Loup Garou VII - Triad


By Shael (wolfcatxf@imadethis.org) and Nicci (Nicci73813@aol.com)



**NC17 for sex** **Graphic M/F, M/M, M/M/F** **Nongraphic discussion of M/M rape** Minors keep out!!!!!!


US Season 4 Spoilers (Tunguska, Terma, Leonard Betts, Memento Mori)


Disclaimer - Only Jess, Lindy, the mentioned pets, and stock background characters belong to me. Everybody else is the property of TenThirteen Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement intended. I'm not making any money off this.


Synopsis - Krycek, despite a painful event in his past, and Jess Leahs show what lengths they are willing to go to for information about their missing daughter. Set in the four month interval between Jess's reappearance and the baby's, you *must* read "Loup Garou VI - the Loss" to fully understand this one.


Hey folks, this is a bit of a departure story for me. The whole thing got started when a beta reader friend asked me how far would Jess and Alex be willing to go to try to regain their missing daughter and another wondered what price Skinner would have to pay to the Consortium. As indicated above, this story involves graphic M/F, M/M, and M/M/F sex and a discussion about, not a description of, M/M rape. If that isn't your thing, skip this story. Future Loup Garou stories will refer to events in this one, but I'll try to write future stories with a nongraphic description of what you need to know to understand the history and plotline.


A man's past is not simply a dead history... it is a still quivering part of himself, bringing shudders and bitter flavours and the tinglings of a merited shame. - George Elliot


* * * * * * *


The Smoking Man walked down the hallway past the juvenile dormitories. The few young adults that were in the hallway respectfully acknowledged his presence, no matter which form they were in, with an almost reverential attitude. A brightly colored ball rolled across his path. A giggling juvenile male, no older looking than a seven year old human, ran out of one of the side doorways chasing the ball. He pulled up short at the sight of Cancerman, awed to be so close to one of the few who had the power of life and death over him and his family and friends. In short, he was awed at being so close to one of his gods.


Cancerman paid no attention to the startled youngling and continued to walk unhurriedly towards the nursery. Before entering, he put out the cigarette that was almost a part of him. No chances could be taken with these infants' health, at least, not until they were older juveniles. He pushed the double doors open and walked towards the female caretaker, who was in her human form, leaning over one of the cribs. "How is the newest addition?"


The female lifted the three month old out of the crib. "She's doing extremely well, sir. Her development is right on target for a human of the same age."


"Excellent." Cancerman studied the dark haired infant closely. At first glance, she looked exactly like her dam. But a closer look revealed her sire's wide set and impossibly green eyes.


The infant squirmed restlessly in the female's arms. On impulse, the Cigarette Smoking Man reached out to stroke the little one's cheek. She endured his touch for a moment and then reached with a tiny hand to grasp his finger, pushing it away.


"Sorry, sir," the female said nervously. Humans had proven to be capricious, unpredictable beasts. He might take offense at the young one's willfulness, and, in that case, God only knows what punishment might be in store for both the youngling and her caretaker. "She's very strong willed," she offered as a explanation.


"So I see," Cancerman mused. The infant had formidable grip for one so young. <She's inherited both her sire's and dam's physical and mental strength and determination.> That determination and strength had allowed the parents to survive almost intolerable situations. An idea crossed his mind. It would both reveal the limits of what acts the parents would commit, and also give him compromising information about another thorn in his side. <That definitely deserves close consideration,> he mused. And he wondered if the parents, especially the sire, would be willing to go through with the act, based on that strength and determination to find their missing offspring. Pulling out a cigarette, he turned to leave. "See that I am kept up to date on her progress."


The female nodded, relieved that there was no punishment, at least at this moment, forthcoming. There was a question she needed answered. "Sir?" she asked timidly at his retreating back. "Has a name been chosen for this infant?"


Cancerman turned from the double doors to look at her. He spoke one sentence before passing through them. "The parents have decided on Amanda."


* * * * * * *


Jess and Krycek were getting ready for bed. It had been three months since Jess had reappeared, no longer carrying her and Krycek's baby. She stood in front of the mirror, frowning contemplatively at her reflection. She had been in a sad, reflective mood for most of the day, remembering what she could. What few memories she had been able to reclaim were of her giving birth to a beautiful girl and then being separated from her child.


Krycek came up behind her. He had been sadly in thought for most of this day also. It had taken them both a little while to figure out why they were both in such depressed states. But once they had determined the cause, it made perfect sense. It had been one year since they had turned up on Skinner's doorstep, cold and afraid. And soon after, in a hormone driven frenzy, they had conceived Amanda. He snaked his arm around her waist and whispered into her hair. "You okay?"


Her head rubbed against the crook of his neck. "Yeah... just thinking."


"About Amanda?"


Jess nodded.


Krycek kissed her temple. "I wish she were here too. C'mon, let's get some sleep." He lowered the lighting level in the room. After his experiences in the silo, he was never comfortable in full darkness. Jess didn't seem to have the same problem even though she had been abducted, but because of her lycanthropy, she had excellent night vision, so she coulds see what was around them at almost all times.


They both slipped into bed. For a change of pace, Jess snuggled into Krycek's back, draping an arm over his midsection, instead of vice versa. Without conscious thought, her hand slid down his torso and under his boxers. She gave his cock a gentle squeeze.


He jumped as if her hand were a snake. "Don't touch me!" Krycek screamed, bolting from the bed. He turned around and for a few seconds, Jess saw raw panic in his eyes.


Jess sat up, startled by his reaction. She gently and slowly reached for his hand, the way she would for Lindy after one of her worse nightmares. "Alex? What's wrong? What did I do?" She was genuinely puzzled by his reaction to her gentle fondling. He had reacted this way a few times before, when she initiated foreplay unexpectedly. Then he had begged her not to ask him why he panicked. She held her silence, trusting him to tell her when he was able.


He stood there for a moment, and then seemed to realize where he was. He passed his hand over his eyes. "I'm sorry." Krycek said. "Jess," he began nervously, "there's something that happened to me when I became a werewolf you don't know. Something Alpha Wolf did to me."


Jess nodded, wondering what could be so horrible that Krycek had been afraid and reluctant to tell her. She watched him sit down, take a deep breath, and begin to tell her everything about how he became a werewolf, including details he had left out and would have rather forgotten.


Jess sat listening with wide eyes. <My God! He keeps saying *I'm* the strong one!> she thought when he finished his story. Jess was amazed that he was still functional, although she guessed a lot of it was due to denial and repression. She put a hand to his cheek, making him look at her. "My poor, wounded lover," she whispered as she leant forward. Tears slipped out of her eyes as she gently kissed his lips and put her arms around him.


Krycek sobbed and buried his head into her shoulder, allowing himself to cry over the memories for the first time. Jess rocked him gently, whispering endearments and planting soft kisses in his hair. His crying eventually quieted down, but he clung to her tightly, craving reassurance. Eventually, she eased herself down onto the bed, still holding him.


Krycek spent the night locked in her embrace. The few times he awoke from memory laced nightmares, Jess was awake, stroking his hair and whispering gentle reassurances. Towards the dawn, the fitful dreams ceased and Jess allowed herself to fall asleep.


* * * * * * *


When Krycek woke up the morning after, Jess was still wrapped around him. He sighed softly and ran his fingers through her hair. She moaned softly and snuggled in a little closer. She wasn't really awake, but not fully asleep. Her body was warm and soft against his, making parts of him warm, but definitely not soft. The only problem was that she was still half asleep. A devilish grin crossed his face as he decided he would rouse her by arousing her.


His hands wandered from the back of her shoulders to the front of her chest. He slipped a hand under her shirt to find her full breast. Lightly stroking her nipple, he unfastened the shirt, sliding it off her shoulders.


Jess moaned again, softly. She shifted around and away from him, smiling slightly. He could see a gleam of light reflecting through her thick lashes. Krycek chuckled quietly. She was awake, but would let him play out his fantasy.


It was hard for Jess not to smile when she heard his quiet laugh. Early on, she had discovered a pattern in their sex life. Whenever Krycek was feeling guilty or he was extremely upset over anything, he became almost compulsively sexual with her, as if pleasing her was the only way to make up for his dark deeds. If she would say no, which was rare, he would respect the boundary she placed, but he wouldn't be completely reassured no matter what she said or did unless it involved a good lay.


Krycek bent back over her torso. His lips brushed her shoulders and neck traveling up to her lips. When he lightly ran his tongue over the pale redness, her lips parted slightly. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, playing with hers.


Jess shifted under him, her arms wrapping around her shoulders. Krycek rolled over, taking her with him. "Good morning, Jess."


"Morning, Alex," she mumbled sleepily. Her hands started to gently undress him, lingering and stroking his body intently.


Krycek pushed her away. He had only told part of the truth last night, and he had to come completely clean with her. "Jess, before we do this, there's something else you need to know."


"Not again." Jess smiled at him. "Let's see." She ticked off the items on her fingers. "I know that you were part of a world wide conspiracy, you're running for your life from various assassins, were possessed by sentient motor oil, and were the werewolf myth made real. What's more to know?"


Krycek didn't smile at her humor. "It's about, um, a previous sexual relationship."


"Okay." Jess grew serious quickly. "What?"


"Nobody knows about this. Back when I was in Quantico, just after I broke up with Cassandra, I had an affair with a classmate."


She laid a hand on his shoulder. "That's not so bad. A lot of people who have just ended a relationship..."


"No, Jess. I had an affair with a *male* classmate."


"Oh," was Jess's verbal reaction. Her mental reaction went along different lines. <Oh God! He's trying to tell me he's gay. Or bi. And he's trying to make what happened to him his fault.> "How did it happen?"


"Bill was my roommate. And a good friend. And gay. He had an ongoing crush on me since we first started sharing the room."


Jess nodded encouragingly. "Go on."


Since she hadn't left, Krycek opened up a little more. "It was a week before I graduated. I was so lost. He got me to talk, and eventually to cry. He hugged me, trying to comfort me. Before I knew what was happening, he was kissing me." His cheeks reddened. "And I was returning it."


"Alex, young people often experiment. It's not unheard of."


"Jess, let me finish. Things escalated from there. He told me about his crush. I was lonely and flattered and curious. Bill and I had a brief fling, for the rest of the week. We didn't use protection, and Bill had other lovers. Looking back, I'm damn lucky I didn't get AIDS or other things." He looked down at his feet. "I've had bisexual impulses all my adult life, but other than that once, I never acted on them. I was too afraid to tell you after... what happened."


