X-Files M/K
Title: Chisli III - 1015
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

Series/Sequel: Sequel to 7002 and 7243
Webpage: http://members.tripod.com/~ter_ma/nicole/nicole.htm

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Spoilers: The Red and the Black, The End, The Beginning and Drive.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productionsand Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: Krycek decides to pay Mulder a little visit after the warehouseincident.

Comments: Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being beta goddesses.


Mulder slowly plodded up the stairs to his apartment. His neck hurt, hisback hurt, everything hurt. He wondered how much more he could take? Howmuch more shit could happen in his life? After what happened today, he justwanted to flop on the couch and get drunk. What a literal pile of shit.People with exploding heads. People yelling at him. Assholes, all of them.

With a sigh, he got his keys out of his pocket and put one in the lock.//Thank god for number 42.// He opened the door, stepped into the dark apartmentand shut the door behind him. //Probation. Spender. Fuckers. What the...shit.//

Mulder watched as the red dot of a laser guidance system ran across hischest and up to his forehead.

"Don't move."

Mulder groaned as he saw the faint outline of Krycek sitting on his chairat his desk, facing him. "Great, all I need is a visit from Alex fuckingKrycek to complete my day. What do you want?"

Krycek raised his eyebrows, unnoticed by Mulder. "I want you to slowlytake your gun and put it on the coffee table, then sit down on the couch."

Mulder let out another sigh. "Can I turn on the light so I don't fuckingkill myself?"

Krycek twitched. "I suppose."

Mulder flicked on the light then strode over to where the scruffy, leatherjacketed man was sitting. "Tell you what, Krycek. I'll make it easyfor you, why don't you just take my gun yourself." He unclipped theholster from his belt and put it in Alex's lap. "Here, you might aswell take these as well." He gave him his cuffs and badge. "Andthis." He took the laminated pass out of his pocket and dropped iton top. Mulder then turned and walked towards the bedroom, taking off histie as he did.

Alex looked down at the things in his lap. //What the hell is going on here?Did he just walk away, unarmed, and leave me here?// He could hear Mulderrummaging in the bedroom. //I'd better be ready, just in case.//

Mulder came back to the living room, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt. Alexwas still holding his gun on him. "You want a drink, Krycek? I coulduse a drink. Let's have a drink." Mulder then went towards the kitchen.

Alex's eyes grew wide. Something was not right here. Usually, Mulder wouldhave threatened him a couple of times and tried to kill him by now.

Mulder came back with two glasses and a bottle of Crown Royal. He sat downon the couch and poured them both a large shot. "You can put the gunaway, Krycek, I'm unarmed and on my way to getting drunk." As if toprove his point, he downed his shot in one gulp.

Alex cautiously re-holstered his firearm. He put Mulder's gun, badge, IDcard and handcuffs on the desk behind him. He then reached over, liftedthe glass off the coffee table and took a sip. The amber liquid burned asmooth trail down his throat.

"So, Krycek, what's new? How's the rat race these days?"

"What the fuck is going on here, Mulder?"

"What do you mean?" he asked as he poured himself another drink.

"Why are you acting like this? What are you up to?"

Mulder laughed. "Not a fucking thing." He took a sip of his drink."Actually, I *am* overwrought that this NBA season is basically toast.Then a guy's head exploded in the car I was driving yesterday." Mulderfrowned and took another sip.

Alex looked at him, should he laugh? "You know, Mulder, I came heretonight..."

"Look." Mulder cut him off. "I should warn you that if you'rehere with another doomsday speech, and a vague tip about the fate of theuniverse, I'm gonna have to stop you right here. I'm not allowed to playwith people like that anymore."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Mulder put his glass on the table. "I'm no longer part of the X-Files."

Krycek couldn't believe his ears. //He must be shitting me.// "What?"

Mulder looked him in the eye. "I'm no longer part of the X-Files."

"Wait a minute, I thought they re-opened the X-Files."

"They did."

"So, what the fuck are you talking about? How can they be open..."

Mulder hung his head. "They took it away, Krycek. My whole life, mywhole fucking career. Gone."

"They took it away? What do you mean? Who's working on them now? Skinner?"Krycek smirked.

Mulder sighed. He didn't care anymore what the hell happened. "Theygave the X-Files to Fowley and Spender. I'm not allowed to investigate anX-File, talk to them *about* the X-Files, do any fucking thing with theX-Files." Mulder shot back the rest of his second glass of liquor.

