Title: Another Lonely Christmas (1/2)
Author: Tarlan
Date: Sep 1998
Rating: NC-17 for Pretty graphic M/K
Keywords: Krycek, Mulder, slash (my favourite combination...) Disclaimer:All things X-File belong to Chris Carter Spoilers: None but this story takesplace some time after movie Summary: Christmas is a time for goodwill toall men - even your enemy.
Author Note: If you don't like slash then stop right here and go elsewherefor 'entertainment'. Thanks again! to Aqualegia for all the encouragement,advice and beta reading. Any and all comments gratefully received via Aqualegia@aol.com- as long as it's constructive.


Another Lonely Christmas
by Tarlan

Krycek sniffed and rubbed his hand against the side of his leg to try andwarm his cold fingers. It was so much easier when he had two hands to rubtogether but then, he mused sardonically, he'd have ten cold fingers insteadof five.

A man pushed passed, mumbling an apology as he tried to negotiate his waythrough the crowd while laden down with brightly coloured shopping bags.Krycek watched him go with envy. No doubt the bags were full of gifts forfriends and loved ones. He looked down at himself. He was carrying onlytwo things; a wallet... containing fake ID and about 50 bucks... and a gun.He couldn't remember the last time he had shopped for Christmas presents...must have been at least five years ago, maybe six. His father had been alivethen, not that he gave a damn about his son but the old man had been partialto a good imported Russian vodka at this time of year. It reminded him ofthe old country. Krycek snorted. From his perspective there was very littleto choose between the two.

He stopped to stare at the passers-by, watching their faces. Young coupleswere laughing and holding on tight for added warmth. Others looked tense,trying to find those last few presents while fighting their way throughthe surging tide of humanity but they all had one thing in common. Theywere laden down with tinsel and gaudy wrapping paper, bags from this storeand that. They all had someone to buy for, someone to be with. All of asudden he felt terribly alone within the crowd.

So what was new.

Another lonely Christmas.

Krycek moved on but paused outside one of the larger stores. The displaywas as glamorous as ever with little Christmas elf figures prancing arounda tastefully decorated sled. Rudolph's bright red nose blinked on and off,the white lights around the side twinkled like the stars in the Tunguskannight sky. He stamped his feet. Christ, he ought to be used to this weather.The snow lay quite thick on the sidewalk but the air was far less chillythan that in Russia at this time of year. He started to turn away when somethingcaught his eye. It seemed like 'little grey men' were in vogue this yearand the six-inch doll with its large unlidded black and silver eyes madehim smile for the first time in days.

Krycek checked his wallet. It would leave him with only 36 dollars and 52cents. Not much to show for all the work he had done over the past yearbut then, he had left Russia in a bit of a hurry. Of course he could haveasked the Well-Manicured Man for an advance but his pride had already bentas far as it could go when he accepted the free accommodation and clothes.Now the man was dead. Long dead... and he was 'between jobs'. At least therent on the apartment had been paid up front and was good for another 3months.

"Merry Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho."

The large red and white clad figure, with full curly white beard and moustache,shook a bell as he strode passed the window shoppers. Krycek's eyes narrowed.Why the hell not! He wandered into the store, pleased to find the displayof 'little grey men' near the entrance. That saved him the effort of pushinghis way through the throngs of shoppers. He selected one, singling it outfrom the others because of its slightly pointed head and took it to thecash register.

"Cute, aren't they. D'you want me to wrap it?"

The assistant, a comely lady probably just the other side of forty, smiledat the handsome young man, gazing into the most gorgeous green eyes shehad seen all evening. He nodded and smiled, not a big smile but the eyeslost a little of their despondency, making her friendly overture seem morethan worthwhile ... and then he was gone. Their transaction completed.

Krycek decided against wasting money on a cab. He took the first bus headingin the right direction and rode in silence, the single bag containing itsfestively wrapped present lying on the seat next to him. A matronly womanboarded, looked at the bag disapprovingly. Her determination to sit in thatseat wavered as she looked into the hard, uncompromising face. She cluckedagain and moved beyond him to another seat. As the bus moved away from thebright, colourful Christmas lit centre of Washington DC, the darkness ofthe city fell down like a curtain and Krycek glanced at his watch. 20:50on Christmas Eve.

