X-Files M/K An AU in another time
Title: Interrogation
Author: Orithain and Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: None.

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Summary: What if Mulder and Krycek were around during WWII?

***** Warning: Unconsentual sex along with general Nazi nastiness. *****

Comments: Te puts images of a certain someone wearing jackboots into ourheads and what are we supposed to do? Just sit there? This is for her. (Youchallenged and we responded, Te! <g>)


Fox Mulder was scared. He had never been so scared in his life. Even whenhis plane was going down in flames last week, he never thought he wouldend up like this. He was naked and chained in a cell at SS Headquarters.No food or water for three days. No one came to see him or check on him.He was cold and tired; the chains made it hard for him to sleep.

//They're trying to break me, I know it. They're trying to wear me down.I won't let that happen.// He hummed the Star Spangled Banner, Yankee DoodleDandy, songs from the Hit Parade, anything to keep him focused. He was anAmerican, and they wouldn't break him.

Suddenly, the door swung open. Mulder looked up to see a tall man step throughit. He was wearing the black uniform of the SS. The iron cross at his neckwas black, encrusted with diamonds. The eagle on his hat, holding the wreathwith the swastika inside, gleamed in the dim light. A swastika armband encircledhis left bicep. His black jackboots were so shiny, Mulder could see hisface in them. The officer looked down at the quivering form of Mulder onthe floor as the door swung shut with a loud clang.

"Lt. Mulder. How nice to finally meet you in person. I am CommandantKrycek." The officer bent down to get a closer look at his captive.Those hazel eyes showed defiance. He stood back up to his full height fora minute before producing a key. He bent again and began unlocking Mulder'sshackles.

Mulder rubbed his wrists and ankles, which were red and swollen. The metalhad cut into his flesh, leaving a scar around each limb.

"How are you enjoying your stay with us? You are getting special treatment,you know. The other prisoners don't have the luxury of having a roof overtheir heads. Being winter, you should be grateful." Krycek stood toput the key back inside a pocket. He then knelt down beside his captiveagain, his green eyes narrowed, mouth twisted into a smirk.

"Lt. Mulder, you have some information that I want. And you are goingto give it to me. What I want to know, Lt. Mulder, is what your Air Forcehas planned for us? Bombing raids, when and where?"

Mulder was silent.

Krycek put a boot on top of the welt on Mulder's ankle and pressed down,gaining a groan of pain from the other man. "Come come, Lt. Mulder.I know that you know this information. You would not be here if you didn't."He pressed down on Mulder's ankle, making him howl with pain. Krycek sighedand stopped pressing on his ankle.

"F-F-Fox Mulder, Lieutenant, United States Air Force, 15769823,"Mulder sputtered.

Krycek looked at him with contempt. "The Geneva Convention does notapply here."

"Fox Mulder, Lieutenant, United States Air Force, 15769823," Muldersaid again, this time more strongly.

"Mulder, Mulder, what kind of name is that anyway? Huh? You Americansare all impure. You reproduce with whomever you choose, creating mutts likedogs."

Mulder spat at the man before him. "Fuck you."

Krycek's face started to turn red. "You want to play games with me?I'll play games, little man."

His hand came up and down hard as he slashed Mulder across the cheek withhis riding crop. Mulder howled once again as the crop left a bloody woundacross his cheek. Krycek then continued to smack Mulder all over his bodywith the riding crop, leaving bruises and cuts.

"Fox Mulder, Lieutenant, United States Air Force, 15769823," Muldersaid shakily.

"You are starting to bore me."

"Fox Mulder, Lieutenant, United States Air Force, 15769823."

Krycek looked down at Mulder's bleeding cheek. The blood was starting torun down his chin and leave crimson droplets on the floor. He sucked inhis breath. The blood was so red. He brought Mulder to his feet, staringat the blood, before moving in and licking up the trail with the tip ofhis tongue.

"Fox Mulder, Lieutenant, UnitedÖ" Mulder sucked in his breathin shock. What the hell was he doing?

