Boys IX

X-Files M/K
Title: Boys IX: Closer
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for tons of bad language, m/m sex, violence and s&m.

Series/Sequel: This is the last of the Boys Series - another series willfollow. There are 9 Boys episodes in total.

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Warning: This is loaded with violence, some bondage and lots of radicallyunsafe sex between two beautiful men. If you don't like it - run!

Spoilers: Set after the movie.
Disclaimer: Mulder, Krycek, Scully and whoever else is mentioned in heredo not belong to me they belong to Chris Carter, Fox and 1013 Productions- if I owned them I would be rich - and would have much more fun with them.No harm is intended to anyone else mentioned in this story. Suing me wouldbe useless, my personal net worth is about 5 bucks Canadian.

Summary: Mulder decides to cook and have Alex over for a romantic dinner.Schmoop ahead!

This is my universe and in it Krycek has BOTH arms - if you can't deal withthat then too bad.

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Thank you to Aries & Orithain for beta, being cool and encouraging menot to stop. I would also like to thank everyone for all their feedbackon this series - it kept me going! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alex Krycek was on his third cigarette while waiting for his contact. Hewas supposed to be here at 5:30. It was now 5:45 and had started to rain.Alex was not liking this at all. He paced back and forth in the large doorwayof the building, the red glow of his cigarette bouncing in the dim light.He peeked out again, no sign of him. He sighed and took another drag. Killingthis guy was going to be easy, he hated people that weren't on time.

Finally, a car came down the alley. Alex flicked his cigarette into a puddleand drew his gun. He waited for his contact to get out of the car beforehe walked silently up behind him and pistol-whipped him into unconsciousness.He then hefted the man into the back seat, got the keys and slid into thedrivers seat.

//Thank god I hit the gym four times a week.//

He adjusted the rear view mirror, started the car and drove away.


Mulder steered the shopping cart down the aisles of the near-empty grocerystore. Two lemons...chicken breasts...cilantro... he looked at his listagain. He couldn't believe he had made a shopping list. He couldn't believehe was going to cook! What had possessed him to invite Alex over for dinner?He couldn't cook!

As soon as he hit *send* on the e-mail invitation he panicked. What thehell was he going to make? He fretted for a good two hours before he remembereda conversation Scully had with Holly about Lemon Chicken in their officea few weeks ago. He couldn't ask her how to make it, she would get suspicious.Instead, he went to the library and photocopied the recipe out of the GoodHousekeeping Cook Book. Looked easy enough.

He knew he didn't have to feed Alex to get him to come over, he just hadto say the word and he was either picking his lock, knocking on his door,or crawling through his window. Nope it was the show-off in Fox Mulder thatgot him into this mess.

He found himself humming along with the Sarah McLaughlin song being pipedin the grocery store. He was very happy, almost giddy. It was unlike himto be this happy and it was all Alex's fault. He finally realized that hewas in love with him, head over heels in fact. He shook his head as he threwa box of Uncle Ben's Rice Pilaf in his cart. How the hell did that happen?He loved him but wasn't *in* love with him until it hit him like a ton ofbricks three days ago. He had been smiling ever since.

Scully was confused by the change in his demeanor. She tried to ambush himand get her to tell her who *she* was that had him in such a good mood.

"You're never in a good mood. Did you meet a woman?" She askedwith a twinge of jealousy in her voice.

"There is no woman, Scully. Can't a guy be happy?"

She didn't believe him and gave him one of her sideways glares before changingthe subject.

He got to the checkout and mentally went over everything that he needed.He spent a good half hour in the wine store already, been to the bakeryfor dessert, a few other stores for odds and ends, now he was done. In twohours, he and Alex would sit down to either Lemon Chicken or Pizza, dependingon how the Lemon Chicken turned out.

He paid for his purchases and wheeled the cart out to his car. He was excited.This was going to be great!


Alex looked down at the man sprawled at his feet. They were in the basementof the abandoned school in what used to be part of the Gym. The shiny hardwoodfloor that used to be a small practice area was rotted and full of mildew,pigeon shit and rat droppings. The smell was unbelievable. He was dyingfor a cigarette but had to finish this first.

He wiped a mixture of his own sweat and the man's blood from his brow. Hehated it when people bled on him. Sometimes, as in this instance, it couldnot be helped. When his fist collided with the man's nose, it practicallyexploded and blood went everywhere. It's a good thing he took his jacketoff before they started or he would have been *really* mad.

