Boys VII

X-Files M/K
Title: Boys VII: Bittersweet Me
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language and m/m sex.

Archive: Yes, if my name is attached.
Series/Sequel: This is part VII of an ongoing series (that may never end)Feedback please!

Spoilers: Let's just say the whole series & even the movie to make iteasier. Set after the movie. Disclaimer/Warnings: M/M sex ahead! If youdon't like slash why the hell are you reading this? Mulder, Krycek, Scullyand whoever else is mentioned in here do not belong to me they belong toChris Carter, Fox and 1013 Productions - if I owned them I would be rich- and would have much more fun with them. No harm is intended to anyoneelse mentioned in this story. Suing me would be useless, my personal networth is about 5 bucks Canadian.

Summary: Angst, then the beach for some fun.

This is my universe and in it Krycek has BOTH arms - if you can't deal withthat then too bad. Seeing as though Chris Carter is taking so long withSeason Six I am once again jumping ahead and making up my own rules.

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Thanks, as always, to Aries (I bow to the Torture Queen) for beta and everything.All remaining mistakes are my own.


A presence. Tongue sliding over moist lips. Tender kisses down the jugular.Nibbling on an earlobe. Tongue running up his neck. Soft lips pressed againsthis own. Then gone.

8:22 a.m.

Mulder sighed in his sleep and rolled over on his side. The sun was comingin his living room window slowly waking him with it's warmth. He was sleepingon the couch after a night of bad movies and too much popcorn. Alone. Hecouldn't use the bed anymore, it seemed so empty.

He hadn't seen or heard from Alex in weeks. He had a sinking feeling thathis lover was gone for good. At the beginning he was sad and frustrated.Then he was angry. Now he was depressed. The Psychologist in him knew itwas the grieving process and he tried to push the feelings away. He couldn't.He was human after all.

Scully tried to find out what was wrong but eventually gave up. One dayshe tried to humor him, even threatening to volunteer them for the *Partner'sRetreat* this year. She expected (and hoped for) a sarcastic remark, butinstead he said nothing. She was used to him being temperamental but thiswas going too far. Noticing the pained look in her eyes that only he couldsee, she left for the day. As the door closed behind her, he put his headin his hands and let out a large groan. He couldn't talk to anyone aboutthis, let alone Scully.

They went to Orlando for a few days on a case and he didn't even try tosneak off to Disneyworld to ride Space Mountain 15 or 20 times between seeingAlien Encounter. Did his work, went back to the hotel room, did more workbefore getting a few hours sleep.

He tried to keep it together but his moodiness had led to a big blow outwith Scully at the end of last week. He screamed at her for some stupiddetail, he couldn't remember what it was, paperclips, the sharpness of hispencil. Her patience was worn thin from two weeks of Fox Mulder's moodinessand she snapped. She shouted at him to *leave me the fuck alone, it's notmy fault, whatever the hell is up your ass these days* He shouted somethingstupid back. Then she spat *I hate you* before storming out of the office.Later, he drunkenly begged her forgiveness at her door in the middle ofthe night. An occurrence he didn't want to make a habit of.

He was lonely. He went to work, went to the pool or the gym, anything tokeep from going home to the empty apartment. Being alone never botheredhim before. When he was at home, he brooded until he had to go to work again.Flipping around the channels until they blurred.

He made a decision, yesterday, to get a grip and lighten up. Alex was goneand he was just going to have to face it. He knew he was going to have tosnap out of this mood soon because it was affecting his work. He thoughtabout talking to someone but he couldn't go traipsing into the counselingservice the FBI provided for something like this.

"Hi, my name is Agent Fox Mulder, they call me *Spooky*, I work onthe X-Files. Anyway, I'm having a homosexual relationship with a formeragent and partner who is now a spy for...for...who the hell knows. And nowhe's gone and I feel lonely and depressed."

