X-Files M/K
Title: Voyeur III: Carlton Court
Author: Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for language, and sex between two men.
Archive: Yes: Allslash, Basement, RatB, All Things Rat, Den of Sin, Slashville.
Series/Sequel: Third chapter in Voyeur Series - sequel to "Doublemint" and "Misdirected"
Webpage: Den of Sin: http://members.tripod.com/Nic-S
Spoilers: Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascension, Anasazi, and Paper Clip PRETunguska!
Disclaimer: God, I wish. They don't belong to me, they belong to ChrisCarter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue me, I have to
pay for awedding.
Summary: Mulder finds Alex again and decides to watch him for a while.
Note: This is pre-Tunguska/Terma and Krycek has all of his appendagesintact.
Comments: Mega thanks to Amy B, Aries and Orithain for amazing beta.This is Ori's incredibly late birthday present - better late than
never! This sort of fits in with the RatB "Mary Sue" challenge issued so long ago. It's subtle, but it's there.



Voyeur III

Carlton Court

by Nicole S


Mulder leaned back in the sling-type hunting chair and stretched his arms over his head. He was getting tired, and his bones ached. His head also hurt. He'd been sitting in this hotel room for days watching the apartment acrossthe street. Watching for Krycek.

He brought his arms down and rubbed them before taking a sip of coffee.Nothing was happening tonight. It was Friday and people were probably outhaving fun. Fun he should be having.

// I'm kidding myself. I never have any fun.//

He put his coffee down and pressed the heels of his hands into his eye sockets, rubbing the bleariness away. He knew this was a stupid idea. Whothe hell did this on their vacation?

Since he'd seen Alex Krycek six months ago in a goth club, he hadn't beenable to get him out of his mind. Mulder had followed him home and watchedhim have sex with two young men. God, he wished he could've video tapedthat experience. They'd been beautiful together with their sweaty, tannedskin, the smell of sex and candles...

Mulder stopped himself from going to where he told himself time and time again he shouldn't go, but ended up going just the same. Thinking aboutKrycek just brought frustration, erections, sticky hands, and regret.

Not regret that he'd resorted to jerking off; regret that Krycek made him sohard. And a tiny bit of regret in the back of his mind that he didn't join them. What was he thinking? He couldn't have joined them. He couldn't have fuckedKrycek. Could he?

He groaned and picked up his coffee again. It was cold. He leaned over and opened the small fridge in the corner and extracted one of the many bottlesof iced tea he had placed in there earlier. Gulping half of the cool liquid fromthe bottle, he looked across the street. Still nothing.

Sighing, he stood, placing the bottle on the desk and stretched his armsagain. Then he placed his hands against the wall, stretching out his back andhis legs; that felt good. He hadn't slept much since he'd arrived, and hisbones were stiff from the chair.

What the hell was he doing here? He hated surveillance. Why was he usingvacation time to seek out a known murderer? A double-crosser? A ratbastard like Krycek?

Mulder had seen him by fluke a couple of weeks ago while on assignment. He'd followed him to his apartment then vowed to come back and ask him ifhe'd killed his father. This time without Scully to get in the way.

He closed his eyes and stretched his hamstrings. This time, he'd shove himup against the wall and smack him around a bit before shoving his gun in hisface. "Did you kill my father? What dirty work are you doing for the smokingman?" He'd look into those cold green eyes and get the truth out of him oneway or another. He smiled at the thought of his gun pressed up underKrycek's chin. Krycek's eyes wide with fear, his smooth skin glistening withsweat at the thought of dying. The same smooth skin that Mulder had seencovering taut muscles, flexing as he drove into that young man with hisdusky cock...

Mulder's eyes snapped open and he groaned as he felt himself harden. Whywas he doing this to himself? The skin on his dick was going to wear thin ifhe kept jerking off.

Looking out the window one more time revealed no activity whatsoever, as ithad been two minutes ago. What did he expect? That Krycek would be home,just because he was being watched? Mulder had only been here four days andhad planned to be here two weeks to watch Krycek and record every move,to discover his secrets. And when he'd discovered them, he'd confront him.

Then what?

He wasn't really sure. He'd cross the bridge when he came to it.

In lieu of watching Krycek, he'd gotten to know the other people in hisbuilding. The tenants were predominantly gay, which didn't surprise Mulderone bit. He knew Krycek had been sending him vibes when they had workedtogether. Mulder would have reciprocated, but his ego wouldn't let him. Instead, he'd pushed the junior g-man wannabee punk around, given him gruntwork, and gotten off on the ego boost.