Alex reached down and grabbed the man by the hair and flung him across theroom. He cried out in pain as his shoulder slammed into the brick wall.//Ooh that's gotta hurt//. Alex bent down before the groaning man who wastrying to claw his way through the wall.


The man looked up at Alex, terror in his eyes.

"Please Marco, tell me. I don't want to have to kill you." Alexlooked at his watch. "I have a date tonight and if I kill you, I haveto dump your body somewhere and that's *such* a hassle."

Alex looked away for a moment, then looked back at the man who's face wasstruck still with fear and covered in blood.

"Maaaarrrrrcooooo - come on! I know you took that shipment and ranaway with it. The people I represent are quite pissed off. They want theirstuff. Don't you think they have a right to their stuff? I mean they paidyou half a million for it."

Alex knelt in the filth before the man.

"Marco, we can make this easy - you can tell me now and I'll let youwalk out of here or I can chain you to the wall and leave you for a coupleof days."

The man remained silent.

"Aw shit."

Alex put a hand on either side of the man's head.

"I'm through with this shit! Fuck! Marco - tell me where the fuck itis! If you make me late for my date, I'm going to kill you so you mightas well tell me!"

Alex began to squeeze the man's head. Marco groaned with pain.

"You a movie fan Marco? I like movies, I watch a lot of them. Eversee Casino? Or was it Goodfellas? Anyway, Joe Pesci, he's one of my favoriteactors you know, he put this guy's head in a vice and after a few turns,his eyes pop right out of his head! That must of hurt like a son of a bitch.Now, I don't have a vice, but I'm pretty strong, what do you think Marco?"

Alex squeezed Marco's head harder, bringing another groan of pain.


Marco whimpered.

"Don't fuck with me Marco! I'll squeeze your head until I hear theplates in your fucking skull crack!"

"Fuck...fuck...okay, okay, okay. Newark"

Alex continued squeezing his head.

"Newark? Be more specific."

"The airport. A big blue warehouse. Used to be a supply depot."

"Thank you Marco!" Alex let go of his head.

Marco breathed a sigh of relief. Alex patted the man on the shoulder andstood up.

"See Marco that wasn't so hard."

Alex walked over and picked up his leather jacket which was draped overa chair in the middle of the room. He removed the Glock from the insideholster and shot Marco through the head three times. Brain and parts ofskull and hair splattered across the brick wall. Alex sniffed the air, thefamiliar tang of gunpowder. He then dialed his cell-phone.

"Newark warehouse...used to be a supply depot...takencare of...leave it where you usually do...yeah...all right."

He pressed END and turned it off then lay the phone and the gun on the chair.He grabbed Marco's wrists and dragged him to the boiler room next door.The furnace was still on in the school to keep the pipes from freezing andexploding lest someone buy this dump one day. Convenient for Alex as itmade quite a good incinerator for times like this. He opened the heavy furnacedoor then hefted the heavy man inside before closing it.

He went back to the other room and looked at his watch. "Forty minutesto shower and change before I have to be at Mulder's. Perfect." Hegrabbed his jacket off the chair, lit a cigarette and left the school.


Mulder surveyed his dining room and chewed on the inside of his lower lip.Tall candles glowed in the centre. The dishes matched. There was a tableclothon the table. He considered buying flowers but had nothing to put them in.The smell of Lemon Chicken wafted through the apartment. He had tasted itseconds earlier, it was actually quite edible.

There was a knock on the door.

Mulder's heart skipped a beat. //Calm down! What the hell is wrong withyou Mulder? You've been acting like a lovesick teenager all day. Get ittogether!//

Mulder opened the door to a leather and denim clad Alex. He actually shavedfor the occasion.


"Hi lover." Alex shut the door behind him and brought Mulder infor a kiss. His tongue swept across Mulder's lips before he pulled away.

Mulder smiled. "Wine?"

"Sure." He took his jacket off and put it on the chair in thecorner. He looked at the candles glowing not only in the dining room butliving room and bedroom as well. //What the hell is this? Am I being seducedhere?// A grin crossed his face.

Alex walked into the kitchen where Mulder met him with a glass of wine.

"What's that smell? Food? From *your* kitchen?"

"I can cook."


"Lemon Chicken, rice, green beans."

"Are you sure Scully didn't come over here and cook it for you?"

"That's not funny."

"Yes it is."

