X-Files M/K
Title: Boys VIII: More Than This
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language and m/m sex.

Archive: Yes. Anywhere else, okay if my name is attached. Series/Sequel:This is part VIII of an ongoing series (that may never end) Feedback please!

Spoilers: Let's just say the whole series & even the movie to make iteasier. Set after the movie. Disclaimer/Warnings: M/M sex ahead! If youdon't like slash why the hell are you reading this? Mulder, Krycek, Scullyand whoever else is mentioned in here do not belong to me they belong toChris Carter, Fox and 1013 Productions - if I owned them I would be rich- and would have much more fun with them. No harm is intended to anyoneelse mentioned in this story. Suing me would be useless, my personal networth is about 5 bucks Canadian.

Summary: Things get interesting for Krycek who is on surveillance detail.

This is my universe and in it Krycek has BOTH arms - if you can't deal withthat then too bad. Season Six...where are you?

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1:27 a.m.

The click of the tape recorder and movement of the wheels woke Alex fromhis dozing. He sat up, dazed for a few seconds before picking up the binoculars,focusing in on his subject. He slipped the headphones from around his neckup to cover his ears. He had been waiting 15 hours for this.

"Home early just as the old man said."

He was watching Mulder...again. The smoking bastard sent him here, again,to the apartment across the street for a couple of weeks. The old man nevergot tired of tormenting Alex with these inane surveillance details. Thenagain, Alex didn't exactly mind this particular assignment.

This time the smoking bastard put a couple of goons in a car down belowto watch *him* watch Mulder. To keep the place from burning like last timeand to keep an eye on him, make sure he was doing his job. Alex swore thefire last time was an accident but the old man wouldn't have any of it.Punishing him by making him follow a boring, old fuck around for two weeksthen letting him stew in his own juices for a couple more. There was nothingworse than looking over your shoulder every 10 minutes.

The equipment he was working with was ancient. Big reels of tape. Way beforedigital. The old man laughed at him when he told him what he *wanted* touse and threw the list of computer equipment he required in his face. Whywas he doing this? He didn't need this shit, doing the dirty work of thatblack lunged monster. He could take off and hide, create a new identityfor himself, a new life anywhere the hell he chose to on this planet. Whywas he staying around DC working for people he hated?

He sighed, still looking through the binoculars. Mulder was rummaging inthe bedroom. That was the reason right there. Without Mulder he felt lost.He could hear rustling of clothing, drawers being slammed. Too bad for theblinds, now always tightly shut in the bedroom, or he could probably seehim. Was he naked? His groin stirred at the thought. Was it only a weekago they made love on the other side of those blinds? He could hear footstepsdown the hall. Then, a minute later, the shower running.

Was it only this morning he broke into Mulder's apartment and installed3 new bugs? Yeah, they were up to 3 now, living room, dining room and phone.Mulder and Scully had been sent to Phoenix on a case on Thursday. They weren'tsupposed to be home until Friday. It was now Tuesday. The old man calledhim on that annoying cell phone he gave him a few days ago telling him thatthey had wrapped up early and he should *start the detail post-haste*. Yeah,whatever.

Alex rubbed the back of his neck as he listened to Mulder take his shower.He leaned back and closed his eyes, imagining the slippery soap slide acrossthe smooth skin. Through the hair on his chest, his legs, up between thoselegs to that large cock and the heavy sac that hung there.... Alex's eyessnapped open. He couldn't think about that now. It was driving him crazyknowing his lover was naked across the the shower...wet...hisskin glistening... It took most of his willpower not to take the chair,smash all the equipment and go join Mulder under the steamy spray.

He stood up and paced for a few minutes, letting the throbbing in his groinsubside. When he was sure he wasn't going to come in his pants, he stoodbefore the window, looking down at the man keeping an eye on him in thecar.

"Ha!" He thought. "You have to sit in a cramped car whileI have the luxury of a chair, with wheels on it, and a couch! I also havea toilet and running water and a fridge!"