He'd have to deal with it alone. *Psychologist heal thyself.*

He even went to a gay video store but the tapes he got just made him missAlex more. They were fun to watch but it just wasn't the same.

Saturday. He opened his eyes. A whole day of doing nothing but lie on thecouch in his clothes and mope. But first, he had to pee. He sat up and feltsomething cool against his chest. Looking down he saw a note safety-pinnedto his shirt. He pulled the note off and read it.

*Meet me at 10:00 a.m. back of A&P. Let's go to the beach. Dress toride the bike.*

He smiled to himself. "Alex," he whispered out loud.


10:02 a.m.

The sound of the motorcycle was heard before he could see Alex come aroundthe corner. Mulder's stomach actually jumped at the sound.

Alex pulled up in front of Mulder. Leather chaps covering blue jeans, leatherjacket, black helmet.

God he looked good in leather.

He cut the engine and took off his helmet showing that ever present hintof stubble. His eyes blazed green in the harsh sunlight.

"You're late."

"I'm early."

"By who's watch?"

"Mine. Here," he threw Mulder a helmet. "Put this on andlet's get going, it's gonna be a scorcher."

"Which is why we're wearing leather and denim in the middle of a heatwave."

"A pair of jeans is cheaper than skin grafts."

"I've missed you." Mulder reached out and ran his thumb over Alex'slower lip.

"I've missed you too. Hop on, let's get out of here."

Mulder put on the helmet and flipped the tinted visor down. He swung hisleg over the bike as Alex started it. Finding his foot rests, he leanedforward and wrapped his arms around the leather clad torso before him. Theypulled away from the back of the store, the vibrations between his legsmasking the shivers that went up his spine. He ached for Alex and knowinghe was going to have to wait as long as it took to get wherever they weregoing to fulfill his lust didn't make it any easier.


11:38 a.m.

They pulled into a cheap but clean motel off of the highway they just rejoinedfrom the "shortcut" Alex took down a gravel road. It was locatedon the edge of a little town. He could smell the Ocean on the breeze. Alexcut the engine to the bike and Mulder slowly got off.

"Fuck. My ass feels like it's gonna fall off." Mulder's handswent to caress his sore buttocks.

"You get used to it."

"You staying here?"

"Yeah. For now. I'm on vacation."

"I didn't know double agents got vacations."

"I prefer to call it freelance work."

Mulder rolled his eyes as he followed him to the door of the end room ofthe motel.

Alex unlocked the door and dragged Mulder inside by his arm. He slammedhim up against the wall, his mouth meeting the hungry one before him.

"I've missed you so much." Alex threw off his jacket then Mulder's."I've thought of nothing else in the past three weeks except you andyour magnificent ass." He ripped Mulder's shirt over his head.

Mulder pulled Alex's white t-shirt off before frantically working on hisjeans. "I've missed you too." He lunged forward, devouring Alex'snipples with his tongue before licking a trail back up to that sweet mouth.

Alex broke free and ran his tongue down Mulder's chest and belly to hisjeans. He undid the button then slid down the zipper. Suddenly laughterrang out from his mouth.

"What? Why are you laughing? That's not very romantic you know."

"What the hell is this?" Alex was pulling Mulder's jeans down,revealing his short-style swimsuit.

"You said we were going to the beach!"

"Where's the speedo?"

"I only wear that when I'm the pool....working out."

"Aw shit." He looked up at the hazel eyes meeting his, burningwith desire. "Well they're coming off anyway." With that Alexremoved Mulder's shoes, jeans and shorts.

He nipped at the thighs before him, nuzzling the weeping erection and thefuzzy sac underneath.

Mulder leaned his head back and moaned. He missed him so much and he wasso ready he wasn't sure how long he could hold on. He almost came in hisjeans a few times on the way here from anticipation.

Alex stood up and took the rest of his clothes off.

"I need you now, I can't wait." Mulder leaned in and kissed him,feeling the stubble on his lips.

