X-Files M/K
Title: PIN Number
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

Archive to Allslash and Archive X. Anywhere else, okay if my name is attached.
Series/Sequel: This is a stand-alone piece Feedback please! oscar204@aol.com

Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to that blonde guy.

Summary: PWP - we all need money - right?

Thanks to Aries for being beta goddess and Orithain for being cool. I takefull credit for this ATM challenge!


"Where the hell are you going now?" Alex said as Mulder turnedthe opposite way of the movie theatre.

"Cash machine."

"Why?" Alex let his breath out in a huff.

"To get *money*!" Mulder raised his arms in exasperation.

"We're going to be late!"

"No we're not, it's just over there."


"In that office tower."

"Trust you to keep your money in some obscure little Credit Union whereyou can only go to their machine." Alex rolled his eyes.

"That's not true, I can use the card anywhere but they charge me adollar if I use another ATM."

"Mulder, you probably owe them half your salary, what's another buck?Come on we're going to miss the beginning."

"No we're not! Now quit whining!"

"Whining? You made me miss this movie last week - remember?"

"As I recall that wasn't *my* fault." Mulder grinned at him.

Alex looked at Mulder. "I'm not getting into *that* conversation again.Just hurry up okay?"

They ran across the street to the door of the ATM kiosk. Mulder producedhis card, and put it in the slot, letting them in with a loud click.

Alex looked inside the lobby of the office tower through the plexiglassdoor. There was a Security desk in the middle of the lobby which was empty.//You can't see the ATM from the Security desk, that's stupid.//

Mulder put his card in the machine. He could feel Alex behind him.

"Hey, no peeking."

"Really Mulder. If I wanted your PIN number, I could find it no problem."

"Ha ha."

Alex wrapped his arms around Mulder from behind, pressing into him. He lickedMulder's ear lobe.

"AlexÖwhat are you doing?"

Alex ran his hands down the front of Mulder's chest, under the open leatherjacket and over the cotton of the t-shirt. When he reached his jeans hepopped the button with one hand.

"I have to punch in my codeÖ"

"So punch it in."

"I've temporarilyÖ.forgottenÖ.oh shit."

Alex had his hands down the front of Mulder's jeans and brought out hishalf erect cock. He then pushed the jeans down to reveal Mulder's bare ass.

"Alex this is a publicÖ.oh god."

Alex stroked Mulder's cock with one hand and undid his own jeans with theother. He pulled back for a second and spit in his hands, lubing his cockwith the saliva.

"What are youÖ We're going toÖ." He trailed off as thehead of Alex's cock teased the tight opening to his ass.

"Are you whining Mulder?"

"My code, IÖoh sweet Jesus!" Mulder felt Alex enter his ass,forcing him to brace himself against the bank machine. He was now hard asa rock and Alex was stroking him quickly. He swallowed.

"Punch in your code Mulder. I'll tell it to you if you want me to."

"WhaÖ.??" Mulder sucked in his breath as Alex sped up hispace.

"It's 2853, isn't it?"


"I know everything about you Mulder. EverythingÖ" Alex threwhis head back, he was going to come. He increased his pace on Mulder.

"Oh Alex, I'm gonnaÖ.kill youÖ.fuck!"

"NoÖyou'reÖnot!" Alex closed his eyes and bright sparkswent off behind his eyelids. Then he felt Mulder's ass clench around hiscock and he knew his lover was going to come. He made sure to catch Mulder'cum in his hand.

He leaned over Mulder, entered his code, then withdrew sixty dollars. Hetook the cash and the card then stuffed it in the pocket of Mulder's leatherjacket. He then pulled out of Mulder, pulled up his jeans and did them up.

"Come on Foxie! Pull yourself together, we're going to miss the beginningof the movie." He slapped Mulder on the back, pressed the button toopen the door and left.


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