X-Files K/OC M
Title: Doublemint
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language, violence and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascention

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I'm broke.

Summary: Just a bit of silliness I dreamt up after a great weekend in the big city.

Comments: Thanks to Amy and Orithain for awesome beta. This story is for Rowanne.

Doublemint - by Nicole S.

It was a nice summer night; a warm breeze floated around, fluttering the leaves on the trees. Couples strolled hand in hand down the street, lingering to look in shop windows. An outdoor café nearby was bustling with activity, people stopping to talk to their friends as they enjoyed the night.

Fox Mulder had no time to notice such things, he was in his car waiting for Alex Krycek. He had been following him for two weeks, and tonight he was going to confront him, ask him why he had betrayed him, why he had done that smoking bastard's dirty work. Mulder thought of how hurt he had been when he found those cigarette butts in Krycek's car. If Alex had been around when Mulder got back to the office that day, he would have been a dead man.

Alex Krycek, however, was alive and well. He had seen him walking down this same street two weeks ago, looking amazingly good and without a care in the world. Mulder flew into a rage when he saw him, jumping out of the car and running across the street to the club Alex had just gone into. He wanted to kill him or at least beat him up for betraying him, for sucking Mulder in like that, making him think he *believed*, that he was on his side. Instead, he was working for that smoking bastard all along.

He couldn't get into the club that night; he wasn't dressed the right way; the bouncers sniggered at him for wearing a suit and tie. He went back to his car, fuming, watching the entrance for hours, seeing people dressed in vampire, fetish, and other morbid attire go in and out of the club. Finally, bored, he decided to leave; he knew this was probably one of Alex's regular haunts, he'd be back. Sure enough, the next week he was here, dancing, drinking, cavorting with young men and women. Mulder watched him for a few hours then went home, planning to confront him this weekend.

He looked in his side mirror just as Alex was rounding the corner, dressed in leather pants and leather jacket - he wore no shirt underneath. Mulder waited 15 minutes, then entered the club, paid the cover and slunk into the smoky blackness. As last time, he was dressed appropriately; tight, black jeans, black boots and black leather jacket over a dark blue silk shirt. Quietly, he got himself a beer from the bar and stood back in a corner, watching.

Everyone here was dressed in black lace, leather and rubber; skin shone where exposed from the lights on the dance floor the only source of light in the club. Pounding electronic music filled the air, assaulting his ears. It was so smoky and dark in here it took him a good ten minutes for his eyes to adjust. Then he saw him, dancing, under the strobe light.

"I got you, motherfucker," Mulder muttered into his beer.

Alex Krycek was dancing up a storm, mouthing along with the German words, body moving to the heavy bass of the electronic song. There were men and women dancing together but alone, the smoke swirling up and around them. Arms flailed, eyes downcast or turned up towards heaven, as the pulsating beat of the music drove them into a frenzy.

Mulder took another sip of his beer; yes, tonight was the night he was going to kick Alex Krycek's ass. But for now, he was content to watch him dance. He moved quite gracefully for a man; limbs thrusting out and upwards with fluid movements, hips moving back and forth, side to side to the beat of the music.

Mulder had to admit Krycek was quite a good looking man; the small nose and wide set eyes, those delicate ears, combined with that bow of a mouth made him beautiful, actually. A lock of hair had fallen onto his forehead from his gyrations. When they were working together, Alex would smooth it back off his forehead a hundred times a day. Mulder wanted to reach out and fix it for him then run his hand down to cup his chin, then kiss him. Mulder sighed. Yes, Alex Krycek looked very good; perhaps if things had turned out different, he could have fucked him once or twice.

Another song started, and more people jammed onto the already crowded dance floor. Mulder went to the washroom then got another beer on the way back to his lookout spot in the darkness. He had noticed something the last time he came in here; when Alex was dancing, he stayed up there most of the night, oblivious to everything except the music. When he got back to his spot, he saw Alex was dancing with two very good looking young men. One of them was wearing a pair of plain leather pants with a leather t-shirt. The other was wearing leather pants covered in zippers and buckles with a black cotton t- shirt; he was also wearing a dog collar. The three of them were looking at each other as they danced, silent questions asked and answered between them.

