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Summary: Krycek seeks help from an old friend, which he will soon regret.

Notes of the author: I always thought people who consider Krycek as evil,
don't know Lucas Buck. Lucas is truely evil and, besides that, he's really
sexy! :-)

"Lord of the rats" is a synonym for the devil in Goethe's "Faust".

Lord Of The Rats
by Ratwoman

Sheriff Lucas Buck, keeper of law and order in a small American town called
Trinity, slowly rose from the armchair in his living room and walked through
his large, empty house to open the front door, because someone had just rung
the bell.

Waiting outside stood a tall, handsome young man in a black leather jacket.
His beautiful green eyes looked pleadingly at the Sheriff.

"Lucas, I need your help!"

"Alex!" Lucas Buck said somehow delightedly and stepped aside to let Alex
Krycek into his house.

"You need my help?" he repeated after he had closed the door behind the
younger man. "What can you offer me in return?"

As an answer Krycek battered his long, thick eyelashes, smiling seductively.

Lucas smiled back, arrogantly. "I could get that from everyone!"

"Maybe," Krycek replied, stepping nearer to the Sheriff. "But no one is as
good as me!" Thereupon he knelt down in front of Lucas, opened his belt,
undid the zipper and took out his hardening cock. Without hesitation he took
it into his talented mouth.

Lucas looked down with content at the young man who was doing him a blowjob.
He had always been a talented disciple, in more than one way. It seemed, that
he had even extended his abilities in the time they hadn't seen each other.

An hour later.

Alex lay exhausted on the bed, gazing thoughtfully at the good-looking man
beside him. He had known Lucas even before he went to Quantico. He had been
very young, hardly old enough to be called a man. Lucas, then living in the
same town, was about ten years older. He had admired that fascinating man;
and how happy he had been, when the older man showed interest on him. Alex's
parents of course had tried to stop the friendship, although they didn't
know, that Lucas was even more than a friend to Alex. His lover, his teacher,
his master. Lucas had taught him everything: how to make sex (-not love,
certainly not-), how to lie, how to intrigue against others, and in a
moonless night even how to kill. Though he somehow had been afraid of Lucas
all the time, he had missed him in an almost painful way, when their ways
finally had separated them. He had gone to Quantico, Lucas had chosen another

The first month separated had been like the withdrawal of a drug for Alex.
He had never loved Lucas, but he had adored him, had been addicted to him,
even when Lucas had been cruel to him.

In that way his feelings for Mulder were similar. Sure, Mulder was the
opposite of Lucas, but the more Mulder was mean to him, the more he beat him,
the deeper Krycek felt for him, happy for every smile, every friendly remark.
There would never again be smiles and friendliness from Mulder, since he had
deceived him. Damnshit! Why the hell did he make the mistake to fall in love
with the one with whom the Consortium had charged him?

Lucas would laugh about him if he knew.

Krycek wondered if it wasn't a sign of deep desperation to ask him, Lucas
Buck, for help. Of course here he would be safe from the FBI, and maybe Lucas
would even be able to rescue him from the Consortium, if they would search
for him in Trinity.

Lucas Buck was an X-File all by himself. Everyone who tried to mess with him
got killed, and there was never a trace leading to Lucas. Krycek didn't know
for certain what abilities he had, but he was quite sure that not even the
Consortium could cope with Lucas Buck.

Yes, Krycek would be save here. But who would save him from Lucas Buck?

The Sheriff glared down at him, frowning:"You've left the FBI? Why?"

"That's a long story. It would take too much time to tell it." Krycek
replied. In fact, he didn't want to tell Lucas too much, for he could use
his knowledge against Krycek one day. You never knew with Lucas Buck.

"And how shall I help you?" Lucas asked.

"There are some men looking for me. Some of them are FBI-agents, some are
from another organisation." Stop, don't tell him too much! "Anyway, I'll
have to leave the country for a while, and I have my connections, so I will
get a fake passport soon. All I ask of you, Lucas, is a safe place, where I
can stay for a few days."

"You have not really answered my first question." Lucas claimed. "What will
I get, if I help you?"
"Well, you will get >it< whenever you want, wherever and however." Krycek
answered. "Don't laugh at me, Lucas, I know you. You're just satisfied, when
you have control over everything. What I offer you, is absolute control over

Krycek waited for a response, but Lucas seemed to need to think about it.
Finally he said:"You risk a lot, Alex. What if I like the feeling of control
so much that I decide not to let you go again?"

"You won't." Krycek replied."because this is a very nice, very American town,
and people would start talking if the Sheriff had a male lover. Of corse,
they wouldn't dare to gossip if it lasts just for days," he hurried to add,
"but if you keep a man in your house for longer... The public opinion is
important for men in public offices, even for you."

"You've realized that very well, Alex." Lucas voice sounded amused. "But
your offer is very alluring." Lucas looked straight at him with eyes, that
seemed to see right into his soul. "Ok, you may stay as long as you want to."
Then he smiled, a somehow spiteful smile. "Get on your knees, Alex," he
commanded, "I wanna fuck you!"

Krycek obeyed with a foreboding that he would regret giving Lucas that offer.
He closed his eyes, feeling Lucas's hands stroking his back, reaching his
buttocks. Although he enjoyed every single touch, he was feeling used all
the time.

In the early evening hours of the next day.

"Damnshit!" Mulder slammed shut the hood of his car, cursing loudly. He
couldn't figure out what was wrong with the engine, why it had conked out in
the middle of a waste, lonely road.

First he had hoped for an UFO, but it didn't come. After waiting for a few
minutes, he had decided to look what was wrong, but he didn't understand
very much about engines.

Mulder grabbed his cell phone to call the wrecker service. But, shit happens,
also his phone refused to work. Maybe the interferences were caused by the
coming storm. The sky was grey with clouds, hanging so low that Mulder
thought, he could almost touch them.

It had indeed been a bad idea of Skinner to send Mulder on holiday. He had
wanted to continue working, repressing the thoughts about what had happened
to him, about Krycek murdering his father, about the halluzinogenes with
which the Consortium had contaminated the water, about Scully shooting him,
about the train, but Skinner had insisted on Mulder recovering from the
events. And what happened as soon as he went on holiday? His car wrecked,
his cell phone was defective, and he had to walk to the next town to get
some help.

>Trinity, fifteen miles< he read on a signpost. Good, perhaps he would
manage to get there before the storm began.

Krycek walked through the town sunken into thoughts. No one else was around
because of the bad weather.

Recently Krycek's former boss had tried to kill him with a car bomb. Why the
hell had he been so stupid to run to the next telephone box and call the
cigarette smoking bastard, telling him that he was still alive? If Cancerman
still thought he was dead, he wouldn't need to hurry so much to leave the
country. Maybe he wouldn't even need a fake passport, for they wouldn't
monitor the steps of a dead man. And last but not least he wouldn't have
needed to turn to Lucas Buck.

It had always been strange with Lucas. He was very handsome, tall, slender,
with lush, light brown hair, Krycek really felt attracted by him. But there
was something in his eyes that made him shiver with uneasiness. Somehow he
always feared that Lucas could swallow up his soul. Krycek tried to shake
away the thought by reminding himself on the sex last night and this morning.

Yes, it had been good. At least at most parts of it. But Lucas seemed to
enjoy hurting Krycek a bit, by not making him slick enough before he fucked
him. Of course it had always been Lucas who penetrated the other one. It had
been that way years ago, when they were a couple, and it was that way now.
Lucas would never admit his partner to be on top, he had to be the leader.

The pain Lucas gave to him was never grave, never hard enough that it
couldn't have been inadvertently. Alex knew, it wasn't. So he hadn't shown
him, when he had hurt him, unwilling to give Lucas that triumph.