"Alex." Jess lifted a hand to his cheek, making him look into her eyes. "Just because you're bisexual does not in any way legitimize what Alpha Wolf did. Nothing you have done merited that kind of abuse. This changes *nothing* between us. I'm honored that you felt comfortable enough to tell me. But what does this have to do with now?"


He licked his lips nervously. "I want you to do me."


There. It was out. She would either turn away from him in disgust or laugh at him.


Jess swallowed. <This could be worse. Hey, it might even be fun. And maybe it will help him heal.> "How? I'm not exactly equipped for that."


Krycek relaxed when he realized that she was interested. "I got some Astroglide. Just use your fingers."


She leaned in close to his ear. "Okay. Where is it?" Her tongue darted out of her mouth to flick against his ear.


"Where we kept the condoms," he moaned.


Jess rummaged through the drawer of the bedside table. She found the lubricant, just where Krycek said it would be. Her hands trembled. "You're going to have to guide me. I have no idea how to do this. But I want to."


"Okay. First, just explore. Use the cuffs if you want to."


"No," she whispered softly, "we use them if *you* want to."


"I want. Oh God, Jess, I want."


She reached back into the drawer and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. Given the horrible experiences she had in her sexual history, he had been surprised to find out she also shared a curiosity and enjoyment of bondage. And he was touched that she trusted him not hurt her while she was restrained, the same that he trusted her.


Krycek lay face down on the bed as she cuffed one wrist, and then the other, to the spindled headboard. She gently began to rub his shoulders. He sighed as she gently began to slide her hands down his muscled back. She bent over him, pressing her soft breasts into his back as she kissed the base of his neck.


As he moaned and pressed up against her, Jess retreated. She settled beside him, her hands still caressing his back. They slowly traced lower to cup and knead his buttocks. After a thorough massage, she ran her tongue up his spine to nuzzle his hair.


Krycek's breathing quickened. He moaned louder as Jess again laid down on top of him, stroking up and down his restrained arms. "Do you like this, Alex?" she whispered, nipping at his ear.


"Yessssss," was his tortured answer. "Oh God, Jess. Penetrate me. Now. Please."


Jess straddled one of his legs. She squirted some lubricant into her hands and oiled her fingers well. Once the gel had been warmed by her touch, she rubbed around his tight sphincter. One hand rested on his bottom as she groped under his body with the other.


"Put a pillow under my stomach. It'll make it easier."


Jess did so. With his butt slightly higher than his head, Jess could now easily reach his hot erection. He whimpered as she slowly grasped and stroked him. She placed two fingers at his entrance and slowly pushed inwards. She thrust with her fingers in time with her strokes of her hand.


Krycek began to moan and pressed against her hands. He gasped in delight as she ran her fingers over his prostate. "Yes, Jess. Harder," he groaned. "Can you fit a third finger in?"


Jess pulled out and undid the cuffs. "Kneel," she whispered. She pressed her torso against his back. One hand reached around to stroke him, the other fingers penetrating him once again.


Krycek began working up and down. "Yes, yes, oh, harder!" He laughed in delight as his skin rubbed against Jess. He wrapped one hand backwards around her waist, the other clutched at her hair. She was thrusting and stroking faster and faster. She kissed his neck, and then bit at his earlobe.


Krycek gave a yelp. He tensed up and shoved backwards against her. She felt the cock in his hand spasm as Krycek began to come. His head lolled back on her shoulder. He panted in relief and release.


Jess turned slightly and kissed his temple. Her fingers slowly slid out of him. "Let me go clean up." She left the bed.


Krycek sank back into the bed with a sigh. Jess returned and curled up beside him. Her fingers resting on his chest were cool from the water she rinsed off with. "Jess, thank you."


"For what, jerking you off? My pleasure."


"No, for understanding. For loving me in spite of everything."


"I always will, Alex. I love you. But I wish you'd stop doing this."


He sat up, puzzled by her comment. "Do what?"


Jess sat up. "You're still trying to find a way to punish yourself for everything." She looked at him disappointedly. "You were setting yourself up for me to leave you. But that's not going to happen. So get it through your thick skull and quit it, okay?"


Krycek sighed. "I'm sorry." He pulled her back down and nuzzled her hair. "How can I make it up to you?" he whispered, trying to placate her.


"Well," Jess purred, pulling him on top of her. "There is something that you can do that will put me in a good mood."


"The things I have to do to make you happy," he growled, nipping at her ear. He wouldn't be able to maintain an erection for about half an hour, but he could use that time to drive Jess into a frenzy.


Jess giggled and playfully pushed his head away. "I wasn't talking about *that*, Alex. Although that does put me in a great mood." She sat up on her elbows. "It's almost 10:30. I was thinking about you go getting some Chinese takeout for breakfast."


Krycek raised his eyebrows. "Sweet and sour pork for the first meal of the day?" At Jess's nod, he made a face. "You are one sick woman, Jessica Leahs."


Jess kissed his cheek. "That's what you love about me, Alexander Krycek."


* * * * * * *


Walking out of the resturant, Krycek tried to juggle two bags of cardboard boxes filled with spicy Chinese food. <For someone who isn't pregnant, Jess sure has odd ideas of what sounds good for breakfast.>


Krycek sighed at the thought of Jess being pregnant. As soon as the doctors gave their go ahead, he and Jess had resumed having sex. That wasn't to say that it was the same as before. Actually, now they almost slept together more often than before her abduction. "Making up for lost time," Jess joked when he pointed that fact. But there was also an unspoken need behind their joinings, whether they were wild and raunchy or gentle and tender or anything inbetween. Neither of them were using any form of protection. There had been an unsaid and unanimous decision to try to prove the doctors wrong by getting her pregnant. But for the two months since they resumed making love, there had been nothing but failure.


He walked to the passenger side of Jess's jeep, opened the door, and set the food inside. It was only then he realized that he knew the driver a blue sedan had pulled into the spot next to him. But there was no point in running. The Smoking Man would only continue to stalk him until he listened to him. "What do you want?"


Cancerman got out of the car, holding a file. "It's not what I want, Mr. Krycek, but what you want." He held the file open so Krycek could see the first page. On it was two photos - one of an *extremely* pregnant Jess unconcious on a hospital bed and the other of a dark haired newborn laying in a crib. As Krycek reached for the file, the Smoking Man tucked it back in his trench coat. "Information always comes at a price, Mr. Krycek."


"What do I have to do to get it?"


Cancerman smiled slightly when he heard the desperation in the young man's voice. "Not what, Mr. Krycek, but who." He paused to light a Morely and to gauge the reaction of his former underling.


Krycek paled, but managed to growl out, "Go on."


"I need compromising evidence on a certain man. If you provide it, the file is yours."


"And what kind of compromising evidence do you want?"


"A video tape of you and the man having sex. He cannot know that he is being taped and your lover cannot know about it beforehand."


"And if I say I'll do it, how will I be able to plan this without alerting Jess?"


"Timing will be considered and arrangements will be made. Do we have a deal?"


"Yesssss," Krycek hissed, eyes narrowed. "When?"


Cancerman merely turned to leave. "You'll know when."


* * * * * * *


Krycek sat in the living room, waiting, listening to the thunderstorm outside. Jess had left earlier yesterday for Massachusetts, acting on the tip Mulder had passed on. Lindy was spending the weekend at a friend's. If he did this right, he would have the information about Amanda.


He would tell Jess, however. She deserved to know. He would not, could not lie to her. <After all,> he rationalized, <Cancerman said she couldn't know ahead of time. He never said anything about afterwards.>


When he came home from his unexpected meeting, he found Jess just finishing packing for a trip. "Sorry for the short notice, Alex," she said as they ate the takeout. "Mulder left a message on my email. He's been alerted to serial murders in a small city outside of Boston. There's also a good chance that it's being done by a werewolf, maybe one newly Changed. He wants me to see if it is and if I can make first contact before the FBI or police do." She saw the abandoned expression on his face. "You don't mind me leaving, especially with what you just told me, do you?"


"Uh, no," he hedged. "I know it's important to you, to us, to find other werewolves. I'll stay and take care of Lindy." He knew right away that this was probably part of the promised 'arrangements.'


Jess beamed at him. "Thanks." She kissed his cheek. "I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but I'm gonna miss you."


He kissed the corner of her mouth. "I'm gonna miss you too, Jess." Krycek hadn't felt like so much scum since he betrayed Mulder.


Jess gave him an odd look, but didn't say anything. "I'm not sure where I'll be staying, so page me if you need me." With that, he helped Jess with her suitcase to her jeep and kissed her goodbye. Well, actually, Jess rammed her tongue down his throat, leaving him breathless and wanting.


Krycek sighed deeply. He leaned forward and put his head in his hands. Lindy's friend had invited her over a week ago, and now Jess was gone. So it was only a matter of time before... .


The doorbell rang. Krycek took a deep breath and went to the door. He opened it to the last person he expected it to be.


* * * * * * *


What and who Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner expected when the door opened he wasn't really sure, but it definitely was not Alex Krycek.


A while back, when Mulder had been desperate enough to bargain with the Smoking Man to find a cure for Scully's terminal cancer, he had warned him against making such a deal. "You deal with this man, you offer him anything," he had warned Mulder, "and he will own you forever." Then, in order to save Scully's life, he went and sold his soul to the devil.


And now it was time to start paying the devil his due. He had his orders, his instructions. If he wanted to keep his position at the FBI, he was to come here and have sex with the man he found here. He had no qualms about his ability to go through with the act. He was extremely comfortable with his bisexuality. But what puzzled him at the time was that Cancerman had been so emphatic that he was to leave that man alive and physically unharmed afterwards.


<Easier said than done.> The young man standing awkwardly in front of him had caused him more grief and trouble than he cared or wanted to remember. Maybe now it was time for a little payback. And if Krycek tried anything, Skinner could always claim self-defense.


Krycek looked pale and shaken as he pulled the door wider, allowing Skinner to enter the condo. Krycek shut the door without saying a word or looking at Skinner. Both men knew what was expected of them. Krycek merely grabbed one of two beers and starting climbing the stairs. Skinner grabbed the other one and followed his former agent upstairs into the bedroom.


Once in the bedroom, both men stood uneasily, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Skinner looked at Krycek over the top of his beer. He finally broke the silence that had been over them the whole time. "You know why I'm here."


Krycek wouldn't meet his eyes. "Yes," he said quietly.


