X-Files M/K
Title: 7002
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Series/Sequel: This was going to be a standalone piece, but at the insistence of my lovely beta goddesses, it will have a sequel or two.

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Spoilers: Set between The End and the Movie. Spoilers for Sleepless, Tunguska, Terma, Patient X, The Red & The Black and The End. Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: A train adventure.

Comments: Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being beta goddesses. Another Orithain-Aries-Nicole group challenge. I asked for this challenge over a month ago and I'm just getting to it now! Train schedules, times, routes and innerworkings are pure artistic license. Please don't flame me, just enjoy the damn story.


Fox Mulder stared at the countryside going by outside the large train window. The silence and motion almost lulling him to sleep. He was on his way to Atlanta to assist in a profile of the Olympic Bomber. Better late than never, he guessed. Boy they fucked that up good. It had been two years, and they still didn't have a viable suspect.

He chewed on a sunflower seed, the salt puckering his lips.

Scully was up at Quantico, taking part in a discussion group on forensics for a week while he was down here. He decided to actually take a few days of his accumulated holiday time and see some of the South. Two days ago, Charlotte, last night had been Charleston. Today was to be Savannah, but he was needed in Atlanta a day early. Now he would just get to see it from the train as they stopped to pick up passengers on the way to Atlanta. He thought of going to New Orleans, but it would take a week just to get through all the strip clubs.

He cracked another sunflower seed in his teeth. The X-Files were closed. Gone. Kaput. How was he going to live without them? They were his life, and now, poof, up in smoke. He couldn't just do this *common agent* routine, he needed more. Mulder let out a small sigh as he closed his eyes. The vision of his office and all its contents burnt to a crisp would not leave his mind.

The train was slowing, Savannah was coming up. Mulder sat up and stretched. He searched in his bag for his bottle of water as the train came to a stop. Taking a drink of water, he looked out the window and choked as he regarded the man just about to step on the train. It couldn't be!

Mulder calmly put his water bottle back in his bag and peeked out from behind the seat. He couldn't believe his eyes of who just got on the train! Shit, he was now sitting just three rows ahead of him! Alex Krycek!

"Shit," Mulder said to himself. What was he going to do? Thoughts ran through his mind a million miles an hour before he decided what to do.

Mulder waited until the train started rolling again, then made his move. He walked three rows up, sat down, and looked into the hard eyes of Alex Krycek.

Krycek's mouth opened and closed. A smirk formed on his face. "Well, well, well, Fox Mulder. How are ya Mulder? I thought this would be the *last* place I'd see someone from the Bureau."

"What the fuck are you doing here, Krycek?" Mulder hissed.

"Taking a trip. Seeing the countryside."

Mulder pulled his gun and pointed it at Krycek, shielding it from the view of the rest of the passengers. "Bullshit. What are you doing here? Tell me the truth."

"Who pissed in your Cornflakes this morning? What's the matter? Expense account cut off? Is that why you're using this mode of transportation? No more jetting off to solve mysteries like some over- priced Sherlock Holmes? Oh, I forgot. The X-Files are toast. Burnt toast as a matter of fact."

Mulder hardened his gaze. "Shut the fuck up." Mulder whispered fiercely at Krycek. "I should shoot you right here."

"Why? Because I hurt your feelings? Boo fucking hoo."

Mulder grabbed Krycek by the good arm. "You're coming with me."


Mulder jabbed the gun into Krycek's side. "I don't want to cause a scene. Come with me so we can talk." Mulder shoved the gun down the front of his pants and dragged Krycek into a standing position.

"I don't want to talk to you." Krycek thought momentarily of swinging his knapsack into Mulder's face, but that would only draw attention. Attention he didn't want.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice, now move."

Mulder held a firm grip on his good arm as he led him to the back and through the doors that connected the cars. They were now in the baggage car. Krycek tried to spin around to face Mulder but was held still.

"Wait, Mulder, the..." He was cut off by a loud thunk as the doors closed. "Shit!"


"The doors can't be opened from the inside, you moron! Now we're going to have to wait until they open it up. Thank you very much!"

Mulder could not contain his rage, he leapt at the man. "Fuck you, Krycek, you murdering fuck!" He started hitting the other man wildly.

"Jesus Christ, Mulder, what the fuck is wrong with you?" He put up his good arm to fend off the blows. Finally he got a good one in and cracked Mulder up against the jaw.

Mulder fell back against the wall, rubbing his face.