Maybe offering this attractive but evil man to be his love-slave for a few
days had been a mistake. To make things worse, his contact person, who he
had phoned today, had told him, that it would take some days until all his
fake papers were ready. Bullshit, why did it take so long?

A heavy wind blew in the town when Mulder reached it, but the storm had not
yet begun.

As soon as he would find a 'phone box, he would call a wrecker service, and
then he would look for a hotel or a pension where he could spend the night.
Not the town he had planned, but he had no choice.

The light was dim, not just because the sun was setting, somewhere concealed
by the clouds, but because of the bad weather. Nevertheless, Mulder
recognized the slender figure turning around the corner.

Krycek decided to go back to the Sheriff's house. Maybe Lucas would be
annoyed when he came home and Alex wasn't there, and the last thing Krycek
wanted was to mess with Lucas. He just wanted to spent the time without any
trouble. But then he saw the tall, slender frame running at him.

"KRYCEK!" the name shot like a flash through Mulder's brain. Without even
thinking he rushed forwards, grabbed the surprised young man by the leather
covered shoulders and slammed him against a wall. Sparks of joy and lust
wandered through his veins as he saw his victim grimacing with pain when his
head banged against the stone. He drew his gun and pressed it against
Krycek's chest. Searching his mind for insults adequate for that bastard, he
looked into Krycek's face. It would have been an emotionless mask if there
weren't that haunted look in his emerald green eyes. However, Mulder hated
this face. How could someone so beautiful be such a monster?

A cold voice with a southern accent interrupted his thoughts: "Drop your
weapon and raise your hands!"

There was a slight change in the look of Krycek's eyes. Mulder could see
relief and at the same time concern.

The FBI-agent turned his head and recognized a tall, handsome man in a
Sheriff's uniform standing a few feet behind him. He also recognized the gun
pointing at him.

"I'm from the FBI!" Mulder explained.

"I said: drop your weapon!" the man insisted. Mulder realized that he hadn't
heard him coming. Had he been so distracted with Krycek?

The Sheriff resolutely walked towards him and pressed his gun against
Mulder's temple. "Drop your weapon!" he repeated in a menacing voice.

Mulder obeyed. As soon as his gun fell to the ground, Krycek moved away from
the wall. But to Mulder's surprise he didn't take the opportunity to run
away. Instead he stayed close behind the Sheriff.

"That man is a wanted criminal." Mulder said. "He'll escape, if you don't
arrest him!"

But the Sheriff simply ignored his objection. "Hands to the wall!" Mulder
sighed and put the palm of his hands to the stone. If the Sheriff insisted
on a body search, ok, surely that man would feel very embarrassed when he
found Mulder's identity certificate.

"My identity card is in the right pocket of my jacket." Mulder tried to make
it work faster.

The Sheriff's hand glided into his pocket, taking out a notebook and a foto
of Scully. "No, it isn't." he said calmly.

"Then it's in the other pocket!" Mulder answered.

"No, not even there." the Sheriff replied. He reached under Mulder's jacket
to scan either for the papers or for weapons. Suddenly the Sheriff's hand
rested on his ass. Mulder jumped a bit, but then he thought that it certainly
was nothing sexual. Some people keep their identity card in the pockets of
the backside of their jeans, the Sheriff decidedly just wanted to make sure
that Mulder didn't.

By the way, how could he have lost all his papers?

His thoughts were interrupted as the Sheriff rudely tugged his right arm to
his back. Mulder felt the metal of handcuffs close around his wrist, then
his other arm was pulled back and chained.

"He has attacked you?" the Sheriff turned to Krycek.

"Yes," he simply replied.

"Do you have any idea, why?"

"I think he's mad." Krycek answered.

"You must come with us to the office. Just to answer some questions, for the
protocols." the Sheriff said to Krycek in a friendly manner. Mulder was
very concerned. Something was definitely wrong here.

Deputy Ben Healy didn't think the man he was interrogating looked like a
criminal. But if criminals looked like criminals, his job would be much

"You attacked the man in the leather jacket?" he asked.

"Yes," the man answered. "But I'm an FBI-agent, and I was going to arrest
him, when the Sheriff came and disturbed us."

"You want to say the man in leather is a criminal?" Ben questioned.

"Exactly. His name is Alex Krycek."

Ben could clearly hear the hatred in the man's voice, when he spoke about
his victim.

"And your name?" Ben wanted to know.

"Fox Mulder."

What a lunatic would call his son Fox?

"Why didn't you identify yourself as an FBI-agent to Sheriff Buck?" Ben

"I tried, but I must have lost my identity card."

A door opened and the Sheriff, who had recorded the victim's testimony until
now, came in, followed by the young man in leather.

"What has the scoundrel told you?" Lucas asked.

"That his name is Fox Mulder, that he's an FBI-agent, who lost his identity
card, and that the other man is a criminal named Alex Krycek." Deputy Healy

"How interesting. That is the first time, that a madman tried to tell me
that he's an FBI-agent." Lucas said ironically.

"But it is true." the man named Mulder interjected.

Sheriff Buck smiled condescending. "Then it is also true, that this man is a
criminal named Krescenk?"

"Krycek." Mulder corrected.

"You have not recently changed your name, Mr Jeremy Franklin?"

The young man in leather smiled and shook his head.

"Did you check his identity card?" Ben asked.

Lucas looked straight at him, not longer smiling. "You don't really think I
haven't, do you?!"

"Then they are fake!" the man who called himself Mulder protested.
The Sheriff ignored him. "Throw him into a prison cell until we find out
more." Then, turning to the young man, he offered: "Come on, I'll take you
home, Mr Franklin."

As the two men left the police station, Ben wondered, if they weren't
collaborating, working together against this Fox Mulder.

What was he thinking? Suspecting his boss of saving a criminal from an
FBI-agent, of commiting a crime! Terrified about his thoughts he stood up,
looking at the man sitting sadly on his chair.

"C'mon," he said friendly, "your cell is waiting."

Lucas Buck was sitting at the edge of his bed, contemplating the identify
card in his hand.

"I knew that you are corrupt, Lucas, but I didn't know that you're also a
thief." Alex, leaning onto the frame of the door, remarked amused.

"This Fox Mulder," Lucas said, " is a very goodlooking man, don't you think?"

"Maybe," Alex tried to sound uninterested.

Suddenly Lucas threw Mulder's identity card into a corner and looked at
Krycek. "Come nearer!" he ordered.

Krycek walked slowly towards him and stopped standing directly in front of
Lucas. Lucas's hands gently touched Krycek's tighs, moved upwards and
grabbed tightly into his asscheeks. Krycek sharply inhaled, the muscles of
his buttocks contracted. Looking into Lucas's eyes, he barely noticed the
growling thounder outside.

"Shall I kill him for you?" Lucas asked softly.

"No!" Krycek called out. Hastily he added. "I mean, he's not worth the
trouble. You'd have to explain it... all the paperwork... Just keep him in
prison for a few days, that will fit my needs."

Krycek noticed with concern that sinister glowing in Lucas's eyes. Then the
Sheriff smiled slightly. "Strip for me!" he claimed as if they'd never
mentioned Mulder.

Krycek stepped back and let his leather jacket glide to the ground. With
provocative, slow movements he tore off his shirt, slipped off his shoes and
socks, opened his pants and finally took off his jeans.

Entirely naked he stepped back to Lucas, who quickly took hold of Krycek's
slim waist and threw him onto the bed.

Krycek landed with his back on the matress and before really realizing it,
Lucas was above him, kissing him wildly. His hands were playing with his
nipples, which hardened at once.

"Do you know, what surprised me most, when you offered me control over you,
Alex?" he whispered, while moving one of his hands down Krycek's chest to
his flat abdomen, the feeling of the material of Lucas's shirt on his bare
skin heighening his arousal. "That you voluntarily gave up the illusion of
free will." Krycek gasped as Lucas's hand reached his groin, grabbing his
cock. Outside, the thunder was roaring.

