X-Files M/K
Title: Road Stories I - Superpumper
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Summary: Sometimes you run into friends in the oddest of places.

Mega thanks to Aries (Goddess of War) and Orithain for beta. This is Orithain'sstory - you wanted it so here you go!


They had been driving forever, so it seemed. Mulder at the wheel, Scullywith her maps navigating them to some small town barely on the map. He wascranky, she was too damn perky.

Scully had been telling him all about her brother Bill, and some trip hewent on to the Pacific Rim. Every detail down to the mints on the pillowswas explained and analyzed. Did he expect any less from her?

He clenched the steering wheel in his hands, as she started in on the climateand weather patterns for Western Polynesia. This was going to be a longday.

Scully's seemingly aimless rambling wasn't the only thing making him crankythis morning. Alex hadn't been home in two weeks. Mulder received an e-mailon Monday from Alex which just said *out on business*. He didn't want toknow what *business* he was up to. All he knew was that he wanted him home.

His head was pounding. He knew Scully was just making conversation, butif she didn't shut up soon, he was going to drive them both into the pathof an oncoming semi! He had to stop somewhere, and get out of this fuckingcar. Finally, half an hour later, and descriptions of every food item availablein the Philippines, salvation. A sign loomed up ahead *Superpumper, Open24 Hours*.

"Thank Christ," Mulder muttered as he steered to the off-ramp.

Scully babbled something about wanting some Pringles and maybe a Diet Coke.All he knew was that he had to get out of this car. He parked in the gasbay and threw Scully the keys. "Do you mind?"

She looked at him and furrowed her brow. "You okay?"

"I have a headache. I'm going to get some drugs and go to the bathroom.I'll meet you out here."

"Sure, fine." Scully raised her eyebrows as she unlocked the gascap.

Mulder strode into the store. The usual truck stop fare was on display.Junk food, cheap souvenirs, air fresheners with naked women on them. Heskipped the Playboy Bunnies and instead picked up the jumbo bag of sunflowerseeds, a bottle of Tylenol and a bottle of water. He cracked open the Tylenoland washed two down with a healthy drink of the water.

Leaving the convenience store, he decided to drop his purchases back atthe car. He told Scully, "Nature calls", then made his way tothe washroom.


Alex lost them. Shit! He knew where Mulder and Scully were going but thatwas beside the point. If you're going to follow someone, you shouldn't fuckinglose them! He banged his hands on the steering wheel in frustration beforeturning up the music. The bass shook the windows as the black car with thetinted windows sped down the highway.

He was pissed at himself, not only for losing them, but in the way he lostthem. He was sleeping. Exhausted from a two day drive to catch up to them,and a night of watching Mulder's room, he nodded off about 5 a.m. He wasgetting sloppy in his old age. He had tried to sleep earlier but couldn't,and when they left that morning, they simply drove right past his car, notnoticing him through the dark windows.

What was he going to do? For two weeks he was tailing them inside the citybut was not told to keep on them until the day before last. He hated this,being within feet of him and not being able to contact him, hold him, touchhim, smell him. He also felt cheap and dirty following his lover around.The key Mulder gave him last month was rarely used. He had that smokingbastard either watching him or making him do some stupid job that kept himaway from Mulder.

Alex sighed and tried to stretch his arms out. He needed to stop. Therewas a gas station up ahead. He turned onto the off-ramp to the large gasstation with restaurant, gift shop and semi-bays. He parked around the backand went into the washroom, deciding to get a coffee later to wake himselfup.


Mulder flushed the toilet and did up his pants. He heard someone come in,then water running.. Exiting the stall, he walked over to the sinks wherethe other person was washing their face. Mulder began washing his hands,then froze. Staring back at him from the mirror was the dripping image ofAlex.

Alex stared back. At least he had caught up with them.

Mulder calmly rinsed his hands and extracted a length of paper towel fromthe dispenser. He dried his hands before he ripped off another length andhanded it to Alex.

"Thank you." Alex took the paper towel from Mulder and dried hisface.

"You're welcome."

Alex put the used towel into the garbage can. As he was doing so, he brushedMulder's arm with his own. A jolt of electricity shot though him. He steadiedhimself against the sink and gazed into Mulder's hazel eyes.

"Alex?" Mulder said questioningly.

"Fox." Alex licked his lips.

"Fancy meeting you here." Mulder's hand reached out and traceda finger along the V-neck of the sweater Alex was wearing.

Alex sucked in his breath, his cock started to press against the denim ofhis jeans. He swallowed. "I...uh...I. I'm just going for a drive."

"I see."