Alex moved them over to the bed where Mulder lay face down across it. Alexreached over to his bag and got out the lube before proceeding to get Mulderready. He easily worked one finger in the opening, searching for that perfectspot. When Mulder breathed in sharply and gave a little jump he knew hewas at the right place. He bent over his lover and whispered in his ear.

"You like that?"

"Hmmmmm, yeah." Mulder grabbed a pillow and propped his chin uponit. Starting straight ahead he met Alex's eyes reflecting in the mirroron the other side of the bed.

"You ever watch yourself come?"

"A few times."

"It's great."

Alex had already worked a second finger into Mulder's ass. Mulder sighedas he felt the opening stretch bigger and bigger. He watched as Alex movedhis fingers in and out, watching his reaction in the mirror.

Finally Alex pulled his fingers out and lubed up his almost purple cockliberally.

Mulder closed his eyes.

"Hey lover, keep your eyes open."

Alex put an arm under Mulder and brought him up so he was on all fours.

Mulder watched as Alex knelt behind him, then thrust himself inside. Sweatbroke out all over his body as this hot throbbing entity entered him.

"Fuck you feel good."

"Baby you feel wonderful, so tight."

Alex licked his lips as he continued to look straight ahead at the mirror.The sight of them joined like this was almost too much to bear. He beganto slowly move in and out of Mulder, noticing that his brow furrowed theslightest with each stroke. He grabbed onto Mulder's hips, moving faster,he wasn't going to last long.

"Make me come Alex."

He leaned forward, grasping Mulder's cock in his hand. It was slick withpre-cum and very hot. He stroked the cock in time with his hips.

Their eyes locked on the scene in the room. Alex behind Mulder, slamminginto his buttocks, his arm around him, fisting his cock. Within a minuteboth men were moaning.

"Oh Fox....fuck....Fox, I'm gonna....Hmmmmmm." Alex closed hiseyes for a second as the orgasm washed over his body, feeling the fluidtravel from his balls out and into Mulder's ass.

Mulder was right behind him.

"Oh Alex. Oh God....oh Alex!" A grimace went over Mulder's faceas he spilled himself into Alex's hand. A look of peace came over his faceand his eyes glazed over as the orgasm traveled through every nerve endingin his body.

They then collapsed on the bed, Alex still inside of him.

Alex watched himself kiss Mulder's neck and down. Mulder reached up to greethis mouth and the tender kisses that came from it.

Their sweaty bodies were joined until Alex pulled out of Mulder a minutelater and cleaned them up.

He rejoined his lover, putting his head on his chest, his legs over Mulder's,facing the mirror. Mulder was so beautiful, that hard, muscular swimmer'sbody. The angular jaw line with the days growth of stubble. He sighed andheld him tighter.

"You're a kinky little boy aren't you Alex?"

He shrugged, "I guess so."

"You like to watch yourself, you're into S&M. Anything else I shouldknow about?"

"Can't think of anything right now but when I do I'll tell you."

Mulder kissed the top of his head. He seriously thought he would never holdthis man in his arms again. He squeezed him tightly to his chest.

"We should get going." Alex said.


"I want to work on my tan."

"Uh huh. You don't want to stay here and do this all afternoon?"

"There will be plenty of time for that later my friend."


"Oh yes, indeed I do, lover." He kissed him sweetly on the mouthbefore rolling out of bed.

"I like the sound of that."

Alex dressed in a pair of short-style swim trunks similar to Mulder's anda white tank top. Mulder put on his shorts and a t-shirt. Alex handed Muldera towel.

"The beach is only a 10 minute walk from here - down the road."

Alex led him down the road to the beach. A few cottages dotted the way.It was hot for September, hardly any wind. By the time they reached thebeach the wind had picked up, bringing a cool breeze off the ocean. Purewhite sand dunes lined the perimeter of the beach, while closer to the waterthe sand was packed harder. A group of kids and a few adults were loungingby the edge of where wet met dry. The kids were screaming and chasing eachother in the surf. Save for those people no one else was on the beach.