Krycek sucked in his breath. "That's gotta hurt, hey, Mulder? Yourex and that little weasel boy shutting you out like that." He snorted."You must be pretty pissed off."

"I was. I am. I don't know. I don't care." He looked at Krycek."You know Spender?"

"From the Academy. We met a couple of times when I went back for additionaltraining."

"Wow, the weasel and ratboy there at the same time. Who would havethought the rodents were so thick at Quantico." Mulder poured himselfa third drink.

Krycek ignored the remark. "Don't you think you should slow down alittle there, Mulder?"

"I don't need to drive anywhere, I'm fine." Mulder left the drinkuntouched. He *was* getting a little drunk. Those were rather large portionsof alcohol he just slammed down, not to mention, he hadn't had anythingto eat since noon. He stood and nearly fell over the coffee table.

Krycek quickly grabbed Mulder and held onto him to keep him from falling."Where are you going?"

"To take a piss, if it's okay with you." Mulder could feel Krycek'stight muscles, even through the jacket and sweater he was wearing. "Youcan let go of me now."

Krycek slowly let Mulder go, watching as he staggered down the hallway tothe bathroom. He smirked to himself as he removed his jacket and sat onthe couch. //Fucking Fox Mulder tonight is going to be easier than I thought.//

Mulder came back to the living room and flopped down beside Krycek. Hishead was swimming. "Krycek, what the hell are you still doing here?"

"I thought it was my turn to pay you a visit, Mulder. You came to seeme last time."

He snorted. "That's over."

"Oh no, it's not. See, Mulder, you got to fuck *me* the past two times.I figure it's about time for *me* to fuck *you*. Unlike last time, I'llmake sure to use a condom."

Visions of Alex thrusting into him ran through his brain and straight downto his cock. Shit!

"What if I said I'm not in the mood?"

"I would say I *am* and you will be soon."

He snorted again. "You're sure of yourself, aren't you, ratboy?"

"Very." Krycek moved closer. He reached out and put his hand onMulder's forearm and rubbed it. "I'll bet you a thousand dollars, I'llhave you screaming my name within the hour."

"I'll bet you a thousand dollars you'll have blue balls."

Krycek moved his hand up to Mulder's shoulder and across to his chest, everready for the punch that could come at any minute. He caressed the muscularchest, lingering in the middle for a minute, then down and up again. Hisfingertips traced a random pattern, every circle moving lower and lowerdown his body.

Mulder could feel himself melt into Krycek's touch. //Do something! You'rejust sitting there, letting him touch you! You're also getting very hard.Mulder, snap out of it, what are you doing?//

"You want it, Mulder, I know you do." Krycek leaned over and planteda kiss on his neck, licking at the day's worth of stubble.

//Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I'm gone.// Mulder sighed as Krycek began runninghis hand gently over the patch of cotton that covered a nipple. //Yes, Iwant you. Badly. Naked and sweating and moaning and...//

Krycek had reached Mulder's jaw and ran his tongue up to Mulder's mouth.He looked at the dazed hazel eyes before descending on his luscious lips.He tugged at the t-shirt Mulder was wearing. Swiftly they both removed it,not wanting to lose contact.

Mulder could feel Krycek's tongue sweep across his lips and press againstthem. He allowed it to enter, playing with his own. His cock was bulgingthe fabric of his sweats, his mind was spinning. It felt so good. Krycek'smouth was so sweet, his lips so soft. Mulder reached up and started movinghis hand across Krycek's back. He was surprised to hear himself moan ashis left nipple was pulled and teased to hardness.

Krycek smiled inwardly at the moan. He knew he had him. Gently his handbegan its descent down Mulder's body. From his nipples, to his abdomen,across the flat hardness and down to the sweats. He lingered at the waistband,feeling the smooth skin and silky hair of Mulder's belly. Finally, he incheddown and caressed the bulge in the fabric.

Mulder moaned again. He was so hard. He reached over and grabbed the hemof Krycek's t-shirt. They broke away as he pulled it over his head, carefulof the prosthesis. This time, Mulder's mouth reached over and sucked onone of the exposed nipples.

