X-Files M/K
Title: Quicksilver
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm unemployed.

Summary: Total PWP. The "Quartet Infernale" challenge has Alex gaining a new image. Rated S for schmoop.

Comments: This is set in the Boys universe and in it, Alex has two arms. Thanks to Sue, Aries and Orithain for awesome beta, being there and support. I live in the north, what can I say, snow dominates my life.

Quicksilver by Nicole S.

It was Saturday afternoon when Fox Mulder finally got home from his assignment in Arizona. He had been gone all week, doing profiles on potential border guards. A total no-brainer that could have been handled by the field office in Tucson, but Kersh was punishing him and Scully, yet again. Thank god the assignment ended this morning, and they could come home two days early. He hated being away from Alex for so long.

He put his bags on the floor in the hallway before opening the door to his apartment, his keys jingling in the lock as it swung open. He kicked the bags through the open doorway, hoping Alex was home. He called his name but did not get an answer.

Frowning slightly, he moved his bags into the bedroom so he could unpack and change. He really wished Alex was here right now. The only thing he wanted was to get into a hot shower with his lover then tumble into bed. Maybe later.

Mulder unpacked, throwing his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, changed into his sweats, then went into the living room. It was immaculate. Alex had this thing about mess - he didn't like it. He was forever nagging...reminding Mulder to pick up after himself. The only thing off-limits was Mulder's desk. It was in perfect disarray, and only Mulder knew where everything was.

He flopped on the couch, grabbed the remote off of the coffee table and started flipping around. Not much was on. He finally settled on some old Gary Cooper movie which soon soothed him into a light sleep.


The door slammed. Mulder was awake in an instant. He stood and walked over to the door where Alex was standing, taking off his mitts.

"Hey, you're home early." Alex moved in and kissed him deeply. One of his arms was flung around Mulder's waist, the other was holding a snowboard.

Mulder pulled back, looked at Alex, and started laughing. Alex was dressed in very baggy black nylon snow pants that snapped up the sides, heavy black and purple boots, a baggy black and green nylon jacket that was zipped open to reveal a grey solar-fleece pullover with a dark green turtleneck underneath. There was a black toque on his head that bore the initials FBI in yellow. Oakley wrap-around style sunglasses were perched upon his head.

"What? You're gone for a week then you come home and laugh at me? That's real nice, Fox."

"What the hell are you wearing? What are you holding? Are you having a mid- life crisis or something?"

"It's a snowboard. I've hardly hit mid-life, Fox."

"A snowboard?"


"Why are you holding a snowboard?"

"Because I was *snowboarding*."


"You go away for a week and expect me to take up knitting or something? I thought I'd give it a try; there's a hill 45 minutes away. It's small, but for a beginner, it's just right."

"No. I...I just never expected...snowboarding."

"It's great exercise."

"Uh-huh. If you're sixteen years old."

"There are people of all ages learning how to snowboard. I was even going to take you out next weekend and wow you with my technique."

Mulder snorted, "Really? Are all these people dressed like you?"

"Most of them...why? I can't very well go in my leather jacket and jeans; I need something I can move in."

Mulder looked Alex up and down; the black nylon was a change from the leather and denim he was regularly wearing. He did look younger, and quite...cute.

"How long have you been doing this?"

"Started on Monday."

"Are you any good?"

Alex shrugged, "I'm all right. I don't fall down as much as I used to."

"Show me."


"Show me your stuff, how you ride this thing."

"Ideally this would be done on snow, hence the term snowboard."

"Humour me."

Alex looked into Mulder's eyes. The gold flecks in them did something to his mind, and he could just not say no. "All right." He lay his snowboard on the floor and stepped into the bindings.

"C'mon, Alex, show me how you do it. Be Ross Rebagliati."

Alex smirked as he did up the bindings. "First you have to look good or else everyone will make fun of you."

"Hence the clown outfit you're wearing."

"It's very comfortable, you know."

"Nice toque."

Alex smiled as he took the sunglasses off his forehead, shoved them in his pocket, then took off the toque and looked at it. "Pretty cool, huh?."

"Where did you find it?"

"In the closet."

Mulder rolled his eyes. //All I need is for someone to recognize him in that thing.// "Okay, hot shot, now that you're locked into your bindings, what do you do?"