Skinner's eyes rested on the bedside table. A small bottle of Astroglide was next to a picture of Krycek, Jess, and Lindy. "Have you done this kind of thing before?"


Krycek shifted uncomfortably. There was fear and unease in his whole stance. "Had sex with a man or an affair?"




Krycek sighed and looked at the ceiling. "Jess knows I'm bi, and until tonight, no."


Skinner looked at Krycek. <The boy is beautiful,> he thought. Krycek couldn't be called handsome. His features were too delicate, his deep green eyes framed by lashes so long and thick that most women would have to apply half a bottle of mascara to achieve the same appearance. He had the type of unearthly beauty that attracted and excited Skinner.


Skinner reached out with a square hand to cup Krycek's cheek, thumb resting on his windpipe and pressing gently. Krycek flinched. Skinner smiled slightly. "Listen, boy. You do what I say, you obey me, and I won't intentionally hurt you. Shall we get this over with?"


The younger man nodded, his green eyes still wide with fear. But behind the fear, a lust could be seen lurking. Krycek licked his lips. "What do you want me to do?"


Skinner sat on the edge of the bed. "Kneel," was the quiet command.


Krycek obeyed. Skinner quickly relieved Krycek of the his shirt. He found himself admiring the well defined chest and the high tight nipples. Krycek took a deep breath and hesitated, clearly uncertain about how to proceed.


Skinner pulled Krycek up a little higher. "Now undress me." As Krycek busied himself, Skinner continued speaking. "You have been a pain in the ass, Krycek. An even bigger one than Agent Mulder, if that's possible."


Despite himself, Krycek smirked as he unbuttoned the AD's shirt. "I've been told I have a talent for that."


"Did I say you could speak?" was the growled reply. Krycek froze at the tone, Skinner's shirt half way off. "Keep going. Well, tonight, boy, I intend to be in yours."


Krycek had settled back down on his knees. "Good," Skinner growled approvingly as his fly was cautiously unzipped. "That's far enough for the moment." Skinner pulled Krycek down onto the bed next to him. <What is he so afraid of?> Skinner thought, looking into the terrified eyes. "Behave, and you have nothing to fear," Skinner whispered into Krycek's ear. "Anything suspicious, and you're dead." He bit the lobe to emphasize his point.


Krycek turned towards the AD to say something, only to catch Skinner full on the lips. Skinner wasted no time establishing who was in charge, prying his tongue into Krycek's mouth as he reached for the man's crotch. Krycek shivered and whimpered as Skinner unzipped him slowly and then pushed him down onto the bed. <Jess, please forgive me,> he though with a whimper as Skinner lay down on him.


* * * * * * *


Outside, the garage door had just finished closing. Jess got out of her jeep with a look of disgust on her face. The whole trip had been a wild goose chase. <More like a wild weregoose chase,> she thought with a wry grin. The werewolf sighting Mulder had gotten a tip on and passed to her had turned out to be nothing more than a psychotic dog trainer living out a 'Hound of the Baskerville's' fantasy. Disillusioned, she had turned around and headed home as soon as she was certain.


She sighed as she walked up to the door, her duffel bag slapping against her legs. <What I wouldn't give for five minutes with a werewolf who would be a friend.> She wanted someone to talk to, a mentor figure she could turn to like Lindy looked to her. <Well, at least I've got Alex,> she thought as she let herself in the condo. She had driven several hours nonstop through the bad storm just so she could be with her beloved.


She was half way across the living room when she heard the soft moan. Jess froze, senses instantly alert for danger. When the sound was repeated, she relaxed. <He's up there, thinking about me, jacking himself off.> The thought of watching Krycek pleasure himself and then joining him at the critical moment sent a tingle racing between Jess's legs. With a feral gleam in her eyes, she crept up the stairs silently, deciding not to give her presence away just yet.


She poked her head around the corner of the doorway, determined not to make a sound. And when she saw what was happening on their bed, she was incapable of making a sound. She reached out to grab the doorframe for support. <No! This *can't* be happening! Alex, how *could* you?> she thought despairingly, her shock melting into anger. And despite that anger and disgust at being betrayed, she felt herself getting turned on by the sight.


Skinner and Krycek were writhing on the bed. Their jeans were unzipped and their shirts were off. Krycek was underneath, eyes tightly shut as Skinner tormented a nipple. Skinner bit down and Krycek's eyes flew open. He raised his head in reflex and saw Jess standing there with wide, staring eyes.


"Oh *shit!*" Krycek yelled, shoving Skinner's head away guiltily.


Skinner sat up, annoyed at Krycek's sudden mood swing. First he was frightened and submissive, now he was trying to direct the action. "What the hell is going on, boy?" He turned to follow Krycek's pointing arm to see Jess standing in the doorway. She was breathing heavily, and trembling. She looked very hurt and very angry.


And very aroused.


Skinner backed to the edge of the bed as Krycek sat up. Somehow, the woman he was at least a foot taller than and easily outweighed was a threatening force he didn't particularly want to face. "Jess," he heard Krycek babble, "Oh, God! Jess, let me explain..."


"I don't want to hear it, Alex!" she yelled, making his name sound like a curse. She turned to run away.


"Jess wait, please!" Krycek was following her and managed to catch her arm just before she hit the stairway. "There is a good reason for this."


Jess clenched her teeth. "Good reason? You're having an affair with your ex-boss, on *our bed* no less, and there's a 'good reason'?"


"Jess, please, listen to my side of the story," Krycek begged. He sounded desperate.


Jess frowned looking back at their bedroom. Skinner stood there, his shirt still off and jeans unzipped. She made a decision. "You both have three minutes to get dressed and get your asses downstairs to explain. If it takes any longer, I'm out of here and I'm not coming back." She turned and stomped down the stairs as Krycek scampered for the bedroom.


* * * * * * *


When Skinner and Krycek came downstairs, they found Jess sitting at the head of the kitchen table, nursing a beer. She was still frowning, her nails tapping a staccato rhythm against the hardwood surface. <Cancerman looks less menacing than she does,> Skinner thought with a shiver.


She didn't look up as they entered. "Care to explain?" she growled, not looking at either of them.


Krycek sighed deeply and sat down on her right. "It's a long story," he said, reaching for Jess's hand.


Jess jerked her hand away as he touched her, still staring at the beer bottle in front of her. "Just start talking," she snarled.


"I got a call from Cancerman," Skinner began. "I'm bisexual, and he knows it. He threatened my position at the FBI unless I came to this address and slept with the man who lived here. I didn't know who it was until I got here." Skinner shook his head. "After Sharon left, this job is all that I have. I'm still able to use my influence to keep Agents Mulder and Scully protected. I just couldn't walk away."


Jess nodded. Her voice remained cautiously neutral. "And what's your side, Alex?"


Krycek looked at his lap. "Cancerman contacted me. He said that he would give me information about Amanda if I had sex with the man who showed up tonight, and didn't tell you before the fact."


"Amanda?" Skinner asked, clearly puzzled.


Jess had closed her eyes. "Our daughter, who was born while I was missing." She turned and looked at Krycek for the first time since the shouting match upstairs. "You were going to do that for her?" she asked with tears filling her eyes.


"For her, for you, for us," Krycek said, laying a hand on hers. This time she didn't pull away. "I'm not proud of what almost happened, of hurting you, but I was willing to go through with it. And I was going to tell you about it."


Jess sat there, mulling something over. "Excuse me a moment." She stood up and went to the phone. She leaned her shoulder against a wall as she punched in a number. "Hey, Dana? Listen, I know it's late but can I speak to Mulder?" There was a pause of a few seconds. "Hey Mulder, got a question for you. Did you send me an email about a case a day or so ago? Hmmph. That's what I thought. No, it's not okay, but I can't talk about it now. Sorry to disturb Dana. You I live to disturb. Bye." She hung up the phone and turned back to the men sitting at the table. "We have been set up big time."


"Set up?" Skinner echoed.


Krycek started to laugh softly. "I think I see where you're going, Jess." He leaned forward. "Mulder didn't send you a message, did he?"


"Nope. It was a red herring to get me out of town. I have a feeling our mutual enemy has gone to more subtle means to divide and conquer." She sighed. "So what happens now?"


Skinner looked at Krycek. The younger man shrugged his shoulders. "Walk away and forget this ever happened," Skinner said.


Jess shook her head. "That doesn't keep you your job or get us any information about Amanda."


Krycek looked up at her, shocked. He had been sure she would have castrated him without anesthesia if he had suggested a threesome. "Jess, exactly what are you suggesting?"


"I think you know."


Skinner could feel himself getting aroused again. Jess, with her pale skin and dark hair and eyes, was a beautiful woman. "Are you sure?" he asked.


Jess gave him a serene smile. "You're doing this for Mulder and Dana. Alex is doing this for me and Amanda. Why should I let you two be the martyrs?" Her eyes darted to Alex. "And you won't be betraying me if I take part. Are you okay with that?"


Now Krycek was between a rock and a hard place. Jess being involved would be both a physical and emotional comfort. But he didn't want her on the tape, let alone the fact that she wasn't supposed to know about this. If he didn't agree she would want to know why. And she would never agree to it if without Skinner's knowledge and consent also. But if he told Skinner, Cancerman wouldn't give him any information about Amanda.


"Alex?" He looked up in response to Jess's voice. He could see the worry in her eyes. <She thinks I'm hesitant because of what happened,> he thought. <If only I could somehow tell her the real reason.> But the decision had been made. He nodded. "Shall we go back upstairs?" he asked hoarsely, standing.


Skinner stood as Jess walked forward. She offered an arm to Krycek, and then one to Skinner. The three of them interlinked, they went back upstairs.


* * * * * * *


When they reached the bedroom, almost all of Jess's self-possession vanished. She stopped short of the doorway. "I've never done anything like this before, Mr. Skinner," she said with a shy dip of her head.


"Walter." Skinner corrected gently. "You can call me Walter. And this is new ground for me too." He stepped forward, tilted her chin upwards and kissed her with an open mouth. He broke the kiss long enough to whisper "so beautiful."


Jess trembled as she felt Krycek step up behind her. He nuzzled her hair and kissed the back of her neck. She could feel both men's erections pressing into her. She quietly whimpered, rocking forward and back.


Krycek's lips traveled to her ear. "Jess, are you sure you're all right about this? I mean, Jake never made you... ."


"I'm fine," she whispered as Skinner started kissing her forehead. "Jake was too possessive, too jealous to share."


