Creative High-Jinks

Author: Night Owl

Rating: NC-17 K/Sk

Summary: Krycek is bored and sets out to prove a point to the recently deceased Diana. (Iâm ignoring canon timeline, humor me).




It had been hell-week at work. Surprisingly, none of it had anything to do with Mulder. Mulder had been a good boy all week. Skinner was concerned, it could only mean that Mulder was up to something. All he could do was wait and see what brewed. In the meantime, he decided that, since it was Friday, he was going to take a night away from work and get slightly sloshed. It had been a while. He deserved it. So, there Skinner found himself in a dark corner of his favorite bar. It was a quiet place, out of the way, and they served a great burger. While contemplating his way through the massive burger and his second tankard of dark ale, the seat across from him was suddenly occupied. He didnât remember inviting anyone to join him.

"Excus... oh, it's you," he knew his hell-week wasn't over. Krycek stole a fry off Skinner's plate.

"Chill out, Skinner, even I get hungry. Besides, I'm taking the night off from creative high-jinks." He took a gulp from Skinner's tankard. Skinner grabbed it out of Krycek's hand.

"Get your own," he growled with a frown.

"Touchy, touchy," Krycek tisked with a shake of his head. He snapped his fingers and motioned to the tankard, indicating another one and a plate for him, also.

"Can I at least finish my last meal before you zap me again?" Skinner asked politely. Krycek frowned in confusion for a moment.

"Oh, that," he waved his hand. "They have a short life-span, Skinner. They are experimental. Besides, they were Diana's toys. I told her they were the wrong way to work you, but she refused to listen. She's dead now, so fuck her."

"Thank you, I'd rather not," Skinner muttered. Krycek laughed.

"No doubt. Can't blame you there. Bitch was fucking the old man, God knows what he gave her." Krycek shook his head disapprovingly. Skinner put his burger down, suddenly loosing his appetite.

"That has to be one of the most disgusting mental images that I have ever had," he complained. Krycek picked up the discarded burger and bit into it.

"Sorry," he said with a full mouth and shrugged, not the least bit sorry. He wiped and took another mouthful of ale.

This was not a side of Krycek that Skinner was used to seeing. If Skinner didn't know better, he could actually get to like this person. Skinner knew better.

"Don't back-wash into my drink," Skinner warned him. Krycek glared at him.

"Contrary to popular opinion, my mother didn't raise a barbarian." He belched and looked around for his own ale.

"You had a mother?" Skinner asked in amazement. He knew he was talking a chance on his life, but what the hell?

"Ha-ha, very funny," Krycek said. "Yes, I had a mother and a father. I actually had an entire family. You're not the only one to lose someone to the Cause."

Skinner suddenly felt bad for his words, never having thought about Krycek with a family.

"I'm sorry, Alex," he said sincerely. Krycek waved his hand, dismissing it. "Are any of them still alive?" he asked. Krycek shrugged.

"I don't know." Krycek bit into his own fresh burger. He spoke nonchalantly, but Skinner saw the pain that was rapidly hidden. They ate in silence for a while.

"So. No work? Vacation?" Skinner asked, breaking the silence.

"Nothing important, so I decided to take a day off, play a little. Relax."

Skinner couldn't imagine it. Curiosity got the better of him. "What do you consider play? How do you relax?" It must be the ale.

"How does anyone play and relax? I read a book, take in a movie, veg in front of the TV, fuck my brains out. One year I even took myself to Disneyland. You don't need to tell Mulder that."

Krycek in Disneyland was definitely Mulder territory.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Krycek?"

"I have.. partners."

Skinner finished his ale and signaled for another.

"More than one girlfriend. I see," he said. Krycek was amused for some reason.

"No, I don't think you do. A girlfriend assumes a personal relationship. I have no room in my life for a personal relationship. I have certain Îpartners' that fulfill my needs just as I fulfill theirs. We use each other for mutual gratification.

"You really can't tell me that you've never done that, Skinner," Krycek said with a knowing lift of an eyebrow. Skinner flushed, glad that the darkness covered it.