Serves that goon right. He was a dumb, uneducated slob! This was nightgoon'sshift. There was also daygoon who was also a slobby pile of shit. Pure bulk,no brains - hardly any gray matter between them. This afternoon, Alex slippedout the back door and was gone for two hours! Daygoon didn't even notice.He went for pizza, got some supplies for the evening, even stopped to lookat magazines for a good half hour. He walked up the street daygoon was parkedon with a Grande Cafe Mocha (with an extra shot of expresso) and walkedpast his car. The guy was asleep! How sloppy! Alex went right up to thedriver's window and looked inside, sipping his coffee, his sunglasses perchedon the end of his nose.

"I could kill you right here, right now and you wouldn't feel a thing,"he thought.

He spun on his heel and walked into the building, up to the surveillanceroom. He flopped down in the chair, still sipping his coffee for a minutebefore taking one of the apples from his bag of supplies. He was about tobite into it when a wicked thought crossed his mind. He stood up and openedthe window, a grin spreading across his face.

Shooting out the back window of the car - he could do that - but this ideahad that childish quality he craved. He looked up and down the empty streetbefore lobbing the apple out and watched it bounce off the hood of the carmaking a large bang and splatting on the road. He noticed it made a dentin the hood. Alex laughed out loud as daygoon got out of the car, and lookedup and down the street, hand on his holster, sleep in his eyes.

"It's right there beside the fucking car you moron," he said outloud. The daygoon got back in the car.

"Fuck. Where does he get these idiots?" He lay down on the couch,his feet up. "These guys are just big, dumb pseudo-jocks. No formaltraining, except the gang they were in as a teenager. I don't want theseguys watching *my* back when it comes down to it."

A car coming down the street snapped him back to the present. He floppeddown in the chair again and put the headphones back on. The shower had stopped.Mulder was rustling clothes again. He picked up the binoculars and lookedacross the road. The air conditioner and half shut blinds blocked most ofthe view but he could see part of the couch, the coffee table and insidethe kitchen to the dining room.

Alex removed the binoculars "Shit," he thought. "If you cansee that part of the couch then....then the people in this building gota pretty good show last week....and the month before...oh my god, we'vefucked on that part of the couch a dozen times."

He laughed to himself, "Well, I hope they enjoyed it."

Alex switched to the 35mm camera with the high-power lens. This was better,it was on a tripod and didn't shake as his hands did now. Five hours withouta cigarette, doing pretty good. Although his coffee consumption nearly doubledas a result.

Mulder strode into the living room wearing sweats and a t-shirt. He flippedon the TV before going to the kitchen. He looked tired.

"Go to sleep, Fox," Alex whispered.

Mulder opened the fridge and took out a beer and a bagel before going backto the living room.

"Healthy snack."

He sat down then took a sip of the beer, putting the can on the coffee tablebefore picking up the remote and biting into the bagel.

"Might as well take a few for posterity." He snapped the shutterthree times. *Shots 1, 2 & 3 - Mulder eating a bagel*, he wrote in hislog.

Alex looked through the camera again. Mulder popped the last bit of thebagel in his mouth before picking up his beer and settling back on the couch,remote in his hand. Alex could only see his hand with the remote and fromhis hips downward at this angle. The bookcase blocked the rest of him fromview. The headphones were an assault of Mulder's relentless flipping aroundthe channels, at least four times. Finally, he settled on a classic StarTrek episode.

"Good choice, Mulder, gotta love the classics. Kirk and all those spacevixens. Every chick on that show was dressed like Nancy Sinatra - shortdress, boots, big hair, lots of eyeliner. Those tight starfleet uniformsleaving nothing to the imagination...."

Mulder let out a belch before getting up and listening to his phone messages- Alex had heard most of them first-hand on the phone-tap.

First message was from someone asking if Mulder would like to go for CheeseSteaks. They claim to know the whereabouts of the original wrapper of the"Monica Cigar". Must be those three kooks Mulder knows with thatconspiracy paper. "You guys are sick," Mulder mumbled.

Messages two and three were from rival long-distance companies.

Message four - now this is where it got interesting - Chantal phoning forMarty wondering why she hasn't heard his sexy voice in over two months.Mulder laughed at that one before saying "Sorry Chantal, Papa's gota brand new bag."