"I can see why." Now Skinner's hands slid over her neck to reach for Krycek's shoulders. "I surprised you're both willing." As Jess angled to the side to allow the men easier access, Skinner started kissing Krycek's left ear. "So where did you plant the camera?" he laughed softly. "Don't try to deny it, boy," he said, laying a finger on Krycek's lips, silencing his protest.


Jess was chuckling as she attacked Krycek's right ear. "C'mon, Alex. I wasn't FBI trained and I figured out in three seconds that someone wanted this taped for blackmail." She pulled on the lobe, making him gasp involuntarily. "And I think we all know who. That's what he wanted in exchange for the info, and why you hesitated when I said I wanted this."


"Yeah," Krycek admitted. "I'm okay with the idea of the three of us, but the thought of that tar sucking son of a bitch watching us turns my stomach."


Jess pursed her lips, thinking hard. "I have an idea. You and Walter put on a good show for the camera. I'll sit on the sidelines for the taped round."


Skinner frowned. "That puts me exactly where the Smoking Man wants me."


"I'm working on that. I think I know a way to get what we all need, but leave Cancerman empty handed," Jess murmured. "But you have to trust us." She stepped back and blinked, her face serious. "Can you do that?"


Skinner looked back and forth between Jess's dark brown eyes and Krycek's deep green ones. "I can trust you, Jess."


They both nodded. The message was clear. Jess may be trustworthy, but Krycek still wasn't. "I'll go get this set up," Krycek muttered.


After he stepped into the bedroom, Jess turned to Skinner. "I know that you have to make this look realistic by being rough. But if I think you're hurting him unnecessarily, I *will* step in, video or no video."


Skinner nodded. He had seen that protective look before, but then it was on the face of a mother dog watching as her pups were being handled by her master for the first time, trust commingled with threat.


Krycek stepped out of the bedroom. "It's all set up. I reprogrammed the camera's clock so there is no time discrepancy." He was obviously nervous.


Jess laid a hand on his arm. "You okay?" she whispered softly. Krycek took a deep breath and nodded. Jess slid her hand up and down his arm reassuringly.


"Come on, boy," Skinner said firmly, gripping Krycek's other arm and

tugging him away from Jess's grasp. Skinner's voice was gruff and carried an underlying hint of menace, but a quick glance at his face assured Krycek it was mostly pretense, meant for the camera. Skinner intended to give the black lunged bastard the spectacle he expected to see, but he had *no* intentions of deliberately hurting Krycek to do it, especially with his lover watching. He was a hard man, but he wasn't a sadist.


Krycek cast a quick worried look at Jess, who gave him a reassuring smile before taking a seat on the chair next to the wardrobe where the camera was hidden. She was well out of the camera's range, and if she remained silent, she would not be noticed. For the second time that day Skinner began to unbutton Krycek's shirt. As each button was undone, Skinner kissed the pale, almost hairless skin that was exposed. Soon the shirt lay discarded on the floor, and Skinner began to slowly pull down the tab of Krycek's jeans, lowering the zipper with an agonizing slowness. Krycek shuddered as Skinner ran both his large, warm hands into Krycek's jeans and pushed them roughly away from his hips. Skinner jerked the jeans down Krycek's legs along with his briefs, and then with one smooth motion, shoved the young man backward onto the bed.


Krycek gasped, and looked up at Skinner warily, surprised and a bit intimidated by the sudden violence. The cold fire he saw blazing in his former boss's dark eyes did little to reassure him. Krycek swallowed, and timidly kicked off his jeans before lying back on the bed, naked and trembling a little. The room was warm, but he felt chilled to the bone. <Please, let me be able to get through this,> he prayed.


Skinner never took his eyes from Krycek's as slowly he undressed himself, carelessly tossing his clothes onto the floor with Krycek's. The look in those eyes made promises to Krycek that left him feeling breathless from some emotion that wasn't quite desire, and not entirely fear. Slowly Skinner lay down atop Krycek and began to skillfully use his hands and lips to explore the body lying supine beneath him. Skinner felt his excitement mounting quickly, aroused almost beyond reason by the sight of the lovely young man at his mercy. <So young,> he thought. <So very young, and so beautiful>.


Krycek gasped, and tossed restlessly under his former boss's caress. Skinner felt a completely unexpected wave of tenderness wash over him. Something about this young man was so vulnerable, it brought out responses in Skinner that he wasn't even aware he was capable of towards other people, let alone this man. Krycek tried so hard to be tough, with his tight jeans and black leather jackets, but once stripped of those accouterments, the illusion of toughness was lost and what remained was just a very frightened and wary young man.


Skinner leaned over to murmur into Krycek's ear. "Just follow my lead, Alex. I'm not going to hurt you."


Krycek nodded imperceptibly, feeling oddly grateful for the older man's use of his first name, an obvious attempt to put him at ease. Skinner kissed Alex's ear, exhaling warm breath that made gooseflesh rise on his body and his nipples tighten painfully. Skinner nipped at the delicate earlobe next to his mouth, and began to work his way down Krycek's body, running his tongue down the salty, lightly sweating skin of Krycek's neck to lazily circle one nipple, before suddenly nipping it hard. Krycek gasped, and writhed against the hard body above him.


Skinner continued down, trailing his tongue down the firm young body, dipping and swirling it into then out of Krycek's bellybutton before lowering his lips down to the heavy erection waving in front of his face. He rubbed his rough cheek against the velvety skin of that lovely cock, causing Krycek to gasp at the almost forgotten and utterly sensuous feel of a beard against his penis.


Skinner opened his mouth and began lapping at the tender flesh. Krycek groaned, and his fists clutched at the comforter, still tangled from their earlier grappling. From her perspective on the chair, Jess could feel her body responding to the sight of A. D. Walter Skinner taking liberty with the accommodating body of the man she loved. <I've got to remember that spot,> she thought as Skinner slowly explored an erogenous zone Jess wasn't aware of, making Krycek writhe in agonized pleasure. Her nipples tingled, and she reached down unconsciously to stroke herself with a feather light touch. Without taking her eyes from the bed, she slowly began undressing herself, letting her hands tease and linger on her body, making it even more responsive.


Feeling warm lips and hard teeth and soft tongue on his most sensitive organ was rapidly depriving Krycek of his ability to keep himself under any kind of control. He found it hard to lie still, but if he moved, Skinner pulled away, warning the young man without words to lie back and take it, reminding him of just who was in control of this situation.


Skinner ran his tongue lazily down Krycek's stiff shaft and began sucking almost casually at his balls. Krycek cried out and his hips left the bed. He never had told Jess, but he loved having his balls sucked. He wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to take this tortuous treatment. Skinner mouthed his balls, opening wide and taking first one, then the other, and then, incredibly, both into the recesses of his hot mouth at the same time. He released Krycek suddenly, and the younger man cried out at the feeling of the room's cool air against his overheated flesh. He cried out again, almost a sob, and whispered, "Sir, please...."


"Did I say you could speak?" Skinner demanded. He was gratified to see the young man bite his lower lip hard enough to draw blood before managing to shake his head 'no'. He slid his way back up to the young man's head. A heavy forearm went across Krycek's throat, cutting off his air. "You don't speak, you understand?" Skinner's voice carried tones of threat and menace, a strong reminder of who was in charge. A pointing finger punctuated each word mere inches from Krycek's face, but it was mostly dramatics for the camera. "You are silent. I will tell you when you may speak, but until then, you are not to make a sound, do you understand?"


Jess stiffened in the chair, her lips lifting from her teeth in a silent snarl. <Walter, don't you dare follow through on that alpha male threat with him!> Back when she and Mulder were dating, he had tried that kind of game with her in fun, forgetting momentarily what she had been through. She had reacted badly. Mulder then spent the next six weeks after that night trying to reassure her that Jake and he were two different people and that he would never hurt her. Jess kicked away her jeans that were puddled around her ankles. She crouched, ready to spring to Krycek's aid if it was needed. <Be strong, my love,> she thought. <I won't let him hurt you.>


Krycek nodded, and Skinner felt a sudden pang of unease when he noticed that tears were beginning to leak from the corners of Krycek's eyes. As he slid back down Krycek's body, he risked a glance backward over his shoulder to where Jess sat and was surprised to see her half naked and her face drawn into a dark, feral, scowl. Before resuming where he left off, he debated stopping, but decided that they were too far gone into the performance for that. Whatever was causing Krycek's tears and Jess's glares, they'd have to talk about it later.


Skinner licked one finger wetly, sucking and swirling it around in his mouth before placing it against Krycek's anus, teasingly rubbing and scratching right around the puckered opening without penetrating. Skinner allowed himself a grimly satisfied smile at the sight of the young man's cock pulsing at his touch. Who would have suspected him to be so responsive? Without warning he thrust the finger inside up to the first knuckle, and Krycek bucked helplessly under him, crying out despite the warning to stay silent. Clear fluid was beginning to leak copiously from the reddened tip of his lovely large erection.


Skinner pushed the finger the rest of the way inside, and stroked Krycek's prostate. Helplessly he arched his back off the bed and began bucking his hips, meeting the penetrating digit. Krycek's reaction to the stimulation was beginning to tell on him. His shaft lay flat against his stomach, precum trailing from it to pool on his belly. His balls were beginning to draw up toward his body, his hips leaving the bed with the force of his thrusting. He said nothing else, but sounds still escaped him, small, soft breathy little sounds that told Skinner he wouldn't be holding out much longer.


Skinner began stroking Krycek's cock with his other hand in time with the thrusting of his finger. He took the soft spongy flesh of the cock's head into his mouth, gently raking it with his teeth and firmly stroking the shaft with his tongue.


Suddenly, with a loud cry Krycek erupted into Skinner's mouth. Skinner continued to suck at the spasming organ in his mouth, using talented lips and tongue to milk every last drop of come from Krycek's balls. He didn't remove his mouth from Krycek's cock until he felt it beginning to grow soft. Almost reluctantly he allowed the sated organ to fall from his lips and crawled up the lovely young man's body to kiss him long and hard. Krycek shuddered at the taste of his own semen on his former boss's lips and tongue.


Skinner moved his lips to Krycek's ear. "You know what has to happen now, boy," he whispered. "I don't know how much experience you have in this area, Alex, but believe me when I tell you that inflicting pain is not how I get my jollies. I'm not going to intentionally hurt you. In fact, I hope I can make this as pleasurable for you as I know it will be for me."