"Once. And it didn't exactly turn out well at first light."

Krycek chuckled, "Yes, well, I'm a little more experienced at choosing temporary partners. Common whores aren't my style, not that I have any objection to free enterprise. I prefer choosing someone with a little more class."

Something about Krycek's speech pattern was tugging at Skinner, but he was too buzzed to work on it. Curiosity got the better of him on another aspect of it all.

"How do you.. you know, pick up a woman for the night, without getting personally involved? Doesn't she expect to be dated, wined and dined?" he leaned over the table to ask privately. Krycek wiped his mouth and put the napkin down.

"You just be subtle about it. Most times you get a 'fuck off, creep', but women have needs, too. You catch one on a hormonal peek and she's ready to jump anything that moves." He could see that Skinner was still a little unsure. He moved the dishes aside.

"You be nice to her, but don't shoot out any overtures of permanency. Look, if you're in a bar, a good bar, you ask it the seat next to her is taken. She looks you over and says yes or no. Yes, and you sit down and order something. You ask her how her day's been. If she wants to talk she'll answer you. Risk a solicitous pat on her hand." Krycek reached across the table and gave Skinner's hand a gentle pat before taking it in his own. "Then you offer some free advice, give her hand a squeeze. If she's further interested, you'll know. Ask her if you can escort her home. Make sure you have a condom or two on you. Then again, a lot of women know what they want and you may get asked outright how far away you live."

Skinner was getting the strangest feeling from the hand holding his. A thumb was softly stroking the back of his hand. It zipped through him, straight to his groin. He pulled his hand away and took a gulp of ale. Krycek still looked amused.

"Something the matter?" he asked. Skinner shook his head.

"No.. no, nothing."

Krycek took a fry, wrapping his full lips around it before biting it in half. Skinner looked away.

"You do live close by, don't you?" Krycek asked, licking the salt from his lips with the tip of a pink tongue.

"You know I do, Krycek," Skinner said automatically. Krycek set money down for the bill and stood up.

"Come on, you're buzzed, I'll take you home," he said, motioning Skinner out of the booth. "Three ales and you're down," he shook his head with regret. Skinner was going to protest, but when he stood up the world spun.

"Whoa," Krycek steadied him with an arm around his waist.

"They were big tankards, Alex," Skinner reminded him. "Three ales was easily six beers."

"Yeah, yeah. Remind me not to do shots with you."

Skinner's condo was two blocks away, so Krycek steered him along the sidewalk, listening to the older man talk about people in various departments that he'd been having problems with.

" after seven months of surveillance, that idiot Solomon traipses onto the scene, puts his fingerprints all over everything before the lab can get in there, re-arranges the bodies because he felt that their previous owners would have appreciated it. He then conducts his own little press conference, giving out victim's names even before ID's were verified, much less the families notified. The entire seven months was blown to hell," he said loudly to the heavens, waving his arms and throwing them both off balance.

"And you let him live?" Krycek asked seriously. Skinner looked suspiciously at him.

"He'd better be alive come Monday morning, Alex," Skinner warned him. "He's mine to kill, keep your mitts off him."

Krycek burst out laughing. They stood at the corner, waiting for the light to change so that they could cross the street. Skinner peered myopically at him in the street light.

"You got pretty eyes," he said. Krycek laughed again.

"So do you, Walter," Krycek said. Skinner sniffed at him.

"And you smell good. You use cologne?"

"No, just soap and water." Cologne leaves a distinct scent; not a good thing for an undercover agent.

Krycek managed to get Skinner up to the 17th floor without further incident. Skinner collapsed onto the couch with a grunt. Krycek hauled him up again,

"Come on, big guy, you fall asleep there, you'll wake up with a stiff neck and back."

"Slept on the couch before," Skinner muttered.

"So humor me," Krycek said. He pulled Skinner up the stairs to the bedroom and let him fall onto the bed. Krycek bent, pulled Skinner's shoes off and put his legs onto the bed.