"To..." He sighed as Mulder moved closer, his hand caressing hiship. "...to see the trees...the fall colours."

"Why don't I believe you?"

"I can't imagine why you wouldn't," he breathed.

Mulder pushed him backwards to the end stall. This one was slightly biggerthan the other ones but not much. They squeezed in together, Mulder backingAlex up against the wall. His face moved in closer and closer, until hislips were brushing the trembling man's before him.

"Where have you been?"


Mulder's lips were millimeters away from his own. Alex wanted to lick them,taste them, fuck them.

"Alex, you left me with a raging hard-on again." He rubbed hiscrotch against Alex's obvious hardness. He could feel the younger man shiver.

"I'm sorry."

"Are you? Why don't you show me just how sorry you are?" Muldermoved ever so slightly forward and finally kissed his lover.

Alex almost slumped against the wall, ecstasy overtaking him. He could feelthe wave of passion move down his body, making his nipples stand on end,his cock pushing harder against his jeans. He moaned as Mulder's tongueentered his mouth.

"I don't have much time," Mulder said, as he popped the buttonon Alex's jeans.

Alex did the same to Mulder, starting with his belt.

"Hang on." Mulder removed the holster, containing his gun, clippedto the back of his belt. He put it in his overcoat pocket then removed hisovercoat and jacket, and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. "It'sArmani you know."

Alex rolled his eyes. "If I get it dirty, I'll buy you a new one."He kissed him again, his tongue sweeping the hot interior. Finally Mulder'spants were undone. They fell to the ground.

Mulder pulled Alex's jeans down around his knees. He looked at Alex's engorgedmember. He reached out, it twitched as his fingers danced along the velvetyshaft.

Alex let out an almost silent moan. His hand caressed Mulder's hardness."Fuck me Fox," he whispered. His tongue snaked along the smooth,clean shaven jaw, kissing his neck above the starched collar.

Mulder lowered his head to meet Alex's lips before spinning him around toface the wall. He entered a finger into the still leather-clad man to stretchhis tight muscle. He quickly entered another one as time was of the essence.Scissoring his fingers to make the hot opening wider gained whimpers fromAlex.

Alex was going crazy. It was weeks since they had made love. There was notime to be gentle about it. He needed Mulder, and he needed him NOW. "God,just fuck me, Fox!" He hissed.

Mulder replaced his fingers with the head of his glistening cock. He pushedin half way before stopping to catch his breath.

Alex was trembling, his fingernails trying to dig into the ceramic tileon the bathroom wall. Finally, Mulder fully buried himself inside his ass.

Mulder waited just a second before he slowly began to thrust in and outof Alex. He reached around to Alex's cock, which was weeping copious amountsof pre-cum.

"You excited there, Skippy?"

"God, yes. Harder Fox, let me feel you. Fuck me hard."

Mulder pumped harder, slamming into Alex's ass. He was pulling out so farthat his own ass cheeks caressed the metal wall behind him.

"That good, Alex?"

"Yeah.....oh god that's good....oh fuck me...fuck me, Fox."

Alex couldn't hold on much longer. He gritted his teeth and came with agrunt against the tile wall.

Mulder was close behind him, a few more strokes, then his balls releasedtheir fluid up, out his cock, and into Alex's ass. He let out a grunt ofhis own as he milked every drop from himself. They stood there, joined fora few seconds, letting their breath return to normal. Mulder kissed theback of Alex's head before pulling out of his ass.

Alex turned around, and kissed the flushed agent on the lips.

"I gotta go," Mulder said, as he reached down and pulled up hisunderwear and pants.

"I know."

"You should wait here a minute or two. Scully's outside."

"I know."

"You sure know a lot, dontcha, Skippy?" He kissed his lover againbefore putting on his overcoat. Alex remained silent but smirked back athim, his green eyes blazing.

"Bye, Alex."

"Bye, Lover."

He kissed him one more time before exiting the stall. He washed his handsthen left the washroom.

Alex pulled up his jeans and cleaned himself up. He looked at his watch.Ten minutes should give them plenty of time.


"Where the hell were you? I was just about to go in there after you."

"Gee Scully, I told you I was in the washroom. You know, nature calls."

"Hmph, Men. You're always on our case about taking too long, when youtake forever to perform one simple duty."

They both got in the car, Mulder still driving.

"Did I tell you what Bill told me about the washrooms in Singapore?"

Mulder just nodded his head and grinned. At least he had a mental imageto keep him busy for awhile. He looked in the rearview mirror. A black carcould be seen far in the distance. He smirked to himself and nodded at Scullyagain. Yes, this was one fine mental image he had, and nothing was goingto ruin it.