X-Files M/K
Title: 7243
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Series/Sequel: Sequel to 7002.

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Spoilers: Set after the Movie but before Season Six. Spoilers for Sleepless, Tunguska, Terma, Patient X, The Red & The Black, The End and the movie.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: Mulder thinks about what happened on the train and decides to take some action.

Comments: Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being beta goddesses. Thanks also to Endymion, who gave me a home.


Mulder's legs were cramping from being in their position too long. He was crouched behind a shed in the backyard of the house they were going to bust into. The word was supposed to come more than 40 minutes ago, but the criminals were not home. Criminals, can't trust them to be on time.

Mulder and Scully were still in limbo after that whole mess in Antarctica. For now they were just *regular* FBI agents, making busts and such until Skinner sorted out the intricacies of re-opening the X-Files. Mulder couldn't see what the problem was. Skinner told them it was just *formalities*. So now here he was, making a drug bust on some big-time hood with a couple dozen other FBI and ATF agents. Scully wasn't here. She couldn't do any physical activity for
another couple of weeks yet.

His body fatigued, the adrenaline rush fading, he thought back to the last time he was in tactical gear. That had been almost two years ago when they busted in on Krycek and his cronies.

Krycek. Since their encounter on the train, Mulder had been thinking of nothing else. The images constantly filled his dreams, caressing, kissing, fucking Krycek. He would wake up to a sticky mess, embarrassed he wanted him so much. Now Mulder was trying to find him. For a month, actually, with no luck. Then, this morning, a tip came in from one of his informants. Krycek
was in Philadelphia. What the hell was he doing there? All he knew was that tomorrow he was going to track him down.

Finally, the word came to move, and the adrenaline rushed into his arteries again. It was time to work.


7243 was the number on the side of the warehouse Mulder was watching. He had to hand it to Krycek, he sure knew how to pick out of the way places. He had been waiting a couple of hours, hoping the hell he showed up soon. The last thing Mulder needed was to spend his weekend watching an empty building in a city he didn't know.

The joint raid yesterday with the ATF turned out to be fruitful. Thirty seven kilos of Heroin, 25 kilos of Cocaine, weapons, millions in cash, and the bad guys. Not bad for a days work. The bad guys were only about 25 years old. Mulder could not believe his eyes when he saw the wealth they had accumulated while dealing drugs. No wonder why some people turn to a life of crime. It pays better.

Mulder checked his watch again. //Where the hell was...finally, there's the rat bastard now.//

Mulder quietly got out of the car and ran up behind Krycek, pulling his gun and pointing it at his head. "Freeze, Krycek!"

Krycek stopped in his tracks.

"Now, turn around with your hands up."

Krycek turned around, smirking as he put his right hand, containing a ring of keys slipped over one finger, over his head. "Hey Mulder, whatcha doing in Philly? Sorry, I can only give you one arm to put up."

"Shut up, you rat-fuck!" Quickly, he frisked Krycek, finding a gun, a knife and a cell-phone. He grabbed the collar of Krycek's leather jacket. "Open up the door."

"Had I been expecting company, I would have cleaned a little. Please don't mind the mess." Krycek started fiddling with the keys.

"Shut the fuck up and open the door!" Mulder shook Krycek like a rag doll in his hand.

"Okay, okay, I can't open it with you jerking me around like that." Finally the lock was undone, and the door swung open.

He shoved Krycek through the door, still holding on to the collar of his jacket. "Where are the lights?"

"Over there, on that pillar."

Mulder dragged Krycek over and flicked on the lights. They came on with a loud hum. This was a big, empty warehouse, save for a bed, a table and a desk at the far wall. Mulder dragged Krycek over to the wall and shoved him back against it. His gun remained pointed at him. "Don't try a fucking thing or you're dead."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Mulder looked around. "You live here, Krycek?"

"Rent's cheap."

"What are you doing here? In Philadelphia?"

"Living, Mulder. One day at a time." He looked at the older man. The stubble on his face made him all the sexier than the last time he saw him. His haircut, however, left much to be desired. "I should be asking you the same question. What are *you* doing here, Mulder? Have you come to kill me like you killed my boss?"

"I *should* kill you. What do you mean, kill your boss?"

"The man who gave you the vaccine."

"I didn't kill him. That car was rigged to blow before he met me."

"Sure, and you were the last person to see him alive."

"Why the hell would I want to kill him? He helped me."

"Don't you hate it when people wrongfully accuse you of killing people?"

Mulder looked at him blankly. "I came to talk to you about what happened on the train."

Krycek looked up at the ceiling for a moment. "Train, train. Oh yeah, the train! What's the matter, didn't you enjoy that? I sure did."

Mulder was suddenly upon him, his gun in his face. "Why did you leave me there like that?"

"I had to go. It was my stop."

Mulder looked in the cold, green eyes, they were laughing at him. He took off Krycek's leather jacket and flung it aside. Krycek was only wearing a white t-shirt underneath. "Turn around."

Alex turned to face the wall. "You gonna fuck me again, Mulder?"

"Shut up. Put your hands up on the wall and spread 'em."

Krycek put his right hand up against the wall, prosthesis dangling down at his side. He spread his legs wide. He was excited but nervous at the same time.

"I said both of them."

"I can't very well move this one on its own you know."

Mulder stalked up behind Alex and grabbed the limp piece of plastic, trying to maneuver it to his liking.

Krycek sighed. "Please don't break it, Mulder, it's the only one I got."

Mulder snorted and dropped the arm so it dangled at Krycek's side again. He could smell Krycek. His cock twitched at the spicy, musky odor. "Don't fucking move." Mulder ran his gun down Krycek's back, ensuring to catch it on every vertebrae.

