Chisli V - 911

by Nicole S.


Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

Series/Sequel: Sequel to 7002, 7243, 1015 and 7-11

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Spoilers: Set somewhere in Season Six. Spoilers for all Krycek episodes plus
Anasazi, Herrenvolk, Gethsemane, Redux, The Movie, The Beginning and Drive.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013
Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: Krycek pays Mulder a visit with surprising and not so surprising

Comments: Thanks to Aries and Orithain for awesome beta and being there.Ori
gave me the idea for this one - thanks babe. Aries inspired me as well.


It was cold on Mulder's fire escape where Alex Krycek was perched, peering
in the bedroom window through the open slats in the blinds. He was silent
and still, watching Mulder undress after a long day at work. Alex's piercing
green eyes were the only thing moving as he saw Mulder put his suit and tie
away in the closet, wadding up the rest of the clothes and stuffing them in
a laundry bag.

Mulder had cleaned up his act, the usual piles of junk in the corner had
been tidied, or at least moved to another location. Alex noticed the sheets
on the bed were different, clean, pillows fluffed as if it were waiting for
someone to sleep in it; Mulder rarely did. //Maybe they're for me.// Alex
mused. //I'll have to make a point of thanking him for doing laundry.// He
smirked to himself as he thought of the many ways they could dirty the
sheets. A shiver ran through him, not so much from the cold, but the sight
of Mulder's naked form padding to the bathroom.

Alex waited for a few minutes before cracking the window, listening for the
shower. Satisfied that Mulder was occupied , he slid the window up and
climbed inside the bedroom. He slid the window closed behind him and
listened again to the running water before silently tiptoeing to the dark
living room. He stood in the shadows, waiting for Mulder to finish his

Mulder looked tired when he saw him through the blinds a few minutes ago.
Alex knew that Mulder hadn't gotten much sleep in the past three days since
their tryst in his motel room. Alex had been watching him closely - trying
to figure out why Mulder had come looking for him in Philly, why he was in
denial that they wanted each other.

He knew Mulder and Scully were working on some sort of punishment
assignment, which involved manually checking many boxes of what looked like
computer printouts. Holed up in Scully's apartment, they checked figure
after figure, comparing and analyzing. It was hard for Alex to not fall
asleep after listening to them drone on for hours.

The shower stopped running, Alex froze on his spot, not moving or making a
noise. His breathing deepened, slowing in concentration. A few minutes later
he heard the bathroom door open and Mulder pad back down to his bedroom. The
sweet essence of Ivory soap and shampoo floated down to greet Alex's nose,
making him close his eyes and inhale. This smell would always remind him of
Mulder, sweet, clean. His dick began to swell as he thought of the naked man
down the hallway. //Maintain control, Alex, don't blow it.// Unconsciously,
he shifted his weight, making the floor creak. //Shit!//. His heart sped up
as he heard Mulder come out of the bedroom.

Alex moved back further into the living room, grateful for the darkness. He
saw Mulder's gun was drawn and moved to pull his own firearm.

Mulder saw the movement out of the corner of his eye and turned towards it.
"Freeze, FBI." He pulled the trigger, muzzle flashing bright in the darkened
room, the loud bang of the discharge making his ears ring.

Alex swore he heard the bullet whiz by his head as he dove to the floor,
toppling the coffee table for protection. All the magazines, videotapes,
water glasses and newspapers scattered about the room. One of the glasses
broke and the coffee table landed with a loud thud.

"Mulder, what the hell are you doing?"

"Krycek? What the hell are *you* doing here?"

"I need to borrow a cup of sugar for a cake I'm baking for you."

Mulder snorted. "Likely story. What do you want?"

"I want you to put the gun down for one thing."

"Hmph. Stand up."

"You're not going to shoot me, are you?"

"I'd probably be doing the world a favor if I did."

"Aww, if you shot me, you'd never get your cake."

"Stand up, Krycek."

"Are you going to shoot me or not?"

"I'm still deciding. Do you feel lucky today?"

"Are you quoting Dirty Harry or is that a rhetorical question?"

Mulder sighed, "Just stand up, Krycek."

Alex stood, warily watching Mulder who still had his gun drawn. His cock
jumped when he saw the state of him. Mulder had been wearing a towel which
had fallen on the floor to pool around his ankles, leaving him naked. The
light from the bedroom bathed his naked form in a yellow glow; his muscular
body slightly glistened with moisture from the shower; his hair was spiky
and out of control from the rub of the towel; his cock and balls hung
heavily from the patch of tawny curls.

Alex deliberately looked at Mulder's groin and licked his lips, then smirked
as he saw the cock grow larger before his eyes.

"Stop it," Mulder said, gripping the gun tighter. "I'll shoot you again, and
this time, I won't miss."

Alex looked at his groin again, this time just staring at it.