"We are similar in some ways." Lucas continued. "we both like the feeling of
control. Although I think, your motives are different to mine. You're just
afraid of what may happen to you, if other people take control of your life."

Lucas let go of Krycek's cock. Alex sighed in frustration, but then Lucas
took hold of Alex's left wrist and kissed it gently. Krycek sat up on his
elbow and watched Lucas curiously. What was he intending to do next?

He didn't need to wait long for an answer. Lucas free hand reached his belt,
took the handcuffs and closed them around Krycek's wrist.

"What the hell..." Alex murmured. He tried to withdraw himself from Lucas,
but the Sheriff's grip was almost inhumanly firm. He also grabbed Krycek's
free arm and pulled both to the head of the bed, chaining his wrists to the
brass-rails in the headboard with the handcuffs.

"I don't know, if I'll like that." Krycek complained.

"I don't mind, if YOU'll like it." Lucas answered coldly. "I will." As if to
underline his words, thunder was growling again.

Lucas turned Alex around, so that he lay on his stomach. Then he produced
another handcuff, closed it around Krycek's right ankle and chained him to
the footboard. He did the same with the other ankle. Krycek didn't try to
resist. He knew, it was useless, a waste of energy, for Lucas had already
chained his hands. In some ways, he thought, he even deserved it. What had
he been thinking - asking Lucas Buck for help, offering him to take control
in return! He should have known that Lucas would utilize it widely.

Lucas stood at the end of the bed, enjoying the sight. The light was dim in
here, but sometimes lightning strikes illuminated the scene. Alex was so
beautiful. A slender body, fitted out with firm muscles underneath that
smooth skin. There weren't men as perfect in Trinity - except for himself,
of course - , women, yes. Gail was very pretty, worth to bear him a son.
Selena was not really beautiful, but there was something wicked in her eyes,
that could drive a man mad. Krycek could do that, too, if you'd let him.
(Except of homophobics, of course.)

Lucas quickly stripped down. Krycek turned his head and looked at him, his
eyes widened with fear and anticipation. It would be fun to take him bare,
but Lucas decided that it could be much more interesting to make Alex, who
hated the feeling of being delivered to his mercy, enjoy it.

He sat down beside Alex, gently caressing his shoulders and his back. The
younger man's muscles contracted in response to his touch.

There was a lump of fear in his stomach. It loosened a bit, when he realized
that Lucas was only stroking him softly. At the same time his member started
to harden. He noticed the matress beside him being pressed down, when Lucas
moved nearer. Then his lips and his tongue were on his neck, kissing and
licking, slowly moving down his spine. Krycek tried to repress his moans of

He should have known that Alex would be easy to please. Always so grateful
for every half-way gentle touch, for any attention, any sign of care. Lucas
decided that Alex had enjoyed enough, at least for now.

Lucas lips had gone, and Alex waited with excitement for what would come
next. Then Lucas slapped Alex's buttocks hard with the back of his hand. The
sound of the crack got lost in the rolling thunder. Krycek gasped in
surprise. Then he felt Lucas's hands grab rudely into his asscheeks, kneading
them. Somehow against his will his erection grew at the rough treatment,
until one of Lucas's fingers forced its way through the contracted opening
of his ass, making Alex whimper in pain, trying hard to repress the tears
burning in his eyes.

"You little pervert like this, don't you?" Lucas asked in a tone that made
sure, that he wouldn't accept a 'no' as an answer.

Krycek didn't like it, but he nodded his head, as Lucas's finger twisted around,
sending sparks of pain through his body. As for a reward Lucas's finger slid out.
Now his hand carressed his buttocks, suddenly gentle again.

Then he heighered Krycek's hips with one hand, the other one moved around to
his groin, stroking the heavy balls and the hardened cock, until the precum spurt
out on the top of it.

Lucas was fully erect now, and so was Alex, so he decided to prepare him for
the finale. He made his fingers slick with Alex's precum and smeared it on and
into the opening of his ass. Then he mixed it up with the semen dropping from
his own cock, until he felt Alex shiver with anticipation.

"You want it?" Lucas asked unneccessarily.

"Yes!" Alex pleaded. "Fuck me!"

Lucas penetrated him quickly, burying his full length inside him.

Krycek cried out in agony, as the pain sent a burning sensation through his
whole body. Lucas cock almost completely slid out again, easing the pain,
giving Alex a chance to relax. Lucas slowly, nearly carefully, started to thrust
in and out. As Krycek's hips started to move in synchrony with him, the rhythm
got faster. At the same time as Lucas's semen discharged into him, his own
sperms dispersed onto the bed.

Outside the storm was on its height, thunder and lightning taking turn without
any pause. As the storm faded away, Lucas finally collapsed on Krycek's back,
their sweat uniting.

"Will you untie me now?" Alex asked, when he had caught breath again. Lucas
sat up, his fingers moving down Krycek's spine, admiring the contracting muscles
underneath the sweat-wet skin. "Who said, that I've already finished?"

The cop, who brought Mulder breakfast, was another one than the man who had
interrogated him yesterday. He was shorter and more corpulent. The breakfast,
by the way, was o.k.:an egg, bread with jam and a large cup of coffee.

The cop put the tray onto the plank-bed next to Mulder and left the cell again,
closing the door.

"That's all a mistake!" Mulder said to him. "I'm an FBI-agent."

The cop earnestly nodded his round head. "Lucas told me, that you're mad. One
of our doctors went mad last month." he added.

"I'm not mad." Mulder objected."That bastard Krycek has tricked your Sheriff."

If they weren't working together. Mulder had suspected that, when he'd seen them
leaving the office together. Probably that son of a bitch was even sleeping with the
Sheriff to ensure himself of his cooperation. That thought made Mulder sick.

"No one can trick Sheriff Buck." the cop claimed.

"You're right, Floyd." Mulder instantly recognized the Sheriff's voice.

"Alex Krycek has." Mulder insited, as Lucas Buck stopped in front of his cell.

"Floyd, don't you have a lot of work to do?" Lucas said to the cop. It was plain to
see, that he really meant:"Make yourself scarce!"

Floyd instantly walked out.

"I don't know what happened to my identity card."Mulder tried to convince
him. "But this man who calls himself Jeremy Franklin is really Alex Krycek,
a dangerous criminal. He's a murderer, a betrayer..."

"And certainly he dissapointed you deeply." Lucas Buck remarked.

Mulder stared at him, uncomprehending.

"You wanted him, maybe you even loved him. But then you found out about his
crimes, and now your feelings have turned into hatred." Lucas analysized coldly.

"What a nonsense!" Mulder shouted out, a bit too vehemently. Then he recognized
something. "But... then... you believe me?"

"I believe that you believe what you're saying. Mass murderers often kill their
victims, because they consider them to be persons who'd hurt them."

"But I'm no mass murderer!" This was ridiculous! "One phone call to my partner
Scully could prove that I'm telling the truth. I have the right for a phone call!"

"Which rights you have and which not, is my decision." the Sheriff hissed and
turned away.

"Great!" Mulder murmured in frustration. "And Krycek escapes in the meantime."

Lucas stopped and looked back. "Oh, Jeremy certainly won't escape. I doubt,
that he can walk today."

He noticed with satisfaction the jealousy flaming up in the hazel eyes of the
FBI-agent. He'd guessed right, he was torn between hatred and love at the thought
of Alex. But what about the red-haired woman on the foto? If she wasn't his sister,
she probably was his lover. An honest man like the FBI-agent certainly felt guilty
for loving two persons at the same time. On the one hand feelings for the woman,
on the other contradicting emotions for Alex - playing with Fox Mulder's feelings
would be very satisfying. Nearly as much as killing him.

