X-Files M/K An AU in another time
Title: Interrogation II: The Deal
Author: Orithain and Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Summary: The torture continues for Mulder, caught behind enemy lines.

****Warning: Nonconsensual sex along with general Nazi nastiness.****

Comments: Te said there wasn't enough foreplay in part one. We're makingup for that fact here. But if you like our usual schmoop, you're not goingto find it in this series. So don't say we didn't warn you.


Fox Mulder was still scared. Not to mention tired, cold, and his ass wasincredibly sore. He tried to curl up into a ball in his cell, but the chainsprevented him from doing so. He groaned in pain as they cut deeper intohis wrists and ankles. They moved him to another cell this morning; it wasquieter here at the end of the hallway. He could sleep a little. But itwas so cold, and they hadn't given him a blanket. He shivered constantly,trying to generate some warmth by moving as much as possible in the chainsthey had put back on him after Krycek left him the day before.

He sniffed a tear away as he thought about what happened yesterday. Howthe hell could he have had an orgasm with that Nazi pig? How could he findpleasure in such a despicable act? He tried to throw up afterward, but hehad not eaten in four days. This happened every time he thought about whathe had done with the Nazi. He didn't know if the memories or the dry heaveshurt more.

He started to convulse again, the chains pulling tight as he choked andfought back the bile that wouldn't come. He had to calm down, had to remainin control, had to keep the faith. Someone would come and rescue him, hewas an American dammit! They couldn't treat him this way. "They can'ttreat me this way," he whispered as another tear slid down his cheek.


Sturmbahnfuehrer Krycek looked in the mirror and straightened his uniform.He loved how the starchy, black material complimented his skin tone. Blackwas his color. He fiddled with his Knights Cross of Iron around his neck.It was hard to keep straight as it was so heavy. It took patience and timeto get it right. He had little of either.

He did not receive the highest honor in the Third Reich by being patient.Three years on the Eastern Front, being a good soldier is what got you medalshere, not ass kissing and politics. Krycek smiled to himself as he thoughtof his proudest moment. He led the advance on Kharkov, killing hundredsin various painful ways. He had been decorated three times before that forother battles along the Front. One time he and a Panzer Division wiped outa whole village. They killed everyone, save for the young men whom theytortured for five days then killed anyway. The Eastern Front was no picnic.The fourth time he was decorated, it was here in Berlin by the Fuehrer himself.That's when the SS took note of his interrogation techniques and made himthe offer. His Uberbahnfuehrer at that time was quite proud of young Krycek.He would sit back and smoke cigarette after cigarette while watching Krycekhone his craft. Unfortunately, in war, all must die, including his smokingcolleague. A shot in the temple by a British weapon was all it took, sometimes.

Now he had Lt. Mulder to keep him busy. //He will talk. He will submit.And if he does not talk, he will submit again and again.// A laugh escapedhis lips as he pulled on the large black hat. The skull and crossbones thatdecorated it below the eagle and swastika shone brilliantly in the light.

"Welcome to hell, Lt. Mulder. I am the Devil. And you will be worshippingat my feet before I'm done with you." He laughed again as he steppedaway from his mirror and gave himself a final look before leaving his quarters.


Mulder looked up, eyes wide as the door swung open. The walls and door wereso thick that he could not hear them come down the hallway. At any minute,such as this particular one, someone could walk through the door. Mulderswallowed, his mouth bone dry. It was him. He was wearing a long, leathertrenchcoat over his uniform. How Mulder wanted that coat. He was so cold,so tired.

Krycek bent down and looked at his captive. "How is my little dog today?Hmmm? My little American mutt." He reached out and caressed the scabon Mulder's cheek from his torture yesterday. "Are you ready to talk,my little dog? Or do you want more of what happened yesterday?"

Mulder tried very hard to keep from heaving. He couldn't talk. He was horrifiedto think of what happened yesterday.

"Tell me, Lt. Mulder. When are your allies planning their next bombingraid? Where is it going to be? Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg? Where?" He sawthe terror in Mulder's eyes. Once again he reached out to touch the scabon his cheek with a leather-gloved hand. "You will tell me these answers,Lt. Mulder," he whispered.

"N-n=no. I won't. You'll have to kill me first," Mulder croaked.

Kryek's eyes narrowed. This was not what he wanted to hear. "You *will*!Have you not learned your lesson from yesterday? Hmm? Do you want *more*of the crop?" Krycek brandished the riding crop to embellish his point.

"I won't-I won't betray my country."