"Stop it," Mulder said, weaker this time. He bit his lip, trying to keep his
cock from growing hard but felt it stiffen as Krycek licked his lips again.
//Bastard! I can't believe one of my own body parts is betraying me this

Mulder breathed in and let out a shaky sigh, //Might as well get this over

"What do you want, Krycek?"


He was cut off by a pounding on the door.

Mulder ignored whoever was outside. "Well?"

Alex smirked, then the pounding started again.

"Police, open up."

Mulder closed his eyes, //This can't be happening to me.// "Just a minute."

"Open the door NOW."

"Shit." When Mulder opened his eyes, Alex was gone. He put his gun on the
floor by the overturned coffee table, grabbed his towel and opened the door
as he wrapped it around his waist. Two of Alexandria's finest were waiting
for him on the other side.

"Can I help you, gentlemen?"

"Sir..." the first cop began, raising his eyebrows as Mulder crossed his
legs trying to hide his erection. The officer unsuccessfully tried to
conceal his smirk and continued. "Sir, we're answering a call of shots

Mulder furrowed his brow, "Shots fired, really?"

"Yes, your neighbour, Mrs. Hamstead, said that she heard a shot fired, a
scuffle, then some yelling."

Mulder furrowed his brow some more //nosy bitch//. "Um, well, I got out of
the shower and the phone was ringing. It was dark when I ran into the living
room to get it, and I knocked over my coffee table. My gun fell on the floor
and discharged...when it, when it hit the floor." Mulder grinned and
continued, "When I knocked over the table, I stubbed my toe and screamed,
that's what she must've heard." Mulder grinned again, //Aw shit, if they buy
that, then I've got some swampland to sell them.//

The second officer looked at Mulder disapprovingly. "Do you have a permit
for this gun, sir?"

"Um, yeah, I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder, FBI. I can get my badge if you

"Please do."

Mulder turned around, shook his head and went into the bedroom to retrieve
his badge. He left the door open as he put on a pair of sweats and went back
to the cops in the dining room, his erection subsiding considerably. He
turned on the light then handed his badge to one of the officers.

The officer looked at it, then looked back at Mulder. He furrowed his brow
then widened his eyes. "I remember you," he said. "Mulder, you're the fibbi
that works with all that weird shit, right? The X-Files or something? You
always got strange stuff happening to you."

Mulder tried hard not to roll his eyes and continued to grin at the two

"What do you mean?" the other cop asked.

This time Mulder did roll his eyes and turned his grin into a frown.

The police officers turned to one another as the first cop continued with
his story. "Remember, that guy who got shot in the hallway, right outside
the door? The black guy? He wrote those initials on the floor in his own
blood when he was dying? Then we found that body in this apartment that was
supposed to be Agent Mulder but turned out to be another guy. Oh yeah, one
day the whole building went nuts, people killing each other, beating each
other up. Then this past summer, we find Agent Mulder here, outside on the
ground, unconscious after some mystery ambulance driver shot him through the
window to keep him from saving his partner."

"No way."

"Yeah, Agent Mulder here has got a file this thick." The officer made a
gesture showing his fingers about three inches apart.

Mulder knit his brows together and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then
crossed his arms across his chest and frowned at the officers again.

One of the cops handed his badge back then went over to inspect the mess in
the living room. Both officers looked at the overturned coffee table and the
gun on the floor. They conferred with each other for a minute before turning
back to Mulder.

"Okay, Agent Mulder, we're going to chalk this up as accidental. From now
on, I suggest that you maybe turn on a light so you won't be crashing into
your furniture. Also, please keep your safety on when you're not on duty,

"I will, thank you," Mulder mumbled.

The cops turned and left, Mulder shutting the door behind them. He could
hear them talking in the hallway, "...don't know why they even bother to
call anymore, should be used to all the weird shit by now."

Mulder leaned his forehead against the door and locked it; he didn't know
whether to laugh or cry. He turned around, went back to the living room and
put the coffee table upright, placing the items scattered on the floor on
top of it. //Great. Spender's probably going to get a call to start an
X-File on apartment 42, if he hasn't already.//

He flopped on the couch and put his face in his hands before raking his
fingers through his hair. //Now Alex is gone, how do I tell him to come
back? Wait, when the hell did I start calling him that?//

As if he heard Mulder's thoughts, Alex came around the corner and leaned
against the doorframe to the living room.

"I can't believe they bought that story, Mulder. They're getting lazier and
lazier the closer they get to pension."

"I thought you left, Krycek."

"I did."

"But you're back?"

"Looks that way, doesn't it?"

"Why? Why do you come here to antagonize me on a regular basis? What do you

"I want you."

"You want me?"

"That's what I just said."

Mulder swallowed, his throat dry, "I don't want you."

"Bullshit." Alex moved over and sat beside Mulder, noticing his breathing
quicken. "You want me," Alex purred into his ear. "You want me so bad you
can taste me."