Message five - Alex winced as he heard Skinner's voice screaming about thefuckup in Phoenix and how he and Scully had better be sitting in his officetomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp ready to explain what the hell happened.

Message six was from Scully telling Mulder she got home from the airportokay and they should meet tomorrow to go over everything before seeing Skinner.7:30 at the office. She'd bring the coffee if he supplied breakfast.

That was it for the messages.

He watched Mulder stand there before his desk, erasing the messages on hisanswering machine. His face was growing red. He downed the last of the beerthen threw the empty can across the room.

"Fuck!" He ran his hands through his hair. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"Alex followed Mulder's movements as he stomped to the kitchen and grabbedanother beer from the fridge. He looked at it then put it back. Turningto his cupboard he pulled out the bottle of Absolut Alex left there lastweek.

"Hey, that's *my* vodka," Alex whispered. He could stand it nolonger, he reached over and got a cigarette out of his pack then lit it.The smoke burned his lungs as it went down. He could hear the tinkle ofglass against glass and footfalls as Mulder moved back to the living room.

He looked through the camera again and moved it to see Mulder sitting onthe couch, in plain view. He poured himself a large shot before raisingthe glass in the air.

"Na Zdorovia Alex, wherever you are."

"Shit," Alex whispered. He made a note of the time and quicklywheeled back to mark the tape so he could erase that later. "I havea feeling I'm going to do that alot." He thought. He took a long dragon the cigarette before stubbing it out and going back to the camera.

Mulder finished his drink then stood up and put a tape in the VCR. Alexcould hear the whirring of the motor as the tape rewound. Mulder sat downtowards the other end of the couch again, and poured himself another drinkbefore slouching down a bit. Alex could see from his hips down to his toesand that was about it. The blue flicker of the television pulsated throughoutthe room as the tape stopped and was played. Alex could hear music but couldn'tdirectly see the screen. Then the sound of the tape fast-seeking for a minute.When it stopped he could hear two men moaning.

"Oooooooh Fox, a little frustrated aren't we?"

He watched as Mulder put the now empty glass on the table. That same handwent to his crotch, stroking himself through the fabric.

"Baby, don't do that." Alex watched as Mulder pulled his sweatsdown a few inches to expose his cock. It was half hard. Alex's own cockstirred. Moaning was still coming from the television, he could hear skinslapping against skin.

Mulder started stroking himself gently, bringing on a pretty good erection.He then started stroking harder, making small grunting sounds.

"Fox, don't....shit." Alex whispered. "I should be doingthat." His own erection was starting to throb seeing Mulder jerk off.He absentmindedly reached down and readjusted himself.

Mulder let out a gasp as he came, the cum oozing over his hand before hereached for the box of kleenex on the table.

"Fuck this. I should be making love to him, not watching him jerk off."Alex watched as Mulder cleaned himself up then returned his cock to hissweats. He heard him sigh and then lay down on the couch. After a few minuteshe shut the TV off and went to sleep.

Alex also went to his couch, the long cord of the headphones stretchingacross the room. He heard Mulder's heavy breaths as he slept. Alex alsofell into a slumber after awhile.


7:39 p.m.

Mulder was in a shitty mood. Today was probably a shitty day. Alex couldonly guess what Skinner had put him through this morning. Alex e-mailedhim a bunch of dirty jokes to cheer him up. Looks like he would need morethan that tonight.

This morning at 6:00 when Mulder's alarm went off he pulled his gun andalmost shot at the tape recorder until he realized where he was. Holy shit,that alarm in the living room could wake the dead. He and Mulder had thesoothing sounds of the clock radio in the bedroom whenever he stayed thenight. They usually set it an hour earlier than usual to make love beforeMulder had to go to work. He heard Mulder groan before he got up off thecouch and started to get ready.

Alex had to hustle. He quickly got dressed and was down in his car beforeMulder had his tie on.

This new car was a 1989 Volvo sedan with tinted windows. Black of course.He drove his motorcycle to New York where he traded it (and a couple ofgrand) for the Volvo. His buddy knew exactly what he wanted and fixed himup nicely. It killed him to trade the Harley but he could always get anotherone later.

