X-Files M/K
Title: Dark Entries I
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language, and m/m sex.

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Series/Sequel: First chapter in Dark Entries Series
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Summary: Krycek wants something he can never have.

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Dark Entries I
by Nicole S. (12/99)

He cruised the strip for the fifth time that evening. Music low, tinted windows up, slouched down in his seat, observing the young men that lined the street. He was watching, surveying, making sure he could get what he wanted. Almost what he wanted.

He drove by the young men again, looking at one in particular, the third from the left. The one with his thumbs hooked into the pockets of his tight, black jeans. He was the right height, had the same body type, dark hair... the nose wasn't perfect, and the lips weren't exact, but he'd do. He'd do.

Alex did another circuit around the block, sitting up in his seat, taking a long drag on his cigarette. Young men stared at him and motioned to his car, but he didn't pull over. He took the final drag on his cigarette, partially unrolled his window, and flicked it outside as he rounded the corner. He exhaled, and his stomach jumped a little; he hadn't done this in a long time. The last time was in Prague...

// You don't have to do this. Go pick someone up in a club. You don't have to pay for it for christsakes.//

No, this was better; there were no preconceptions, and both parties knew why they were here and what was supposed to happen. There were no strings. Plus, he was perfect. As perfect as he could get without having the real thing.

Alex pulled up in front of the hustler and rolled down the window on the passenger side. They young man unhooked his thumbs from his pockets and sidled up to the car.

"Get in," Alex said.

He got in the car and shut the door. Alex started to drive away.

"Whatcha lookin' for?"

Alex didn't reply.

The hustler rolled his eyes, and was going to say something when Alex held up a 50-dollar bill. "Something simple," Alex said.

He took the 50 and put it into his jeans pocket. "For fifty bucks, we can get as simple; or as complicated as you like."

Alex drove along the dark streets, keeping an eye on the man beside him; he couldn't be more than twenty. He wanted to ask him how long he had been doing this, why he was doing this; was it the money, did he just like sex? Alex wondered if the young man was thinking the same thing, what the hell was a guy like Alex doing picking up men like him on a dark street?

// Because I need to.//

He drove a little longer until they got to a service road. He turned down it and drove until they were underneath an elevated freeway where he parked the car and cut the engine. There was a dim streetlight overhead, giving them just enough light to see each other. Alex gave the young man a once over - he was very good looking, with his short-cropped hair, and big, brown eyes. Alex noticed that he was a tad twitchy, which made him notice the tiny bit of white residue along his left nostril.

Alex took off his seatbelt and leaned the seat back before he undid the button on his jeans. Slowly, he brought the zipper down. The young man turned to face Alex and watched him lift his hips and pull his jeans down a little, exposing his hard cock.

The young man licked his lips before bringing out a condom.

"I don't have AIDS," Alex said.

"How do you know I don't?" The hustler snorted.

"Do you?"

"Not as of last month." He hesitated, but Alex nodded and he continued, ripping open the condom package with his teeth.

Alex sighed and leaned back in his seat as his hardness was encased in latex. No one was sucking bare cock anymore. He drew in his breath as the young man brought his lips down to meet his hard cock. The young man began flicking his tongue over the slit in the top before swallowing him to the base. Alex moaned; even through the condom, he could feel the young man's talented mouth and tongue work him into a frenzy.

Alex leaned back further, his mechanical hand wiggling in its leather glove. He wasn't going to last too long. He pulled the glove off of his right hand, reached down and caressed the soft hair at the nape of the young man's neck. He closed his eyes and imagined Mulder working him over instead.

He'd been watching Mulder, watching him eat, sleep, jerk off. For what seemed like forever, Alex followed him around, not interfering in his life or his cases, just watching. Just to see him move, just to see him breathe. He kept telling himself that it was part of his job, that it was required, but the rational side of him said that he was falling fast, and he should back away before he did something drastic. He didn't need to watch Mulder; that assignment had been fulfilled years ago. He'd been through this before, and Alex had had the good sense just to leave his obsession behind and get away from him for a while. This time, however, his rational side was overpowered by his need, and he continued to watch Mulder, wherever he was. He'd fly across the country, sleep in cars, and bribe people, sometimes just to watch him sleep.

He couldn't back away now; he was in too deep. He needed to watch Mulder, needed to see him. It was like a drug that he craved, sickly sweet with a bitter tang, just watching him from that apartment across the street. God, what he wouldn't do to leave that empty apartment and go across the street to Mulder's, tie him up and fuck him into insanity...