"Well, first you start out across the hill so you won't go flying down when you're strapping yourself in. Then you bend your knees and rock your board so you're going face first down the hill. If you go backwards, it's a bad thing."

Alex bent his knees more and spread his arms out to his sides. "Then you assume the position, like I'm doing here and pray to god you don't fall on your ass too many times, fall forward and break your wrists, or hit a tree and kill yourself."

"That doesn't look too hard." Mulder came over to Alex and stood behind him, mimicking his stance.

"It's a lot harder on the side of a snow-covered hill."

"Really?" Mulder snaked his arms around Alex from behind, embracing him, nuzzling the back of his head with his chin.

Alex swallowed. "Hmmm, yeah, especially if you're used to skiing. You're using different muscles."

"Mmmmm. Care to show me which muscles those are?" Mulder smiled and moved around to Alex's front where he kissed him for a long time, his hands wandering up and down Alex's back.

"They're a little lower."


"Mmmm hmmm."

Mulder gave Alex one more kiss before moving down his body so he was kneeling before him. He ignored the feet in the bindings and started with the snaps and velcro on the snow pants. He undid a couple of the fastenings before he realized that there was another pair of tear-away pants underneath.

"Alex, just how many layers are you wearing here?"

"Uh, three on the bottom and four on top. It's winter out there, you know."

Mulder snorted as he ripped the snaps open on the snowpants then tore them off Alex, flinging them aside. Alex was wearing kneepads over the pair underneath. He ripped the velcro fastenings open and took them off. He then started on the snaps of the Adidas track pants, relieved to see skin underneath. Slowly, he undid the pants, snap by snap, his tongue trailing up Alex's legs as more skin was exposed.

Alex moaned; his muscles were aching from being out on the hill all day; Mulder's caress was just what he needed. He could feel Mulder lick and suck up his legs, nipping at his knees, stroking his thighs.

Finally, Mulder was at the last snap, flinging those pants aside as well. He looked strangely at what they revealed. He was staring at a rather impressive erection hidden by a pair of cotton jersey boxer briefs. He reached up and held the bulge in his hand.

"Underwear? Alex, you never wear underwear."

"I had to. They were flopping around."

"Flopping?" He ran his thumb across where the head was, making a circle.

Alex sucked in his breath. "From me falling."

"Flopping from falling?"

"Yeah. And they were cold." Alex closed his eyes and moaned as Mulder's fingers squeezed his balls.

Mulder started laughing but caught himself. His hand went back to caress the penis at the front of the briefs that was starting to poke out the top. "Make sure you take care of them, Alex. They belong to me."

"Oh yeah, I know, baby. I belong to you."

Mulder smiled at that remark. He massaged the area for another moment before standing up. He undid Alex's jacket and pulled it off, noticing that it was rather heavy for nylon. "You got rocks in here or something?" Mulder felt inside the zipped-up pockets, he found a gun in one and a spare clip in the other.

Alex just raised his eyebrows.

"You took your gun snowboarding?"

"I take it everywhere. You'll never know, Fox."

Mulder put the objects on the floor and ripped the remaining layers off of Alex including the elbow pads he found under the solar fleece. He stood back for a second to look at him. Alex was clad only in his underwear with the snowboard strapped to his feet, he noticed a bruise on his side

Mulder licked his lips then knelt before Alex again, nuzzling his belly with his cheek. "I've missed you so much, Alex."

"I've missed you too, baby." Alex reached down and caressed the soft, sable hair.

Mulder nuzzled lower, biting and pulling at the waistband of the briefs with his teeth. The bulge below was leaving a wet spot on the front as the pre-cum seeped through. His own cock was hard and throbbing in his sweatpants.

Alex moaned as Mulder breathed on the bulge in his underwear. He had been a good boy and only jerked off three times while Mulder was away, saving up his lust for his partner. His pent up frustration had led to long hours at the snowboarding hill and a couple of long, cold showers.

"I want you so bad, Fox."

Mulder pulled the waistband of the underwear down around Alex's hips. His gaze was diverted from the erection that sprang forth by the large bruises covering his lover's hips where they obviously had met some hard surface.

Mulder touched them tentatively. "Does this hurt, Alex?"