After 10 minutes Mulder came out off the apartment, got in his car and startedto drive to work. Alex followed him, knowing his exact route and what hewas going to do. He stopped for bagels and a fruit salad (for Scully) thendrove the rest of the way to work, parked in his spot and was inside hisoffice by 7:15. He noticed daygoon was watching him, his big dumb face inthe rearview mirror. Who taught these guys how to follow someone? "You'retoo close asshole!" Alex shook his head. Now Alex had to wait. He hadall day to kill while Mulder was at work.

He started by driving back to the apartment across from Mulder's and goingback to sleep for a good 3 hours, getting up about 11:30. Then he showeredand changed his clothes before going out. He got some lunch, a coffee. Thenhe went to the library and poked around there for awhile and used theircomputer before getting bored and going back to the apartment. He walkedright by the daygoon again. Looked right at him. He didn't do anything."Fuck this guy is dumber than I thought." Alex went up to theapartment, had a nice nap before microwaving himself some dinner. Then itwas time to drive downtown and follow Mulder home.

He followed Mulder to a 7-11 where he picked up a 6 of beer. He and waitedas Mulder went through the McDonald's drive thru then followed him home.Nightgoon was tailing them from a better distance than daygoon did. Alexparked his car around the back and ran up to the surveillance room. He threwhimself into his chair, put on the headphones and started peering throughthe camera.

Mulder was in the bedroom, probably changing. He appeared in his usual sweatsand t-shirt a minute later. Alex watched as he devoured the fast food inrecord time.

Alex's stomach grumbled. He lit a cigarette - only the second one that day.

Mulder, now finished with his burger and fries, reached for the bottle ofvodka that was still on the table from yesterday. He poured himself a drinkand sipped it while he watched the end of the news.

"And you get pissed at *me* for drinking!"

Mulder downed the vodka and went to the kitchen where he grabbed a bottleof water before going back to the living room. He sat down in front of hiscomputer and checked his messages. Alex knew he got the dirty jokes becausehe started giggling uncontrollably. Must have been funnier than he thought.He must not have much e-mail either because it only took him 10 minutesto check his messages before turning the computer off and going back tothe couch and the television.

Alex could hear the whirring of the tape in the VCR and knew what was coming.His cock jumped at the thought of Mulder jerking off again. He stubbed outhis cigarette.

Mulder had his sweats pulled down around his hips, stroking his half-erectcock. Alex could hear the same moans he heard yesterday coming from thetelevision. He undid his own jeans and slid them down revealing a rock-harderection. He began to stroke himself, in time with Mulder's hand, on hisown cock.

"Oh baby, we should be together. We should be doing this to each other."

Mulder started gasping, his hand working faster.

Alex pulled away from the camera, leaning back in the chair. He closed hiseyes and imagined it was he and Fox together, not across the street fromeach other.

Alex heard Mulder come with a grunt. He was not far behind. With a softmoan he came into his own hand.

Alex was leaned back, sprawled across the chair, headphones askew. He couldhear Mulder breathing heavily. Alex looked down at himself and groaned ashe got up and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. When he got backhe discovered that Mulder was still watching the porno tape. Alex couldhear the dialogue on the movie.

"Hey Alex, want to come for a ride?"

"I should study."

"Come on Alex, *I'll* help you study."

"Well...okay but I have to be back in the dorm by 10."

"Oh I'll have your pretty little ass home by then."

Alex covered his mouth as he laughed out loud.

As if Mulder heard him he turned off the tape and got up off the couch.He went to the window and looked up and down the street as if he was lookingfor someone. Alex snapped a few pictures of his sullen face, those hazeleyes without their spark. Then Mulder went and took a shower.


For two agonizing weeks the surveillance continued. He hated every secondof it and couldn't wait for it to be over. Alex sent Mulder e-mails fromthe library telling him not to worry, he was fine and they would get togethersoon. The only part he enjoyed was his nightly *date* with "Alex andMikey" on the videotape. If Mulder only knew...he'd probably beat hisfucking head in.

Alex watched Mulder and the goons watched him. They were now following himon his pizza and coffee runs. He came back one evening from following Mulderto the gym to find one of them in the surveillance apartment listening tothe tapes.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Alex screamed at the intruder.