Skinner reached past Krycek's head for the small bottle of Astroglide on the bed table. He squirted some of the lubricant into one hand, and parted Krycek's legs before sliding a single finger deep inside his ass. After a moment a second finger joined the first, then a third. Skinner glanced up at Krycek and the look he saw there on the young man's lovely face gave him pause for just a second. His deep green eyes were wide, the pupils enormous. His face was flushed, his lips parted and his skin shone with a thin sheen of sweat. Skinner thought that he looked as ageless as an angel, and just as beautiful. His eyes bored into Skinner's with an intensity that left the older man feeling suddenly uneasy. There was a story there behind those eyes, he knew. He wondered if he would ever have the opportunity to learn what it was.


Skinner removed his fingers from Krycek and settled himself between his legs. With a gentleness and care he hoped would set the young man at ease, he pulled Krycek's legs up and settled them on his shoulders. He stroked Krycek's thighs, maintaining eye contact. Krycek gazed back at him, a deep, frightened sadness and resignation behind the obvious sexual longing in his eyes. Skinner was still feeling the unease that had assailed him moments before, and he had to admit to himself that he had undeniable doubts about what he was doing. As much as he felt Krycek should be punished for all he had done, this was not the time nor the place nor the way. He had been telling the truth when he told Krycek he didn't want to cause him pain. And that included psychic pain. Skinner wondered about the propriety of continuing with this, but he felt he had no choice. They'd all agreed to it, and hurting or not, Krycek was obviously willing to go though with the act. And God knew Skinner wanted to go through with it. He felt excited beyond reason, and eager to bury himself in the warm and willing human flesh before him.


Krycek gasped sharply as Skinner began to penetrate him. The young man shivered beneath him, partially from pleasure, partially from fear. Skinner closed his eyes and willed himself to go slowly. He'd promised Krycek he wouldn't hurt him, and it was a promise he intended to keep. But Krycek was so tight, so hot..., his internal skin felt like heated silk, gripping Skinner's cock in a velvet fist. Skinner hoped he would be able to last long enough to bring the young man the pleasure he'd promised him.


Krycek groaned deeply. The older man's cock deep inside was bringing him to a level of ecstasy he'd seldom felt - part pain, all pleasure, and soul consuming. He wondered dimly which emotion he was feeling more strongly, the pleasure of the act, or the shame of the memory. Krycek used his internal muscles to grip Skinner tightly as he thrust, gripping the headboard behind him and using it as a anchor to try to hold himself in place while Skinner thrust against him, into him, faster and faster, harder and harder... The feeling was so intense, so powerful... sweat fell from Skinner's brow like rain as he gripped Krycek's powerful thighs and pounded into him. He was frantic now, he was close, it wouldn't be long....


Jess sat gripping the arms of her chair until her knuckles turned white. Her breathing had sped up, and she had to bite her lip to keep quiet. Unconsciously, she was writhing in time to Skinners thrusts. This was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed and it was almost impossible to keep her body's responses in check.


Skinner gripped Krycek's cock, hard once again so soon after his first climax and jerked it roughly as he slammed himself against the young man beneath him so hard he shoved him up the bed. Krycek began moaning loudly, coming for a second time just as Skinner began to come for the first. Skinner saw colored lights exploding behind his closed lids, and thought for a moment the top of his head just might blow off. He'd never felt anything so intense in his life.


After a moment the spasms stopped, and he collapsed bonelessly onto Krycek, causing the young man to grunt with surprise. Skinner allowed his arms to go round Krycek's neck, and kissed his cheek. After a moment, he felt Krycek's arms hesitantly go round his back as Krycek embraced his former boss. Skinner could feel the wetness of Krycek's tears, still flowing, against his own cheek, and he wondered again at the young man's history. What had he been through that was so painful that this encounter brought him to tears even as it brought him to release? And how much must he love the young woman in the room with them, and their precious missing daughter, to go though with something that caused him such psychic pain.


Jess released the breath she had been holding when Skinner climaxed, a tear trailing down her cheek as she watched the two men embrace. Skinner had kept his promise about not hurting Krycek, but she knew how hard it had been for her lover to go through with this seduction. She focused on calming her desires, knowing what Krycek now needed the most was emotional support and not a horny lover ready to jump him and make him come yet again. Right now all her mind wanted to do was get to Krycek and reassure him that everything was fine. Her body's desires could be tended to later.


Her eyes caught Skinner's as he glanced back again. She gestured towards the bathroom with her head. With one last kiss on the young man's forehead, Skinner pulled away from Krycek. "I'll be right back," Skinner murmured as he got out of bed and walked towards the master bath. <Maybe the boy really has changed,> he thought as he closed the door. <And then maybe I never knew the 'real' Krycek.> If their situations had been reversed, if he and Sharon had a daughter and didn't know if she were alive or dead or worse, Skinner wasn't sure he would have been able to be so vulnerable to a man who had threatened him and had no real reason to keep from killing him. And as mush as he had loved and tried to love Sharon, Skinner doubted he could have willingly done what Krycek had just done for Jess.


After Skinner disappeared into the bathroom, Krycek got out of bed. He stumbled weakly to the wardrobe where the camera was hidden. After shutting it off, he slumped against the maple wood and shut his eyes, tears still falling. He jumped when he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. "It's only me," Jess whispered. She pressed her body against his. Only when his arms encircled him did he realize she was naked also. Jess tugged at his shoulders. "Back to bed?" Krycek nodded. Jess led him back to their bed, easing him into the center. She began kissing away his tears. "It's all right," she whispered as Skinner came out of the bathroom.


Skinner slid back into the bed on the other side of Krycek. Two pairs of hands started to gently trace over his body. He started to gasp out of emotional overload more than pleasure. "No... please... no more... not tonight."


Jess nodded as Skinner kissed the back of Krycek's neck. She pulled the comforter over their forms as she felt Skinner's hand slide to the small of her back to pull her more firmly against Krycek, and Krycek more firmly against himself. Jess dimmed the lamp and then slipped an arm over Krycek's shoulder to rest on Skinner's, completing the connection. Thus entangled, they eventually fell asleep.


* * * * * * *


When Skinner woke up one a.m., the first thing he noticed was he had slept in a strange bed by a very warm body. The second was the very warm body belonged to Alex Krycek and just beyond him was Jess Leahs.


As the memories of last night came back slowly to him, he raised his head and sat up. There was a dim light emitting from the lamp beside the bed, allowing him study his bedfellows. Krycek tossed restlessly in his sleep. Jess, on Krycek's other side and asleep, rested an arm lightly on his shoulder, trying to reassure him even while unconscious.


Skinner looked at the sleeping forms with mixed emotions. <What are we now? Not quite friends, but no longer enemies?> Jess was snuggled up on her side, a small smile curling her lips. But Krycek's expression was more troubled. He began to sweat and mumble.


Krycek shifted, pulling the sheet away from his body, also baring Jess's chest. Skinner could feel the first stirrings of renewed sexual interest. He reached down to stroke the sparse downy hair that covered Krycek's torso.


Just as he made contact, Krycek's green eyes snapped opened. "Don't touch me!" he screamed, cowering back.


Skinner jumped back and Jess shot up, her eyes wide and agleam with a mother wolf's protective anger. Krycek was pushing hard against her, burrowing against her like a frightened child. She looked from him to Skinner, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Comprehension dawned on her face and she relaxed. "Alex, it's okay. It was only Walter. It's all right," she whispered as she stroked his hair.


Krycek blinked once, remembered where he was, and pushed away from Jess. He wouldn't look at either of them. "I'm going to take a shower," he muttered. He grabbed the top sheet as he got out of bed, obscuring his lower half as he retreated to the bathroom.


"Alex?" Krycek turned back at the sound of Jess's voice. "Can I tell him?"


He leant against the doorjamb, thinking it over, top sheet still shielding his body. "Yeah," Krycek said with a bitter laugh. "He can't think any worse of me than he does already." He disappeared into the bathroom.


Skinner looked at Jess. "What was all that about?"


Jess sighed. "A dark secret in his past." She reached behind her to turn up the lamp and pick up a robe which she wrapped around her. She also tossed a pair of boxers to Skinner.


One side of Skinner's mouth curled in a grin as he stepped into the shorts. "Isn't everything in that boy's past a dark secret?"


"Not this dark," was Jess's reply. She settled onto her legs, kneeling on the bed. "You know about what happened to him, the whole lycanthropy experiment, right?"


Skinner sat down on the same side she knelt on. "I've been informed of it," he said cautiously. He wasn't sure that he believed half of what he read. Psychic werewolves who could regrow missing limbs weren't exactly normal. But then this whole situation made some of Mulder's X-Files look perfectly normal.


"Well, not everything was written down in that file." Jess continued. She sat a little straighter, and Skinner was reminded of a teacher about to give a lecture. "The werewolves had a hierarchical pack system, much like wild wolves do, except monogamy and the alphas of the pack being the only breeding pair didn't seem to be the rule. The dominant male, who called himself Alpha Wolf, had a sadistic streak. Alex, being the newest member of the pack, was what's called the omega wolf, or lowest in rank. In the wild, an alpha male enforces dominance on a subordinate male by treating him like a female, by miming intercourse. Only in Alex's case..." she trailed off.


Skinner looked aghast. Being beaten as punishment was one thing, but what Jess was implying? Krycek may be an untrustworthy, murdering betrayer, but there were other punishments that were more appropriate. <No wonder he was so scared last night.> Krycek had been through a physical violation that he felt no one should endure. Last night, at least, had been consentual. "You don't mean...?"


"Exactly. He was raped repeatedly by Alpha Wolf." Jess sighed again. "You know about the emotional repercussion of a person being raped. I've helped Lindy through them and gone through them myself. Alex has them all, plus a few more." She looked Skinner in the eye. "You may not believe it, but he is truly ashamed of everything he's done. And he feels that everything that happened since he stole the tape from you is just what he deserves."


Skinner looked at her skeptically. "So why is none of this mentioned in Agents Mulder's and Scully's reports?"


"Think about it, Walter. You know how close we are, but it took him a year to admit to me he had been raped. Do you honestly believe he would be eager to tell Mulder and Dana about that?" She shook her head. "That's why he was so frightened last night. You are the first man he's been with since Alpha Wolf attacked him. He was trying not to relive the experience." Her eyes hardened. "And Cancerman ordered what happened to him and knew exactly what last night would do to him."