"Ruined my plans for the evening," Krycek said under his breath as he loosened Skinner's belt and shirt buttons.

"What plans?" Skinner asked. Krycek froze, he didn't think he said that loud enough for Skinner to hear. Well, Skinner's drunk, may as well be honest, he probably won't remember it.

"I was going to at least get a kiss out of you, if nothing else." Fun and games with Skinner...

Skinner frowned in thought. Thinking was a little abstract for him at the moment.

"Oh. So what's stopping you?" he asked. Krycek just looked down at him.

"You are too drunk to even know what you just said," Krycek said. Skinner shook his head.

"I'm only a little drunk, I know what I said. I'll give it a try, go for it." Skinner puckered up and made a kissing sound in the air.

"You'll try? Have you ever been with a man before?" Krycek asked. Skinner shook his head.

"Nope," he stated positively. Krycek felt in over his head, an unusual feeling for him. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. What the hell...

He leaned down and kissed Skinner. To his surprise, the kiss was returned.

"Mmmmm," Skinner murmured, "Always did like making out. Ladies always told me I was good at it. You kiss nice, Alex."

This was so surreal, Krycek thought. Maybe he should call Mulder and have an X-File opened on the incident.

"Thank you, so do you," he responded. It amazed him, Skinner really did kiss well. Skinner tugged at his arm.

"Lay down, Alex, make out with me," he invited. "I miss making out. It's nice having someone here." Krycek was reminded of a sixteen year old boy begging his girl for a little nookie. Nothing better to do, he kicked his boots off and laid down. Skinner's reaction in the morning should prove interesting. Skinner turned on his side to face Krycek and leaned in for another kiss which Krycek willingly gave him. Just who was seducing who here? he thought.

The men lay facing each other, kissing easily, discovering each other. Krycek touched his tongue to Skinner's mouth and the older man hesitated for a moment.

"Open up, Walter, let me taste you," Krycek whispered. He kissed Skinner again, using a little more intimate pressure. He flicked his tongue at Skinner's lips and was rewarded. Skinner was still as he felt another man's tongue for the first time. He couldn't find much of a difference between and man and a woman, both were soft and velvety. He relaxed a little and tried to return the act. Krycek moaned his approval and pressed a little closer, rubbing his hand down Skinner's back and up to his shoulders.

Once Skinner was responding enthusiastically to the kissing, Krycek began to bring his hand forward over Skinner's ribs until he could feel a hard nipple under his thumb. He rubbed his thumb over it rhythmically, pinching it gently before rubbing again. Skinner moaned and moved restlessly against him. Krycek pulled at his shirt until Skinner's chest was bared to him and he could stroke the nipple freely. He broke the kiss gently and nibbled at Skinner's neck a little before going lower. Skinner rolled over onto his back. Krycek unbuttoned Skinner's shirt and moved it out of the way.

"Very nice," he murmured, stroking the fur and muscles. He bent and licked at a nipple which hardened nicely under his tongue. He sucked at it, tugging with his teeth as Skinner threaded his fingers in Krycek's hair. Krycek moved his hand to Skinner's lower back and held him firmly in place while he suckled, licked and nipped.

"Oh, my God, Alex," Skinner finally moaned out loud.

"You like that? You like your nipples played with?" Krycek asked.

"Oh, yeah," Skinner breathed.

"Is there anything else you'd like played with?" Krycek asked again.

"Everything," Skinner responded. "Take off your shirt." Slightly impatient, Skinner helped Krycek get his shirt off. He trailed his fingers over Krycek's smooth, muscled chest, tracing the plains and valleys. The only hair was a small black line under his navel, disappearing into his jeans with mouth watering temptation. He touched a nipple, pleased that the small nub hardened under his touch. It felt a little unusual so Skinner took a closer look.

"Are those holes?" Skinner asked in concern.

"Yeah, I had rings when I was young and stupid. They never closed up."

