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Sequel to Chaos in Minds-Town

Ratings: NC-17; if sex between men bothers you, why are you here? Orgy

No betas were harmed during the production of this story

For all who don't know all the men in the story, a short description in order
of appearance.

- Security Chief Zack Allan of Babylon 5: Tall, slender, dark hair, very male build, very handsome, especially since he's wearing that black uniform
- James T Kirk of Star Trek Classic: I don't have to introduce HIM, do I? Everyone knows him.
- Fox Mulder of the X-files: Very tall, slender, brown hair, sad eyes
- Alex Krycek of the X-files: (My favourite (sigh)) Dark hair, huge green eyes, loong eyelashes, long legs, a hot ass. I really can understand that the oilien extra went to Hongkong because it wanted his body.
- Walter Skinner of the X-files: looks like the proof of the proverb that bald men are more potent.
- Gul Dukat of Star Trek DS9: (yes, I go for Cardassians, the guys with the grey skin) long and thin, intense blue eyes, long legs, a hot ass, stiff movements that are in a strange way sensual. Kira Neris must be blind: he's the sexiest guy in the Star Trek Universe
- Garak of Star Trek DS9: slender, but not as thin as Dukat. Blue eyes, mysterious smile.
- Alex Brandtner and Christian Boeck of Kommisar Rex: I don't know if this series is shown in the USA; perhaps under the title Commissioner Rex? It's a nice family series about a police dog, but I'm more interested in Rex's master Brandtner and his college Boeck, and the way they keep looking at each other.
- Alex Brandtner: tall, slender, muscular, nice ass, friendly face with friendly eyes
- Christian Boeck: small, blonde guy, good figure and the bluest eyes in the world
- Byron of Babylon 5: handsome, blonde, charismatic telepath who is always quoting Shakespeare.
- Kai of Lexx-The Dark Zone: a 2000 year old zombie; he's been kept deep frozen whenever he's not needed, that's why he still looks like living, except for his paleness. Black hair in a very crazy hairstyle, dark eyes, incredibly pretty face, good figure.


Chaos in Minds-Town II: Unions and Separations

The year is 1999, the name of the place: Mindstown, where the creatures of the creatives spent the time during breaks of shooting

Security Chief Zack Allan sat at the bar of Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club and stared darkly into his glass. His life was a mess, always had been. OK, he'd been promoted from assistant of the Security Chief to Chief, but what did that help when everything else went wrong?

"Let me guess: it's a woman." the man beside him said.

Zack turned his head and looked at him. He was in his sixties and wore a strange red uniform.

"How do you know?" Zack asked, suspising that he was a telepath.

"I've seen that look on men's faces all over the galaxy." the man answered. "It's always a woman." Then he smiled friendly and offered: "Just tell me about your problem, I'm sure I can give you some advice. In my youth no woman could resist me."

Zack looked at him in suprise: "Why?"

"Because the script told them so." he answered.

Yeah, that was a logic answer. "Well, the script told Lyta to resist me, even though I suprised her with a pizza. Instead she had an affair with this Byron." Zack grimaced in disgust. "After Byron died she didn't look at me either. And now she went away with a Narn."

"A what?" the man asked.

"A Narn," Zack Allan repeated, "a big reptile with red eyes."

"She preferred a reptile to you?" the old man asked.

"Oh, not what you think, they are just flying around together." Darkly Zack added: "At least, that's what they said. But G'Kar is a notorious lady-killer."

"Just forget her." the older man advised. "Look for another woman. Or try it with a man."

"A man?" Zack repeated, looking confused.

"That can be nice, too." the elder man answered. "You know, I'm not just famous for my affairs with women, Spock and me also were the fathers of slash literature."

Zack Allan's eyes widened: "You are Captain Kirk?" he realised.

Undisturbed Kirk talked on: "OK, Bones was also taking part in some stories, so it were three fathers. Or, perhaps, we could say Bones was the Godfather of slash."


At the same time, AD Skinner was sitting at a table, waiting for his date. Or for his two dates, better to say, for he had an appointment both with Mulder and Krycek. Of course, they didn't know about the double date, neither that he actually planned to bring them together. It just went on his nerves that they always came to him to cry about their hopeless love.

Mulder arrived first, sitting down with a huge smile on his face. His smile faded when he saw Krycek approaching.

"That rat bastard!" he hissed and sprang up to jump at Alex, but Skinner held him back. Krycek stopped at the table, his arms folded over his chest.

"What exactly do you have in mind, Skinner? To let us fall upon each other like two fighting cocks and then bet who will win?"

"So suspicious, Alex?" Skinner replied. "Actually I just wanted to pair you off."

"What?" Mulder shouted in consternation.

