Fandom: X-Files M/K

by Orithain
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Series: Challenges of Daily Life IV (sequel to Phone Home, Overdrawn, andGiving Thanks)
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Story Summary: Alex decides to get a tattoo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I'm sick of leftover turkey!"

Alex sighed. Mulder had been in a bad mood all day and complaining abouteverything. Now it was the food. He knew Mulder's irritability was causedby the remarks Skinner kept making about them, but he was getting tiredof the whining.

Mulder watched Alex out the corner of his eye. He had a bet with himselfabout how long the other man would put up with his whining before he blew.He was actually amazed that Alex was still putting up with him. If theirpositions had been reversed, he'd have gagged Alex by now. He opened hismouth to say something else, but Alex had had it.

When Alex saw Mulder about to speak again, he decided to distract his loverbefore he was forced to kill him. While it would be very satisfying in theshort term, he knew he would regret it if he did. Fortunately he had theperfect distraction. "Mulder, did I tell you that I made an appointmentto get a tattoo?"

Mulder was shocked. "You what? Why?"

"Because I want to. I've always liked tattoos, but in my former lineof work, identifying marks were not a good idea."

Mulder blinked. He supposed that made sense. "So when are you gettingit done?" What he really wanted to know was *what* Alex was planningto have done, but he would work his way up to it.

"Later this afternoon actually. I was wondering if you'd go with meto keep me company?"

"Sure." He eyed Alex curiously. "So are you going to tellme what image you're having done, or am I supposed to guess?"

Alex smiled. "I was going to surprise you, but I guess I can tell you.It's going to be a glowing flame in a circle of darkness, and I'm goingto have it done directly over my heart."

Mulder thought about it for a moment since Alex was obviously expectingsome kind of reaction, but he really didn't get it. "Does that symbolizesomething in particular?"

A faint smile appeared on Alex's lips. He hadn't thought Mulder would figureit out. "Yes, Mulder, it's you. That's what you are for me."

Mulder was left speechless by Alex's explanation. He couldn't believe thatwas how Alex thought of him. But while he couldn't think of anything tosay in response, he could and did let his actions speak for him. Reachingout, he curved one hand around the back of Alex's neck, holding him fora gentle kiss. "I love you, Alex."

Alex smiled shakily. They so rarely said the words. "I love you, too."Then he buried his face in Mulder's throat, uncomfortable with the nakeddisplay of emotion. He hugged Mulder tightly, thankful again that the otherman had understood and accepted his reasons for everything he'd done overthe last several years.

Mulder returned the embrace, then loosened his grip and stepped back. "Ijust have to run this report in to the office first though. Skinner's beenlecturing me about paperwork again. Give me the name and address where you'regetting the tattoo done, and I'll meet you there, okay?"

"All right, I'll see you there then. My appointment's at 3:30."Alex gave Mulder the information, and Mulder headed out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When Alex arrived at the tattoo artist's shop, Mulder was waiting for him,wearing a smug grin.

"What?" Alex asked suspiciously.

Mulder looked back innocently.

"Don't give me that look, you're up to something."

Mulder pointed at himself, wearing an expression of false amazement.

"Yes you! Now give!"

Mulder had to laugh finally. When he could speak again, he grinned at Alexand explained, "I really liked the idea that you were going to getsomething about me tattooed on yourself, and I thought it was only fairif I reciprocated. So I managed to get an appointment this afternoon too."

It was Alex's turn to be left speechless. "Wha-" his voice cracked,and he had to clear his throat before continuing. "What are you getting?"

"A double-headed eagle." //Noble, Russian and two-faced, a bundleof contradictions just like you, love.//

"With green eyes," another voice put in. "I still don't knowabout that, it doesn't really fit_" Alex turned at the sound, and thetattoo artist saw his eyes. He stopped in mid-sentence. "On the otherhand, I can see where you might be attached to the idea. Green eyes it is."He motioned toward another man at the back of the shop. "That's mypartner, Jeff, and I'm Mick. Jeff'll be doing your tattoo, Mr. Kryecek,while I do Mr. Mulder's."

Alex frowned. "At the same time? I sort of wanted Mulder to keep mecompany while it was being done to distract me."