Krycek continued to lap up the blood, a small moan escaping his lips. Hiseyes were closed, and he was practically purring. He held Mulder by theshoulders, sucking on his chin, getting every last drop. When the bloodstopped flowing, Krycek leaned back, licking his lips.

"What are you, some kind of vampire?"

"Hmph." Krycek's eyes gleamed an icy green. "Are you goingto tell me, Lt. Mulder, what I need to know? Hmmm??" He caressed thewounded cheek with his leather-gloved hand.

Mulder continued repeating his name, rank and serial number.

Krycek sighed. "If you won't tell me what I want to know, I'll finda better use for that mouth."

Mulder stopped speaking as he had temporarily lost the ability. He staredat the Nazi, terrified by the lust he saw in his eyes. He winced as Krycekstarted caressing him with the riding crop, following the contours of hisbody. The noticeable bulge in the crisp, black SS uniform pressed into hisleg. Mulder closed his eyes and used all his willpower to keep from screaming.//This can't be happening, this can't be happening.//

Suddenly, Krycek stopped what he was doing and looked down. It seemed thatsome of Mulder's blood had marred the shine on his perfect boots. He pushedMulder down on all fours. "Clean up your mess." He pointed tohis boots.

"What?" Mulder looked at the drops of blood on the shiny blackleather. "N- n-no, I won't do it. I can't do it."

"What do you mean, you *won't'*? Do it. Now."

"I can't."

Krycek's face turned red. "You will!" He smacked Mulder acrossthe buttocks with his riding crop, bringing a fresh bout of welts. "Doit!" he screamed.

Mulder could feel the welts rising on his skin. The pain was incredible.Slowly, he bent forward, bringing his face down to the Commandant's boots.He was almost gagging, he couldn't do it. He hovered above the shiny blackleather. Suddenly, the riding crop smacked him again, this time across hisback. He let out a cry as he bent his head to try again. He lapped at theboots once with his tongue, shuddering at the taste of his own blood. Hepulled away with a cry of disgust, shaking.

A smile crossed Krycek's face. He loved it when prisoners were forced tosubmit. But this was just the beginning for Lt. Mulder. He had grand plansfor him. Krycek stepped back and undressed quickly. He stood before Mulderagain, this time wearing only his boots and his hat.

"Stay where you are, Lt. Mulder," he said softly. "Do notmove." Krycek ran the riding crop over Mulder's body again, over thewelts on his back and buttocks then down. He could hear Mulder suck in hisbreath as he ran the crop between the American's ass cheeks. He paid specialattention to that area, rubbing the end of it against the ring of musclethere.

Mulder didn't know whether to moan or cry. He bit his lip to keep from doingeither.

"Finish cleaning my boots." Krycek said, slapping him lightlyon the ass to reiterate the obvious punishment if he did not.

Shaking, Mulder bent his head and lapped up the smooth, shiny leather. Firstone boot, then the other. He breathed a sigh of relief as he ran his tonguearound the top of the second boot. Finished, he sat back, finally able tobreathe.

"Keep going."

Mulder looked up in disbelief. "What?"

"Keep going." The crop came up to threaten the man below him.

He looked at the German without comprehension.

"Clean *me* now."

He looked at the Nazi in horror. His stomach turned as he realized whathe wanted him to do.

"I said *now*"

"I *can't*. Please," he whimpered.

Krycek pressed the tip of his crop inside Mulder warningly.

Shaking violently, Mulder returned his tongue to Krycek's legs. This timeabove the shiny leather. He ran his tongue up the skin, tasting him, wantingto spit the taste out of his mouth. When he got to the thigh, he switchedto the other leg, returning to just above the top of the boot.

"Higher!" Krycek demanded.

Mulder moaned faintly, praying he would just kill him, instead of makinghim do this. Suddenly, the crop came up again to threaten him. Mulder raisedhis arms to block its blow. Instead the crop caressed his chin and broughthis face up to meet the German's gaze.

"Your face is too pretty for such scars."

Mulder could feel tears well up in his eyes.

"Now. Higher!"

"No! You can kill me, but I won't do it!"