Although he had only been there a few times, he recognised the nearby streetsand left the bus about a block away from his destination. Right oppositewas a 7-11, gaudy lights flashing in a row of blue, red, green and white,linking up to a small silver tinsel tree decorated with a mismatch of redbows, golden angels and boxes of chocolates. Krycek frowned in puzzlementbut then sniffed. It was Christmas - and what better way to display theluxuries.

He pulled the collar of his leather jacket tight and shivered in the coldwind. The moon was large and pale in the night sky, seen momentarily betweenthe clouds when it cast eerie shadows across the snow-laden sidewalk. Theair seemed even colder after the warmth of the bus and the report had saidthere was more snow on the way. An old song drifted into his head:

Moonlight and Vodka takes me away
Midnight in Moscow is sunshine in LA
In the good USA

He glanced back at the 7-11 and made another rash decision... well, maybenot so rash this time. The entry bell tinkled as he opened the door andhe went straight to the counter where a Hispanic man in white apron andSanta Claus hat stood rubbing his hands over a small heater.

"What can I do for you, Sir?"

Krycek looked along the line of shelves behind the man until he spottedwhat he was after.

"I'll take the Smirnoff."

"Hope you like it cold, the heater systems busted. Jeez, I'll be pleasedto close up tonight."

Alex Krycek smiled. With vodka, the colder the better. The man wrapped thebottle in a fancy bag covered in tiny mistletoe, took Krycek's money andgave him the change.

"Have a nice one."

"Yeah, you too."

At least the cold inside the store meant he did not feel the bitter coldoutside quite so keenly. He pulled his collar up once more and headed downthe street, pausing only one more time as the familiar apartment buildingcame into sight.

End 1/2Title: Another Lonely Christmas (2/2)
Author: Tarlan
Date: Sep 1998
Rating: NC-17 for Pretty graphic M/K

Dislaimers etc in part 1

Fox Mulder pushed the remains of his TV dinner around the tray then droppedit onto the coffee table in disgust. The television belted out canned laughterfrom one of those 'candid camera' shows and he wondered, for the nth time,why he was sitting here alone on Christmas Eve when Dana Scully had generouslyinvited him over to share in the celebration at her apartment.

"I must be crazy."

He seriously considered dropping by on the off-chance but, although thethought of sharing Christmas Eve with Dana was quite pleasant, she was surroundedby her family this year. Her mother was staying over and tomorrow they wouldmake their way to Dana's brother, Bill, and his family. He liked Mrs Scullybut he was never good company at this time of year and it didn't seem rightto spoil their Christmas.

He thought back to his own family festivities. Nothing had been the sameafter Samantha disappeared. Christmas became a thing to dread as everyoneremembered the gaping hole in their lives. His mother would sit up in herroom.... drinking gin. His father would sit in his den... drinking bourbon...and Fox Mulder would sit in the lounge, drinking cola, with only the TVfor company until one of them remembered his existence and ordered him tobed.

He gazed at the TV. Nothing ever changed.

Another lonely Christmas.

Time for another beer.

Mulder glanced in the refrigerator, slammed the door and laid his foreheadagainst it. Empty. He thought about going out but shuddered at the ideaof exposing himself to the wintry elements. He amended his earlier thought.Not just another lonely Christmas... it was far worse.

It was a _sober_ lonely Christmas.

The buzz on his door bell brought his head back up. He frowned.

<Who the hell's that?>

Certainly not Scully, she would let herself in having decided it was safeas long as she didn't touch anything. Not because she feared his reactionbut because she was afraid of what she might find.

Finally, curiosity outweighed his reluctance to speak with anyone and hemoved down the small corridor, gun in hand, and opened the door. No-one.He glanced down. Someone had been there, he could tell by the snow-printsleading to and from his door. He was about to close the door when he heardthe soft shuffle and looked along the darkened corridor.

"Who's there?"

Krycek took a deep breath as the light from Mulder's apartment glinted offthe gun held in the FBI agent's hand, wondering what the hell he was doingthere. This was a _bad_ idea.

"I said, who's there."

<Oh, what the hell! If I have to spend another day alone I'll probablyshoot myself...>

Krycek closed his eyes, took another deep breath and stepped out of theshadows.

"Krycek. What the fuck are you doing here?"

Alex Krycek took a few more steps forward and held out the gaudy bag containingthe present and vodka.

"It's Christmas, Krycek. You can take your latest orders and stuffthem where the light don't shine."

Krycek shook his head.

"No. No, this is personal." He took another step forward, thebag still held out like a shield. "Merry... Christmas?"