"I'm just checking to see that you're doing your job."

Alex could only see red as he ran up to the man and slammed his head intothe wall. The plaster cracked and the man made a moaning sound as he crumpledto the floor. Stepping on the goon's head, Alex pulled his new, light Glockfrom his holster and pointed it at him.

"Don't you ever, ever fuck with my shit! Got that buddy!" Alexpushed the gun into the man's spine. "You know. I haven't killed anyonewith *this* gun yet. Would you like to be the first?" He dug the guninto the man's side, itching to pull the trigger. "If I catch you oryour steroid case friend up here again, I will kill you and everyone youare related to. A limb on your family tree will cease to exist!"

He took his foot off of the man's head.

"Get up and get the fuck out of here."

The man groaned, dazed by his head meeting the wall.

Alex grabbed him from under his armpit and yanked him up. The man wouldn'tstand so he dragged him to the door and threw him into the hallway, slammingthe door behind him.

"Fucker. I'm going to kill him, I swear."

Now he was driving to meet the smoking bastard for a *meeting*. Shit itwas only 7:30 a.m. He had just followed Mulder to work when the cell phonerang. It was the old man asking him to come and have breakfast with him.He was nervous. He didn't like meeting with him. He pulled into the parkinglot of the old K-mart, where the smoking bastard was waiting.

"Nice car Alex."

"It gets me around. What do you want?"

"Patience. Would you like to go somewhere and have a little breakfast?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Well then. Let's get down to business." He lit a cigarette bringingan intense craving to Alex who shoved it down with every ounce of willpowerhe had.

"Are you sure you don't want anything Alex?"


"The surveillance we have on Mr. Mulder is not fruitful. He doesn'ttalk about his cases outside the office like some agents. What I'm interestedin is what he saw in Phoenix two weeks ago. We have a suspicion that hemay have seen more than he should have."

"He hasn't said one word about Phoenix. How do we know he even sawanything? All we know is that Skinner is pissed for some reason."

"Precisely. Skinner sent them there to gather information and is *pissed*as you say because we found out they were there. One of our operatives sawthem poking their noses where they shouldn't be. They left soon after that."

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"I want you to personally handle this Alex. I want you to use whatevermeans necessary to extract information from Mr. Mulder."

"You mean beat it out of him?"

"By whatever means necessary."

Alex looked at the man before him. Pale, craggy skin, that leer of a mouth.He just wanted to blow his fucking head off he hated him so much. "Iwant you to call off the goons. I want to do it by myself."

"I'll call off the *goons*, but if you disappoint me I will send themafter you."

"Please do." Alex's eyes looked like hard, cut green glass. Theglare he was giving the old man was enough to put a tiny twinge of fearinto him.

"Don't kill them Alex. Or Mulder for that matter. We need everyonealive...for now." He flicked his cigarette butt on the ground thengot into his car and drove away.

Alex watched him drive off before getting in his own vehicle. He sat inthe drivers seat of his Volvo, hands on the steering wheel, staring outthe front windshield.

"What the fuck do I do now?" He put his head down on the steeringwheel and thought of a plan.

7:30 p.m.

Alex stood in the shadows of the parkade at the back of Mulder's apartmentblock. He had thought of a plan and hoped to hell it worked. Those fuckinggoons were just over there. They weren't supposed to be here, the old manwas supposed to call them off. Now he was going to have to put on a show.

He had spent the day removing the bugs from Mulder's apartment, scanningthe place with his new bug scanner. He then scanned his car and found atracking device that he knew would be there. After he cleaned his car here-edited the tapes. Last night when Mulder came he shouted *Alex* and hehad to remove it.

He peeked around the corner again at the two burly guys in the car in thecorner. "Gee, you guys are smart." Alex said to himself. "Youparked your car under the light so everyone can see you...real smart."

Suddenly, Mulder's car swung in and into a parking spot. Alex slowly drewhis gun and waited.

Mulder got out of the car and shut the door. He slung his jacket over hisshoulder and began walking towards the building when Alex grabbed him. Heheld him, whispering in his ear to play along. Mulder spun around to seeAlex holding a gun on him.