Mulder looked at Alex. "I worked very hard you know."

"I know." Alex kissed him on the cheek.

Mulder smiled "Sit your butt down, it's ready." He turned awayand clattered pots and pans.

Alex sat down and surveyed the table. //I *am* being seduced.// Mulder seta plate of steaming food before him. He was starving. Killing people alwaysmade him hungry. He waited for Mulder then dug in.

"This is excellent."


"I mean it. It's really good." Alex reached over and stroked Mulder'shand.

Mulder was secretly saying a silent prayer of thanks to whatever kitchengod let this turn out right. He looked at Alex, his green eyes sparklingin the candlelight. The blue shirt he had on matched his skin tone perfectly.The soft, spiky brown hair, the bruises and cuts on his knuckles...

"Alex? Where were you today?"

"At the gym for awhile. I went a few rounds with the bag, why?"A knot started in his stomach from the lie.

"Just admiring your hands."

Alex looked at them, they did look kind of rough. "I didn't tape themas well as I should have." The knot grew bigger. He took a sip of hiswine, willing it away.

Mulder looked at him. He really wanted to believe him but a nagging thoughtin his mind told him not to ask because he didn't want to know.

Alex looked down at his food. He hated lying to Mulder. Still, 50 grandwas 50 grand and he promised himself that one day, he was going to makeit up to him. Take him on vacation or something.

They ate their food and made small talk. When they were done Mulder clearedtheir plates. "Do you want dessert?" He called from the kitchen.

"Maybe later. Let's just sit for awhile."

"Okay." Mulder came back with the wine and poured some more intotheir glasses. "Alex?"

Alex looked up at Mulder. "Yeah?"

"I want to ask you something." He sat down in his chair.

Alex took a sip of his wine. "Okay."

Mulder took a deep breath. "You know how in the beginning we said nostrings. Then about a month ago we agreed it wouldn't work without feelingfor each other?"

Alex nodded.

"I want a string."

"What do you mean?"

"I want us to be exclusive."

"I thought we were?"

"Okay, we are. I...I...fuck. Alex, I'm in love with you."

"Yeah, I love you too. You know that."

"No. I'm *in* love with you."

"There's a difference?"

"Yes. I want to be closer to you. I want you here, with me." Muldertook a key out of his pocket and placed it on the table.

Alex picked up the key and looked at it. "What does this mean?"

"It means you don't have to pick the lock anymore. You can come andgo as you please. You don't even have to leave."

Alex's heart jumped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Movein with you?"


"I don't know if that's such a good idea."

Mulder's heart sank and his eyes darkened. "Why not?"

"What if someone finds out?"


"'s..." Alex took a deep breath. "...I can't. Itwould be too dangerous for your career, your life."

"Fuck 'em! I'm sick of caring what other people think."

"It's not just the Bureau, it's the...other people. Those bastards."

"I thought you were going to tell them to fuck off?"

"I am trying to! I can't just hand in my letter of resignation."

"Why not?"

"Fox, they own my ass until they decide to set me free, which may benever."

"Fine, I'll tell them to fuck off."

"That won't do you any good. They'd sooner kill you than talk to you."

"Why are you doing this? Why did you go back to work for that blacklunged monster? Why can't you just walk away?"

"I am doing this to protect you Fox! They want you dead! They've alwayswanted you dead! With me on the inside I can protect you."

Mulder stared at the candles for a minute. "So what you're saying isthat you're doing this all for me?"

"Yeah baby, all for you." Alex reached over and took Mulder'shand.


"I'm sorry if I upset you Fox. I don't want to hurt you. If I'm onthe inside I can watch out for you. I'm telling you the truth." Hebrought Mulder's hand up to his lips and kissed it.

"I know you are." Mulder sighed. "I just don't want to hearit."

"I love you Fox, I would never let anything happen to you." Hekissed his hand again.

The offer still stands, whatever you decide."

Alex put the key in his pocket. "I'll be here as often as I can. Withone condition."

"What's that?"

"I get to climb in through the window now and then."

Mulder laughed and stroked the hand in his. He looked Alex in the eye. "Ilove you Alex."

"I love you too Fox."

Mulder stood and pulled Alex up to meet him. He kissed him gently. "Ihave a surprise for you."


"It's in the bedroom." Mulder kissed Alex again, his tongue exploringthe other man's mouth. He broke away and smiled. "Come on." Hetook Alex's hand and led him down the hall.

