X-Files M/K
Title: Chisli IV - 7-11
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: Set somewhere in Season Six. Spoilers for all Krycek episodes plus The Beginning and Drive.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: It's late, you stop for a coffee, things happen.

Comments: Thanks to Aries and Orithain for awesome beta and being there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chisli IV: - 7-11 by Nicole S.

3:17 a.m.

Mulder stretched as he left Scully's apartment building. His neck was stiff and his back sore from being hunched over her coffee table, filling out reports most of the night. He stretched again as he got to his car, the vertebrae in his neck cracking.

Slowly he got into his car, started it and let it run for a minute while he tried to work the kink out of his right shoulder.

He couldn't believe what they had to go through to submit a damn report these days. It took forever. They were behind, hence the marathon session of summaries, sub-reports, lengthy descriptions and a pinch of bullshit to explain why they had traveled where, and what they had done in the past three weeks.

He sighed. He missed Skinner. He was so much easier to please than Kersh. Skinner did question their reports, but he filled in most of the blanks himself. Kersh, on the other hand, was a hard ass; he wanted details down to the make and model of the rental car they had. Mulder wanted to enclose a summary detailing the times he took a shit, cross referenced with size, stability and color, but Scully wouldn't let him.

"C'mon, Scully, he said he wanted details. You can put yours in there too."

She flung him a glare, "Mulder, while our lives have been consumed with feces these past weeks, I no more care about yours than the bovine we have encountered. As for the AD, we are in the doghouse already. Making him angry would not help us." She paused, then a smile crossed her lips. "Although, I would kill to see his face when he read it. Do you think we could get a color bar graph to supplement your data?" She then leaned back and started laughing.

"I'll get the Gunmen to produce some CGI. We can make a presentation." He laughed with her for a minute before getting back to work. She was right. They had pissed him off so much that this would be, unfortunately, pushing it.

Mulder eased his car out of the parking spot and started down the street.

She had wanted him to stay. She didn't like him driving home this late. No, he had to go home. Although his brain was busy trying to make sense of a useless, boring assignment, he had something nagging in the back of his mind. Krycek. Just the thought of him made his cock swell. His mind had wandered when Scully was checking numbers on her adding machine, and he found himself sitting on her floor, behind the coffee table, with a hard-on he could do nothing about. He was trapped. It took a good twenty minutes of re-reading what they had written and a discussion on, what else, shit, before he could move safely again.

No, he would definitely be going home. Home to jerk off then catch two hours sleep before going into the office. Jerking off in a motel room adjacent to your partner's room was one thing. In her guest bedroom with her very clean, crisp sheets was another.

A yawn nearly split his head open. He was going to need coffee if he wanted to make it home in one piece. //What the hell is open this time of night?// "Oh, thank heaven," Mulder mumbled as he spotted the 7-11 conveniently located at the top of Scully's street. He yawned again as he drove into the entrance and parked along the side. //Better make that a large.//

He opened the door and nearly bumped into the person coming out. He was about to mutter "excuse me," when he realized it was Krycek.

"Oh shit!" Krycek's eyes grew wide as he tried to maneuver around Mulder. He had a slurpee in one hand and a plastic bag dangling from the fingers of the prosthetic limb.

"Oh shit is right, ratboy!" Mulder grabbed his right arm and dragged him through the door and around the corner to his car. He forced Krycek face down on the hood and drew his gun, holding it to the back of his neck.

"Hey, watch it, Mulder, you almost spilled my slurpee."

"This one here?" Mulder grabbed the plastic cup and flung it across the parking lot. "Poor baby."

"Hey, what the hell was that for?" Krycek tried to squirm free, but Mulder held him fast.

"Pick a reason." He shoved Krycek's head down on the car again and kicked his legs apart.

"You didn't tell me you had a hatred for iced beverages."

"Only ones that belong to you. Whatcha got in the bag?"

"Odds and ends."

Mulder tugged at it but could not release it from Krycek's grasp. "C'mon, let go."

Alex sighed and released the grip of his mechanical fingers. Mulder pressed his head down again, his cheek caressing the warm hood of the car. Shit! How was he supposed to know Mulder would be coming here? He thought he was going to spend the night at Scully's. Alex could hear Mulder rifling through the bag. He hoped he wouldn't have to buy everything all over again once he was through with it. He could feel Mulder press into him to keep him down on the car. There was no mistaking what that bulge was. This could be interesting.

