Sarah Bellum

For Sue Gilbert and the M/K list who wanted to see Krycek
in a wet t shirt. A PWP with no redeeming features
whatsoever. No plot, no point, blame it on new Kaluhau
with Milk. Milk has a bad effect on me.

Disclaimer: disclaim disclaim disclaim. These boys are as
much mine as they are anyone else's, and if Alex Krycek
is going to go around in public being wantonly and
deliberately gorgeous, he just has to expect this kind of

Mulder tore his clothes away, heedless of the expensive
suit he was ruining, frantic to pull the fabric away from
where it burned his flesh. Desperate to expose his skin
to the soothing water of the showers.

Skinner, dressed only in casual clothes to maintain some
degree of anonymity during the prisoner transfer, was
already naked and rubbing the nullifying foam into the
skin of his chest. The sudden tightness in Mulder's gut
caught him off guard - the man was huge! He'd seen
Skinner without a shirt before, but again the man's
impressive wing span made his abdomen tighten and his
breath catch.

A squeak of distress broke his fixation, "Shit!" he
exclaimed, grabbing Krycek by the front of his shirt and
dragging him further into the water streams. The
chemicals they had been sprayed with were starting to
turn the younger man's skin pink, the mild acid already
having its affect. Unable to help himself with his hands
cuffed behind his back, Krycek was already starting to
hop about as the burn set in, and Mulder let him suffer a
few more seconds, admiring Krycek's nipples through
fabric stuck to his lithe body.

Skinner thrust a dispenser of the foam into Mulder's
hands, and proceeded to tear the T shirt from Krycek's
back, "Rub this into his face and hair in case the water
isn't enough. Make sure you don't forget anything."

Mulder lathered Krycek's face, rubbing his fingers across
long eyelashes, into nasal and aural cavities, making
sure there were no traces in his mouth or hair. It had
been a long long time since he'd touched Krycek so
intimately, way back when they had been friends and
partners. Physical memories could not be kept at bay as
the short dark hair slid through his fingers, but
emotional memories were savagely squashed as Krycek
moaned in relief.

Skinner had shucked down Krycek's jeans, and Mulder
watched in disbelief as the AD's hands were rubbing the
foam into Krycek's buttocks and down his thighs. "Mulder,
get his shoes off, and make sure you've cleaned your own
feet as well as his."

Mulder dropped to his knees, his own breathing speeding
up, involuntarily, as he remembered the last time he'd
been on his knees in front of Krycek. He got the tightly
laced boots off with some difficulty, quickly rubbing
foam into Krycek's feet and toes. He stopped in
incredulous surprise at Krycek's burst of choking

"Sorry, guys - ticklish," Krycek explained breathlessly,
his eyes shining, his skin pink with more than just the

//You have no right to be laughing// Mulder thought,
ungenerously, annoyed as Krycek wiggled between the two
agents, obviously enjoying Mulder's discomfort. Mulder's
fingers started to rub the foam up Krycek's strong,
muscular legs, making sure no trace of the chemicals
remained, while Skinner kept one arm around Krycek's neck
to hold him in place. Skinner was holding Krycek back so
hard, his back was almost bowed, pushing his ripe plump
genitals into Mulder's face.

"Remember this, boy?" Skinner's voice rumbled, and Mulder
was horrified when he realised Skinner's other hand was
twisting and probing between Krycek's buttocks.

He dropped his head, blinking water from his eyes, his
mouth open with shock as he watched Skinner's large
fingers exploring Krycek's anus, two, then three fingers
pushing into the firm full buttocks.

Krycek was up on his toes, almost dancing as if he was
trying to lift himself away from the invading fingers,
but his almost laughing gasps gave away his enjoyment. He
was looking down at Mulder, his face alive with teasing
joy as he writhed on Skinner's fingers. Skinner's
expression showed no such enjoyment, he was serious,
intent, staring into Mulder's amazed eyes with a
superiority which bordered almost on contempt.

Krycek's laughter mutated into squeaky `ahs' and Mulder
looked down again, lifting Krycek's balls out of the way
so he could watch Skinner's massive erection disappear
into the tight pink ring. Krycek's thighs were trembling
with the strain of accepting the fat shaft. Krycek's
erection, not at all dispirited by the discomfort,
twitched and danced by Mulder's face.

Urged on by the thrill of two other men watching him,
Mulder gave in to his own impulses and took Krycek's
entire cock into his mouth in one swallow. The feel of
the burning head bumping against the back of his throat
sent shivers to his groin. His balls ached and his cock
twitched at the thought of being taken like this. An
image of Skinner, fully dressed in the AD's office,
kneeling before him, sucking Mulder's cock flashed in his
head. In response he sucked even harder on Krycek, making
him writhe and groan.

//This place had better be sound proof// Mulder thought,
as Krycek's whimpers and moans echoed off the tiles, his
feet unable to get a purchase on the wet floor,
scrabbling for a hold. Skinner stood steady on the wet
floor, unperturbed by Krycek's struggles, moving with
easy economical strokes, accepting Mulder's worshipful
performance as his due.

Supported as much by Skinner's cock up his ass as by the
strong arm around his throat, Krycek coughed and gasped
his surprise and pleasure, writhing and making it hard
for Mulder to keep a grip. Finally Mulder pushed his arms
through Krycek's legs, braced his hands against Skinner's
thighs, holding Krycek's legs apart with his forearms,
and just rode out the man's abortive thrusts.