"This is nice."

"It sure is. I discovered this place a couple of years ago. Duringthe middle of summer it's packed full of kids but now it's just day trippers.For some reason everyone thinks summer ends when August does."

"Doesn't it?"

"If it's warm, I say go to the beach."

They spread their towels on the sand and sat on them. Alex and Mulder bothremoved their shirts.

After a minute, Mulder brought out a small tube of sunscreen and startedapplying it to himself.

"You want some of this?"


"Don't you care about skin cancer?"

"I prefer to live dangerously.

"Your funeral."

Mulder applied the sunscreen to most of his body before turning to Alex.

"Will you put some sunscreen on my back please."

"With pleasure. Any other parts that need protection?" Alex ranhis hand over Mulder's crotch "Are we going to be tanning nude today?"



"It's a public beach."

"You're too hung up on what people think. Relax."

"Need I remind you who my employer is?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I say if it feels good, do it." He startedapplying the sunscreen with long, slow strokes, digging his fingers intoMulder's back. He paid special attention to the lower region near the waistbandof his shorts.

"You keep doing that and I'm going to have to tie you to a tree again."


"You're sure in a good mood today."

"I'm on vacation, what's not to be happy about? Are you complaining?"

"No. I'm actually quite content myself."

"Good." Alex reached into his pocket and got out his cigarettes.

"Still smoking I see."

"No lectures please."

"I'm not lecturing you."

"Good 'cause I'm a big boy and I'll kill myself anyway I want to."

Mulder looked at him. He couldn't see his eyes through the sunglasses.

"Are you going to tell me where the hell you've been the past threeweeks? Besides breaking into my apartment this morning?"

"Pretty sneaky hey?" He took a drag on his cigarette. "I'vebeen around."

Mulder rolled his eyes behind his shades. "Alex, work with me here.What's been going on?"

Alex took another drag on his cigarette. He looked out into the ocean andthe kids playing at the edge of the surf.

"Well, I've been paying for my crime."

"What crime?"

"Destroying the surveillance equipment in that fire after I buggedyour place. The old man was none too happy."

Mulder took a deep breath. "What did he do to you?"

Alex looked at Mulder, glad he couldn't see the self-disgust through hissunglasses. "He didn't do anything *to* me..." He hesitated, wonderingif he should say anything at all. "I'm on old fogey detail."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I follow some old fuck around all day. One of the oldman's cronies. If I get that boring and predictable in my old age I'm goingto shoot myself!"

"Assuming you reach old age. What does he do?"

"Goes for coffee for three hours and reads the paper. Goes to the parkand feeds the pigeons. Goes home and sleeps. I don't know what the smokingbastard thinks he's up to but it ain't much!"

"Maybe he just wants you out of the way for awhile."

"Yeah, that's probably it. I followed that old fuck around for twoweeks then he never called me for a few days so I came here."

"Your vacation."

"Yeah, something like that. It's not like I punch a clock or anything.My time is my own until..." Alex drifted off again, watching a smallchild chase a beach ball.


"Until they call me again to bug your apartment."

"Ha ha."

"I shouldn't be saying any of this to you. It could put you in jeopardy."

"Yeah, I could pump you for information about the old man's pigeons.Were they regular pigeons or the white ones? Come on Alex, we're in jeopardyalready just being together. Tell you what, I'm not going to worry untilthey send you to kill me."

"Don't joke about that."

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"I have a new e-mail address by the way.

"Can I use it?"

"For now, I'll give it to you later."

Mulder lay down on his towel, soaking in the rays. This was nice. He wasrelaxed for the first time in weeks. He was also happy that Alex was safe,and they were together, and that he was going to have sex, again, some timetoday, for the first time in almost a month.

"I have to confess, Alex, you've caused me a lot of grief the pastthree weeks."


"By not..." he sighed, " being gone."

"It hasn't been a picnic for me either."