* * * * * * *


Krycek stood under the shower head, feeling the water wash over him. He wasn't ashamed of last night with Skinner. That had been pleasant. But the feel of another man having sex with him triggered memories that he would have rather forgotten.


He shivered as he remembered what Alpha Wolf had done to him. Although he had enjoyed what had conspired the night before, there had been points where he had almost panicked, caught up in a flashback. Only Jess's presence had been enough to keep him from fleeing.


He started scrubbing his skin, trying to feel clean. Sometimes, he could still feel the oil oozing out of his pores, his eyes. But that felt spring time fresh compared how he felt after Alpha Wolf had abused him. Some of his darkest nightmares were about being locked in that damn silo. His worst one involved him retching up that cursed whatever-it-was, slumping down against the alien artifact, feeling a breath of hot air on the back of his neck and an arm go around his waist and only then realizing that Alpha Wolf was also locked up with him.


The door opened and the soft pad of Jess's feet could be heard. "Alex?" came her voice. "Can I join you?" she asked timidly.


"Please, Jess." He held aside the curtain.


Jess stepped in, and touched his arm shyly. "Are you all right?"


"No," was his shaky reply. As Jess put her arms around him, he sagged against her. "I keep thinking about what I've done, and what has been done to me. I deserved what Alpha Wolf did to me," he said in a broken voice.


Jess shook her head. "Lindy didn't deserve what happened to her. I didn't deserve what Jake did to me. Why should it be any different for you?" She pulled his head down and cradled it on her shoulder.


"No one deserves to be raped, no matter what they've done." Skinner pushed aside the curtain to join them. "Some punishments don't fit the crime." He ran a hand comfortingly over the younger man's shoulders.


Krycek wasn't paying that much attention to either of them. He was wrapped up in the nightmare of his memory. "I can still feel him against me sometimes, stimulating me. I came for the bastard, just before he did. Then he bit me, Changed me." His head drooped even further. "And it was erotic."


"Alex," Jess whispered into his ear. "You didn't have much of a choice. Male physiology is wired so when you come, it's pleasant to some degree."


Skinner pressed against Krycek's back. "One of the first cases I investigated was a homosexual gang rape. I learned a lot about human sexuality on that case. Believe me, just because your body enjoyed it doesn't mean you asked for it to happen." He paused, curious about how they would answer his next question. "Did you ever receive any counseling?"


Krycek snorted as he turned to face Skinner. "No," he spat. "Mulder put us in contact with someone who would believe me about the UFO part, but whenever I started talking about werewolves, he looked at me as if he were ready to institutionalize me."


Jess also shook her head sorrowfully. "If the counselor won't help you where you're at, what's the point of going?" Her arms slip under his and up to rest on his shoulders.


"So the two of you have been dealing with everything on your own?" Skinner asked, incredulous.


"Well, we can't exactly go through traditional counseling, and last time I've checked, abductee support groups believe in little gray aliens, but not furry gray werebeasts," Krycek said.


"I did get some counseling about when I was raped by Jake, after Mulder and I parted ways," Jess commented. "Me remembering what I learned, and reading a lot of psych books is the only way we've stayed sane." She paused, resting her cheek against Krycek's shoulder. "We were damn lucky that we didn't pick up any diseases. You can see the test results if you'd like," she offered.


Skinner nodded, relieved to have an answer to one question he hadn't been sure how to ask. "I'm also clean. But before we do anything else, we should get some condoms so you don't end up pregnant, Jess, and not know which of us is the father."


Both Jess and Krycek shut their eyes. "I wish that we're a problem, Walter," Jess said, a tear trailing from her eye. "Whatever happened to me when I was taken, it rendered me sterile."


"And it's all my fault," Krycek whispered bitterly. "If I had never gotten involved with that black lunged bastard to begin with, none of this would have happened."


"Alex, don't talk like that," Jess said. "You can't blame yourself for what Alpha Wolf did to you."


"You were faced with difficult choices for any man..." Skinner started.


"I'm not a man!" Krycek yelled. He turned away from Skinner, his first display of anger in a long time. "I let Alpha Wolf fuck me. Then I couldn't protect my lover and my child from what I should have known was going to happen. And I let you fuck me last night, and I enjoyed it." The anger drained from his voice. "What kind of man does that make me?" The last words were a harsh whisper.


Jess looked up into Krycek's eyes. They had variations on that conversation ever since he had told her about his defilement. There was nothing more she could say to ease her love's anguish. Jess didn't what to do. All she could do was lean her head against his chest and hold him tightly, listening to his heartbeat.


She felt a second pair of arms go around her. Skinner slid his arms around Jess's waist and over Krycek's hands. "You are a man," he said softly into Krycek's ear. "You didn't just 'let Alpha Wolf fuck you'. And you wouldn't have survived what you've been through if you weren't. You've earned my respect, Alex."


"I... don't... deserve... it," Krycek gasped, his eyes beginning to tear. Skinner and Jess held him, gently swaying. They let him cry and cry and cry. He sobbed out all his shame from the repeated attacks by Alpha Wolf, the terror of being left to die in that God forsaken silo and then being experimented on, the sorrow he felt when his mate went missing, the fear that the daughter he had never even held may be dead or worse, the self-loathing he still felt at betraying Mulder and Scully, and over the loss of his innocence when he went to work for the Smoking Man, and for the miserable family life that had started him down this path.


Skinner, closest to the shower head, eventually started to shiver. "We're out of hot water," he said, reaching back to shut off the flow. Jess nodded and slid the curtain back. She stepped out of the shower and helped Krycek out as if he were a small boy. Krycek moved almost in a trance, dazed from releasing his pent up emotions.


Skinner grabbed a few towels from their racks and tossed one to Jess. After a quick wipe down, she and Skinner began to dry Krycek gently.


Jess ran the towel over Krycek's face gently, wiping away the trails of his tears. Skinner rubbed his towel briskly though Krycek's hair, making it stand on end. Now he did look a lot like the boy Skinner always called him. But on that young, beautiful face was written a knowledge and an experience that not even Methuselah had lived long enough to acquire.


Jess busied herself with his legs and nether region, not trying to arouse, just dry. Then she rubbed her towel over Krycek's chest, tracing his ribs and sternum. Unable to resist, she placed a wet kiss just above his heart. At Krycek's reflexive sigh of pleasure, she slid her tongue over to one of his nipples. She licked and nipped it to a tight bud.


The gentle contact seemed to snap Krycek out of his daze. His hands went to either side of her cheeks and pulled Jess close to kiss her with an open mouth and probing tongue. All her denied lust from last night came flooding back into her system. She whimpered when Krycek pressed his half formed erection against her thigh.


Skinner could feel his own cock stirring as he watched the two lovers kiss. Even with everything they had shared last night, Skinner still felt he needed permission before joining them. He stepped up close enough to Krycek to feel the heat radiating from the young man's body and blew softly along the nape of Krycek's neck, stopping just below the earlobe, but never touching his skin. "Do you want me to leave?" he asked softly.


Krycek pulled back to look at Jess. "It's your choice," she whispered.


He then turned to look at Skinner. This time when Skinner looked into those clear green eyes, he saw no fear. Hesitation, yes. Uncertainty, yes. Fear, no. "Stay," Krycek whispered, and then lunged for the AD's mouth.


Skinner froze for a moment, surprised by Krycek's sudden enthusiasm. Then he started returning the kiss with equal passion.


"Hey guys," Jess said in a forlorn voice. Both men turned to look at her. She was mugging a pathetic face for all she was worth. "You two got to do that last night, making me wait. I'm feeling a little left out."


"Poor baby," Krycek said, stroking her hair and sliding his hand to cup her cheek. "Just wait your turn. We'll pay some attention to you." His hand went lower to rest on her breast, toying with the suddenly tight nipple.


Skinner placed his square palm against Jess's other breast, feeling the nipple contract. "As lovely a bathroom you two have, I think we'll all be more comfortable in bed."


"Then what are we waiting for?" Jess asked. They moved back into the bedroom. Jess motioned for Krycek to get in before her. Skinner got in on the other side, sandwiching Krycek's body firmly between them.


As Krycek's head dipped to suckle at Jess's breast, Skinner slipped a hand between their bodies. "Mine," he rumbled, fingering the precum wetting the tip of Krycek's cock, stroking it down the stiff shaft.


Jess lifted her head and looked at Skinner with raised eyebrows. "I beg your pardon?" She took hold gently of the base of Krycek's erect cock. "I saw him first."


"No, I did," Skinner corrected. His fingers wrapped around the soft head. "I was his boss before you met him, after all."


"Yeah, but I got in his pants first." Jess squeezed and relaxed her hand lightly and repeatedly. When Krycek sighed softly, she winked at Skinner. "That gives me ownership rights."


Skinner grinned in response. He began stroking Krycek's cock firmly to where Jess held him. "But I think I outrank you."


"Maybe at the Hoover building, but here you don't," Jess snorted, her hand still moving. "My house, my lover, my rules."


Krycek pulled away from Jess's breast and moaned. "Have either of you considered that what you're arguing over is attached to me?" he asked, his hips starting to slowly thrust.


Her hand sped up the tempo and Skinner matched it. "Be quiet, Alex," was Jess's response. Under the twin assault, it was impossible though. Krycek's breathing grew rapider, now coming in short gasps. He squinched his eyes shut.


A hand went to cup his balls, rolling them individually and together. From it's size, he guessed it was Jess's. Skinner's slid between his thighs to reach between Jess's legs. Krycek heard her muffled squeak as Skinner stroked her, dampening his fingers.


Then it was Krycek's turn to squeak. Skinner was pressing a finger, slicked with Jess's arousal, between his cheeks probing for his opening. Krycek squirmed a little, pressing back against the searching hand.


Hearing and feeling Krycek's response, Jess switched motions. Her hand on his cock ceased to squeeze and began to stroke in an opposite rhythm of Skinners, forward when he pulled back and back when he pulled forward. Skinner, meanwhile, was busying himself by fingering Krycek's prostate in time to their strokes.


Now Krycek started to moan and thrash. "Oh God," he grunted, tossing his head. He pressed forward into Jess's hands, and back against Skinner's. The tug of war going on in and around his groin quickly became too much. With an explosive yell, he came, shooting hot semen onto Jess's thighs. He buried his head between her breasts, allowing her to cradle his head.


Skinner sat up on one elbow. "Now look what you've done," he said in mock annoyance to Jess. He reached across Krycek's body to trace his fingers through the cum on Jess's thighs.