Krycek sat back and looked down at Mulder, his golden brown hair still spikyfrom that awful haircut. He sighed as Mulder's tongue snaked across theleather straps of his prosthesis. He sucked in his breath as Mulder's handmoved down to the erection straining the denim at his crotch.

Mulder pulled away from Krycek's chest and started undoing the buckles ofhis prosthesis one by one. He then slipped the straps off and laid the batteredlimb on the coffee table. He reached up and massaged the scar tissue ofthe stump, gaining a moan from the younger man. His lips met the skin, assmooth as he remembered it. So soft. His hand ran along the calluses acrossthe chest to Krycek's right shoulder.

Krycek was letting out small moans like a kitten purring. No one had everdone this to him, ever. Marita had made him leave his shirt on. The whoreshe went to in Russia didn't want to touch him. He stopped going after awhileand relieved himself with his hand instead. //Oh god, this felt so good.//But he couldn't sit here and be content with Mulder stroking him. He wantedto be buried inside him, thrusting into him, making him beg for more.

"This place got a bed, Mulder?" Krycek knew the answer, but victorywould be sweeter if Mulder asked him to his bed instead of Krycek dragginghim there by the hair.

Mulder took his mouth off of the smooth skin. "Hmmmm. Yeah. I neveruse it."

"Do you want to now?"

Mulder looked at the other man. Green eyes blazing, lips swollen from earlierkisses. Should he say no? No. He would be saying yes. He cleared his throat."Yes." He stood and started walking towards the bedroom.

Krycek stood and followed the still slightly drunk agent down the shorthallway off of the dining room, past the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Mulder pulled the coverlet off the bed, letting it fall to the floor, sneezingat the dust it stirred up. He turned around to find Krycek standing behindhim. He pulled the him into an embrace. Their mouths found each other again,tongues dancing together. Mulder ran his hands down Krycek's shoulders tolinger at the small of his back. He then reached around and undid Krycek'sjeans.

Krycek moaned into Mulder's mouth as his cock was set free from the confinesof his jeans. Soon the jeans, his underwear and boots were being pulledoff and flung away. He was naked, standing before Mulder, watching him removehis own clothes. His cock was dripping pre-cum just from looking at him.God, he was beautiful.

Mulder sat on the bed, reaching out to bring Alex to him. They lay on thebed together, caressing each other's naked bodies. His mouth descended onKrycek's again, driving his tongue deep down the other man's throat untilhe pulled away for a breath.

Krycek was caressing Mulder's balls, lightly running his fingers over thefragile skin. His mouth found a nipple again, bringing a gasp from Mulder.Slowly, he snaked a trail down to the brown curls at his groin. He kissedthe tip of Mulder's erection, sucking at the pre-cum that was there. Histongue ran around the head, flicking at the slit in the top, bringing Mulderto hardness he never thought he could achieve.

Mulder moaned loudly, Krycek's mouth was sent from heaven. He knew exactlywhat to do and when to do it.

Krycek's mouth descended on Mulder's glistening cock, his tongue runningup the back as he pulled up. He didn't linger there too long, Mulder wasclose. He pulled off and licked down to his balls, nipping at the sensitiveskin, bringing shudders from above. Lower he went until he reached the perineumand the puckered opening to Mulder's ass. Mulder spread his legs and benthis knees for him. Alex flicked his tongue across the muscle, teasing itwith the bare tip.

"Oh, god, yes. Oh yeah." Mulder moaned as he twisted the sheetsin his hands.

Krycek knew Mulder was past the point of no return. He wondered if he wouldreally pay him the thousand bucks? They didn't shake on it or anything,would the bet still be valid? His tongue moved back up, over his balls andup his cock, drawing off the fresh spot of pre-cum on the tip.

"Please, Alex. Please," Mulder whimpered.

Oh this was sweet. Not only was Mulder using his first name, but he wasbegging for it, just as he knew he would be. He was going to give it tohim good.

Alex got off the bed long enough to grab the condoms and lube from his jeanspocket. He put the condoms on the night table and attempted to squirt someof the cold lube out when Mulder started to turn over.

"No. I want to see you come." He wasn't leaving here without proofMulder enjoyed himself immensely.

Mulder rolled onto his back, lifted his knees up and spread his legs wide.Alex squeezed a generous blob of lube on his thigh. Scooping some up, hecoated two fingers. Mulder let out another moan as Alex ran one of themaround and around the opening before plunging a finger deep inside.