Candles burned on the dresser and night stand creating a warm glow aroundthe room. Alex looked at Mulder. He could see the gold flecks in his lover'seyes dancing.

Mulder pushed Alex down onto the bed and straddled him. He then raised Alex'sarms above his head and began fastening them to the velvet lined cuffs thatwere attached to the headboard.

"Fox Mulder, are you getting kinky on me?"

"I thought that it would be more comfortable than being tied to a tree."

"I love it."

Mulder wanted this to be excruciatingly slow. He removed Alex's socks andjeans, Alex's hard-on bobbing to attention. Mulder licked up the insideof Alex's left leg, nipping at the knee and up his thigh. He then pausedand removed his own clothing.

Alex thought he was going to come just watching Mulder undress. With slow,sultry movements he swayed his hips as he pulled off his cotton jersey shirtrevealing those well defined abs and pecs. He draped it over a chair andturned towards Alex. He stared into his eyes as his hands moved around hisown chest, caressing himself. He pinched his nipples, his hips still movingto the silent song only known to Mulder. Slowly his hands moved down fromhis nipples, across his abdomen and to his jeans.

Alex whimpered.

Mulder undid the button and zipper quite slowly then bent over and ran hispants down his ass, his hands caressing himself along the way. There wasno underwear to take off and Mulder's cock sprang free from his jeans. Thesocks were last to go. Mulder sat down on the chair and removed them slowlyas well, flinging them in the corner.

Alex could see the muscles flex under Mulder's smooth skin as he stood upand come over to the bed again. His hard cock bobbed in front of him. Alexlicked his lips and moaned. He wanted him so bad.

Mulder straddled Alex again, this time moving up to his face, his cock brushingagainst the younger man's lips.

Alex's tongue darted out and licked the tip bringing a shudder from Mulder.

"Suck me Alex."

Mulder pushed his cock into Alex's mouth, the hot wetness sending shiversup his spine. Alex's tongue ran over and around the head, flicking acrossthe top then down. Mulder threw his head back and moaned. He then leanedforward and put his hands on the headboard to brace himself. Alex's lipsformed a tight seal around Mulder's cock and was sucking him down. Muldercouldn't hold back and began fucking his mouth. The wetness, the warmth,Alex's tongue lapping up the sides. It felt so good. He closed his eyes.Sweat formed on his brow and his balls tightened then he spilled himselfinside Alex's mouth with a cry.

Alex hungrily sucked Mulder's seed down his throat.

Mulder pulled back and lay down across Alex, feeling his erection in hisback. He lay there for a minute before looking up at Alex. A dribble ofcum ran down his chin. He leaned in and lapped it up before kissing himon the mouth.

"Sorry, I keep forgetting I've tied you up."

"Are you going to take my shirt off?"

"In time, Alex, in time. I want this to be slow."

Alex whimpered.

Mulder moved down and pulled Alex's shirt up. He nipped at the chest hairsand a nipple before heading south. He teased Alex's navel bringing an annoyedsigh from his lover.


"Fuck me, Fox...please?"

"Begging will do you no good."

Mulder hovered over Alex's erection, blowing on it, teasing it with thebare tip of his tongue.

Alex banged his head against the pillows. This was driving him insane.

"Calm down Skippy."

"Fox, please."


Alex now had a small pool of pre-cum on the tip that was starting to slidedown the side of his cock. Mulder took his tongue and ran up along the stream,gathering the pre-cum on his tongue. He swallowed before licking down theshaft and to Alex's balls. He lifted the younger man's legs up and tookhis balls in his mouth, rolling them around with his tongue. Alex's muskyscent was most prevalent here and Mulder stopped for a second and breathedin. He released Alex's balls from his mouth and snaked a trail down theperineum to the puckered opening. He spread Alex's cheeks and ran his tonguethrough the crack, teasing the tightness with his tongue.

Alex thought he would go out of his mind. His teeth were clenched, his handswrapped around the bonds that held him there. One more flick of that tonguein his ass and he was a goner.

Mulder instead went back to engulf Alex in his mouth, taking the lengthin then releasing it just to lap it up again.

Alex moaned and tried very hard to hold on.

Mulder was becoming hard again himself. The pounding of his pulse filledhis ears then started ringing. Buzzing actually. Wait, that wasn't his pulse.He pulled off Alex and cocked his head to hear the sound better.