"I thought you said you wanted to talk, why are you hitting me?"

"I...Shit." Mulder slumped to the floor, his back resting against a wooden crate. He mopped his brow with his forearm. No air conditioning in the baggage car. It was very hot, even for early June. He looked at Krycek who was wearing his ever present leather jacket.

"Aren't you hot in that thing, Krycek? It's going to get hotter in here, until they open this car up in a couple of hours in Macon."

"And whose fault is that? If it weren't for you, I'd be sipping a cold one in the dining car." Krycek looked hesitantly at Mulder who was removing his shirt. His nipples were erect, even in the heat.

Krycek sighed and shucked off his leather jacket, revealing a long- sleeved t-shirt. "Happy?"

"You're still going to be hot."

He looked at Mulder. "Since when do you fucking care? Leave me alone."

It finally dawned on Mulder - it was the arm. The missing arm. He was embarrassed by the prosthetic. Mulder could see the leather straps through the shirt. Mulder had to give Krycek credit, he did take care of himself. His right arm was muscular, his chest and abdomen well- defined and taut, for what he could see through the thin cotton.

"Does that thing hurt?"

"The straps dig in."

"It's not exactly state of the art, is it?"

"I'm currently between HMO's right now. I take what I can get." Krycek spat at him. "That's the best technology in Russia right now."

"Surely, you can steal a better one off of a war amp."

Krycek's eyes narrowed. "Okay Mulder, cut to the chase. What the fuck do you want? You didn't drag me in here to talk about healthcare."

"I want to know why you murdered my..."

Alex rolled his eyes and sighed. He crossed his arm across his chest. "Listen, Mulder. Let's quit with the bullshit. Here, I'll save you a lot of time. I didn't kill your father, I didn't kill Melissa Scully. I'm not responsible for the Black Oil. I don't know the answer to the sixty- four thousand dollar question. I don't work for that black-lunged motherfucker. I only work for me. Happy? Satisfied? I'm sick of this crap we always go through."

He watched Krycek for a minute. "If you weren't such a lying, murdering son of a bitch, we wouldn't have to go through all this crap."

Krycek rolled his eyes again. "You don't get it, do you? I'm trying to cover my ass, trying to stay alive out here. I don't have a cushy job like you do. Sorry, like you *did*."

Mulder glared at him.

"Why can't you be nice to me for once? You always punch me and beat me up when you see me. I don't hit you when I see you."

"What about last month, in my apartment, where you attacked me?"

"I gave you important information!"

"Yeah, well it didn't pan out." Mulder dropped his eyes to the floor.

Krycek looked at the older man. He looked worn down and tired. Like a puppy that had been kicked over and over again. "Have you lost *all* your faith, Mulder?"

"Not all of it."

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Okay, Krycek, I've thought about it, I'll give you that one. You came to my apartment to give me the tip on Wiekamp, but something puzzles me."


"Why did you kiss me?"

Krycek smirked then looked Mulder in the eye. "Don't you think it was high time I did?"

'What do you mean?"

Krycek's smirk turned into a leer. "Come on, Mulder, why do you think I was sent to watch you in the first place? Your penchant for *breaking in* green agents even made the rumor mill at the academy."

Mulder swallowed.

"Apparently, you weren't picky of the sex of those agents, either. As long as you got laid, you were happy. I was supposed to make sure you were satisfied sexually, fill your head with crap, then they could move in and bring you over to their side. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to really get to know each other. So, I had to leave without fucking your ass, or your mind."

Mulder was silent.

"After that, you took to punching me. You know what they say about men who beat up other men, hey Mulder?"

Mulder groaned and rolled his eyes. "Suddenly you have a Psych degree? Shut up, Krycek, you don't know what you're talking about."

"Shut up? Why should I? Look at the grief you put me through. I should kick your fucking ass!" Krycek removed his shirt and unbuckled his prosthesis.

Mulder watched as Krycek walked towards him, holding the limb like a club. He sank to his knees before Mulder.

"See what you did to me? When you knocked me out and drove off with me in the back of that truck in Tunguska? It's all your fucking fault!"

"It's not *my* fault, *Comrade Krycek*. You double-crossed me. I was trying to get the hell out of there."

Alex leaned in closer to Mulder. "Do you want to know how they did it? I was sleeping when they gathered around me and held me down. They took a dull blade, made it hot in the fire to cauterize as they cut. They sawed through the skin, then the muscle. They had to hack for about half an hour to get through the bone." He placed the arm in Mulder's hands.

