'Powerplay' by phyre.

NC17, Slash, SR

No spoilers. Unless you count Alex's haircut.

Summary: The first story posted in the "These Men of Honor" cycle. Mulder and Krycek have clearly reached a new rapport.

Notes by a dedicated fan of the author.

CERT:NC17. And slash alert. If you hate beautifully written, romantic accounts of gorgeous men having loving sex, you're gonna really hate this.

DISCLAIMER: Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen Productions fondly imagine that they own the X Files and all the characters.

NOTES: This story is entirely phyre's creation, but the backstory supporting it is the product of an extended e mail discussion between phyre and another Ratgirl. It is intended to post further stories in support of the theory that *Alex is the good guy*. This is a post season four story, but like any Ratgirl worth her chocolate, phyre is in a state of complete and utter denial: ie as far as she's concerned, the only things Alex Krycek ever had cut off were his hair and his FBI pension.

-- For Rachel, for having more faith in me than I ever did --


The room was dark. Not pitch black dark but more the type of dark with shadings so subtle you might miss them at first glance. The shadings were caused by a very faint light from the street, filtered through the semi closed curtains, casting filmy patterns over the room. The lovers lay quietly in the rumpled bed, arms and legs tangled in sheets that had lost the fight to remain attached to the bed. One of the bodies pulled up slightly, stretched then leaned to a table on his left and found matches.

He struck one and the flare from it threw a bright light over his features. Brown hair falling in unruly hanks over his forehead, sleepy hazel eyes and a generous mouth with a full bottom lip. He lit the pillar candle on the bedside table and a soft warm glow fell over the room. Repositioning himself against the headboard, he settled back while the other body moved in and snuggled deeper into his bare chest. Smiling, he closed his eyes thinking that it couldn't get much better than this.

The sleepy eyed man was leaning against a pillow and playing in an absent minded kind of way with his lover's hair. He stroked and patted it, then he leaned down and kissed it. He looked at the head and decided his lover was right, in this case short hair was better than long. He knew he could get used to it. It stunned him when he had first seen it. He wasn't very complimentary about it either. He chalked it up to a bad day and a fighting kind of mood. God, it seemed so long ago. In a way it was, but time wasn't always a good measure. He shook his head and smiled. He inhaled the sweet, familiar scent and felt its sleekness. He did this so gently, so softly that he was certain his lover never felt it. He leaned in again and was at once surprised by the warm and pliant lips that suddenly met him halfway.

Two hands caressed his face then held it tight. He placed his hands over them and pulled them away to mouth the fingers, one by one. He looked at the hands held in his and wondered how they could be so strong yet so gentle; so elegant and at the same time hard. He smiled into them and remembered how those hands had soothed his fevered brow during the throes of a nightmare and held him close when he walked that fine edge of sanity. How they were capable of teasing and tormenting his body into mind altering orgasms and had done exactly that more times than he could remember. Those same hands had slapped him hard to bring him back to his senses and the next moment cupped his face with such gentleness that even now, his breath caught in his throat at the memory. He held the hands close to his cheeks and stared hard into the smoldering eyes of his lover and at that precise moment believed in the existence of a higher being. He didn't want to spoil the moment with words but in the end his curiosity won out.

"You can't sleep?"

"No, but it's alright. I like this, it feels good." The voice sounded so young and innocent.

"Good, I'd hate to think it was one-sided."


He watched as a beautiful smile slowly illuminated the sleepy young face. Smiling, he slid down from his position against the pillow and was vaguely aware that his thoughts shattered as he slipped his tongue into the icy hot wet waiting mouth. He groaned slightly while he fought the power and control he secretly craved. The intensity of the kiss deepened and the grip that had held his face moved to catch his hands and bring them above his head. Now the gentle hands turned strong and iron-like as they held his firmly in place.

"Keep them there."

The voice was soft but dangerous. He knew it wasn't quite an order...not yet. He also knew better than to refuse the request. He bit his lip, nodded just once, gripped the bottom of the headboard and gave up a silent prayer to an unseen god.

The kisses began again in earnest as the simultaneously hot and cold mouth sought out the most sensitive part of his neck. He marveled at his ability to remain in one place while that insistent mouth covered his neck and jawline with soft, wet kisses. Then the hands sought out his nipples, pinched then soothed, replaying the scene over and over. The fingers wouldn't stop no matter how much he moaned. He knew that when the time came to pull on his shirt, those same nipples would ache for the rest of the day. They felt swollen, raw and erotically painful. His breath started coming in jagged gasps. He felt he should make a token gesture of...of what? Resistance? What the hell was that?! He laughed to himself. He knew he had lost the battle, but it didn't matter, there would be many more. "Stop." He knew he was speaking but he barely heard his own half-hearted words.