Mulder slowly released the impaled man's cock until just
the tip was between his teeth. He gnawed gently, letting
sharp teeth drag over the ultra sensitive underside of
the crown, letting Krycek feel the implied threat of
pain. Krycek squealed - a tone of delight, not fear, and
Skinner's other hand came around, grabbing and crushing
Krycek's balls hard, holding the younger man still while
Skinner started to thrust into the tight, red hot
channel. The hand on Krycek's balls diminished his
erection somewhat but only briefly as Krycek swiftly
adjusted to the pain.

Mulder worked the uncircumcised crown... letting his lips
push the skin back each time Skinner forced Krycek
forward. Mulder's tongue circled the hot spongy head
again and again, teasing the slit, before he dived
forward again until his nose was buried in sparse pubic

Krycek giggled and writhed, gasping as he was almost
asphyxiated by Skinner's crushing arm, //Stop enjoying
this, you bastard. We're raping you, for crying out
loud!!// Mulder thought, swallowing the water that ran
down Krycek's body, along his cock and into Mulder's
mouth. The water carried the tang of excitement and
precum... and the taste of Krycek, a taste he'd never
thought to feel burning across his tongue again.

Skinner held Krycek so hard he could barely move, but the
force of Skinner's thrusts slammed their flesh together,
Krycek's body vibrating with the force. The loud echo of
each slap filled Mulder's ears, like the sights and
sounds and tastes of the body under his hands and in his
mouth filled his brain: everything focussed down to this

Skinner's hand released the base of Krycek's cock,
threaded through Mulder's hair, and pushed him down
harder, pushing Mulder's head into Krycek's groin. They
connected, all three of them, and Mulder had the
ridiculous thought he was sucking Skinner's cock - using
Krycek as a condom.

The cock being forced down his throat was cutting off his
air, and he moaned, sending vibrations through the
swollen flesh, and just rode out Skinner's thrusts, aware
of Krycek's balls impacting with his chin, and Skinner's

Skinner came hard, and with the same force and quiet
dignity with which he did everything else. His hips
pummelling Krycek's appreciative ass, his eyes open the
entire time, holding Mulder's gaze.

Mulder released Krycek's cock with a loud pop, as Skinner
pulled himself free with enough force to drag Krycek back
a few paces, yelping at the pain of the sudden
seperation, his hole snapping shut on air.

Skinner finally relaxed the arm at Krycek's throat,
smiling at his relieved gasps for air. He pushed Krycek
to the floor, onto his knees, kicking his thighs apart,
then pushing his head onto the wet tiles. He sat himself
down comfortably onto the bench under the shower, and put
one foot onto Krycek's neck, holding him in place.

"You're turn, Agent Mulder," Skinner smiled as Mulder
licked his lips, taking his place behind Krycek's
up-turned buttocks.

There was virtually no resistance as Mulder positioned
himself, and pushed forward into the well lubricated
channel, Krycek pushing back greedily. The hot sucking
flesh gripped him hard, and Mulder smiled as he realised
that much of the sticky moisture that surrounded him was
Skinner's cum.

He gripped each full round buttock, holding them apart to
make sure he could go as deeply as possible, before
pulling out and slamming back home. He pounded the ass
raised helplessly in front of him, his balls slapping
painfully against Krycek's, and only Skinner's weight on
Krycek's neck kept the helpless man from being pushed
along the slippery tiles.

Krycek was sobbing quietly now, his giggles long gone as
his need for release took over from his amusement, "Oh,
Jesus, Mulder, fuck me, Christ, yeah, fuck me, Mulder..."
the swearing and begging became a low vibrating litany,
each plea forced out with each increasingly violent

Mulder could feel the heat gathering in his balls,
slamming into willing flesh with a power that brought
Krycek's knees off the floor with every thrust. The first
bubble of precum travelled to the tip of his stressed
cock, Krycek's flesh squeezing him like a hot wet fist,
until it felt like the head of his cock was exploding,
and he poured liquid steel into the body hungrily waiting
for him.

He kept pumping it forward, enjoying Krycek's cries for
more as much as the electric pleasure of his orgasm set
his body alight, pumping his hips until his balls felt
drained and empty, and he fell forward over the pale

"Finished?" Skinner asked, grabbing Mulder's arm, pulling
him upright, hauling Krycek up by the cuffs.

"Hey, guys..." Krycek tried wiggling around, his ignored
erection bobbing around frantically like a muppet on
speed, seeping with precum and purple with need.

Skinner uncuffed Krycek, then recuffed his hands to the
shower head, shins pressed against the wooden bench on
which Skinner and Mulder plopped themselves down.

"Hey, guys, let me down." Krycek protested his
uncomfortable position, twisting to look at the two
agents through his over stretched arms. His need to cum
painful and pressing.

"Shut up, boy," Skinner's large hand loudly impacted with
one vulnerable ass cheek.

"Ouch, hey, what are ya doing!" Krycek squawked as
Skinner tested the pinkability of the other cheek.

"Mulder?" Skinner peered around the pert butt to talk to
his agent, "We should reapply the foam in about twenty
minutes... just to make sure there's no reaction to the
chemicals, of course."

Mulder grinned, running his hand up Krycek's thighs,
collecting the beads of moisture until his fingers
tickled vulnerable balls, feeling them crawl against his
finger tips, "How long do you think we can make those
twenty minutes last?"

Skinner gave Krycek another good hard smack, enjoying his
protest, "Oh, at least two hours... maybe more."

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