The young man increased the speed of his mouth, causing Alex to moan out loud. Yes, this was Fox Mulder sucking him. This was Mulder's tongue trailing up the vein on his cock, swirling round the head. These were Mulder's fingers gently fondling his balls. Yeah, this was Mulder... Mulder with the hazel eyes and gorgeous body and the thick cock, with the lower lip that just begged to be nibbled on...

"Fox..." he whispered.

He moaned again then bucked his hips a few times before coming with a hitch of breath and soft grunt. The young man still moved his mouth up and down, stripping him of his cream before lifting his head. He grinned at Alex and nuzzled his hand as he caressed his cheek.

Alex brought a box of Kleenex out from under the seat and cleaned himself up, the young man not making a motion to do it for him. He tossed the tissues and used condom into a plastic bag then did up his pants. After he fixed the angle of his seat, he started the car and began to drive back towards the strip.

The young man opened his mouth to say something, but settled back and looked out the window instead.


For the next three weeks, Alex visited the hustler every evening. He'd give him 50 bucks, and the young man would suck his cock while fondling his balls. Alex would lean back in his seat, stroke the hair at the back of the young man's neck, and imagine it was Mulder sucking and licking him to completion. During the day, Alex followed Mulder, his want and need growing stronger and stronger. Alex wanted Mulder so bad he could taste him. He couldn't live without seeing him for a day from the apartment across the street, through the binoculars, or from a car following him and Scully during a case. Sometimes he couldn't go an hour...

Alex knew fifty dollars was a lot for a blow-job, but he didn't care. The hustler was grateful for the cash, and turned down other tricks to be with Alex. And tonight, Alex would use that greed to his advantage.

Alex pulled up in front of the young man, who got in right away. He started to drive and pulled out five hundred dollars, putting the crisp hundreds into his companion's hand.

"Tonight we're going to try something different."

The young man bristled slightly. "How different?"

Alex looked over at him. The young man's hand was on the door handle, in case he had to make a quick escape.

"Don't worry," Alex assured him. "I'm not going to hurt you." Alex couldn't blame him for being nervous; it wasn't every day that one-armed assassins dressed in black leather picked up hustlers for an evening of *something different*. And although he couldn't possibly know what Alex did for a living, the hustler probably knew he wasn't an accountant or lawyer.

He looked at the money then back at Alex. Alex looked over at him again, a reassuring look on his face. He then folded the bills and put them in his pocket.

Alex drove through the city to a motel by the airport. The young man looked relieved that Alex didn't take him to an abandoned lot somewhere. They got out of the car and went into the room. Alex looked him up and down; he was shorter than Mulder, now that he was face to face with him. He also seemed to be thinner. Alex knew that if the hustler tried anything, he wouldn't have any problem overpowering him.

The hustler stood there, sniffing slightly, bringing his hand up to his nose to wipe away coke residue that was no longer there. Alex went to the closet, got out a garment bag, and held it out to the young man.

"Put it on."

The young man twitched, but took the bag just the same. He laid the bag on the bed and unzipped it, revealing the contents. He frowned then turned to Alex. "You want me to put on a suit?"

"Five hundred should be plenty," Alex said, annoyed.

"Hey man, it's your kink." He started to get undressed.

Alex was right about the weight, he was skinnier than Mulder, and just a tad shorter, but the suit would do. His cock was of medium length and thick, it was also half-hard. The sight of it sent a jitter through Alex's groin, and made him harden instantly. Once the young man was dressed in the white shirt and dark grey suit, Alex carefully brought out an object wrapped in tissue paper. He cautiously opened the tissue to reveal a tie. It was dark grey with light grey X's on it. It was Mulder's tie.

Alex had stood there in Mulder's bedroom, wanting to take an entire suit, but knowing that would be way too dangerous. His head had swum as he ran his bare hand over the contents of the closet, taking it all in. He'd reached for the ties slung along the hanger and fondled them one by one until he'd found his favourite, the one that made him smile. He'd slipped it from the hanger and gently laid it onto the rectangle of tissue on the bed. Gently, he'd wrapped it up and slipped it into his pocket. He'd stood there for a few more minutes before sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at everything. His hand had trembled as he reached for the pillow, bringing it up to his face and inhaling. The scent of Mulder had been overwhelming, causing him to sink to his knees on the floor beside the bed. His cock had been so hard; he couldn't remember when it had been harder. Hastily, he'd unzipped his jeans and brought out his cock, stroking himself as he'd looked around the room, surrounded by all that was Mulder. He'd laid his head on the pillow that he'd left on the bed, drinking the smell, moaning into it as he came into his hand. He'd wiped his come onto his t-shirt before he stood up. He'd kissed the pillow gently before he put it back on the bed, stroking it yearningly before he left the room.

