X-Files M/K
Title: Periwinkle
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Summary: The boys go shopping.

Thanks to Aries and Orithain for being beta goddesses - you chix rock!


Mulder and Krycek were in the Gap of all places. How the hell did they endup
here? Alex looked around nervously, he didn't like the shopping malls, especiallythis store. It's perky decor, the halogen lights, those happy kids
wearing those bright colors, Backstreet Boys playing on the sound system.He
didn't belong in this environment. He was standing there, next to Mulderwho
seemed at ease in this store handing him item after item of clothing.

"This is nice." Mulder handed him a sweater. "This is nicetoo. Here, here's the shirt." He handed him the blue shirt almost identicalto the one
Alex was wearing yesterday.

"Mulder, can we please hurry up and leave?"

"What's the rush?"

"I hate shopping."

"I promised you a new shirt, and I'm buying you one."

Alex sighed. "If you didn't cut it off me in the first place, we wouldn't*have* to buy me one."

"But you were tied to the bed. How was I supposed to get it off ofyou?" Mulder looked at Alex and smiled.

Alex rolled his eyes. "Just_come on, let's get this over with."

Suddenly a very perky sales clerk came up to them, a mass of blonde curlsencircling her face.

"Can I help you two? Have you seen our new vests? They're thermal vests.They're very warm."

Alex cringed at her voice with the upspeak inflection at the end of hersentences.

"Well my friend here," Mulder motioned to Alex. "He wouldlike to try all these on."

"Cool. Oh that's an awesome shirt, the blue one, it's called Periwinkleyou
know. I just love that color. These are all great things you picked out.Let's see, all the changing rooms are full except for the one in the backby
the jeans. Is that okay? We're really busy today you know." She walkedvery
quickly, to the back of the store, still talking, Mulder and Krycek trailing
behind. "Okay, here's your changing room. Make sure you come see meafter you're all done, and I'll ring them up for you okay? My name is Melanie,and
I'm just over there okay? Don't forget about the new thermal vests, onewould
go great with the jeans and this sweater. Oh we have socks too that matchthe
sweater. Okay? Call me if you need anything else."

Alex's head was spinning from the speed at which this young lady spoke.He nodded his head as he went into the changing room and shut the door.

"Thank you Melanie, we will be *sure* to call you if we need anythingelse."
Mulder said to her.

"Cool. Okay."

Alex could hear Mulder laughing through the thin door.

"You call her over here, and I'm shooting you both."

"She's paid to be like that."

"God help us all."

Mulder could hear rustling inside the changing room. He tried to peek overthe door but it was too high.

Alex could see Mulder's feet standing in front of the door. "You don'thave
to wait outside the door you know. I'm a big boy, I can change all by myself."

"Are you sure about that?"

Alex stopped putting on the pair of black straight-legs and smirked. "I'lllet you know if I have any trouble."

"I think you might be having trouble right now." Mulder reachedover the top
of the door and slid the latch back. He quickly entered the room and re-latched the door. He looked Alex up and down. The boxers he wore were tentedin the front. "How did I know you'd be hard? Are you always hard?"

"I'm only hard around you baby." Alex kissed Mulder on the mouth.

Mulder reached down and felt the bulge in the boxers. "Are you wearingunderwear Alex?"

You told me I had to."

"Well when you're shopping, you'll never know who put the pair of jeanson before you did." Mulder reached up and tweaked one of Alex's nipples.

Alex sighed and looked into the gold-flecked hazel pools before him. "Youwant to do it right here?"

Mulder undid his jeans and slid them and his own boxers down his legs. "Right
here, right now."

"When did you get so adventurous?"

"Shut up and fuck me Alex." Mulder turned and pressed himselfup against the
thin wall.

Alex pulled his boxers off then quickly started preparing his lover. Thenthere was a knock on the door.

"Um, how are you doing, can I find you another size? Does that Periwinkleshirt fit? If not and we don't have your size, I can call another storeand
they can ship it over okay?. Have you thought about the vest?"

