29.12.98 Disclaimer:Chris Carter is the happy guy who owns them. But I'm the one who really cares for them!Ê Ratings: NC-17, M/K, slash; PWP
Spoilers:Tunguska; Anasazi Tha
Disclaimer:Chris Carter is the happy guy who owns them. But I'm the one who
really cares for them!
Ratings: NC-17, M/K, slash; PWP
Spoilers:Tunguska; Anasazi
Thanks to my betas...

Moments of deep emotion PartII : Unrestrained Passion
by Ratwomen
>>My heart is aching
My body is burning
My hands are shaking
My head is turning
You understand
It's so easy to choose
We've got time to kill
We've got nothing to lose
I want you now<<
Depeche Mode; I want you now

I couldn't believe my ears. Had Mulder really said that he wanted me? His
hand was still resting on my cheek, still forcing me to look at him. Not
that it was neccessary to force me to do so. I keep looking at him whenever
I can. Now it was as if our eyes were locked with each other. If he really
wanted me... then I should take my chance and do something before he had
the time to change his mind.

So I opened my mouth a bit and took his thumb between my lips,between my
teeth, carefully not to bite him, I started to suck on it, all the time
keeping eye-contact, and Mulder began to move his thumb in and out my mouth
as if it was a promise for the coming act of love. As his thumb slid out of
my mouth I was almost dissapointed, but then he passed his fingers through
my short hair, resting his hand on my skull, bent over and started to kiss
me. While our tongues met, my long restrained passion seemed to explode,
spreading out like a forest-fire through my veins, and I grabbed his
shoulders and pressed him down to the floor, still plundering his mouth with
my tongue.

While his hands slipped underneath my tee-shirt and explored my back, and I
moved my lips along his jaw and down his throat, I still couldn't believe
that we were actually doing this. But it was much too real to be just a

Within seconds we strippend each other down, unable to wait any longer. The
seconds we spent staring at each other when we both were entirely naked were
much longer. In the dim moonlight I couldn't recognize very much of his lean
body, but what I saw was enough. He is slender, yet muscular, with broad
shoulders, a flat abdomen, and strong swimmer's legs. I remembered the day
I had to meet him to pass on information. We met right when he was stepping
out of the pool. It was not fair, how should I concentrate on my report when
all he was wearing were red speedos! Now he was not even wearing speedos to
hide his manhood.

I shivered when my gaze fell to his groin and I noticed that I blushed like
a shy school-boy. And like a school-boy I suddenly was afraid that Mulder
didn't like what he saw and his eyes viewing my exposed body were awkward to
me. But to my relief Mulder bent down and started to kiss my neck, moved
upwards and spent some time licking on my left ear. I didn't know before
that my ear was an erogenous zone. But now as he licked around it as if it
were ice-cream, bit slightly into my earlobe and thrusted his tongue in and
out my ear, I couldn't help but moan in pleasure.

With a racing heart I tried to keep still, but I wanted more, I wanted more
of him. Eventually I turned my head to ravish his mouth, my tongue in touch
with his, which had been in my ear just seconds ago, while I seized around
him to pull him near. Chest on chest, his smooth skin on mine, I almost came
from the feeling of the curls on his chest rubbing against my nipples. I
rested my head on his shoulder, inhaling his scent, while his hands moved
slowly down my back, cupping my buttocks. I couldn't believe how near he

