light and left.

He went out to the car and opened the trunk.

"Holy shit."

A Colt AR-15 assault rifle, with thirty round magazine and flash eliminatorlay on the floor of the trunk. Five fully loaded magazines were beside it.There was also a Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun and a case of shells.

"Where the fuck did he get this monster?" Alex whispered to himselfas he looked at the shotgun. He closed his eyes for a second.

*Oh shit. Who did I just kill?*

He put the bags on top of the guns, threw the Glock in and closed the trunk.Taking the bleach bottle filled with water he dampened a wad of paper towelsand wiped the blood off of the car. He then rinsed the blood stains fromthe alleyway as best he could. Hopefully it would rain in the next day ortwo. He put the paper towels and bleach bottle in another bag and threwit in the trunk.

He got in the car, moved the seat back and checked around for any more *surprises*.Just a 9" knife but no more guns. Alex sat there for a second beforestarting the car.

*Ah shit. I've done worse.*

He started the car and backed out of the alleyway.


10:37 a.m.

Mulder stirred his coffee yet nothing was added to it. They were waitingfor the exorcist to show up. They had met with him yesterday and had agreedto come and take a look at the site.

He wanted to go home. This case was getting on his nerves. It didn't feelright. He wanted to go home to Alex and hold him in his arms and make loveto him. Maybe they could go away together? Doesn't Disneyworld have an FBI/doubleagent/spy day? He smirked to himself at the mental image.


"What, what?"

"What are you thinking about Mulder? You just laughed."

"Scully do you remember the Brady Bunch episode where the kids hauntedtheir own house so the parents wouldn't sell it?"

"Vaguely. You're watching too much television Mulder."

"Maybe the construction site's not haunted. Maybe one of the workershas a grudge against the company."

"That's what I said two days ago. I can't find any conclusive evidenceor witnesses to corroborate my theory."

"Then again. They could be building on an ancient Indian burial ground.Maybe we should plug in a television and see if it starts talking to us."

"I thought ghosts and poltergeist's were two different entities."

Mulder smiled. "You caught that. Pretty good Scully. I thought youdidn't watch a lot of TV."

"I never said I didn't watch television, I said *you* watch *too much*television. Besides, Poltergeist was on last week." She pointed tothe doorway of the restaurant. "Here's our exorcist. Let's see whathe has to say."


9:51 p.m.

Krycek had been sitting in the tinted windowed interior of the restaurantat the truck for about 35 minutes now. He was watching the motel acrossthe street where Mulder and Scully were staying. Scully was still in hisroom. He could see them through the window sitting at a table. They didn'tlook too happy. He had parked the BMW around the back where men and theirrigs were snoozing. He had his knapsack with him.

After he dumped the body, he drove to a car wash and spent half an hourcleaning it inside and out. Then drove to New York where he unloaded theweapons and ammo for a few grand. He also got new plates for the car.

On his way to Allentown he parked at a rest area where he burned the stainedclothes, sheets, paper towels, bleach bottle and garbage from his room inone of the conveniently placed barbecue pits. He also burned the man's wallet.He took the money out of it but didn't look at the ID. He did not want toknow who he was. After his job was done he took a well deserved 3 hour nap.

He watched thunderheads roll in from the west. Lightening illuminated thesky and rain was threatening to fall at any minute. Finally, Scully emergedfrom Mulder's room. Mulder in tow carrying her binders and a bundle of papers.Her room was around the corner from his. How convenient. A few minutes laterMulder came back around the corner and returned to his room. Alex waiteda good ten minutes to make sure Scully was settled down for the eveningbefore going across the street. It was dark out but he had to be carefulthat she didn't see him, even for a second. He crossed the service road.

He sidled up to Mulder's door and knocked. His heart was pounding. He haddone this a thousand times before but those other times he had a gun inhis hand and was ready to kill someone.

Mulder opened the door and a look of horror washed across his face. He grabbedAlex by the arm and pulled him violently into the room and slammed the door.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He frantically whispered.