"That's not a problem. We often have couples come in together, so wehave a room with two tables. We'll do both of you at the same time, althoughMr. Mulder's will take longer as it's more finely detailed. But you canstay till he's done."

Alex nodded. It seemed faintly ridiculous that a double - triple? sometimeseven he wasn't sure - agent and sometime assassin should be afraid of thepain of a tattoo, but he was. He really needed Mulder to stay with him,although he had no intention of explaining why. He tried not to think aboutthe fact that Mulder probably knew perfectly well. Alex sometimes wishedthere were some way to turn Mulder's profiling abilities off.

All four men headed into the back room after Mick locked the door. Therewere no more appointments that afternoon, as he expected Mulder's and Alex'sdesigns to take a while. Once inside, Alex removed his leather jacket andt- shirt and stretched out on one of the tables. Mulder looked at him, sighedand pulled off his shoes, jeans and boxers. By the time he was done, Alexwas staring at him.

"Uh, Mulder? What the hell are you doing?" Alex couldn't believewhat he was seeing.

"I'm getting the tattoo on my hip, so everything's gotta go,"Mulder explained as he hopped up onto the table and stretched out on hisright side. This left him facing Alex, who eyed his cock with interest.Mulder glared at his lover as he felt himself stir slightly under the hotgaze. This was going to be a *long* afternoon.

"Behave yourself!" he hissed at Alex, who nearly doubled overwith laughter.

Jeff and Mick politely pretended not to notice anything, and Jeff passedMulder a towel to drape strategically. After the sites were prepared, whenMick started Alex's tattoo, he gasped at the sensation. He was definitelygoing to need a distraction. And there was a lovely, long one with hazeleyes, silky soft hair and a not-so-soft cock just inches away from him.

Mulder groaned at the expression on Alex's face, seeing the green eyes narrowin concentration as they focused on his groin. He could feel the blood rushto his cock as he remembered what usually followed Alex's eyes over hiserection. He could almost feel the hot mouth engulf him, the tongue strokehim, flick over the head_He groaned again, startling Mick, who asked ifhe'd hurt him. Mulder flushed scarlet, mumbling a denial, while Alex snickered.

When the two men were relaxed again, Mick and Jeff exchanged glances, amusementshowing on both faces.

But as soon as Jeff started on Alex's tattoo again, he was right back toteasing Mulder. He caught his lover's gaze and held it while he broughthis hand up to his mouth and sucked his thumb inside. Mulder stopped breathingas he watched Alex sucking on his thumb as if it was Mulder's cock. He whimperedfaintly when Alex sucked the digit deep into his mouth, then pulled it almostall the way out. Alex lapped at the tip for a moment, then reached acrossto trace Mulder's lower lip with his wet thumb.

Now it was Mulder's turn to draw that thumb inside his own mouth, nibblinggently at first, then sucking hard, while he stared into Alex's green eyes.By this time, neither of them cared that the other two men were there andprobably watching them. Mulder bit down on Alex's thumb and the youngerman shuddered. His eyes promised Mulder payment later.

"That's it. All done." Mulder and Alex both jumped at the unexpectedvoice, staring blankly at Mick and Jeff for a moment. Both men looked atthe Russian eagle on Mulder's left hip, one head curving around onto hisbuttock and the other covering his pelvic bone. Alex couldn't help smirkingwhen he realized that the beaks pointed the way to Mulder's cock and ass.Meeting his lover's gaze, he realized that Mulder did that intentionally.And when he took a closer look, he noticed that Mick had made an effortto make the eagle's eyes the same shade of green as his own.

Glancing down at his chest, he saw the splash of darkness with a glowingflame in the center, and he smiled. Now he would always have Mulder withhim, just as he would always be with Mulder.

After bandaging the tattoos and giving Alex and Mulder instructions on howto take care of them till they healed, the two artists returned to the frontof the shop, leaving the men to get dressed again. Alex pulled Mulder intohis arms for a long, deep kiss, his tongue imitating the recent actionsof his thumb in Mulder's mouth. The past couple hours of teasing Mulderhad left him eager for his lover.