"No...not yet," was the reply.

"You have to, please! I have..."

"Mulder, stop whining, it isn't even daylight yet. I have plenty of time. You don't have to be in to work until what? Nine?"

He silently agreed and unconsciously moved to better position himself.

"I thought I told you to not to move!"

"No...you told me to 'keep them there'." Mulder waved his hands. "And I did, didn't I"?

"Yes, right, you did. Happy? *Now* I'm telling you not to move. Can you do that? Can you stay still?" The voice was drenched in liquid fire, while the words were tipped with ice.

"OK...I won't move." Mulder put his hands over his head and gripped the base of the headboard again. He wondered about the strength of the wood as well as his resolve.

"Give me your word."

Deafening silence.

"Promise me or I *will* force the issue."


"You have my word." Mulder's voice betrayed his outward calmness.

Oh God, what have I done...again! was Mulder's last thought as he looked into the narrowed eyes. He was amazed at the change of color. Gone were the greens that reminded him of grass after an early evening spring rain. That hue had been replaced by the darker color of oak leaves bathed in the late afternoon sun. Sinfully lush dark lashes framed the eyes. The shape was so perfect there were no words fit for the description.

I remember noticing them first, he thought. Those eyes looked into mine and saw through all of the bullshit. Right in the middle of the damned office, saw through me as if every thought were captured in clear glass. It made no difference *what* I said. It was all a lie. Those eyes knew it. I had lost. I didn't even know then, and I don't care now.

Those same beautiful eyes crinkled and Mulder realized that there was a smile to go with them. He need to only look at the mouth to confirm that suspicion. He shifted his gaze and was rewarded with one of those blindingly brilliant smiles. He felt blessed as he knew he was usually the only one who ever saw them.

"I knew you'd play it my way Mulder!"

Play? Play?! thought Mulder. This isn't a game, this is all or nothing and I just gave up my soul.

The mouth with its beautiful sensual smile began its cruel work again.

This time retracing the same path the fingers had started while Mulder struggled to keep his word. Lips, teeth and tongue worked their collective magic down the length of Mulder's body. Pausing only to spend a bit more time nipping or suckling a sensitive spot.

Mulder watched the dark mahogany haired head move south down his body. He willed it to keep going. He begged with slight movements of his body. He thought of that beautiful face, with that mouth and those eyes with those impossibly dark and full lashes and he started to buck even more. Strong hands held him tightly and commanded without any words. It was an action that demanded compliance and accepted nothing less than his complete submission.

A fine sheen of sweat had begun building as Mulder strove with all he was worth to remain still. Just once he let go of the headboard and those green eyes shot him a look that would freeze hell. He was in it now for the long haul. He had given his word. No movement. He was pretty sure he still had his voice though, and he wasn't above begging.

"Please." It was barely a whisper. He couldn't even recognize it as a voice, let alone as his own.

"Please? Please what Fox? What do you want? What do you need? This? Is this what you want?"

Quiet. A threat hidden in velvet. The head dipped back down and the mouth sucked and nipped at the sensitive skin on Mulder's inner thigh, leaving wet trails in its wake. Soft, sucking kisses moving so close, so impossibly close to the straining cock and swollen aching balls, then suddenly stopping. The strong hands held his slim hips firmly in place. Mulder moaned and bit down on his lip so hard he nearly drew blood. That mouth felt so good, so good and he wanted more of the icy heat. He was shameless with his begging and he didn't care what he had to say or do to get what he wanted.

"Oh God Alex! Please...please. I..." His voice sounded ragged, pained and raw to his ears. His knuckles were white against the headboard and his body arched off the bed. He moved to release his grip.

The movement did not go unnoticed.

"You gave me your word Fox."

Quietly dangerous. Alex had no other emotion in his voice.

Sometimes I can be such a cock tease that I even amaze myself, he thought, smiling ruefully.

"Alex, please! Do you want me to beg? Is that what you want?"

Quiet, strained, agonized. Mulder's voice mirrored his body and proved how close he was to the edge, to crossing the invisible line between pleasure and pain.

