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X-Files M/K
Title: Loading Dock
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Summary: The boys go shopping again. This time for a bed.

Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being beta goddesses. This story is forAmy B. who asked for it.


They were in their third furniture store this evening. How did shoppingfor a new bed become so complicated? Unfortunately, the need for a new bedwas imminent. Mulder had destroyed the head-board recently, they lived withthat. However, during a particularly rough session yesterday, the railshad cracked, and now the mattresses were resting on the floor. Sleepinglast night was impossible.

Alex was stretched out on a cherry-wood conventional style bed, hands behindhis head.

"Alex, we have to find a bed. Tonight. I'm not doing this again."

"I thought you liked shopping?"

Mulder sighed. "Not when you cause trouble."

"Trouble? Me? Hmmm.... This is nice. Want to join me?"

"That's exactly what I'm talking about."

"We've had no trouble tonight. Everyone I've met has lived."

Mulder rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest. "Whatabout what happened at IKEA? Behind the Billy bookcases?"

"What? That? It wasn't the Billy bookcases, it was the Kommendr EntertainmentUnit." Alex moaned. "I love those Swedish names, they turn meon. You seemed to enjoy yourself, if I remember correctly."

"Alex, you just can't drop to your knees and give me a blow-job inthe middle of IKEA!" Mulder hissed.

"You didn't seem to mind me making out with you at the Sears Home Store."

"You had me pinned between two refrigerators!"

Alex was about to say something but was cut off by a salesman.

"Can I help you two gentlemen?"

Alex got off the bed and stood up. "We are looking for a new bed. Something..."He looked at Mulder and winked. "Sturdy."

Mulder raised his hand to his temple and massaged the pain that was startingthere.

The salesman looked nervously at the two men, before deciding a sale *was*a sale. "This way, gentlemen." He led them to a selection of brassand wrought-iron beds. "If you want something heavy, and *sturdy*,these will do fine, although if you want a classic, conservative look, I'msure we can accommodate that as well, with heavy oak or mahogany."

"Thanks. Uh, can you give us a couple of minutes to look things over?"Mulder said as Alex flopped in the middle of the large, brass bed and madea moaning noise. Mulder's head was starting to pound.

"Certainly, gentlemen. Please do not hesitate to call upon me, shouldyou need assistance."

"Thank you." Alex waved as the salesman walked away.

Mulder reached down and yanked Alex off the bed and into a standing position.He held him by his shoulders as if scolding a small child. "What thehell is wrong with you? Behave!"

"Oh come on, have a little fun. Give me your handcuffs."


"Give me your handcuffs."


"Look, I'm not going to cuff you to anything. I just need to checksomething."

Mulder looked in Alex's eyes. He had that mischievous spark in them. Hesighed as he handed over the cuffs. "I know I shouldn't be doing this."

Alex took Mulder's handcuffs and tried to fit them around the brass bed."Too big. I don't like brass anyway. It reminds me of the early '80's."

"Oh god." Mulder rolled his eyes.

Alex then went over to a four poster wrought-iron bed. "We don't wantwood, because the cuffs could wreck it." He cuffed the iron bed, smilingto himself. He then cuffed his wrist to the other side and lay down on thebed. "Ooooh Fox, this is puuuuurfect. Can you just imagine the funwe're going to have with this one?"

"Yeah, whatever." Mulder quickly uncuffed Alex. He looked overto see about three salesmen staring in their direction. "Is this thebed you want?"


"Fine. Let's get it before the fine people here at Ethan Allan getannoyed with us."

"Relax, we're spending..." Alex stood up and looked at the pricetag. "Eight hundred bucks, they're salivating for the commission."

"Eight hundred dollars!"

"Relax, my treat."

"You have eight hundred dollars?"

"I've got way more than that."

"Where did you get this money?"

"I *earned* it."

"I bet! Half and half. I'll give you four hundred tomorrow."

"Really, I'll buy it. I can afford it."

"It's not a question of affording or not, it's a question of wherethe money came from."

Alex sighed. "Money is money!"

Mulder looked in his lover's eyes. "Humor me."

Alex looked back into the hazel pools boring a hole in his skull again."Okay. I'll take your hard earned g-man money."

"Good." Mulder motioned for the salesman to come over.

"Gentlemen? You have come to a decision?"

"Yes. We'll take this one." Mulder motioned to the bed.

"Excellent choice. Please come with me, and I will draw up a bill ofsale."

Mulder watched as Alex pulled a wad of hundreds out of his pocket and paidthe man. The salesman didn't blink, he took the money, gave Alex his changeand wished him a nice day. "Now, if you would go to the shipping department,they can arrange delivery for you."