The song they were dancing to merged into another one, this one slower and brooding. More smoke was thrust into the air; coloured lights flickered across the dancers. Mulder could barely see them now, weaving a pattern with their bodies to the rhythm of the pulsating beat. A few minutes later, the smoke dissipated, and the three men were even closer together; then Alex turned and walked right past Mulder and out the door, the two men following him.

Mulder followed them out and onto the street, where he saw them get into a cab. He quickly ran across the street to his car and tried to follow it but was stopped by a red light.

"Shit!" He could only hope that the direction they were going in indicated that they were all on their way to Alex's apartment. He pulled up a few minutes later, grateful to see them outside the door to Alex's apartment block. They all had their arms around each other, both men kissing Alex. A twinge of jealousy ran through Mulder as he thought of Alex sandwiched between their naked bodies.

He waited until they were inside before he crept up the fire escape to lurk outside Alex's bedroom window. The window was open, letting in the cool summer breeze, enabling Mulder to hear everything that was going on inside. He crept back as far as he could go on the fire escape's landing, so he could still see inside, yet be hidden by the shadows. He had been here twice since he saw Alex two weeks ago. He didn't know why he wanted to watch him; it bugged him that he couldn't just pull the trigger and kill that son of a bitch for betraying him.

He could hear them in the other room, glasses clinking, muted laughter, low voices. About twenty minutes later, the three men tumbled through the bedroom door, removed their clothes quickly and soon resembled a mass of naked limbs and flesh writhing on the bed. After a few minutes, Alex got up and lit a few candles then left the room. He returned a short time later with what looked like a box of condoms and a tube of lube.

Mulder's cock twitched at the sight of Alex naked, broad shoulders, nearly hairless chest tapering down to his well-defined abdomen flowing smoothly down to slim hips and muscular legs. He moved like a panther stalking his prey; graceful, fluid as he advanced towards the two men kissing each other on the bed. His large cock was erect, the rosy head poking out of the foreskin. He placed the items that were in his hand on the nightstand and knelt on the bed, immediately brought down by the two others to join them in their caresses.

Mulder watched, almost breathless, as they stroked each other with their hands and tongues. He could hear moans and sighs filter through the open window, making his cock harden in the confines of his tight jeans. He shifted slightly but was still uncomfortable. He didn't want to move too much, lest he draw attention to himself.

A loud moan was heard from one of the young men, and he arched up off the bed as Alex took him into his mouth. Mulder's mouth went dry as he watched Alex pleasure him, sucking on his cock with practiced strokes, teasing the crack of his ass with his fingers, as the other young man lapped at his partner's nipples.

Mulder breathed in and out deep, but slowly, not wanting to add to the discomfort in his groin. The young man being sucked by Alex was moaning more loudly now, his eyes closed. Suddenly, he arched incredibly high off the bed and screamed as he came, Alex holding onto his hips, swallowing the man's essence. He pulled off of him and ran his tongue up his body to meet his mouth, kissing him, then his partner deeply.

Now spent, the first man lay there watching as Alex prepared his partner's ass. He was on all fours and a look of sheer bliss was on his face as Alex worked one, then two lubed fingers into him.

"Is that good? You like that?" Alex's voice was like velvet, dark and husky with a touch of excitement.

"Yeah, that_..that feels good."

Alex moved his fingers in and out of the young man's ass, stretching him wider. The other young man had recovered from his orgasm and was kneeling beside Alex, kissing him, playing with his nipples before going back to his partner and doing the same to him.

Mulder was starting to sweat in his leather jacket; this was so hot, he didn't know how much longer he could sit here in silence. His hand went down to caress himself through the denim he wore, stroking himself lightly as he watched Alex and his two friends together. It wasn't enough. Slowly he popped the button and brought down the zipper on his jeans, dipping his hand inside to bring out his hard cock. He breathed a sigh of relief as he stroked himself.

The young man was now ready for Alex; he moved his legs apart, put a condom on, slicked himself up then plunged inside. The young man moaned at the intrusion, his face a mask of passion, his cock swaying heavily between his legs. His friend moved down to kiss him on his mouth, pinching his nipples again before going up to play with Alex.

Mulder bit his lip to keep from moaning; his hand was working on his cock, matching the rhythm Alex had set with his hips, plunging into the young man's ass. Alex's eyes were closed, and his hands were on the other man's buttocks, bringing them back to meet his thrusts. The young man was moaning, sheets gripped tightly in his hands as he was fucked hard. His partner scooted underneath and took his cock in his mouth, making him whimper and moan loudly.