"I..." Mulder tried to choose his words carefully. "I wasworried about you. Among other things."

Alex rolled over on his stomach and propped his head on his elbows.

"I know. It killed me not to call but...I couldn' shit."He breathed in sharply then out again.

"Remember when...when you first came to me and you said no strings?"


"It's not working is it?"

"I guess not."

"I can't be with you and not love you. I'm miserable when you're notaround. I had a huge fight with Scully, she's ready to shoot me."

"She shot you once before, what's stopping her now?"

"Need I remind you that you were the reason *why* she shot me?"

"That's in the past. What's important is that she *didn't* shoot youright? What did you do to her?"

"I was being an asshole."

"Uh huh. How?"

"By...look I was miserable and moody fuck, nevermind."

"Did you tell her *why* you were miserable and moody?"


"Are you *going* to tell her why you were miserable and moody?"


Alex and Mulder lay there for awhile, dropping the subject. They chattedabout nothing in particular after that. Alex made sure that he and Mulderflipped over every so often to even out their tans. The sound of the surfand the kids playing calming both men.

"Let's go for a walk."


"Down the beach."

Mulder groaned as he got up from laying still for so long.

T-shirts, towels and sneakers in hand they walked down the hard packed sandclose to shore, the water lapping at their feet. Cottages faced the waterout to the ocean but soon, Mulder noticed, there were just sand dunes. Alexstarted up a dune towards a grove of trees.

"Where are you going?"

Alex didn't answer. Mulder followed him to the top of the dune.

"You can see really far up here."

Mulder caught up with him. "Yeah, whatever, nice view."

Alex put his sunglasses on top of his head and took off Mulder's.

"I didn't bring you up here for the view." He looked into thosehazel eyes, he missed them so much the past few weeks. Leaning in, he lickedMulder's lips bringing a shudder from him.

"Alex, we're....where are we?"

"There's no one around." With that he kissed Mulder, wrappinghis arms around him, feeling up and down his back. He smelled of cocoa butterand sunshine.

"Come on." He took Mulder's hand and led him over to the trees."This will be more private if you're so paranoid."

Mulder looked at Alex. Broad daylight at the beach...hell yeah!

This time it was Mulder that lunged forward, covering Alex's lips with hisown. Their possessions dropped in the sand beside them.

Alex pushed Mulder back a bit so he was resting against a tree. Trailinghis lower lip down his chest, he kneeled down before him and pulled hisshorts down and off. Mulder was hard, as he knew he would be. He lickedthe head sending chills up Mulder's spine.

"Oh god, Alex."

Alex had one purpose in mind and that was to suck Mulder off. He stood fora second and discarded his own shorts before kneeling again. He took Mulder'sbeautiful cock into his mouth.

Mulder leaned against the tree and threw his head back. He loved this morethan anything in the world.

Alex began sucking and licking Mulder with precise strokes, one hand cuppingMulder's balls, the other holding on to the base of his cock. His tonguewent around the head, licking and teasing underneath it and the opening.It wasn't long before Mulder was breathing heavily.

"Alex....oh Alex...."

Alex moved his hand holding Mulder's balls to his own erection. Strokingalong with the rhythm he set with his mouth.

Mulder reached down and wove his fingers through Alex's short hair. Muldercame quickly, unable to hold on after weeks of celibacy.

"Alex....I'm gonna......Alex!

Mulder's essence invaded his mouth, he greedily sucked it down and swallowed.His hand still working on his own cock.

Mulder looked down at Alex and cupped his chin. "Come here"

Alex stood up and released his own cock from his hand. He placed both ofthem on Mulder's shoulders and kissed him deeply. Suddenly Mulder's handreplaced where his was seconds ago.

Mulder began stroking Alex, running his thumb over the head and pressingon the spot underneath. His mouth still covered the man's before him. Histongue entered the moist cavern before it, teasing the other one there.Suddenly Alex was moaning into his mouth. He began to stroke faster, notletting him break away from the kiss. A large moan came from Alex's mouthas he came into the fine sand at their feet. Mulder finally released him.