Mulder's hazel eyes narrowed. If this was another trick then he really wasn'tin the mood but... he reached out and snagged the offered carryall. A glanceinside revealed a small gaily wrapped box and.... Mulder smiled. He staredlong and hard at the cold, wet and bedraggled man suddenly understandingwhat had driven Krycek to his door and relented. Even Krycek's company seemedbetter than being alone. Mulder holstered his gun and indicated the entranceto his apartment. When Krycek hesitated, he sighed and went back insideleaving the door open behind him.

He listened over the noise of the TV for the sound of the door being closedgently from the inside and for the soft footfall along the corridor. Momentslater, Krycek's leather-clad form leaned against the door frame, hesitatingon the threshold.

"Make yourself at home. I'll get two glasses... and a towel for yourhair"

The evening passed in a strangely domestic way. Neither made much small-talk,there were too many pitfalls to remind them of the different paths theyhad taken and neither wanted to argue. Instead they drank vodka and watcheda schmaltzy holiday romance in companionable silence.

Mulder looked sideways at the younger man, noticing how gaunt he appearedsince the last time.... he felt his cheeks redden as he remembered the lasttime they met. Krycek had leaned across and kissed him. He could still feelthe soft, wetness of his mouth against his skin, at odds with the roughstubble that grazed his cheek. His eyes focused on Krycek's mouth as theman raised his glass, the full bottom lip and sensually curved upper, beautifullyshaped, eminently kissable. He watched them caress the glass and then thetip of Krycek's tongue peaked out catch at the vodka left behind on hislips as he lowered the glass back to the table. Krycek turned his head,suddenly, as if sensing the scrutiny.

Mulder controlled the urge to look away and their eyes met. His breath caughtas he read the desire and need in the teal green eyes.

The Consortium agent looked away, head lowered, eyes closed as he waitedfor Mulder's fury to erupt but, instead, he felt soft fingers as Mulderreached out to caress the soft lips with the tips of his fingers. He turnedback to face his ex-partner.

Mulder's eyes widened, entranced by the way the pupils in those green, greeneyes dilated further, feeling the fine tremble as Krycek's breath grew moreragged. He closed the distance between them and leant forward to brush hislips against the other's mouth feeling the hardness yield beneath his touchuntil he was crushing their mouths together. The lips beneath him partedand Mulder slipped the tip of his tongue between them pushing more insistentlyuntil he could taste the bitter vodka. His tongue duelled with Krycek'sbefore pushing it aside so he could explore this new territory, tastingnew textures from the ridged palate to the soft, silkiness of inner cheek.

Krycek pulled back, almost gasping for air. He wanted to tell Mulder that,if kissing was an Olympic sport, then he would bring home gold... but hedidn't want to shatter the warmth that had grown between them. Mulder smiledand took the lips once more, forcing Krycek backward against the end ofthe couch. His hand reached to tug the dark T-shirt from Krycek's pantsand, once released, he pushed the flat of his hand underneath to slide acrosswarm, soft skin. He deepened the kiss, moving most of his body weight ontop of the other man, one hand stroking round the side of the rib cage andacross the broad back. His other hand paralleled the first, pulling Krycekinto a strong embrace, the weight of his body preventing the other man fromescaping.

Krycek moaned into Mulder, the deep sound vibrating through him, sendingimpulses along his nervous system, centring in his groin. He pushed hiships against Krycek and felt an answering hardness. Excitement rippled throughhis body. Alex wanted this, wanted him. His bony hips ground into thosebeneath him, savouring the friction of fleecy cloth against his engorgedflesh. His mouth devoured Krycek's, slid away to suck and bite the exposedthroat leaving a trail of love-bites in his wake.

Mulder pulled away suddenly leaving Krycek aching and confused but leantback to plant another kiss on the lips before the other man misconstruedhis actions.

"If we don't stop now I'm gonna come in my pants... and I'd rathercome in you."

Krycek blushed. There was no question now of what Mulder wanted.... andno question that he wanted it too. He nodded. Mulder sprang off the couchand offered a hand to his would-be lover. It was clasped and Mulder pulledthe younger man to his feet. Keeping a gentle grip on the fingers he ledhis companion towards the bedroom, giving Krycek a chagrined smile as hetook in the pile of papers strewn across the coverlet. He let go of thehand he held and, gripping the cover, folded it over itself and pulled thewhole lot to the floor then indicated the cleared bed with an expansivegesture. Krycek grinned at the incredibly weird situation he found himselfin but moved back into the beckoning arms for another kiss.