Krycek would look up to him, hope in his eyes, looking for the respect hecraved. Mulder would give him his stone glare; his "I'm too sexy for the FBI"look that Krycek brought out of him for some reason, and try to meltKrycek's inner core. And even if Krycek didn't melt, Mulder got off on thatas well.

Then Mulder had started to actually trust the little bugger, called him hispartner, and almost treated him as an equal. Then the bastard had gone andbetrayed him! He'd been working for the smoking man all along!

Mulder shook his head. He'd been so disappointed when he found thosecigarette butts in the ashtray. Later, when he had known Krycek had killedhis father and tried to confront him, the anger had been so intense. He'dcarried that anger for so long. And just when he thought he'd never seeKrycek again, there he was in that club. And Mulder knew he wouldn't be ableto let it go.

He looked at his watch. Eight o'clock. He was getting hungry and seeing asnothing was happening, he decided to get something to eat.

Dinner was uneventful, save for a lover's spat two tables over. A womanthrew her drink in a man's face. Mulder looked sympathetically at the mandripping with Chardonnay while feeling smug inside that he'd never had thathappen to him. Not in public, anyway.

Mulder left the restaurant and walked the street, window-shopping for awhile. The foot traffic was getting heavy as people had started to come outfor the evening.

He saw a porn store and decided to go in to see what this city had to offer. He lingered for a while, inspecting the latest hard core offerings, silentlymoving among the other men in the store. Mulder found himself drawn to themen on men section as he'd been lately. Since he'd seen Alex and the twoyoung men. There were four women giggling in the corner as they rummagedamong the movies, books and magazines, so he busied himself with aPenthouse until they left.

After the women had abandoned the section, Mulder wandered over andpicked up a few magazines for his collection. Since he didn't have a VCR inhis hotel room, he didn't get any movies.

He left with a black plastic bag in his hand, shielding his purchases fromothers. He walked the long way back to the hotel, down the side street withthe little cafès and bars. Men roamed the sidewalk, ate dinner, and hadcoffee together. Part of Mulder wanted to go into the pub on the corner andsit and talk to these men. He wanted to be a part of this.

But he continued on his way, telling himself that he was on a mission. Amission to find the truth about Alex Krycek. How he had betrayed him, howhe had killed his father. He wondered if he had anything to do with Scully'sabduction? That last thought got his blood pumping, and he increased hispace, quickly making his way back to the hotel and his chair in front of thewindow.


It was 11 o'clock Saturday night, when the hotel door opened with a snick. The drapes were closed and the lights were off, like he'd left them an hourago. The surveillance equipment was still where it was supposed to be.

// Like it wouldn't still be here?//

Mulder didn't tell the manager he was on FBI business when he checked in. Hewould have charged him double on the room. The man silently questioned thecamera equipment and tripods, but Mulder didn't say anything; same with thebellhop, who'd loaded all of it on his cart to take up to his room. Mulder justtipped him then slammed the door in his face.

Scully'd been surprised he was taking vacation. In the years she'd known him,he'd never even had a sick day, save for the forays to the hospital for workrelated injuries. He'd told her the FBI was making him take it, so he was goingto spend that time travelling Route 66.

She didn't buy it.

But she didn't press him, either. Instead she'd folded her arms in front ofher chest and looked up at him with that look his mom used to give him whenhe had taken one of Samantha's cookies.

He had called her yesterday and she told him she was catching up on somefiling.

"Don't rearrange my stuff, Scully. I'll never be able to find anything."

"Mulder, this place was a mess."

"I mean it, Scully... What do you mean *was*?"


"Are you sitting at my desk?"

"Where would you like me to sit, Mulder? I don't have a desk of my own."

"You're sitting at my desk, talking on my phone, and you've cleaned up,haven't you, Scully?"

"I have to go..."


She hung up.

Dammit, she knew he hated it when she tidied. Every day he'd come in andfind something put in a filing cabinet or drawer, somewhere where he couldn'tfind it. His files were perfectly happy stacked on his desk, he'd told her. They liked it there. Yet, once they were put away, he made sure he put themback in their new home when he was finished with them, scared of what she'ddo if he didn't.

When his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he moved over to the camera on thetripod before the window. Pulling the curtains open slightly, he sat down inthe chair and looked through the view finder.

The couple that lived beside Krycek's apartment were bustling around,getting ready for what looked like a party. Both men wore only boxer shortsas they cleaned and vacuumed and stacked the dishwasher full of glasses. The two women that lived underneath Krycek's were making popcorn. Besidetheir apartment, a man was getting dressed in the dark, seemingly unaware,or just not caring that anyone from the hotel could see him put on his socksand underwear.

