X-Files M/K
Title: Dark Entries IV
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language, violence and RAPE

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Series/Sequel: Fourth chapter in Dark Entries Series
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Summary: Krycek finally gets what he wants.

WARNING - RAPE RAPE RAPE! Don't say you haven't
been warned!!!! Twisted fucked up Krycek ahoy.

Note: Big, huge thank you's to Amy, Orithain and Aries who I
squicked in a major way with this one. It's not easy being

I have no idea what the hell Alex is doing, but who's gonna

Dark Entries IV
by Nicole S. (5/00)

I'm a monster walking these streets
crawling these walls
whatever it takes to get to you.
It all starts and ends with you
sometimes you hurt me but it's true
don't want to love you but I do.

--"Monster" by Rollins

Alex gazed down at Mulder, a slight smile on his face as he
studied the unconscious man lying on his bed. There was a
bruise on his cheek and a scrape running along his neck, but
Alex didn't seem to notice Mulder's flaws; he just continued to
stare at him.

// He looks blissful.//

Mulder's eyelashes quivered with his breathing. His mouth
was slack, letting out his sweet breath; his lower lip was large
and pouty. It wasn't as large as it had been when he'd been
brought here, but it was still swollen. Alex wanted to give
him more drugs just so his eyelashes would flutter some more,
but Alex knew it was dangerous.

// He'll wake up soon enough.//

And that's when the real fun would begin.

He caressed the bruise on Mulder's face. He'd plucked Mulder
from his apartment not even an hour ago. And now he was
here with him. That thought made him smile.

// I stole him. I stole him from Scully and Skinner and the
FBI, and now he's mine!//

Gently, Alex spread Mulder's limbs out from his body, not
wanting to put him in the restraints he had ready for him; he
wanted to feel Mulder's arms around him, but he knew that
wasn't possible. Not yet.

Clumsily, he started to take Mulder's shirt off, ripping it a
little, but finally managed to get it off mostly in one piece. He
pressed it to his face and inhaled Mulder's scent before folding
it lovingly and setting it aside.

A large, deep bruise was starting to show on Mulder's side
where Alex had kicked him to ultimately bring him down.
Alex smirked to himself as he put Mulder's wrists in the strong
leather cuffs. He had sure put up a fight. Trust Mulder not to
go quietly.

The bed was equipped with the very latest in modern
restraining devices. Four steel, quarter inch cables ran around
the bed, bolted to the heavy wooden frame by large chrome
fixtures. Each cable ran on a series of little wheels, allowing
them to move around the sides of the bed, like a cable car.
Welded to the cables were heavy D rings, which had chains
clipped to them. At the end of the chains were the leather
wrist and ankle cuffs lined in sheepskin. By moving the
cables, the apparatus allowed the person bound to the bed to
turn over, or be put in certain positions without being released
from their bonds. Locks on the cables prevented the person
shackled from moving on their own.

Alex worked on taking off Mulder's shoes and socks then his
jeans and underwear; they came off easily enough. Then
Mulder's ankles were shackled the same way as his wrists.

Bound and waiting, his body on display, Alex thought Mulder
was beautiful. Alex reached out and caressed Mulder's thigh,
his fingers tingling as they touched the hot flesh. Mulder was
slowly coming to, and Alex could only marvel as his eyelashes
fluttered some more and his lips worked into a deeper pout.
Alex sat on the edge of the bed and watched him wake. It was
a slow process as the brain worked off the fuzz of the drug,
fighting for the right to be conscious again.

Mulder's eyes blinked open a few times but closed again
quickly. He moaned and tried to open them again but failed.
Alex watched him do this for many minutes, whimpering with
every attempt before he finally spoke. "Scully..."

Alex frowned.

Mulder moaned again then lay still. After a few more
minutes, his eyes opened to mere slits, and stayed like that.
He licked his lips and swallowed, then tried to move his arms
but couldn't. Alex watched him try to focus his eyes,
frowning the whole time. Alex knew he was taking stock of
the situation and could practically see his brain trying to figure
out what was going on. Mulder wiggled his fingers then his
toes, then tried to move his arms again. Then he tried to move
his feet. Then he tried to move them all together. That's when
Mulder found out he couldn't move at all. He wiggled his ass
as if trying to get up, and the realization that he was not only
tied up but naked hit him like a ton of bricks. That's when
Mulder started to panic. His breathing got heavy, sweat broke
out over his body and he tried to say something.

"Relax," Alex said.

Mulder flinched at the sound of Alex's voice. His head
flopped to the side, and he squinted at Alex. A dry tongue
came out to try and moisten even dryer lips, but didn't do
much good.

"K-k-krycek?" Mulder rasped as he tugged on his restraints.
He wasn't going anywhere. "Krycek..." he stumbled over his
words, his tongue thick in his mouth.