"Me?" Jess said innocently. The look she gave Skinner was anything but innocent. "You had a hand in it. Or I guess I should say in him."


"Yes you could say that," Skinner smirked, running his hand up her torso. "Now it's your turn." He ran the pad of his thumb over her tight nipples. "Get over here," he growled.


Jess rose up to mock glare at Skinner and Krycek started to giggle. "Sir, if I were you, I wouldn't take that tone of voice with her."


"Don't spoil my fun, Alex," Jess purred. "Let him learn the hard way." She carefully crawled over his body to get to Skinner, pausing only to kiss Krycek. He scooted to where Jess vacated, propping himself up lazily on one elbow to watch. <This ought to be interesting,> he thought, idly wondering who would end up submitting to whom.


Jess lay down next to Skinner, letting him pull her in close to kiss and nuzzle her. She guided one hand to her breast. Skinner rolled on top of her. His hands started stroking all the bare skin he could reach.


Jess sighed and drew her hands down to Skinners butt. Her body was extremely responsive to his touch. He pressed his lips to hers, stroking her damp tongue with his as he eased between her legs.


"How do you like it, Jess?" he whispered in her ear. He kissed the tender spot where her chin joined her neck. "Hard and fast or slow and gentle?"


Jess's head was tilted back, her eyes shut tightly. She was smiling in a way that Krycek recognized as one of her more unpredictable moods. "What do you want, Walter?"


"Be careful how you answer that, sir," Krycek said. He was watching the pair fascinated by their actions and was touching himself lightly.


"Alex, be quiet," Jess purred. She reached over to squeeze Krycek's cock, causing it to erect violently.


Skinner laughed. "It looks like you're the one who needs to be careful, Alex." He slid into Jess and began to thrust, at first slowly and then harder and faster.


Jess's dark eyes turned back to Skinner, filled with laughter. "Walter, what Alex was trying to warn you about is that when someone screws me, I screw back just as hard."


Then the breath was knocked from his body. Jess had somehow flipped them so she was above him. And she was riding him hard.


He lay back and let her do the work. Aside from that prostitute that had been paid to bed and frame him, none of his sexual partners, male or female, had been willing to wrest control from him, and she did just for a few seconds. Jess, however, seemed determined to be in charge for almost the whole thing. It was a strange sensation and position for Skinner. And even more surprising, he found he liked it.


Skinner watched her breasts bounce from the force of her hips grinding against his. He reached up to knead them, relishing their weight. Jess gasped and sped up a fraction more, clenching him with her internal muscles. Then his back arched, toes curled, and a drawn out groan escaped his lips as he came, pumping furiously into her depths. He shut his eyes as the sensations pounded through him. <She's almost as good a lay as Alex.>


His eyes opened when he heard her indignant squawk of surprise and felt her being lifted off his softening penis. Krycek, still erect from her earlier caress, was straddling his legs and entering Jess from behind.


He looked at Jess's face. Her eyes were half open and luminous from the pleasure he had inflicted and Krycek was inflicting on her. Skinner reached up to stroke Jess's cheek. <Sharon never looked so passionate or beautiful.> And Krycek looked equally passionate and beautiful above her, intent on making her come yet again. He had a firm grip on her hips and slammed into her hard and fast.


Skinner reached for Krycek's shoulders, pulling the two writhing bodies against his. He kissed first one and then the other full set of lips with an open mouth and questing tongue. And to his amazement, he felt himself getting hard so soon after coming. "Let me out from underneath."


Krycek reared back on his knees, taking Jess with him and still thrusting furiously. Skinner scooted out from under them, but not before giving one of Jess's nipples a playful lick.


"What... are... you... doing..., Walter?" Jess managed to gasp out ask Krycek still pounded her.


"You'll see, Jess. But Krycek will feel. And I think you'll both enjoy." Skinner repositioned himself between Krycek's legs.


Jess grinned wickedly. "I... guess... what... they... say... about... baldness... and... testosterone... is... true."


"Sir, what are you doing?" Krycek asked nervously, glancing back as Skinner reached over him for the Astroglide.


"I think you know." Skinner lay down on the still heaving body. Krycek moaned as he felt the length of Skinner's hot arousal against his buttocks. Skinner stroked up and down his sides. He whispered in Krycek's ear, "If you don't want this, all you have to do is say 'no,' Alex."


Krycek paused, firmly planted in Jess. "Yes, do me, sir," he whispered huskily as Jess reached backwards and urged with her hands for him to keep moving. He picked up at a slightly slower pace than before.


Skinner blew softly in the young man's ear. He pushed off of Krycek, kneeling between the younger man's legs. He squirted some of the lubricant into his hand. After letting the gel warm slightly, Skinner slipped one finger past the tight ring of muscle of Krycek's anus, making the young man push against him.


He started to lazily search with that finger. Krycek jumped when Skinner caressed his prostate. Jess squealed. "I don't know what you did, Walter, but his reaction sure felt good. Do it again."


"Not this time." Instead, Skinner began to penetrate Krycek. The young man beneath him moaned and pressed back against the A.D., and then relaxed as the older man began to thrust, allowing Skinner to drive him deeper into Jess.


Jess's hands went from Krycek's hips to Skinner's. She could feel Krycek's every pulse, every twitch, every reaction to both her body and the man above him. Her hips began working in time with the men above her. She was so close.


Krycek grunted with every motion. The sensation of being simultaneously sheathed and impaled was mind blowing. And that pleasure quickly turned to raw ecstasy as Jess came, her muscles clenching and releasing his cock, Skinner's raking against his prostate at the same time, causing him to tumble over the edge and into the abyss.


Skinner moaned. Both bodies beneath him had seized up in the throes of their orgasm. Krycek's tight ass was milking his cock in strong tremors. And then Skinner came, exploding furiously, feeling like it was not just his cock, but his whole body that was spasming. He collapsed onto Krycek, who still lay limply on Jess. They all held each other, savoring the aftershocks.


Eventually it was Jess who broke the spell. "Guys... you're... too... heavy... . Having... trouble... breathing...," she said, her voice muffled by the pillow she was face down on.


"Spoilsport," Krycek mumbled as Skinner slid off to Jess's right side. Then he cuddled into Jess's left. "What time is it anyway?" he asked with a yawn.


Jess lazily lifted her head to stare at the clock. "Two thirty." She snuggled back down between the warm bodies. "Let's get some more sleep and we'll talk over breakfast. Walter, would you dim the light?"


Skinner did so and gave Jess and Krycek a lingering kiss before nestling back down beside Jess. He threw an arm across both of their bodies, before shutting his eyes. "Sleep well."


And for the rest of the night, none of them were disturbed by nightmares.


* * * * * * *


The chiming of the grandfather clock downstairs woke up Krycek. It was ten a.m. on Sunday morning. He sat up in bed and looked around. Jess was still laying next to him and Skinner on her other side.


<This isn't how I thought this situation would end up,> he thought. Jess lay on her stomach, hair shooting every which way, looking unearthly beautiful. Skinner's head rested between her shoulder blades, a slight smile on his face.


Krycek smiled and sighed. <For someone who has such a forbidding exterior at work, Skinner has a surprisingly gentle side.> When he saw Skinner at the door last night, he had not expected to survive this encounter, or if he did, to be beaten within an inch of his life after being raped again. But neither early this morning nor late last night had been rape. He knew from the background information during his assignment to Mulder that the AD was an ex-Marine, and had a troubled marriage. Perhaps Skinner's stone cold attitude and threatening posture at work was just as carefully crafted a facade as Krycek's leather jackets - an illusion of invulnerability that was surprisingly easy to see through, if you knew where to look. <Maybe we're not so different after all.>


Krycek slid out of bed and found a his clothes. For some reason, he felt shy about dressing in front of the sleeping pair, so he dressed in the bathroom. As he came back out, he found Skinner awake, although still in bed. "Morning, sir."


"Good morning." Skinner looked at Krycek. He looked back at Jess. "She's still out like a light."


Krycek smiled. "Jess isn't that much of a morning person. I'll go get breakfast started. We don't have much to offer, though but you're welcome to it."


"Cold cereal and milk is fine with me, if you've got it."


Krycek nodded, padded downstairs, and started to fix breakfast. He had just finished pouring the orange juice when Skinner came downstairs. "Jess isn't awake yet?"


Skinner shook his head. "When I tapped her shoulder, she growled something that sounded suspiciously like 'bite me' and rolled over."


Krycek sighed as he opened the freezer. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this." He removed a baggie filled with small frozen spheres.


"What are those?" Skinner asked.


"Marbles. Sometimes it's the only way you can get her moving in the morning. She's going to be pissed, though. Be prepared to search for my remains." He paused at Skinner's quizzical stare. "Have you ever been woken up by frozen marbles being rolled across your back?"


Skinner chuckled at the younger man's doomed expression as Krycek climbed the stairs. He was still laughing when he heard a loud screech echo from the upstairs bedroom.


Eventually Krycek came downstairs, followed by a glaring Jess. She was dressed in dark jeans and a black sweatshirt. "Good morning, Walter," she said, kissing the A.D.'s cheek lightly.


"What, nothing for me?" Krycek asked, looking hurt.


"I'm not talking to you except to say you won't know when it's coming. You won't know where it's coming. You won't know how it's coming. But believe me. It's *coming.*"


"Sounds like you're in big trouble, Alex," Skinner laughed. But he grew serious quickly. "When are you supposed to deliver the tape?"


"Tonight, sir. I'm supposed to deliver it to him personally."


Jess nodded, resting her chin on her interlaced fingers. "And I'll be there to take it back."


* * * * * * *


They spent the rest of the day plotting contingency plans incase Jess failed to regain the tape. Although if she failed, there was not much that could be done for Skinner. Jess did feel however that she wouldn't fail, but it wouldn't hurt to have backup plans.


Now they were sitting in the living room, killing time. Boomer and Chloe decided to make an appearance. The husky sat at Skinner's feet while the cat curled on Jess's lap. Krycek was in the kitchen, getting them something to drink.


Jess looked at Skinner from where she sat on the couch, stroking Chloe. Something had been bothering her. She felt that he deserved to see the reality of what she was. "Walter, I know you've read about what I am, but do you want to believe? Can you believe?"


Skinner looked up from scratching behind Boomer's ears. "Jess, what are you talking about?"