Mulder breathed in to speak but Alex covered his mouth with his hand. "NoMelanie, I'm fine." He pushed the head of his cock into Mulder's ass."I'm
just making sure everything_" He pushed another inch into Mulder, lettingout
a small grunt, "_fits. Don't worry, I'll call you if I need anything."He pushed himself all the way into Mulder and bit his lip from moaning.

"Okee Dokee. Just checking."

"She'd better be gone or I'm going to kill everyone in this store."Alex whispered to Mulder.

Mulder let out a muffled reply against Alex's hand.

Alex began to thrust quickly into Mulder, pursing his lips together to keepquiet. He reached around and began stroking Mulder in time with his thrusts.
It didn't take long before Mulder was moaning into his hand. Alex buriedhis
head in Mulder's shoulder to keep himself quiet, biting into the leather.Suddenly both men jerked and bucked as they came. Alex into Mulder's ass,Mulder against the wall of the changing room. Alex took his hand away fromMulder's mouth, noticing he had a good bite mark on his fingers.

"God Skippy, that was fun." Mulder turned to kiss his lover whenthere was another knock on the door.

"Sir, are you okay? I mean you've been in there awhile, and you knowI just
want to make sure everything is cool with you."

Alex reached down and got his gun out of his leather jacket. Mulder grabbed
it away from him.

"Melanie, we couldn't be happier. We're all done and will be out ina second."

"Oh. Are there two of you in there? You know that's against store policy.Only one person per room. What are you doing in there?"

Mulder, now fully dressed exited the room and shut the door behind him.

"My friend was in an accident recently. He almost had his arm cut offand was
having some trouble with his fly. I had to help him."

Melanie looked up at the handsome but somewhat flushed man. "Oh mygod. Is
he okay? That's terrible."

"He'll get over it. Sometimes he just needs a little help, you knowwith underwear, socks, cleaning his_dishes."

Alex stifled a laugh inside the change room as he frantically got dressed.

Melanie looked up again at that handsome face and smiled. "You aresuch a good friend. Most guys wouldn't help their friend like that. Thatis so great. If you need any help at all, you just call okay?" Sheflounced off in
the direction of the sales desk.

"Here." Mulder produced a wad of kleenex and threw it over thetop of the door to Alex.

"You are a very bad boy." Alex smirked as he cleaned the cum offof the wall.

A minute later Alex appeared with the bundle of clothes in his hand. "Let's
just buy everything and get the hell out of here."

Mulder grabbed the Periwinkle shirt from Alex. "My treat, remember?"

They went up to the sales desk where Melanie was waiting for them.

"Melanie," Mulder said. "I will take this and my friend willtake everything

"Cool! I'm so glad everything fit. Sometimes when you take a lot inthere with you, you're not too sure what will fit and what won't, and youspend all
this time trying things on, and you just have to try more stuff on, andthat
can be a pain."

Alex rested his back against the counter, looked at Mulder and whispered."Give me my gun."

"Not until we're home." Mulder whispered back then smiled at Melanieas she
ran his credit card through the machine.

"Oh god, you're going to get it later."

"I thought I just did." Mulder took the receipt from Melanie andsigned it.

"Thanks Mr. Molder, you have yourself a good day."

"Molder!" Alex giggled.

"You too Melanie, thank you *so* much for everything." Mulderthen stood back
as she scanned Alex's purchases.

"That's $214.77." She looked up at Alex and smiled.

Alex gave her a credit card and she ran it through the machine. She thenproduced the receipt and gave it to Alex who signed it with a flourish.

"Okay, Mr. Grisham, here's your bags. Come back and see us again!"

Mulder burst out laughing then turned away from Alex.

"Yeah, thanks. I just might come and pay you another visit one day."Alex smiled sweetly at the girl as Mulder pulled him out of the store.

"Bye guys, have a good day!"

Mulder giggled all the way out to the mall where he let go of Alex's armand
broke down laughing. "Grisham? Couldn't you have picked a better alias?"

"Shut up!" Alex strode ahead to the doors where the car was parked.

"Where you going Skippy? We still got J. Crew and Eddie Bauer yet."

"I'm through shopping Mulder, now give me my fucking gun back, andlet's get
out of here!" Alex strode ahead out the doors and to the parking lot.

Mulder laughed to himself as he followed Alex out to the car.


========================== End Part 2 =============================