"You left me there to die, Krycek. I wasn't going to die for you."

"I would have gotten you out of there...eventually. You tried to kill me with that little knife of yours."

"Bullshit. You wanted me to die."

"Okay, you're right, we both wanted to kill each other. Point taken."

Mulder held the plastic arm in his hands. It was scratched and stained and worn in places. The leather straps had been mended with duct tape numerous times.

Silence again.

"I suppose it was better, just losing an arm to you killing me, but at the time I was wishing you would show up and put me out of my misery."

"Do you have phantom pain?" He looked at the man still kneeling before him.

Krycek looked slyly at the other man. "Yeah, I do. It aches all night sometimes."

Mulder looked up to Krycek's left shoulder. He saw the rough skin where the straps chaffed. Absentmindedly, he reached out and touched the skin.

Krycek sucked in his breath as Mulder ran his hand gently across the calluses and down to the stump.

"That hurt?"

"No." Alex closed his eyes as Mulder continued to massage the ragged scar tissue. He then gasped as he felt soft lips press to the flesh. It was like a lightening bolt shot from his arm to his cock. He let out a barely audible moan.

This skin was soft. Soft scar tissue, feeling like silk on his lips. Mulder's tongue ran along the edge of the stump, up his shoulder to Alex's neck.

"What are you doing?" Alex gasped. The throbbing in his groin was unbearable in his position, kneeling in front of Mulder.

"I'm doing what you want me to do." Mulder wrapped an arm around Krycek and brought him in closer.

Alex threw his head back as Mulder's mouth latched on one of his nipples. He put his arm around Mulder's neck, keeping him there.

Mulder moved his mouth over Alex's other nipple. He could taste the salt of his sweat, smell his musk that was turning him on even more. He ran a hand down to caress the bulge in Alex's jeans.

Alex literally swooned. He bit his lip to keep from crying out but failed miserably. "Oh god!" He whimpered as Mulder pulled away.


Alex wasn't sure that was possible at the moment. Somehow, he found his feet and, hanging on to the wooden crate, stood in front of Mulder.

Mulder moved in and kissed Krycek. Slow, lingering kisses, his tongue sliding over the younger man's lips. His hands moved down to unbutton the jeans while his tongue made its way inside the hot mouth before him, greeting the other tongue there. The zipper undone, he slipped his hand inside, gaining a loud moan from Alex.

Alex felt Mulder's hand glide over his cock. He moved his hand down to Mulder's jeans and popped the button. The zipper was a little tricky, but he managed to get it most of the way down. He massaged the bulge, feeling it grow harder under his grasp.

Mulder pulled away from Alex's mouth, and started kissing down his neck. Slowly, he worked his way down his body until he was kneeling before him. He pulled off the boots and socks then finally the jeans. He looked up at Alex who was holding on to the wooden crate for dear life. His eyes were closed and his lips were open. Droplets of sweat covered his whole body, glistening in the dim light of the baggage car. Mulder then turned his attention to the erection bobbing before him. He nuzzled it before moving down to the sac that hung between Alex's legs.

Alex thought he was going to come just from Mulder licking his balls. He opened his legs to give him better access. He moaned as Mulder's tongue lapped underneath to the sensitive skin where the sac joined the body.

Mulder snaked his tongue up Alex's balls and over to his inner thigh. He nipped at the skin there, bringing another moan from above. Slowly, his tongue trailed up to its final destination. He teased the slit in Alex's cock with the barest tip of his tongue, almost not touching it at all. It twitched as Mulder blew on it.

"Oh God." Alex sighed as he felt Mulder engulf his cock in his warm mouth. His head was swimming. He felt as Mulder's tongue lapped up the underside and over the head. Finally, another inch was finally allowed into the moist, soft cavern. He thought he would pass out when Mulder slowly teased the length again with his tongue.

Inch by inch, Mulder swallowed the length of Alex, remembering to concentrate and relax his throat muscles. He put his hands on the other man's hips to balance himself. Maintaining an even pressure, he used his tongue to guide the throbbing member in and out of his mouth. Within minutes, Alex was moaning hard. Mulder moved one hand down to massage his balls, barely caressing the fragile skin.

That was it. Alex could hang on no longer. "Mulder, I...I...Aaaaah!" With a couple of jerks forward, he emptied himself into Mulder.