Alex placed the strip of fabric around the neck before him and tied it. Then he reached up and cupped his face. The young man nuzzled into his hand, but backed away when Alex tried to kiss him.

"Not on the mouth."

Alex had a small vision of pulling his Glock and binding the young man's hands with the tie, before forcing him to suck his bare cock, but instead took a deep breath and gave a half smile. He kissed the man's cheek instead.

"Is this okay?"


Alex kissed his cheek and neck, up to his ear, then Alex put his arms around him, and nearly crushed him to his chest. The hustler put his arms around Alex. Soon, he was whimpering as Alex writhed up and down his body. Wandering his hands under the shirt, and pressing his groin in, Alex could feel the young man's cock harden under his touch.

"I want you to fuck me," Alex whispered into his ear. He gasped as Alex bit gently on his earlobe. "I've got everything we need over on the desk. Fuck me over the desk." He kissed his neck. "Leave the suit on."

Alex led him over to the desk, which had rubber gloves, condoms, lube and a box of tissues on it. There was also a yellow legal pad with a few doodles on it, stolen from Mulder's apartment the day he took the tie. Alex braced himself against the desk and waited for the young man to begin.

The young man reached forward and undid Alex's leather pants, slipping them down his legs. He tried to take them off, but was stopped.

"Do me like this."

He didn't say anything. Alex could hear the zipper of the pants being brought down, then the soft sound of fabric hitting the floor. The young man reached for a rubber glove and put it on, before he reached for the lube. Alex was quivering with anticipation as the slick digits entered him, spreading the gel around, opening him up. He hadn't had this done to him in so long it was a wonder he didn't break in two from the fingers caressing his prostate alone.

The rubber glove was snapped off, and an arm reached forward for a condom. Alex could hear the package being opened and then the condom rolled on. He then felt the large cock press against his opening. Alex leaned over the desk a little more and gave him easier access to his ass.

He took his time entering Alex, giving a few grunts as he shoved forward an inch at a time. Finally, he was buried to the hilt, his balls resting against the trembling ass. He leaned forward, nuzzled the back of Alex's neck and started to move in and out of him, breathing heavily into his ear.

That simple nuzzling action was almost enough to send Alex over the edge. He now believed this was truly Fox Mulder behind him. Alex thrust his ass out to meet the other man's hips, moaning, whispering Fox's name. He reached behind and grabbed the tie, draping it over his shoulder. He then held it to his face, breathing in Mulder's scent as the young man's hot breath bathed his neck. Alex moaned again; he was close and knew he wasn't going to last too much longer. He reached down and took himself in his hand, stroking himself, the pain of this young man not being willing to touch him shoved from his mind for a minute. He never wanted to touch Alex, unless he had to, never cleaned him up after he came, only used his mouth and fingers when required, the bare necessities to get the job done... Yeah, this was Mulder... his Mulder... fucking him, making him feel so good.

"God yes! Fuck me, baby..."

Alex came with a cry onto the yellow legal pad on the desk, milking his cock of the last drops. The young man came a few strokes later, a grunt and a squeeze of Alex's hips the only indication he had done so.

They stood joined for mere seconds, before the young man disengaged himself and cleaned himself up. Alex also cleaned himself up, did up his trousers, and sat on the bed. The hustler was about to take the suit off, but Alex stopped him.

"I want you to stay. For a little while."

The hustler loosened the tie and looked at him. Alex held out a small bag of white powder. He could see the young man's eyes gleam in the dim light from the bedside lamp and lick his lips.

"All night?"

"When you're ready to go, I'll take you back."

He took the small bag, and immediately tasted some of the powder. He looked at Alex and excused himself to the bathroom for a moment. When he came back, he was smiling. Alex opened his arms and the young man lay down into his embrace.

Alex nuzzled the dark hair under his chin, kissing it gently as he held onto the suit-clad body of the man that should be Mulder. He undid the tie from around the young man's neck and slipped it off. He held it to his nose and breathed in, not allowing the tears to come. It wasn't what he wanted, but for now it was what he could get.

The End of Part I