Title: "The Devil's Cadillac" (1/1)
Author: RhymePhile
E-mail: RhymePhile@webtv.net

Rating: PG-13 for slight language and violence Category: Story, Humor, Scully/Krycek
Spoilers: Two Fathers/One Son

Dedication: To Megan Reilly, who was interested to see me write a SKipper story, and to Laura on RATales, for great conversation.

Distribution: Any ol' where. I have no scruples.

Disclaimer: Dana and Alex are owned by CC, 1013 Productions, and FOX.

Summary: A black Cadillac, sex, stolen money, and Alex Krycek. Does Scully need anything else?


"The Devil's Cadillac" (1/1)
by RhymePhile

It all started when the cop pulled up as they were in the midst of a particularly interesting sexual position in the front seat of Alex Krycek's black Cadillac.

"There's a cop pulling up behind us," he whispered in her ear after glancing in the rear view mirror.

How he could even see the mirror from that position was a mystery to Scully, but still.

"Jesus," she muttered, worried about getting caught, but at the same time not stopping.

"You're not stopping," Alex whispered again.

She shifted slightly and moaned. "Let me know when he walks to the window."

The old Scully, she thought, would never have said that. The new Scully, however, was now having sex for the first time in about six years.

Six years of dealing with Fox Mulder. Six years of endless goose chases and his constant whining about his sister, the Grand Ol' Conspiracy, and aliens. Well, when the aliens came as everyone had predicted, she was definitely going out with a bang.

And she was doing it in the arms (arm?) of Alex Krycek.

When she joined Alex, it wasn't the typical way a headstrong female FBI agent would chuck away a promising career and take off with her partner's mortal enemy.

She didn't find him bleeding on her doorstep and take pity. He didn't try to seduce her. He didn't even threaten violence.

Alex simply showed up one day at the dismal basement office, pointed, and said, "I came for her."

That was it. No weapons drawn, no threats of bodily harm.

And she went.

Later, when they were on the road in his car, she discovered Krycek had known about the alien colonists for some time, which meant he also knew time was of the essence. He was waiting for the world to end, he said, and he wanted it to be with her at his side. His decision to enter FBI headquarters and find the one person who had ever shown him any compassion whatsoever was at great risk to his life. Hell, he walked in the room with Mulder sitting right there.

The look of surprise--and, she had to admit, hurt--on Mulder's face when she actually left with Krycek should have made her question her decision to leave. At that instant, she should have thought about everything they had been through together and experienced; she should have recalled every time "getting one of the bad guys" made her feel needed, both by her partner and the FBI.

But when it came up, all she could think of was her annoying partner, his annoying quests, his stupid sister, the fact that they never really did catch any of the bad guys, and how every goddamn thing in life related to the goddamn aliens.

Well, now she knew the part about the aliens was true, but at the time Alex Krycek was standing in the doorway of their office in a green silk shirt and leather jacket, and her body reacted instead of her mind.

Which is what her body was doing at the present moment, with Alex wrapped tightly around it.

She sighed, and didn't bother to try to get dressed when the cop walked up. What she did do was remove her outstretched legs from the seat's headrest and from the roof, and then slid over behind the wheel. She smiled and said, "He's at the window."

Alex carefully extricated himself as well, leaving his jeans around his ankles and his shirt in the back seat.

When the cop leaned his head into the passenger side window, all Alex could say was, "Yes, Officer?"

"You want me to spell it out, buddy?"

"Well," replied Alex, "we're on a small highway in the backwoods of Virginia somewhere, so maybe you don't know *how* to spell?"

The burly officer grinned. "That's going to cost you."

"I doubt it."

"Are you getting smart with me, boy?"

"I already was before you stepped over here and so rudely interrupted us, *Sir*."

Scully couldn't help but giggle at that comment.

"Liked that one, huh?" he asked her. "I love hearing you laugh."

Yes, Scully thought with some amazement, she loved hearing herself laugh too. It had felt like an eternity.

"You ain't going to be laughing when I haul your ass to county jail," the officer sneered.

"Yeah, yeah. Can I at least pull my pants up before you *Protect and Serve*?" asked Alex snidely.

"Sure, smart ass," the officer said, stepping back from the window, "then exit the vehicle. Ma'am, remain where you are and place your hands on the steering wheel."

She did so, and Alex bent over and began to slide his jeans and underwear up his legs.

"Scully," he whispered so the officer wouldn't catch her name, "what made you come with me?"

"I don't really know," she answered truthfully.

"C'mon, c'mon," the officer ordered.

"Are you doing this to get back at Mulder, or are you honest about wanting to be with me?"