"Thank you." Mulder said as he and Alex turned towards the doormarked *Shipping*. "Alex. When you said you'd pay for it, I didn'tthink you'd pull out thousands of dollars in cash!"

"My credit cards suddenly expired."

Mulder shook his head. They went through the door to the shipping departmentwhere they were met by a young man who was about twenty years old.

"Can I help you?"

"We just bought this bed, and we would like it delivered tonight, please."Alex handed him the bill of sale.

The clerk took it from Alex, looked at it, then looked up at Alex. "I'msorry sir, it's after 6 p.m. We can't deliver it tonight. We can deliverit onÖ." He checked his book. "Thursday."

"Thursday?" Alex said, moving closer to the clerk. He stood tohis full height and loomed over the young man.

The clerk swallowed. A fine sheen of sweat formed on his brow. "Uh,yeah, Thursday."

"Today is Monday."


"So, you're saying that we have to sleep on the floor until then?"


"Look." Alex leaned over the counter and looked into the clerk'seyes. He lowered his voice. "I need that bed *tonight*. I need a goodnight's sleep, among other things. How much *incentive* can I give you todeliver the bed tonight?"

"Alex..." Mulder started.

"Well....I...uh...you'd have to talk to Ralph, my, my Supervisor. He'soff his break in fifteen minutes."

"Fine. We'll talk to *Ralph*. We'll just wait out there, in the loadingdock. I assume there is no smoking in the building?"

"N-n-n-no, there's no smoking in here."

"Fine then. You send Ralphie out when he gets back."

Alex turned and walked out the door to the loading dock. Mulder followedbehind.

"I think that was a little harsh, don't you?"

"Come on, Mulder. Did you see his face? It was hilarious." Hetook his cigarettes out of his pocket.

"You love pushing people around, don't you?"

Alex looked at Mulder and put his cigarettes away. It was dark out hereand a little chilly. The lights in the dock were turned off, the only illuminationcoming through the window of the small door. He walked over to Mulder. "Doyou mean like this?" He took his forearm, put it across Mulder's chestand pushed him against the wall.

"Yeah, like that." Mulder tried to push back, but Alex was usingall his strength to keep him there.

"Mulder, you're too uptight. I think you should relax." Alex'sother hand went down and undid Mulder's button on his jeans.

"Oh no, not again. Forget it, Alex. You're going to have to wait untilwe get home."

"No way. I want it now." Alex put his hand in Mulder's jeans andmassaged his burgeoning erection.

Mulder sighed. "What the hell is wrong with you today?"

"What do you mean?" Alex started undoing his own jeans.

"Why the hell are you so....uh, yeah, baby." Mulder closed hiseyes as Alex ran a hand up, under Mulder's shirt and pinched a nipple.

"Horny? I don't know. I don't care."

Mulder sighed. Now *he* was horny too. Shit. "You really want it?"

"Yeah, I want it."

Mulder wanted it too. He could feel the pre-cum starting to ooze out ofthe head of his cock. "Turn around."

Alex braced himself against the wall as Mulder moved behind him.

"You're going to get me into trouble, Alex." Mulder said as hegathered the pre-cum from Alex's cock and his own. He spread some over hiscock and some on two fingers which he inserted into Alex's ass.

Alex breathed in sharply at the invasion of the two fingers. "Hmmmm.How would I get you into trouble?"

"Your attitude. You're always showing off, intimidating people."Mulder replaced his fingers with the head of his cock and slowly pushedinto Alex. Sweat broke out all over his body as Alex's heat surrounded him."You make me....do...things...that...uh." He pushed in a littlefurther. "I wouldn't normally do...in...uh...public." Mulder wasnow buried to the hilt.

"I don't make you do anything you don't want to do." Alex gasped.Mulder's cock was incredible. He could feel it twitching inside his ass.

Mulder began moving back and forth, in and out of Alex. "And what makesyou think I want to do this? Oh fuck, Skippy, you feel so good."

"You wouldn't be doing it otherwise. Oh god, yeah baby. Yeah."He moaned as Mulder reached around and grabbed onto his swollen cock.

Mulder thrust into Alex, ensuring to stroke the cock in his hand with everythrust. "It feels good, but it's wrong. We should be at home, not...out...in...public...ohgod, Alex...Alex..." He knew that wouldn't take long. He slammed intoAlex one last time, milking his cock.

"Oh yeah, Fox. Oh baby." Alex shuddered, then sighed as he followedMulder over the edge a minute later.

"I think you're right about needing the bed tonight, Skippy."Mulder said. He pulled out of Alex and began pulling up his jeans. "Comeon. Let's see if we can persuade *Ralphie* to deliver tonight."