Mulder closed his eyes and swallowed again, every fiber in his body
screaming for him to get up and walk away. He couldn't, he was paralyzed. He
could feel Alex move closer, his breath tickling his ear, his voice turning
his insides to jelly and sending all his blood to his cock.

"You want me so bad that a dull ache begins in the pit of your stomach when
you think of me, when you fantasize about me."

Mulder gasped.

"You wonder whether if things had been different, would my head be nestled
in your lap, sucking you off on a nightly basis?"

Mulder gasped again as he felt Alex's finger move up and down his naked
chest, lightly skimming the hair.

"You can't deny it, Mulder, you want me."

"Shut up, Krycek," Mulder whispered.

"No, because it's true. You'll touch me any way you can, whether it be
gentle kisses or fierce punches. As long as it's contact, you don't care."

A shiver ran up Mulder's spine as Alex caressed one of his nipples. "Get out
of here," he protested weakly.

"You don't want me to leave."

Mulder stifled a whimper as Alex nuzzled his cheek. He found his hands
clenching and unclenching, not wanting to want Alex so bad. "Yes, I do. Get

"You're lying," Alex said as he kissed Mulder's earlobe.

Mulder bit his lip; this time his whimper was audible. "I hate you," he

"I hate you too." Alex covered Mulder's mouth with his own, kissing him
gently, at first, growing stronger and stronger with each breath. His hand
reached up and cradled Mulder's face, his thumb caressing his cheek.

Mulder melted into Krycek's touch, as he had done time and time again. He
brought his hand up to caress the strong back, still clad in the leather
jacket. Slowly, he undid the jacket and pulled it off.

Pulling back, Alex smiled down at Mulder, his pupils dilated, a silly grin
on his face. He ran his fingers down Mulder's chest again, delighting in the
little jump he gave.

Mulder's fingers moved up to touch Alex's chin, the stubble rough on his
fingers. He brought their mouths together for a lingering kiss, tongues
dancing with each other. He broke away first, eyes opening to see Alex's
bright green eyes staring back at him. Impossibly dark, thick lashes fringed
them, fluttering with every breath.

Mulder ran his hands under Alex's sweater, feeling the hot skin under his
fingertips. Slowly, he dragged the sweater up and over Alex's head, ensuring
to be careful of the prosthesis. Immediately, Mulder latched on to one of
his nipples, nibbling along the edge, sucking on the hardened nub

Alex threw his head back and crushed the agent's head to his chest, moaning
as teeth grazed his nipple. Then Mulder was nibbling along the edge again
and across his chest to the straps of his fake arm, tongue and lips licked
and kissed the skin between the straps. Alex closed his eyes and whimpered
as he felt the new velcro straps being undone. He expected Mulder to comment
on the maintenance to the prosthetic, but he remained silent.

Finally, Mulder released the shoulder and short stump from its bonds,
massaging it as he had done on earlier occasions.

Another whimper escaped Alex's lips as he felt Mulder run his hands down to
his crotch, trading the massage of his stump for the bulge in his jeans.
Alex moved his own hand down to the sweats Mulder wore, dipping it inside to
grasp the hardness there.

Quickly they stood and removed their remaining clothing. Now naked before
each other, they embraced, kissing each other tenderly, grinding their
erections together, relishing the feel of flesh against flesh.

"I have to have you, Mulder," Alex said as he dragged him over to the dining
room table, pushing him gently face down over the wood surface. He quickly
retrieved his leather jacket off the floor and got the tube of lubricant out
of the pocket. He then wadded up the jacket and placed it under Mulder's

Mulder was trembling; he felt open and exposed as Alex gently kicked his
legs apart, the cool air swirling around his anus. Inhaling deeply, he
pressed his face into the leather jacket, taking in Alex's musky scent. He
visibly shook as he felt Alex squeeze a blob of lube on one of his ass
cheeks. //Why do I want him so bad? Why can't I just tell him to leave?// A
finger entered him and started gently lubricating his ass, stroking the
smooth channel, caressing his prostate. //Oh, god, that's why.//

Alex smiled as Mulder moaned, ass thrust outward. When he was satisfied
Mulder was ready, Alex moved behind him and traded his fingers for his slick
cock. He guided his member inside Mulder with his hand, then placed his hand
on Mulder's hip to help him thrust in and out.

Mulder winced at the intrusion of the initial penetration, but then relaxed.
His mind was swimming with emotion as it always did with Alex, loving the
feeling of this so much, yet not wanting to give himself completely to the
other man.

Thrusting with a steady rhythm, Alex knew he wasn't going to last long.
Leaning over Mulder, putting his weight on his back, he reached around and
grasped his cock, pumping it until Mulder whimpered and moaned then shot his
cum all over his hand. Alex wasn't far behind; a few more thrusts and he
spent himself into Mulder's ass, milking his cock until he was too sensitive
to do anything but collapse.