Krycek awoke and crawled out of Lucas's bed, who had already gone to
work. Had he not at all been exhausted after the exertions of that stormy

As a response to every wrong movement, Alex felt a burning pain in his
ass, caused by the uncountable times Lucas had rode him during the night.
He walked limping into the bathroom. Looking into the mirrow, he saw his pale,
tired face with the dark rings under the eyes. He looked like hell.

Krycek smiled a confused smile in memory of the night. It had been something
between his darkest nightmare and a trip to heaven. It was not something he
would like to repeat. Well, perhaps he would even like it.

Krycek tumbled into the shower. It was time to get out of Trinity, out of the
Sheriff's reach. He switched on the water and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling
of the cool liquid pattering onto his strained skin.

The keeper of law and order in Trinity sat behind his office desk, sunken
deeply in contemplation. Last night had been even more arousing than raping
Judith Temple, but he wondered, why he was treatening Alex so cruelly - not
that he felt remorse. One way or the other Alex would leave him, no matter how
good or how bad Lucas treatened him. The only thing he'd have to care about was
if Krycek would come back, but that was in any case improbable.

But all that didn't explain why he already had decided Fox Mulder's death. He had
made his decision as soon as Alex had dissuaded him from killing Mulder. Alex
had tried to hide it, but it had been plain to see how important Mulder's life was
for him. Lucas almost liked Alex, but what Krycek connected with Mulder was
so much deeper than everything Lucas would ever be able to feel. Hidden deeply
in the darkest corner of his mind he was envious for that, although he would never
ever admit it. These feelings - symphathy and love - only made them vulnerable.
He would prove it by killing Mulder. And if it was just to hurt Alex.

Krycek left the Sheriff's house and went, still slightly limping, to the next
phone box. Of course there was a telephone in Lucas's house, but he somehow
felt wrong by phoning his contact person from the residence of a policeman.
Besides that, he needed some motion. The shower had relaxed his cramped muscles,
but he still felt overexerted. Too much rest wouldn't be good now, or he would
become negligent.

Krycek finally reached the phone box and dialed his contact.

"How much time will it take yet, until I get my passport?" he asked harshly, as
soon as the man had answered the call.

"Krycek, is that you? It'll take a few days like I said yesterday."

"Why does it take so long?" he snarled.

"There are some complications. Krycek, you sound sick. Are you in trouble?"

"I just had an appointment with the devil, who tried to fuck my soul out
of my body." Krycek answered severely.

"Krycek, are you in a fever?"

"Maybe," he said bitterly and hang up the phone.

Krycek looked thoughtfully at the building of the police-station. A cold wind
blew, tousling his short dark hair. Strange, there was always wind in Trinity.

Somewhere inside of the building Mulder was sitting in a prison cell.... Krycek
wondered if Mulder was thinking about him, too. If so, it certainly weren't friendly

"Are you already missing me?" a voice he knew all to well said ironically.

Krycek turned around to face Lucas Buck. He always seemed to appear out
of nowhere.

Strange, but even after the last night, somewhere between arousing sex and
brutal rape, he felt attracted to that man.

Lucas stepped nearer to him and proposed in a low voice:"If you miss me that
much, we can do it quickly on the office toilet."

Krycek felt a shiver of unease running through his veins: "No thanks!" he answered.

"Then why are you here?"

>Cause I want to know how Mulder is. I long to see him, to touch him....< he
thought. Aloud he lied:"I've phoned my contact today. He said, my passport is
almost ready. I'll have to leave early tomorrow."

"So soon?" Lucas said unwillingly. "We hardly had time for us."

Krycek couldn't help but laughing. "And what was that last night? My ass is still
burning like fire!"

Lucas looked at him, indignantly frowning: "I thought, that was just the beginning."

Krycek laughed out hysterically: "What comes next? You fucking me while I'm
hanging down headlong chained with my ankles to the chandelier?"

"A very fascinating idea, but I fear the chandelier would break to pieces." Lucas
answered. Patting Krycek's cheek condescendingly, he continued: "But I
promise you, Alex, I'll figure out something special for tonight."

Lucas smiled wickedly and turned away to enter the office.

Krycek again felt a knot of angst in his stomach. If he survived Lucas Buck, he
would survive everything.

Mulder stepped away from the bared up window of his cell, his face grimacing
in disgust. He had stepped nearer when he had recognized the two voices speaking,
now he was almost regretting it. Hearing Sheriff Buck and this slut Krycek talking
about their perverted sexual practises was not what he had hoped for. He nearly felt
sick, when he tried to imagine Krycek and the Sheriff together, in positions similar
to the porno videos he sometimes watched. At least, now he knew that Krycek and
Lucas Buck conspired together. And Krycek seemed to pay in a special currency
for the Sheriff's help.

Mulder sighed. "Oh, Alex! How low have you sunk!"

Lucas looked out of the window of his office and watched the slender figure in
leather walking away. "Alex, you shouldn't have tried to deceive me." he murmured
softly. "Now I have to find an adequate punishment."

Alex may be a very talented liar, but not even he could stifle the subtle signs a
person sends out when he's lying, as for example the widening of the pupils. It
wasn't true that his fake papers were completed and that he had to go. He just didn't
want to stay any longer.

How could Alex dare to leave him? Lucas thoughtfully wandered through the
office, along the prison cells, letting his gun strike along the lattice bars with a
loud >Pling!<

He stopped at Special Agent Mulder's cell, who sat on his plank-bed and now looked
up to Lucas. Mulder's eyes were dark with sorrow, his slender figure appeared
downcast, as if a great weight was on his shoulders. Lucas wondered, if Mulder
knew that Alex loved him.

Then a hint of a smile appeared on his face, when a way to punish Alex for deceiving
him came to his mind. That man would play an important part in it.

In the evening.
"Ben, why don't you take the evening off? You've worked so hard in the last couple
of days." Sheriff Buck suggested.

Ben looked up, becoming suspicious. Lucas being nice? Something was going on!

"But someone has to watch over the prisoner." Ben protested. Why hadn't they already
found out his identity?

"I'll take care for that." Lucas said. "Now go and have a nice time."

Ben stood up. "Hm... thank you, Lucas. Good night." He went out of the office with
a vage feeling of unease, leaving the prisoner alone with Lucas. Looking back at
the building, in which the man who called himself Fox Mulder was delivered to
the mercy of Sheriff Buck, he insulted himself: "Ben, you're such a coward!"

Lucas viewed thoughtfully the slender man sitting in the cell. Alex seemed to have a
good taste, loving such a handsome man.

This night would be great. Raping this Fox Mulder, afterwards killing him and all
the time forcing Alex to take part in it - that would be a deed worth a Lucas Buck!
He would later put the blame on Alex, telling that he attacked Lucas and knocked
him out, then killed the FBI-agent they had falsely considered to be a criminal. A
tragedy, isn't it?

Of course, Lucas wouldn't kill Alex. He should have to live with the memory of
what had happened. Lucas smiled. His plan was so brilliant.

Fox looked nervously at the man standing in front of his cell, who was staring
intensively at him.

"Why are you staring at me?" he eventually asked. The Sheriff didn't answer, he
just took the keys and opened the door.

"Get out!" he ordered.

"Why?" Mulder wanted to know.

"Because I tell you to get out." Lucas replied in a tone, that made sure that he
wouldn't accept any resistance.

Mulder unsurely stood up and walked out of the cell.

"Hands on your back!" the Sheriff ordered. Mulder obeyed with a feeling of
unease. When he felt the metal of the handcuffs closing around his wrists, he
asked:"Where do you take me?"

"Certainly not here." Lucas Buck answered. Mulder frowned in confusion.
Something was wrong with that answer. The Sheriff dragged him out of the
office, not rudely, but very determined. As he shoved him into the backseat of
his car and drove on, Mulder's feeling of unease grew. He knew, the Sheriff was
corrupt, was he even so corrupt to kill Mulder?