"Fuck your country." Krycek drew up the riding crop and startedbeating Mulder relentlessly. Mulder cried out in pain from each blow. Kycekmade sure to reopen many of Mulder's wounds from the previous whipping,watching the blood flow with lust blazing in his cold green eyes. He stopped.He was panting as hard as Mulder. Turning, he took off the gloves, thenthe heavy coat and hat and hung them on one of the hooks on the wall.

"P-p-p-please," moaned Mulder.

Krycek's eyes narrowed again as he knelt before his captive. The blood wasflowing freely now from various wounds on his body. He bent over Mulderand once again licked several of the lashmarks, lapping away the blood hungrily.As each cut stopped bleeding, he repeated the process on another one, leavingonly the one on Mulder's face untouched. He didn't want that one to scar.

Mulder whimpered as he felt the Nazi's tongue run over his wounds. //Notagain, not again. No, not again.// He tried to remain calm but started buckingand convulsing again.

Krycek stood back for a minute before producing the key to unchain Mulderfrom his shackles. As he unlocked the last one, Mulder scurried to cowerin a corner. Krycek raised his eyebrows. //Yes, just like a little dog.//He was still hot. He took off his jacket and the Iron Cross around his neck.Now was the time to make his deal.

"Lt. Mulder, how would you like some food?"

Mulder looked over at the man towering above him. He was so hungry, justthe mention of food sent his stomach growling. "Food?"

Krycek's mouth twisted into a leer. "Yes, food. But this food is notfree." He knelt before Mulder again and started caressing his thigh."All food must be bought."

Mulder stared at Krycek in horror. //Did he just say what I thought he said?//"No fucking way!"

Krycek looked at Mulder for a minute. His face growing red. "I don'tbelieve you have a choice." Krycek then left the cell.

"Oh god, please don't let him do this to me again," Mulder whimpered

Krycek came back a minute later with a small tray of food. "If youtouch this, I will draw and quarter you. We still do that, you know."Krycek let out a small laugh before proceeding to get undressed. He strippeddown and put his boots back on before looking at Mulder again.

"Now. A piece of bread requires you to lick my boots. Both of them.You may begin now."

Mulder looked up at the contempt in the Nazi's eyes. "Please don'tmake me do that again."

"As I said, Lt. Mulder, you have no choice. Now, clean my boots."

Mulder knelt down and stuck his tongue out. He gagged once before applyingit to Krycek's boots. He licked one, then the other, choking down sobs thewhole way.

"That's it, my little doggy, lick them clean." Krycek said. Hehad to admit, Lt. Mulder was a very good prisoner. Always willing to dojust what his captors wanted him to - except talk - but that would change.

When Mulder had finished his job, Krycek handed him a piece of brown bread.It was heavenly. A strong nutty flavor, moist, the best bread he had evertasted. Mulder ensured to take small bites as his stomach might not be ableto handle large pieces after having nothing in it for days.

Krycek waited until Mulder was finished before tilting his head up withthe riding crop. He noticed how his hazel eyes had flecks of gold in them."You must be thirsty after that bread. You may clean my legs with yourtongue for a sip of water."

Mulders' mouth opened and closed, but then his eyes dropped in defeat. Herose to his knees and put his hands on the back of Krycek's legs. If nothingelse, being close to this Nazi pig gave him some warmth. One after the other,Mulder licked up the legs before him, stopping at the crease where leg metthigh, as he did yesterday.

"That was very good. You may now have your water." Krycek handedMulder a small tin cup, filled to the brim with cool, clean water.

Mulder took the cup carefully, so as not to spill even a single drop, anddrank the water down, hoping to rinse the taste of Krycek from his mouth.

He handed the cup back to Krycek. Finally, food and water. How long hadit been? Would it be enough to sustain him, or would it just be enough tokeep him alive to have them torture him until the end of the war? Wheneverthat would be.

"This is a small bowl of broth." Krycek pointed to an object onthe tray. "It's not much, but it's better than the other prisonersare getting. I would like you to stand and lick my nipples. I want you todo a good job too. When I am satisfied, you may have the broth."

Mulder stood up, Krycek helping him to his feet. They were face to face.He was about 2" shorter than the other man, which Mulder attributedto the boots. He was not that old either, 32, 35 at the most. His greeneyes were like emeralds, almost glowing. They might have been kind eyesat one time but now showed the ravages of war, hard and cold like ice. Mulderbent down and put his arms around his captor; Krycek was so warm. He beganlicking one brown, flat nipple, bringing it to a hard peak.