Mulder jumped as his prostate was caressed. Suddenly another finger joinedthe first, opening him wider. Mulder closed his eyes and centered his energyon the pleasure of Alex's fingers inside him. He was gone. Alex had wonhim over completely. Then the fingers left him. He opened his eyes and staredinto the most incredibly green eyes he had ever seen. They were practicallyshooting sparks into his own eyes, blinding him.

Alex ripped the condom package open with his teeth. He placed it on thehead of his cock and gently rolled it down. Using the last of the lube onMulder's thigh, he coated it liberally. He then knelt in front of Mulder,holding the base of his cock.

"Wrap your legs around me and push me inside you."

Mulder did as he was told. The mixture of pleasure and pain as he was stretchedto accommodate Alex was exquisite.

Alex let go of his cock and moved forward, pushing gently against Mulder.He put his hand on Mulder's abdomen, stopping him for a minute. Sweat hadbroken out all over his body. It had been so long, he didn't want to cometoo quickly. Finally, he pushed again, signaling Mulder to do the same.

Mulder hooked his ankles together and shoved Alex's cock into him to thehilt. Slowly he moved his hips back and forth, up and down, maneuveringhimself so the cock inside him would hit that lovely spot in his ass. Helooked into Alex's eyes as the younger man reached forward and grabbed hiship. Together they moved as one, bringing themselves to an unbelievablehigher state of arousal.

Alex closed his eyes and brought Mulder's hips up to meet his own. He neededmore, needed Mulder to feel this. He bent over the older man, bracing himselfwith his one hand. Mulder's legs moved up to wrap around his back. He couldn'tdo this for long. He thrust deep and hard into Mulder, wanting so much tobend down and suck on his lower lip. Mulder's ass was so tight, so good.He grunted as he slammed into Mulder, relishing every stroke. Sweat rolleddown to splash on the perfect chest below.

Mulder was working on his own cock as he thrust his hips up to meet Krycek.He could see the muscles flex in Alex's arm, the veins standing out fromthe strain. He was starting to think how hard this must be to do with onearm when a jolt of pleasure shot through his body as Alex hit his prostateagain. Mulder was sweating and breathing heavily, he sped up the hand onhis cock, his thumb pressing on the spot just below the head to give himthe most pleasure. He was coming, oh god, he was coming.

"Oh god, oh Alex." Mulder's hot fluid shot out and spattered bothmen.

Alex let out a strangled laugh/cry as he tumbled over the edge to his ownorgasm. //He screamed my name, he screamed my name.// Alex thrust a couplemore times before collapsing on top of Mulder. His hips still moved backand forth, milking his cock before becoming still. He felt Mulder kiss thetop of his head. He kissed the chest under him, tasting Mulder's cum. Afterwhat seemed like an eternity, Alex fell out of Mulder and started removingthe condom.

Mulder reached over and got the box of kleenex off of his night table andcleaned him and Alex up. He lay down beside the other man, who was stillpanting. He reached out and brought him over so his head was resting onhis chest. Mulder wrapped his arms around Alex and held him until he fellasleep.


Mulder awoke to a kiss being planted on his forehead and the bed shifting.He opened his eyes and looked at the clock. 10:15. Alex was fully dressedand starting out the door. He sat up with a jolt.

"Wait! Don't go." Mulder watched as Alex stopped in the doorwayand turned around.

"I have to." Alex forced himself not to look directly at Mulder.

"No you don't. Stay."



"I didn't come here to become your boyfriend, Mulder. I came here tofuck you. Mission accomplished."

"I don't want you to be my *boyfriend*. Just stay. For a little while."

"No." It took every ounce of will Alex had to turn and walk outthe bedroom door. Quickly, he left the apartment and the building, halfexpecting Mulder to run after him and beg him to come back. When he didn't,he continued his journey down the street and into the night.

//you'd think you'd notice
how i've simply chosen to fade
one fleeting moment
i would have hoped i could stay
if i kissed you would you push my face away? if i told you how I feel wouldyou have listened anyway? ********
i wish i'd noticed
all the postponements
you saved
i never told you
you were the one i believe
if i touched you
would you push my hand away?
if i listened would I've heard the things that made me run away?//

"Razorblades and Bandaids by Econoline Crush