"You're coming with me." He waved the gun over to the Volvo.

"Gee Krycek, aren't you going to kiss me hello first?"

Alex looked at Mulder. His eyes were blazing, he looked so fucking sexy,if those goons weren't right over there he would just drop to his kneesand start sucking on his cock. "Turn around."

"You're not going to get kinky on me are you?"

Alex cuffed Mulder's hands together behind his back.

"Get in the car Mulder. Don't try anything."

"Ooooh, you are going to get kinky on me!"

"Shut up and get in the fucking car!" He jabbed his gun into Mulder'sside for good measure before shoving him in the passenger's side and shuttingthe door behind him.

Alex got in the driver's side and, with tires squealing, sped out of theparkade and down the street.

Mulder, not having any hands free, was thrown against the door of the car."Jesus Christ Alex, you trying to kill me or something?"

"See the two morons in the Mercury behind us, they're following me.We have to lose them."

Alex quickly swerved in and out of traffic, down side streets, through abad neighborhood and finally to the highway. He lit a cigarette, not caringif Mulder liked it or not. He rolled the window down just the same.

"I think they're gone."

"They were gone 10 minutes ago. Where did you learn to drive like that?"

"The movies."

"Should we be talking...if there are people following you they couldhave bugged your car."

"They did. I found it 2 hours ago. They haven't had a chance to re-installanything since. That's why the two goons were watching me."

"So what's the occasion. You're not going to kill me are you?"

Alex took another drag on the cigarette before flicking it out the openwindow.

"No. Where's that park we went to?"

"You sure you want to go back there?" Mulder laughed, attemptinghumor.

"We need to talk."

Mulder stopped laughing, this was serious. "It's just over the hill.About two miles."

"The old man wants to know what you know about Phoenix."

"Nothing happened in Phoenix. We...we were called home early. That'sall I'm giving you."

They rode in silence until they were safely in the park. Alex cut the engine.It was barely light, twilight making dark shadows. The dark tint of thewindows didn't help much either.

"Are you going to un-cuff me?"

"Maybe. I am supposed to interrogate you."

"What if I won't spill?"

"I'm supposed to use whatever means necessary." Alex shifted inhis seat, reached over and ran his finger down Mulder's chin.

Mulder guessed this wasn't so serious after all. "You'll never getme to talk."

Alex could just see Mulder's eyes, burning with desire in the faint light.He undid Mulder's tie and flung it aside. Then leaned in and licked a trailup his neck to his earlobe where he whispered "I might have to tortureyou."

"I'll never tell you no matter how much pain you..." Mulder suckedin his breath as Alex caressed the bulge in the front of his dress pants." inflict on me."

Alex ripped open Mulder's shirt, buttons flying everywhere. He covered Mulder'smouth with his own, slipping his tongue in for a moment before pulling away.

"Are you sure you won't talk?"


"I'll just have to fuck it out of you then."

"You can try."

Alex pulled Mulder's shirt open and ripped the undershirt down the middle.His mouth assaulted Mulder's nipples, biting and tugging at them, bringingthem to hard peaks.

Mulder threw his head back, a moan escaped his lips.

Alex removed Mulder's SIG from the holster and placed it on the dashboardof the car. He then unbuckled the belt, unbuttoned his pants and zipper.He slid Mulder's pants, down revealing gray cotton jersey boxer shorts.

"Underwear Mulder? I'm disappointed."

"I gotta wear them to work you know."

"New FBI regulation?"

"I don't want to get wounded and have no underwear on."

"I guess I can see your point. Let's move to the back seat where wehave more room."

He reached over and un-cuffed one of Mulder's hands, leaving the other halfdangling from his wrist. Both men moved to the back seat, Mulder leavinghis pants in the front.

Mulder started kissing Alex on the mouth, his tongue probing the moist heat.His hands moved down Alex's body, pausing to tweak a nipple before rippinghis shirt over his head. He moved his mouth down, leading a trail with histongue to Alex's nipples. He stopped there and sucked on one while he undidAlex's jeans.

Suddenly Alex pushed him away.

"Put your hands over your head."


"Just do it. Or do you want me to get my gun?"