Suddenly, Mulder was staring into glittering green eyes. His hand stopped stroking himself; he was so close but didn't want Alex to see him. He was holding his breath, the dripping cock in his hand begging for attention. Alex still held the gaze, moving in and out of the young man, circling his hips, moaning slightly. //He can't see me; he's just looking out the window,// Mulder said to himself, convincing himself with that thought. His hand started to move again, Alex's gaze seemingly locked on his own, turning him on even more, if that were possible.

The young man collapsed down onto his elbows with a cry, Alex still fucking him from behind, his friend's mouth still on his cock. Suddenly, he let out a howl as he came, bucking his hips forward, shoving his cock deep into his lover's throat. Alex stilled himself, letting him have his glory as his friend sucked him dry.

The young man came up from under his friend to kiss him deeply before moving up to Alex. Mulder watched as Alex sucked at his tongue greedily before releasing him to go back his companion. Tender kisses were shared as the two rejoined each other.

Alex started to move again, looking down at the two men beneath him, circling his hips, digging himself in deeper with every thrust. The young man who had come earlier was hard again and reached down to stroke himself, not breaking away from kissing his friend.

Mulder was trying hard to keep quiet as he looked at the scene mere feet from where he was sitting. He gripped himself tighter and pulled harder on his cock as Alex slammed into the young man.

Alex looked out the window again, seemingly into Mulder's eyes, as he gripped the milky white ass before him. A rivulet of sweat rolled down his cheek to drip off his chin onto the man below him. The lock of hair came loose and flopped down onto his forehead. He was letting out a soft grunting sound with each thrust, getting louder and louder.

It was the soft grunting that sent Mulder over the edge, coming onto his hand, biting his lip to keep quiet. His chest was heaving with his breaths, as he still looked upon the scene, unable to tear his eyes away. He shook the come off of his fingers but left his spent cock out of his pants, liking the feel of the cool night breeze stroking it with feathery puffs of air.

Alex was ready to come; he had closed his eyes and his mouth was open, head back as he slammed into the young man a few times, shuddering and crying out before collapsing forward. The young man jerking himself off came soon after onto his belly, letting out a barely audible moan.

All three men were spent, lying there on the double bed, motionless until Alex got up to retrieve a towel from a chair. He cleaned each of them up before blowing out the candles and returning to the bed, the young men flanking him on each side. They kissed each other for the longest time before settling down, limbs tangled around each other.

Mulder waited until he was sure all the men were asleep before he moved again. He tucked himself in his pants, zipped up and silently crept down the fire escape. All the way home, the scene replayed over and over in his mind, making him hard again. When he got back to his apartment, he immediately jumped in the shower where a quick jerk-off session relieved him again.

He went out into the livingroom to watch some television before retiring, knowing he would be tossing and turning thinking of the night's events. The light on the answering machine was blinking.

"Hey, Mulder."

Mulder froze; it was Alex.

"You should have joined us; four would have been incredible. You would have had a way better time than jerking off while watching. Hmmmm, maybe next time." A laugh was heard on the other end of the phone, "Then again, maybe not."

Mulder stared wide-eyed at his answering machine for a minute after it clicked off. He flopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote and tried to pick a boring show that would quell the stirring in his pants. The whole night was spent trying not to think of himself with Alex and the two young men, which did no good whatsoever. He jerked off a record number of five times that evening, six if he counted the one on the fire escape. About 4 am, he drifted off into a fitful sleep before waking an hour later to go to work.


Mulder cruised inside the nameless club yet again, his new leather pants soft against his skin. He had been coming here since he saw Alex with the two young men, hoping to see him again, hoping to ask him the questions he was ready to ask him that night. He was kidding himself; he just wanted to fuck him. He sipped his beer as he watched the two young men dance with each other, enticing yet another man into their fantasy trap. Alex had not been here since that night, and he had moved out of his apartment as well. Mulder shook his head; he was kicking himself for not confronting Alex when he first saw him instead of opting to follow him around. He watched the two young men dance around their new companion before leaving with him a short time later. He leaned back against the wall, the events of what he had seen that night weeks ago running through his mind as fresh as if he had seen it yesterday. After a few hours of watching people dance and mingle, and a few more beers, Mulder left the club and went home.