"What else did you have pierced?" Skinner asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Just the ear, smart-ass." Krycek dove for Skinner's other nipple, sending the man back into never-never land with a groan. He licked and suckled his way back up to Skinner's mouth while his hand went lower. He caressed the inside of Skinner's mouth as he found a hard bulge within the older man's pants. Krycek squeezed firmly and rubbed, pleased when Skinner arched into his hand and moaned. Krycek took that as a positive response, so he unzipped the pants and reached inside, searching through a nest of thick hair, until his found his prize. A big prize! He took Skinner's cock in his hand and rubbed it with a firm grasp. Skinner took his mouth from Krycek's and gasped out loud.

"God, Krycek, you do that good," he hissed in pleasure as Krycek pinched the tip. Krycek too the cock out of the pants and gave it a proper stroke.

"You like that, huh? That's a nice cock, Skinner, can I taste it?" He continued to stroke it with firm even movements while Skinner moved his hands restlessly over his chest and Krycek's torso. Skinner nodded at the question and Krycek scooted down the bed until he a close view of his target. He put his mouth to Skinner's groin, smelling the musky scent of man, and tasted the heavy root with his lips and tongue, enjoying the feel of the hard muscle pulsing under his touch. Skinner's hand was moving over Krycek's head in an urgent appeal but Krycek wanted to taste those inches first before heading toward the top of the tower.

Krycek spent the next few minutes nibbling, licking his way around Skinner's cock, while listening to Skinner grunt and groan his pleasure. Krycek had to admit it, he was enjoying himself more than he thought he was going to. He had expected this to be just a job, but this was surprisingly fun. And tasty.

"Oh, fuck!" Skinner cried out when Krycek took his cock into his mouth, finally, licking and scrapping his teeth across the head before sucking on it. Krycek suddenly released him. Skinner was going to complain but discovered that his pants were being removed. Krycek tossed the pants aside and spread out into a move comfortable position between Skinner's spread legs.

"Pull your legs up a little, give me some room here," Krycek said. Skinner pulled his knees up until his feet were flat on the bed. Krycek made approving sounds and nipped at Skinner's thighs, playing with the dark hair, slowly making his way back toward center. He licked at Skinner's balls, taking them one at a time into his mouth, sucking on them, ignoring Skinner's mutterings.

Krycek decided to see just how far Skinner was willing to go. He pulled firmly at the thick cock and touched his tongue to the tight little hole under the balls. Skinner jumped.

"Shhhh, just relax, it feels good, I promise," Krycek assured him. Skinner wasn't protesting, so Krycek did it again. He felt a quiver under him but continued his new assault, licking and gently inserting his tongue until Skinner had lifted his knees up in reflex. Skinner groaned and whimpered, arching his hips to eagerly meet the next thrust of Krycek's tongue. Just before Skinner was about to orgasm, Krycek stopped. He had his own cock out and Skinner over onto his knees before the older man could protest the withdrawal of Krycek's tongue. Krycek pushed his cock into the tight hole.

"Shit!" Skinner yelled out. Krycek leaned over him.

"Relax, Skinner, take a deep breath. I promise it'll feel good once you relax your muscles. Deep breaths."

Skinner forced himself to take a deep breath. He hesitantly relaxed his muscles a little and was surprised when he felt Krycek's cock slide in the rest of the way. It stung, was quite painful, actually, but he forced himself to breathe as Krycek slowly moved, pulling out a little and pushing back in that age-old rhythm.

Krycek hissed at the tightness. It felt good. He tried to tell Diana that Skinner had a sensuous nature, but she didn't believe him. Oh well, her loss. Skinner may have been a cold-fish toward her, but he was writhing in pleasure under him. Krycek ran a soothing hand over Skinner's tanned back as Skinner began to get into the act, his spine curving snake-like, muscles rippling. Krycek knew that Skinner was a goner when he began to arch his hips, eagerly meeting Krycek's thrusts. Krycek upped the speed and force, making Skinner cry out as his cock rubbed against Skinner's prostate.

