X-Files M/K
Title: Chisli VI - 2218
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language, violence and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: The Movie, all Krycek episodes up to and including, Two Fathers & One Son.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm broke.

Summary: Mulder confronts Krycek about his evil deeds.

Comments: Thanks to Aries and Orithain for awesome beta and being there. Thanks to Amy, Sue and Rowanne for support and helping me through a tough time.

Chisli VI: - 2218 - by Nicole S.

Mulder broke in to apartment 2218 a lot more quickly than he thought he would. He was out of practice, and it took him a few jiggles with the picks, but he did it. He was quite proud of himself as he felt the door pop open. Stepping inside, he drew his gun and looked around the apartment. A solitary lamp was on, casting a warm glow throughout the tastefully decorated livingroom and showing hardwood floors, teak tables and wall unit, and wrought iron accessories. This didn't look like a place that a double crossing motherfucker like Alex Krycek would live in. Mulder expected a dilapidated room on skid row, not a nice place like this.

Breaking into the actual building was easy. Mulder picked a large, awkward, cardboard box from the recycle bin, stood by the door and fiddled with his keys when someone came by. Sure enough, this very nice person let him in and even offered to help him with the box. This was New York; didn't people know about crime?

He walked down the short hallway to the bedroom, shining his flashlight over the bed and other furnishings. Here too was nice, expensive furniture. Everything was also very neat, not a thing out of place. No dirty laundry, no magazines lying about; nothing like Mulder's apartment, that was for sure.

Something glinted in the glare from his flashlight, a picture frame. Mulder drew closer and picked the frame up; it was wooden, tasteful, just like the furniture. There was a little boy in the picture along with two people that probably were his parents. He wondered if it was Alex; the boy certainly looked like him. He ran his thumb along the smooth wood before putting the picture down and leaving the room.

Next to the bedroom was the bathroom, neat as a pin, as expected. He shuffled silently down to the other end of the apartment, through the livingroom and into the kitchen. Stainless steel pots and pans hung from a rack over a marble- topped island. New appliances, including an indoor grill, were gleaming clean. The fridge hummed almost silently in the corner.

He walked back to the livingroom, taking in the décor again; it was almost too much to bear. Alex Krycek, thief, murderer, double-crosser living in the lap of luxury, while Mulder worked hard and got his ass chewed off for lousy pay, and lived in an apartment that wasn't nearly as nice. It wasn't fair.

A solid wood bookcase was next to the lamp that was on in the livingroom. Shakespeare, Anne Rice, Jim Thompson, and Elmore Leonard dominated the selections. There were a few books with Cyrillic printing on the spine. A few prints were hanging on the walls in this room; the wall opposite the couch had a large self-portrait of Anthony Quinn. Mulder shook his head in disbelief before checking his watch again.

//Alex should be home soon.// He laughed to himself silently; how long had he been just Alex, not Krycek? Since their last meeting... encounter... whatever it was, he had been thinking of him as Alex. They did spend the entire weekend fucking, showering and eating; if they weren't on a first name basis by now, they would never be.

That was a wild 48 hours. They spent most of the time in bed, doing things to each other that he never would have thought possible. Mulder grinned as he thought of that terrified Chinese food delivery boy. Two naked men answering the door, throwing money at him, grabbing the food, then slamming the door in his face. God, what the hell were they thinking? He smiled to himself; it took him days to come down from the orgasmic high.

Then that whole fucking thing with Skinner happened; that upset him, a lot. He knew who that was in the hospital, beard and wig, or no beard and wig. He knew that body, that stance. He had had his mouth and hands on every inch of that body not more than two weeks before - it was not something you forgot. Then there were those eyes...those eyes green as emeralds, piercing down to his soul for those brief seconds. In a flash, Mulder felt angry, betrayed and hurt, then he was chasing him through the hospital and out to the parkade. He could laugh now, but he was agonizing at the time over what he would do to Alex first if he caught him; arrest him, fuck him, or kill him.

"All of the above," Mulder said to himself.

