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On the Road Again

The moment his cum hit his face...he knew he was in deep yogurt.
It smelled the same like the tangy salt spray of the ocean, but
the taste Alex tasted of long abandoned nights, of deep pungent
spices, of carnal sin itself.

Alex now tasted different - sweet, pure, and wholesome.

Mulder groaned deep in his throat and captured Alex's cock with
his mouth. Sucking like he was enjoying his last cigarette on
earth, he used all the muscles of his mouth and throat to capture
all that sweet essence. He rolled it around his tongue and passed
it over the roof of his mouth, filling his lungs deeply with air
to insure that he savored every last drop.

"Oh God, Mulder, that was great!"

His partner was barely able to stand unaided, so Mulder supported
him around his thighs to maintain him in an upright position.

Mulder looked up into that same handsome face; saw that same
stupid-ass haircut. The deep sea emerald eyes shone back at him,
as they always did, that elfin nose and those ridiculously small
ears still turned Mulder on as they always did. Mulder still
couldn't bring himself to think that Alex Fucking Krycek looked
anything other than some lost angel come to earth.

Alex's open, kind face was giving Mulder some problem. Alex never
let his emotional guard down. But now, he looked angelic, happy,
without a care in the world.

Mulder continued his work cleaning Alex off. As Mulder's tongue
started cleaning his balls, Alex's legs shuddered. Mulder stroked
them and noticed the conspicuous lack of scars there. He was had
been sure that Alex would be scarred like a road map.

He gave Alex's cock one last kiss and hoisted himself up to stand
face to face with him. Alex leaned in for a kiss. All lips and
tongue as he claimed Mulder. Claimed him for his own.

Mulder was lost to the sensuousness of Alex's mouth and reached up
to hold his tormentor by the ears. He felt, before he saw, the
small silver earring dangling from one ear. He twirled it between
his fingers while his mouth was being ravaged. His lover placed
his knee between Mulder's legs and Mulder groaned.

"The earring works wonders for you, makes you look even more
dangerous," Mulder spoke barely audibly.

Alex looked at him and a broad, open smile crossed his face. "Ya

"Oh yea, definitely."

His lover rested his head on Mulder's neck as deft fingers found
the zipper of Mulder's Armani suit and so slowly, as though time
itself had stopped, opened it, notch by agonizing notch. Warm
hands lifted his shirt from his belt and caressed the flesh of his
stomach and chest. Drawing in little circles up to his chest and
capturing and worrying each of his nipples to erection in turn.

Mulder groaned deep in his chest as his own fingers lifted up his
lover's shirt in erotic anticipation. Even his mind didn't
register the fact that he felt so few scars left from bullet holes
and knife blades, but the flesh felt wonderful as did the tongue
now insinuating itself into Mulder's ear canal. He couldn't
suppress the shudder that threatened to travel the whole length of
his body.

Alex opened Mulder's belt-buckle quickly and delved into his
underwear, grasping the prize. A two-handed pump and Mulder was
rutting in his hands.

"Oh that's it, don't stop!"

Alex had no intention of it. He got down on his knees for a
closer look. "I'm impressed, Mulder, really impressed. It's so
huge!" Although he couldn't see, he was sure that Mulder was
blushing a deep red.

"What's he up to," Mulder thought. "He's seen Slappy before."

Alex buried his nose deep in Fox's pubic hair for a long sniff,
enjoying the erotic, pungent scent of Mulder's musk. Alex took
Mulder's cock into his moist, hot mouth and Fox felt like

"Alex, oh Alex...suck it!"

A puzzled look came over the man's face but he continued his work
with gusto. It didn't take long for Fox to start screaming that
name and exploding into his mouth.

Mulder hauled him up to his feet again and claimed his mouth in a
bruising kiss, scorching him, marking him for life.

"Mulder, tell me something?"

"Sure Alex."

"Mulder, who's Alex? You've called me that a number of times."

Mulder just stared at him, the range of emotions that went so
quickly across his face was plain: from anger, to humour, to
murderous rage.

"What are you playing at, Krycek?"

His lover quickly grabbed Mulder's wrist, which was threatening
punch him.

"Listen to me carefully, Agent Mulder, I am not Alex Krycek. My
name is Mansfield, Victor Mansfield. I don't know anybody by that
name." Vic fished out his driver's license to prove his point.

Mulder was speechless, couldn't utter a word. He didn't know if
he was happy or sad about it either.


In a nearby window, watching this scene, a green-eyed double
agent's hand was furiously pumping his cock, the other playing
with his balls; when the wash of cum hit the window, he laughed.

"Mulder, Mulder, Mulder...only you could come all the way to
Toronto to hunt me down like a dog and find the wrong man," he


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