"Don't look so innocent, Mulder, the slash writers made you having affairs with him at least a thousand times." Skinner said.

Mulder snorted in disgust. "And Chris Carter made me being abused, beaten and mad, does that mean I liked it?"

Then even Krycek started to protest. "Nice try, Walter, but it won't work. Mulder would never at free will couple with me. Guess I have to wait for the next slash story."

"Um, Krycek, we are in a slash story." Skinner reminded him.

Alex's face brightened. "You're right, I had forgotten that." Then he turned to Mulder in order to convince him that if the writer wanted them to be together, they had no choice anyway. But Mulder's attention was focused on someone else.

"I always thought aliens are little grey men, but they are BIG GREY GUYS!" he murmured.


Gul Dukat entered the Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club together with his old adversary Elim Garak, arguing fervently about something. To be honest, Dukat always enjoyed the quarrels with Garak. It was very refreshing to match his wit with him. Of course he never forgot that he hated Garak more than anyone else in the galaxy.

They stopped next to a table, still arguing, when a young man addressed them: "From which planet are you?"

Dukat looked annoyedly at the disturber and answered shortly: "Cardassia."

But the man was not content with that answer. Eagerly he demanded more knowledge: "Where is Cardassia? How far away is it from earth? Where is your ship? What's your mission? What do you eat? Are you humanoid?"

Dukat stared perplexedly at the human, who on the one hand seemed to know absolutely nothing about what was going on in the galaxy, on the other hand showed such an enormous urge for knowledge.

Finally Garak said: "My good friend, we can't answer all your questions at once."

But the young human - a very good-looking one - went undisturbed on: "Do you breathe the same air as we? Do you live in similar social constructions? How do you reproduce? How is your sexuality?"

Normally Dukat was just hot for red-haired Bajoran women, but right now, he wanted to answer the question about sexuality to that young man, who stared at him with such a fascination. So Dukat grabbed the young man by the shoulders and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

"Dukat!" Garak shouted in consternation.

"Jealous?" Dukat just answered. Then the young man pulled him down for another kiss. Dukat pushed the man onto the next table and started to tear off his clothes.


Krycek stared in shock at Mulder and the extraterrestrial. "No!" he whispered, turned away and run into another man.

"Oh, I'm sorry." the stranger said with an odd accent. Actually he was speaking German with a Viennese idiom, but thanks to the synchronisation, Krycek could understand him without problems.

"Hey, you look troubled." the man said. "Can I help you?"

"Oh, I doubt that." Krycek replied. "You know, I'm in love with that man." he pointed at Mulder and the alien, who were occupied with tearing off each others clothes, while a second alien was watching with visible interest.

"But he doesn't want me. As soon as the first extraterrestrial walks along, he forgets that I even exist."

"Oh, that's hard." the man said full of pity. "If there's anything I can do for you?"

"There's something you could do." Krycek replied, before he gently kissed that man. If Mulder was going to have sex with aliens, he could have some fun, too!

But then he and the man were suddenly pushed apart. The last thing Krycek saw before he passed out were angry blue eyes and a fist flying towards his chin.


"But, Christian, why did you knock him out?" Alex Brandtner was absolutely perplex.

"He was flirting with you!" Boeck shouted out. Brandtner had never before seen him so angry.

"And? Are you that homophobic?" Brandtner asked.

But before his college could answer, a bald man appeared and beat Boeck down.


"No one except Mulder and me beats Krycek!!!" AD Skinner shouted.

Skinner wondered for a moment if he should look after Krycek, but then he saw that already two other men were approaching Krycek.


Byron was a telepath who liked to help other people. Now, that man was not a telepath, and he cared less for normals, but he hated violence and it had not been kind of the blonde to knock the sexy dark haired man down. Byron decided to look after the dark haired.


Kai had been a willess zombie for a long time, killing in the name of the tyrant His Shadow. Now that his will was free, he wanted to redeem himself by doing good things. Helping that dark haired man that had been knocked down over there certainly was a good deed.


Brandtner concernedly knelt down beside Boeck and gently woke him up.

"Christian," he said, "you really had no reason to beat that boy. What's the problem?"

"Hell, I'm jealous." the blonde answered.

"Jealous?" Brandtner was suprised. "And I always thought what a pity that you were hetero!"

"Hetero?" Boeck replied. "I thought YOU were hetero."

Brandtner blinked. So Christian was gay, too, and all the nights he'd spent cursing the world had been in vain? Acting on impulse he leaned down to kiss Christian, happy that he returned the kiss.


Meanwhile, Byron and Kai had reached Krycek and knelt down beside him. "It's very nice of you to look after him, but you can go, I'll take care of him." Byron said.

"I'll take care of him." Kai replied.