Alex let out a whimper as Mulder pulled off of him, he was just about tocome. He looked down at his lover to ask what was wrong when he heard thenoise. "What the hell is that?"

"Shit, it''s the buzzer on the oven. I don't know how the damnthing works."

"You got a pie baking?"

"'s...I set it for the rice...fuck! I'll be right back."

Mulder got up and stalked out the door of the bedroom and across to thedining room. He almost tripped over Alex's jacket which had fallen to thefloor. He bent down and picked it up, intending to put it back on the chair.Instead, he brought the jacket up to his face. That spicy leather smellovercame him. He closed his eyes and thought of his lover in the next room.Then he put the jacket on. The soft leather caressing his naked form. Howmuch has this jacket seen? What crimes had it witnessed?

The droning of the buzzer woke him from his thoughts. He went into the kitchenand turned the knob one way, then the other, then he ripped it right off."Shit!" He then took the empty wine bottle and using the heavybottom, smashed the glass on the stove, ripping out the little clock, endingthe buzzing noise.

He started back to the bedroom, blowing the candles in the dining room andliving room out along the way, lest something else happen. The jacket feltso sensuous on his skin, he was rock hard just by it's caress. He got backto the bedroom and stood in the doorway.

Alex looked at him in his jacket, his erection poking out from under it.He licked his lips. "I thought random acts of violence was more *my*style."

"I really like your jacket Alex." His eyes sparkled in the candlelight.He caressed the leather feeling the buttery softness under his fingers.

"I like it too," he whispered.

"Let's just see what a double agent/spy - oh I'm sorry - freelancemercenary carries with him these days." He rummaged in Alex's pocketsand felt the custom holster sewn to the inside, behind the tear-away lining."Gun. Nice gun! A Glock. This is very light. It's the best handgunin the world you know. Wow, what kind of ammo do you got in this puppy?"Mulder removed the clip. "Wooooh Black Talon's! You mean business dontchaKrycek?"

"Uh-huh." Alex swallowed.

He put the gun on the chest of drawers. "Cellphone. Cigarettes."He searched through the inside of the jacket as if looking for something,then a smile came to his face as he found the knife. "What's this Alex?Cooking School let out early?"

Alex looked at Mulder. He had never seen him like this and he liked it -a lot! He was speechless.

Mulder straddled him with the knife in his hand. His hard cock lay out acrosshis abdomen alongside his own. Alex let out a whimper as Mulder ran theflat end of the blade down his neck.

"Now I like this. For pure adrenaline hand to hand combat you can'tbeat a 8" blade. But don't worry Alex I'm not going to hurt you I'mjust going to play with you for awhile."

Alex breathed in sharply as the cold metal caressed his skin.

Mulder took the knife and ran it further down and around Alex's abdomen.

"I just want to play Alex...just play...." Mulder cut the buttonsone by one off of the shirt he was wearing, revealing his ever present whitet-shirt. "Alex, you wear far too many layers." With that Muldercut the shirts Alex was wearing to ribbons.

Alex moaned and grabbed onto the straps holding his wrist cuffs.

Mulder ripped the remains of the shirts off of Alex's body, noticing hehad nicked him a few times. Mulder brought his mouth down and sucked atthe wounds on his chest.

Alex's eyes rolled back in his head, his cock began to throb even more.The keen feeling of Mulder's tongue darting across the small cuts made hispulse race.

The salty iron taste of Alex's blood drove Mulder wild. He had to have him.He couldn't wait. He had tortured each of them enough this evening. Whileit was a lot of fun, he was going to explode if he didn't fuck Alex Krycekright this second. He lay the knife on the table and grabbed the lube. Herapidly lubricated his now purple cock and thrust into Alex.

Alex let out a cry as Mulder's hot cock entered him. He was going to comeany second. He couldn't wait. He closed his eyes and tried to hold on butended up spurting all over him, Mulder and his leather jacket with a crythrough clenched teeth.

Mulder bent his head down and lapped up the cum on Alex's nipples and chest.He pounded into Alex knowing he liked it hard. He put his hands under hisknees and pulled them up to get a better angle.

"That hard enough baby?"

"Hard Fox....hard."

Mulder slammed into Alex, biting his lip, tasting his own blood. He lovedthis man, couldn't get enough of this man. He leaned over and shared histaste with his lover.

Alex took Mulder's tongue in his mouth, the taste of blood and cum drivinghim over the edge again.