It was *that* voice that Alex had wanted to hear. To him, it was the music of angels and Christmas mornings and birthdays rolled into one.

"Shhh baby shhh, easy now, is it this? Will this make it all better?"

The question was so quiet, so simple, so gentle and pure. Mulder barely heard it. Instead he felt it with every fiber in his body. He knew the torture would end. He knew he would be rewarded for keeping his word. He knew he could let himself fall. He could let go and Alex would be there to catch him, because even in the worst of times, he was always there. Watching him, guarding him, keeping him safe.

How safe I was and never knew it! Mulder smiled at the thought.

Alex's head turned up, his mouth caught Mulder's heavy balls and ever so gently sucked and licked them, feeling them tighten and draw close to his body.

Oh no, not yet you don't, I'm not finished with you yet, thought Alex, as he encircled them with his thumb and finger and held them down in place. He looked up at Mulder and drank in the sight of his arched body, bathed in sweat. Muscles and tendons standing out in stark relief against his slim neck and arms. He watched in amazement as Mulder's mouth repeated the same words over and over, so quietly that if he hadn't been looking directly at him, Alex never would have known he was speaking at all.

"Don't stop, please don't stop, pleasepleaseplease!"

Oh please God let me live through this sweet torture again. Please give me enough strength to keep breathing, Mulder silently prayed.

It's time, Alex thought.

With agonizing slowness Alex kissed and nipped his way up Mulder's cock to the tip, encircling the crown with his tongue. Swirling the tip softly, gently, caressing it and tasting the salty bittersweet fluid that leaked in a steady stream. He lapped at it as if it were mother's milk.

Essence of Fox. That's what it should be called, he thought, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He opened his mouth and slowly enveloped the silky hot cock. He sucked every inch in until the tip was pressing the back of his throat. Alex willed his throat to relax and took the last little bit. He sucked and nibbled with a rhythm known only to them. A rhythm forged between two people so comfortable with their love that words were often times unnecessary to convey their thoughts. He felt the cock twitch. He could have sworn that he actually felt it grow in his mouth.

Alex had pulled up and off for barely a second when he heard Mulder groan in an agony that he had often felt himself when placed in this position. He smiled and licked his lips, sliding up his lover's length to reach his face.

"Easy baby, it's just for a second or two," he reassured while looking into hazel eyes that had become feverish with a want and need almost more powerful than life itself. "You don't want to lose it just yet, do you?"

Alex knew he wouldn't get an answer but he thought he'd ask anyway.

Surprisingly enough Mulder looked at him and mouthed the word 'no'. No voice, just the shape of the word on his lips. Then he spoke quietly, fervently.

"Kiss me Alex. Kiss me hard and long and deep and don't ever stop. Give me your mouth. Give it to me *now*. Kiss me right now...right now Alex...please."

The 'please' in the request stuck in Mulder's throat and almost didn't make it out. His voice was hoarse and raw. It had a ground glass quality as it forced its way out of his throat. It sounded almost like a dying wish.

Alex had no choice but to comply, and he did so willingly.

He slid his body between Mulder's open thighs and lay on his chest. Painfully hard cocks strained against each other. Rubbing, caressing, sending respective owners into quiet madness for believing their hardened cocks possessed a mind of their own.

Mulder drew in a sharp breath at the skin to skin contact against every raw nerve in his body. He had talked himself down from the rafters of intense need and settled nicely into the burning coals of desire. He consciously fought the urge to take Alex and bury himself to the hilt in his body. This one was Alex's call and he would do everything he could to keep it that way. His hands never left the polished wood of the headboard.

Alex cupped Mulder's face with such care and love that tears threatened Mulder's hazel eyes.

Mouths met. Tongues did the age old dance of exploration. Fiery hot met icy cold. It was hard to tell who owned what. Lips alternately soft and pliant then hard and unyielding. Teeth clashed and gently nipped at lips before them.

Mulder whimpered and begged with his body.

"What Fox?"

"Please, give me back my hands."

Such a simple raw request. Anyone else would have forgotten his promise to keep still. Alex was amazed at Mulder. He doubted he had the same self control as his lover.

"They're yours."

It happened in an instant. Mulder moved to flip Alex onto his back.

Instinctively Alex moved to fight but instead he chose to relax and let it happen.

He's getting better...faster. Pretty soon I won't have the choice! He closed his eyes and reminded himself to think about that later.