They dressed quickly and paid the tattoo artists, thanking them for theexcellent work and complimenting them on the results. Then they left theshop. But instead of heading for the car - knowing Mulder was meeting himthere, Alex had taken a cab - Alex pulled Mulder around the corner and intothe alley behind the row of stores.

"Alex? What are you doi_mmph!" Mulder was cut off by Alex's mouthcovering his voraciously. He opened willingly to the thrusting tongue, pressinghis whole body to the one against him.

Alex backed Mulder up against the graffiti-covered brick wall, rubbing theirerections together to their mutual pleasure. He groaned into Mulder's mouth."I can't wait, Fox, I have to have you now."

Mulder could only whimper and nod. He wanted Alex too, hard, fast, savage.

Alex unfastened Mulder's jeans, pushing them and his boxers down below hisass. He stroked the erection that he found waiting for him, drawing a cryof pleasure and desire from Mulder. He spun the other man around to facethe wall, pressing into him from behind, rubbing his denim-covered crotchagainst his naked ass.

Mulder scrabbled at the brick wall in front of him, spreading his legs forbalance and pushing back against Alex. "Fuck me, Alex!" he demanded.

Alex laughed a bit shakily even as he hurriedly unfastened his own jeansand pulled the lube out of his jacket pocket. He spread the slick on himselfand swiped some over Mulder's anus, but he was too anxious to do more thanthat.

And Mulder seemed no more willing to wait than he was. As soon as he feltAlex's cock against him, he pushed back, forcing his lover inside, groaningin pleasure as he felt himself filled.

Alex set a hard, fast rhythm, holding Mulder's unbandaged hip and the oppositeshoulder. Mulder carefully braced himself against the bricks with one hand,bringing the other down to his own cock and jerking himself in time withAlex's strokes into him. He was getting close when Alex suddenly stoppedmoving and grabbed his hand, pulling it away from his cock. Mulder couldonly wail in protest.

"Patience, Mulder. Remember a couple of weeks ago in the phonebooth?"

//Oh shit!// "Ye-es."

"Well, payback's a bitch. You're going to stay home from work tomorrowand make it up to me."

Mulder gulped. "Okay."

"Good. Now, call Scully and tell her you won't be in tomorrow."

"Now?!" Mulder's voice climbed higher that he thought possible.

"Right now." Alex thrust into Mulder just once for emphasis.

Mulder moaned and fumbled in his jacket pocket for his cellphone. He pulledit out and dialed Scully's number, Alex demonstrating his approval by caressinghis cock. Mulder bit his lip hard, and it took him two tries to respondwhen Scully answered the phone. He explained that he was taking the followingday off. While he was talking, Alex started stroking in and out of him.Mulder finished his conversation with Scully quickly and hung up. He shovedthe phone back in his pocket and pushed back against Alex again, his headleaning on the other man's shoulder.

"Dammit, did you enjoy that?" he grumbled.

"Very much. Almost as much as you did when you did it to me,"Alex replied smugly. He actually hoped Scully had figured out what was goingon from Mulder's gasps. It turned him on to think of her picturing the twoof them making love. He'd have to see if he could talk Mulder into beinga little adventurous eventually. But right now, all he wanted was to come.He slammed into Mulder harder and harder, reaching around to pump his cock.He timed it perfectly, both men coming simultaneously, and he watched withhot green eyes as Mulder's cum spurted across the bricks and slowly drippeddown to the ground.

Alex slowly pulled out of Mulder, wiping himself with a tissue and rearranginghis clothes while Mulder did the same. Mulder turned to face Alex, droppinga sweet kiss on his lips before both of them froze at the sound of voices.

"Wow, that was so *hot*!" A girl's voice.

"Shit, I've paid to see worse shows!" A young man.

"Hey, aren't they the two guys from the phonebooth last month?"Another girl.

"I think you're right." The first girl again.

Mulder and Alex stared at each other, then turned in perfect unison andheaded for the opposite end of the alley from where the voices were comingfrom.

"Remind me not to go out of the apartment with you again, Mulder! Eitherthat or to start leaving a hat out for donations!" Alex tried to soundangry, but the laughter he couldn't contain ruined the effect.

Mulder just sighed and wondered how long it'd be before he was the topicof conversation at work again.