Mulder went through the plastic bag with one hand, while the other held the gun on Alex. "Chips, orange juice, Coke, a hoagie, twizzlers - you eat this shit, Krycek? Playboy. Playboy? I thought you liked guys, Krycek?"

"Variety is the spice of life."

Mulder left the bag on the hood of the car and dug his gun into Krycek again. He was so fucking hard. He knew Alex could feel his hardness pressing up against his ass. He had wanted to go home and jerk off, but perhaps he wouldn't have to. "What are you doing here, Krycek?"

"I was in the neighborhood, I got hungry. What about you?"

"Bullshit! You were following me." Mulder leaned right over Krycek, pressing his weight into him.

Alex could feel Mulder's hot breath on his cheek. His cock jumped and started to harden as he felt the bulge at Mulder's crotch dig into his ass. He licked his lips before he spoke, "Is that a backup in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" Wincing, he expected a punch in the head or very least, kidneys. He was surprised when he felt Mulder pull his gun away and stop leaning into him. Mulder then pulled Alex up to face him.


"Why what?"

"Why did you leave again? That's twice."

"You left *me* once, remember? I told you, I wasn't looking for a boyfriend; I just wanted to fuck you."

Mulder swallowed. "You should have stayed."


"I wanted the same thing, but I wanted more. Don't worry, I would have kicked your ass out later."

"Uh-huh," Alex licked his lips. "What are you doing now?"

"What do you mean?"

"We could pick up where we left off."

Mulder's cock twitched again. "You mean right here in the parking lot?"

"No. I got a room nearby." Alex grabbed his bag off the hood of Mulder's car and placed it in the false fingers of his left hand. With the index finger of his right hand, he traced a trail down Mulder's stubbled cheek. Mulder's eyes seemed to glaze over for a second, and Alex swore he could hear him suck in his breath. "Follow me. My car is parked out front." Alex then turned and walked around the corner of the 7-11.

Mulder got behind the wheel of his car and started it, his heart was pounding, the sensation of Krycek's finger still on his cheek.. He drove to the front of the building and let the black Sunfire take the lead. //What the hell am I doing? I'm following Alex Krycek, of all people, to a room...somewhere. I should have my head examined. What I should really do is just go home.// He did not heed his own advice and continued to follow the black car onto the interstate for a few exits, before turning off and into a Motel 6 parking lot. He couldn't help himself; he was powerless when it came down to this man, he wanted him so bad. He parked his car next to Krycek's, then followed him inside the room.

It was a nice, clean room that had been renovated recently. A new television was in the corner. Alex flicked on the lamps, which cast a warm glow throughout.

Alex put his leather jacket over one of the chairs and took off his sweater. He watched as Mulder hung up his overcoat and jacket in the exposed closet. Silently, both men took off their clothes, knowing what they were both here for. When Alex was done, he sat on the bed and started unbuckling his prosthesis.

"No. Don't." Mulder said as he strode over to Alex. "I want you to leave it on." He bent down and cupped Alex's chin in his hand and studied his face; his eyes were the most brilliant green right now.

Alex grabbed the back of Mulder's head and kissed him hard, not letting Mulder pull away. Finally, he broke free, Mulder's eyes dazed.

"Why do you kiss me like that?" Mulder said, as he moved up and sat on the bed.

"I like kissing you. Your lips practically beg to be kissed."

"It just seems so personal."

"And sucking your cock isn't? If you're using me as a gigolo, Mulder, I think you owe me some money."

"I usually like the people I kiss."

Alex smirked. "You don't like me? I'm crushed. Why not?"

"Besides the obvious?"

Alex rolled his eyes. "Are we going to go through that again? I told you I didn't kill them."

"But you kill other people. You kill people and betray them for a living. You're a terrorist and a spy and a backstabber. Not to mention the fact that your loyalties change with the wind. You're a bad little boy, Krycek.."

"So you hate me because I'm bad?" Alex snorted, "I think you're jealous."

"I'm not jealous of *you*." //Yes, I am.//

Alex snorted again. "Is that why you like to fuck me so much?"

"The fucking has nothing to do with it. I enjoy fucking you."