Alex was writhing under Mulder. Rock hard erections rubbed against each other. The sensations felt like tiny electric shocks. Hot slick skin came alive with raw nerve endings. Alex sucked in a breath between clenched teeth and let out a high keening sound.

Mulder's hands were everywhere on Alex's body. Touching, taunting, teasing and tempting.

His mouth took on a life of its own. Kissing the hard edges of tendons in Alex's neck as he turned his head and offered it up as a sacrifice. His hands found hard nipples nestled in the sleek brown chest hairs. He pinched and taunted the nubs. His hands gave way to his mouth. He sucked and bit, drawing rasping groans from Alex.

Mulder grabbed Alex's hands and pushed them down and underneath Alex's body causing him to arch his back. It made him look vulnerable, almost helpless and Mulder ate the image with a spoon.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, it's OK." The response was quiet, calculating but at the same time, almost breathless.

"Good...my turn...*keep them there*...you don't want me to break out the hardware now do you?" Mulder's voice took on a steely edge, while his face broke into an evil smile.

A silent turn of the head, with eyes wide as saucers.

He was down on Alex's cock in a heartbeat. Sucking and nipping, licking and kissing the swollen member. Mulder's mouth was ruthless, unforgiving, no matter how Alex moaned and bucked. He dragged his teeth up the length to the crown, relishing the fact that it danced and twitched in his mouth the entire journey. While his mouth worked the hard cock, his hand found the heavy sac and rolled the engorged balls.

Alex's breathing was heavy and jagged as he ground out the one word he could force his mouth to say.


"Mmmm? What?"

More of the same jagged breathing but no real words.

Mulder watched in fascination as his lover slowly moved his head from side to side. Muscle and tendons dancing on his stretched neck. Skin gleaming with sweat. Mouth open with teeth clenched.

"What?!" Mulder was pushing all of the right buttons and getting off on it. Mulder thought about these little power plays. They didn't use them all of the time but each time they played games it got more intense. It got better than the last time and he wondered how this was humanly possible. How it could continue to get better, hotter.

It wasn't a case of one upmanship, it was a way to allow the other reach new heights. A way to increase the intensity of pleasure. To bring it right to the edge.

Games gave them the chance to tear off the masks they wore day in and day out. Games allowed them the chance to experiment. Boundaries were set and respected. Neither ever knowingly crossed a line that was drawn. Games that weren't games. Their games were a release and held no recriminations. Everything they experienced in each other's body was pure and real.

No one was judged here in the space they shared; be it a room at one another's home, stolen moments in a motel outside of the city, sometimes even next to the car on a deserted street. They revelled in each other's touch. It had taken quite a while to get to this point. Now it seemed as if it had always been like this. The exchanging of power was just as erotic now as it had been when their relationship had started.

Power. Strength. Gentleness.

Mulder thought about two phrases he had heard and instantly loved. 'Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac' and 'Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing is so gentle as real strength.' He was reasonably sure the authors never meant this type of situation but it didn't matter.

"Say it Alex, tell me or I keep on like this and you stay in pre-orgasmic hell until *I* decide it's time." I can be a cock tease too, he thought while watching his lover's face contort in erotic pleasure.

"I need you."

A simple direct hit to his heart.

All bets were off as he stared dumbly in those ever changing green eyes.

*That* was not what he expected at all.

"Need. Need?" he repeated the word quietly while staring into Alex's eyes.

Alex had never said he needed him, never. No one had ever *needed* him before. A few people had wanted him but none had ever said need. Need was different. He couldn't imagine anyone ever needing him and certainly not Alex. Cocksure and proud of it; that was Alex. He could take care of himself. Nothing stopped him, nothing threw him, not even his own fear. Most people believed his self confidence a thin veil for arrogance. Not a hard thing to do, as memory after memory flashed through Mulder's mind.

Yet Alex gave it all up, his reputation, his pride, everything...just to keep me safe. If the circumstances hadn't changed, he would have allowed me to go on hating him rather than compromise his mission. It was that important. *I* was that important. Mulder's thoughts drifted into a tangled heap. He never imagined that Alex could...would...ever need anyone, even him. *Need*, no...that concept was more alien to him that the ones he chased for a living.

"Dammit Fox! Shelve the psychocrap that's screaming in your head! Make love to me now and analyze me later, OK? I can't take it anymore. I really can't! I just..." It was a harsh strangled whisper. A whisper steeped in the agony of a man past his limits.

That choked sound brought Mulder back to his senses.