Alex reached out and touched his arm. "I wanted to see you."

"I'm on a case here! Do you know how much fucking trouble I could getinto? Do you have any idea at all? In my house is one thing but on a case,out in the field! Fuck, Alex!"

Alex stood there with his mouth open. He came all this way and he yellsat him.

"Fine, I'll go." He turned to face the door and put his hand thedoorknob.

"Wait," Mulder held the door shut with his hand, "don't go."

He made sure the curtains were closed tightly before turning Alex aroundso they were facing each other. "I'm sorry. I... God, you shouldn'tbe here."

"I was in the neighborhood, thought I'd stop by."

"Yeah, right."

"Mulder, if you want me to go, I'll go."

"No. Stay." He stopped and looked at those succulent lips. Howcan he resist him. Those eyes piercing his own. "You really shouldn'tbe here." Mulder whispered not convincing either man. "I...I'ma little paranoid, Scully's room backs on to mine, and this case..."Mulder traced the outline around the collar of Alex's t-shirt with a finger.

"Hard case?" Alex whispered back.

"It's one of those cases you'd want to sooner forget. Paperwork. Milesand miles of it."

"Yeah." He placed his knapsack on the chair that, minutes ago,held Scully.

Mulder reached up and touched that hint of stubble he knew he'd have.

"You know I'm glad you came."

His body reacted the way he knew it would, he was as hard as a rock alreadyand his body ached to be pressed to the one before him.

Alex put his arm around Mulder's head and brought him over for a kiss. Tenderat first but soon hungry, strong kisses consumed Mulder's mouth.

Mulder pushed Alex back on the bed, practically ripping the t-shirt offof his body. Devouring his nipples with his tongue, he ran his hands overAlex's torso and belly.

Alex pulled Mulder's shirt over his head throwing it over his shoulder.He hooked his legs around Mulder and flipped them over so Alex was on top.

"Where did you learn that little move?"

"Quantico, the same place you did."

He covered Mulder's mouth with his own, his tongue probing the warmth inside,thrusting it down Mulder's throat bringing a moan from him.

Hands flew over each other's bodies, removing clothing, flinging them aside.Both men were now naked.

Alex was on top of Mulder. He brought his mouth down to his neck, suckingand nipping at the remarkably still smooth skin from this morning's shave.He ran his tongue down to the divot at the base of his neck.

Mulder sighed.

Alex continued the trail of his tongue down Mulder's chest, through thehair there and finally to a nipple. He latched his mouth on one of the hardnubs, suckling at it, bringing it harder.

"Oh Alex. Oh I missed you."

Alex dragged his tongue over to the other nipple leaving a trail of fireacross Mulder's chest. He licked and lapped at the other nipple sendingshockwaves through Mulder's body.


Very slowly Alex licked and lapped his way down Mulder's torso, pausing,as he did, at his bellybutton to tease him. Tracing a pattern with his tonguearound and around sending Mulder into a frenzy of anticipation.

"Alex, please, please." Mulder whimpered.

"Impatient aren't we."

He made his way down to Mulder's erection. That beautiful cock was justwhat he wanted. Finally doing what Mulder wanted him to do, he took it inhis mouth.

Mulder sucked in his breath. "Oh Jesus," he exhaled.

Alex lapped up the fluid glistening at the head, delighting, once more,at the taste of Mulder. Using the tip of his tongue he circled the circumferenceof the head.

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Mulder's breathing increased and Alex felt the cock in his mouth start totwitch. He brought his mouth off and began kissing the man's thighs.

"A little sensitive today aren't we?"

"Yes." Mulder groaned.

"Let's hang on for a minute. I want us to come together."

"Oh god." Mulder groaned again. "If you insist."

"Oh, but I do insist. You see, Mulder, I have been thinking of nothingelse for the past 3 days but your amazing cock buried inside my ass. Ifthat doesn't happen I think drastic measures will be put into place."

