Title: "The Devil's Narrative" (1/1)
Author: RhymePhile
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Category: S, A, Scully/Krycek
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The cancer arc, especially the Reduxes, Patient X/ TRatB,
Tunguska, The Beginning

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Dedication: To Fox's Gal for insisting on continuity in collaboration; to
Tyen for giving me focus and not
giving up; and to my Vark for being there, as always.

A refresher: Through deceptive means, Krycek was able to prevent his brother
Bohdan from taking the
chip from Scully's neck. She is in danger, Alex tells her, but Scully is
hesitant. Alex then convinces her
to leave with him by wrapping his own fingers around her gun and pulling it
to his head.

Summary: The fourth installment in the Devil Series finds Alex forced to
play his hand, and tell his

"The Devil's Narrative" (1/1)
by RhymePhile

They were driving.

From behind the steering wheel, Scully watched the tracks of rain droplets
race across the windshield
as she pressed on the gas. The storm had passed and the night air was fresh
from the rain; the soaked
pavement was as slick and shiny as the racing black Cadillac.

He hadn't said a word when she got behind the wheel. Alex seemed to tense
every time she tried to touch
him, and she was almost sure she could see his eyes filled with tears,
reflected in the passenger side

The miles they put between them and the incident in the hotel hadn't
affected his dark mood. She could
still feel his brother's knife at her throat, and she shivered. His actions
had unnerved her, but she saw
the fear and conviction in his eyes when he laced his fingers around her own
and pulled the gun barrel
to his head.

His life had been in her hands, but he held all the answers.

The reasons for Alex's quest, why he was with her, and why he risked
everything to share her bed and
her heart were buried beneath those hooded eyes. Scully wanted--and
needed--to know.

So she drove.

Stars shone through the clearing night sky, causing Scully to
involuntarily look up. She caught Alex watching her, and her eyes returned
to the road.

"I wish I may, I wish I might..." he whispered, staring at her.

She didn't hear him, her concentration focussed instead on the dark road lit
only by the car's headlights.


Scully sighed. "I'm here, Alex. I followed. I followed you with my promise,
and now you've got to keep

"I know," he admitted.

"And you also know I'm still armed."

Alex turned back to the window, pressing a hand to the glass. "Have you ever
felt lost, Katie?"

She paused. "I'm not sure I understand..."

"Haven't you ever felt alone? Alone, lost, with no direction? Hasn't there
ever been a time when
everything in your life hurt, and you wanted nothing more than to stop that

She looked at him, then returned her eyes to the road.

"Were you lost when you were in the hospital dying from cancer?" he asked

"In a way," she said, recalling her words she had written in her journal.
"But I had my family, and my
faith, and..."

"You had Mulder."

She nodded. "He was with me much of the time, yes."

"What helped you survive, Katie? What made you want to continue to live, and
not give in to that feeling
of hopelessness? Why suffer?"

"I don't know. I was prepared..." she stumbled over the words, unsure of how
to put it. "I was preparing
myself for the inevitable. Conventional treatments had been exhausted...we
didn't have further options.
But...it didn't come. It didn't...I wasn't lost. And I didn't give in."

"Was it faith that saved you? Or was it Mulder?" he asked, fingertips
tracing the dancing raindrops on
his window.

"Mulder was the one who suggested we insert the chip, but we could never

"*The* chip, Katie, or *a* chip?"

Scully went silent, picking up on Alex's tone of voice. He seemed nervous,
unsure of himself, and
hesitant to look at her now. All conditions completely unlike the Alex
Krycek she knew. "What are you
talking about?" she demanded.

"What did he tell you about the chip he insisted be inserted in your neck?"

"That he discovered an underground entrance to the Pentagon through a DOD
research facility, and found
my name and the chip in a large filing system." Her eyes drifted from the
road again. "Alex, whatever
this is, I need you to..."

"Pull over."

The Cadillac eased to the side of the road, and Scully cut the engine. She
turned to him, waiting.

"Do you believe I wouldn't lie to you, Katie?" he asked suddenly. "Will you
be able to understand why I
need to be with you and why I'm doing this?"

"Are you going to tell me?" she asked, becoming annoyed. "Like I said, I
kept my promise, and the longer
it takes to explain, the less I
understand your motivations."

"Why did you come with me, then? Why trust me at all?"

"I don't know," she admitted, "but I'm here. *Now* is what's important. I
need you to tell me
everything. Please, what's going on? I want to trust you, Alex."

"The way you trust Mulder?"

She shook her head in confusion, allowing him to continue. "If you trust
Mulder with your life," he
asked softly, "will you trust me with your heart?"

"Tell me," she pleaded. "Alex..."

He sighed deeply, and turned to face her. Alex's hand brushed her cheek, his
fingers trembling slightly.
"I was there in the hospital when you were dying," he began. "The one person
who had ever shown me
any compassion or respect was being taken from my life."

Scully's eyes started to swim with tears, and he wrapped his fingers around

"But I knew it was your time, and I prepared myself because of the chip in
your neck..."


"Scully...Katie...I need to explain completely."

She nodded, and he continued.