She thought about that for a moment. How would Mulder be feeling? Upset? Hurt? Betrayed? There must be a thousand different emotions coursing through his body right now. The more she thought about it, though, the more she realized that she didn't care how he felt. For the first time in six years, she was only thinking about herself and how *she* felt. Then her mind drifted to how both she and Alex felt *together*. Oh yes, she was honest about wanting to be with him.

"I'm honest," she said looking at Alex, who, it occurred to her, was still gloriously naked in the seat beside her.

"And you're willing to accept me the way I am, knowing what I've done?"

"Listen, asshole..." the cop started, growing impatient.

"I only know what Mulder has told me. What have you done?"

"Lots of bad things," he grinned, suddenly producing a silver-plated .45 from underneath his seat.

"Oh my God..." she gasped.

Krycek whirled and pointed the gun at the cop, who could only shriek, "Lord help..." before Alex blew his right kneecap off.

"DRIVE!!" Alex shouted.

Scully turned the key and revved the engine, slammed the car into gear, then squealed away from the bleeding cop rolling around in the dust.

"Holy shit," Alex muttered looking at her, "you *are* honest."

"I can't believe you just did that. I can't believe *I* just did that," she said breathlessly.

"You're going to try to accept me the way I am, remember?"

"Jesus Christ."

"This is something new for you I take it?" Alex noted, returning the gun to its hiding place beneath the seat.

"Shooting a cop?!!" she cried. "My God, I thought you were going to kill him!"

"I'm in no mood to get arrested today," he sighed.


"It was either that or he would have discovered the stolen money in the trunk. Besides, I heard they can do great things with reconstructive surgery nowadays. Plastic parts are almost as good as the real thing," he said, tapping his left arm.

"I don't believe this!"

"Really, you should see how life-like and flexible..."

"No," she interrupted, "I mean I don't believe you shot a cop and I just took off with stolen money in the trunk."

"You don't believe it? Pull over."

"Krycek, they are going to be looking for us..."

"He was more interested in your breasts than getting a good look at either of our faces. Worried? Just pull over, Katie. Mind if I call you that?"


"Pull over and I'll show you what I'm going to do with the money."

After a few moments of indecision, Scully eventually swerved the giant car over to the side of the road. Alex pulled up his jeans and stepped from the car, still shirtless.

Scully's heart was racing as she watched him walk nonchalantly to the rear of the Cadillac. Ohmygod what was she doing? This was all happening so fast...this morning she was sitting with her partner in the drudgery of her everyday life, and now here she was, on the run from the law, next to an unpredictable wild man with whom she'd just had the best sex of her entire life.

She felt flushed, hot, scared, and totally *alive*.

Scully could feel the air around her crackling with the sheer intensity and danger of the man known as Alex Krycek.

And, the gorgeous green-eyed devil with the dry wit and illuminating grin just called her "Katie".

"Here, Scully, come look at this."

She glanced over at the side mirror, trying to see him around the open trunk. Intrigued at what she had gotten herself into, she squirmed back into her slacks and pulled her blouse over her head. Finally, after working up the courage to tell herself to ignore the sight of a dead body if there was one, she opened the car door and joined him.

Sitting in the trunk were two duffle bags stuffed with what looked to be thousands of dollars in cash. Alex lifted the bags from the trunk and placed them neatly on the side of the road. Then he walked back to the front of the car and reclaimed his seat.

"Krycek?" she called, perplexed at his actions.

"Can I call you Katie, Scully?" he asked from the passenger seat.

She walked over to him and put her hand on the door. "No one has ever called me by my middle name," she pointed out.


Oh God, he was grinning at her again.

"Then yes, you can call me Katie. Can I call you Alex?"

"If I say yes, will you promise to scream it, too?"

"Yes, Alex," came the breathed reply.

"I'm holding you to that."

She motioned to the bags again. "What are you doing?"

"Leaving them there. I don't need the money, and it's easily traceable."

"Then why did you..." Scully asked, confused, then walked back around to the driver's side of the car.

"Why? For *fun*, Scully," he answered when she was sitting again.

"Fun. You shot that cop for fun. You could have killed him."

She started the car and took off down the highway once more, glancing back in the mirror at the stuffed duffle bags.

"No, I *wounded* that cop so we wouldn't get caught with the money. I robbed the *bank* for fun."

She looked at him. "We."

"I have never killed anyone who didn't deserve it," he answered, reacting to her questioning glance.

Surprised at herself, she spoke quickly. "I believe you," she said.

"No, you don't have to believe me, Katie, not yet," Alex said, meeting her eyes. "Right now, I just need us together. Trust will come later. There's a lot you have to get used to first."

"Like calling you Alex."

"We can certainly work on that," he said slyly. "Only next time..."

"We work on it at a motel."

Scully grinned in satisfaction at her green-eyed devil and gunned the engine of the Cadillac, anxiously awaiting her future with him while leaving her past behind her in the kicked-up swirls of Virginia dust.






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