"Fuck I've missed you." He leaned and put his forehead on hischest, still breathing heavily.

Mulder wrapped his arms around Alex and held him for a moment, kissing thedark hair on the top of his head. He then brought his face up to his, kissinghim gently.

"You don't have any zip ties or duct tape with you do you?"

Mulder laughed. "No but I could use some seaweed if you really wantedto get into it."

"Maybe later. For now, let's go swimming."


It was dark when they arrived back at the motel room, having spent the pastthree hours in a bar & grill down the road.

"I want to take a shower to wash all this sand off."

"I'm joining you." Alex said. He removed Mulder's shirt then slidhis shorts down, letting them fall to his ankles where he kicked them away.

Mulder reached out to hold Alex. "You're a hundred degrees." Hecarefully took Alex's shirt off revealing the sunburn. Mulder clicked histongue, "you should have put on some sunscreen." He put his handto the hot, red skin. "It's really hot."

"*I'm* really hot."

"You're going to be sore tomorrow."

"I don't care at this particular moment. Come on, let's get in theshower." Alex stripped off his shorts revealing a stark line betweenhis sunburn and where the shorts had covered. He also had quite a raginghard-on.

Mulder turned on the shower letting the water run cold. "How cold canyou stand it?"

"Cold. A gulag in winter does not have hot water need I remind you."

"Please, don't remind me. Hop in, see how that is."

Alex entered the tub. "It's fine."

Mulder followed and closed the curtain around them. Mulder picked up thesoap while Alex moved in and started exploring his mouth with his tongue.

Alex grabbed the soap from Mulder and proceeded to wash him free of thesand and sunscreen. Mulder watched him as the soap traveled down his chest,his abs, up his arms, down his legs. Alex took extra time at his groin,sudsing and stroking Mulder into a rather impressive erection. Then thesoap dropped to the bottom of the tub.

Both men looked at each other and started laughing.

"You pick it up."

"No, you pick it up."

"I can't bend down."

"Why not?

"I'm too sore."

"I brought my trusty Aloe Vera gel with me. I'll put some on you later."

"So now you're the boyscout?"

"Better believe it."

Mulder bent down and picked up the soap. Kneeling in front of Alex he delicatelyran it up and down his legs, Alex's erection grazing his forehead. He ranthe soap up between his legs and around his balls to the tight opening athis rear.

Alex sucked in his breath and grabbed on to the thin edge where the tilemet wall.

Mulder kept teasing the opening with his finger until one was inside thenreleased. He stood, facing his lover, their eyes meeting. One hand wentback to teasing the opening to his ass while the other gently ran the soapover his shoulders. Alex winced. Mulder couldn't tell if it was from thesunburn or the fact two fingers were imbedded inside him, forcing him wider.He rinsed him off before leaning in covering his mouth with his own.

"Hmmmm. You know how I love water sports."

"Turn around."

Alex turned and faced the wall, leaning forward.

Mulder quickly replaced his fingers with the head of his cock. He pushedin with one thrust bringing a cry from Alex. He could feel the water hittinghis own buttocks, tickling the back of his thighs, running down the crackof his ass.

Alex could feel Mulder start to move in and out of him. When he was sittingthere watching that old man feed the pigeons two images constantly filledhis mind. One was taking his new Glock and blowing that old fuck's headoff, letting the birds pick at his brain. The other was this - Mulder fuckinghim from behind. Alex moaned and started thrusting back against the presencebehind him.

Mulder reached around and grabbed Alex's slick cock. It jumped as he strokedit in his hand to the tempo of his hips. Alex's back was extremely hot tothe touch. He could feel the heat radiating off of him, warming the coolwater that hit the skin.

"Hmmmm Alex. I'm going to make you come."

"Yeah, make me come. Make me come Fox."