Alex sat back and watched Mulder try to get his bearings.
This was the fun part, watching them wake up and realize just
what was going on. There had been so many men like Mulder
who had been and bound and waiting for punishment and pain,
panic in their eyes, fear in their voices. But this was different;
Mulder would only find comfort here, Alex would see to that.
As if to reiterate that thought, he reached over and massaged
Mulder's shoulder.

Mulder closed his eyes again, and Alex could see him try to
will himself to concentrate on what was happening.

"Krycek, what am I doing here?" asked Mulder, the words
slow, deliberate and precise. He then grinned. Then
something odd happened; Mulder started laughing.

Alex looked at him strangely; he'd never had this kind of
reaction from anyone before. Usually fear consumed them,
and they were mush by the time they realized they were tied
up and naked. Sure, people screamed and cried and freaked
out, but they never laughed.

"It's okay, you're safe," Alex said. He moved his hand down
to caress Mulder's chest and tweak a nipple.

Mulder still laughed. "Safe. I'm safe. Krycek's got me safe in
his arms like a little baby."

Mulder's speech was a little slurred and Alex knew he'd be
groggy for a while, but Alex noticed that his nipples were
erect, and Mulder obviously liked being touched. Alex moved
in close beside Mulder and started caressing his leg,
massaging the tight muscle in his calf. Maybe if he aroused
him enough, he'd stop laughing.

"Yeah, like a baby," Alex whispered.

"Krycek..." Mulder started to laugh harder. "Krycek, you
can't protect anyone; you're a fuck-up."

Alex yanked his hand from Mulder's leg as if he'd been
burned. He felt as if he had been slapped in the face.

"You can't do anything, Krycek," Mulder continued, his
speech still a little garbled. "You fucked up with the FBI, you
fucked up with the smoker, and you fucked up with me."
Tears ran out of Mulder's eyes as he laughed. "Krycek... ha

"I'm a fuck up?"

"Yep. You betrayed me, you little bastard. You were working
for the smoker all along. You killed Dad. You killed Mel-
issssa." Mulder laughed some more.

"What about all the times I tried to help you?"

This made Mulder laugh harder. "You never helped anybody
do anything."

Alex was dumbstruck by Mulder's reaction. Why was he
saying all these things? Weren't they beyond this? What
about the kiss? Didn't that mean something? He HAD helped
Mulder. He'd tipped him off anonymously many times. But
to Mulder it all meant nothing. Alex knew it was the knock-
out drug talking, but Mulder was still telling the truth, and
what Mulder was saying wasn't what Alex wanted to hear.

"I never killed *you*."

"Haven't got the balls."

That was about enough that Alex was going to take from him.
He glared down at Mulder, who tried in vain to focus his eyes
through tears of laughter.

"I haven't got the balls, huh? Well, who's tied to the fucking

Mulder still continued to laugh but soon slowed. Alex
watched Mulder struggle in his bonds some more as he
realized the truth to Krycek's words. Slight panic returned to
his eyes, but he couldn't stop laughing and his words came out
in a snigger.

"Why am I tied to the bed? Is this some twisted fetish,

Alex snorted. "You tell me, you're the shrink."

"You want to fuck me or something? Because if you do,
you're de-louuu-sional."

Alex leaned in close to Mulder's ear, "I don't think you're in
any position to argue."

"And I don't think you're in any position to fuck with no
balls." This set Mulder off laughing again. Spittle flew from
Mulder's lips and landed on Alex's face. "I only fuck people I
like, and I don't like you. I hate you." Mulder's chest heaved
with laughter, but his eyes revealed the panic that was

Alex sat up; he could feel the spit on his face, wet and bitter,
unlike the sweet moisture from kisses that he had hoped for.
He should have given him more drugs, a different drug to
calm him down, to make him his, instead of all this childish
bullshit. A little knot of rage started inside Alex's stomach but
quickly grew larger and larger until it woke the monster.

The tears cleared from Mulder eyes, and Alex watched them
focus. They grew wide as Alex's mouth twisted into a sneer
and his own eyes narrowed. At that moment, Alex knew
Mulder knew he had gone too far, he was too vulnerable like
this. Drug or no drug, Mulder had made a big mistake.

Alex still sat there, glaring at Mulder, focusing on the word
'hate' over and over again. He denied this word to himself, but
the monster inside whispered the things that he knew held
true. 'Yes, he does hate you, Alex. He's right, you are a fuck
up. Look at all the shit he's put you through. He treated you
like shit when you were his partner, he second-guessed your
judgement; he made you feel unwelcome and unwanted.
You've been through the wringer because of Mulder and his
hatred for you. You've been nearly killed many times,
infected with black oil, lost your arm...'

