Interrogations IIa: Addictions
X-Files M/K An AU in another time
Title: Interrogations IIa: Addictions
Author: Orithain and Nicole S.
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and m/m sex.

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Spoilers: None.

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Summary: What would Mulder do for a cigarette?

****WARNING: Nonconsensual sex and general Nazi nastiness****

Note: This started out as an apology snippet to Spike because we forgotto credit her with the idea for Interrogation II - Mulder turning the tableson Krycek. Sorry, hon, and thanks for the idea; I think you can tell weliked it! <g> But neither of us is very good at doing short. :::shrug:::We also have to thank someone for the cigarette thing, but neither of uscan remember who - Drovar or Feklar maybe? Anyway, thanks, whoever you are!BTW, this takes place between I2 and I3.


Mulder was curled up in a ball on the floor in the corner. He was shiveringand bloody after another session of beatings by Krycek. He knew what cameafter the beatings but didn't want to think about it. He closed his eyesand tried to think of something else, something to dull the pain, to takehis mind off the inevitable. Various images ran through his mind until hefound a suitable distraction Cigarettes. He hadn't had a cigarette in overa week. He could smell the smoke lingering on Krycek's uniform when he camein, and he could faintly smell it now from where it now hung on the pegsalong the wall. What he wouldn't do_. He stopped that thought in mid-flow.He didn't need one that badly.

"What are you thinking, Lt. Mulder? You are smiling."

Mulder hesitated to answer. He knew that it would only give Krycek somethingelse to "bargain" with him for. The last thing he needed was togive the bastard something else to demand sexual favors for. So he was shockedto hear himself say, "Cigarettes. I was thinking, I would like a cigarette."

"A cigarette?"


"I have cigarettes. I have American cigarettes, in my pocket. I mightlet you have one."

Mulder opened his eyes and looked up at Krycek looming over him.

"For a price."

Mulder knew what he was asking. Krycek's erection bobbed in the air abovehim. The craving for a smoke was raging through his body, wrestling withhis mind and countering his horror at what he would have to do to get one.But now that he knew he *could* get a cigarattee, he couldn't stop thinkingabout it. He wanted it so badly it was almost sexual; that had to be whyhe was hardening. He licked his lips before he spoke.

"What's your price?"

Krycek moved back and leaned against a wall. "If you suck my cock,I will let you share one with me."

Mulder swallowed. "I just have to_" he breathed in deeply "_suckyour cock?"

"Yes. No more, but no less, either."

Mulder pursed his lips together.

"Lt. Mulder, I hope you realize that you will have to perform yourdaily duty, whether you reap a reward or not."

Mulder closed his eyes and exhaled. Silently, he moved over to the otherman standing against the wall. He put his hands around the Nazi's legs tobrace himself as he moved in on the erection waiting for him.

"That's it. Earn your reward."

Mulder took the wrinkled skin of the foreskin in his mouth, nibbling onthe end, sucking at the fluid leaking out of it. He knew that if he dida good job, that might be the only *service* he would have to provide today.He refused to think about the faint twinge of disappointment that ran throughhim at the thought.

Krycek sighed as Mulder pulled the foreskin back and licked the sensitivehead. He teased the slit with the tip of his tongue, gaining satisfied moansfrom above. He then took a bit of the large member in his mouth, suckingon the tip; inch by inch he swallowed Krycek until he felt the hairs athis groin tickle his nose.

Krycek threaded his fingers through Mulder's short hair. "My littleHund, mein schoener kleiner Hund."

Mulder sucked on the large cock moving in and out of his mouth. Oh god,he was getting hard. He knew he would get hard. He still could not believehe could he get aroused from doing this. How? He brought his hand up tocaress Krycek's balls in the heavy sac that hung below it, wanting thisover quickly. His strategy worked as he felt them tighten in his hand. Kryceklet out a loud groan as he emptied himself into Mulder's mouth and downhis throat. Mulder licked the last remaining drops from the Nazi beforesitting back on his haunches.

"Come here, let me taste you," Krycek said as he brought Mulderup to face him. He kissed him, his tongue probing the hot interior, tastinghis own cum. He could feel Mulder's burgeoning erection press into his thigh.He pulled away and looked into the American's eyes.