He took his place by Alex's front door; he knew he would be home soon. He had been following Alex for days; he knew his routine. Yes, even Alex Krycek had a routine. A short time later, a key was heard in the lock, and the door swung open. Alex never had a chance; Mulder had him pinned to the wall and his gun shoved in his back within seconds.

"You've been working on that, hey, Mulder?"

"Where ya been, Krycek?" Mulder removed Alex's gun from his holster.


Mulder spun Alex around to face him; he looked great. His eyes were clear and gleaming dark green in the dim light; his skin was tanned; his lips looked so damn kissable right now. Mulder bit his tongue to keep from lunging forward and shoving it down Alex's throat.

Alex spoke again, "I'm impressed, Mulder; not too many people know about this place."

"I have my sources."

"Hmmm, well they can't be *that* good; I've had this apartment for years." He licked his lips and lowered his voice, "You, on the other hand, I can *always* find."

"How come you haven't found me lately?" //Fuck...fucking asshole he's doing it to me again. I'm here to ask him about Skinner; I don't care about fucking him.//

"I've been incredibly busy."

"I thought..."

"Thought what?"

Mulder's blood was boiling. He had come over here to kick Alex's ass for treating Skinner the way he had, for doing...whatever he did to him. Skinner was his friend, and he needed to find out what the hell went down that day. Now, however, he just wanted to kick his ass for not calling him, for not coming over to fuck him again. //Don't do it, Fox, don't do it, let it slide, you're here to help

"You know, you spend a weekend in bed with a guy, you'd think he'd call." //Aw fuck, fuck fuck!//

"Slipped my mind."

Mulder's eyes narrowed. "Slipped your mind?"

"Like I said, I've been incredibly busy."

"Yeah, I know what you've been up to; I knew it was you in that hospital. Did it feel good to see Skinner like that?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're so full of shit. You were there in the hospital. I chased you. You think I wouldn't notice you? You think your little *disguise* worked? I know you too well; a disguise isn't going to fool me."

Alex laughed, "You think you know me, Mulder? Just because you've sucked my cock doesn't mean you know me."

Mulder grabbed him by the lapels and slammed him against the door. "I know this much, I shouldn't trust you. You hurt me yet again, Krycek. Why do you keep doing this to me?"

"How did I hurt you, Mulder? I don't even know what you're..."

Mulder slammed Alex against the door again, making the heavy steel shake on its hinges. He aimed his gun at Alex's face, his other arm holding him against the door. "You are so full of shit. Doesn't anything that we've done count for anything?"

"Oh, it's still the sex." Alex snorted, "Just because I fucked you a few times doesn't mean I owe you or have to tell you anything." He licked his lower lip, "And I still don't know what you're talking about."

"Would you rather I beat it out of you instead?"

"You seem to enjoy that just as much. Tell me, Mulder, does your cock get hard when you punch me? Because if it does, you can just tie me up and paddle my ass if you want to play the Dom."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"At least I'd get laid."

"Get laid, that's what you call it, hey? Find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, forget 'em."

"That's right."

"No, Alex, it wasn't just fucking. We made love last time; it meant something."

"Oh, I'm Alex now, am I? No, *Fox*, I *fucked* you, that's it, just sex. I didn't make love to you. I don't love you."

"Bullshit. What about the kissing, the hugging? You spent the weekend at my place for Christ sakes."

"That's just part of fucking. Two people sharing a need." He could see the rage build up inside Mulder; his face turned a brighter shade of red, and his nostrils flared. His lips drew back to reveal his teeth; a growl started in his throat. Alex swallowed; he had never seen Mulder *this* mad before.

"Fuck you, Krycek!" Mulder slammed Alex's head back against the door, hearing a small cracking noise. He noticed Alex let out a little sigh before he slumped down to the floor. Mulder bent over him, inspecting him; he was out cold.

"Hey Ratboy? How do you like that, huh? You fucking asshole!" Mulder stood and moved his foot back to kick Alex but stopped himself. He turned around and paced for a minute before looking back at the man sprawled on the floor, his neck bent at a funny angle.

Mulder paced some more, a steady stream of expletives leaving his lips, before holstering his gun and going back to inspect Alex again. He bent down and moved him so his neck wasn't at the funny angle anymore; when he pulled his hand away, he noticed it was covered in blood.