"No. You should have seen me wipe out though; I looked like that *agony of defeat* guy on the Wide World of Sports."

"My poor baby." Mulder kissed each of them, gently caressing Alex's ass cheeks, snaking a finger into the cleft. A half moan half sigh came from above.

He then turned his attention back to Alex's almost purple headed cock. The pre-cum was flowing freely, Mulder licked the fluid up, relishing the taste. He swirled his tongue over the head and down, licking the shaft greedily as if it were an ice cream cone. He felt Alex's hand tighten in his hair, not pulling, but close. He then lapped Alex up into his mouth, taking him deep, stroking the underside with his tongue.

Alex's eyes were closed, and he was desperately trying to hold on. He bit his lip, trying to use the pain to forget about what Mulder was doing to him. No luck, a minute later he let out a cry as he released his fluid into Mulder's mouth, his legs shaking.

Mulder sucked up every last drop before placing a kiss on the now-softening member. He moved his hands down and released Alex's feet from the bindings, boots and socks, leaving them on the floor. He stood to face his lover, kissing him, sharing his taste before taking Alex's hand and leading him into the bedroom.

Mulder quickly removed his clothing, anxious to be naked with his partner. Soon, he had joined him on the bed, caressing and kissing his whole body. Finally he could stand it no longer.

"I need to feel you, Alex."

"I want you inside me, Fox."

Alex spread his legs, anxious to feel Mulder's fingers enter him. When the slick digits teased his opening, he immediately relaxed, loving the sensation. His prostate was caressed, bringing him to hardness again, wanting his lover inside him immediately.

Mulder took his sweet time, teasing Alex's nipples, squeezing his balls, kissing him on the mouth, sucking on the fragile skin at the base of his neck. He had been away a long time, and he was going to enjoy this.

Alex caressed Mulder's front and back, wherever he could reach with his hands. He was now ready, bucking against the fingers, whimpering for Mulder to finish him off.

Mulder reached over and wiped his hands off on the towel nearby, before coating his penis with lubricant. He spread Alex's legs wide and brought his hips up to meet his own. With a shove he was inside, the familiar heat surrounding his cock. He leaned over and embraced his lover, kissing him sweetly. Another push was all it took to bury himself fully inside.

"I love you, Alex. I missed you so much."

"I've missed you too, Fox. This bed is so empty without you."

Mulder smiled as he kissed his lover again, wanting to stay still, buried like this forever. His lover, on the other hand had other ideas. Alex began to wiggle around to try to coax him to start moving.

"You a little anxious, Skippy?"

"Fuck me, Fox."

"You want it that bad?"

"I want it, you know I want it."

"Okay, Skippy, you got it."

Mulder began to slowly move in and out of Alex, angling his thrusts to give him the most pleasure. He moved his hips from side to side, rubbing his belly over Alex's now rock-hard cock that was trapped between them. He sped up, harder and harder he thrust into Alex, his knees digging into the bed for leverage. Mulder was close; he could feel it in the base of his balls, radiating outward and upwards. He moved one hand down and started caressing Alex with it while he continued to pump relentlessly into him.

Alex was making a whimpering sound as he felt Mulder stroke his cock. He closed his eyes and focused on the pleasurable feelings coursing through his body. He felt Mulder's whole body tighten as he came, pumping hard to milk his cock. Alex was not far behind; one more stroke of Mulder's hand and his fluid came to coat his abdomen. Mulder then collapsed on top of him, his chest heaving from exertion.

They were joined for awhile, caressing each other until Mulder pulled out and cleaned them up. He rejoined his lover, holding him in his arms, never wanting to let go.

"Are you really going to take me with you to show me your snowboarding skills?"

"Yep. But you're not going to watch, you're going to learn as well."

"What do you mean?"

"You obviously haven't looked in the front closet, have you?"


"There's a complete outfit, plus board in there."

Mulder smiled then kissed his lover, not sure if he should thank him or not. He then started laughing.


He squeezed his lover tightly to his chest. "You know, Alex, if you just want to have sex in the snow, you could just ask, I'd probably say yes."

It was now Alex's turn to laugh, both men now chuckling lightly. He could feel his eyes grow heavy after his day of strenuous activity. He nuzzled his head into Mulder's chest, smiling once again before falling asleep.