Krycek's apartment remained dark.

Mulder took off his sweater, leaving him clad in t-shirt and jeans. It was hotin here; spring was turning into summer quickly. He opened the small windowat the bottom of the large pane of glass for ventilation, confident Krycekcouldn't see him if he wasn't home.

Cool air wafted in the window, moving the drapes slightly. Music driftedinside along with the noise of the traffic and the clack of the streetcar. Hecracked open a fresh bottle of iced tea, sensing he was going to be sittinghere and waiting for long time.

He reached over to the magazines he bought yesterday. There was justenough light filtering through the small opening in the drapes so he couldread. The magazine he chose featured stills from porn movies and storiesthat readers had sent in about their sexual fantasies. He immediately turnedto the picture section.

There were pictures of young men with young men, and a disclaimer that allmodels were over 18 years of age. He didn't care; they were hot. One manwas riding another one while getting his dick sucked by a third. Just likeKrycek and the two men he had been with those few months ago.

Another picture showed them sucking each other's cocks, like a triangleddaisy chain. Mulder felt himself harden rapidly, his jeans suddenly feeling toosmall. He reached down and undid the button and zipper, reaching inside tostroke himself.

The next picture was two of the men coming on the third's face, his mouthopen and his eyes shut, his face a mask of passion. Mulder put the magazinedown and closed his eyes, remembering Krycek and the two men. HowKrycek had looked into his eyes as he came with that soft grunt, which wasmore like a sigh... Stroking himself harder, he replayed that scene over andover in his mind until it was just a collage of faces and cocks and grunts thatsent him over the edge.

He sat there for a few minutes, before stripping off his t-shirt and wipingthe come off his hand. He'd have to be more careful; he didn't have verymany t-shirts left, unless he bought some more. Tucking his now flaccidcock back into his jeans, he did them up and settled back into his chair.

The music had gotten louder in the past few minutes, prompting Mulder tolook through the camera again. The party was starting. People beganarriving, bringing drinks and food. Mulder watched them for a few hours,dancing and drinking the night away. Halfway through the night, people beganto pair off, and a few started kissing.

Mulder sighed; he wasn't in the mood to watch people make out, seeing asthough it had been years since he'd done the same thing.

// Get a life!//

He took off his jeans and socks and was about to crawl into bed when acheerful shout from many people was heard.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he looked across the street.

"It's about time."

Adrenaline shot through his veins, making his hands shake, and making himgrateful for the tripod that held the camera. Alex Krycek had arrived andwas ready to party.

Mulder watched as a few people came up and gave Krycek a kiss on his cheek. Then a drink was handed to him. Mulder had almost forgotten he was lookingthrough a camera and remembered to take a few pictures before going backto just watching.

Where had he come from? Mulder hadn't seen him go into his apartment. The blinds were closed except for a spot in the living room where a fewplants sat on the sill. The blinds to the bedroom were closed, but light wouldhave shone through. If he had come in, Mulder would have been sure to seehim.

Krycek drank his drink, and then got another, and then another. Then hestarted talking to a man with blonde hair and a leather jacket. He wasmoving closer to the man, backing him against the wall, and the man didn'tseem to care.

Mulder zoomed in even closer and watched Krycek come on to the man,looking at him through his lashes and laughing softly. He could only imaginethe conversation they were having. Suddenly, Krycek moved forward andkissed the man on the lips. The man put his beer down and wrapped his armsaround Krycek, returning the kiss for a long time. Krycek then pulled away,nipping the man on the lower lip with his teeth then said something. Thenthey turned and left the party.

Mulder focused the camera on Krycek's apartment, his head spinning. Hiscock knew what was going to happen, and hardened.

Through the opening in the blinds, Mulder saw the silhouette of Krycekstumble through the door with the blonde. Then it was dark.


He wished he'd bugged Krycek's apartment so he could hear and not just seewhat was going on.

The lights stayed off, but the blinds in the bedroom opened. Mulder couldjust see them in the light from the street. He switched to the night visiongoggles, but that proved to be too distracting. He wanted to see their nakedflesh, not just shapes.

If he zoomed in close, he could see Krycek and the man on the bed, naked,kissing each other. Their hands were down at their groin area, probablystroking each other, Mulder couldn't be sure.


He wanted to see this, he needed to see this, needed to see Krycek's sweatybody moving in tandem with his partner, licking and sucking his...