Mulder sped up, his hips bouncing off of Alex's ass. Both men were moaningand gasping for air. The water continued to spray over both of them as Alexshuddered and came against the tile of the tub enclosure. Mulder was behindhim, Alex's muscles clenching around his cock.

"Oh god Alex, you know how to do it to me."

He thrust hard into Alex and came with a sigh. He leaned his forehead againstthe hot back before him for a minute as the orgasm washed over his body.Finally Mulder pulled out of Alex and turned him around to kiss him.

"You're going to be sore tonight."

"Part of me already is."

They turned off the water and got out of the tub. Mulder gently patted Alexdry with a towel before leading him to the bedroom.

"Lay down, let me spread some aloe vera on you."

"How did you know I was going to get burnt?"

"Just a feeling I had."

Alex lay down on his stomach on the bed, the cool sheets greeting his hotskin.

"This is going to be cold."

Alex jumped when the cool gel hit the burn on his back. "Holy shit."

"Relax. Boy, did you ever do a number on yourself. Your lucky it didn'tblister."

Mulder rubbed the gel into Alex's back. Goosebumps started to cover hisbody in reaction to the loss of body heat and the cool gel.

"I'll be fine. 'Look better once it turns into a tan." Alex mumbledinto his pillow.

"Are you sleeping?"


By the time Mulder worked down to Alex's legs he was asleep. He lay downbeside him and pulled the single sheet over them both.


Alex woke to tender kisses running down his neck.

"Hmmmm. Good morning."

"You awake?"


Mulder snaked his tongue down Alex's back to those golden brown hairs atthe base of Alex's spine. He kissed the spot before raking his stubble overit.

Alex jumped. "Fuck Mulder, watch it."

Mulder dragged his stubble down over Alex's white ass before coming up againto the still sunburnt back.

Alex tried to get up but Mulder held him down with one hand.

"I thought you liked pain."

"Not this kind of pain."

Mulder continued to draw his chin up over Alex's back and to the burnt shoulders.

"Fox, please." He whimpered.

"Shhhh. I know you like it. You probably got a hard on the size ofFrance from this." He flipped Alex over on his back revealing the latterwas true. "See." He bent his head down and started on Alex's front,teasing his nipples with his stubbled chin.

Alex replied with a moan.

Mulder ran his face down Alex's body, the stubble scratching the burn onhis chest and abdomen He wove a trail to his groin where a spot of pre-cumwas beginning to show on the tip of his erection. Continuing the onslaughthe ran his stubbled cheek up the shaft.

"Oh jesus!"

"See, I told you you'd like it."

Mulder replaced the stubbled part of his body with his tongue and lickedup Alex's hard cock. His tongue teased the slit in the top, tasting thepre-cum there. He then took the whole thing in his mouth. He looked up atAlex who was watching him in the mirror beside the bed. Mulder shifted onthe bed so their eyes met in the reflection. His head started to bob overAlex's hard, hot cock. He moaned with pleasure, noticing Alex twist thesheets in his hands. Mulder maintained eye contact bringing Alex off inrecord time.

Alex was so hot watching Mulder suck him off. It was as if Mulder's mouthwas made to suck his dick. Sweat gathered in the divot above his lip, hisbreathing deepened and then with a groan and a furrow of his brow he emptiedhimself into Mulder's mouth. Only then did he close his eyes.

Mulder licked him clean then came up to lie beside Alex. He kissed him,his tongue entering the moist heat. Alex rolled over and put his head onMulder's chest.

"I was going to suggest another day on the beach but I don't thinkI can take it."

"You'd better not. You're still pretty red."



"I want you to fuck me against that mirror."

"What's with you and the mirror?"

"I just want it." He lifted his head up off of Mulder's chestand kissed him deeply. "I want you inside me." He ran his tonguedown the stubble that had tormented him earlier and sucked on the side ofhis neck. "I want you to fuck me."

Alex stood up and reached out to Mulder who grabbed his hand and stood infront of him. Alex already had a half erection which was growing.