Krycek closed his eyes and sighed. Oh, this felt good. He wove his handthrough Mulder's hair, bringing his head over to his other nipple. Muldertugged on it with his teeth, nipping at the hairs that surrounded it. Krycekcould feel himself start to harden. His cock ached to be touched. Finally,he brought Mulder's head away from his chest.

"That was very good, Lt. Mulder. You may now have the broth."He handed the tin bowl to Mulder, who started drinking it down slowly, hishazel eyes locked on his own. When Mulder was done, he took the bowl fromhim and replaced it on the tray.

Krycek smiled. "I have something here that not too many people have,Lt. Mulder. I have an orange. The whole thing is yours if you suck my cock.What do you say?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Yes. I can chain you up again, and you can watch *me* eat the orange."

Mulder licked his lips. He wanted that orange.

"Have you ever known someone to die of scurvy, Lt. Mulder? All yourinsides turn to jelly, the tissue disintegrates, it's quite messy. On theeastern front, scurvy is rampant. I will not bore you with tales of deathand disintegration right now, however. What's it going to be?"

Mulder nodded his head.

"I'm glad. Now. Suck my cock."

Mulder knelt before the man and steadied himself for a minute before takinga deep breath. He pulled Krycek's foreskin back, showing a purple headedcock. It was very hard. Mulder licked the tip, bringing a shudder from above.He could smell the other man's musk, feeling with horror his own cock reactto it. Licking the underside of the head, his lips closed around it. Applyingsteady suction, he took in another inch, then another, forcing himself torelax his throat muscles. His own cock was starting to throb. How couldthis be turning him on? How could his own body betray him like this? Hecontinued to suck on the Nazi's cock, swirling his tongue around and around,gaining satisfied sighs from above.

Krycek sucked in his breath. How he loved this man's mouth. He knew exactlywhat to do with his tongue as well. It didn't take long for Krycek to startmoaning and bucking, fucking Mulder's mouth. Finally, with a grunt, he came,emptying himself down Mulder's throat. When Mulder finished swallowing,he brought him up for a kiss. He needed to taste himself in the other man'smouth.

Mulder pulled away, his hazel eyes filled with confusion. //What the hellwas that?//

Krycek just smirked at him before turning away for a minute. When he turnedback, he had the orange in his hand. He started peeling the orange, lookingover at Mulder, noticing his erection.

"You have paid well for this morsel, Lieutenant."

Mulder's mouth watered as he smelled the zest of the orange release itstart scent.

Krycek decided to take his time peeling the orange and dividing it intosections. The perfect flesh glistened. Krycek took one of the sections andpressed it against Mulder's lips. The mouth opened and took it inside. Sectionafter section was fed to Mulder this way.

Mulder was in bliss. How could a thing like an orange be so sensual? Heclosed his eyes as another section of orange was pressed against his lips.Not only did he take the succulent bit of orange but the fingers that heldit inside his mouth, sucking on them, licking them. God, what was he doing?Was this real?

A shiver ran up Krycek's spine. He was starting to harden again. Just thelook of Mulder, holding onto his wrist, licking the juice from his fingerswas enough to bring a silent moan to his lips.

"That's good, lick it all up, get every last drop."

When Mulder was done with the orange, Krycek kissed him again. His tongueexplored the other man's mouth, tasting the sweet acidity of the orange.He noticed that Mulder had relaxed somewhat. He kissed him some more, hishands caressing the prisoner's back. Krycek moved in to rub his crotch againstMulder, letting their erections touch. A moan entered his mouth from theone before him. That was just what he wanted to hear.

A shockwave ran through Mulder. Did he just moan? Why was this particularman making him so hard? Suddenly, Krycek pulled away. Mulder suppressedthe whimper that formed on his lips. A gasp was let out instead as Krycekstarted to kiss down his neck and down, latching on to a nipple. Mulderreleased another moan. Oh god, this felt so good. How could this be? Howcould he get pleasure from a Nazi who, by the looks of the decorations onhis uniform, had killed many. He was SS for Christ's sake!

Krycek was rock hard. The smell and taste of this man was like nothing hehad smelled or tasted before. He forced himself to pull away and look atMulder. His lips were swollen from the kissing, as well as passion. He strokedthe side of his face with his hand before stepping away and laying his coaton the floor. He then lay flat on his back, hands behind his head, bringingMulder down to crouch beside him.

"How would you like a blanket?"