Finally Mulder spent himself inside of Alex. A guttural moan escaped hislips as he convulsed and bucked as his orgasm traveled through his body.He collapsed on top of Alex still wearing the jacket. He lay there for aminute before reaching up and unfastening Alex.

"I love you Skippy." Mulder kissed him deeply, his cut lip swollenand tingling.

"I love you too Fox." Alex took Mulder's tongue in his mouth theiron taste of blood still in his mouth. He used his free hands to hold onto Mulder, running his hands over the leather.

"Do you want dessert?" Mulder asked.

Alex laughed. "What do you got?"

"Black Forest Cake."

"Sounds good."

Mulder got off of him, still wearing the jacket, pulled on a pair of sweatsand left the bedroom. Alex cleaned himself off, put on Mulder's robe thenfollowed him out to the living room. Alex sat on the couch and turned onthe television. Mulder came out of the kitchen a minute later with two platesand two forks.

"You're still wearing my jacket." Alex said, accepting the plateof dessert.

"Yeah, I told you, I like it."

"You got it dirty."

"I cleaned it off, see." Mulder opened his arms to show him.

"Hmph. Are you going to wear that all night?"

"No. As a matter of fact, I'm taking it off right now so I don't soilit some more." He took the jacket off and draped it over the chair.He then sat down beside Alex.

"Did you make this?"

"No. I bought it."

"It's delicious."

They ate while watching the end of a hockey game, Alex yelling at penaltycalls. Mulder put his half finished plate on the table.

"Not hungry?"

"I'll finish it later."

Alex finished his cake then lay his head on Mulder's bare chest and watchedhim flip through the channels a couple of times before settling down onthe news.

Mulder caressed Alex's shoulders clad in his robe. He slowly moved themover so that he was stroking the hair on his chest.

Alex also started moving his hands across Mulder's body. "I didn'trealize the news turned you on so much."

"Are you kidding, all they talk about is sex."

Alex sat up and kissed Mulder, his tongue probing the moist interior. Hecould feel Mulder undo the knot in the tie of the robe.

Mulder broke free and started kissing down Alex's neck and chest. Pausingat a nipple, he nibbled around it and sucked on it until it puckered intoa hard nub. Opening the robe he revealed Alex's erection.

"Close your eyes, put your head back and relax."

Alex did as he was told. They were going for a record tonight. Suddenlysomething cold and slimy was on his cock. He looked down to see Mulder hadslathered it in Black Forest Cake.

"What are you doing?" Alex laughed.

"You had so much fun doing this to me that I'm going to give it a try."

"Oh my..." He sucked in his breath as Mulder descended on hischocolate and cherry covered member "...god."

Mulder knew this was a good idea. The layers of taste was phenomenal. Helicked the cake off of Alex until there was not a crumb left. His loverhadn't even come yet. Perfect. He kissed his way up to Alex's mouth wherehe was greeted with passion swollen lips.

"I enjoyed that immensely."

"So did I."

Mulder took off his sweats. "Get me ready Alex. I want to ride you."He straddled his lover.

"With pleasure." Alex moved his hand around to Mulder's ass andstarted teasing the tight opening with one finger. His mouth bit and teasedMulder's nipples before sliding in another finger.

Mulder closed his eyes and moaned, he began moving back onto the fingers,imbedding them deeper and deeper.

"I want you inside me, right now."

He used the precum from both him and Mulder to lube up his still wet cock.Slowly Mulder descended, impaling himself on Alex's large member.

Mulder began rocking back and forth on Alex's cock. He wigggled so Alexconnected directly with his prostate. He then locked his sights on thosesultry green eyes as big as saucers and began moving up and down. Alex grabbedon to his cock, establishing a matching rhythm.

"Oh baby you feel so good." Alex moaned. He closed his eyes fora second but opened them quickly. He loved looking at Mulder when he cameand he wanted to be ready.

Sweat had broken out on each man from exertion as well as arousal. Theystared at each other, moving together, moaning, gasping.

Mulder was the first to come. His face twisted into a grimace as he moanedand bucked, his hot cum shooting over him and Alex.

Alex thrust his hips upward into Mulder with as much force as he could musteruntil finally he came as well with a groan and a cry.

Mulder bent over and lapped up some of the cum before sharing it with hislover.

Alex then broke free and closed his eyes, breathing heavily.

"You all right Skippy?"

"Yeah...I'm...I just...I think you finally did it."


Alex swallowed. "I'm tired."

