Turkey Dinner

by Nicole S.

Rated R

This belongs to me! You can't prove anything!

No beta - all mistakes are my own.

Canadian Thanksgiving was last month - that's how behind I am!



"Impressive, huh?"

"Candles, tablecloth, napkins!"

"Your chair Monsieur."

"Why, thank you, Sir."



"Dig in."

"Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, that orange mashed up
stuff. This is incredible."

"Don't forget the gravy."

"Oh, you can't forget the gravy!"



"Mmmmm, delicious."

"So, tell me. Who came over and cooked all this food?"

"No one came over, I ordered it."

"You ordered it?"

"Yeah, you won't believe where from?"



"You're lying!"

"I would not lie about something like that. You call them up and they come
to your house, everything cooked and ready to go. You just have to put it in
the oven to keep it warm."

"That is too strange."

"But it tastes awesome."

"I'll give it that much."

"You gotboy, you're a sloppy eater. You have got cranberry sauce on
yourself. Not only that, but one of them rolled down, leaving a trail of red
down your chest."

"I'm surprised I didn't feel that. It stopped in the napkin in my lap."

"Hmmm. Remind me never to take you to a fancy restaurant."

"I only drop things on me when I eat naked for some reason."

"You do that on purpose."

"No I don't. I wouldn't do it if you didn't *make* me eat naked!"

"No, no, no, no. You make *me* eat naked!"

"No, it's the other way around. You do it on purpose so I will do this to

"Hmmmm. I didn't do *that* particular thing on purpose, but this is."

"You nearly got those mashed potatoes in my eye!"

"Poor baby, let me make it all better."

"Um okay, uh.yeah."

"You like that?"

"Very much."

"What about if I put some stuffing.here."

"It's a little warm and feels kind of funny.oh, I see. Hmmm. Mmmmm. Yeah,
that's great. Don'tno, not gravy!"

"Oh we *must* have gravy!"

"But it's hot and.squishy."

"It's not *that* hot. Warm, at most."

"Oh but it's still squishy. It's a good kind of squishy, though."


"Oh my god. No, not at the.mmmmm.table. Oh my god, that is so good. Do
that thing with yourno, the otheryeah.oh baby, yeah.hmmmm.no, don't
stop that, do them both.aaaaah, yeah that's it, that's it.um, I'muh, god,

"You like that? Because I noticed the pumpkin pie with real whipped cream in
your kitchen."

"Hmmmmm. 1-800-TURKEY1 never felt so good."

**The End**