Jess sighed, looking around the room to collect her thoughts. "It's not just a simple matter of saying 'She says she's a werewolf and I believe her' without seeing me Changed," she hesitantly began, still stroking the cat. "It's not a matter of reading one of Mulder's reports and not dismissing what he says as bunk." She looked Skinner in the eyes. "I once Changed in front of a human who didn't know what I was. He ended up in a mental institution and will probably never be released. It shattered his mind. All because he didn't want to and couldn't believe. I knew what it would do to him, but I went ahead and Changed in front of him anyway."


Skinner blinked. She didn't seem like the type that would maim or kill for pleasure. "Why did you do it?"


"He killed my friend." Somehow the four simple words managed to convey the depth of her sorrow at the loss in Jess's voice.


Skinner nodded, realizing for the first time that Jess didn't love often nor lightly. And when someone did gain her trust and affection, be it friend or lover, she protected as fiercely and as loyally as the animal she said she could turn into. And she was offering that same trust and affection to him.


And that cinched Skinner's decision. "I can believe," he said firmly.


Krycek returned with the drinks. "Believe what?" he asked, passing the sodas to Skinner and to Jess.


"In what I am," Jess said, putting Chloe on the floor. She turned to Krycek. "I thought it was only fair to show him."


Krycek nodded. "You're right. It's only fair." He settled down on the couch next to her. "Are you going to do it now?"


Jess cocked her head at Skinner. "No time like the present," he said.


Jess nodded and focused on a far spot on the wall, staring intently at it. Skinner watched fascinated as the form before him blurred, shifted, and Changed. Her knees made a quiet popping noise as they folded back into canine hocks. The bare hands and feet furred over and grew four inch talons. Pointed ears lifted from where they had lay flat against her skull. As the muzzle extended, a tearing noise was heard. The furry head turned to look at her hindquarters, a slightly disgusted snort escaping as the black furred tail ripped through the seat of her jeans, ruining yet another pair. Jess yawned, exposing her ivory white fangs and blood red gums. She lifted a hind foot to scratch lazily behind her right ear.


"Don't you *dare* give fleas to Boomer or Chloe," Krycek laughed. The laugh was abruptly cut off by a pillow flying into his face. But now was not the time for silliness. "I've got to get going and deliver the tape," Krycek said.


Jess nodded and stood also. For some reason, the Change added about two feet in height to her stature when she stood on her hind legs, making her seven feet tall and tower over the two men. Jess pulled Krycek to her in a reassuring hug, licking the top of his head as a farewell kiss. Krycek squeezed back and then left the room.


Jess turned to Skinner now and hunkered down to his eye level, minimizing herself in an effort not to scare him. She reached forward slowly, offering her hand/paw to shake.


Skinner took the offered appendage, and then pulled Jess to him for a hug also. Her body felt unmistakably female underneath the clothes and fur. Her arms went gently around his body, and he could feel the enormous strength being restrained in those steel hard muscles. <God!> he thought. <She could have pulled me limb from limb anytime last night.>


He squirmed as he felt her rough tongue caress the top of his bald head. A deep growling chuckle came from the barrel chest his cheek was pressed against. Then he felt a rush of wind as Jess abruptly pulled away and bounded out the open window.


That left Skinner alone in the room with the pets. They had all agreed to meet at his apartment at midnight. Then it hit him. This plan required him to trust the agent who was a known traitor and murderer. Somehow, when Jess had been in the room, it had seem to be the most sensible thing to do. Now alone, it seemed to be playing right into Cancerman's hands. <It's a little late to be having second thoughts,> he thought as he left the condo.


* * * * * * *


Cancerman stepped into his apartment and turned on the light. He tossed his trench coat over the back of the chair in front of his typewriter. He put the tape in the VCR and sat down on his couch.


Krycek had shown up at their chosen rondeveau point, suitably dispirited and upset, and handed over the tape. "Now where's the file?"


Cancerman pocketed the tape. "When I'm assured of what's on the tape, you'll get your information." He then turned to go, leaving Krycek standing among the light and shadows of the alley where they had met.


He didn't see one of the shadows detach from the others and stalk after him.


He sat watching the two men on screen dispassionately. The Cigarette Smoking Man picked up the phone and dialed a number. <Time to throw a scrap of cheese to the rat.> "See to it the specified information is delivered." He hung up the phone and turned his attention back to the television. When the performance was over and static filled the screen, he lit a cigarette.


"Was is good for you too?" a female voice purred from behind him. Cancerman turned to see Jess leaning against the sill of the open window, arms crossed. "I guess the desire to watch that type of video runs in the family."


"What are you doing here?" He tried staring down the figure dressed in black jeans, a dark sweatshirt, but oddly enough, no shoes or socks.


Jess wasn't one to be easily cowed. "I think you know," she said, lazily pushing away from the wall. She started walking causally towards him. "Alex is remembering more and more everyday," Jess said conversationally. "Especially about how he was unwerewolfed. He says that if the treatments don't kill you, you just wish they did."


Cancerman sat calmly, not allowing the shiver of fear he felt to appear. He had been able to intimidate other werewolves before, but he knew the same mind games would not work on the young woman now standing in front of him. "What makes you think I would opt for a reversal, if I acquired the same condition you have?"


Jess smiled and leaned in close. "You live in the darkness," she whispered. A finger traced his jaw line as gentle as a lover's touch. It ended under the point of the chin, focusing Cancerman's eyes on hers. "You have others take the actual risk of doing your dirty work when it involves face to face confrontation. And when you are involved directly, you kill from afar." She laughed softly, a chilling sound. "You don't have the balls it takes to be a werewolf."


Cancerman involuntarily flinched under her touch. Score one for Jess. "What are you here for?"


"The tape and a promise to leave Skinner alone," was the purred reply. "Give me what I want right now, and I leave without throwing a rabid fit. However if I don't get what I want, I start biting. And if I hear of Skinner having, shall we say problems with job security, I'm returning, fangs bared. And I'll keep returning." Jess smiled grimly. "The choice is yours."


The Smoking Man didn't see an immediate way out of the situation without giving her what she wanted. He was too old to be certain he would survive the reversal of the Change, and he had no desire at this time to live out the rest of his days with the urge to howl at the moon once a month. "Take what you want. You have my word," he growled, stubbing out a cigarette.


Jess smiled sweetly. "Thank you." She sauntered over to the VCR and ejected the tape. Tapping it against her thigh, she crossed the room to the window. Doing so, it left her back unguarded, the ultimate werewolf insult. "You are so harmless I can bare my neck and still be safe," it said. And Cancerman knew exactly what her motions meant.


She jumped onto the open window's sill, balancing on the balls of her bare feet. Jess turned back to smile once more at Cancerman. Only now she had Changed, so a wolf grin smiled good bye to him. She tucked the tape inside her jacket and jumped.


Cancerman went to the window unhurriedly. Jess had landed running on all fours, apparently unharmed by the five story fall. "Damn her," he whispered softly in both annoyance and admiration as he lit another Morley, watching the fleet dark shadow be swallowed by the even darker shadows of the night.


* * * * * * *


As it neared midnight, Krycek walked down the hallway to Skinner's apartment. As they had agreed, he was returning to let Skinner know that the tape had been delivered and it was now up to Jess.


Skinner opened the door on Krycek's first knock. "Where is Jess?"


Krycek stepped into the apartment. "Don't worry, sir. She'll be here."


A knocking sound came from behind the curtains that obscured the balcony. Skinner went for his gun and cautiously drew the curtains to one side.


"Would *somebody* please let me in? It's freezing out here!"


Skinner slid back the glass door, allowing a shivering Jess into the warmth of the apartment. "How did you get up here?"


"Climbed the facade," Jess said as if it were an everyday event. She pulled out a videocassette from her denim jacket. "Thought you might want to verify what this is before I start ripping it to shreds. Then we can all go our separate ways."


"And act like this never happened," Skinner muttered.


Jess and Krycek glanced at each other when they heard not the expected bitterness over their shared night, but regret. "You're sorry that it's over?" Jess asked.


"In a way, yes." Skinner was obviously serious. "After learning everything I did, I can't go back to how I felt about or treated the two of you before."


Krycek looked at Skinner with wide eyes. "What are you saying, sir?" he asked with a swallow.


"I want the relationship to continue."


Jess's mouth fell open. "Walter, I'm flattered, but it's too dangerous for us all to sleep together on a regular basis. And I've got Lindy to consider."


"Jess, I know the sex can't continue, as much as I'd like it to. But I don't think we should lose the groundwork the three of us have made."


"Sir, that wouldn't happen," Krycek said. "We have too many enemies to turn down an offer of friendship."


Jess toyed with the video in her hands. She flipped back the cover and methodically began pulling the tape off the reels. "If I can convince Lindy that you don't want to molest her and want her involved at all, Walter, she'll be okay with you occasionally spending the night." With one last tug, she snapped the last of the tape off its spools. "It's late. We should go."


Skinner nodded. Aside from his physical attraction to the pair, he really wasn't certain why he wanted the relationship to continue. It would be easiest to wash his hands of the whole affair. But that was the last thing he wanted to do. "I'll do some digging myself and see if I can turn up any information on your daughter. Be careful," he said, kissing first Krycek and then Jess on their foreheads.


Krycek opened the door for Jess as she walked out. "Thank you, Walter. And we're always careful." With that, she turned, tripped and went face down on the floor.


Krycek was on his knees, helping her back to her feet. "Jess, are you hurt?"


"Only my pride, Alex." She stood up and stepped over the package that was left on the doorstep. "What is it?"


Skinner squatted to look at the writing on the brown wrapper. "It's addressed to you, Alex."


Krycek picked up the package and ripped it open, almost tearing the contents in two in his eagerness. He started to shuffle through the paperwork excitedly, not paying attention to some of the papers fluttering to the floor.


Jess looked equally excited. "Is it the promised info?"


Krycek's excitement evaporated quickly. "Progress reports, growth charts, medical exams, blood test results, but no doctor names, no establishment names, nothing traceable." He slapped the papers down onto his thigh. "Damn!"


Jess picked up the papers that had fallen. She glanced at one of the photos in her hand. Then she gave a cry, raising her fist to her mouth and tears coming to her eyes. Krycek looked at the photo, and put his arms around her, his eyes also tearing.


Skinner gently took the picture from Jess, who was too upset to really notice. When he looked at it, he understood their reactions. In the picture was a dark haired baby, asleep in a crib. And on a placard, hand lettered with care, was a single word - Amanda.