"Aw shit," Mulder said, chewing his lower lip raw. "Fuck, Alex."

He dragged Alex away from the door to get a better look, then knelt down to inspect him again. There wasn't really that much blood, and his pulse was strong; he wouldn't be out too much longer.

He looked up at the door and saw the peephole extending out from the door. //He must have cut his head on that.//

Sighing and cursing to himself, Mulder stood and went into the bathroom. He wet a towel and grabbed another one on the way out. He wiped up most of the blood and pressed the wet towel to Alex's head. When he was satisfied he wasn't going to bleed to death, he traded towels, wadding the dry one up under his hea and neck to give him support. He then went back to the bathroom.

Mulder stood and looked at his reflection in Alex's medicine cabinet mirror as he rinsed out the towel in the sink. //What the hell just happened? I've been thinking about the *exact* things I wanted to say to him for all went flying out the window the second I saw him.// Mulder shook his head and went back out to the man sprawled in the foyer. He sat down beside Alex on the floor and waited for him to wake up.

He looked at Alex, his face angelic, the heavy fringe of lashes shielding beautiful green eyes. He had fallen for this man, and fallen hard. He didn't know what to do, except play this little game with him. He couldn't tell him how he felt...Alex didn't want him; he kept reminding him of that point every time they saw each other. He sighed and drew his knees up to his chest and waited. A little
while later, the lashes began to move, and the eyes blinked open.

"Owwwwwww," Alex moaned.

Mulder just sat there.

Alex brought his hand up to his forehead and rubbed it for a minute before squeezing his eyes shut again. His hand then went to the back of his head where he discovered the towel.

"You cut your head. You were bleeding."

Alex breathed in deeply then out again, "You're still here."




"Never mind." Alex blinked open his eyes again and turned his head to look at Mulder. His expression was one of misery, which gave Alex a moment of satisfaction.

They stayed in silence for what seemed like an eternity.

"I..." Mulder started. "You piss me off so much sometimes, Krycek."

"I know you only hit me because you love me." Sarcasm dripped from his voice.

Mulder just sat there looking at him; he opened his mouth to speak but shut it quickly.

"Oh man," Alex brought his hand up to his forehead again. "I could do without the concussion, though."

"I' you want something?"

"Yeah, there's a bottle of Demerol in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom, if you wouldn't mind."

Mulder got up and went to the bathroom, opened the cabinet and got the bottle of pills. He was about to close it again when something caught his eye. On the bottom corner of the inside of the medicine cabinet was a picture. Mulder's eyes widened as he realized that it was him and Alex. He recognized the picture right away; it was cut from a larger crime scene photo from the travel agency where Duane Barry took those people hostage. He smirked to himself for a minute, closed the door, then went to get a glass of water from the kitchen before returning to Alex.

Alex sat up and leaned against the wall for a minute to stop his head from spinning before taking two of the pills.

"Thanks." He handed the glass back to Mulder.

"You're welcome."

Alex sat for a minute, then started to stand, but fell back to the floor.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm not going to sit here all night; I'm going over to the couch." He tried to stand again but slumped against the wall. He looked up at Mulder, his face in a frown, "Are you going to help me get to the couch or not?"

Mulder mutely complied, helping Alex to lie on the couch, putting the towel under his head. He retreated to the loveseat at an angle facing the couch.

"Now that we've all calmed down, why don't you tell me why you're here?"

"I told you. I know that was you at the hospital, Alex. Skinner's my friend; you don't think I'd let something like that slide, do you?"

Alex took a deep breath and winced at the pain that shot through the back of his head. "I've got better things to worry about right now." He turned his head to look at Mulder. "So do you."

"What do you mean?"

"The rebels, they won; who knows what they are going to do now. They're pissed!"

"I thought that was a good thing. I thought we didn't want colonization."

"We don't, but we don't want *them* here, either!"

"Why not?"

"Look, Mulder, one of the races is going to live this planet in one way or another. The rebels destroyed the hybrid, so now they hold all the cards. It's just a matter of time before they want this place for themselves. It could be days, months, decades; until then, it's a waiting game. You saw what happened at El Rico, Mulder. You know what they're capable of."