"The original chip in your neck was a timed device. Used to track you and
other women experimentees,
the cancer was a programmed conclusion to the experimentation process. No
witnesses to the atrocities
committed on helpless women. Penny Northern, Betsy Hagopian...they and the
others in the MUFON
group are dead because they were *supposed* to die, as were you. I was in
the hospital...waiting."

He paused, reacting to the shock on her face. "But Mulder recovered the chip
from the Pentagon filing
system. I would have stopped him...perhaps *pleaded* with him not to give
you that chip, but I knew he
wouldn't listen unless I made threats. It wasn't the time or place to try
and convince Mulder, but I
should have. I should have tried..." Alex's voice trailed, then he
continued. "Mulder's fear of losing you
played right into Their hands, Katie. They took advantage of his weakness,
and seized an opportunity to
test the chip. He should have let you die, but he wasn't strong enough."

"Test the..."

"He was urged to give you that chip," he interrupted. "And They tempted
Mulder with information about
Samantha to get him to do so. Mulder never realized the price wasn't as
simple as that. There is no
Truth...I warned him."

"Mulder should have let me die?" she yelled. "Jesus, what the hell are

"Did he ever tell you the whole story about how he came to possess the
chip?" he asked, running a hand
over his eyes.

"No," she said, trying to calm herself.

"Mulder first found the chip, MN-1068-06, listed next to your name in the
filing system. What he
didn't know was the *type* of chip it was. It was a form of experimental
communication device. The
men collaborating with the Colonists were given three experimental chips to
develop. Cassandra
Spender was given the first one, you were accidently given the second, and
Gibson Praise had the last

She exhaled sharply. "Communication device? But, Cassandra is dead, and
Gibson is missing."

"The men who would collaborate to destroy us all implanted Cassandra with
MN-1068-05. Gibson was
given number 07."

"But if this chip, this number 06 as you're saying, was listed next to my
name, why shouldn't Mulder
have given it to me?"

"You were only one a few possible candidates. The decision was never made to
give it to you...Mulder
decided for Them."

Scully turned and stared up at the stars through the windshield again. "What
does the chip do, Alex?"
she asked, rubbing the scar on the back of her neck. "What kind of
experimental communication device
can it be if it possibly saved my life?"

Alex leaned back in his seat, his leather jacket creaking in response.
"Katie...I can't be sure."

"What do you mean?" she asked, alarmed.

"They had been testing the chip's effects on Cassandra and Gibson because
they were easily reachable.
You had become a much higher risk because of the FBI and Mulder, so your
tests were never completed.
Cassandra was...killed before They could tell if hers worked. And Gibson..."

"What?" she demanded.

"You knew he could read minds."

"Yes, because Mulder and I ran tests to confirm..."

"Did you also know he could communicate with the alien hatchlings? The
creatures you and Mulder
encountered, but you chose to disbelieve?"

"The creatures Mulder claimed burst from that man's chest..."

"Are real, Scully, and Gibson has the ability to communicate with them," he
finished for her, "and it's
not because of a natural mental ability to read minds."

Scully's face went pale, and she stared at Alex. "What are you saying?"

"Gibson was implanted with the experimental chip 07, Katie. He was extremely
valuable to the men who
want to see the colonization of this planet take place. When They discovered
the chip worked, They
removed it, hoping it could be reused. When you saw him last they had been
clawing Their way into his
brain to find out why he could do what he does."

"They just removed it?" she asked, horrified. "Those bastards were willing
to inflict cancer on a
*child*?! *That* was why they were operating on him?"

"Yes," Alex answered. "But to see why the chip was removed, and he could
still communicate with the
hatchlings, yet wasn't affected by the cancer. It's possible your chip can
be removed as well."

Scully leaned her head back against the seat and put her hands to her face.
"You think I may have this
ability? Why haven't I felt it before? How can you know if they remove the
chip I won't simply die?"

"*That's* what I can't be sure about," he answered solemnly. "Gibson had a
later version of the chip, so
it's possible yours won't react the same way. But I'm here to try and help,
Katie, before what happened
to Cassandra happens to you."

"Happens to me?"

"Cassandra Spender was tracked down and killed before hers could be tested
to see if it behaved like the
07 chip of Gibson's."

"Tracked down? By whom?"

"The alien faction opposed to colonization of the planet. The Rebels who
tried to kill you and the others
on the bridge, who refuse to allow the human race to be tainted by the alien

"God..." she breathed. "This is all so much...they're opposed to
colonization...they have the method to
track the men and women implanted with chips..." she said, realization
sinking in.

"And they have the method to discover who was implanted with the
experimental communication chips,"
he added. "They weren't looking before. Now they want nothing more than to
see you dead."

Her tears were rolling from her cheeks now, and Alex reached up to wipe them

"Is that why you came for me?" she asked him. "To protect me?"

It took Alex a moment, but then he finally answered. "No," he said. "Not at


"Can you trust me with your heart?" he whispered.

Scully watched his dark eyes swirl. "I can," she said, focussing on him.
"Why did you come for me?"

He turned away, staring at the stars.

"To kill you, Katie."



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