With a mixture of fear and anticipation Alex was waiting for Lucas. He himself
had also made some effort to arrange an unforgetable evening. He had cooked,
set the table, prepared everything for a stylish candlelight-dinner. What would
come afterwards, was Lucas's decision, of course. But if Lucas was content
with Alex's efforts, perhaps he would turn the evening into something
overwhelming. Lucas could be a fantastic lover, if he wanted to. But if he
preferred to be cruel...

Alex would do anything within his powers to prevent Lucas from being cruel to him,
and the best way to do so was to satisfy his demands. If he needed to play master
and servant for Lucas, he would do so. (Humiliate himself, before Lucas had a
chance to.)

With a bit luck this night could be a trip to heaven without the slightest sidetrip
to hell.

He heard the door opening and Lucas voice calling: "Alex, I'm home!"

"I'm waiting in the dining-room, Lucas!" Alex answered, verifying if everything
was in place on the table. He was as excited as on his first date.

Lucas entered the room, but he wasn't alone. He was dragging a handcuffed man
with him, Krycek knew all too well. Mulder.

Alex wasted a second admiring how beautiful Mulder was even now, that the
anxiety was so plain to see on his face.

"Lucas, what do you want with him?" Krycek asked as calm as possible.

"Well, I thought we could play with him for awhile." Lucas proposed. Wrong,
it wasn't really a proposition. More a friendly formulated order.

"What do you mean by that?" In fact, Krycek was quite sure, what
Lucas intended to do.

"I think you understand all too well, Alex." Lucas said coldly. "Something similar
to yesterday, but this time, you'll get your chance to be on top."

Yes, Krycek understood. And so did Mulder, as he could see in the horrified look
in his eyes. This was certainly not going to be a trip to heaven. They were on the
descent to hell.

"But how are you going to explain this to the FBI?" Krycek noticed annoyed the
hysteric tone in his voice.

"No need to be afraid, Alex." Lucas said appeasing. "They don't know, that he's
here, and after I've killed him, I will take care that his corpse will never be found."

"But your deputies know, that he's here!" Krycek protested loudly.

"They won't dare tell anyone." Lucas answered, enjoying the effects his words
had on Alex. Normally he was a talented liar, but this time he was hardly able
to hide his horrors. His feelings for Mulder were just too strong.

Nevertheless, his will would not be as strong as Lucas's. Maybe it would be difficult,
but he would force Alex to take part in his plans. From tomorrow on, Alex would
hate himself. If Lucas couldn't keep his favourite toy, he would have to break it.

Mulder was almost sick from terror. Even if Krycek wasn't a rapist, he would
certainly have no more reason to protest against the Sheriff's diabolic plan, now
that he had ensured him, that nobody would find out, what happened to the FBI-agent.
Adrenaline flashed through his veins, his heartbeat speeded up.Unable to think
clear, two instincts, attack or flight, fought for predominance. Attack won.

Lucas observed Krycek's reactions, who seemed to search desperately for an
argument, when he suddenly was attacked by that Fox Mulder. Of course, it was
an useless attempt, for Mulder was still handcuffed. But the force of his attack
was really surprising, when he crashed against Lucas, slamming him against the
wall, kicking hard against his shin-bone.

Lucas howled in pain, and Mulder took the opportunity of Lucas's distraction
to rush past him towards the door. Lucas reacted quickly, drew his gun and
pressed it against Mulder's neck: "I wouldn't do that!" he said calmly.

Mulder stood still and turned his head, desperation and a sense of madness written
on his face: "Why not? You will kill me any way."

"Let him go, Lucas." Krycek threw in. "His presence will only destroy our
intimacy." With an arrogant laughter he added: "I don't even find him attractive!"

Lucas noticed with pleasure the hurt look on Mulder's face when Alex denied that
he found him attractive. People who loved were so easily hurt. He turned around
to Alex, who was still standing at the set table. "Trust me, Alex, you will like what
I intend to do with him." he promised.

"I know very well, what I want, Lucas." Krycek said as he stepped closer to
Lucas. "You!" he whispered, took Lucas face in the palms of his hands and kissed
him long and passionately on his lips, hoping that Mulder would take the chance to
get out of the room, out of the house.

Mulder watched the two attractive men with fascination. Krycek looked as if he
wanted to swallow up the other man, nibbling at his lower lip, sucking on it. That
kiss was so sexy.... Mulder felt his cock hardening. Finally the Sheriff shoved
Krycek away, who looked pleadening at him. But the Sheriff just ignored these
beautiful eyes and turned to Mulder, his gun pointing at him.

Damnshit! Why hadn't he used the opportunity to escape?

"I've chosen, Alex." Lucas said. "I want you both, now!"

Rudely he grabbed Mulder's arm and shoved him out of the room. Krycek followed,
leaving the meal he had prepared with such care back on the table.

Mulder already felt sick with terror as Lucas Buck said to Krycek :"Alex, do you
know the adress of the red-haired woman on the photo, he's carrying with him?"

What did he want from Scully?

"Perhaps we should send her some photos." the Sheriff proposed.

A vision of his wonderful partner raised to his head, as she stared in disgust, horror
and unnameable sadness on some photos. His lungs refused to breathe for a moment.
Seeing what they would do to him would hurt Scully so deeply, and there had
already been more than enough harm in her life.

With an almost inhuman howl he turned around, trying to push Lucas Buck
down the stairs, but he escaped his attacks and slammed his fist in Mulder's
stomach, making him writhe in pain. Grabbing him on the collar, he pulled him

Krycek was nearly mad for desperation, as he followed Lucas and a scared Mulder
up the stairs to Lucas's bedroom. As they entered it, he stepped close behind Lucas,
pulled his arms around his waist and purred seductively: "Lucas, why don't you just
forget that fop and make love to me the way you did yesterday?"

"It seems, you got used to the chains." Lucas remarked. "And I thought, I would do
you a favour, if I find someone else to chain."

"Oh please, no one else!" Alex begged, while he was kissing Lucas neck.
Then he turned him around and started to loosen his tie, looking deeply into
Lucas's eyes. "I want you so much!" he sighed. >Please, let Mulder go!< he
thought desperately. Perhaps, if he could distract Lucas's attention for a while,
Mulder would this time manage to escape.

Krycek let Lucas's tie slip to the floor and started to unbutton his shirt, while Lucas's
hands grabbed Krycek's tee-shirt, rending it with a sharp sound. Lucas fingers
wandered over Krycek's chest, and a deep groan emerged from Alex's throat. He
was aroused, his erection growing. For a moment he forgot that he was just
trying to save Mulder.

Mulder had to use all his will to tear his gaze off the two men who were stripping
each other, all the time with an intensive eye-contact. Certainly they were a
very glad, sexual compatible couple, but he surely didn't want to take part in it.
Now, that they were distracted, he would perhaps manage to sneak out of the house.
Then he would try to find Deputy Healy, his instincts told him that he was an
honest man, who'd try to help him. Silently he made one step to the door, then

With a loud bang the door slammed shut right before his nose.

"Don't try it again!" the Sheriff menaced, breaking free from Alex's embrace and
walked towards Mulder, with an uninterpretable look on his face.

Mulder, in any case, could just stare at the bare muscular chest underneath the open
shirt. He shook his head to think clearly again: "God, you can't really think, no one
will find out, if you murder an FBI-agent!" he said firmly.

The Sheriff's answer sounded completely as a mad man's answer: "Wrong, I'm not
God. More the opposite."

Bullshit, Lucas had noticed, that Mulder tried to escape. But Krycek was determined
not to give up, he would persuade Lucas to let Mulder go and instead chain Krycek
on the bed. He felt a bit sick at the thought of a repetition of the night before, but
anything would be better than watching Lucas raping Mulder.