Krycek bit his lip to quell a sigh as Mulder's gun stopped at the small of his back. He felt as Mulder caressed the spot with the cold metal for a while. Then Mulder reached around and undid his jeans. Alex breathed heavily, his bulge pressed against the zipper as it was slowly brought down.

Mulder pulled Krycek's jeans down around his ankles and stood back for a second. Krycek's underwear almost came down with his jeans, showing half of his perfect ass. They hugged the bottom of his ass, clinging to the sac hanging there. His white t-shirt was pulled up to reveal a strong lower back. Mulder licked his lips and tried to quell the stirring in his pants.

He wanted him. Ever since that day on the train, he had wanted nothing else but to fuck Alex Krycek again. He wanted him against this wall, slamming Krycek's body against the bricks with every shove. Oh, he wanted him bad. But for now, he had other ideas. He grabbed the chair from the desk and brought it over about 15 feet from Krycek. He removed his jacket, draped it over the back of the chair, then sat down.

"Turn around, face me."

"Make up your mind, Mulder, you want me to face the wall or face you?"

"Face me, for now."

Krycek turned around. He was obviously loving everything Mulder was doing to him by the bulge in those BVD's.

"I want you to pleasure yourself, touch yourself."

"You want me to what?"

"Jerk for me."

"If you're trying to humiliate me, Mulder, this has been done to me before."

Mulder snorted. "For that smoking bastard."

"No. It was a long time ago." He breathed out sharply "Do I have to do this?"



Mulder waved his gun at him. "Just do it, Krycek."

Krycek was rock fucking hard. He would be glad for the release, no matter how it happened. Mulder wanted this so bad, he was going to give it to him and give it to him good. He slipped his hand into his underwear and brought out his cock. He looked Mulder in the eye as he grabbed himself gently and started running his hand up and down the shaft. A small moan escaped his lips. He closed his eyes for a second then opened them, meeting Mulder's gaze again.

"No, not that smoking fuck. It was when I was sixteen. I had just made the hockey team. The AA hockey team, the winners. Not the B team and those losers." Krycek ran his thumb across the top of his cock and stopped talking for a second. He let out a soft moan before continuing. "After the first practice, they surrounded me, congratulating me. It felt so good...to be part of this team. I had worked hard to get there. Then..." Krycek stopped talking again, his hand quickened. "Then they take you out the back of the rink and get you drunk, to celebrate. You drink and drink and think you're a macho guy, you're with the best, the cream of the crop. Then they say now it's time to show your loyalty, Alex. I really hadn't *made* the team until I did one more thing. To show...you are a team... player... and your dedication... ugh...t hey make you jerk off in front of all... the other guys...ugh. If you refuse... mmmm... your ass is warming the... bench... ugh... all season... yeah... god." Krycek sped up his pace a little more and closed his eyes. A grimace crossed his face as he came onto the dirty concrete. He shook his cock of the last drops before looking up at Mulder. "Ever have that happen, Mulder?"

Mulder was silent. His own cock pressed up against the denim he was wearing from watching Krycek. He could not believe how much he turned him on. Even when he was turning the tables on him. Ooooh, Alex Krycek was good.

"I guessed not. You can always tell the guys who made the team and those who didn't."

"Just because you survived some warped hazing ritual doesn't make you a better person."

Krycek smirked. "I could always tell you were a geek."

"A geek?"

"Yeah, captain of the chess team or swim team, or some wimp-ass thing like that."

"Fuck you."

"That wasn't what you wanted, was it? You wanted to make *me* feel like shit. Well too bad."

Mulder's face was turning red. He stood up and cocked the hammer on his gun. "Shut up." Mulder started walking towards Krycek.

"Hmmm. Now you're pissed off. I hit a sore spot. Well, you're either gonna fuck me or punch me. Either way you get to touch me. What's it gonna be, Mulder?"

Mulder was a foot away from Krycek, he looked him in the eye. "Either way it's gonna hurt like hell."

He spun Krycek around to face the wall where braced himself with his one hand. Mulder pressed all his weight into Krycek, pinning him against the wall. "I know you want it, Krycek."

Krycek's head was swimming. He could feel his cock stir again as he felt Mulder pull his underwear down. "You want it just as bad, Mulder."

Mulder undid his own jeans and pulled them and his underwear around his ankles. "Yeah, I want it. I want to fuck you so hard that you'll feel it for a month."

Krycek licked his lips, and his breathing deepened as he felt Mulder's finger enter him. The temptation to buck against it was incredible. He let out a moan as another joined it, stretching the opening wider.

Mulder spat on his hands and used his saliva and his own pre-cum to lubricate his cock. He then spread Krycek's ass cheeks with his hands and guided his throbbing member into the tightness.

Krycek let out a cry as he felt Mulder enter him. Oh god, it was so good, so good. The fingernails of his right hand dug into the mortar between the bricks as Mulder started moving in and out of him.

Mulder started fucking Krycek with one hand on his shoulder, one on his hip. He wanted him to remember this, to feel this every time he got fucked by someone else. Wanted to leave his mark on him.

Krycek whimpered as Mulder slammed into him; he could feel his balls slap against his ass. He was going to come just from Mulder fucking his ass. He didn't need him to touch his cock. God, he was so close, one more rub against the prostate, oh god, that's it. With a growl he came against the brick wall.

Mulder was sweating, soaking the t-shirt he wore. Krycek's muscles clenched around his cock, hurtling him over the edge. He came into Krycek's ass with a cry of his own.

Breathing heavily, both men were joined for a minute until Mulder pulled out of Krycek. He cleaned himself up with some paper towels from a roll on the table. He then did up his jeans, collected his jacket and left.

Alex still stood there, pressed against the wall, the cold brick against his cheek. He smiled to himself. "Oh yeah, Fox, I *am* gonna feel that. At least for a week."