Suddenly, there was Alex Krycek, naked, pressed up against his bedroomwindow. Mulder could see him from the knees up, the blonde behind him,entering him, kissing his neck. Krycek's hands were bracing himself againstthe window, his cock smearing precome on the panel of glass.

Mulder shot off the whole roll of film watching the blonde fuck Krycekagainst the window. Slow at first, then gaining strength, pinching Krycek'snipples then going down to stroke his cock. Krycek's eyes were closed, andhis mouth was open, like the man in the magazine, shouting something hecouldn't hear as his come splattered over the man's hand and onto thewindow.

Then they were still.

Mulder wiped the sweat off of his forehead with the back of his hand. Hewatched as they retreated back to the bed, becoming just a grey shape. Shakily, he went over to his own bed and lay down on it, not relieving himselfof his hard-on until the events in his mind replayed time and time again,making it unbearable, giving him no choice.

He came after a few quick strokes then wiped himself clean with kleenex,before trying to get some sleep. After lying awake for a few hours, Muldergot up and looked through the camera at Krycek's apartment. The sun wascoming up and light crept into the bedroom, giving Mulder the chance to seewhat he'd been waiting for.

Krycek was by himself in bed, curled up on his side, back towards the nowclean window. A single sheet covered his body, rising and falling with hisbreaths. Mulder stared at him sleeping, somehow wanting to curl up besidehim to feel his naked body pressed against his own.

// That thought's a clear indication I need a lot of sleep.//

He pulled away from the camera and rubbed his eyes before crawling backinto bed.

A pounding on the door woke him a few hours later. Bleary eyed, he draggedhimself from bed, clad only in his boxer briefs. Still exhausted, he stumbledto the door and fumbled with the lock. Finally the door was open, and hestared unbelievingly at who was on the other side.

"Hey, Mulder. Can I use your shower? I don't seem to have any hot water."

Mulder stood there, looking dumbfounded at Krycek, who brushed past him.

"Thanks, I'll just be a few minutes."

Then the door to the bathroom slammed shut leaving Mulder confused andstill holding the front door to the room open.

He stood back and let the door close. The shower started running in thebathroom.

// This has got to be a dream.//

Mulder crawled back into bed and hugged his pillow, smirking to himself thathe would dream such a thing. Alex Krycek in his shower. Naked Alex Krycekin his shower. Naked Alex Krycek with slippery, wet skin in his shower.

His eyes snapped open. Alex Krycek was in his shower. He sat up. Thiswasn't a dream. This was really happening.

Suddenly wide-awake, he went to the bathroom and opened the door. Thereindeed was Krycek in the shower behind the opaque curtain.

"I need to shave as well, if that's okay with you. Man, it's a bitch not havingany warm water in the morning," Alex said as if they were carrying on theirconversation from the front door. "Do you have a coffee maker in thisroom? I could sure do with a cup of coffee."

"What the fuck is going on here, Krycek?" Mulder pulled the shower curtainback, suddenly finding his nerve and his voice. Water sprayed from theshower onto him and the floor, soaking his shorts. Krycek's back wasturned, showing his tight ass, broad back and muscular legs. Mulderswallowed; he didn't want to feel this way about Krycek, he didn't want towant him, he didn't want to join him in the shower under the spray of water,but he couldn't help himself.

"You're letting the water out," Kryeck said, not turning around but reachingfor the bottle of shampoo in the corner.

Mulder closed the shower curtain and watched Krycek lather his hair.

"You gonna take off your underwear, or do you like to wash them at the sametime?"

Mulder looked down and noticed that he was standing in the tub wearing hisbriefs. He stripped them off and flung them out the side of the curtain,where they landed with a soggy slap on the linoleum. "Did you kill my father?"

"That's what I like about you, Mulder. You take the direct approach."

"Well, did you?"

"Yeah, I did."

Mulder didn't know what to say. He'd dreamed of this moment, dreamed ofshoving Krycek up against the wall with his gun pressed to the soft undersideof his chin. He dreamed of slugging him in the gut, making him fall to thefloor, before he kicked him until he begged for mercy. Instead, he was nakedin a shower with him, watching him condition his hair.


"Because he was going to tell you everything, and you didn't need to knoweverything. If he'd told you everything, I would have had to kill you. And Idon't want to kill you."

Mulder started to say something, but Krycek stopped him.

"He was a bad man, Mulder. He wasn't the saint you made him out to be. Hedid horrible things to people. He was as evil as the smoking man if not more."