Mulder kissed him, pressing against Alex, feeling his own hardness pressinto his abdomen.

"Do you want it hard?" He moved his mouth down to Alex's chestto suck on one of his nipples.

"Yeah, you know I like it hard baby."

Alex turned around and braced himself in front of the mirror, his handsoutstretched, bent slightly at the waist. He could see Mulder in the backgroundlubing up his fingers and his cock. He was almost drunk with anticipation.

Mulder came up behind Alex and kissed the back of his neck before startingto tease his puckered opening. One finger easily slipped in.

Alex sucked in his breath at the sensation of Mulder's finger. Another onesoon joined it and Alex began rocking against them, dragging them againsthis prostate, bringing shudders throughout his body. He looked at Mulder'sface in the mirror. Calm, sedate, except for that *I'm about to get laid*look in his eyes.

"You ready Skippy?"

"Yeah...I'm ready."

Mulder entered his cock into Alex's hot opening. Pausing for a moment heclosed his eyes. He opened them again and looked at their reflection inthe mirror. Alex's eyes were almost black, his pupils dilated so much. Hiscock was fully erect again and dripping pre-cum onto the carpet below. Mulderput his hands on Alex's hips and began to thrust in and out of him.

"You said you wanted it hard right?"

"Yeah. Fuck me Fox. Fuck me hard."

Mulder slammed into him as hard as he could without doing them both majordamage.

Alex could see the strain in Mulder's neck as he pulled out and hurled himselfinto his ass. He wanted this hard, needed this hard. Needed to feel Mulderin every pore of his body, every bone, every fiber.

Mulder leaned forward and grasped Alex's cock with one hand, trying to keeppace with his hips. He wasn't going to last too much longer. He was amazedhe hadn't come yet himself. Looking at Alex's face he saw the desire, thepassion that was there. That gaze sent him over the edge. Leaning back,letting go of Alex, he came with a great force. A loud moan came out ofhis mouth as he spilled himself into Alex. Bright lights sparked on theback of his eyelids as he closed his eyes for a second. When he regainedhis breath he looked up and saw that Alex was pumping away at his own cock.Mulder reached over, still embedded in Alex and covered his hand with hisown. Together they brought Alex to a resounding orgasm and milked his cockas it spurted against the mirror. Mulder could feel Alex's muscles tightenaround his slowly waning cock and held off pulling out for a minute.

"We ruin more motel rooms this way..."

Alex turned around and reached up to Mulder's face, the stubble, those nowamazingly blue-green eyes from hazel a minute ago. "I love you Fox."

"I love you too Alex."

They joined, mouths sliding over each other, tongues dancing together. Layingdown on the bed they dozed for a good hour before getting up.


3:49 p.m.

Alex pulled in the back of the A&P again where he picked Mulder up yesterday.The store was closed and the 15 foot noise wall around the perimeter affordedthem some privacy.

Mulder got off the bike, Alex's knapsack strapped to his back. He took offhis helmet and handed it to Alex. He looked at the sparkling green eyeswith the hint of sorrow in them. He licked his lips before breathing into speak.

"I want you to come home with me."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

He looked at Mulder's face, his eyes drawn down, his mouth curled into thebeginning of a pout. He could not think of one good reason at that particularmoment.


"That's pretty lame. Come on Alex...I'll cook you dinner."

"I'm definitely not coming now."

"No. You won't be *coming* if you don't smarten up."

Alex took about three seconds to make up his mind. He sighed and lookedup at the clouds in the sky. *Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck.* Then he lookedback at Mulder.


"I'll walk ahead, you meet me there in 20 minutes."

In the back of his mind he knew he should just drive off into the proverbialsunset and never see him again.

"Okay. 20 minutes."

Mulder walked off to his apartment still wearing his knapsack.

*Well I have to go now, he's got all my stuff,* he argued with himself ashe pulled away to kill 20 minutes.