Mulder sighed. It was going to take him a good five minutes to calm down.

"Got any ice?"


"Yeah, ice."

Mulder waved his hand in the direction of the chest of drawers in the cornerstrewn with pop cans, sunflower seeds and small bottles of water..

"I dunno. Yeah. Over there somewhere, Scully's always chewing ice cubes."

Mulder put his arm over his eyes. *Why is he torturing me like this?*

Suddenly Mulder jumped at the coolness that enveloped his cock.

"What the fuck?"

Alex had returned his mouth to Mulder's cock but this time an ice cube wasrolling around in there as well. He swirled it around the head and downthe length of Mulder's now cooling cock. Goosebumps sprang up all over Mulder'sbody.

"That's really cold....oh my god that's cold."

Alex slurped the moisture away then licked a trail down to Mulder's balls.He lapped at them with his cold tongue, feeling Mulder shiver.

Feeling Alex envelop his balls in his mouth with the ice cube brought anothergroan from Mulder. His head was swimming. Another sensation for the books.Mulder was not losing his erection but the feeling he was going to comeany second had gone away.

Alex brought his head up and looked at Mulder. He crunched the ice cubeand grinned at him before licking a cold trail up his body to end at hismouth.

The coolness of the crunched ice enveloped Mulder's mouth as Alex's tongueprobed inside. Alex broke free and looked at him.


"Where the hell did you learn that?"

"I'll never tell. Come on lover, I want you inside me."

Alex went over to his knapsack and got the condoms and lube out and gaveit to Mulder. He lay face down on the bed, anxiously waiting for Mulderto get him ready. He spread his legs as he felt Mulder's fingers tease thetight ring of muscle at the opening.

Kneeling behind Alex, Mulder bent his head down and kissed the spot at thebase of his spine. The fine hairs that grew there tickled his nose as henuzzled the spot just before the curve of his ass. He nipped along Alex'scheeks and inner thighs.

"Mmmmm. That feels good."

Two fingers were inside Alex, working the rim of the muscle, opening itwider. When satisfied, Mulder put on a condom and lubed it well before rollingAlex over to face him.

"I want to look at you."

He put his hands under Alex's knees and brought his hips to meet his own.Alex wrapped his legs around Mulder's waist. Mulder's cock teased the openingbefore entering Alex with one push.

A groan emitted from Alex. "Ohhhh Fox. Yeah. That's it baby."

Mulder started to move back and forth, thrusting himself deeper and deeperinto Alex.

"God you're fucking tight."

Alex moved his ass up a bit to give Mulder better access.

"Oh Alex. Yeah." Mulder moaned.

He closed his eyes and savored the moment. This awesome feeling that henever got enough of. Almost drunk on passion, he slid easily in and outof Alex. He sighed as he opened his eyes and looked down on his lover. Alex'seyes had sparks in them and that little grin on his face. Sweat pepperedhis brow and upper lip.

Mulder was bending down to lick the sweat that gathered in the divot aboveAlex's lip when there was a knock on the door.


He froze and abruptly stopped thrusting into Alex bringing a moan of disappointmentfrom him. Mulder was paralyzed with fear.

"Oh shit!" He whispered.

They've been caught. He was going to have to explain this all to Scullyand Skinner and go before those fuckers at the Office of Professional Reviewagain. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

The knock came again.

"Mulder?" Scully yelled over the rumbling of the thunder thatwas getting louder. "It's me. Do you want anything from the vendingmachine?"


"Nnnno...No, I'm fine." He yelled back

"What are you doing?"

Alex started laughing. Mulder put a pillow over Alex's face to muffle hisnoises.

", I'm just getting into the shower."

"Oh. I see. I'm going to soak in the tub myself."


More laughing from Alex. Mulder pushed down on the pillow but suddenly releasedhis grip. If he smothered him that would be an even worse situation.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow then. I'll come get you about 7 for breakfast."