We spent a couple of moments in a fervent embrace, each of us moving our
lips and tongue along the other one's shoulders and neck, filled with
intense sensations, before passion overwhelmed me again and I pressed him
flat to the floor, moving with my tongue down his chest, paying special
attention to his already erect nipples. Mulder writhed underneath me and
made exquisite noises. How I loved to hear them. How I loved him. I traced
my way further down, over his flat stomach, to his groin. His cock was
already wet with precum as I licked along his shaft. Now I remembered that I
needed something to lube him up, so I took his already hard member into my
hands, stroking up and down with my right hand, while my left caught up his
precum. Mulder willingly heighered his hips, when my hand slid down to smear
the liquidity into his opening. I had hardly started to lube him up when he
began to plead me to fuck him. I had already been stonehard when we started
this, but I didn't want to hurt him, so I also smeared in some of my own
precum to make sure that he really was slick enough, before I entered him.
Hot and tight, his inner muscles clenched around my cock, melting me. I
started to move slowly, elicting him a deep moan. Mulder pulled me down for
another passionate kiss. I greedily kissed him back, then moved my lips
along every inch of his skin I could reach, wanting to consume as much of
him as I could while our rhythm was speeding up. Finally, as his inner
muscles convulsed in a tight grip around me, I came in a mind-blowing orgasm,
my semen spurting out into him like an explotion. I collapsed onto him,
covered with sweat, exhausted and sated.

Mulder hadn't come yet and because of that I had a bit of a bad conscience.
No need to; Mulder surely took care of his need.

While I was still gasping for breath, he climbed away from underneath me.
Lying with my stomach on the cold, hard floor, I felt Mulder's fingers
travelling down my spine, over the cleft of my buttocks. I shivered as one
of his fingers, wet with my own sweat, entered my hole in a fluid movement.
I shivered not so much with lust, more with anticipation, even with unease.
It' s just, usually I don't like to be ridden; I prefer to be in control, to
be on top, to be able to get out quickly in case that someone breaks down
the door to kill me. It's paranoid, I know.

Slut that I am, not liking it never kept me from surrendering control
whenever useful; be it in exchange for information, for a place to hide, or
in hard times even for money. Then I'd bend down and let my...business
partner take what he wants, gritting my teeth and waiting for it to end.
Of course, I also was willing to give Mulder all the pleasure I was looking
for, after all I had taken mine from him. I thought of this part of the
night of something I had to go through.

Mulder surprised me. He never stops surprising me.

He spent a lot of time lubing me up, touching my prostate with his
saliva-wetted fingers, setting a sparkling fire free. He made me shiver; he
made me moan; he made my cock harden and press against the floor. When he
bent down to kiss my neck, his fingers still twisting in my ass, suddenly
his fingers weren't enough and I wanted to feel all of him inside me.
Writhing in lust I heard myself beg: "Please, fuck me, I want you deep inside
me, please, please...."

Mulder finally had mercy on me and penetrated me, slowly, diving deeper with
each thrust. I moaned, I cried, I couldn't believe how good it felt. His
hands entwined with mine, his lips sucking on my neck, he started to rock
back and forth.

It's strange, him lying completely on me, pressing me to the hard floor,
taking all control away from me... it was absolutely not the way I used to
prefer to have sex, but right then, I didn't care. I didn't just like it. I
loved it. I loved every move Mulder made, every sound he made, every
sensation he made me feel. And I think I loved him.

We came about the same time, my seed spurting out onto the floor, his into
me. He crawled down off me and we spent a few moments in an embrace, before
we hastily put on our clothes, for Siberian nights are nothing but cold.
None of us said a word as we lay down, snuggling against each other.

He's sleeping now. In my arms. I cannot sleep yet, but it feels so damn good
to hold him, his face on my shoulder. He looks sad, even in his dreams. How I
wish that I could resolve him from his sadness, but it's as futile as trying
to grab the stars for him. What would I have to do to take away his sadness?
Bring back Samantha and his father, provide that they be a happy American
family, undo Scully's abduction, maybe even take care that they marry, bring
back to life Scully's sister, and show him every single secret the Consortium
hides. Each of it is impossible to me, and worst of all, I've caused much of
his sadness. It's a miracle that he's been making love to me after all I've
done. To my regret I can't go back and keep myself from doing all the things
I feel remorse for today, but at least I can try to find a way out of the
gulag for both of us. I know some of the commanders here - well, actually I
don't know them, I just know people who know them, but perhaps if I manage
to talk to the superiors here, I can convince them to let us free. Maybe.
And maybe they'll decide that we've seen to much and kill us. But sooner or
later they'd kill us anyway.

I'll try, Mulder, I'll try.

To be continued