// Enough! I know what's the truth.//

'You're a freak because of him. You're damaged goods. You
live among the vermin trying to scratch out a living, and your
peers treat you like shit. And it's all his fault. You need to
take it back, Alex. You need to show him who's boss.'

// But I love him...//

Alex gave a great sigh then grunted. He knew what he had to
do to make the beast happy.

"You think I'm a loser?" Alex asked. "You think *I* am the
fucking loser?"

Mulder looked away. Alex grabbed his face with his
prosthetic hand and squeezed. "I'll show you who the loser
is," he snarled.

Raged consumed Alex as he let go of Mulder and started
unbuckling his belt on his jeans. He watched Mulder try to
grab the remnants of his own being as he fought to shake off
the drug. His eyes had a look of disbelief and shock in them.
"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice unsteady.

Alex didn't reply; instead he slid his jeans and boxers down to
the floor, revealing his hard cock.

He could hear the chains jangle as Mulder tugged at his wrist
cuffs, and the hitch in his voice of fighting back the laughter
again as fear consumed him. They always gave in to the fear;
Alex always made sure of that. "Don't do this, Krycek."

Alex removed his t-shirt and flung it aside before moving the
locks on the wires to flip Mulder around onto his stomach and
locking them again. Rage was making him do this; rage was
making his dick hard. He could hear Mulder pleading with
him, saying 'don't fucking do this' and 'please, Krycek, no', but
he didn't pay attention. Mulder had to be taught a lesson.

He tried to enter a finger into Mulder's hole but found it
incredibly tight. He wanted to kill Mulder he wanted to slit
his throat like he did that hustler those months ago. He
wanted to chain him up to one of many hooks overhead and
slice strips of skin off of his body then feed it to rats. He
wanted him to hurt. He wanted him to feel pain. And Mulder

If Alex could see Mulder's face, he would notice the wild fear
in his eyes and his lips pursed together as if he was pondering
some great fact. This was the look so many had on their faces
as Alex went to work on them, making them suffer over and
over for their crime or sin. The only difference with Mulder
was that he would get to live.

Mulder tried in vain to push his legs together, but they were
held wide by the restraints.

"Please, no, Krycek, please," Mulder whimpered, unable to do
anything else.

Alex began to enter Mulder.

Mulder was in full panic mode. "Wait! What about a

Alex didn't answer, instead he started to nudge his cock
between Mulder's tight, virgin cheeks. He held them apart
with his fingers and started to push against the unyielding
hole. After a few seconds and more whimpers from Mulder,
he pushed harder. Finally, he reached over and grabbed a tube
of lube out of a drawer, slicked up his cock then plunged

Mulder cried into the mattress. "Don't do this, Krycek!" he

There weren't any sounds from Alex except for the grunts he
was making trying to dig himself deeper into Mulder. He
knew he was hurting him, he knew he was making him suffer,
and that made his cock even harder.

"I'm too tight, it's not going to... please, I'm... it's...I'm... I'm

Alex stopped.

"I'm... my asshole, it's dirty. I'm dirty, Krycek."

Alex grunted but continued shove harder. Despite Mulder's
many protests, he was finally buried inside the ass he had
fantasized about for so long.

Mulder started sobbing into the mattress, soaking the sheet
with his tears, snot and spit.

Lost in the moment, Alex stayed still, eyes closed and mouth
open. He was certainly in Fox Mulder's ass and savouring
every second. Then he began to move. He felt like he was
floating on air as he fucked Mulder, oblivious to the sobs
coming from the man below. He knew he'd fallen even further
into the abyss, skirting hell he was so far down. He hadn't felt
like this before. He knew the monster had total control, and
he relinquished everything to it.

He grimaced as he came, digging his fingers, one hand rough
and warm, the other smooth and cool, into Mulder's thighs.
Giving a short laugh, he collapsed forward, groaning into
Mulder's hair.

Alex noticed Mulder was silent and beyond sobbing. His eyes
were wide with horror, and he was breathing through his
mouth, probably to keep conscious. A wet spot of various
fluids that had come out of Mulder's nose and mouth spread
out before him.

Alex kissed the back of his neck and tasted the sweat there,
salty and bitter with adrenaline. He pulled out of Mulder and
noticed his cock was streaked with blood, come, and shit. The
mixture, made thin by the lube, seeped out of Mulder's ass and
onto the sheet below.

Alex reached for the box of tissues beside the bed and cleaned
them both up, making a mental note to put a towel under them
next time. He'd have to change the sheets, but that could wait.

The monster, now satisfied, pulled a blanket up and over
Mulder then snuggled up next to him. He kissed Mulder's
shoulder, which was still wet with the sweat of fear. The
monster gave a contented sigh, smiled, then started to doze
off. Inside, Alex Krycek screamed at the horror of what he
had just done.

The end of Dark Entries IV