"Depends on what caliber you're talking about."

Alex pushed his Glock in Mulder's side. "Do it."

"Ooooh you're scaring me Alex." Mulder put his hands over hishead.

Alex swiftly cuffed Mulder to the hand hold above the window.

"You like cuffing me don't you?"

"Need I remind you that *you* tied *me* to a tree?"

Mulder laughed. "Yeah but you liked it."

Alex slid out of his jeans and ripped Mulder's underwear off. He ran hisGlock up and down Mulder's abdomen, teasing him with it. He ran it downaround his balls, up along his hardness and back to his chest.

The feel of the hard plastic of the body and the cold metal of the barrelsent shivers up Mulder's spine. Visions of his balls being blasted off hisbody ran through his head.

"I'm getting nervous Alex."


"I'm not fond of guns being pulled on me by my lover."


"I can't relax Alex. Put the gun away."

"Hmmm...Fox Mulder's getting scared. That turns me on you know."Alex said as he lapped at one of his nipples.

"Well then you should be frothing at the mouth."

"I am." Alex ran the gun down again to rest against Mulder's nowweeping cock.


"Relax, my finger's not even on the trigger."

"Just the same..."

"You're no fun."

"I've seen Pulp Fiction too many times."

"I'm not a heroin addict and I don't drive a Nova."

Alex put his gun on the front seat and began snaking his tongue down Mulder'schest to the curly golden brown hairs at his lap.

"So Mulder...are you gonna talk...or do I have to fuck it out of you?"

"I told you, you could try."

Alex swung Mulder's legs along the back seat and straddled him, taking thevery tip of his cock in his mouth.

"Alex..." he sighed.

Alex stayed at the tip, flicking his tongue over the slit in the top andsucking on it. Very slowly he inched down, licking and sucking, drivingMulder mad with each stroke of his tongue.

It took everything inside Mulder not to fuck Alex's mouth.

Alex held Mulder's balls in his hand, stroking them, feeling the hairs thatcovered them. When he felt them tighten in his hand, he released him fromhis mouth.

"Noooo. Alex. I'm so close."

"I know." He leaned forward, careful not to touch Mulder's erectionand kissed him deeply.

"Bastard" Mulder hissed through his teeth.

Again and again Alex brought Mulder to the brink before pulling back, leavinghim to groan in agony and writhe on the back seat of the car.

"Are you gonna talk?"

"I'll tell you everything. We went to Phoenix. Our meal on the planewas horrible. We ate Eggs Benedict for breakfast on Saturday...Scully gota papercut on a file folder...what more do you want to know?"

"Hmmmm. Sounds like you're stalling."

"Alex please." Mulder whimpered.

Alex couldn't stand it any longer. His cock ached, his own body cried outto be joined with Mulder's. He kissed him hungrily, his tongue reachingdown his throat. He pulled away and uncuffed Mulder, bringing him up sohe was draped over the seats. Alex took the lube out of his jeans pocketon the floor and coated two fingers. He teased Mulder's opening until itrelented to one finger, then another.

"Oh yeah Alex."

Mulder started humping the fingers right away, pushing them deeper and deeperinto himself.

Alex prepared his cock and entered Mulder with one shove.

"What were you doing in Phoenix, Mulder?" Alex groaned.

"Jerking off, thinking of you." Mulder sighed as Alex startedmoving in and out of him.

"Hmmmm." Alex thrust into Mulder, sweat starting to form on hisbrow. Condensation had formed on the inside of all the windows from theirbreath.

"What else?"

"I jerked off in the my bed...I...uh...I tried to go toa....D....D... Diamondbacks game...aaaahhhh."

"Tell me....more..." Alex was slamming into Mulder now, his thighsslapping against his ass cheeks.

"I...uh....I....fuck...Alex!" Mulder came onto the upholsteryon the back of the seat.

Mulder's ass clenched around Alex's cock. Alex stopped for a minute, lettingMulder have his glory, then continued.

"Well Mulder that really pissed me off. I just got this car."He began thrusting into Mulder's ass, wanting himself to come. He was usingall of his strength, slamming into Mulder, rocking the car back and forth.