Mulder could feel the creamy fluid slide down his throat. He milked Krycek's cock of every drop before taking his mouth off it. Swallowing he stood to face Alex whose face was flushed and eyes blazing.

Alex moved in and kissed Mulder, thrusting his tongue between the soft lips, tasting himself. "So that's what I was missing?" Alex said as he moved his mouth down to nibble along Mulder's jaw.

"Among other things."

Now it was Alex's turn to tease and taunt Mulder's nipples. He licked and lapped at the nearest one, bringing it to impossible hardness. Mulder held him to his chest, not letting him get away.

"Oh God, Alex, yes." He moaned as Alex moved to the other nipple. His hand was struggling with Mulder's jeans.

"Let me help you." Mulder stripped off his own remaining clothing and embraced Alex again. Sweaty skin glided over sweaty skin as the men ground themselves against each other.

Mulder slowly lowered them to the floor, kissing and caressing Alex.

"I want you, Alex."

"Take me then."

"I don't have..."

"I do. In my bag." Alex rolled over and rummaged in his knapsack before pulling out some condoms and a tube of lube.

Alex lay back on the floor of the baggage car, bent his knees and spread his legs. He wanted this as much as Mulder did.

Mulder regarded the vulnerability of Alex's position for a moment. His cock twitched. Mulder set the condoms aside and flipped the cap of the lube up. He coated three fingers with slick before moving to insert one inside Alex.

Alex closed his eyes and sighed at the intrusion of his tight opening.

Mulder knew exactly what to do. He slowly moved and twisted his finger inside Alex's ass, bringing the channel wider until a second finger could easily slip in. He made sure to caress Alex's prostate, grinning every time the younger man jumped. Finally, a third finger joined the first two, teasing the opening even wider. When Mulder was satisfied, he positioned himself over Alex, rolled on a condom and slicked up his still amazingly hard cock.

Alex braced himself at the trespass of Mulder's cock but soon relaxed. Very slowly he could feel Mulder's heat invade his body. The mixture of pleasure and pain was incredible. He breathed in slowly, focusing on the pleasure, making this so good.

"So tight, Alex. Oh god, you're tight." Mulder grimaced as he stopped for a second, using every bit of will to hang on. Sweat dropped down off his forehead onto Alex's abdomen. Finally, he gathered Alex's legs up in his hands and starting moving in and out of the heat surrounding his cock.

Alex wrapped his legs around Mulder, bringing himself up higher. "Oh god, yes. Yes. Fuck me, Mulder, fuck me."

Mulder drove into Alex, savoring every stroke. It had been so long since he had a man. So long since he felt that hot heat around his cock.

Alex was in bliss. This felt so fucking good. He looked into Mulder's eyes, almost as green as his own.

Mulder bent to kiss Alex and encountered his new, throbbing hard-on. He planted a kiss on Alex's swollen lips before grasping his cock in his hand, stroking with the tempo of his hips.

When Mulder started jerking him, Alex lifted his hips just a fraction higher, enabling Mulder's cock to connect directly with his prostate. He was going to come. He arched his back and let out a cry as the translucent fluid covered his own abdomen and chest.

When Alex came, his muscles clenched around Mulder's cock, sending him tumbling over the edge. "Nuuuuuhhhhhh, Alex!" Mulder slammed into Alex a few final times before collapsing.

Heavy breathing and the clack-clack of the wheels on the train tracks could only be heard for a few minutes until Mulder extracted himself from Alex. He sat up, panting in the heat.

Alex sat up as well and produced some tissues from his knapsack. He cleaned him and Mulder off before kissing him again. He could kiss Mulder all day, his soft lips and sweet mouth molding to his own.

Mulder collapsed on his back, his body still tingling from the orgasm. He felt Alex come over and lay his head on his chest. He kissed the top of the chestnut head before wrapping an arm around him.

They lay there, embraced, holding each other, softly kissing each other until they drifted off into a lazy slumber.

An hour later, the train was stopping. Both men were suddenly up and scrambling to clothe themselves.

"This must be Macon."

"Must be." Alex said as he pulled on his shirt.

Mulder did up his jeans and pulled on his own t-shirt. The train was finally stopped.

Alex reached out and took Mulder's face in his hand before kissing him on the lips. He then pulled on his leather jacket, and picked up his knapsack before walking over to the door of the car. Alex flipped the latch. "Look at that. Open all that time. See you later, Mulder."

Mulder watched, mouth open as Krycek left the car and got off the train.