"Lucas, please, this is going to be our last night. Don't destroy it by bringing that
bastard in." he begged. "Take me!"

Lucas had a very fascinating idea. If he now followed Alex's plead to chain him
to the bed, and then force Fox Mulder to rape Alex, Krycek's love to Mulder would
either turn into hatred or just shortly be surpressed by anger, anyway, it would be
easier to make Alex rape Mulder in return. The feelings of guilt, with which he
would punish himself afterwards, would be the same, added to this he would
never get rid of the memory of being raped by the man he loved.

Lucas smiled content. He was so genius today!

Lucas turned around to face Krycek. "Why don't you take off your pants and
lay down on the bed?" he proposed.

Krycek smiled and started to open his jeans. "Whatever you wish!"

Lucas picked up his tie, rudely took hold of a very confused looking Mulder
and set him onto a chair, binding him there with his tie.

"Please, Lucas, no voyeurs!" Krycek begged as he stepped out of his pants.

"He shall at least see, what he'll miss." Lucas answered.

Krycek sighed in resignation. "You're the boss." he spoke and lay down on the
bed in the same position as last night, his arms stretched to the head of the bed,
legs spread. He felt so humiliated.

Lucas took his collection of handcuffs and quickly chained Krycek to the bed.
A gaze to Mulder showed him, that he was watching with interest. Slowly,
making a show for Mulder to turn him on, he stripped down, then he walked 'round
the bed and kneeled down beside Alex, positioning himself so that Mulder could
see as much as possible from both Lucas and Krycek.

He bent down and kissed the sensitive skin of Alex's neck, moving to his ear and
biting slightly into his earlobe, before he started to whisper softly, so silent that he
was sure, Mulder couldn't understand it.

"You're such a fool, Alex." Krycek heard Lucas murmur. "Did you really think you
could deceive me?" Krycek felt his stomach cramp with terror. "You weren't honest
to me, when you told me, that you'll have to go tomorrow," Lucas hand wandered
to his buttocks. "...and I don't like it, when people lie to me!" To underline his
words, Lucas fingernails clawed painfully into his skin, causing Alex to gasp.
"But what dissapointed me most, Alex, is how you've allowed love to weaken
your once so strong heart. How you humilitate yourself just to save Fox Mulder.
Imagine: to save a man, who's hunting you, trying to arrest you, maybe even to
kill you."

Indeed, he had been a fool, Krycek realized in deepest desperation. He had been a
fool, as soon as he'd set foot on Trinity.

"Yes, love has made you weak, vulnerable, a slave of your emotions." Lucas
continued. "You've lost control long before you offered it to me. - But don't worry.
This night will either break you or harden you."

Lucas hand moved upwards Krycek's spine as he sat up again, looking intensively
at Mulder.

Mulder watched the two naked figures with growing arousal. Recently Lucas had
been whispering something into Krycek's ear, what Mulder hadn't been able to
understand. But he had seen with admiration, how Krycek's firm muscles had
crumped while the Sheriff was speaking.

He could also see the muscles of Lucas Buck's chest and arms work, while his
strong hands were moving on the chained body, along the firm back, the hot
asscheeks and the long legs.

Mulder's cock pressed almost painfully against his jeans.

"You want to take part in it?" Lucas Buck asked calmly.

Mulder looked into the strange, cold eyes staring intensively at him. His mind
called >Yes!< but he hesitatingly shook his head.

Lucas Buck raised an eyebrow: "Not?" he asked doubtfully. Then he stood up and
walked to Mulder, who couldn't help staring longing at the tall, well-shaped man
moving towards him. The Sheriff was also well-equipped, as Mulder noticed.

Lucas Buck squatted down next to Mulder's chair and pointed at the spread-eagled
man on the bed. In a low voice he said: "You don't want to touch the smooth, velvet
skin, feel the firm muscles, taste him on your tongue?"

>Yes!<>No, it's immoral!< Mulder's mind shouted at him while he leaned forward as
far as the tie allowed.
"You don't want to grab into these hot asscheeks, bury your full length deep inside
that tight, tight opening?" Lucas voice was drowning Mulder's mind, while his erection
pressed so hard against his jeans that he could hardly bear it anymore.

"Yes!" he hissed, forgetting any more objections.

Lucas unfettered the tie, with which Mulder was bound to the chair. Mulder instantly
jumped up, staring at Krycek as if spellbound. "Wait!"Lucas said amused, before
he unlocked Mulder's handcuffs. He quickly stepped to the bed, opening his pants
to free his hard. Then Lucas was behind him, helping him tear down his clothes,
not without touching his skin as often as possible. All the time, Mulder was
staring at the beautiful body waiting on the bed.

Krycek turned his head and, as far as possible as it was, lying on his stomach,
looked upwards. Somehow Lucas had persuaded Mulder to join them, and now
he was standing next to the bed, completely naked, completely erect, gazing at
him like a hungry wolf. His own cock hardened with a mixture of arousal and fear.

Mulder sat down beside him, his hands moving fast and greedily from his shoulder
over his back to his asscheeks. Krycek looked into Mulder's face. He looked as if he
wasn't thinking at all.

Now Lucas was joining them on the other side, sucking on his neck.

Krycek closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations on his skin, as two
pairs of hands and two pairs of lips explored greedily his chained, helpless
body. He thought, he had died, but he wasn't sure if he had gone to heaven or hell.

As Lucas noticed Alex's repressed moans, he decided to let him suffer harder.
Gazing straight at Mulder, he asked:"Do you want to take him first?"

Mulder looked up, a rest of reason flackering up in his eyes. "Lube," he stammered,
"we'll need lubrication."

Damn, his will was stronger, than Lucas had exspected, now that Mulder still wanted
to have some regard to their helpless victim.

"No, we won't." Lucas responded and shoved Mulder aside. This time, Alex would
be taken bare. It would of course fit better in his plans, if Mulder did it, but if he
refused to, then it was no problem for Lucast to do it himself.

He knelt between Krycek's legs, heighered his hips and shoved a pillow underneath
them to fix this position. Them he brutally forced his way through the cramped

Now Alex knew: he was in hell.

Krycek screamed. Somehow these eardeafening screams broke the spell,
brought Mulder's mind back.

God, what had happened? In fact he knew what had happened, he remembered
it as clear as a dream, from which he'd just woken up.

It hadn't been a dream. But he didn't know, why the hell he was taking part in
an orgy.

Krycek still screamed, his whole body flexed, while Lucas Buck was thrusting in
and out in a regardless, vehement way. The mask of civilization had fallen off his
face, showing his real, cruel, devilish face. Mulder shivered at the perception that
this wasn't really an orgy. It was rape.

He carefully stepped out of the bed, looking for something to stop this monster.
Taking the chair he had been tied to previously, he stepped back and slammed it
against Lucas Buck's head. For an instant he froze motionless sitting on Krycek,
then he lost consciousness, collapsing like a sandbag.

Krycek's voice faded.

Mulder shoved the unconcious Sheriff down off Krycek's back, seeing with disgust
the blood on Krycek's ass and on Lucas's shaft.

"Couldn't that occur to you a bit earlier?" Krycek hissed sharply.

"I thought, you were doing it voluntarly."Mulder answered hesitatingly.

Krycek laughed. It was a strange laughter, nearly sounding like a sob.

>Maybe,<Mulder decided, >it was a sob.<

"Mulder, you're sometimes so blind." he remarked in a bitter tone.

Mulder looked for the keys and found them on the bedside table. Hastily he
unfettered the handcuffs off Krycek's wrists and moved to the end of the bed to
unchain his ankles. Krycek sat up, but pulled his legs to his chest, forming a ball.