Byron wanted to answer, when the younger man woke up, horrors in his beautiful green eyes, looking around as if fearing that someone might attack him.

"Hush, you're in no danger." Byron said.

"There lies more peril in thine eyes then 20 of their swords." Kai added.

"Hey, I'm the Shakespeare quoter here!" Byron called annoyedly. "And it doesn't even fit very well into the context."

Undisturbed by the critics, Kai bent down and tried to soothe the boy by kissing him gently.

Byron realised with suprise that he couldn't read the thoughts of the man with the odd hairstyle.On the other hand he could read that the young man on the floor was confused, but also enjoyed being kissed by the stranger. So it couldn't do any harm.

So when Kai broke the kiss, Byron bent down and replaced his lips by his own.


Krycek had no idea who these men were, who first assured him that he was in no danger and now kissed him in turns, but, well, he took what he could take. And they both were very good-looking, even 'though the dark haired one had a very funny hairstyle. When they also started to undress him, he could hardly believe his luck.


Mulder was very interested in the anatomy of aliens, so he was glad that the extraterrestrial so willingly let him take off his clothes and examine what was under it. His build was humanoid, except the grey skin and the few strings of gristle. Even his reproducing organs were the same as humans, so they were compatible.

When the alien lifted unceremonielly Mulder's legs, spit in the palm of his hand and started to lube Mulder up, Mulder gasped in arousal. He'd never expected the first contact to be so intim!


Zack Allan stared in confusion at the pairs and threesomes in the club. "What are they doing?" he called.

"Looks like sex to me." Captain Kirk answered.

"I know that." Zack Allan replied harshly, "but..."

"You really should try slash if you didn't already." Kirk advised him. With a melancholic smile he added: "I always liked it."

Zack Allan's gaze fell on a balding man who was about to leave the club. Perhaps Kirk was right!


Skinner wanted to leave the club, when a voice shouted: "Stop, security!"

The AD turned around to see a man in a black uniform approaching, that fit perfectly to him.

"What's on?" Skinner asked unnerved. The man stopped in front of him and stared at him for a moment. He was a very good-looking man, in a very masculine way. But what did he want from him?

Skinner didn't have to wait very long for an answer, because the man suddenly grabbed him and kissed him wildly.


Meanwhile, Christian Boeck and Alex Brandtner had torn down each other's clothes, impatiently to release their long-time held-back desire for one another. Almost frantically they explored each others body.


Byron stared in disbelief at the pale man beside him, who cut into his own hand. Then out flew a green liquidity instead of blood, which the man used to lube the young man on the floor up.

Well, the beauty didn't mind with what he was being lubed, so why should Byron waste another thought on it?

Instead he bent down to tongue the young man's nipples, while his fingers stroked the flat stomach.

Kai had used a bit of his own proto-blood as lubricant, watching with interest the young man squirming under his caress. He spent a few more minutes stroking the soft skin of his thighs while the blonde man was nipping at his chest, then Kai parted the dark man's legs and entered him in a fluid movement. When he felt the moist heat clenching around him like a velvet fist, it was the first time since his death that he really felt alive.


With fascination Garak had watched his best enemy and the human. Why had he never before recognised that Dukat had such a cute ass? And the human there was even prettier than the good Dr Bashir, especially when his face showed such a bright enjoyment like now.

Garak stepped nearer to the table and stroked the skin of the human's chest, playing with the soft golden curls. Cardassians were less hairy than humans.

The human stared up at Garak with bright eyes, and as Dukat entered him, his face went off in ecstasy. Garak was stone-hard from watching, and he really didn't want to let Dukat have all the fun. So he opened his pants, took out his hard and let the human take it between his greedy lips.


Never letting a good opportunity pass, Skinner tore off the uniform of the Security Chief. That man really had a cute figure. As soon as they both were naked, Skinner bent the man over the bar next to them, swiping the empty glasses aside. Always prepared, Skinner took a tube of lube out of his pocket, and put a blob of it on his fingers. The Security Chief shivered in anticipation; obviously it had been awhile for him. Skinner pushed a finger into his ass, enjoying to see that man squirm in need, and thoroughly lubed him up. At last Skinner entered him in one thrust and rode him in a slow rhythm.


Brandtner had spent the last few minutes with lubing his partner up, until Christian was begging for more. Staring into the blue skies of his partners eyes, Brandtner finally entered the hot, velvet heavens.


Kai finally came with a loud scream.

Byron was not going to leave him all the fun, so when the prettiest zombie of film history had finished, the telepath pushed him aside to take his place.


With a proud smile Captain Kirk let his gaze travel over the room. All this would not have been possible, if he and Spock hadn't been. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that the begetting of slash literature was the best thing he had ever done.