"How do you know?"

"You're looking at one of the last surviving members of a group of bastards who made the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse look like Girl Scouts. I'm it, Mulder, I'm suddenly in charge. As CEO and head honcho, I should know what's going on out there." He kneaded his forehead with his fingers before sitting up and downing two more pills. He then settled down again on the couch.

"Are you still in league with the aliens?"

"Nope. The rebels drove them back to whatever hell they came from." He looked at Mulder again, "I was never in *league* with them, Mulder. I was just doing a job."

Mulder snorted, "Yeah, right."

"I was in this for one person: me. When my benefactor suddenly died, I was left a position in the ranks. They knew I knew too much, and killing me would only make their situation worse, so they shut up and let me play." Alex took a breath before continuing. "I'll tell you this though, I was never loyal to them, I could never be."

"Why does that not surprise me?"

"I don't know why I'm telling you any of this..." Alex drifted off, not wanting to say any more.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"What happened to the smoking man? CGB Spender, where is he?"

"I don't know. But when I find him, that motherfucker is dead."

Mulder didn't doubt those words.

"I did do one noble thing. I saved Marita."

Mulder gasped at the name. "Marita?"

Alex nodded, "Yeah. I don't know why, but she looked so fucking pathetic that I couldn't just leave her there. Not with Jeff looking at me like he'd just found a sick puppy on the street."

"Jeff? Spender?"

"Yeah. He practically begged me to save her; he felt bad for her. He was too late to save his mother. Or himself for that matter."

Mulder nodded his head., He started thinking about the past few months, hell the past few years, and how everyone's life was intertwined by the selfishness of a few men. He must have sat there for quite awhile because he noticed Alex's breathing had deepened and he was asleep. Mulder decided to leave; he wasn't going to get any answers out of Alex that he liked.

He stood and moved over to the couch, laying a hand on Alex's shoulder for a second before walking towards the door.


Mulder stopped in his tracks but did not turn around. "I thought you were sleeping."

"Mulder, please..." Alex sighed, "Please stay, don't...don't leave me alone tonight."

Mulder opened his mouth, then closed it again. He could have said a dozen things but decided not to. He turned to face Alex.

"Mulder," Alex whispered. "You're the only person I know who's still alive."

He looked at Alex, lying there on the couch, vulnerable, his voice cracking. He had never seen him this way; it scared him. Anything that could make Alex Krycek into a trembling little boy would terrify the rest of the world. Mulder nodded his head, "Okay."

Alex tried to stand but fell back against the couch. Mulder immediately crossed the room to his side, "What are you doing?"

"Well, I thought I'd take a piss then go to bed." Alex held on to him a little tighter, "Unlike you, I really hate sleeping on a couch."

Mulder led Alex to the bathroom, then left to go into the bedroom to wait for him. He sat on the bed, not sure what to do next. Alex came in a few minutes later, flopped down beside him, and started unbuttoning his shirt, a cue for Mulder.

Mulder watched him for a few seconds, his eyes growing wide, "Alex, your arm!"

Alex looked at him, his eyes heavy-lidded. "Yeah. I got a new one, you like it? I know how much you hated the old one." He wiggled the digits in front of Mulder's face, whose eyes were still wide, amazed by the dexterity of the mechanical fingers.

"Shit, it works pretty good."

Alex nodded, removing the remainder of his clothing. "I had to go to through some operations and various fittings to get the right one made for me."

"It's great."

Alex shrugged, "It works really well; I can almost feel the fingers moving.''s not a real one; it's still plastic." He pulled the covers back and got into bed with a sigh.

Mulder decided to drop the subject, finished undressing, and crawled into bed beside Alex.

"Mulder. Fox. Can...can you just hold me...please?"

Mulder sat back and welcomed Alex into his arms, not really believing this was happening. Then again, all their encounters...visits...whatever, were weird; none of them started out in a predictable way. For once, he just wanted to go out for a beer, rent some movies, do something normal. He would never admit that to Alex though, not unless he said something first.

Alex took a shaky breath and held onto Mulder more tightly, his hands digging into his shoulders.