For a few minutes, time stopped as both men leaned over the dining room
table, breathing heavily. Finally, Alex pulled out of Mulder, cleaning them
up with some fast food napkins that lay nearby.

Mulder stood to meet Alex's gaze, sated and smirking. He grabbed Alex's hand
and led him to bed, where they both lay for a long time, arms around each
other, dozing on and off.

Finally, Mulder broke the silence. "I don't love you."

"That's okay, I don't love you either."

A slight shock ran through him at these words. //What did you expect,
Mulder? A pledge of undying love until the end of time? A plea to love him

Alex could sense that wasn't exactly what Mulder was expecting. "Mulder,
let's not analyze this; let's just enjoy it, okay? It can be whatever you
want it to be."

Mulder silently agreed, holding Alex tighter, before planting a kiss on his

Alex looked up into Mulder's eyes; he could see contentment, almost relief
in them. He gave a little smile before moving in and kissing him, his tongue
probing inside. Mulder rolled on top of him, taking him in his arms, kissing
him back, caressing his shoulders. Alex arched into Mulder's touch as his
mouth ran down to his chest, nipping and licking.

Mulder slowly moved down to a nipple, teasing it for a second, while his
hands explored further. Alex was hard, oh so hard, precum coating the head.
Silently, Mulder sat and directed Alex to roll over on his stomach, which he

As Mulder reached over for the lube, Alex raised himself up on his knees and
thrust his ass in the air. He propped his head up with the pillows, now
ready for what was to come.

Mulder liberally spread the lube in and around Alex's anus, caressing inside
with his finger, as was done to him earlier. He could hear Alex let out a
moan as another finger joined the first, caressing the magic spot in his
ass, making him buck his hips with pleasure.

He withdrew his fingers and prepared to enter him with his cock. Slowly he
pushed into Alex, one hand on his hip to guide him. This was so good, so
sweet. How could he have lived this long without this? Inching his way
inside Alex's ass, he let his hands wander down over Alex's back, around to
his nipples and down to his balls, which he held in his hand, gently
caressing the skin, making him whimper and moan.

Mulder was now fully embedded in Alex, just resting for a second. This was
different from any other time he had the younger man. On the train it was
pure lust; the other times it was to just satisfy an animalistic urge. No,
this was quite different; this was tender and with purpose, to enjoy

He knelt up and started to move in and out of Alex, holding on to him,
gently moving his hips from side to side.

Slowly, he sped up his pace, leaning over Alex's back, caressing his nipples
again. From the moans he was making, Mulder knew the other man was close.
His hand reached down and grasped Alex's cock, pumping in time with the
thrust of his hips, faster and faster, until it was as if their bodies had
melted together. Mulder was first to come, crying out and filling the other
man with his fluid. Alex was not far behind; a few strong strokes from
Mulder was all it took before he let a muffled moan into the pillow beneath
his face and spurted his cream onto the sheets below.

Mulder fell on top of Alex, who in turn collapsed from his position, now
lying flat on his stomach. Mulder embraced him, kissing the back of his
neck, not wanting to let go. Breathing heavily and feeling the orgasm tingle
throughout his body, he just lay there. He could feel his eyelids get heavy
and barely pulled up the covers before drifting off.

Alex was right about the sheets; they smelled clean and looked new. He
sighed as Mulder's weight pushed down on him, arms around him, cock still
embedded in him. Alex felt relaxed and safe, letting himself sleep as well.


Mulder opened his eyes, blinking the sleep out of them. It was early and
still dark outside, the light from the street filtering through the blinds.
He sat up, not remembering pulling out of Alex, but he must have, as they
weren't joined anymore. He looked over at the sleeping man beside him, his
face angelic in his slumber. Alex was facing him, knees curled up to his
chest, clutching his pillow as if it were a life preserver. //He looks about
five years old.// A warmth ran through Mulder as he looked at Alex, not
knowing exactly what it meant.

Here was this man, his enemy, in his bed, after a night of lovemaking. He
could kill him if he wanted to, slit his throat, blow his head off, but he
didn't want to. For the moment, nothing mattered but this feeling of warmth
and calmness that had overcome him.

Alex sighed and rolled over, one strong leg over another, blankets kicked
off to reveal his tight buttocks. Mulder noticed Alex had a patch of fine
hair down at the base of his spine, blonde, or at least light brown. He
wanted to touch it, to press his cheek to it then kiss it. Mulder sighed and
settled for the hair on Alex's head instead, smoothing it for a second. Alex
moaned in his sleep then settled, still clutching the pillow.

Mulder smirked, arranging the blankets over Alex before snuggling up against
him. For now he didn't care about anything but this, waking up later and
doing it all over again.