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Rated NC17 for M/(withheld) See end of story for specifics


Synopsis - Skinner gets an unexpected visitor.


Loup Garou XV - Femme Fatale


by Shael (wolfcatxf@imadethis.org)


* * * * * * *


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and AD Walter Skinner was alone in his apartment. Or at least he was until there was a knock on the door. He looked out the spyhole before opening it to his visitor. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, surprised to see one of his lovers patiently waiting to be let in.


A bright smile and a saucy walk brought the visitor into the apartment. "I was going through the closet and this outfit just screamed 'Wear me!' I put it on and thought you might like to see it. Well, what do you think?" The phrase was accompanied with a coquettish twirl.


Skinner eyed his lover appreciatively. The short pleated black skirt only emphasized the bare, long legs (just shaved, he noted with approval), slim hips and tight ass that were being flaunted for him. The white blouse was the sheerest Jess had, one she joked about being able to drink tea through without changing the taste. Six inch black stiletto heels completed the outfit. "How did you make it through the streets without getting jumped?"


The answer was accompanied by a slow smile and dip of overlong eyelashes. "A very long trench coat." The voice became teasing. "And why aren't you jumping me right now?"


"Good question." Skinner sat down on the couch and patted the cushion beside him. His lover sauntered over, skirt swishing provocatively from side to side. As soon as they settled, Skinner wrapped his arms around shoulders and waist and moved in close for a kiss. He met lips already parted; a tongue darted into his mouth before he was prepared.


Skinner moaned. This is what had addicted him - the heat, the wetness, the intensity. And that intensity was being put to very good use at the moment - biting his lips, grazing his jaw line, tugging his earlobe. He didn't know if it had to do with lycanthropy, but every time he made love to either of the werewolves, even after his Change, Skinner felt that the intensity would devour him the way a starving wolf devoured a fat rabbit.


Skinner pulled the supple body across his lap, making sure his erection ground against the crease where thigh met groin. The body in his arms arched, neck stretching, inviting to be nipped. Skinner did so, fingers fumbling at the buttons of the blouse. Impatient, he grabbed two fist fulls of fabric and pulled. A ripping noise, a few buttons flying and the blouse was in two pieces on the floor.


His lover pushed back. "You'll pay for that," a sex-coated voice intoned. Two hands pressed him back against the cushions before caressing his nipples through his shirt. These hands were far more steady than his as Skinner's shirt was teased open button by button. And when those kiss-redden lips and bright eyes broke contact only to refocus on his erect nipples, Skinner almost howled. His hips began to move independently of his mind, not that his mind had any great objections.


Apparently that was the sign to proceed a step further. Those hands deftly moved down to his fly and swiftly exposed his cock. Those wonderful hands wrapped themselves around the stiff shaft and began to pump. Skinner let his head loll from the sensation. "How do you want it?" he rasped out.


"Up my ass." Three simple words. Just three simple words that had the effect of hardening Skinner more than he thought possible. A bottle of lube had materialized from nowhere on the side table and he grabbed it.


After squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers, the next order of business was to get the lube up the offered orifice. His lover lifted from the knees, grabbing Skinner's shoulders for support. <Damn,> Skinner thought as he lifted the skirt. <I should have pulled the panties off before slicking... hello!> Skinner grinned up at his lover. "Forget something?" he asked, enjoying the glide the skirt's fabric against the back of his hand and the caress of bare flesh against his palm.


A quick kiss was dropped against Skinner's forehead. "Didn't want to waste any tim...ah!" The grunt punctuated where two blunt fingers breached the anal sphincter. A few agonizingly slow strokes had the body Skinner was holding thrashing and begging wordlessly for more. And then more was given.


The feeling of the skirt brushing his bare stomach was a novel sensation. His hand moved under the fabric without conscious thought, adding to the mutual pleasure. When one would be close to the brink, the other would stop and then start again. But eventually Skinner gave up on holding back and clamped iron hands on his lover's waist, holding the thrashing body in place as he came. And the feeling of hot semen spurting was enough for his partner to also let go.


Eventually, the body above Skinner lost it's rigidness and slumped bonelessly across his torso. After a few seconds in that position, his lover shifted, slid off Skinner, and nestled in the crook of his arm. With a sigh of contentment, the stilettos were toed off. "You have no idea how much it hurts to walk in those damn shoes."


One shapely leg was thrown over Skinner's. "Miss Manners always says that a lady keeps her legs together while wearing a skirt," Skinner commented.


"I'm no lady," was the lazy response. A bare foot now caressed the inside of Skinner's calf, causing the AD to shiver. "Did you enjoy that?"


"Mmmmm..." Skinner rumbled as he nodded. "There's just one problem."


"Problem?" An eyebrow arched inquiringly in his direction.


Skinner's eyes sparkled with amusement, a sight all too rarely seen. "Alex, don't you think that Jess is going to be pissed off that we ruined her favorite blouse and stained her new skirt?"


* * * * * * *



NC17 for M/M sex