His hand reached up to cradle the back of Mulder's head, pulling him intoa bruising kiss. Mulder tightened his own hold around the slim hips, crushingtheir groins together. His tongue sliding between Krycek's kiss-swollenlips, fucking his mouth as hip thrust against hip.

They parted, both men trembling from the need to reach fulfilment and Krycekstarted to pull off his T-shirt, wanting the feel of skin sliding againstskin.

"Uh uh."

Mulder pushed the hand away and grasped the base of the shirt, gently pushingit upwards with one hand while he investigated the revealed flesh with theother. His fingers pinched an exposed nipple, rolling the tightened nubas he lowered his head to take the other in his mouth. Teeth raked acrossthe sensitive bud, sending frissons of electricity racing through Krycek'sbody. He threw back his head, mouth gaping as he dragged air into his heavingchest. Mulder released him and pushed the T-shirt higher, helping Krycekpull both good arm and head through before rolling it down the prosthetic.The T- shirt dropped to the floor at their feet. Mulder moved back, tuggingoff his sweatshirt and throwing it aside. He sat on the edge of the bedand beckoned Krycek forward. Alex came closer and watched as the seatedman reached out to unbutton his Levi's, slowly lowering the zip. Krycek'shard erection sprang out.

"No... underwear? Alex, you are a naughty boy."

Mulder's arms circled the narrow hips, hands clasping the muscular buttocks,pulling Krycek closer until he could nuzzle the satin, steel shaft. He lickedalong the underside, feeling Krycek's cheeks clench as his tongue slid acrossthe sensitive g-spot before swirling across the head. He pulled away, lickinghis lips as he tasted the copious pre-cum that seeped from the swollen shaftthen dived forward once more to swallow as much of the length as he could,almost gagging as he felt the head touch the back of his throat. Krycekcried out as the heat and wetness engulfed him, knees starting to buckleas Mulder began a deep sucking. A warm sensation swelled from the pit ofhis stomach and across his thighs. His eyes opened wide as he realised howlittle control he had left.

"Mulder..! I can't... I'm gonna....Mulder!"

Mulder held on tight to the bucking figure, redoubling his efforts whenthe man stilled, buttock muscles contracting, hips pushed forward. The swollenshaft rippled as wave after wave of bitter, salty fluid gushed into hismouth. He swallowed hard, his own arms suddenly supporting the bonelessman as Krycek's knees gave way.

Krycek fell forward, leaning heavily on his lover and found himself beinglifted, manoeuvred round and then gently laid on the bed. Mulder leant acrossthe prone man and kissed every available piece of flesh before renewinghis assault on the kiss-swollen lips, waiting for Krycek to spiral backdown to Earth.

"Merry Christmas, Alex. Now what do I get?"

In answer Krycek lifted his hips invitingly allowing Mulder to push theLevi's from the narrow hips and down the well-muscled thighs. Mulder followedthe path of the jeans avidly sucking, biting and licking the exposed skin.He pulled off the boots, peeled off the socks and finally removed the Levi'sleaving Krycek naked on the bed.

Mulder stood up and gazed down at the supine figure.

<God, but you're beautiful, Alex.>

He closed his eyes, wishing he could say it out loud but afraid of givingso much control over to this man. He examined the muscular form, its perfectiondestroyed by the missing arm but only through symmetry. In other ways Alexwas perfect. The pale skin tone that spoke of months out in the cold, silkyand unblemished. The hard muscles that rippled with each movement, showingthat Krycek worked-out regularly despite his 'recent' disability. The rose-colourednipples, stiff with desire. Mulder's gaze reached the man's face, takingin features both angelic and satanic. If anyone were ever to ask him whatLucifer looked like then he would describe this face with its wide-spaced,green eyes, high cheekbones, softly pouting mouth and slight uptilt at theend of the nose. A fallen angel.

The bedside lamp cast a glow around the room, highlighting the red in themahogany hair. Mulder reached out and gathered some of the strands, pleasedKrycek had let his hair grow longer having sported a close-crop at theirlast meeting. He had always loved Krycek's hair.

His gaze travelled back down the well-proportioned frame and he smiled whenhe noticed the hair trickling from navel to groin was almost a shade lighter.He reached out and twisted the sweat-dampened curls around his finger, breathingin the heady musk of sex.