"You mean I satisfied the insatiable Alex Krycek? The man who can goon and on like the Energizer Bunny?" Mulder lapped another spot ofcum off of Alex's chest.


"Well then." Mulder released Alex's cock from his ass and stoodup. "Let's go to bed."


The first thing Alex felt when he woke up was Mulder's cock pressing intothe small of his back. He opened his eyes, blinking the sleep away.

Alex broke from Mulder's embrace and turned to look at the agent who hadrolled over on his back. His lower lip pouty in his sleep, his eyes movingwildly beneath the lids. He kissed Mulder on the cheek and settled downagain.

He lasted a good minute before desire overtook him. Kissing Mulder's chest,he ran his tongue down to his navel. He looked up at Mulder who moaned inhis sleep. Snaking his tongue back up to a nipple he flicked the tip acrossit before latching on and sucking on it. Mulder moaned again and his cockrose to attention. Smirking, Alex kissed his way down to Mulder's erectionand licked up the side. Mulder stirred in his sleep. Alex engulfed Mulder'scock in his mouth. That's when Mulder woke up.



"What...oh god that feels great."

Alex slurped up Mulder's shaft, leaving the member to bob in the air.

"Good morning Fox." Alex licked up Mulder's chest to his mouth,kissing him hungrily.

"Any morning I wake up like this is a good morning."

"Hmmmm. Sleep okay?" Alex bent his head to suck on one of hisnipples.

Mulder sucked in his breath. "Oh baby, yeah, I...I did."

"I want you. I want to feel you. I want me inside you."

"Fuck me then."

"On your hands and knees."

Mulder kneeled on his bed, his hands on the headboard supporting himself.

Alex lubed up two fingers and began preparing his lover. He entered one,then two fingers easily, stretching the opening wider and wider to accommodateAlex's large cock.

Mulder bucked as the fingers hit his prostate again and again, bringinghim harder and harder. He fucked Alex's fingers and begged him to finishhim off.

"Come on Alex. Fuck me Alex. Give it to me."

Alex grabbed the lube and hastily slicked up his cock. He entered Mulderslowly, savoring the heat that engulfed him.

"God Fox, you're always so fucking tight. I love your tight ass."He leaned over and nipped at Mulder's neck. He began driving into his loverwith wild abandon. He needed him to feel this, to know that he was there.Reaching around he grabbed Mulder's own velvety shaft and started fistinghim.

He could feel Alex's balls slap against his ass as he bucked back againstthe younger man. His cock felt like fire inside him, making him hotter andhotter. Tiny beads of sweat formed all over his body. The headboard wasmaking a groaning, creaking noise with every thrust.

"Oh Fox...Fox...You feel so good. I could fuck you all day long."Alex slammed into Mulder's ass, stoking his cock. He was going to come anysecond.

Suddenly the headboard gave way, splintering in Mulder's hands. He bracedhimself against the wall just as Alex came with a loud cry of his name.

"Fox...Nuuuuuuuh, Fox...Fuck." His body exploded into a millionpieces as he shot his hot cum into Mulder's ass. His hand still worked onMulder's cock, hopefully bringing his lover to the same bliss.

Mulder wasn't far behind and bright lights exploded behind his eyelids ashis own orgasm overtook his body. He bucked his hips and screamed Alex'sname as he went over the edge.

Both men were left breathing heavily among the splinters of particle boardand sheets. Mulder looked up and noticed the claw marks in the wall thathe had just made. He laughed and shook his head.

Alex removed himself from Mulder, his cock was beginning to go soft butit was still sensitive. He groaned then lay down, sweeping the parts ofthe headboard onto the floor.

Mulder lay beside him, still giggling. "Oh Skippy, you're an animal."He kissed him before wrapping his arms around his sweaty body.

"Hmmmm. Just call me *Tiger*."

They lay there, limbs entwined, dozing for awhile before Mulder spoke. "Nowwe have to get a new bed."

"Make sure it's made of real wood this time."

Mulder laughed. "You're going to help me pick it out."



Alex looked up at Mulder. "I've been thinking about that. As long aswe're careful, I'll stay as long as you want."

"I never want you to leave." He kissed Alex and a warm feelingran over his body.

"I love you Alex."

"I love you Fox."

Alex put his head on Mulder's chest and held him close. He never wantedto leave either.


Awwwww, nice schmoopy ending for a series don't you think? Don't worry,they will be back in another series very soon.