Mulder looked with compassion at the huddled figure. Until now, he hadn't thought
about the fact that Krycek was the one, who had murdered his father. Now he
remembered, but at the same time discovered something in Krycek's eyes he hadn't
noticed before: vulnerability. Later, he would hate him again, but not now.

Krycek glared alarmed at Sheriff Buck's motionless body. "Is he dead?" he asked.

Mulder bend down and searched for Lucas's carotid artery. "No." he said between
clenched teeth. To his surprise, Krycek looked released. "But I'll arrest him."

"Mulder, why aren't you just glad, that you're still alive?" Krycek suddenly shouted
out. "He'll take a terrible revenge, if you try to arrest him. He'll kill you, or perhaps
not you, perhaps just someone, who's important to you. How would you like it, if
he'd kill Scully?"

Mulder felt anger arousing him. "Don't dare mention her!" he called, stepping nearer
to Krycek in a menacing way.
"But he would do it." Krycek said calmly, looking at him seriously. "He'd find a
way, believe me."

"Perhaps we should kill him."Mulder murmured.

"No!" Krycek called out. "You can't propose a murder!"

Mulder glared at Krycek in confusion. That man was an enigma for him.
He was able to kill innocent people without the slightest scrouple, but now
he was protesting vehemently when he only mentioned the possibility to kill
that monster. The brute that had raped Krycek !

"Something's wrong here, Krycek ." he said. "You're the assassin, you should
propose to murder him, and I should be the one to prevent it."

Krycek looked at him in an uninterpretable way. "Perhaps we are more similar
than you might think." he answered.

It was time to go. Alex wanted to be as far away as possible when Lucas regained
consciousness. He reached out a hand and handcuffed Lucas's wrist to the head
of the bed to prevent that he could follow them soon. Then he jumped out of the
bed and went to his jeans lying on the floor. "Get on your clothes, Mulder !" he
said trying to sound impertubable. "We got to go!"

>And please hold me, ease the pain.< he added, but only in his thoughts.>Don't
you know that I sacrificed myself for you? You could at least be a bit thankful,
smile at me, please...<

Krycek picked up his shirt, noticing that it was ruined. He decided to leave it here
as a souvenir for Lucas . >I'll miss him.< he realized with astonishment.

Krycek put on his leather jacket, when Mulder was putting on his jeans. "How
will we escape?" the FBI-agent asked. "My car has broken down."

"We'll take Lucas car." Krycek decided.

Mulder was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, sunken deeply into his thoughts.
He preferred to drive himself, but Krycek had insited on being the driver. All right,
after what had happened, Krycek had the right to choose. Strange enough that he,
Mulder, had regard to the wishes of that bastard. But this night everything was

And Lucas Buck.... all his moral principles struggled against letting that dangerous
criminal walk freely, still able to hurt more people. But what if Krycek was right,
what if he would kill Scully in revenge, if he tried to arrest him? He couldn't stand
losing one more beloved person.

And then Krycek's behaviour about an hour ago. It was certainly not what he expected
from a selfish thug.

"Krycek" Mulder said reluctantly. "I have some questions. And I have a right for
the answers."

Krycek looked tiredly at him. "What is it?"

"Lucas Buck - what is he? kind of telepath?" Mulder guessed.

Krycek doubtfully shook his head. "I don't know what he is. I know, that everyone,
who messes with him, either gets killed or brought into a lunatic asylum. Do you
know, what a luck we have, that we're still alive?" Krycek glared at Mulder with his
huge green eyes. "You may put him to the X-Files. But I tell you, don't mess with
"Sure, fine," Mulder answered, "But what I don't understand is: you're an
unscroupulous assassin, you've been killing innocent people without hesitation..."
Mulder's thoughts wandered back to his father, lying bleeding on the bathroom floor.
He repressed his increasing anger to ask his question: "...If Lucas is so dangerous,
if even you are afraid of him, why didn't you kill him, when you murdered everyone
disturbing your plans?"

Krycek closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them again, staring stolidly
out of the windscreen, he answered enthusiastically: "I couldn't. I adore him. He's
my lord and master."

Mulder stared at the younger man in disgust. "Do you know that you've gone mad?"

Krycek briefly looked at Mulder, smiling mockingly: "Didn't you feel attracted
by him?"

"I'm not gay!" Mulder spat out.

Krycek's smile faded like a candle in the wind. "An hour ago I had another

"I was spellbound." Mulder defended himself. When he realized, that he was staring
at Krycek's muscular chest under the open leather jacket, dipped into the silver
light of the moon, he turned his head to look out of the window.

"One more question, Krycek ." Mulder eventually said. He had recapitulated Krycek's
behaviour in Lucas's house again and again during the drive, but it still made no
sense. "You were very startled, when Sheriff Buck brought me into the house and
offered you his plans." Mulder was still shaken by the memory that he almost got
raped and murdered, if Krycek hadn't intervened. "Of course, I would also intervene,
if I would be witness of a crime, but I'm on the side of law and order."

Krycek's derisive remark interrupted him: "And you think, because I'm a criminal,
I would just watch and applaud?"

"Perhaps not, but I didn't expect that you would try so hard to save me. Maybe
you really found Lucas Buck attractive, but you wouldn't have tried so ... so
desperately to seduce him, if it was just for your joy. And if you knew him as well
as you claim, you must have had a hunch of what would happen to you, if you
allow him to chain you. Damnshit, it looked as if you invited him to rape you
instead of me! Why, Krycek, why?"

Krycek had feared, that Mulder would ask that. But he couldn't tell him, couldn't
confess that he loved him. He was too afraid of the rejection, of the contempt he
would see in Mulder's face.

Krycek shook his head and stared out onto the road. But Mulder didn't give up so
quickly. "Why?" he shouted. "Answer me!"

Krycek smiled. Ok, he would answer, but not in a language Mulder would understand.
Since his parents were Russians, he had grown up bilingually, and he had always
found it funny to say things, he didn't wish others to understand, in Russian.

He turned his head to face Mulder. "Ja tibja ljubju." he said, what meant
>>I love you<< in Russian. No rejection in Mulder's face, no contempt, just confusion.

"Speak English with me!" Mulder demanded.

"Look it up in a dictionary." Krycek proposed.

"Which language? Polish? Slovakian? Russian?"

Krycek just smiled and turned away.

"Krycek!" Mulder called out. "The road!"


Someone was on the road!

Krycek swung the steering wheel around and stepped hard onto the brakes, but a
sound and a jerk told him it was too late. The car turned round and round before
it came to a stop.

Damn! Whoever was on the road, Mulder was sure Krycek had hit him.

He turned his head and looked at the man behind the wheel. Krycek's face
was pale as snow.

"That was Lucas." he whispered.

"The Sheriff is in his house." Mulder answered. "You handcuffed him there."

Shivering, Krycek replied: "No one can escape Lucas Buck." The young man
swallowed hard and stepped out of the car. Mulder quickly followed his example
and looked around. It was dark, but he could see a body lying on the road a few
metres behind them.

Damn! The last thing they needed on the run was an overrun body.

Mulder briefly glanced at Krycek and nodded his head to encourage him, then went
to the body to examine it, Krycek close behind him.

It was an tall, male human, lying lifelessly with his face on the road. Mulder
carefully crouched down to turn him around.

What the hell...!

Mulder sharpely inhaled. That was... himself! With empty dead eyes, a blank
expression on his face, but without any doubts himself. Searching for an explanation,
the FBI-agent looked up to Alex, but the younger man just stared down at him with
what seemed to be pure terror.

"I don't remember that I agreed with you borrowing the car keys, Alex." A voice
Mulder would never again forget interrupted. Krycek rushed around to face the
man standing behind him.

Lucas Buck.

Mulder dared to gaze once more down at the corpse on the road, but it wasn't
there anymore. Gone without a trace.

What the hell was Lucas Buck?