"Okay. Uh, goodnight Scully."

"Goodnight Mulder."

Krycek's body was heaving from the laughter. He knew he had to stop laughing.He was going to come if he didn't. Every shake of his body made the headof Mulder's cock caress that wonderful spot in his ass. He couldn't stop.This was too ridiculous.

*Oh fuck, I'm going to....*

Mulder swatted him in the ass, cutting off his train of thought.

"That wasn't fucking funny! Dammit!" He whispered fiercely.

"Oh don't stop. Smack me again."

"Shhhhh. She'll hear you."

Thunder cracked from above.

"No she won't."

Mulder swatted his ass again. Krycek winced then smiled.

"You like that hey? A little rough? Of course you'd like it."

He looked at Alex who was gripping his own penis, stroking it gently.

Mulder rose higher on his knees, bringing Krycek's ass farther from thebed. He started smacking his ass in time with his thrusts.

Alex moaned.

Mulder continued to smack Alex's ass which was now growing red.

"Oh Mulder. Mulder, Mulder. Oh I like that."

"My name is Fox."

"Ohhhh yeah."

"Say it Alex. Say my name. I want you to say my name."

Mulder smacked him harder now. Sweat was trickling down his forehead andhis cheeks. This was definitely going in the record books as one fantasticfuck.


"Say it again."

"Fox. Fox. Oh god Fox, fuck me Fox."

The sound of Mulder smacking Alex's buttocks married with the sound of heavybreathing and moaning from the two men. Thunder clapped again outside andrain began to hit the window.

Alex's hand was working in time with Mulder's thrusts and swats. He wasclose, god was he close. *Oh god, one more against that lovely spot in myass. Oh yeah.*

"Fox....oh yeah, Fox, Fox." Alex came, the fluid spurting up andout onto his hand and stomach.

"Yeah, say it...say my name...oh Alex..." Sparks went off behindhis closed eyelids as he thrust hard into Alex's ass, gripping his hips.He thrust twice more, moaning, the intensity of this orgasm not matchedby many.

They stayed there, joined for a minute while their breathing came down listeningto the thunder rumbling. Mulder pulled out of Alex enlisting groans fromeach man.

They lay there, dozing for awhile. Mulder lying on his back staring up atthe ceiling. A million thoughts running through his mind at once.

*What the hell am I doing? I'm on a case. My partner is in the next room.This is the one and only time this is going to happen. I don't care if I'mundercover for a month and can't even jerk off. This can't happen again.It's too dangerous.*

Alex sighed and his breathing deepened breaking Mulder's concentration.He looked down at the brown head resting on his chest. He absentmindedlystroked the hair there. Alex was sleeping now.

*What the hell am I going to do with this guy? I don't want to end this.Can't end this. I need him, I love him.*

Thunder cracked outside again.

*He won't tell me what he's up to. I guess I can respect that. If the shoewas on the other foot I wouldn't tell me anything either. I hope he's beingcareful. I hope he's not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal. God,what if he's involved in some illegal activity and I get pinned as an accessory....No.Not unless they have me under surveillance. They don't have me under surveillance...dothey?*

"Shit," he whispered out loud.

*I'm just paranoid. Have to relax. I'm starting to sound like that songI heard on the radio today. Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's out there toget me...or something like that.*

He looked down at Alex who was letting out tiny snores as he slept.

*That *was* kind of funny when Scully knocked on the door....Yeah, funnylike a heart attack. Shit.*

Mulder closed his eyes and breathed in deep. *Gotta relax.*

The lamp in the corner threw an orange light over the room. Not too bright.Soothing. Mulder dozed off.


There was an elbow in his ribs. Mulder opened his eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Alex was sitting on the sideof the bed. Naked of course.

"Hmmmmm. Well you did. What time is it?"

"Almost midnight."

Krycek's stomach growled.

"I'm starving. Time for dessert."