Mulder started towards him, rage building up from that comment, but thenstopped. Deep down, he knew it was true. He knew his father had held manysecrets. Secrets that he wanted to learn, like the truth about Samantha. And he knew he was a bastard; why else would he have kept the company hehad? And Mulder had tried to reach out to his father, and tried to bond withhim, but when Mulder had reached out to his father; to give him a hug, he'dstuck out his hand instead.

He'd felt like dirt when his father had rejected him on his front porch allthose months ago. Mulder had treated his father's death like it was somegreat catastrophe, when it really should have been a relief. After Samanthahad disappeared, Bill Mulder had retreated into himself; and fought with hiswife whenever they were in the same room together. And all Fox could dowas feel guilty that he was still around to remind his parents of the fact thatshe was gone. Finding those files in that underground bunker confirmed whathe'd known all along. He was supposed have been taken, not her...


Mulder looked up at him. "What?"

"Soap?" Krycek handed him the bar of hotel soap.

Mulder began to wash himself. "How did you know I was here?"

"I've been watching you."

His head jerked up to meet Krycek's gaze. "You've been watching me?"

"Watching you watching me."

Mulder was dumbfounded. He traded places with Krycek so he could rinse. "Why were you watching me watching you?"

"We've been watching each other for the same reason. We get off on eachother." Krycek moved closer.

Mulder could feel the heat radiate off his body. He knew Krycek was right;he'd been thinking of nothing else since that night at the goth club. Krycekmoved closer, until Mulder could feel his hard cock poke him in the abdomen. Mulder didn't look down, but he felt himself stiffen at the contact.

"Let's put all the bullshit behind us for a while and take what we want." Heran his fingers over Mulder's slick skin.

Now clean, Mulder turned and shut the water off. When he turned back, hegrabbed Krycek's hand and forced it from his body before slamming him upagainst the tiled wall as best he could, being slippery from the shower. Heglared at Krycek for a minute, fist ready to punch, but instead of slugginghim, he kissed him hard.

Krycek returned the kiss with a nibble on the corner of Mulder's mouth and aswipe of his tongue. Mulder wasn't letting him take charge, however. Heflung open the shower curtain and dragged the soaking wet Krycek to thebedroom, where he pushed him down onto the bed.

Mulder looked down at his enemy, at this man who had betrayed him, andmelted into a puddle. He was beautiful with his dark hair and green eyes andfit body. The bangs that flopped down on his forehead gave him theappearance that he was somehow younger than he was. But now that Mulderhad him, he wasn't sure what he was going to do with him.

He must have been looking down at him for a long time, because a hand cameup to stroke his cheek and Mulder noticed Krycek had a worried look on hisface. Mulder let himself be rolled over on his back so Krycek could straddlehim. With all his convictions and plans thrown out the window, Mulder placedhimself in Krycek's hands.

Krycek started by kissing him gently, his tongue probing forward, dancingwith his own. Then the mouth left his and traveled down to his neck then hischest where his nipples were teased and brought to extreme hardness byKrycek's talented tongue. Lower he went until he was at Mulder's groin. Wantonly, Mulder spread his legs, not giving a shit about who was doing thisto him; it just felt that good.

His cock was licked and sucked, and he was brought to near completion morethan once. Then Krycek was over him, both of their cocks in his hand,stroking them both. Mulder leaned back into the pillows; he was going tocome, he could feel the pull at the base of his balls and up his spine. He wasgoing to come from Alex Krycek pulling on his cock, which, at this instant,felt better than doing it to himself.

With a groan, he released his fluid over Krycek's hand and onto his own belly. A minute later, Krycek made the noise that he'd made with the two youngmen; and spilled himself into the pool of come that was already there.

Totally exhausted, Mulder lay there, limp and dazed, while Krycek cleaned himup and lay down beside him. Mulder heard talking, felt a kiss on his forehead,and then he was asleep.

He woke many hours later, twilight coming in through the small opening in thecurtains. Mulder sat up and looked around; Krycek was gone. He looked atthe clock; he'd slept all day. He went to the camera and looked through theviewfinder and saw what he expected. Krycek's apartment was empty. Sowas the camera.


Mulder sighed and sat back on the bed. He was so stupid, he should havedone something, he should have arrested him, he should have...

"I should have fucked him!"

He shook his head and thought he might as well get packed, because whoknew where Krycek would be right now. He went to the washroom andrelieved himself and saw a message on the mirror, written in soap.

"We have to save something for next time."

Next time! Would there be a next time? How would they find each other? Hesat there for a few minutes before putting on a pair of underwear.

// Yeah, there'd be a next time.//

The End.