He looked as Alex's body writhed under his own. He saw the painfully hard cock and knew it was time to bring it all home before it was too late.

"OK, OK, shhh...c'mon I'm gonna make it all better...you want that? Hmmm? You want me to make it better? God I love looking at you like this. I wish you could see yourself the way I do right now. All hot and slick, your cock begging for attention. Your eyes shining so brightly and your skin so flushed. Beautiful, just beautiful."

Mulder kept whispering inane things in a singsong voice to his lover while finding what he needed. He doubted seriously that Alex heard him. He felt bad, he felt he had overstepped a line somewhere but he couldn't figure out where or when it had happened. He knew Alex's whole body had become an erogenous zone. Any touch would send him over the edge. He leaned in, kissed him lightly and ran his tongue over the parted lips. Damn he tastes good...and kissed him again, drinking in all he could.

Alex turned onto his stomach but he kept slithering like a snake over the rumpled bedclothes that had been through this scene before. Mulder knew why too. Been there, done that, he smiled at the thought. Any contact, any friction was better than nothing. Sweet friction that pulled you higher and higher.

Mulder looked at the semi prone body before him. It was slick and flushed. He ran his finger down the length of the spine to the ass and was rewarded with soft moans. He repeated the same movement with his lips and tongue. The sight was surreal. Alex was practically on his knees and his sweet tight ass was raised and waiting.

Mulder reached underneath him and ran his hand up the beautifully erect cock. It jumped and twitched, he massaged the tight balls gently and slowly. Let's drop them just a bit, just to keep it interesting, to keep you from exploding on impact, Mulder told him with gentle actions in place of words.

"You are such a prick Fox, you know that?" The words came out in a half groan.

"You've never complained before, and do you *really* think you should be calling me names when you are in this position?" Softly taunting, but no real edge.

Alex could actually hear the smile in Mulder's voice. He looked over his shoulder to see Mulder rummaging around in the bed, grinning like he didn't have a care in the world.

"You look ten years younger when you smile, you should do it more often." Mulder looked up from what he was doing, slid alongside Alex and kissed his shoulder tenderly.

"I'll work on it, OK?"

He moved back and found the lube from between the rumpled sheets. He spread a generous amount on his fingers and palm. He held and warmed it to a comfortable temperature. He coated his finger and found Alex's anus. He swirled his finger over the opening and felt it flower a bit. He slipped his coated finger in the hot chamber millimeter by millimeter. Alex groaned and bucked slightly, trying to push back onto the welcome intrusion.

"Hey now, no fair...no jumping the gun here!"

Mulder gave the ass a light swat just to show he meant business and was rewarded with a quiet laugh.

He kept his finger inside for a moment only to remove it and replace it with two coated ones. He massaged and stroked and widened the tight chamber. He turned his fingers and found the gland that would send Alex into orbit. He scraped over it once and watched the reaction.

Alex moaned loudly, his whole body jerked and tensed. He drew a deep breath through clenched teeth and held it for a moment before expelling it. Mulder repeated the action while smearing the rest of the lube on his own cock and giving it a couple of tugs for good measure.

"Hey...I want to see your face this time..,c'mon, turn over and let me swim in your eyes... will you do that for me? Let me drown in them...I know it sounds cliched but I mean it Alex...please?"

Alex rolled to his back and locked eyes with the man before him. He took in every detail of the flushed face and smiled. He couldn't remember if he had ever seen a more erotic sight. Mulder's eyes were shining, his cheeks were damp and flushed, his hair was mussed and falling softly over his forehead. Love. That's what it was and it was written all over his face. This wasn't just a simple sex flush, this was the real thing and he wore it like it was made for him. Because it was.

"Now Fox."

He brought his knees up tight to his chest, held his breath, looked into Mulder's eyes and waited.

Slowly, gently Mulder pushed the head of his cock against the tight opening. He met resistance but he pushed a little harder and the head slid in slowly.

Alex gripped the sheets with balled fists and squeezed his eyes closed. "No no...open your eyes! Let me see them. Let me see how I make you feel. Show me."

Alex opened his eyes slowly. Mulder was captured and hypnotized.

Alex began to rock slightly and Mulder pushed a little harder to meet each movement. He slid his legs over Mulder's shoulders and arched his back so he could feel the cock drive into his core. He reached between them and stroked his swollen cock with a fury he didn't know he possessed.