He stood up and walked to his knapsack. He rubbed his ass which was stillsore from the onslaught of Mulder's slaps before.

"Dessert? What *don't* you have in that bag of yours? It's like a bottomlesspit."

"Always be prepared, Mulder."

He carefully removed a clear plastic food container that held four chocolatecupcakes. He opened the lid and devoured one in one bite.

"God, it's like a scene out of When Animals Attack." Mulder movedover to sit with him at the table.

"Mmmmm. Try one." Alex said, his mouth full of cupcake.

He held them out to Mulder who took one, taking a bite.

"These are good. Did you bake them yourself?"


"I thought maybe you expanded your repertoire from breakfast to bakedgoods."

Alex raised his eyebrows then swallowed.

"I got them over there at the truck stop. Myrtle's famous double chocolatefudge cupcakes. 4 for a buck."

Sitting there, naked, they dug into the cupcakes. Alex devouring anotherone. He watched Mulder eat. Frosting spilling over his lips. He licked hislips and smacked them together.

"Sex and chocolate, there's one way to get the blood pumping."

Krycek stared at the spot of icing remaining at the corner of Mulder's mouth.

"You have frosting..."

"Where?" Mulder grabbed a napkin off the table and began to liftit to his mouth.

Alex pushed his hand away. He moved in slowly, his eyes blazing a bright,hot green.

"Let me," he whispered, his lips brushing Mulder's face. His tonguedarted out and slowly licked the frosting away.

Mulder's lips twitched. His respiration deepened.

Instead of swallowing the frosting, Krycek brought his mouth down on Mulder'sthrusting his tongue between the already open lips. He stroked the warmmoist interior, sharing the chocolatly sweetness with his lover.

Mulder's body reacted to Krycek's tongue like he knew it would. The hardnessin his groin already started to throb. Sweat broke out across his back.

Alex finally broke free and looked at Mulder. His eyes were open wide, adazed look on his face. Reaching over to the table he grabbed the remainingcupcake. Using his finger he swept the chocolate icing off of the top. Heknelt down before Mulder who was sitting in the chair.

"No. No. Oh no you're not..." Mulder said, excited but hesitantat the same time.

"Oh yes, I am." Alex took the finger and rubbed it liberally overMulder's erection.

"Oh my god. Do you..."

"Shhhh." Alex cut him off as his mouth descended on the chocolatecoated member of Mulder.

Mulder sucked in his breath then sighed. The feeling of the icing and Alex'stongue was like nothing else he felt before. Chalk another one up for newexperiences.

The sweetness of the chocolate and muskiness of Mulder drove Alex wild.He started moaning and making a laughing noise at the same time.

"You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?" Mulder said.

"Mmmmmm." Krycek licked up the back of Mulder's erection.

"I'm enjoying this too," he sighed.

Krycek sucked at the tip for a second to get every last bit of icing thenpulled off of Mulder.

"Don't stop!" Whimpered Mulder

"That was dessert. Now's time for the meat & potatoes. Get up."

"Get up?"

"Get up."

Mulder stood up, a feat with his still throbbing hard on.

Alex pushed him face first against the wall. Mulder put his hands out tobrace himself.

"Spread 'em."


"You heard me, spread 'em lover."

Mulder complied. This was new.

Krycek grabbed the lube and a condom from beside the bed and put it on.The rubber ring around the top of the condom acting as a cock ring, keepinghim hard. He lubed up two fingers. Spreading Mulder's ass cheeks he slippedin the fingers easily. It did not take much to get Mulder ready. He grabbedonto Mulder's hips and thrust himself inside.

Mulder cried out at the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Alex buried himself inside Mulder, leaning in close to him. Mulder's backwas wet with perspiration, his smell...oh that fucking intoxicating smellthat drove him crazy. He licked the back of is neck, tasting him. Then Alexstarted moving his hips back and forth.

"Oh yeah," Mulder whispered.