Mulder reached up and caressed the back of Alex's head, holding him in his arms. He noticed Alex was shaking and cold.

"What is it, Alex?"

"It's still in me, Mulder."

"What is?"

"The black oil. It never completely left my system." Alex took another shaky breath. "When I woke up in that missile silo with that UFO, I knew what was going on and I knew who put me there. When I had it inside me, it was looking to go home; it didn't want to gestate. Now it's changed; it's evolved; it wants to colonize."

"But I had it in me too, in Tunguska."

"When you had the test in Tunguska, you were vaccinated first, before it got put in you. It never stood a chance inside you. I had it in me for almost a year before I vaccinated myself."

Alex took another shuddering breath before continuing, his voice a whisper. "It was awful, Mulder. It came out of me again. It took three months of vaccinations to get rid of it, so I thought. But I can still feel it in me."

Mulder kissed the top of Alex's head; he didn't know what to say.

"They'll be looking for people like me. People who still have it in them. There's still a chance it could gestate then..." Alex buried his head in Mulder's chest, sobbing softly to himself.

Mulder swallowed. "Who's looking for you?"

"The rebels. They know who's got it. They can tell."

A shudder ran through Mulder, "Then Scully..."

"No. You got to her in time. She shows no traces of the black oil."

"How do you know?"

"I'm in charge now, aren't I? I needed to find out who was in danger. There's me and a few other people. Everyone else is dead."

Mulder was speechless. He lay there, stroking Alex's hair, thinking about what was said to him. After awhile, he noticed that Alex's breathing had deepened, and he had finally stopped shaking. Soon after that, he was snoring lightly. Mulder took a deep breath and kissed the top of Alex's head again before falling asleep himself.


Mulder woke with Alex still in his arms. They had hardly moved at all last night. He stroked the soft skin under his hand, feeling the hard plastic of Alex's fake arm under the other. Alex stirred and looked up at him, his green eyes dark and sleepy.

"Oh shit, I knew it wasn't a dream."

"Don't sound so excited, Alex. It's not every day I wake up next to you, either."

"No, it's... What did I say last night?"

Mulder laughed. "I think you remember."


Mulder laughed again.

"I, uh, I don't do narcotics well. Whatever I said, it was the Demerol talking."

"So you aren't going to give up your empire to star in the one armed Ice Capades?"

"Fuck you."

Mulder snorted, "If you insist." He took the opportunity and covered Alex's mouth with his own, kissing him gently. He was almost surprised when Alex deepened his kiss and opened his mouth to allow Mulder's tongue to pass.

Mulder rolled over on top of Alex, his hands roaming over the body beneath him. His hands moved everywhere, up to cup Alex's face to feel the stubble on his chin, down to pinch a nipple, then down further to caress his ass. He could feel Alex's erection jut into his hip, his own hardness pressed into the flesh beneath him.

He had been thinking about this...fantasizing about this for so long. It had been weeks since they were together. He moved his mouth down to nibble along Alex's neck, then down to a nipple. He heard the other man gasp as he took it between his teeth, pulling at it gently. Lower and lower he went until he was at Alex's belly, nuzzling the fine hairs that covered it. One hand went down to cup
Alex's balls, squeezing gently while the other moved back up to the nipple he neglected earlier, pinching it between his fingers.

Alex arched into Mulder's caress; he too had been celibate since he and Mulder were together last and was practically vibrating under Mulder's touch.

Mulder moved the hand that was squeezing Alex's balls down to the tight opening of his ass, pressing against it with one finger. Suddenly, a small tube landed beside him, and he looked up to see Alex looking seductively at him. As he coated a finger with lubricant, Alex bent his knees and spread his legs.

He pressed the finger against the puckered opening again, and this time it gained entrance. He moved it in and out, coating the smooth inside with the gel. He coated another finger and moved that into Alex's ass to join the first. He looked up at Alex; his eyes were closed, and he was breathing heavily, almost panting. His cock was standing erect, a pool of pre-cum glistening at the tip. Mulder bent his head down and lapped the fluid up, gaining a loud moan from Alex.

"Oh yeah, Mulder....yeah..."