Mulder peeled off the remainder of his own clothes and stood before theother man, allowing Krycek to drink his fill of the athletic frame, beforemoving to the night-stand. He burrowed around in the top drawer for a momentthen removed two objects; a tube of KY and a condom, placing them closeat hand, then knelt back on the bed, straddling Krycek's head until hiscock was close to his lover's mouth and his own mouth was buried in hislover's groin. Alex needed no instructions. He placed his hand around theback of Mulder's thigh, pulling him closer still until he could swallowthe engorged shaft.

Alex felt the tingle of blood filling him as Mulder's mouth worked on hisdrained organ, hands parted his legs pushing them wide as Mulder releasedhis shaft and began to lick his balls, cradling the soft sacs in one handthen moving beyond to the taut skin. He gasped as the tongue rimmed thetight ring of muscle before trying to force entry, trembling at the oddsensations; the warm wetness, the hot breath that cooled his dampened skin.No-one had ever done this to him before.

There was a pause and then Krycek felt a slick finger rub across the muscle,digging into the puckered surface until it achieved penetration. The hot,slippery digit circled inside, stretching his skin and relaxing the tautmuscle. Mulder pushed in deeper, scraping against the soft inner wall until....Krycek gasped as liquid fire ran through his being. He mumbled incoherentlyaround the fully erect shaft that was fucking his mouth in rhythm with thatfinger.

Mulder pulled out of both ends but returned his attention to Krycek's ass.Two fingers twisted deeper, opening Krycek further, pressing against hisprostate, bringing Krycek's erection to full aching glory. He sobbed whenMulder left his body despite the cool night air bringing relief to his burningsweat-soaked skin, sensing rather than feeling the other man move aroundthe bed until a pair of hands urged him over onto his stomach, drawing himto the edge of the bed with his knees tucked under, chest and face pressedonto the mattress, his ass raised and fully exposed.

Mulder ripped open the packet and started to roll the condom over his engorgedflesh then paused. He pulled it back off and threw it to the floor. Healthrisks be dammed. At this moment he didn't care what happened to him severalyears down the road. He wanted Alex. He wanted to pump him full of his seed,to fill that sweet ass.

He pushed the blunt shaft against the tight ring of muscle, hearing Krycekmoan in pain and pleasure as the head slipped inside then paused. He wantedKrycek to enjoy this, to know he had been taken willingly by Fox WilliamMulder. In the cold light of day, Alexei Krycek would have to admit to himselfthat he had loved every minute of this.

Once he knew Alex had adjusted to his bulk he began to push forward, sinkinghimself gradually into the inferno of Krycek's body until he could penetrateno further. He withdrew almost to the tip and then plunged back, anglinghis descent to bring a cry spilling from his lover's swollen lips. Mulderreached around and grasped Krycek's rigid shaft. The body beneath him bucked,internal muscles clenching around him as Alex came hard with just a touchand Mulder found his own existence expanding in a blaze of heat. He screamedas he was shattered into a million pieces, his soul soaring free from hisbody before reaching the stars and falling back to Earth.

Mulder collapsed across the broad back, his chest heaving, senses stillspinning. He wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand thenleant down to kiss the back of Krycek's neck. Words he dared not utter trickledinto his mind and spilled from his mouth before he could stop them

"I love you, Alex." < I love you... love you.... love you...>

He held his breath. Nothing. No sound. No movement. Mulder disentangledhimself and flopped to one side. He looked into the beautiful face. Asleep.

<Thank God.>

He lay down and pulled Krycek into his arms, succumbing to the same physicalexhaustion that had claimed his lover.

Alexei Krycek felt the world dimming around him but he had never felt sosafe. He felt the gentle kiss on the back of his neck and, as he floatedaway, words of love drifted with him.

The sound of a door closing awoke him from a wonderful dream and, for amoment his heart sank as he imagined his dream lover had left without aword... but then he felt the weight and warmth across his chest. He openedone eye and peered down at the mahogany hair pillowed on his shoulder. Alex.

Mulder grinned and wrapped his arms around the hot body before kissing thetop of his lover's head. This elicited a sigh and gentle movement as Krycektightened his hold upon Fox Mulder. The sleepy green eyes opened to gazeacross a definitely masculine chest with its light splattering of brownhair. Yes, definitely male and most definitely Mulder. He smiled and raisedhis head. Mulder rolled on top of the naked man and took the still swollenlips in a deep and thorough kiss.

"Merry Christmas."

They hugged each other tightly.

Another lonely Christmas? Not this year.

End 2/2

*** Moonlight and Vodka by Chris de Burgh