Mulder raised to his feet with a racing heart and no clue what to do. A glance to
Krycek showed him that he was staring at Lucas Buck with the strangest expression
on his face. What was it? Fear? Fascination? Admiration? All of it?

Lucas Buck turned his head and looked rebukingly at Mulder. "What you did
with the chair - that was not nice."

Mulder's blood started to rush. "What you did to Krycek" he said between clenched
teeths, "that was 'not nice'."

"Why do you care for him, when you keep telling everybody that you hate him?"
the Sheriff asked.

"I do hate him." Mulder replied. "but it's my job to keep people like you from hurting
others, even if they are assassins like Krycek."

"Mulder, stop." Krycek interrupted. "He had my consent."

"Your consent?" Mulder repeated unbelievingly. "To do what? To rape you?"

Although Krycek flinched at his words he answered quietly:"That was not rape."

Krycek was doing it again. Trying to save them both from Lucas's wrath.

Mulder took a deep breath. Lucas certainly knew as well as he that he hadn't
had Krycek's consent. Or his own. But they wouldn't get out of here alive, if he
kept threatening Lucas. Without even being armed. So he had to trade with the

"What do you want?" Mulder asked.

Sheriff Buck looked as if he thought about the question, gazing from Mulder to
Krycek as if trying to make a decision.

Between which choices?

"Alex." Lucas Buck finally said.

Mulder needed a few seconds to understand what Sheriff Buck meant.

"I can't trade him to you!" he shouted out.

"Why do you think you have a word to say in here, Mulder?" Krycek asked.
"Am I your prisoner?"

Mulder was startled for a second. Did Krycek really consider to return to Lucas
Buck after what had happened?

"Get on the passenger seat, Alex." Lucas commanded. "We're going home."

Without hesitation Krycek nodded his head and walked meekly towards the
car. Mulder watched him, feeling sick. Did Alex really want to give himself to
Lucas Buck's mercy? And for what? For Mulder?

What did he say just a few minutes ago? 'I adore him. He's my lord and master.'

No this was not just an act of sacrifice, Krycek was not that noble. This was far
more complicated. Krycek had chosen to go with Lucas because he wanted to,
no matter if he would lead him straight to the abyss.

And Mulder had not the slightest clue how to persuade Krycek not to make the
fatal mistake to go with Lucas Buck. After all, he wasn't a child to be told not to
get into the car of a stranger.

Maybe it was really for Mulder 's own sake to leave Krycek to Lucas Buck, so
at least he could escape. But what would happen to Alex?

"If you hurt him," Mulder said threatening, "I'll kill you with my own hands."

"Did you see 'Batman forever'?" Lucas asked in conversational manner.

Mulder blinked his eyes, puzzled at the sudden change of topic.

"I especially like the scene where the Riddler lures Batman into his cave in order
to let him choose between his friend and the woman he loved. Whom would he
rescue? Whom would he sacrifce?" Lucas frowned thoughtfully. "Must be a
hard decision."

Mulder watched as Lucas returned to his car, started the engine and drove back to
Trinity, not even flinching when the car speeded up just inches beside him.

This hadn't just been a hollow menace, he had seen what Lucas Buck could do.
There was really nothing he could do for Krycek without dragging Scully into the
affair, not even without endangering Krycek even more. Anyway, how could he
save someone who didn't want to be saved? He couldn't help him. So why did
he feel so sick, helpless and guilty?

Guess that was the reason why Sheriff Buck left him alive. Because he knew
he would think about this dilemma for the rest of his life.

Krycek didn't know how much time had passed since they had left Mulder back
on that empty road. Days? Weeks? Months? He remembered each detail of the
lonesome figure on the road, his stony face, the pain in his eyes. Sometimes he
missed Mulder so much that it hurt to think about him; but he had Lucas.

Lucas gave him food, a roof over his head and a cock to swallow.

He hardly left the bed anymore, only to take a shower or to eat. There was no
reason to, he didn't leave the house anyway, even after Lucas had removed the
chains, made no phonecalls, just spent the day waiting for Lucas. It was an easy
life, he hadn't a thing to complain about, had he? It had been so stupid to run
away from his luck. All he needed to be happy was Lucas.

It was one of the nights Krycek lived for now, when Lucas decided to change

Krycek was kissing thouroughly each inch of Lucas's chest, when the Sheriff asked:
"Alex, who do you belong to?"

Lucas had asked that question several times during the last few days, and he
always seemed to be satisfied when Alex assured him to be his, so he answered:
"I'm yours, Lucas."

"But...," Lucas said, "What if I don't want you anymore?"

Alarm bells rang in Krycek's head. He looked up with panic.

"Get on your clothes!" Lucas said condescendingly.

"But..." Krycek weekly protested.

"I said, GET ON YOUR CLOTHES!" Lucas shouted and pushed Alex out of the
bed. He rolled hard onto the floor and glanced stunnedly up to Lucas: "Did I do
something wrong?" he asked shyly.

The Sheriff stepped out of the bed and stood above Krycek, who was still sitting
on the floor. Lucas cock was directly above Alex's head, as if to tease him with
being so near.

Alex still hoped not to be thrown out of the house like a dog, perhaps this was just
one of Lucas's cruel games of domination. If he wanted him to beg, ok. Krycek
shifted his weight until he was on his knees.

Glancing up to Lucas in the most submissive way he could afford, he pleaded:
"Don't send me away like this, p l e a s e."

Lucas looked down at him with feigned astonishment: "How strange! A few weeks
ago all you wanted to do was run away."

"I was wrong." Alex confessed, bending his head. "I shouldn't have tried that. I'm
yours. Please don't send me away; I need you!" Krycek raised his head and licked
shyly at the cock bumping into his face. Since Lucas didn't pull away, Krycek licked
along the shaft in a more daring way, encircling its head...until Lucas bent down
and slapped him hard in the face. Krycek tumbled back, looking with hurt up to
Lucas. Sheriff Buck stepped aside and slipped into a pair of pants. Annoyedly looking
at Krycek, he said: "How many times do I have to tell you to get on your clothes?"

Actually Lucas hadn't said that he intended to throw him out, had he? When he
did what Lucas told him, he'd perhaps be content enough to keep him, so he
hastily obeyed, wondering what it said about himself, that he was so frightened
about losing Lucas. Love? No, he associated someone else with love. Addiction?

When he was dressed, Lucas merciless shoved him out of the bedroom and
down the stairs. Somehow Alex managed to keep silent and not to beg until they
were at the frontdoor.

"Why?" he just quietly asked.

"You're no challenge anymore." Lucas replied.

With these words he pushed him out of the door, out of his house.

Alex turned back to him one more time, full of desperation.

"Ah, Alex," Lucas said in conversational manner, "You once told me about some
people trying to hunt you down. I made a few investigations, and... I think they will
turn around that corner in a few minutes."

The Consortium? Krycek sharpely inhaled and looked around wildly.

"You better run!" Lucas adviced.

The haze which had stunned Alex's brain during the last few weeks partly
faded. Lucas would refuse him any shelter so.. yeah, he'd better run!

Krycek crossed the garden, jumped over a fence and vanished in the dark
of night.

Lucas looked after him with a satisfied smile. It had developed differently
than he'd initionally planned, but it was quite good. No, it was better. He had
achieved that Alex w a n t e d to stay with him - just to throw him out as soon
as Alex was absolutely in his thrall.

Of course it was a sad thing that this Fox Mulder had escaped without more damage
than a vague feeling of guilt and desperation because he couldn't save the man he
wanted without putting at stake the woman he loved. Well, this was not bad after all.

A car drove around the corner, slowly, searching for something. So they got his tip
about where to look for Alex Krycek. Lucas was almost sure they wouldn't catch
him. He was a survivor.

Satisfied with himself and the world, Sheriff Buck retuned into his house.

The End