He removed his fingers from Alex and slicked up his cock, then moved into position between Alex's legs, bringing them up to rest on his shoulders. Slowly, he pushed inside the tight, hot channel, wanting this to last. He rocked himself inside, an inch at a time until he was fully embedded inside him.

Alex opened his eyes and looked into the hazel ones studying him. He moved his arms up and around Mulder, the false one going down to squeeze Mulder's ass.

"Holy shit!"

"It's strong, isn't it? You like your ass squeezed like that?"

"Yeah, I like it."

"C'mon Mulder, fuck me hard, and I'll squeeze it some more."

Mulder moved forward and kissed Alex fiercely, shoving his tongue down the other man's throat. He started to move in and out of Alex, still kissing him, sucking at his tongue. He felt Alex squeeze his ass with his false hand, the plastic fingers digging in, while the other gripped his shoulder.

Alex broke away from the kiss and arched upwards as Mulder fucked him. He was letting out a tiny moan with every stroke. His cock was trapped between them, being squeezed against their bellies.

Mulder moved up from his position, causing Alex to let go of his ass. He wanted to fuck Alex hard. He grabbed one of Alex's legs and held it up while he pounded into him, reaching forward to grasp his cock with his other hand, pumping wildly

The tiny grunts and moans Alex had been making were now full-fledged screams. A shout left his mouth as he came on Mulder's hand and himself.

Soon after, Mulder came deep in Alex's ass, collapsing forward on top of him. Alex soon brought his legs down, causing Mulder to fall out of him. He nestled himself between his legs, arms around Alex, head beside his on the pillow.

They lay like that, for the longest time. They fell asleep, Alex relishing the weight on top of him, making him feel safe.




"Mulder, we have to get up or we're going to stick together."

Mulder groaned then opened his eyes. "Yeah, I guess that would be a bad thing."
He rolled over, ripping a few chest hairs out of each of them in the process.

"Jesus Christ!" Alex yelped.

Mulder sucked in his breath at the pain, then looked around for something to wipe himself off with.

Alex started unbuckling his prosthesis, "Let's have a shower."

"You're not going to wear that?"

"It's not waterproof."

Mulder frowned at the stupidity of his question, "Yeah, I guess not."

They stood, Alex steady on his feet now after a night of rest. Mulder noticed he had a huge bruise and a cut on the back of his head through the short hair. They got to the bathroom, Mulder noting the entire room, save for the tub, was made of marble.

"You've got a bitch of a lump on the back of your head."

"Yeah, some asshole attacked me in my own apartment last night." Alex turned and smirked at Mulder before turning on the taps. When he was satisfied with the temperature of the water, he got in; Mulder followed.

Mulder noticed the fresh scarring on the stump of Alex's left arm. He had lost a bit of the muscle mass in his left shoulder as well. His cock stirred as he looked at him adjust the water again; he was beautiful, arm or no arm.

Alex turned to face Mulder, then picked up the shampoo. Mulder grabbed it out of his hand, "Let me."

"I can wash my own hair, I'm not a cripple."

"I want to do it."

Alex raised his eyebrows but let Mulder continue. He spread the shampoo around, careful of the cut at the back of Alex's head, working it up into a lather before telling Alex to rinse under the spray of the water. He then grabbed the soap and started to clean him, starting at his shoulders, working his way down. He tentatively touched the scarred stump, gaining silent approval from Alex before massaging it.

Alex's eyes fluttered shut as Mulder caressed the wounded limb, running his thumb over the now neatly tapered end. When he was in the hospital, recovering from his latest operation, he had thought of this being done to him a lot. The thought of this man not afraid to touch the ugliness of his deformed body made his cock and his heart swell. He felt Mulder move down his body with the soap, massaging him, making him feel so good. When he got to his cock, Mulder sucked the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue over the head. Alex moaned and leaned back against the cold tile feeling Mulder's mouth move down to lap and caress his heavy sac.

When Mulder was done teasing Alex, he quickly washed himself and stood for a kiss. His tongue probed inside, stroking the tongue in there. His hands moved up and down Alex's back, cupping his ass, his fingers dipping inside the crack.