Slicker, faster, deeper, harder, hotter. No room to breathe or think. Every nerve ending sizzled.

Alex believed that if he died at this precise moment, his life would have been worthwhile. He felt a sense of contentment, of purpose and fulfillment which he didn't think possible. No, not that it *couldn't* happen, he just never thought it would. That his job, the endlessly complicated task of running defense between Fox Mulder and the movers and shakers who wanted him out of the way, would turn from a challenging exercise in quick thinking and ready lying to a vocation, an act of faith and love.

He looked up at Mulder, his hair and face sweat soaked, his eyes blazing as he rocked toward a powerful orgasm. The last thing he remembered was touching the wet, parted lips and trying to form words. Mulder smiled one of those rare knock 'em dead kind of smiles and Alex slid over the edge into ecstasy, taking Mulder with him.

Each man watched while the other found his own private heaven.

They awoke within minutes of each other. Alex first. He shifted his Position slightly and caught Mulder's hand as it made its way up his chest.

"Hey?" His voice soft, silky and full of unspoken emotion.

"Yeah?" Came the answer. Sleepy and half muffled in his chest.

Alex smiled and opened his eyes to look at his lover.

What a sight. Arms and legs peeking out from beneath the sheets that had somehow gotten mixed in the frey. Long legs all askew, they reminded Alex of a young animal, maybe a long-legged colt. A lightly muscled back with a slim waist and hips.

God, just look at those legs, a work of art: lean, toned and strong. Not an ounce of fat on that beautiful body. Years of running and swimming toned and chiseled it to perfection. Solitary exercise. Fox was never into group things. Solitary sports challenged him to better himself, for his own sake, no one else's. He wasn't much of a team player. He'd warmed up a bit though. Alex smiled at the images, both in his mind and in front of him.

"Fox...you awake?"

"Mmmm...I imagine that depends on what you have in mind, you're younger than me, and it takes me more than five minutes to re charge the batteries."

"I *know* that." Alex chuckled softly. "I just wanted to make sure I hadn't caused cardiac arrest!"

"Oh very funny Alex. I'd love to see you try to explain *that* one to your boss...better yet...Skinner!"

Mulder's peals of laughter ended abruptly when he looked at the digital clock and the numbers 8:00 loomed larger than life.

"Oh fuck..."

"We just did Fox and you said you needed more time..."

"Alex, it's eight o'clock and I'm going to be late if I don't get moving right now. I get the shower first."


"It takes me longer to wash my hair than it takes you!"

"After a crack like that, how fast can you move Mulder?"

Mulder was laughing and off the bed moving towards the closet at a fast clip. He pulled out a jet black suit and hung it over the door. Then he pulled out another charcoal gray suit and hung it on the other side of the door. He turned to look at Alex, still on the bed, and caught him smiling while checking his weapon in its shoulder holster. He placed it back on the nightstand next to Mulder's waist holster and returned the stare.

"Alex, you've got that look and I'm running late. What are you smiling about?"

"Hmmm? Nothing."


"If you must know, I was thinking about how much I enjoy watching your ass at work because I can come back here and spend the night watching your ass in bed...magnificent sight that it is. Is that OK with you?"

Mulder walked back to the side of the bed and knelt down to look directly into Alex's ever changing eyes.

"Oh yeah...it's more than OK, because now I know that it is me you're watching. It was always me you were watching. Keeping me safe, no matter what the cost."

Alex reached for Mulder's face and ran a finger from temple to jaw curling his fingers under Mulder's chin, holding it in place.

"Keep this in mind Fox; before it was professional, now it's personal, very personal."

Alex smoothed his thumb up Mulder's chin to his mouth and ran it over his bottom lip. He leaned in and replaced the thumb with his own mouth and slid his tongue through the parted lips. The kiss started out so soft, so slow and gentle, just the whisper of pressure. It intensified as Alex pulled
Mulder up to the bed, pushing him down onto the mattress. He covered him with his body, never breaking the kiss.

Alex pushed away a few troublesome thoughts that were vying for recognition in his head. All he wanted to think about was how good Fox's body felt under his. How sweet his mouth tasted and how much he cared for this man who had once sworn revenge against him. That was all that mattered now, everything else could wait.

Mulder broke the kiss by gently pressing Alex on the chest.

"I won't be good for anything if we keep up like this." Mulder was saying the words but not believing them for a minute.

"I don't know about that Fox, I think you'd probably be good for *something*."

the end.