"You have earned your reward, Lt. Mulder. Come, sit with me, and wewill have our cigarette."

Mulder sat on the cot while Krycek fished in his pockets. Mulder heard thefamiliar strike and sizzle of a match igniting, the smell of sulfur, thenthe familiar scent of Virginia tobacco burning.

Krycek turned around and exhaled. He could see Mulder practically salivatingover the cigarette. He sat down beside his captive before taking anotherdrag and passed the cigarette to Mulder.

Mulder took the slim object from Krycek and brought it to his lips. He tooka small drag then inhaled. He closed his eyes as the wisps of smoke randown his lungs and out again as he exhaled. He took a larger drag and inhaledagain before passing the cigarette back to Krycek. His lungs filled withthe smoke, burning the lining, feeling so good. His head swam as he exhaled,the smoke billowing up and around the light bulb in the ceiling. His cocktwitched.

Silently, they smoked the cigarette, each man passing it back and forthuntil it was a small butt, which Krycek stamped out before returning itto his pocket. He turned to face Mulder.

"How would you like another one?"

Mulder remained silent.

"How would you like another cigarette, Lieutenant? This one would beyour very own. I would even leave you in peace while you smoked it."

Mulder licked his lips, tasting the nicotine that had deposited itself there.

"What would I have to do?" Mulder said, knowing full well whatthe price would be.

"I am going to fuck you."

"What if I don't want to?"

"Then you don't get your cigarette. Either way, I am fucking you. Tellyou what, Lt. Mulder, I will make you a deal. If you come, you may haveit."

Mulder looked up at the other man. Why had his cock suddenly hardened? Whydid thinking about being with this man arouse him this much? Krycek's cockhad hardened again as well, the purple head peeking through the foreskin.

"Stand." Krycek cupped Mulder's chin in his hand and brought himup to face him again. He kissed him one more time before turning him toface the wall.

Mulder braced himself against the wall with his hands as he felt Krycekpress up behind him.

"Spread your legs, wide."

Mulder complied, his cock now throbbing with anticipation. He gasped asone of Krycek's fingers entered him, stretching him as it was joined byanother. The two fingers widened his channel enough to fit a third fingerin. He rubbed back against them, biting his lip to keep from moaning outloud.

Krycek smiled as the American shuddered before him. He wanted him to gainhis reward. He liked rewarding his captive; every time he did, it got easierand easier to fuck him. Finally, Mulder let out a moan. Yes, that's whathe was waiting for.

Krycek reached around to feel Mulder's cock dripping streams of pre-cum.He gathered as much as he could and slicked his cock up with that, his ownpre- cum and some saliva.

Mulder gasped as Krycek entered him. This was the feeling he relished themost, the initial penetration. So sweet and painful at the same time. Slowlyhe was filled until he could feel the other man's hot breath on his neck.His cock was throbbing, he was sweating. It amazed him how good this felt.

Krycek wrapped his arms around Mulder, caressing his torso before settlingdown on his hips. He moved in and out of the American with ease. Muldergasped as Krycek leaned forward and nuzzled the back of his neck, lickinga small cut that was there. The smell of this man made him want him allthe more. He quickened his pace and reached up to pinch one of Mulder'snipples again.

Krycek's cock dragged across Mulder's prostate with every stroke, bringingtiny shudders to his body. His nipples were being pinched and caressed toextreme hardness. He now got the challenge. The Nazi wasn't going to touchhis cock! Mulder moaned as much out of disappointment as of pleasure. Hehad to come, he wanted that cigarette. Mulder closed his eyes and focusedall his energy on the good feelings that came from this. He was moaningand breathing heavily now as the Nazi thrust into him. He had to come, heneeded to come. Mulder thrust back to greet the other man's hips, //oh god,yes, just a little more, just a little_//

Krycek's eyes rolled back in his head as bright lights went off behind them.He could feel Mulder's ass clench on his cock as he came, milking him ofall his fluid. He gave a little smile as he rested his head on Mulder'sshoulder. He knew he would come. With a reward dangling in front of him,Lt. Mulder always came. He felt Mulder shudder again as the final stagesof the orgasm ran through his body. He liked having Lt. Mulder as a prisoner,and as long as the war lasted, he would be his.