"You' Fox." Alexcame, sparks going off behind his eyelids. He collapsed on top of Mulder.A drop of sweat fell on Mulder's back.

Alex pulled out when the sensations finally ran through his body. He gentlyled them both back to sit on the seat. Alex kissed Mulder before puttinghis arms around him and resting his head against his chest.

Mulder spoke. "I haven't done that since I was seventeen."


"Get laid in the back of a car."

"I thought you meant the handcuff part."

They sat there for a minute caressing each other.

"So. What brought this whole thing on? Why is he interested in Phoenix?"

"You're supposed to tell me. Something you saw."

"We didn't see anything. Our contact got killed 10 minutes before wemet him. We found him in his car with half of his head missing."

"Why were you meeting him?"

"That's all I'm giving you Skippy. I don't care if you fuck me 16 ways'till Sunday. I'm not telling you."

"I guess that's fair. I probably wouldn't tell *me* anything either."

"What are you going to say to the smoking bastard?"

"I'll think of something."

"In the meantime, come to my place. My bed is more comfortable thanthe back of this car."

"You're lucky I didn't take the Mercedes convertible."

"It's been too long." Mulder kissed the top of Alex's head andran his hands down his bare back. "You haven't slept over in weeks."

"I dunno, those guys are probably watching."

"Drop me off then drive around for awhile like you did that weekendwe went to the beach. You can sneak in."

"Close the blinds in the living room before I get there."


"Please don't hit me Mulder, I've been through agony the past two weeks."

"Were you watching me again?"

"Yes." Alex put one hand up to shield his face, the other wentto cover his balls.

Mulder sighed and sat there for a minute. It was really dark, he couldn'tsee his hand in front of his face. What the hell was he going to do withthis guy?

"Fuck Alex, couldn't you have told me? Two weeks is a long time."

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm trying to survive out here you know."

"I know."

Mulder held Alex tighter and kissed the top of his head.

"Aren't you going to hit me?"

"No. Your punishment will come later."

"I don't have any duct tape in my car."

"Don't worry Alex. I will think of something. For now I think you shouldsuck my dick."

"Right now? Already?" Alex felt down Mulder's abdomen to the throbbingmember below. He grabbed on to it and stroked it gently. Mulder let outa small sigh.

"What brought this on?"

"Thinking of what I'm going to do to a later time."

Alex started licking his way down Mulder's torso to the hardness that hecraved.

"Hmmm. Anything that does this to you I'm going to like."

"Oh, you'll like it."

Alex took the whole member in his mouth, taking it deeper down into histhroat. Using long strokes, he moved his mouth up and down over Mulder.

"That's it...that's it Alex. Suck it Alex." Mulder wove his handsthrough the dark hair he couldn't see but could feel bobbing up and downover his lap.

He swirled his tongue over and around the head again and again before nibblingat the underside of the head. He brought his tongue up and over the headto tease the slit and down again, following the vein down the back.

Mulder then pulled on the hair in his hand, releasing Alex from his cock.He brought his face up to his own, thrusting his tongue down his throat,tasting himself in Alex's mouth.

"Come here. Let me fuck you. Let me feel you."

Alex straddled Mulder's lap and lowered himself gingerly on Mulder's wetcock. Alex leaned over Mulder's shoulder to clear the roof of the car. Hestarted moving himself up and down over Mulder.

"Yeah baby....oh yeah."

Mulder was gasping as he squeezed Alex to his chest and his cock betweentheir still sweaty torsos. They moved as one, up and down, in and out. Thesweat started to roll off of each man, mingling with each other.

Alex was right on the edge and was going to go over pretty soon.

"Oh feel so good..." The warm fluid spurtedup, covering their abdomen and chest area.

"Alex....Hmmmm." Mulder was right there, coming deep inside hislover.

They sat there joined, breathing heavily, the condensation dripping downthe inside of the car windows.

"It's sure is steamy in here."

"Hmmmm. I'll have to wash the car again tomorrow."

Mulder kissed Alex's cheek, feeling the dampness that had trickled downfrom his brow.

"You're pretty steamy too."

"It's hard work you know."

They sat there, joined until Mulder said "Come on, Alex, let's go home."