Alex spun Mulder around and kissed down his back. Mulder braced himself against the wall and spread his legs for him. Alex ran his tongue ran down his back to the curve of his back. He knelt before Mulder's ass, nuzzling the soft, wet cheeks with his chin. He grinned to himself as he saw the large bruise that had formed on Mulder's butt cheek from his prosthetic limb squeezing it so hard. His fingers moved down and in between them, caressing gently before trying to gain entrance to his body. He heard a moan from above as his finger teased the hole, making it larger. Another finger joined the first, and he moved them in and out quickly, scissoring them, making Mulder jump with caresses to his prostate. Finally, he was satisfied, and he awkwardly got back to his feet. He reached across and got the bottle of hair conditioner from the side, squirting a blob on his
hard cock. He put the bottle down then moved the conditioner around to coat his cock before he started to press into Mulder.

Mulder closed his eyes when he felt Alex start to enter him, such a sweet feeling. He bit his lip but cried out just the same when he was filled with one shove.

"You're gonna have to work yourself, Mulder," Alex said before kissing him on the back of the neck. He began to thrust, holding on to Mulder's shoulder, bracing himself so he wouldn't fall. What he wouldn't give for another arm right now. He placed his stump against Mulder's back, using that to steady himself as he moved in and out of Mulder's tight heat.

Mulder helped things along by moving his own hips back and forth, meeting Alex's thrusts. He was moaning; Alex was the only man to ever do this to him, and he loved every second of it. Alex was thrusting harder, his breaths coming in harsh gasps, causing Mulder to reach down and grab his own hardness. He jerked himself as Alex thrust into him as hard as he could, finally coming with a cry. Alex was not far behind, coming deep inside his lover with a moan, body shuddering from the orgasm. They rested for a few seconds before Alex disengaged himself.

They washed and rinsed quickly, then got out of the shower and dried themselves off. They flopped back into bed, holding each other for awhile. Finally, Alex got out of bed, went over to the chest of drawers and started to get dressed. Mulder got out of bed as well and began to get dressed in his clothes from yesterday.

"I have to leave here." He turned slightly but didn't meet Mulder's gaze. "Leave New York. I don't know if I'll ever...when I'll be back." Alex turned back to his chest of drawers, pulling out more clothes, not wanting to do this. He had hoped that Mulder wouldn't find him again and he could leave town and be done with it. But now he was here, and he had to leave him face to face.

Mulder stopped what he was doing. "Why?"

"I need...I just need to." He looked up at Mulder, whose brow was furrowed, biting his lip. //God, if he only knew what that look did to me.//

Both men were silent as they continued to get dressed before Alex spoke, "You've got blood on your shirt." He turned and got a blue sweatshirt out of his drawer and handed it to Mulder. "Here, wear this instead."

Mulder took the sweatshirt from Alex and put it on, his scent immediately enveloped him. "Thanks. The blood must be from last night." If Alex wasn't standing there right in front of him, he would have pressed his face to the fabric and inhaled deeply.

"Yeah. You're welcome." He zipped up his jeans then sat down and put on his socks. "Fox, come with me," Alex said.

Mulder looked at Alex's face; it wore an expression of true sincerity. "I can't."

"Why not? What more do you have to do? You know all the answers now."

"No, I don't. I still have to find Samantha."

"Mulder, Samantha may not even be on this planet anymore."

"Do you know that for sure?"

Alex shook his head.

"Then I've got to keep looking. I have to find her, Alex."

Alex nodded and got a suitcase out of the back of the closet.

"Where are you going, Alex?"

"Away. Just away from here for awhile. I want to see for myself that everything's been destroyed. If it hasn't, then I'm going to do it. And if I run into that smoking motherfucker, he will be too."

Mulder nodded. "Well, I should go too. I need to drive back to DC."

"Yeah." Alex walked over to him, reached up and stroked the side of his stubbled cheek with the back of his hand.

Mulder breathed in, studying the face before him. "Be careful, Alex."

"I will."

Mulder turned and left the apartment, knowing that this would probably be the last time he saw Alex Krycek.

Alex watched Mulder leave and walk out of his life forever before returning to pack his suitcase.

The End of Chisli 6 - 2218