"Oh, I won't kill you, my pretty American. But I will throw you inwith the criminals. What do you think they will do to you? You will be thepopular one, for certain."

Mulder's mouth opened and closed as he realized that being raped by oneman was better than by a dozen. He forced himself to move closer to theCommandant, almost sobbing as his tongue came into contact with the hotflesh again. He could smell the musk of the other man's arousal. He lickedup to where thigh met groin. Krycek let out a small moan as Mulder slowlymoved up to where the dark, curly hair was. He swallowed the lump down inhis throat as his tongue made its way up to the Nazi's heavy sac.

"Suck me!" the German ordered, not touching him, preferring toforce him to do it on his own.

Mulder tried, licking tentatively, gagging at the taste.

"I said suck, not lick. Don't you know the difference?" He raisedhis crop at Mulder again. "Fucking American dogs, so stupid,"he muttered under his breath.

Mulder swallowed a moan, trying not to let the Commandant see just how muchthis was upsetting him. He wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Reluctantly,Mulder took the tip of the man's cock in his mouth. Tears welled up in hiseyes as he started to suck on the fragile skin. He contemplated biting down,but knew that if he did, he would never get out alive. Despite everything,he still hadn't given up hope of surviving this ordeal.

Krycek started to thrust into his mouth, forcing him to take the cock deepinto his throat. He closed his eyes and moaned as he started to fuck Mulder'smouth.

Mulder started to gag, but Krycek didn't move away. He managed to relaxhis throat muscles before he choked.

"That's it. Suck it down." Krycek grabbed a handful of Mulder'shair and pulled hard as he came into the American's mouth.

Tears streamed down Mulder's face as he pulled back. He spit Krycek's comeon the floor in the corner, unable to swallow the bitter liquid. He gagged,then started to choke.

Krycek hit him, knocking him flat on the floor. Staring at the Americanat his feet, Krycek decided to make it far worse for him. The Commandantdropped down, straddling Mulder, reaching out to take his cock into hishand. He was going to make Mulder participate and enjoy it.

He stroked the limp cock, gripping it warningly when Mulder tried to pullaway. Mulder was horrified to feel himself begin to harden. The nazi couldn'tresist and reached out and pinched one of Mulder's nipples. Mulder couldn'tprevent a cry of unwilling pleasure from escaping him.

Krycek leaned down, taking Mulder's erection in his mouth. He loved to dothis.

//I can't do this, I can't do this.// Mulder thought to himself. //But itfeels so good.//

Krycek swirled his tongue over the head, gaining another moan from Mulderwho arched up into his mouth. He barely prevented himself from begging formore. Mulder was caught between the pleasure of and the disgust of Kryceksucking his cock.

Krycek was hard again by now, aroused by the sight of the beautiful Americanwrithing under him. He wanted to put that hardness to good use, but he wantedMulder willing. Taking two fingers, he sucked on them for a minute, coatingthem with saliva. Reaching down, he inserted one, then another into Mulder'stight opening, stretching him quickly.

Mulder bit his lip and held still, using all his strength not to thrustthose fingers deeper into him. Suddenly, he was on all fours, and the Naziwas quickly entering him, stretching him farther and farther apart. Muldercried out at the pain, but there was pleasure as well.

Krycek slammed into Mulder, his balls slapping against the American's ass.And what a sweet ass it was. So tight, so hot. He reached over and tookhold of Mulder's cock, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

Mulder moaned, he could feel that he was going to come. How could he beenjoying this? This man was his enemy, his captor, his rapist. The thoughtsfell from his mind as his creamy fluid shot out of his cock onto the stainedconcrete below. Finally, he couldn't hold back a cry of pleasure.

Krycek grinned in triumph and slammed into him one more time. He let outa cry of his own as he came deeply into the American's ass. He pulled awayfrom Mulder, who curled up into a ball of misery on the floor.

Krycek dressed quickly and started to leave the cell. He stopped at thedoor to look back at the shivering man.

"I hope you choose not to answer my questions again tomorrow."He laughed to himself as the door closed again with a loud clang, leavingMulder to sob quietly to himself on the floor.