Mulder's eyebrows rose. "How?" Mulder couldn't imagine what morethe Nazi could want from him.

"There is one thing yet to do, Lieutenant. For that, you may have ablanket. Come here. I want you to kneel over me, straddling my waist."Krycek knew that this was risky, but Mulder was weak from lack of food,and he wasn't a fool. The American knew he couldn't escape, so Krycek waswilling to gamble for the resulting pleasure.

Mulder obeyed his captor but at the same time, tried to keep his ass frommaking contact with the German. No luck, Krycek forced him to sit down onhis haunches, bringing his ass into the cradle of Krycek's pelvis. Muldersat frozen, afraid to move, until Krycek's hand behind his neck forced himto bend forward to meet the other man's kiss. The position made it easyfor Krycek to slide his other hand over the American's ass.

He stroked one finger lightly over the tight ring of muscle, his hand onMulder's neck holding him down when he jumped at the sensation. Krycek graduallyworked three fingers inside Mulder, one after the other, making the otherman whimper with pleasure at the sensation. Finally, when Mulder was thrustinguncontrollably back on those fingers, unable to stop himself despite hishorror, Krycek pulled out of him.

Mulder whimpered in protest before he realized what he was doing. He wasso close to coming, his cock dripping with pre-cum.

"If you want more," Krycek whispered, "you have to take meinside you."

Mulder stared at him blankly, his hips still moving involuntarily.

Krycek tilted his pelvis suggestively, brushing his cock against Mulder'sass. Mulder's eyes widened as he realized what Krycek wanted him to do.


Krycek just laughed, stroking Mulder's cock and balls, keeping him on thebrink. He kept playing with the American's body until the other man wasnearly screaming, desperate to come. Every so often he stroked the yearninghole, never going inside despite Mulder's frantic movements. "Takeme into you," he repeated, holding his cock steady to make it easierfor the American...this time.

Finally, tears running down his face, Mulder shifted back until the cockpressed against his entrance. He closed his eyes, unable to look at Krycekat this moment, and forced himself down on it in one long, slow glide.

Krycek waited until he was nearly all the way inside Mulder before catchinghis hips and slamming him down while he thrust upward. Mulder screamed whenKrycek's cock hit his prostate, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Krycek forcedhimself to lie still, making Mulder do all the work. When he was close,he started to thrust into Mulder's ass and stroke his cock in the same rhythm.

Mulder started sweating in the damp cold of the cell. This felt so good,so good. Oh god, how could this feel so good? Coherent thought was rippedfrom Mulder's mind as his orgasm traveled through his body. His eyes flutteredclosed for a second as the bright light shone brightly from behind his eyelids.His body felt as if it was being turned inside out, and a raw moan escapedhis throat. He wanted to collapse on top of the other man, but he couldn'tbring himself to do it, couldn't show him he enjoyed it that much.

Krycek thrust his hips up one, two, three times, then he was done. A grimacecrossed his face as he came into the American with a cry. He breathed hard,his breath steaming in the rapidly cooling air of the cell. He looked upat Mulder, who was breathing heavily as well.

Mulder disengaged himself from the German and crept backwards until hisback was against the wall. He felt so dirty, so used. Yet he had this tinglingpassion running though his body from the orgasm.

"That was very nice, Lt. Mulder. Unfortunately, you are not done, quiteyet."

Mulder looked at the man as if he was crazy. What more could he put himthrough? How much was he to endure?

"You may lick me clean, then it is finished."

Mulder's mouth opened. Lick him clean? Of his own cum? He stifled a gag,not wanting to lose the food he just ate. Who knew how long it would bebefore he ate again.

"Come here, Lt. Mulder, let's have that sweet mouth of yours do somegood." Krycek grabbed Mulder by the wrist, gaining a cry from the otherman when he squeezed his welt.

Mulder knelt over Krycek and started lapping up the cum. The absence offood for a few days had afforded him very little cum. He licked along theNazi's stomach and chest, over his nipples and up to his chin, getting everylast speck. Suddenly, the German pushed him away and stood up.

Krycek dressed quickly. The guards would be coming down the hallway anyminute for the rounds. He couldn't be caught naked with another man. Nomatter what his rank and decorations, homosexuality was not tolerated inthe Third Reich. He would rather die than sew a pink triangle on his clothesand be treated as one of the impure. Collecting the tray, he opened thecell door. Bending down, he picked up a thin blanket from the floor outside,tossing it over Mulder. He left without a word, leaving Mulder to clutchhis reward around himself while he tried to hold back his sobs.