"Oh, God, Alex, fuck me, don't stop," Skinner moaned. Krycek thrust harder and Skinner gripped the sheets. Krycek didn't think he had ever seen anything hotter than his own cock buried inside Skinner's upturned ass, who was face down on the bed under him, taking his ass-fucking not only willingly, but pleading for it not to end. Krycek had to admit, it was a very nice ass. Nicely rounded cheeks, tight gluts, perfect for either holding on to or fucking. The thought of holding on to them spurred him on to the finish line. Krycek came deep inside Skinner's ass with a shout. He could feel Skinner's orgasm ripple against his buried cock, squeezing it even harder, as Skinner came onto the sheets.

Krycek waited until they had both stopped before withdrawing. Skinner collapsed onto the wet spot, uncaring.

"You alright?" Krycek asked, catching his breath.

"Uh-huh," Skinner grunted, breathing hard. Sweat covered his shiny dome and back. Krycek gave his shoulder a lick, drinking the salt, before falling over to the side.

"Skinner, I have to say it, -you have a great ass."

Skinner laughed unevenly, still breathing a little hard. "I've heard that before, but not quite in that context."

Krycek rolled onto his side, running a hand down Skinner's back and over his tight cheeks. He leaned in and kissed Skinner.

"Did you like it?" Krycek asked huskily. Skinner gave a nod.

"Yeah, after I relaxed. But there is one problem."


"This wet spot is getting clammy."

Krycek chuckled and rolled over, getting out of the bed. "Change the bedding, then. I need a shower."

He was still standing under the hot water when Skinner joined him.

"Is this alright?" Skinner asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, sure." Krycek put an arm around his waist and pulled him in for a kiss. They stood still for a minute, slowly kissing each other and sucking on tongues.

"Kneel," Krycek whispered. Skinner hesitated, unsure. "Come on, Skinner, taste it. I've been right, so far, haven't I?"

Skinner slowly knelt until Krycek's cock was at eye-level. Surrounded by a thick bed of black hair, it was big enough flaccid, he couldn't believe that he took it in his ass erect. Water rained down on then, droplets dripping off Krycek's cock. Skinner caught a drop on his tongue before tasting the tip, catching another water drop hanging from it. The head was smooth and velvety, spongy yet firm. Skinner licked and Krycek ran an approving hand over Skinner's neck and jaw. Skinner opened his mouth and took Krycek in.

"That's it, give it a little suck, lick at it," Krycek instructed him. "Blow me the way you like to be done."

Skinner shut his eyes. He couldn't think at the moment, so he did Krycek the same way Krycek had sucked him earlier. Krycek approved and was soon hard again. Skinner tasted a rush of salt and knew what it was. He sucked at the head and was rewarded with more. He steadied himself with his hands on Krycek's hips. Looking for more leverage, he moved his hands until he found a nice holding place, around Krycek's firm cheeks. Skinner squeezed and caressed the new sensation.

Krycek stepped away, releasing his cock from Skinner's mouth.

"Did I..." Skinner began to ask, concerned. Krycek shook his head.

"No, that was good. I want you to lick my ass, Skinner. Like I did for you." Krycek turned around and spread his legs.

Skinner looked at the tight ass in front of him, waiting, with water running over it. Skinner followed one line of water that flowed down Krycek's spine and into the groove between the cheeks.

"Fair's fair, Skinner. Haven't you ever rimmed an ass before?"

He had, actually. An ex-girlfriend liked having it done. Skinner gave a hesitant lick at a cheek before kneading them apart, baring Krycek's hole to his gaze. Skinner put out his tongue and gave a lick. Krycek made another approving sound and leaned forward against the tile. Skinner could find no objection to the clean musty taste so he tongued the little hole as well as he could. He entered Krycek and was rewarded with groans of pleasure. Skinner spent quite some time rimming Krycek, becoming addicted to the man's flavor, the feel of him against Skinner's tongue. Krycek pulled away and turned around again, his hardness swinging against Skinner's face. He was breathing hard as he stroked himself, touching the tip of his cock to Skinner's lips.