"But you still hate me."

"I dislike you immensely."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

"What are you looking for, Krycek? I'm not going to blurt out I love you or anything."

"I'm not expecting you to. I just want to know where we stand."

"Where we stand? We don't stand anywhere, we just like to fuck each other. Period. You've got a lot of nerve, Krycek, after all you've done to me."

"After all I've done to you? What about all you've done to me? You hit me and punch me and put me in awkward positions. Meanwhile, I'm bailing your ass out of heavy situations, and you never acknowledge my help."

"Like when?"

"I'm not going over all that again, either. Who's got two arms?"

"Krycek, why don't you just shut the hell up." Mulder moved up and over Alex, pinning him on the bed, covering his mouth with his own. Alex returned the kiss, thrusting his tongue into Mulder's moist mouth before he broke away.

Mulder ran his hands along the straps of the prosthesis, massaging the shoulder, kissing the exposed skin. Keeping Alex's right arm pinned above his head with one hand, Mulder then moved his mouth down to one of Alex's nipples, sucking and nipping at it. His free hand moved down to the other, pinching and twisting. He heard Alex gasp and groan as he continued to suck on the nipple, teasing it with his teeth. His free hand wandered down further until he got to Alex's ass, where he began caressing the crack with his fingers.

Alex could feel Mulder's grip lessen on his arm and saw his chance. Using all his strength, he hooked his legs around Mulder's and rolled them over so he was on top.

"Uh-uh, this is my room, I'm fucking you. Now kneel on the bed, your knees at the edge and spread your legs." Alex got off the bed and stood behind Mulder, happy that the height of the bed made Mulder's ass in line with his crotch.

Mulder did as he was told, his mind screaming at him not to. //What are you doing? He just commanded you to assume the position! What the hell is wrong with you?// He ignored his thoughts for the second time that evening and braced himself as he felt two fingers, cool with slick, tease then enter his ass. He moaned as Alex stroked his prostate, making his cock twitch and nipples harden.

Alex stretched Mulder wide before replacing his fingers with the head of his cock. He pushed in slowly, lest he come too quickly. He wanted to enjoy this.

Mulder whimpered and moaned, pushing his hips back, anxious for Alex to start thrusting.

"Hang on, Mulder," Alex breathed. "You want this over too soon?"

Mulder whimpered, but stilled his hips. He could feel Alex's cock twitching inside of him, just resting there, like a runner at a starting gate. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Alex began to thrust into Mulder, his hand on his hip, guiding him in and out. Faster and faster he moved his hips back and forth, sweat prickling on his back and brow.

"Oh, yeah, Alex, that's great, yeah. Fuck me, Alex." //Oh, shit, did that just come out of my mouth?// Mulder was past caring, he was getting a good fucking and that was all that mattered right now. Alex pounded into him, pulling out most of the way then shoving back in. Mulder moved back against the thrusts, making them harder, feeling every stroke in the middle of his gut.

Alex leaned over Mulder, putting his weight on the other man's back. His prosthesis braced him against the bed as he grasped Mulder's cock in his right hand. Stroking in time with his thrusts, he had the agent babbling incoherently before giving a loud moan and coating his hand with semen. He stood again, still pumping and closed his eyes as he tumbled over the edge with a moan of his own. His eyes remained closed as he relished the feeling of the orgasm traveling through his body, disengaging himself from Mulder after a minute or two.

Silently, Alex brought over a box of kleenex and cleaned them up before lying down on the bed with a groan. He was tired. He had been watching Mulder, ever since he visited him in his apartment a week ago. It was nice to lay down in a bed, rather than sleep in a car, although he would have to switch motels, now that Mulder knew where he was staying.

Mulder lay beside Alex and looked at the sated expression on his face. Slowly he traced along Alex's jaw with his fingers before planting a kiss on his lips. He was surprised when Alex moved closer and put his arm around him, giving a sigh before falling asleep.

Mulder's eyes fluttered closed for what seemed like a second, then opened again. He looked at the clock radio beside the bed, it read 5:45. He yawned. //I need to be up, I gotta meet...// His thoughts were cut off by his rapid fall back to sleep.

7:20 a.m.