Alex put his arm around Mulder's waist and grabbed onto his hardness. Thehead was weeping pre-cum which he used to lubricate his hand.

Mulder still had his arms outstretched, his hands against the wall. He benthis knees a bit and leaned forward. This gave Alex's thrusts to connectwith his prostate.

"Ohhhh my god, that's great."

Alex was licking Mulder's neck, nipping at his earlobes. His right handwas working on Mulder's cock while his other was on Mulder's hip, guidinghimself into his ass with every push.

"Say *my* name. Say it, Fox."

"Alex," he whispered.

"I want you to scream my name. I want you to think of no one else butme. I want you to scream my name over and over whenever you come."

"Oh yeah, Alex, you feel so good."

Alex slammed into Mulder's ass, the sound of skin slapping against skinnot heard over the rumble of the semis coming down the road. He moved hiships from side to side enlisting a whimper from Mulder. Faster and harderhe thrust in and out.

They were getting close. Mulder's breathing was getting heavy. He closedhis eyes.

"Alex. Alex. Alex. Oh god, Alex...." A passing truck drowned outthe rest of his screams.

Mulder came with a buck of his hips. The warm liquid spurted against thewall in front of him.

"Oh Alex....Alex." He whispered as the last remnants were milkedfrom him.

The constriction of Mulder's ass when he came sent Alex flying over theedge.

"Mmmmmmmm Nuuuhhh. Fox," he gasped into the neatly trimmed hairat the neck before him. His body spasmed with his orgasm, slamming his hipsagainst Mulder's buttocks again and again.

They stood there for a minute. Alex clinging to Mulder's back. Mulder leanedforward and rested his head against the cool painted brick before him.

Alex pulled out of Mulder and cleaned himself up.

Mulder took a napkin off the table and wiped his mess of the wall.

"The maids aren't going to like this," he said.

Alex lay down on the bed.


Mulder lay down beside Alex.

"Thank god it's so fucking noisy here."

"I noticed that. Have trouble sleeping?"

"Do I ever sleep?"

"You will now."

Alex moved over and put his head on Mulder's chest. It was still damp withsweat.

"What time is it Mr. Fox?"

"It's 12:36 a.m."

"I should go."


"Don't want to be found by Scully in the morning."

"Don't even fucking *joke* about that Alex. She gives me enough lecturesabout protocol as it is."

They lay there in silence, caressing each other.

Finally after a large sigh, Alex sat up. He looked at Mulder. His eyes seemedalmost black in this light.

"I have to go."

He reached over and tenderly stroked Mulder's strong jaw line before kissinghim on the mouth. He then stood up and got dressed. Black jeans, black bootsand black t-shirt.

Mulder also got up and put on his sweats.

"Hang on, let me make sure the coast is clear."

Mulder left for a minute then came back.

"Her light is off, she must be sleeping."

He closed the door behind him and reached out to Alex for one more kiss.

"You be a good boy."

"I always intend to be."

Alex slipped out the door silently, his knapsack slung over his left shoulder.Mulder watched him cross the service road and head around the back of thetruck-stop. He yawned and got back in bed, discarding the sweats and turningoff the light.

*That can't happen again....even if it was so fucking good.*

He grabbed the extra pillow and held on to it until he fell asleep.


3:45 p.m.

"You sure ya wanna wreck this car buddy? It's a beaut."

"Listen - you said you'd do it, now do it. How much more do you want?Five hundred?"

Alex pulled the bills off of a large wad and handed it to the man.

"Sure buddy, whatever you want. It's just a really nice car"

"It's a burden."

Alex watched as the car was lifted with the powerful magnet and droppedin the compactor. Glass smashed and metal twisted as the compactor squishedthe car.

"There ya go buddy."


Alex walked away from the man and out to the motorcycle he had bought minutesearlier. His knapsack slung over his shoulders, his dufflebag bungee-cordedto the back of the seat. He kick started it, let it rev for a few secondsthen pulled away.