"I want to come in your mouth. Swallow it all or you won't get anymore," Krycek warned. Skinner nodded and took the thick cock into his mouth. He couldn't fit all of it in, but he sucked and licked at what he could, eager to taste Krycek's semen. Skinner's willpower had left him the moment his tongue had entered Krycek's ass. He no longer cared what happened, so long as Krycek fucked him again.

Krycek put his hand behind Skinner's neck and fucked his mouth, taking care not to gag the man. Instead of protesting, Skinner allowed it. Krycek crowed on the inside. He came in Skinner's mouth with a grunt and Skinner swallowed rapidly, trying not to spill any of the thick, salty fluid. Skinner looked up at him as he swallowed, sucking out every drop before releasing Krycek's cock. Krycek stroked his thumb over Skinner's sex-swollen lips.

"It's an acquired taste," Krycek said. "You're going to acquire it, aren't you?" Skinner nodded and buried his face in Krycek's fur, nuzzling him. "Stand up."

Skinner stood. Krycek shut the water off, it was beginning to get cold. He took one of Skinner's hard nipples between his fingers and pinched it. Skinner tightened his lips but stood still. Krycek noticed that Skinner's cock was hard up against his stomach.

"You like being topped, don't you? That's why no one's able to get to you, they haven't figured that out," Krycek said in surprise. Skinner flushed but said nothing. "That's alright, I'll top you very well. Get a towel and dry me off."

Skinner quickly got a towel, ashamed with himself for allowing Krycek to learn his deepest secret. He dried Krycek off, kneeling to nuzzle the dark fur as he dried between Krycek's legs. He placed a kiss on Krycek's cock.

"No," Krycek said in reprimand. Skinner looked up. "That is a treat. You will have to earn my cock at your mouth. Stand up, lean over the sink."

Skinner stood and watched himself in the mirror. Krycek stood behind him and reached around to pinch the nipple again. Skinner watched their doubles, partly in fascination, partly in embarrassment. Krycek took his hand away and suddenly landed it with a loud smack on Skinner's ass. Skinner jumped at the pain. Krycek smacked him again, the sound of his hand meeting Skinner's ass echoing on the bathroom tile. Skinner spread his legs and leaned forward, accepting the spanking with humiliation. His cock betrayed him and continued to remain hard and throbbing.

Krycek gave him ten wacks before stopping. He saw Skinner's humiliation and rubbed a soothing hand down the man's back.

"It's ok, Walter, you're allowed to feel the pain and the pleasure. Do you like being spanked? Hmmm?" Krycek ran a finger down Skinner's spine and into the crack of his reddened ass. He found the little hole and rubbed circles around it. "Answer me, Walter; do you like being spanked?"

Skinner forced himself to answer as that finger tortured him so good.

"Yes, I do... God, Alex, please," he groaned, feeling that finger enter him. His ass was still sore from being fucked, but he couldn't refuse the finger.

"Please what? Did you like being fucked here? Would you like it to happen again?" Another finger entered Skinner, slowing moving in and out. Skinner groaned and thrust his ass out to meet Krycek's hand. "Did you enjoy my cock in your ass?" Krycek abruptly took his fingers out and slapped Skinner's ass sharply. Skinner yelped.

"Never make me ask you twice. Answer me the first time."

"Yes, I like it! I liked your cock in my ass!" Skinner buried his face on the counter. Krycek soothed him.

"It's alright, Walter, you're allowed to enjoy it. These are the rules, Walter. Are you listening?" Skinner nodded. "Good. Your ass is mine to do with as I see fit, understand? I will fuck it when ever and where ever I want to. You refuse and this arrangement is terminated forever. Your cock is mine, also to do with as I see fit. You give it to no one else except me. You don't masturbate unless I say you can. It's mine. Kisses and my cock are treats which I will dole out. You will be spanked every time we are together. You will always have lube and condoms with you. I will fuck you in your office and I'd rather not leave a mess behind. Or should I say in your behind. Ruins the suit."

Krycek pulled Skinner up by the ear, since there was not enough hair left to grab onto.

"Is all that understood? Say the word, and it ends now."

Krycek waited to hear the words.

"I... I'm yours. Sir."