Mulder's cell phone was ringing. He leapt out of bed, not quite sure where he was. It only took him a second to remember what happened last night and where he put his phone. He crossed the room to where his overcoat was hanging and got his cell out of his pocket.


"Mulder, where are you? You were supposed to meet me 20 minutes ago. I tried calling you at home but got your machine."

"I, uh..." //Oh shit!// "...I stayed at a motel last night. I was too tired to drive."

"A motel? Mulder, you could have stayed at my place. I have a perfectly good guestroom..."

Mulder listened to her chastise him. Why did he say anything? He rubbed his ass, god was it sore. But a good kind of sore. His cock sprang into action as he remembered the night before. //No. No. No.//

"...could have fallen asleep behind the wheel."

"I know, Scully, I'm sorry." He put his hand to his forehead and started to pace the room but stopped dead in his tracks. Lying on the bed was a naked and ready Alex. He was stroking himself, his eyes locked on Mulder's.

//You fucking bastard.// His cock started throbbing. //I can't do this, I have to go to work.// He glared at Alex who had this delectable little smirk on his mouth.

Alex ran his hand up his body and tweaked a nipple then lay back and started moaning. His hand went back down and caressed his own balls.

//Fucking cocksucker! You're going to pay for this.// Mulder licked his lips, suddenly finding his mouth dry.

"Mulder? Mulder, are you there?"

"Yeah, sorry, uh, Scully, what time do we meet with Kersh?"

"Nine, why?"

"I gotta go. I'll meet you at his office. I'll be there before nine."

"What? Mulder..."

He cut her off, threw the phone aside, and returned to kneel on the bed. Alex smirked at him as he ran his hand over his hardness again.

"You are a fucking bastard."

"Me? Why?"

"You know I have to go to work."

"I'm not stopping you." Alex slowly ran his thumb over the head of his cock then up to his mouth where he licked the moisture away. He could see the rage and passion building up in Mulder's eyes. Suddenly, Mulder was flipping him over onto his stomach and pillows were being piled under his hips.

"You're in for it now, Krycek. You want it so bad, I'll give it to you."

Alex sucked in his breath as he felt Mulder's cock push into him, rough and with need.

Mulder started slamming into Alex, hard. As in the warehouse, he wanted him to feel this to his core.

"You like that, Krycek? You like it rough?"

Alex just moaned and arched his hips up higher.

Mulder grabbed onto Alex's hips, bringing them back to meet his thrusts. "Yeah, I'm gonna give it to you, you're gonna remember this one."

Alex moaned again. He couldn't reach his cock from the position he was in, his prosthetic limb splayed useless out to the front of him, his other hand trapped underneath him. He knew Mulder was close by the grunting and moaning that was coming from above. Finally, Mulder closed a fist on his cock and began pumping rapidly.

"Oh, god, yes, yes!" Alex moaned as he came into Mulder's hand.

Mulder cried out as he came, thrusting deeply into Alex as he did so. He collapsed on the other man for a minute to catch his breath before rolling off him.

"I need to have a shower, Krycek?"

"Do whatever you want."

Mulder got off the bed, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Alex cleaned himself up then piled the pillows against the headboard before reaching over to his bag of purchases from 7-11. He pulled out the orange juice, smirking to himself, //That was incredible, I should piss him off when he's naked more often.// His ass was starting to throb, one thing about Mulder, he could thrust that big cock of his hard. Alex lay propped up in bed, watching Mulder, now freshly showered, get dressed. He took a sip of the orange juice, wondering how long Mulder would go without talking to him.

Mulder turned at the door, just as he was ready to leave, half hoping Alex would say something. When he didn't, he left the room, got in his car and went to work.


That evening, Mulder drove past the Motel 6 again. He knew Alex was gone, but a part of him wished he was still here. //I hate him, he killed my father, he fucked up my whole life. I should be glad he's gone and hope he's gone for good.// Mulder tried to convince himself of that thought, but it got weaker and weaker every time he was with Alex. He snorted to himself //All of the sudden, he's Alex now...//. He let his thoughts drift off as he turned the car around and headed for home.

A smile crossed Alex's face as he watched Mulder from his car on the other side of the street. He knew he would come looking for him. He knew he couldn't resist him. He waited until Mulder was a good distance ahead of him before he eased his car into the traffic and followed him home.

The End of Chisli IV: 7-11.

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